Ahh finally, Cruising for Love Part 3: Return of the Gaydi. Umm, ok maybe not hehehe! Oh well! Enjoy!

    "You sleep in the same room as your parents?", I asked Danny as he rested his head on my chest. He nodded his head. I slid him off of me and got up and found the other keycard to my room, which he had taken earlier, and handed it to him. "Take this back, it belongs to you now. You sleep in my room tonight, will anyone have a problem with that Danny?" Danny leaned forward in the bed and took the keycard.

     "Well I sure don't.", he let out a smile, then it quickly faded. "Of course, I don't know what excuse I'd give my parents for sleeping in your room, in your bed." I started to dress while he was speaking. So far I had just my boxers on.

     "Tell them that I have another bed in my room and that you'd be sleeping on it, they'll love the privacy I'm sure, and so will we hun." I said, leaning forward to give him a quick kiss on the cheek, which he cutefully just ate up. I didn't know why I did that in the first place really, maybe just as an expression of the new sensations that I had been feeling, or maybe that it just seemed like the right thing to do. Well, at any rate, I enjoyed kissing Danny, and I especially enjoyed watching him smile in spite of it.

     "That should work quite well actually. My parents are morons anyway, they'll believe anything I tell them.", Danny said. I just nodded. Danny got up from the bed and started to dress with me. I took the time to appreciate his slender body as he moved, from the very top of his head, to the soles of his feet as he gathered up his clothes. How could any boy have such a perfect body? His whole body was in perfect proprtion to the rest of it. After he put his shirt on, he caught me gazing in awe. "You......like what you see of me, which is everything, Richie?" He purposely turned his body around and slowly picked up his shirt form the floor. I was left looking at exactly what you thought I was looking at. He put the shirt on and turned back around to face me. "You want it, don't you?" My mind was clear of any thoughts, of any logical thinking, it was in perfect ignorant bliss. Did he know what he was doing to me?

     "I want everything", was all I could spit out. He gave me a devilish grin and wrapped his arms around my neck. I looked into his eyes as he gaze right through mine.

     "You know what I mean babe." He said. I felt his hand scale my back and go down to my buttucks. "You know exactly what I mean." He gave them a playful squeeze. Maybe I did know what he meant. Did he want me to fuck him? My eyes widened, and all of a sudden Danny's lips met mine. Never before had I seen such lust in a person, and all for me! He broke the kiss to speak. "We still have a couple minutes until dinner time, why don't we use it wisely?" I never made a move other than to kiss him as he kissed me. Then, he fell backwards onto the bed, bringing me with him. He stroked some of my hair with his hand, which brought me back into reality. I lowered my head to his neck and started kissing and licking it. He started giggling and moaning at the same time. I knew that he liked what I was doing. Both of our breathing patterns became harder and faster. I moved up to his cheek and did the same, then I finally got to his lips. He opened his mouth wide and our tongues explored each other's mouths profuciously. Our arms were wrapped around each other's body, just holding each other as we kissed. I moaned without notice and I saw him smile at me and kiss me harder and faster. It was so magical was we we doing. No sex was involved at all, no skin showing, just lip to lip contact. I heard a knock at my door and my dads voice.

     "Time to eat Richard!", my dad said. I continued to make out with Danny.

     "I don't wanna go." I moaned in a whisper. Danny stopped kissing me and snuggled into me.

     "Then don't. Let's stay like this all night long." Danny whispered into my ear. He started rubbing my back again.  Have you ever take lots of drowsy medicine and gotten so tired and disconnected that you couldn't perceive what was reality and what was in your mind, and for all you know what you see and feel may not be happening at all. That was how I felt with Danny at times, and right now. I had the most intense feelings, ones you could only feel inside a dream, but I knew that it was real this time, which made me all the more happy.

     "I'd love to, oh God you know how much I'd love to, but we both know that we must go.", I whispered, getting up from the bed. Danny got up and let out a yawn. I headed for the door, but Danny put his hand on my shoulder to stop me.

     "Wait", he said in a tired voice, "I have something for you before we go." I turned around to see a grin on his face, I thought he was going to kiss me again, but my attention quickly turned to a paper bag he was holding. He held it out. I took it from his hand and looking inside. There was something inside wrapped in gift-wrap. I took the small box out, and looked at Danny.

     "What is this?" I asked, Danny was smiling in anticipation.

     "A gift for you, from me. I got it after we were separated back at the island. I couldn't find you anywhere, and I guess I just did a little shopping to make up for it. Go open it already!" So  I did. I took the wrapping paper off to reveal a suede case, like on of those you'd find rings in. What did Danny buy me? "Look inside" He said nervously, maybe not sure if I'd accept the gift, but I would accept it no matter what it was. I slowly, carefully opened the case. My heart my racing, the endless possiblities of what was inside. Something maybe so expensive that Danny had to sell his Rolex watch, if he had one, and all for me. I got the case all the way opened and there was a silver necklace inside. I took the necklace out and found that there where words and letters in silver hanging with the necklace. It took a moment to figure out the letters on the necklace, but I finally got what it said. One line said, "D + R" and the line right under it said, "Forever". I couldn't believe it! Danny actually bought me a necklace with our initials on it, and saying that we'd be together forever. My breathing got even harder, my heart was racing. I ran over to Danny and hugged him tight. This time I rubbed his back.

     "Thank you, thank you, I love it! I'll never take it off!", I started crying a bit. No one had ever been so nice to me in my life as to buy me something like this.

     "You mean it? You'd do that for me?", Danny's voice trembled, he was crying, too.

     "Yes, I'll always wear it, I love you!" I screamed, not caring who heard me. Danny took the necklace from me and got behind me. Seconds later the necklace was on my neck, it fit just right on me.

     "There you go." Danny got in front of me and took a look at it. "It's.....perfect on you!" I hugged him again. Actually, I was starting to feel a bit ashamed for not buying anything for Danny. He gave me this wonderful present that was a symbol of our love, and I had nothing in return for him. Where was the object for Danny to wear of mine that showed our love? Then my mind focused on the one thing that I had worn for just about all my life. I broke our hug, reached down to my left leg, and pulled off my lime green ankle bracelet, which I put on 10 years ago and never ever taken off since. I stood back up, Danny had a confused look on his face.

     "Here", I said, handing Danny the ankle bracelet, "It's not something pretty, or something expensive, but I've never taken this off in 10 years, it means the world to me, and the only way I could repay you for what you've done for me is to give you this, and hope you'll wear it for as long as I wear your necklace." His eyes lit up and he gave me a smile.

     "Oh, thank you so much Richie! Yes I'll always wear it I promise, as long as you always wear my necklace. I love." Danny said. I gave him a nice long kiss to tell him that I would wear his necklace forever. I put the ankle bracelet on his left foot, which fit just right. After another kiss, a hug, and yet another kiss, we were off to dinner. Just as last night, Danny and I held hands while walking through the corridor of rooms on the floor, except today, he was my boyfriend, I was his boyfriend, and we both wore signs of each other's affection for each other. Not that I didn't appreciate my wonderful necklace (I told the truth about never taking it off), or that I was ashamed of being seen with Danny, but I just had to hide the last line of my necklace under my shirt and not keep it out for all to see, parents would get suspicious. We both reluctantly broke our contact in we each when we left the corridor to the elevator lobby. We both got into an elevator and pressed the level that the dining room was on, about 3 floors up. As soon as the door closed, we realized we were alone once again and Danny kissed me on the cheek while taking my hand again, then he kissed me again on the neck, and once more on the lips. I was about to attack him in an all out tongue lashing, but suddenly the elevator stopped, I floor away from the dining room. Someone was getting on. Danny stopped his pursuit of me and went to the other side of the elevator and leaned against the wall with his hands in his pockets. I looked down at his pants to see why; he was as horny as a toad! I noticed the narrowness in my shorts and realized I was showing as well. I hunched over slightly. Danny giggled at me. The doors opened and an old lady stepped in. We both smiled at her as she pressed the floor we were going on, then the doors closed again. Me and Danny eyed each other the whole 15 seconds of the trip. I looked into his eyes, yeah, he was lusting over me. At one point, right before we reached our destination, Danny mouthed something to me, which was unmistakably, "I love you", I just grinned at him as he blushed. When we arrived at the floor, the old lady got off and as soon as we passed her we ran to our table, hoping to conceal the tents in our shorts. We got to our table and sat at our places after what seemed like a long journey, even though our table was only 20 feet from the entrance. I kissed my mother hello and said hi to my father and Danny's parents. Our parents kept talking while Danny and I made some small talk. Finally there was an awkward silence in their chat. I nudged Danny's knee and he immediately spoke.

     "Oh! Umm..... Dad...... I think I know how to solve that room problem of ours. See, uhh..... Richie told me that he has a spare bed in his room, and since we're getting along really well and everything, and he offered it to me, you know, can I?" Danny said. He let out a small breath. His father looked at me, then back at Danny, then at me again, then thought for a moment.

     "Well, if Richard is ok will it......", his father said.

     "It is!", I involuntarily said, cutting his father off for a moment. Everyone looked at me, Danny just grinned.

     "Ok Daniel, but as long as you're good, don't make a mess of the place, don't have any wild parties, and don't use it as a bachelor pad." Danny rolled his eyes.

     "Don't worry I promise. We won't have ANY girls in our room." Danny said, giving his parents a smile. Me and Danny's hands touched for a second from under the table. His parents said that he should move his things into our room after we eat dinner. Danny and I ordered our dinners and drinks as usual while our parents yaked on and on about adult stuff. We both ate vigorously so we could get away from the parents faster, there was nothing for us to do there anyhow, our parents never even looked or talked to us during dunner. They always were blah, blah, blah this, blah blah that; talking about me and Danny and school and siblings and food and mexicans and politics and technology and the 60's and new music and old music and hair styles and cigar makers. Was I missing something here? Were parents actually supposed to talk to each other in very big small talk topics? I hoped to god I wouldn't be that way. Of course it seems to take 2 pairs of a husband and wife. With the direction I was taking, I would grow to be an old man with, well....... another man! Maybe even Danny! Well, like the necklace said....... sigh, the thought did make me woozy though, getting old with a guy. Those eyes, oh god those eyes, those beautiful green eyes staring at me, taking control of me at any given point. What was I worried about? Aww hell, who cares, right? I must've still been putting my food in my mouth as I looked at Danny's eyes, because the next thing I knew I was coughing from the food in the mouth and my mom had to slap my back a couple times. I assured everyone that I was fine.

     "Are you sure? Why don't you take a sip of your water?", my mother said. So I took a sip, not wanting to argue or worry anyone further. I tried to go back to eating, but I noticed my mother still looking at me. No, she was looking at my neck, possibly my necklace! "Where did you get that thing around your neck?" I looked down and quickly put my necklace inside my shirt, hiding the words. It must have falled out when I was coughing! I looked at my mother. Confusion. I had to think quickly, I drew a blank. Think Richie think! Nothing. I started to panic inside my head, a couple more seconds and I'd be running away, screaming. I looked at Danny, my eyes pleading with him to think of something, he was as in shock as I was. This caught him in total surprise, me too. What was I supposed to say? That I bought it? My parents knew that I never had any money. Found it? As if. Then what? WHAT? I looked back at my mother, she was eyeing me. All of a sudden her hands reached out, towards my collar. "What does it say on there?"

     "Nothing! It doesn't say anything..... it's nothing, really nothing." I snapped, grabbing my mom's wrist before she could touch my necklace. I felt tears welling up in my face. I was practically giving myself away to everyone; the necklace, not wanting anyone to see it, being uncomfortable, always being seen with Danny! Danny, I wanted to hold him so much. For some odd reason I felt that he could make all of my fear and uneasiness go away. Maybe it was true, but for now, he wasn't doing anything at all, absolutly nothing. I contemplated screaming out what my necklace said, and what the initials standed for. I thought about just taking Danny hand right there and kissing it. Maybe I could have taken a knife and slit my wrists and Danny's wrists and we could die together happily. What would any of those solve anything easily? No, they wouldn't. I needed time to get things straight. I just couldn't think, my head was spinning. There was only one thing I was certain of, that tonight my parents WOULD know, in one way or another, sooner or later, about Danny and I. There was just too much tension having me wearing that necklace, he wearing the only thing that trademarked me. Once I got my act together, the only sensible thing to do was to just come out and tell them. Hence, 'coming out'? I had just about enough of this shit. My head exploded and I stormed out of there. My brain went on auto-pilot. I just stood up, and walked away. As I walked through,   I was trying not to be too showy with my appearace. I mean, I wasn't sobbing, but tears were in my eyes, and people were glancing at me. Maybe it was just me, but almost every pair of eyes I passed were fixed in my direction, why? I finally went through the main doors of the dining room and walked towards the elevator, away from that vile place. I neared the elevator lobby when I heard a sweet voice behind me.

     "Hey, slow down! Come on, leggo! It hurts babe." Danny said. I turned around, his hand was in mine. I was holding his hand, dragging him with me! I noticed that I must've been holding his hand throughout the entire scene, right from when I got up and left. Everyone had seen it, especially our parents. There are only so many conclusions you can draw from a thing like that. Yes, by the end of this night, they were going to know, no matter what. I couldn't let this thing eat me alive inside. I let go of Danny's hand. He stayed with me, didn't say anything. I started towards the elevator again, found an open one and went inside. Danny ran inside with me and pressed the door close button. As soon as the doors closed we both embraced as if we had just seen each other after a great war was fought.

     "Oh Danny, I'm so stupid, I've made all the wrong mistakes, what did I do? Oh I god!" I said, hugging him tighter. He never tried to pry me away from him.

     "Shhh.... it's gonna be ok Richie. I..... I dunno how in hell, but I know it will. Jesus, why didn't I say anything back there? I'm sorry, the necklace was a mistake....... I never should....."

     "No, that's where you're wrong Danny. I love this necklace, I love what has been happening to me these last couple days, and most of all, I love you! I don't care if my parents hate me forever. I know that as long as we're together, you won't care if your parents kick you out of you house forever. Isn't that true." I said, tears welling down my face, sobbing uncontrollably. He was ilent for a moment, then answered.

     "Yes, my love, of course it's true.....", I cut him off again.

     "Then don't regret giving me THIS!" I screeched, clutching the words to the necklace in my hand. He stepped away from me, as if he thought I was going to hit him. Of course I wasn't going to hit him. I held onto both of his hands, embracing him again might have come off as too needy and vulnerable. "If I ever believed that this was a bad idea, or a mistake from the very beginning, then I would take it off. If I ever take this off, it's because I don't love you anymore. The only reason to think that this was a bad idea, is because I don't love you anymore, so I won't take it off, because I do love you!" Danny got one of his hands free and carassed by cheek, wiping away any tears. He looked down at his ankle, at what I had given ot him.

     "Then, the same goes for that, too. I won't ever take it off as long as I love you.", he said. I inched closer to him, I wanted to kissed him right then and there. He his lips moved closer to mine. Our lips slowly got closer and closer, and, right before our lips made contact, I knew that I could never possibly love him more than I did right then and there. His lips finally found mine, my mind journeyed back to last night, when we kissed during the fireworks. Bells were going off in my head. No. One bell was. The elevator door was opening. We only had a split second to react before whoever it was would see us.  We both stopped kissing, but I didn't get one milimeter away from Danny. We were bothing hands again. What was up with that? It was like.... some sort of involuntary action for me to hold hands with Danny. It felt so right to do it. Our cheeks were touching, our noses were touching, our hair was touching, heck, even our feet were touching. The door opened all the way, it was.... my dad!

     "Oh..... OH! My god.", my dad burst out. He seemed more surprised than anything else. I couldn't even read him. He eyed me, then Danny, then at my necklace. He was looking at the words now. Then he looked at our hands together, then finally at my ankle bracelet, which I had worn for 10 years without taking off, on someone else, Danny. He looked back up sat us, we didn't budge. We were all silent, my dad was still standing outside the elevator. I was the one to break the silence.

     "You have something to say, Dad?", I said assertively. His mouth opened, but no words came out.

     "I... think... I need to talk to you mother.", he said.

     "Sounds good.", I said. I wasn't afraid at all, not as long as Danny was by my side. My father slowly turned around and walked back into the dining room. The elevator doors closed. We both let out a huge sigh. My mind turned back on. What the hell did I just do?

     "Oh my god! What happened? Was this a good idea?", I said, my breathing got hard.

     "Yes, of course it is, remember?" Danny said, fingering my necklace. "I don't care Richie."

     "Well... then neither do I!", I looked around, we were in a freakin elevator for god sakes! We had so much we could do, and this was a vacation, right? So why not live it? I pushed the button to go to the floor my room was on. We waited a couple seconds in silence, then the doors opened. I ran us to my room, slipped the keycard in, and went in.

     "Hey, what are we doing back here?", Danny asked happily. I got out my bathing suit.

     "We.... are going for a swim for a while. I feel I need it, don't you?" I undressed quickly and put on my suit. He didn't respond because he was watching me strip and dress. God, I loved it!

     "Yes, of course I need it babe. I've been wearing the same outfit for two days now, I guess I'm ready for a swim.", Danny giggled. "If only we could swim au natural, aye Richie?"

     "Huh?", I said mindlessly, "What's that?" Danny burst out laughing.

     "Silly, it means in the nude! I want to swim naked with you!", he put his arms around me. I could only imagine. I closed my eyes and pictured us swimming naked together, with no one around, just kissing and touching each other without any worries. I got hard so damn fast! Bathing suits don't cover those things up very well either. "Oh my! Lookie what we go here!" Danny started giggling. I looked down at him to see the same thing.

     "Look who's talking?", I pointed down towards his bathing suit. Danny blushed and covered himself up. I turned back around to find us some towels. I took a bunch out of my drawer and handed one to Danny. We ran off to the pools quickly, not wanting to run into any parents of any kind. We reached the pool deck, it was mildly crowded. We both quickly took our shirts off and jumped into an empty hot tub.

     "Ahh, that feels nice." Danny said, smiling to me. He closed his eyes.

     "Yeah, but something's missing." I said. I scooted over to where Danny was sitting and put my arm around him. He sighed happily. "That's much better, babe."

     "Uh huh", Danny hummed. I kept my arm around him. The entire outside world was completely forgotten to me. Who cared if people saw us? Could their opinions or perhaps disgust change the way I chose to live my life? Not in the least! Screw everyone else! Happiness is a virtue, I wouldn't let anyone take that away from me. I held Danny's hand from under the water, he clutched onto mine. I looked down at my necklace, it radiated from the light outside, as if it was lighting up just at the right moment. I closed my eyes to rest in the jacuzzi, letting the jets sooth my body, imagining that it was Danny doing all that. In fact, he did do that to me all the time. I put our linked hands on his chest so I could feel his breathing. He let go of my hand, keeping my hand on his chest, and put his on my chest. We stayed like that for... crap I don't even know. It seemed like a while. I opened my eyes when I felt his hand move from my chest. He lifted his head up and gazed at me. "Are you a romantic type?" He smiled.

     "Yes, I'd say so.", I said. He pointed out towards the horizon. It was something you could only see while in the sea. It was all red and pink. The clouds were a pinkish hue, the water was a shade of red and yellow. It was magnificant.

     "See that?", Danny whispered.

     "Yes, Danny, I see it. Wow!", I whispered back. I was in awe of the sunset. All of a sudden my field of view of it was blocked by Danny. He was glowing against the backround, almost like an angel. No, he WAS an angel, sent down from heaven for me. He layed on top of me, wrapped his arms around my neck, and kissed me. His tongue swirled around my mouth and he lightly grinded into me. We must've kissed for a good 30 seconds. I pulled away from him after realizing that people could be watching us. Not even straight couples would have done what we were doing. "Babe, people are around." I said worriedly. I saw him grin widely at me. Something about it told me that I wasn't to be worrying about that.

     "No one's around sweety. Everyone is at some party. No one is ever in the pool area at this time! We're ALL alone.", he whispered right into my ear. I lifted one eye-brow.

     "If no one's around, maybe we could go.... au natural?", I suggested. He bit his lip for a moment.

     "Oh.... yeah, let's do it baby!", he moaned. He quickly ripped my bathing suit off while I slid his off. In seconds our clothes were floating to the top of the water. Danny went and kissed me again the same way, except this time I could feel his hardness against mine.

     "Oh Danny, I want you!", I moaned into his ear. He put his weight into me and started slowly grinding again into me. I put my arms around him to keep us together. He started kissing my neck and my lower jaw. It was so hot that I felt as if I would explode at any moment. The heat of the jacuzzi didn't slow things down either. My hands reached lower and lower on his body until I could feel his luscious butt cheeks. I felt around his hole and slowly slipped a finger inside. This caused Danny to smiled even more and go faster and faster on me. I felt myself getting too close too fast, I couldn't contol it. I was so hot for him, I just wanted to lick every part of his hot body, EVERY part. I leaned forward and tried to kiss him, but he didn't let me, he just kept it so he was doing all the work. Both of our breathing got harder ad faster, I was so hot, I thought I'd pass out. Before I knew it I was there. I arched my back and held onto Danny tight. We both grunted as we ejaculated with each other. Danny collasped into my arms. I wasn't sure if he passed out or not. "I love you Danny, thank you." I said. He wasn't moving much.

     "Oh my.... god, that was..... great, but I feel like I'm gonna..... faint from the..... heat.", Danny said slowly.

     "Yeah, me too. Come on let's go." I was about to get out when a hand grabbed me hard and a voice spoke.

     "You are in direct violation of Penal Code 116: No public nudity or grotesque acts in the pool area. You two kids are here by on probation and not allowed to be within 10 feet of each other for the remainer of the cruise. Failure to do so will result in expulsion, with no refund, to you and your families from the cruise. Do you understand?"

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