Well here's part 2 of Cruising for Love! Sorry it took so long... but I was so busy during the week and my mind was really in other places :-) Have no fear now, because Part 2 is here!

*Knock*     *Knock*     *Knock*

     "Richard! Time to get ready for breakfast!", I heard the voice of my dad through my door. My whole room was a blur for a moment, but eventually I got my vision back. For some strange reason my couldn't fully remember what had happened last night. I looked down and saw that I wasn't wearing any clothes, they were sprawled all over my room, actually lots of clothes which weren't mine were on the floor as well? If they weren't mine, then who's were they? I didn't have the consiousness to answer those questions in my head, I was so dazed, like I had ANOTHER hang over from that lemonade, can that happen? I did feel a headache coming on. Shit! I do have a hangover! Time will lesson the pain, nothing more, so I just decided to play out the morning like normal until the effects wore off. At least I remembered how to talk at that second.

     "Ok, Dad! Be out in 15 minutes!", I managed to blurt out.

     "Alright, Richard. We'll be waiting at out table for you.", my dad yelled back, then I heard footsteps walk away from my door. I slumped my head my down on my bed an let out a light sigh. I felt dizzy and discoordinated, as if hallunications were imminent. I could feel the alcohol in my system take over my body and suck me in. I felt it's warm arms wrap around me and hug me tightly. No, wait a second here! That wasn't an illusion, there really were arms wrapped around me. I heard a loving sigh come from behind me.

     "What time is it? Early?", a soft voice said. I jerked up on the bed and flipped around. I was not alone in this bed. Wait....something was coming back to me......that hair, those eyes, that warm smile, it was....Danny! He was frightened by my sudden movement. I frightened myself a bit, plus I still couldn't fully remember what had happened last night witt us. Did we have sex? Did he molest me or something? Being comfortably gay was such a new experience for me, I didn't know what to expect from it.

     "Danny," I gasped, "What are you doing here? What happened last night? What are you doing here?

     Whoa, whoa, whoa, Richie! Slow down a bit here!" Danny leaned forward on the bed and lightly scaled my arm and shoulder with his hand. He was getting me turned on, I had to admit. "Listen, last night was wonderful!", his face turned into a sorta of daze like a schoolgirl's while thinking about a boy, looking up into space, "We kissed during the fireworks, and then we slept together in here shortly after. I was great!" I almost did a double-take on him and I wiped his hand away from my arm. He was serious, we slept together! I cursed myself for not even remembering the wonderful event.

     "W.....we......had sex?", I ask, terrified. It was hard enough forming the words to him. Danny burst out in giggles, covering himself while laying back on the bed.

     "No....hehe.......he didn't have...hehe....sex! We didn't do anything!", he said between chuckles. I was totally confused now.

     "Y.....you mean we didn't have sex......yet? B...bu....but you said we slept together? What does that mean in your part of the country?", I asked. Danny leaned forward again on the bed and put his arm around my should, sending shocks through my body. I didn't know if I was happy or sad that we didn't do it. I liked him very much and would have wanted to, but maybe not being able to remember it would have made it a wasted occassion, for both of us.

     "I mean, silly, that we slept in the same bed together. You don't remember this at all? I was just showering in your bathroom, then I come out with my towel wrapped around my waist. I tossed my bathing suit across the room and saw that you were waiting for me on the bed. I threw my towel off and quickly jumped next to you in the bed. I kissed you, and I soon found out that you were asleep, so I turned the light off and that was that?" Hmm......not quite what I had expected to happen. I used to think that all gays were like ass-crazed maniacs who would do anything to get a dick in their mouths. I slapped myself for thinking that way, I had to remember that hardly any myths and stereotypes about gays were true. Danny giggled again and kissed me on the lips, making me feel that wonderful feeling again that I felt last night.

     "Don't be so hard on yourself Richie, it's ok.", he wrapped his arms around me and got on top of me, pushing his erect dick against mine, "Speaking of hard........."

     "Oh yeah....I mean...no! I mean...I want to, but we have to go for breakfast, our parents will get PRETTY suspicious if we're both late, right?" I said, almost in a whine. I rolled him off of me and gathered up some clean clothes and put them on. I looked back at Danny, still on the bed, he had lust in him.......still. He looked so docile and cute, like a frightened bear cub all alone, but the funny thing was.........the cub ain't so cute once you pick him up and see the mommy bear. Well, with Danny, I knew that as soon as I went back on that bed, he wouldn't be so damn docile anymore and he'd be an animal. I just stood there, waiting for him to drop the act. He finally gave in and put his clothes back on, the ones he'd worn last night. He let out a sigh.

     "I'm sorry, this is new to me, and you're just......your just....so.....great." Danny finally blurted out in haste. I was expecting something more than "great". I mean, apple pie is great, people are lots of different adjectives.

     "You think I'm.....great?" I asked, Danny turned away from me and balled his fists.

     "Y....yeah, I do. I mean, Richie, you were just so nice to me yesterday and you, not like many other people, like me so much. I j....just didn't have that many friends back in California, I didn't really know why, I didn't act weird or anything. I suspected that they knew I was.....like this, and maybe that was what kept me from making friends. It's just so screwed up, you know?" Danny paused and wiped some sweat from his palms onto his shorts, then slowly continued, "Shit, I didn't wanna whine and go on a fucking tangent here! I just had this weird life, nobody liked me, and now you come along and you're just so great. I....I guess you'd have to live in stupid Fresno to understand." He broke down in tears and sobs, still not facing me. I didn't know what came over me, my heart went out to him. I owed him everything he gave me, all of the new feelings, even this new one, I owed all to him, and now, he was crying at how I brightened HIS life. Before I knew it, my arms were wrapped around his waist and I was hugging his from behind. He startled by my surprising advances on him at first.

     "Wh....what  are you doing, Richie?", Danny sobbed.

     "What feels right.", I whispered in his ear. I rested my head on his shoulder and started swaying with him slowly. I didn't know what I was doing or how I had the guts to do it. Would I ever do this with a girl, or even think about it? No, this was unchartered territory for me, but it must've been helping, because Danny's sobs subsided, and his breathing slowed down. Actually, it became in sinc with mine.

     "It does.......it really does. I'm so glad I met you." Danny whispered, putting his arms against mine and rubbing them.

     "Me too Danny, you make me feel so wonderful, in every way." We stayed there for a couple more minutes in silence, our eyes closed, listening only to our hearts. I didn't know what love felt like exactly, but I had a damn good feeling it was something like this. I did know something though, I was gay and could never go back, I didn't ever want to go back either. It looked like listening to my heart and not everything else really paid off this time!

     "Well, what do we do now?", Danny asked me. He stopped swaying momentarily and put his hands on mine.

     "Hmm.......so many things to do, but what I'd like to do most of all.........I want some breakfast!" I giggled. He laughed with me.

     "Ok, let's go quickly, our parents will be waiting for us." He turned around to face me, looking so much happier than before, I saw it in his smile and in his eyes. We remained holding hands, still standing right there in my room. "We're going to Key West today, I want you to come with me, please."

     "Hell yeah! Just try and stop me!" I gave Danny a quick peck on the lips, and we left.

     When we arrived at our table, our parents queried us about what took us so long getting to brreakfast. We told them that we were chatting for a bit and that it would be nice if we all went on the island together, killing two birds with one stone I guess. Danny and I reverted back to our seating positions that we had at dinner as to not arouse any suspicion, but it was still great anyways, because we still rubbed our feet against each other and made the occassional brush-by with our hands on each other's knees, which sent sparks all over me everytime. I had enough trouble keeing an erection down already, and now I had to endure this? What made it worse was that he was also eating sausages, big, long, sausages. Do I even need to explain the reference in that one and of what he was doing to them right in front of me? No, didn't think so. Well...after about 20 minutes of all that I just couldn't stand it anymore. Thank god I had a napkin on my lap or my parents would get the idea immediately. If only he could've known how much torture and agony he was putting me in. I felt like I was gonna explode, maybe even literally!

     "I'm gonna go freshen up now.....in the bathroom, excuse me." I got up quickly and went towards the bathroom, trying to cover up what I could; at least I had a long shirt on. I gave Danny a quick stare at the eyes as I passed him, and he stared at me right back, almost knowing what I was thinking. I sped to the bathroom across the room, people at other table probably thinking that I had an bladder or stomach problem of some sort. Yeah, a bladder problem indeed! I entered the bathroom, seeing that no one was there. I breathed a sigh of relief and went into a stall. My hard-on was in dire need as freedom, so how could I argue with that? I unzipped my fly and pulled it out of my boxers. I was about to stroke myself to esctasy when I heard a rapping ay my stall door. I was so terrified I jumped backwards and almost fell into the toilet. "Someone is in here! Occupado!", I nervously yelled, hoping maybe there was a Spanish person there asking for the bathroom this time.

     "Richie.....I'd like to come in, I think you need some help in there." Cute voice, boyish giggle, it was Danny! Thank god! I quickly unlocked the door and let Danny in. He had the same look on his face as he had last night, a look of lust and more lust.

     "Danny....I was just...waiting for you!" I said. He looked down at my hardness, then got an evil grin on his face.

     "Yeah...and I bet you were just testing the equipment before I played with it huh?" He said, chuckling. He inched closer to me, I could feel my heart pounding a mile a minute.

     "Oh....I want you so bad Danny!", I moaned to him. Danny attacked me head on with his lips of passion. I backed against the wall as he kissed me and undid his bathing suit and let it drop to the floor, freeing his very hard dick.

     "I've wanted you the minute I laid my eyes on you!", Danny grunted, desperately trying to pull my shirt off. He finally got it off and let it drop to the ground, adding to the pile of our already discarded clothing. Danny sucked at my neck as he pulled my boxers down to the ground. I pulled Danny's shirt off and flung it to the ground; we were both completely naked and hot for each other. I reached my arms around him in order to embrace him as he kissed me and grinded into me. I could feel his precum on my stomach and erection. He reached behind and below me and rubbed my cheeks, then he gave them some playful squeezes and used them to push himself into my harder and harder. I was helpless to him, all I could do was look up at the ceiling as he sucks on my neck and nipples. Suddenly, I heard a door open and shut. I thought someone came into our stall, but it was in a stall all the way at the front of the large bathroom, ours being at the far back. I was so scared I couldn't breath. Danny heard it too and stopped grinding into me. "Shit" Danny mouthed to me. I took my hands from behind him and put a finger to my lips, he nodded. Then, I heard a whistling from the man in the stall. Danny had a shocked look on his face.

     "What?", I mouthed to him. He rested hids head on my shoulder and put his mouth up to my ear to whisper in it.

     "It's my dad....in here right now.", Danny said, his voice quivering. I quietly used my foot to push our clothes to the back corner where no one could see from outside. The toilet flushed and I heard the stall door open. My breathing got faster and faster; I could feel Danny's breathing inside him and his heart racing all through his body. Danny took one hand from behind me and use it to hold my hand tight, I held his hand as hard as he held mine; other than that, we never made a sound or movement and just kept in an inanimate embrace. I begged to god that we wouldn't be caught naked, with each other, in a bathroom stall, and by Danny's dad. The faucet ran for a second, a wipe from a paper towel, and then a door open and close. As quickly as it started, it was over. We both breathed a heavy sigh of relief to each other. I tried to break our togetherness so we could get back dress, but Danny never let go of me. I felt his body trembling.

     "Danny?", I whispered.

     "I was so scared, I'm still so scared Richie." Danny said with a sob. He looked up at me and I saw his teary face. I wiped his tears away and stroked his hair.

     "It's ok now Danny, he's gone now."

     "Yeah, but how much longer can I.....<sob>.....hide for? I need to talk to you Richie, back in...<sob>....your room." Danny said, tears still pouring from his eyes. I shooshed him with a kiss, he stopped weeping and sobbing long enough for me to speak.

     "Ok, we can go back to my room to talk things over." He gave me a hug and picked up our clothes for us to put back on, obviously the moment of passion was over for us. After we dressed, we headed back to my room at top speed, Danny had his head down the whole time, hiding his tears and his face in the hopes that no one he knew would see him like that. I almost felt like crying for him as well, but I had to keep strong, for the both of us, because I knew that he needed me. When we got back into my room, as soon as I shut the door he started up again. He collapsed on my bed and I knelt down on the bed beside him and rubbed his back. "Please tell me what's wrong Danny." He looked back up at me in shame.

     "I feel so bad for not telling you this before, but I have more problems than the ones you already know about. I have a 19 year old brother, who's gay like me. You could say that I took after him a lot, but when he came out to my family last year my dad disowned him and my mother barely spoke to him anymore. I was forced deep in the closet in the fear of my father finding out about me as well. I told his to my brother and he told me to NEVER let them be suspicious of me. I tried to, but now with you I just can't help it; I can't helpy smiling at you, gazing at you, brushing against you, or anything like that. I'm just so scared, and in the bathroom back there I was terrified out of my mind! The physical and mental implications if he caught us, I couldn't even imagine." I wept this time around as he did, and was doing right now. I hugged Danny tight and me hugged me even tighter.

     "I'm so sorry Danny. If I had known all that I wouldn't have  done all those things or taken all those risks. I feel like such an ass."

     "No....no. It's not your fault you didn't know, I was just leading you on the whole time, it was my fault, really." He pulled me down with him so I was laying next to him and he was in my arms. "I...I feel safe with you Richie. I don't know what it is, but I just do. Hold me tighter, please." So I did. I kissed him on the back of his neck and never said anything more. We layed there for the rest of the morning, listening to whatever sounds the day brought us. I didn't really know what I was doing, I just did what he asked me to and what felt right to me, maybe all that was what I was supposed to do from now on. Other people seemed to be doing the same thing as us, possibly from thinking that it felt right for them. Peace. Harmony. Comfort. I heard a voice from the ship's PA system speak:

     "Attention, attention! All parties taking the 11:00 ferry to Key West, please meet at the back of the ship on the Sub-Promenade Deck now. I repeat. All parties taking the 11:00 ferry to Key West, please meet at the back of the ship on the Promenade Deck now."

     "That's our cue." I said in Danny's ear. He turned himself around to face me and wrapped his arms around me.

     "I don't wanna go. I wanna stay here with you all day." Danny said, kissing me right on the lips.

     "No....we have to. Come on, it'll be fun out there!" I said playfully. He pulled off of me and went to look out the porthole.

     "Out there. It doesn't even come close to what's in here right now. The only reason that I can say that is because I........." Danny was cut off my a knocking at my door, then the voice of my mom.

     "Richard! Time to go to the island! We're leavin now so meet us down there." I got up from the bed and took Danny's hand.

     "Come on, let's go." I said, he turned around and gave me a warm smile. It made me feel a million times happier than normal to see Danny happy. My heart melted everytime he smiled, and broke everytime he cried. If only, if only he could make love to me. We walked out hand in hand. Luckily, no one was around for most of the walk to see us. We reluctantly broke our show of affection when we met up with our parents. Both of our parents agreed that we should all walk around the island together when I inquired about it. Truthfully, I wouldn't have known what I'd do if I couldn't be with Danny for the rest of the day, but since I could, I wouldn't have to ponder that. We all loaded onto the fairy shortly after and headed to Key West. A trolley brought us to the main section of the island, the other section being some military base of some sort. Key West, Key West, what can I say about Key West? Lots of exotic everything there, from foods to animals to weather. We must have walked around for quite a while, doing this and that, going into historical museums, parrot places where they take your picture, gift shops with doodads and such, we did the works, even that stupid sign that says, "Most Southern Point in the U.S." Now normall I wouldn't be enjoying all this at all, but with Danny by my side and enjoying the whole thing, I couldn't help but have lots of fun myself. We must've spent LOADS of money there, too. Not just because of the high prices, but also because of the many, many things that we did. We finally sat down when we ate lunch at some shack that sells thingies called conch. Sounds gross, and thought a conch was a type of shell! After we went up and ordered our conch, Danny and I sat at a separate table so we could chat in peace, and also so our parents could yak all they wanted.

     "Ahh......alone at last. It's great!" I said enthusiastically.

     "Isn't it though?" Danny said rhetorically. I nodded with him. I heard laughs from our parents at the table they were sitting at on the other side of the table area, obviously getting along with each other.

     "So....what is with this conch shit anyhow?", I said in a tough voice. Danny couldn't help but giggle at it.

     "I'm not quite sure, but I guess we'll find out sooner or later. It'll be good, I'm sure. I mean.....there were lots of edible treats that I never even thought of tasting before, but when I did, I couldn't get enough!", Danny said with a smile.

     "Yeah......I suppose so." I returned. Danny had this shocked look on his face. "What?"

     "Oh my god! You totally didn't catch on to what I was referring to, you dummy!" I had no idea what he was talking about. I didn't see any reference anyone in his speech.

     "What? What did I miss?"

     "Richie, you can get the point when I bite into a sausage, but can't pick up on an obvious semen joke."

     "Semen joke? Ohhh....nasty, nasty, nasty!", I exclaimed to him, but he also sparked my curiosity in it, "So, what does it taste like?" He gave me a wicked, cute, grin.

     "You've never? Oh, well, it's mmm, mmm, better! Does a body good!" Danny said, while at the same time sticking his finger in his glass of water and licking the drips of water from it. I burst out laughing on the spot.

     "That's......that's actually quite erotic if I do say so myself. Well, remind me later to try this "magic" drink of yours, ok?"

     "Oh, I'll be sure to tonight, don't worry. With any luck we'll both be drinking plenty of it, Richie! You'll be so pumped full of it you........" Danny was cut off my the waitress bringing us our food, which was breaded, rugged umm.....balls in a basket basically. Danny blushed as if afraid that the waitress knew what he was talking about when she looked at him.

     "You're mad", I said when the waitress left, then I brought myself closer to Danny and went to a low whisper, "but you turn me on so much. Kiss me......."

     "No, I can't, you know that. I'm sorry, look if we can both hold out for a couple more minutes, maybe get away from our parents after we finish eating, we can find a private place, ok?"

     "Alright, sorry, but you DO, you know.....", I lightly moaned, "but first, I guess we should chow down on these delicious balls." Danny gave me another smirk.

     "Ok, you practice, hehe." Danny picked up a conch and took a large bite out of it. "It's really not that bad.....these balls. Kinda sweet, tender even." I took a bite out of one of mine and I totally agreed with him. It was sweet, soft, not fishy like I thought it would be.

     "Yeah, damn good, too, hehe." We both laughed a bit more at our innuendous comments. We scarfed down our conch and finished our waters in no time, and our parents just started theirs, giving us plenty of "alone" time. We both hurried to the bathroom and cleaned up, then left the conch shack to walk around for a bit. "Ok......where do we go now that's private?", I asked him as he was walking. He rubbed his chin for a minuted and then his face lit up.

     "I know! That stupid museum! It's filled with empty rooms, hardly anyone was in there anyhow, it's perfect!" I agreed with him and we ran to the museum. We got inside and low and behold, it WAs pretty much empty, and since it was so large, we could go off to a far wing and do whatever we wanted. We ran through a maze of rooms, going through every room we could that we were allowed to go in until we were far enough from anyone else. The room we ended up in had famous paintings of pirates and models of ships all around. There was a screen which showed people digging up artifacts in the sea. Me and Danny turned to each other and held hands.

     "I think we'll be ok here. I want you so bad in hurts!", I whispered to Danny.

     "I know, me too, so let's make up for before, right now!" He said, not wasting anytime and kissing me with such force that I almost fell backwards. I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around him while kissing him on the neck and chin. Danny got his hands behind me and under my shirt, rubbing my bare back for all it was worth. I was so horny that I could've gotten naked right then and there and make love to him in that museum. Danny let out a slight moan from my sucking on his neck.

     "Shhh.....you don't wanna get caught do you?", I asked. He shook his head no, then laid down on the floor and pushed me onto him. I felt his hardness right under mine, separated by 3 pieces of clothing. I arched my back as I grinded into him, raising my head from his lips and just staring into his eyes as I humped him. He licks his lips and smiled delicately, not doing anything else at all, letting me do all the work. I put my hands on his chest where his ripples were and started massaging them. He reached for my shirt and tried to pull it off.

     "No, we can't......not....here.", I whispered to him, I slowed down on him.

     "Yes.....I want it, need it, from you!" Danny said in a normal tone of voice.

     "No", I placed his hands away from my shirt.

     "Yes Richie, please!"

     "No Danny. We can't, there'll be time for that later." He put his hands back on my shirt.

     "Yes, come on!

     "No", I moaned.


     "Oh my god!" A voice said from behind me. I rapidly got off of Danny, putting my hands in front of my pants to conceal what was an expression of my joy. Danny stood up quickly in fright. I looked up and saw someone in the entrance to the room. It took me a second to get my memory back. He looked familiar to me. Had I seen him before? If I had, then where? Where......where....where? A light bulb appeared at the top of my head. I know, that kid I saw Danny with yesterday when the ship sailed off. He had caught us kissing and fucking! What would he do now? His face was unreadable, undetectable by the Mind Police. He looked down at me, then up at Danny.

     "You and.....who are you?!!", the boy said. Danny came over to me and helped me up.

     "This is Richie, Zack.", Danny said to him.

     "Oh well that's just great! Pleased to meet your acquaintance Richie! So how did you do it this time Danny? Trying to 'turn' another one of us the next day are ya?", Zack yelled.

     "No, it's not like that at all. If you're going to make comments, make them, but do it now and then leave us alone, please!" Danny grabbed onto my hand. Zack looked at our hands in disgust.

     "Ass fucking fag!", Zack yelled so loud that my ears started ringing, then ran off. Danny let of my hand and ran after him at the speed of light. I tried to stay close behind Danny, but when I followed them outside, they were many yards in front of me, and I could barely see them anymore. Crowds and crowds of people were walking around outside, I lost both of them. I couldn't even tell what that whole convsation was about back there. What did Zack mean when he said all that to Danny? Where did they run off to? Was Zack going to tell anyone about what he saw? No....he couldn't, he didn't know who my parents were, but he might have known who Danny's parents were, and if he told them then Danny would be a goner for sure. I paced around the area at a fast rate, not wanting to draw attention to myself, but still wanting to be efficient in my search. I looked high and low for them, but with no luck. I decided that since we'd have to be back at the boat soon, then I should return to it and maybe rendevous with Danny there later on. I took the ride back to the dock and got back on the boat after going through security guards and such. There were only three places that Dan and I shared: my room, the jacuzzi, and the arcade. If I staked out at one of those places then he'd be sure to show up, that is if he would be able to get back onto the ship on time, for if he doesn't get back in about a half hour then the ship will leave without him. There was just so much on my mind, and I didn't know where to wait for him. He didn't have a key to my room so I couldn't really wait there. The pool area seemed logical, but I wasn't in the mood for a swim and there wasn't much else to do there but swim. The arcade room was the choice now. Seemed like a long shot that he'd go there, but it would also take my mind off of things. I ran to the arcade with anticipation, I didn't expect Danny or anyone to be there, but there was still hope that he WOULD be there. I entered the casino and my walk became faster and faster. I convinced myself that he HAD to be in there for some reason, just had to be. I rounded the corner and saw the entrance to the arcade. I heard someone playing a game in there. Maybe it was Danny! I ran into the room almost ready to smack and kiss him for making me so worried about him. I saw....I saw......fuck.......I saw Zack in there. What a world we live in! I would have to take bull from him now.

     "Dann......Zack!" I yelled involuntarily. I really didn't want myself to be noticed by him. He turned from his game and gave me an evilish look, like one of those bad guys do in those movies.

     "You! What's you name.......Richie!" He took a step towards me. I was prepared to run out of there like a bat out of hell if he tried anything.

     "P....please......don't hurt me. I'm not a bad person and I meant well! Where's Danny?" I blurted out......his face turned to confusion.

     "I'm not going to hurt you! Who do you think I am? Look, you seem like a nice person, so I'm going to help you." Zack said in a nice tone, like I was a mental patient.

     "Help me? Help me with what?", I asked.

     "Help you with that fag Danny of course! He's a sick wacko and should be committed. You know what I'm talking about. He probably acted really nice to you, and then seduced you, and tried to have sex with you, am I right?"

     "Well.....yeah....k...kinda. I mean......he didn't seduce me really.....he just.....I just......we just.....I don't need help ok? I like him and that's that!" I finally let out on him. Danny did all these things to me persay, but not in evil, sex crazed ways. Danny was the sweetest and nicest person to me. Then it all hit me. Maybe he WAS being nice to me in order to get inside my pants. Maybe he was just using me, making up stories about himself and all.

     "You like him now, but I guarantee that after he fucks you and makes you suck his dick, you wish you never met him!", Zack yelled, seeming to make a point.

     "How do you know all this?"

     "How I know all this? We met right on the spot yesterday, out rooms being fairly close to each other and all. We got along right away, just hanging out and stuff for a bit like old buds. Well, shortly after the ship set sail, he took me into here and started chatting with me while I played. I told him that I didn't have a girlfriend and didn't really like any girls in my school. I guess he took that as a sign of being gay, so the next thing I know he's nipping at my neck and his arms are around me and rubbing my chest. I pushed him off of me and told him that I wasn't gay, but he kept on trying to get to me, until I begged him to stop. I ran out when he finally stopped. So you see now? He was a fucking fag all along, he only wanted to get to my ass. You need to drop him before he gets too close to you too." The facts with Danny added up, him wanting to have sex every chance we got, his being nice to me, the seduction, but I refused to believe that Danny, who held me all night long and never dared did anything that I never wanted, was using me for my body. I was welling up in tears.....I couldn't hear anymore from this fiend.

     "No....no it's not true! You're a lying sack of shit! Danny really likes me, I know that. He would never do anything like that to me, NEVER!" I scream at him, wiping my eyes to keep the tears from distorting my vision. I stormed out of there, not wanting to experience his reaction.

     "Suit yourself! I guess it doesn't matter to you! He's already changed you to being gay like him!", Zack yelled to me, getting his last word in. I never turned around, just kept on running. I didn't know what to believe.......my mind and my heart were conflicting again. My couldn't they get along and give me a straight answer? I felt like my mind was ripping itself apart as I ran and ran back to my room. Who could I trust? Anyone? The two choices were spinning through my head. If I went with Danny, we would most definately make me happy if this was all false, but if it was true Danny may put me in a depression that I may never be able to recover from. If I went with Zack and he was right, then I'd be relieved that I got out when I could. If he was wrong and I blew off Danny for no reason, then I would be traumatized with guilt forever. I finally reached my room, wiped my hands on my pants to clear the tears from them, and waved the keycard in and opened the door to go in. When I got in, I saw Danny sitting on my bed watching tv. He looked happy to see me at first, but then got a worried look on his face when he saw that I was crying. I ran through my mind whether he was faking his concern or was really concerned, I had to find out, and now.

     "Richie what's wrong? You've been crying!" He put his arms around me and kissed my cheek. I felt so safe in his arms, whether he wanted to hold me or not.

     "H....how did you get in my room!" I yelled in his ear. Zack had won if he was making me do this. He broke off of me and was hurt. He pulled a keycard out of his pocket.

     "This morning I took your spare keycard......I hoped that you didn't mind Richie." I grabbed it from his hand. I couldn't control my impulses.

     "Didn't mind? I mind that you'd take my room key so you could slip in my room at night and fuck the brains out of me like you wanted to do with Zack, then force me to suck you off and throw me away like a piece of garbage!" I screamed. I grabbed my throat from the slight pain of screaming for so long at him.

     "Richie! What are you talking about!" Danny loudly said back at me, but not as loud as I had been yelling.

     "Zack told me about the whole thing. You pretended to be friend with him just so you could screw him, then when you found out you couldn't have him you seduced me and pretended to be nice to me so you could do the same!" Danny fell down to his knees onto the floor crying.

     "That's not true! That's just not true! I thought you'd know me by now Richard! Zack is lying to you. I'm not some sex crazed maniac, I didn't pretend to like you, I never seduced you OR him unwillingly. It's not true, it's just not true! You have to believe me! Yes, I was friends with him. I thought he was gay and I went into give him a small kiss, but he resisted and cursed me out and that was that. Then later on you came along and you gave me all those signals, I never seduced you, you know that. I don't just want sex from you. You have to believe me, please!", Danny crawled to my legs, hugging them. I saw now that I didn't do the right thing. I felt like such shit for making Danny cry, that I broke crying on the floor with Danny.

     "I believe you. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I couldn't believe that I trusted his word against yours. I'm sorry, please forgive me! He's the bad guy, not you!" I hugged Danny tight while we both stopped crying.

     "It's ok Richie. I'm sorry for wanting it so much from you today, but it wasn't just sex I wanted. I wanted everything from you. I need you, for without you, I'm nothing. I'd never intentionally hurt you. I'm mean, Richie, I love you! I love you! I love you......" His voice trailed off. Did he say what I thought he said? Did he just tell me that he loved me. Without thinking the words flew out of my mouth.

     "Danny......I love you, too! I love you more than anything! I need you, too! I love you!"

     "Really? You're not just saying that?" I broke our hug and shook my head "no". His eyes widened up and gave me one of those killer smiles, then he kissed me deeply. "I'm so happy. You make me feel so happy when I'm with you. You make me feel so safe. I love you so much, Richie."

     "Then let's finish what we started today, but this time with no chance of interruption, if you want.", I asked.

     "Of course I want to my love! Come on!" Danny jumped up enthusiastically and pulled me onto the bed. I had butterflies in my stomach I was so happy and excited. We ripped each other's clothes off and through then across the room. I got on top of me and gave me a long, sweet kiss with his tongue in my mouth. When he took his lips off of mine he spoke again. "Please, I don't want to do this unless you really want to, I couldn't bare doing something you didn't want my sweet."

     "Please, Danny. I want it now. I want it here. I want it with you. I want it! I want it! Oh god, I want it!" I moaned to him. He breathed a sigh of relief and then dove his lips to my chest and nipples while grinding into me. His hard throbbing cock connected with mine a million times a second and each time the universe faded from me and I was brought to a place of escasty, with no laws, no fears, and no hate. I brushed his cheek and his hair with my hand as he worked my nipples and chest. He looked into my eyes while still not deviating from his job. His eyes were so beautiful and had so much love and appreciation for me, all doubt of his sincerity washed away. He grinded into me harder and harder and brought his mouth up to mine and gave me many short, wet kisses. I felt his balls slamming against mine as he went harder into me. I thought I was going to explode from the pleasure! I let out some involuntary moans as he rubbed my wet chest and nipples. Some precum dripped onto my chest. Danny wiped it up with his finger and licked it.

     "Want some? It's....good!" Danny moaned to me. I nodded eagerly to him. He leaned forward so his body was rest on top on mine completely. He kissed me straight on the lips and never took his gaze off off of me the whole time. His eyes, never blinking, seemed to pierce through my conciousness and look into my soul; not just seeing me my body, but also my mind and my thoughts. He knew what I was thinking right this second, could read my eyes and my glances, was one with me. He ground into me while kissing my cheek and forehead, then got back off me and checked for more pre-cum. There was quite a bit on my lower abdomen, he scraped a large glob up with his finger and held it in front on my face. I stuck my tongue out and touched some with the tip of my tongue. Did tase so bad, kinda sweet actually. I wrapped my whole mouth around his finger and sucked on it, creating a vacuum grip on it, cleaning up all the cum and downing it. Our cum mixed tasted so good, so sweet, so complete. It send hormones down my throat and turned me on so much more, I thought I was gonna blow at any moment!

     "Danny....oh Danny. I'm.....oh fuck.....I'm gonna....cuu......cuuuum!" I moaned loudly. Danny top on layed on me again, but this time holding my hands against the bed with his, pinning me down while he grinded into me as fast as he could, shaking the bed rapidly. Sweat was running down my chest and my forehead, Danny brought me past the point of no return. I took one took deep breath as I prepared myself. I clenched the sheets as I felt it rising through my shaft, only moments from squirting out from its origin. Danny arched his back, clenched his teeth, and moaned my name as loud as he could as I saw load after load of hot white fluid shoot from him onto my chest and stomach. A milisecond later, all reality and time joined and came apart on me as a great pleasure seered through my entire body and out one end. I shot more than I ever had before on Danny's chest and my stomach. He collapsed on top of me in one large moan of relief and snuggled into my neck, kissing it. I could barely catch my breath as I stroked his hair with one hand and rubbed his back with the other. He finished kissing my neck and just moved his cheek next to mine and close his eyes.

     "I love you Richie. Please be my boyfriend, be mine forever." Danny whispered to me. His hands found mine. My heart could only give me one answer. My mind gave me the same answer.

     "Yes, I love you, too. Yes, I will be your boyfriend. Yes, I will be yours forever." I pulled the covers over two filled hearts. For once in my life my mind and my heart agreed. Danny brought my body inner peace, something no one else had done before. I closed my eyes, but not before looking at Danny resting once more, then drifted off to sleep.

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