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Cruising for Love: Part 1

    Sometimes........sometimes you have to do what you feel is best, not what others want you to do, not what your morals tell you to do, but what your heart tells you to do. If you can't let your heart win, then there's no hope for you in life, in the long run.

    It was...oh......about noontime, but my day had just started. Despite me waking up at 5:30 to catch a plane from San Diego to stupid Tampa Bay, Florida, waiting at the airport for an hour for my plane to arrive and takeoff, endure a LONG place ride, then have my father tugging at my sleeves to make me run faster than I was already running out of the airport and to the car dealership, to which we waited in line for 15 minutes, and then driving on the interstate at about 85 mph to the docks, yeah...........I was sure the day had just begun! So there I was, Richard Goldstein (no.....I'm not Jewish thank you very much!), waiting in yet another line. This time it was for that dumb photo they take of you and your family against that backdrop.

    That's right, line me up right in front of my parents, not that it'll do any good because any 15 year old is in fact taller than his mother! They can treat me like a baby all I want, but I know better, I'm 15 damn it! I'm 3 years away from being able to fuck a hot chick! The photographer took our picture and we went on with the rest of the line. This is the funnest part of the trip, the metal detector/frisk for weapons inspection. My father went up to the guard and of course failed miserably. He had to take his car keys out, lose change out, wallet out, and a shoehorn from his pockets. My mother passed and of course I passed but not before taking my Swiss Army Knife out of my pockets. Geez it is hot out here today! Well July is like that. Maybe if I ever get on board I'll take a swim to scout for some girls. Cruise ships are or romance, what better place is there to get a girlfriend, or a 7-day long fling? We continued on to get our keys and room number. I...thankfully got my own room, with good reasons too, because ever since last summer when my mother caught me stark naked, staring at my computer screen, looking at Jenny MaCarthy naked, masturbating profusiously, I have NEVER slept in the same room as she. Thank god! So I got my two keycards for my two-bed cabin (no such thing as a one bed I guess), and followed my parents to our rooms. What a waste to have one person in a two-bed cabin! *wink* *wink* *cough* Oh fuck it let's be realistic here, there's no way in hell I'd get to bang a chick on this cruise. I may have a pretty slim waste, good-natured personality at times, and good tastes for everything, I just know that there's about a million better guys than me, and plus for some reason I just don't know how to act in front of girls. *sigh*

    We finally found our rooms, right next to each other as I had expected. No loud sex with babes for me tonight! God I was so horny, I couldn't go five minutes without thinking about sex! Stupid 15 year old hormones kicking in. Well, at least I was here, at last! I saw my luggage at the front of my door and picked them up, then I used one of my keycards to open the door and go in. Well, if you've never seen a cabin before, here's to sum it up for you: a  queensized bed, a porthole, a dresser, two platforms on the wall to make bunkbeds,  2 square foot bathroom, and just enough room to walk. Well, it was pretty small, but I wouldn't be in my room a lot. I looked out of the porthole. Hey, there's water outside, and sky! I looked away from the porthole and started to unpack my things. I crammed my cloths in the small dresser they gave me, and put all on my other things on top of the dresser. When I was finished I looked around my room a bit more. There seemed to be goodies all over the place; fruitbasket here, fruity soap there, mints on the pillows, and loads of schedules and papers. I looked at some of the papers, just a bunch of welcome notices and policies. Then I saw a telephone dial sheet. Telephone eh? I looked around and there in fact was a telephone in my room. On the sheet it had a bunch of shit, then I saw the room service number. Could come in handy. I looked at the next sheet, a room services menu. One big ass list of foods, just about everything was on here, and all for free! I made a mental note to use this later, then continued on. A television channel guide and movie listings. I looked up across from the bed and sure enough a tv was hanging right there. I found the remote and flipped the tv on. The first channel was advertisements for cruise ships and vacation spots in Florida. The second channel had some Italian movie playing, third channel had Titanic playing (how ironic), and the fourth channel had the cruise ship channel on it, which basically showed camera shots of the ship, and showed live shows of deck parties and stuff in case you were too lazy to go there yourself.. That was all it had. I went back to my papers and found a sheet that showed ship events. Comedians, blah, blah blah, bingo, blah, blah, singles dinner, etc. Next sheet had a kid's activity list. Basically for little kids and stuff. Geez, hardly anything targeted towards my age range, but I was determined to make this vacation a good one! The final sheet was the ship's travel schedule. We were to get to Key West tomorrow afternoon, 2 days at sea, then a bunch of Spanish ports the next 2 days, then 3 days at sea, then back in Florida. Hey, you wouldn't even know where the time went with all that crap going on. I saw that it was 1:15, plenty of time to waste doing nothing. I got out a bathing suit and put it on, then picked out a nice towel, some sunscreen, and was off. I remembered to bring one of my keycards with me right before the door closed. Whew! Would have my face been red! Something about that just seemed not me, maybe I was just so happy to be on a cruise ship for the first time in my life.

     I went down the corridor of rooms to the end of the hallway where the elevators were. Next to them was a map of the ship. I glanced at the map......ahhh......the pools are on the pool deck! I got into an elevator and pressed 'pool deck' on the button thingy. Well, I guess I wasn't so familiar with the way things were on cruise ships, cuz the pool deck was crowned with people leaning over the edge of the ship waving. Crap, the shit is leaving! I placed my stuff on a pool chair and went to an open space. Crowds of people were standing on the sea port waving to us. Sometimes I wander how many of them are low-lives who like waving good-bye to people and go there every week to wave, and how many are people who were just THIS close to making the ship, but late all the same and can't take their vacation. I heard a loud ship horn and the ship started to move with a slight jolt. I started waving to everyone and I saw people screaming their lungs off and throwing confetti all over the place. You'd think that someone wouldn't allow all that, because most of that shit ends up in the water and pollutes it.


    As I was about to leave I heard a loud screeching in my ear, or was it screaming? I don't know, but I turned around to see two boys waving an smiling at each other. They looked nice enough and about my age, maybe a bit older. One of them seemed really energetic. He was hopping up and down and grabbing onto his friend's arm. I subconciously wondered if they were gay. Oh well who cares about that anyways? Not me, no sir! I'm not gay, so it don't matter! Before I could speak, they were gone, ran off somewhere. I shook it off, I'll probably meet them later. Kids usually find each other in a place specifically taitored for adults, that's just how it is!

    I waited a little while for the deck to clear up, and then went back to my regually scehuled plans. I took my shirt off, placed it on my chair, and dove into the pool. What genius had the idea of putting sea water in the pool anyways? I got out just as I had gotten in. Sea water really is salty and hurts your eyes and makes your skin feel weird. I toweled off quickely and put my shirt back on. Well that plan worked out well! I decided to walk around the ship and explore for a while. I walked around the pool deck, with yet some more pools and hot tubs, then found a nice drink place. I ordered a lemonade, gave the guy my keycard to charge it to my room, and went on my merry way. I took a sip and found there was alcohol, a strong amount of rum, in my lemonade. What idiots work in this organization anyways? They give a minor alcohol? Although, it was pretty good, so I kept it. I'd take a sip every now and then, trying not to get drunk. I went to a lower deck and found that it was filled with casinos. It was crowded with people playing the slots, blackjack, and roulette. I saw two signs, one said, "No one under 18 allowed beyond this point", the other one said, "Arcade Room ahead", well isn't that just genius! Making minors walk somewhere they can't to get to an arcade. I opted to do some arcading and walked beyone "this point". The casino was larger than I had thought it was. I increased my pace steadily, not wanting anyone to see me, ANYONE. I saw the exit to the casino and was almost running; I didn't want to get into trouble on my first day of being on a cruise. I reached the exit and entered the arcade room without any complications. There were only a couple arcades there, all unoccupied. I slid my keycard in a money machine and got about 10 bucks worth of quarters, that should be enough to start me off, not that I was an arcade junkie or something like that, I was just bad at most arcade games. I went over to a Street Fighter 2 game, which I was ok at, and started playing. I thought I was doing well, I was fighting the third enemy and only used 2 bucks worth of quarters, but I heard a voice behind me telling me otherwise.

     "You're doing it all wrong, I've watched you playing for long enough, here lemme take over.", the voice said. I didn't turn around to look at who it was, but I saw him when he came next to me. It was that energetic boy that I had seen a while ago.

     "You some master at this game or something?", As soon as I spoke I felt that I was dizzy, a bit dizzy from that cursed lemonade drink. I took my hands from the controls and stumbled back a bit.

     "Whoa dude, watch it. You almost tripped and fell. I wouldn't want you to break that lovely face of yours." He said with a giggle. Some hair fell over his face and he lightly brushed it back. He grabbed my wrist to balance me out. His movements seemed almost faggish, gay to me, not that I was interested in that kinda stuff. "It's ok, those lemonades are killers, I had one before the ship sailed off, geez those things are strong!" He said as he took the controls of the arcade game and started kicking A. I stood next to him, holding onto the arcade for balance, he was doing really well, better than me anyways. I decided to have some small talk with him.

     "S..s...so, I saw you with your friend waving good-bye to everyone while we left port before. You looked pretty r...r..rambuncious." He turned to me cock-eyed.

     "Was I that wild? Well, it must've been all that lemonade, not that I'm a drinker, but that was a good lemonade, good to suck on and all", He softly brushed his arm against mine, I was beginning to think that he in fact was gay. I don't mind them, but, he just made me feel a weird way, sort of insecure and uncomfortable, but it felt like it in a good way. I just nodded my head as he did whatever he was doing, but eventually I tokk my arm away. "Oh and by the way, that kid I was with, I don't know him very well, we just met, like you and me!" He gave me a smile, then continued, "My name is Daniel, but you can just call me Danny, that kid I was hanging out with before is Zach."

     "I'm R..Richard, but you can call me Richie.", I said.

     "Or Dick, hehehehe!" He started laughing, and I laughed too. There was just something about him, so keen and cool, it made me like him even more. He saw me laughing with him and gave me a nice, feel good glance. I felt something that I had never felt before, and also something  in my pants that I in fact HAD felt before. My grip on the arcade game started to slip. Before I knew it I fell backwards in between two arcades. I banged my head on the wall and Danny rushed to me and kneeled down in front of me. "Richie! Richie! Are you ok Richie?" I saw real concern in his eyes. Our eyes made contact, I got that feeling again, it was in my stomach, a good feeling, I didn't know what was wrong with me. Danny clasped my hand in an attempt to pull me back up, but I pushed it away and quickly got back up on my own. I had to get out of there, something was making me lose my self-secureness with my self, and my cool.

     "Danny, I g....gotta go now, nice meeting you. I'll catch ya later, ok?", I said, running out of the arcade. I olny caught a glimpse of Danny's reaction, with was total surprise. I ran down the stairs to my level and stumbled into my room, still on the effects of the alcohol, but still self-aware. I threw my towel across the room, slammed my keycard on the dresser, and collasped onto my bed. All these new emotions in my body were happening too quickly. I've never had them before and I was scared, but deep inside I didn't want them to go away. This was the first time I had met anyone like Danny. He was the first boy in real life that I ever had feelings like this for. I looked back at my recent years, all of which seemed to make sense now. I never was really attracted to girls. I used to look at dirty magazines all the time with my friends and get turned on, but was I turned on by the naked women or of seeing my friends touch themselves in way that only I had done to myself before? Did I stare at guys more or girls more? Of course I had done it before, but I never really thought anything could come of it. Just some little harmless things, right? I didn't know anymore. No, I did know the answers. I WAS turned on by the thought of my friends masturbating; I DID stare at guys more than girls. I just thought I was normal like everyone else in the world. Was I? Now, that I didn't know. Gayness was an abnormality, I thought I was normal. Danny seemed normal enough to me, too, and I liked Danny a whole lot, but was it all worth it to change my entire life for a guy? Wait......I'm not thinking straight *cough*, I have been living a lie my whole life; I had been in the closet to myself for over 3 years, I just didn't know it yet until now. The problem is what do I do now? I thought I was living a normal life, but am I still? I guess that will have to pan itself out.

    Ok, then what do I do abotu Danny? No one has ever made me feel as good as he had. I didn't know what to do in this situation, it's not like if you like a girl and you just go right out and tell her, then kiss. This is different, much different, Danny is a boy, I'm a boy, maybe if I tell him in private later, maybe. I'd have to find that out later as well. Things were so confusing, except for one thing; those feelings I felt when I was around Danny, I knew, I knew I wanted to feel them again. Yes, I wanted to follow my heart, not what society told me. My heart said yes. Society forbid me to even think about Danny in that fashion. You know what? Screw society! I'm sure about this, I want to see Danny again and have him make me feel good. I realized that I had been crying as soon as I put a smile on my face. Then, I fell asleep. Yes, the day had just begun.................

 *Knock*     *Knock*     *Knock*     *Knock*     *Knock*

     Yes, those are knocks on my door. I eventually got up and opened my door. It was my father.

     "Come on Richard it's time for dinner!" I nodded my head and went with my father to the dining room. I didn't want to rouse suspicion in him so I decided to ask him some quick questions.

     "So, what time is it?"

     "5:15, dinner is served in the dining room at 5:30"

     "Where's mom?"

     "Already there, finding our table?"

     "Our table?"

     "Yeah, families have seating assignments. Two families to a table."

     "We have to each with another family?"

     "Yeah, don't worry it's not so bad. See, they put families that have things in common together, so I'm guessing that it would be with parents our age and probably a kid with them, sometimes they also group families from the same state together, too.

     "Wow", I said sarcastically. We went into the elevator and my father pushed Promenade deck. Soon we stepped out into some sort of foyer, with stairs that led down into the dining room. We went into the dining room, my father looked around for a bit, then spotted my mother sitting at our table, and went to her. We chatted for a minute, then were joined by a young couple. We introduced each other, and they introduced themselves as the Trumans. They said that their son was on his way. My parent's asked his name. I mouthed the word myself as Mr. Truman said it, it was quite obvious by the looks of them that their son was Danny. Surprise, surprise! A moment later Danny showed up, surprised to see me. I gave him a warm smile to show him that I wasn't mad at him or anything like that. He smiled at me in return and brushed his hair faintly. His family sat across from mine during dinner. Danny sat across from me and we made glances at each other throughout the entire ordeal. Everytime he caught me staring at him he would smile, as if it was just for me. I never really took the time to think about what I was doing when staring at a guy, I just...did, but this time, my mind was aware, I knew exactly what I was doing, and I could interpret accordingly. With that, I noticed Danny's hazel green eyes; they seemed to be talking to me everytime I looked into them, saying that they wanted me. I was new at this sort of thing, I didn't really know how to flirt with a guy, escecially with other people around, but I tried anyhow. First, I let brown my hair fall in front of my eyes, then lightly brush it back as Danny had done to me earlier. Next, every now and then I would innocently brush my foot and legs against Danny's, then look up at him. If he didn't get that message then he was straight, which I was pretty sure he wasn't at this point. I was thinking of a third, but looked like someone had beat me to it, because I felt a slight brush against my knee, just for a second, and when I looked up at Danny, he winked at me while smiling for me. All I could do was blush. It was the cutest thing I had ever seen, and it was all for me, Richie! I had never actually thought myself an object of sexual attraction before, but maybe the rules are a bit different for some types of humans. Well, if that were true, then I would be one lucky bastard! I finally stopped blushing and looked over at the parental units, who were busy chatting away, not even checking on us to see if we were getting along ok, which we definately were! When we finished dinner the waiter asked us if we all wanted dessert. Our parents said yes, but we refused, then we excused ourselves and left the table. Funny, I didn't remember eating dinner, or even what I  was supposed to be eating. Funny...........

    I went to the bathroom to do what people usually do in bathrooms. I finished up right before I saw Danny walk in.

     "Nice dinner, aye Richie?", Danny asked me while going to a urinal.

     "Yeah, pretty g...good." I answered as I was at the sink. I realized that I stuttered and looked up to the mirror to see what I was in a nervous sweat around my forehead. I dashed some water on it and washed it off with a paper towel. I heard a toilet flush as I threw the paper towel away. Danny went to a sink to wash his hands and I waited for him to finish.

     "Still here?" He asked, glancing at me.

     "Yeah well......I just thought that we could hang out, you know......" I said, so nervous about what to say to him.

     "Yeah I know. So...there's gonna be fireworks later being set off somewhere off the coast I hear, you gonna watch them?

     "Are you?" I snapped back, giving him a smile. He finished washing his hands and left the bathroom, I followed.

     "Of course I am, Richie!", Danny said enthusiastically.

     "Then I'll watch them, too." I replied.

     "Great! Well it'll be a while until then, do...do...you wanna do something....with me?" Danny said nervously. I thought it cute that he was so nervous to talk to me after what we had done during dinner.

     "Hmm......well what is there to do for fun around here? What do you like to do?" I asked. Danny gave me a mischievous grin, then got more serious.

     "I guess we could go play some ping pong." I agreed and he led me into the ping pong room, which had two tables and a rack of balls on one wall with paddles. We each took a paddle and a ping pong ball. We played seriously for a while, I was better than he thought I had been, I won the 2/3 games, then we just fooled around a bit, wacking the balls (no pun intended) all over the place and to each other. Well it we must've been playing for a while, cuz it got dark out without me realizing it.

     "It got dark out, how long have we been playing?" I asked. Danny looked around and found that it in fact had gotten dark out. Then he checked the time.

     "Wow, an hour, now we can go for a swim in the jacuzzi. The fireworks are pretty soon so it shouldn't be crowded with people everywhere. You DO want to go for a swim, right?" He gave me this look that I just could not argue with. I don't know what was wrong with me, but I felt that Danny could make me do anything that he wanted. I was also very new to this whole love with guys thing, I just couldn't tell whether Danny was attracted to me, or if he only wanted to have a nice friendly swim. Well, my heart told me that it would be nice if Danny was attracted to me. So many questions had to be answered and be sorted out in my mind this evening. I said him that I'd like to go for a swim and we agreed to meet by the jacuzzis in 10 minutes. So I ran down to my room and got my towel, since my bathing suit was already on, and found my way up to the Pool Deck and to the jacuzzis. Danny was right, hardly any people were there, everyone else was eating dinner and dancing and all that. The only people around were in the pool, but for the most part, were leaving. I saw Danny sitting on a pool chair waiting for me. I put my towel down next to him and greeted him with a warm smile. He stood up and took his shirt off, letting me see his nicely toned and smooth chest. I took mine off too, he gave me a quick look over, then grabbed my arm and led me to the jacuzzi. It was too hot to get my whole body in at once, but I eventually got used to the heat and let myself sink in. This was one of the few times I had been in one of these, each time a new experience. The jets all around me massaged my entire body at once (some parts more than others) and the bubbles everywhere didn't let me see ANYTHING that was beneath the water. I closed my eyes so only 4 enhanced senses were operational. All I could feel were the rapid jets all over my body, it felt so relaxing that I could have just fallen asleep right then and there, my mind was at ease. I could smell the steam of the water vapors rising up, it smelled so fresh and not of the sea, unlike the rest of the ship. I could hear many things. The most significant on the list wwas the jacuzzi motor and jets going, the faint splash of the waves crashing into the ship, and Danny's heavy and rapid breathing. I propped one eye open to see if he was ok, he looked not well. I started to get a bit concerned about him.

     "Are you ok, man?" I asked him. He turned to me, surprised to hear my voice. His breathing got a bit deeper.

     "Oh......um.....it's just that I've never done something like this before." He replied.

     "Done what, been in a jacuzzi?" I knew the answer, but I just wanted to play dumb so he wouldn't be so nervous. I didn't know why I wasn't nervous, sometimes I just have trouble expressing my feelings publically. Well, I did say that my lifestyle could change. I was pretty sure it had, ans that meant maybe a change in attitude and personality. I accepted my change and directed my feelings and concern towards Danny outward.

     "No........just......this situation. I mean.......you're gay right?" He asked in a rigidly voice. The question seemed so suttle. I had said yes a thousand times over in my mind, but it's was a thousand times harder to speak, even when alone I found.

     "Well......yeah I guess so. I mean......I really like you Danny." I said, looking around to see if anyone was around, but there wasn't anyone around. Danny breathed slight sigh of relief, then continued.

     "Ok......well, I'm gay, too. You probably know that by now....", he gave a quick smile, then continued again, "but anyways, I've been searching my whole life to find someone else who was just like me. Maybe I was forcing it too hard on everyone else by acting all weird around them, which I did, and they would probably think me weird or something and never see me again. I thought you the same earlier in the arcade room, but the way you looked at me towards dinner made me think otherwise", I felt a hand clutch mine from beneath the surface of the water, "I really like you, too, Richie!" He wiped a tear from his eye and then smiled his delicious smile at me. I smiled back, speechless as to what to say. Well, my heart had gotten me this far, I just had to say what I needed to say.

     "I.....I've never really done this before. In fact, even though I was probably gay my whole life, I never realized it until today, because of you. All these new emotions in me, never before felt in me before, are now present in my body, and all because of you Danny. I'm just nervous about this whole thing, that's all, everything is happening so fast. I've never really been in a relationship before, especially a gay relationship for that matter, and I just wouldn't know the first thing. All my life, I've defined homosexuals as guys who like anal or oral sex. I know that there's much more to it, but you'll have to forgive me for not knowing, and show me what more to it that there is." Danny was touched my these words that I let out just for him and him alone. I creeped closer to me, leaning against the side of the jacuzzi right next to me, still holding onto my hand. He brought his mouth right up to my ear, I thought he was going to stick his tongue in my ear, but instead he whispered into it.

     "I'll show you then." Danny whispered in to ear. He sounded so erotic and was so close to me, I thought that my already hard tool was going to burst at any moment. While my mind of going wild about his words, I felt him wrap one arm around my neck, then a long, soft kiss on my cheek. He had taken me by surprise and I almost jumped up from it. I had never been kissed before, and that was great! I definately wanted him to show me more. I turned to him, seeing a look in his face like he had accidentally dropped the 10 Commandments down Mount Sinai. "Was that too forward? I'm sorry if it was I just........"

     "No, it wasn't, I liked it.......a lot! Umm.......I think that I want to kiss you now." I said sincerely. I saw the happiness in his face. He turned his cheek to allow me to kiss it. I prepared myself for it. I wanted to do it, I really did. So I looked around one last time, making absolute certain that the coast was clear, then laid it on him long and firm. When I backed away, I turned his head to face mine, I knew what he wanted to do, I wanted it too. I inched closer towards his lips as he did the same. We connected our lips for the first time, and I saw fireworks, in my mind and in real life. There, in the distance, the firworks were going off at the same time as we kissed each other. Danny and I saw this as a sign and we wrapped each others arms around each other while kissing, making much of our skin and our bodies come in contact at the same time. I heard more fireworks going off with a loud boom, which made me kiss Danny even harder. Danny started to caress my back and open up his mouth, allowing me access to the inside. I loved it so much, everytime I thought we had done all that we could've done to show our affection to each other, we started up something else even better than before. I opened up my mouth and let my tongue slip out and touch his. If 5 years ago, I was asked how this would look, I would say that it was sick and gross, if asked now, I'd say that it was one of the most erotic and electrifying things that I had ever done. Then, I heard a rapid explosion of fireworks lasting about 20 seconds, meaning that they were over. There were no more sounds, just the sounds of us kissing now. I came back into reality and stopped my advances on Danny. From the extreme heat in the jacuzzi and the eroticism of our kissing, I felt that I would collapse at any moment and faint. Danny was breathing hard, too. He leaned his back against the sides of the jacuzzi, never releasing me from his grip. I put my head on his chest so I could catch my breath, not caring who would see us. "That was........"

     "........I know, me too." Danny finished my sentence with my very thoughts. "So tired........"

     "........so let's go back to my room." I finished his thoughts this time. I looked up at him and he looked down at me. Our eyes saw through each other for the longest time. I wanted him with me all night. I wanted to experience more and more from him, with him. I wanted him to be happy as well. "Will you come back to my room with me, please?" I asked, digging my face in the chest. He held me tight. Me feeling his hardness against my stomach.

     "Yes.......I will." Danny gasped, still trying to catch his breath. We both jumped out and grabbed our towels. I tried to hide my very hard erection, but it was too difficult. Danny saw it and started giggling.

     "Something funny?"

     "Yeah, you can't control that thing!" Danny said. I started blushing, then saw that he had the very same problem.

     "Well look who's talking!", I said in return. He looked down, but didn't try to hide it at all.

     "I proud, and by the way, so should you be!" This time I really blushed at his comment. I hit him a couple times with my towel, then dried the rest of myself off and put my shirt back on, he did the same. We walked fast back to my cabin, trying not to show our enthusiasm to the people that we passed in the halls and elevator. The trip seemed to take forever, we had to go down these stairs, on this elevator, down this maze of corridors, but we finally arrived. I was so excited that my hand was shaking and I couldn't get the keycard to slip through the correct way, or slip through at all. After trying and trying, Danny clasped his hands onto mine and helped me slide it through. I gave him a quick "thank you" kiss and we proceded inside. We both threw our things over into a corner and took off our shirts.


     "........yes, I know, but first I must take a cool shower. All the heat has made me a bit faintish, I'm just so tired and all." He said, cutting me off. I went into my bathroom, I started to follow him but he stopped me. "No, you wait here for me, I'll just be a minute. So I waited, and it was just a minute. I heard the water turn on, then turn off rather quickly. When it turned off, I pulled my bathing suit off, leaving me nude, and slid into my bed. The last conscious memory of that night was of Danny bursting out of the bathroom, nude himself, and crawling into bed with me.

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