The long awaited part 5 is right here folks! I'm sure you'll enjoy it! Enough chit-chatting hehe! Enjoy!

     My world, was at last worth something again, I had my Romeo. Danny was, still is, my Romeo. I am not Juliet, persay... heck, maybe I am, but who cares? I had him back right then and there, that was the only thing that mattered. My heart was filled again the moment I felt his arms wrapped tight around me and I felt my hands clutch onto him tight. I had countless dreams and nightmares the last few days about this happening, being able to feel him again, sometimes having him taken away from me again, but all in all, they were only dreams; I was never feeling anything in them, just figments of my imagination. They seemed so real at the time, I even convinced myself that they HAD to be real, and I'd then wake up crying that he wasn't with me, or happy that he wasn't taken away from me once more. This, this was real, I knew it, I could feel it in my subconscious, in my breath, in my nose, my ears, my fingertips, my heart. The heart never lies, Danny knew it when he kissed me that wonderful first night, and I know it now. My eyes were closed as I kicked the door closed with us inside; we spun around while embracing each other, so rapidly, but with such celerity. I felt like I was floating up into the stars with Danny, nothing to stop us. We finally fell back onto my bed, in tears, still holding each other. I opened my ears finally to take a look at him; I didn't really have a look at him when I opened the door to let him in. I brought my head back to take a good look at him. My heart melted when I looked into Danny's face, damp with tears and not the same as when I first looked upon it. He had two black eyes, one under each eye, a cut above his left eyebrow and a bruise on his lower left cheek. I whimpered as I looked into his happy eyes, envisioning him being getting those injuries on his face. So much pain endured by him, caused by his parents. I wondered where else he had marks, hopefully no where else.

     "Danny, oh baby, what have they done to you?" I sobbed while placing delicate angel kisses on his eye lids, his cheeks, and his tears. He looked up at me; his eye twitched slightly at he looked into my eyes. Those sparkling beauties, how I missed them so much; those gateways into another dimension, where all is good and nothing bad ever happens to you. I was immediately sucked into his world at his eyes were locked on mine, and mine fixated on his. There was this shiny serenity in his eyes that never went away, it took my breath away every time I saw it.

     "Richie, darling, it isn't important. It doesn't hurt anymore, honest.... not when I'm with you anyway." He smiled to show his nice teeth and make a blush a bit. He giggled. "See? I've been here not ten minutes and already I'm smiling and have forgotten all about the... incident." He rolled us over so he was on top of me now. I saw out of the corner of my eye that the flower I planned to give him was right next to my head. I let go of Danny for a moment to grab it and hold it out for him. He freed one hand from under me and took it. He slowly put it up to his nose and took a whiff of it and smiled, then kissed me sweetly on the lips, lightly grinding into me. Oh god, those hips, that pressure and force of someone on top of you, I had almost completely forgotten how it felt. I moaned as he was kissing me; I was hard as a rock.
 My arms were wrapped around his neck and I pulled his body closer to mine as our mouths opened to welcome each other. I felt his tongue lash into mine and tasted his sweet saliva, I swear it tastes like strawberries. Or maybe he smells like strawberries and his saliva tastes like oranges. Ah, well, who gives a damn? The fact of the matter was that it was oh so good! I could never get enough of him, and if I ever did I'd be very surprised. I laid my head back on the bed as his tongue was exploring my mouth and let him do with my body what he wished. Danny stopped kissing me and rolled off of me. I immediately wanted to be back together with him and rolled back on top of him, nuzzling into his neck and gently kissing it. He moaned my name softly and pulled my shirt off over my head and flung it away. In turn I unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his smooth, uninjured chest. My necklace dangled out from my neck and glided over his nipples. He shivered from the coldness on his bare skin. It felt so good to feel our skin touching again, even if it was just our shirtless bodies, but we would be clothing less soon enough. I lowered my head and brought my lips to Danny's in a passionate kiss as my hand roamed his crotch to find the opening to his shorts.

     "Richie, wait....", he took my hand from his crotch and held it, "We've so much to do tonight my love." His eyes sincerely focused on mine. I gave in a rolled off of him. Danny stood up and turned out the lights by flicking the switch on the wall. The whole room turned to darkness except for the moonlight pouring through the porthole window. Danny took my hands in his and brought me to the window. Outside was the beautiful Mexican city, filled with bright lights, giving a silent, but cheerful glow off. We both kept silent while peering out into the light of the city. I felt Danny put his arm around me, which caused me to turn my head slightly to his chest. The moonlight, illuminating from the window, was on his chest. It's hard to find words to describe it, but it was almost angelic, yet serene. It was a milky blue color radiating onto his pecks, his stomach, his nipples; it was magnificent. I was speechless, Danny was more beautiful than the moon itself, and even used the moon's beauty to intensify it. I forgot all about our mishaps of the week, the malformities on his face, my parents; I had the utmost inner peace. My head, peering out the porthole once again, rested itself on Danny's warm chest. I sighed happily and me held me closer to him. I felt his heartbeat racing though his body, but not too fast, as if he were completely comfortable with me, with my body, around my body. Suddenly Danny wrapped both of his arms around me; he was behind me now, his arms intersecting at my lower chest, pushing our bodies close together. He rested his chin on my shoulder right next to my head and kissed me on the cheek. "My sweet Richie.... I’m so glad I have you again.", he whispered softly in my ear. My arms laid over his on my chest and caressed them gently.

     "You never lost me, love. I never stopped loving you." I whispered back, now just closing my eyes to let m other senses take over.

     "And neither I you, my sweet.", Danny replied, now cooing in my ear. We swayed back and forth in the moonlight slowly. I enjoyed this immensely, he hadn't made one advance on me this whole time, and I was loving this more than anything. I could stay like this all night if he wanted me to. Of course, it would have to end sometime, my parents would be back eventually.

     "I want you in my bed tonight. I know there's not much chance of that happening at this point, but I still want you there, with me, next to me, sleeping. We can't because of my parents, and you parents, if only there was some way, any way.", I whispered into the night. Speaking in the quiet while standing in the moonlight is a wonderful thing to behold. I just found that out. Of course, with Danny, there were lots of new things I found out. For example, what it was like to be in love, what it was like to be loved, how it felt to hold someone, to be held, what the sensation was like to feel your skin resting comfortably on someone else's, to know the feeling that you are doing nothing physically at the moment, but everything else emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Danny was a kindred spirit, my spirit, but not, for I was his, and his alone. To be somebody's, what a thought to behold, and want to be theirs and only theirs, as if their possession of you is a great honor. Of course, it was in fact an honor to be Danny's, no one could possibly ever treat me or have me feel better. I noticed Danny wasn't responding to my comment, or request, if that was how it sounded. I footsied him for a minute until he started speaking again.

     "Me too, if only there was some way we...” his voice drifted, I felt him squeezing me tighter and closer to him. It felt nice, but not as the same time, as if he was almost trying to take the life out of me.

     "What is it Hun?"

     "I uh...forget it."

     "No, you've got an idea, come on, maybe it could work."

     "It's unfeasible, unpractical, immoral."


     "Not moral, babe."

     "Right, well?"

     "You'd get weirded out or something."

     "What are you getting at? What can be so bad that you have in mind?"



     "’s just that...boy...shit..."

     "Danny, please just say it. You have nothing to worry about, my love."

     "I want to kill my parents just like my brother wanted to do. I hate my parents' fucking guts!" This time Danny squeezed the life out of me and I squealed involuntarily. "Oh, I'm sorry." He let go of me. I turned to face him. His eyes, they were different somehow, not murderous, but maybe as a scared murderer would have them right before he killed somebody. "Did I hurt you?" He came closer to see if he bruised me, but I backed away.

     "I'm fine, I'm fine...” I said rapidly to him, almost in a panic, he backed away quickly from me.

     "Look, I didn't mean that, Richie. I'd never kill my parents, honest!" Danny said, trying to comfort me back into submission. I didn't believe him.

     "Yes you did, Danny. You meant it!"

     "No, no, I really didn't, I was just mumbling. Please believe me!" Danny was in tears at my feet. What was I doing? I had to trust him, and I did. I knelt down and wiped his wet eyes.

     "I believe you, ok baby? I believe you....", I whispered to him while hugging him tight. I swayed him in my arms like a tiny baby and shooshed him softly. What just went on here? Danny said he wanted to kill his parents. Did he hate them that much? Was Danny capable of murder? I hoped he wasn't insane. Even with my doubts on his sanity, I still felt totally at ease with him. His arms were wrapped about my back tight, not like before that it hurt, it was soothing this time. I could feel his delicate fingers rubbing my backside in a very short circular motion. I was getting overly hot and aroused for some reason, that's when I noticed his breathing on my cheek, his heart beating into my body, his warm chest against mine. All of a sudden we both pulled our heads back and out eyes locked. The moon shone down onto his entire head. I was surprised he wasn't squinting from the light in his eyes. I could see his halo a top his shiny head. His face was clean and uniform as it lit up and his scratches and bruises were replaced with white light. I found my lips on his and that lust and passion that I had earlier while we were on the bed returned to me. My mouth opened and his tongue immediately leaped into it to meet mine. They danced around each other, doing the tongue tango you could say, while we rolled around on the floor of the cabin, moaning affectionately with each flick, each muscle movement, each extraordinary feeling. I began to get back up and head towards the bed, but he changed my waypoint with just one word that echoed though my mind over and over.

     “Shower.”, he smiled delightfully at me. I blushed at first, but then responded quickly by running the two of us into the bathroom. We were both breathing hard, filled with lust and anticipation for each other. I turned to work the shower handles; Danny was kissing me on the back of my neck, shoulders, and back. My hands were shaking I was so excited, I couldn’t turn the knobs on right. I finally got the right combination of turns and backed away quickly to let the shower heat up. I felt Danny, while still kissing my entire backside, start to loosen my pants. I moaned as I felt my pants drop to the floor, hen suddenly a bit of really popped into my noggin.

     “Wait, wait.” I said in a slight commanding tone. His hands froze. “Sorry, babe, but we have the entire night again of us, about 3 or 4 hours. The night is young, and I’ve been waiting to be with you for what seems like ages now. Let’s go have some fun together, ok? I miss having fun with you.” I turned around, hoping not to see the saddened face of my lover staring back at me. In my mind I sighed happily, for my Danny wasn’t sad at all, but more understanding. He smiled and gave me a simple kiss on the lips.

     “Sure, why not? Whatever you want.” He said back to me. I shut the water for the shower off and pulled my pants back up.

     “Well, what I want, is for us to be together without any worry from parents and what not. Don’t you?” I said lightly, looking back at Danny while we left the bathroom and went back into the room.

     “Yes, well, that problem will sort itself out eventually, I don’t know how, but it will, don’t you worry, love.” He said to me in a reassuring way. He almost reassured me completely that everything would be ok, but I knew it wouldn’t, not with how things were in this world. We were fortune’s fools, unless we took the initiative somehow, things wouldn’t be working things out for themselves in any way.

     “Of course I worry! I worry I’ll never be able to express my love for you out side of this fifteen square foot box. I worry that my parents will never let me see you again. I worry that my parents won’t even allow me to see anyone again. I worry that your parents will hit you again and again. I worry the ship will sink and we’ll be forced to witness each other’s demise. I even worry that worrying is the cause of all my mental anguish. I even worry that…” Danny cut me off in the middle of my speech by taking my hands firmly into his and kissing me tenderly on the lips. My mind turned to jelly. What was I about to say? Man oh man, did that boy ever not shut me up just by simply kissing me? I guess it was his glorious solution to keep me from running my mouth off. I didn’t object to it.

     “I see that this is really bothering you.” Danny said. “Look, I’ll deal with my parents, don’t worry. I’m sure I can reason with them or get them to compromise or something. Don’t worry one bit about me, ok? Now, as for your parents, I think you should talk to them, as well. They are your parents and they love you, I’m sure they want you to be happy, and if this is the only way you would be happy, then they would have to let you see me.” I nodded and hugged him tightly. Yes, he was right, things would work out eventually. “Now that things are settled, let’s have that fun you wanted ok?” I agreed and we got back dressed and left the room. It felt nice to be walking next to Danny again, even though we kinda had to keep a lookout for our parents most of the time. We still held hands when we were absolutely positive not one soul could be watching; we didn’t want to make the same mistake twice of course. Our first exit was to the old Ping-Pong table room. Most of the people were at that dumb party, so we had most of the ship to ourselves, including the Ping-Pong room.

    After six intense games of hitting that little white ball into the other person’s half of the table, my wrist was starting to ache, so we called it quits. I thought masturbation was supposed to make your wrists stronger; so many wasted evenings for nothing, well, almost nothing. Table tennis, or regular tennis for that matter, didn’t show off my strongest qualities, but arcades did, and that didn’t use as much wrist action. Danny and I skipped, happy that we did not as yet see any antagonists, to the arcade room. There were three good reasons why the arcade room was a good place to be. Firstly, it had nice games to play, none of those stupid ones for little kids, or those really hard fighting ones, like Bloody Roar, and Bushido Blade. The games were fun for Danny and I to play, and neither of us were experts at them, except for that dreaded Street Fighter II game, it was fun for both of us. Secondly, it was a small enclosed area and very secluded from the rest of the ship, like it was at the other end of the gambling room and all the way in the far, distant corner of the ship. This meant that hardly anyone would be there, except for Zack, but right now he was probably busy with Amber, I guess I owed her about a million favors then. Finally, there’s the third, and possibly best reason why the arcade room is good. Simply put, it was the enchanted place where Danny and I first met. Oh, those good, ecstatic feelings that I first felt as he lightly touched me with those hands, and as he looked at me with those hazel green eyes. I remember it all. We each got a nice amount of quarters and prepared to face off in Street Fighter II. I wanted to win this time, and would. I started off with that Indian dude, and Danny picked the guy who Van Dam played in the movie. Ick! That stupid, pointless movie. I have never seen a movie adapted from a video game or a comic book that was actually watchable. Street Fighter, sucked; Spiderman, sucked; The Incredible Hulk, sucked; Daredevil, unmentionable; Mortal Kombat, that was ok. Anyways, back to our playing of the game that had a stupid movie. I pressed a bunch of buttons, mostly doing these random, unhelpful moves. Of course, Danny was off doing these superb killing moves that took like all my life off, which caused me to lose about 6 times in a row horribly.

    “I’m really bad at this, huh?” I giggled as we played our seventh game. By this point I was just wasting my quarters, fooling around.

    “At this you do!” Danny giggled back to me. “But at everything else, you just rock my world.” I tried to hold back a blush. Danny caught it and mouthed the word ‘cutie’ to me and then I couldn’t hold it back anymore. Danny giggled louder and I playfully took his joystick from him and started hitting his keys. “Stop handling my joystick like that!” He yelled in my ear while laughing uncontrollably. This caused me to laugh hard and I accidentally lost my balance and fell down in between two arcades and bumped my head slightly. Danny ran over to me with a concerned look on his face. I was a bit dizzy for a moment from my head hitting against the wall. When I got my sense of direction back, I heard Danny speaking to me. “Richie! Richie! Are you ok, Richie?” I shook my head around.

    “Uhh, yeah Danny. I’m fine.” I said to him. Danny smiled and our eyes met. Then he clutched my arm to help me up. I stumbled forward and Danny caught me in his arms. My mind flashed. I was having déjà vu.

    “Still drunk, eh?” Danny giggled while standing me back up. My mind flashed once again. It was all happening again, just as it was a week ago. My mind was wandering, I felt like I was being transported back to one week ago, back to before all of this had started, to when I made the choice to follow my heart. Maybe I really was back to one week ago, and that the events of the past week never happened, not yet anyhow, and that I had another chance, a chance to make things right, to work things out the way they should have.

    “Yeah, those lemonades are killers, huh?” I whispered. Danny smiled at me.

    “You remembered! Wow! I didn’t think you would have remembered that, but you did!” Danny hugged me tight and whirled me around. His loving hug snapped me back into the present. No, everything was the same. I smiled because I wanted everything not to have changed, I wanted Danny and I still wanted us to be together, because everything we endured was all well worth it. In fact, the happiness and completeness that we have gotten exceeds any endurance on either of our parts, which was how worth it all of it was.

    “Well of course I remembered, it was the first time we met.” I said to Danny as we broke our hug, but now holding hands and smiling at each other. “It was a spectacular day for me. I had those wonderful feelings that I have when I’m with you for the very first time, and you gave me my very first kiss ever.” I gave him a quick kiss on the lips, causing him to blush. Oh how I loved to see those rosy cheeks glow like that. It was then that I noticed his scars again, which I had all but neither forgotten about or paid any attention to. He seemed in pain from them at the start of the evening, but not at all now.

    “You gave me my first kiss, as well.” He quickly returned the kiss.

    “Really?” I asked. Danny smiled wider.

    “Yes, first ever. I never thought that I would ever find anyone, much less kiss someone. It was just magical kissing you for the first time; I remember it like it was yesterday. I replayed it over and over in my mind that night, hoping it wasn’t just a dream, but then I woke up next to you, and I was so happy. That entire day was great for the most part, I wish we could just live it again and again. Don’t you?” A hint of a tear was forming in his eye. I brought his body closer to mine, still handing hands.

    “Of course I do, it was undoubtedly the best day of my life, it was the day I found you, the day I realized that I could and wanted to love you.”

    “Mine, too. It’s ironic because I thought my life was completely over with right before I met you. It had to do with Zack and all.” Danny whispered to me. “God, I just had this hunch that he was gay, but when I unfortunately found out he wasn’t, he cursed me, called me names. My whole belief system was shattered, I though then that maybe I was the only person on this haughty ship that was gay. Then I met you, Richie, and one week ago right here we met for the first time, and I thought that I had made the same mistake twice in one day, but you proved me wrong, and I never loathed following my heart, and not my mind, since then.” I saw the tear running down his cheek and I gently wiped it away with my pinky finger. Danny then wiped a tear from my face that I hadn’t noticed. Our bodies involuntarily were very close together now; I could feel the inhaling and exhaling oh his chest against mine. Our faces were so close together now, but still not in a lip lock.

    “Then why don’t we relive that day over again?” I whispered into his ear. I was about to nibble on his earlobe to entice him, but I heard voices close to us. It sounded like kids’ voices.

    “Come on, it’s right over here…” One of the voices said. I swore something into Danny’s ear then back away from him quickly and stood in front of one of the arcades, still facing him. Danny was caught by surprise of this until he heard the voices too. I nodded and turned around and slipped a quarter into the arcade I was stationed at. I had to hunch over somewhat in order to hide my throbbing, aching, Danny induced, boner. The voices got louder and more distinct now, one boy and one girl. “Here it is, totally private for…” I turned slightly to see who it was. Zack and Amber, I should have guessed. I tried not to look surprised or worried by his interruption of our short, quality time together. I turned around to see how Danny was doing; he was leaning against the wall, kinda putting his short over his crotch area to hide his excitement. “Well if it isn’t Siegfried and Roy! Go play your tricks elsewhere, I got a GIRL here. You’ve heard of them, right?”

    “Lay off Zack, we don’t wanna cause any trouble, ok?” Danny said.

    “You all know each other?” Amber said.

    “Yeah baby, this is Danny the fag, and this is his bitch!” Zack yelled in a very mean manner. Don’t cry it’s only words, he can’t hurt you. He’s just some punk. The thought bounced around in my mind. I was trying not to cry from that statement. In fact, he was actually starting to get me mad in place of getting me sad.

    “Shut up! Don’t you ever talk about him that way!” Danny confronted Zack, stepped right up to him, sticking up for me. Even though we were in this situation, I still wanted to kiss him for doing that. No one had ever stuck up for me in that manner. He gave me strength to do the same for him.

    “And don’t you ever call Danny a fag.” I said aggressively. Zack back away at first, but then had restored confidence that he could win this fight. Amber looked confused, not knowing who to defend, us or Zack.

    “I’m not scared of you! The only thing that I worry about when I’m around you is if my asshole is safe or not.” Zack yelled again. I looked over to Danny and could tell that he was almost weeping. I was about to say something back, but Amber got her say in first.

    “Quit it Zack, they didn’t do anything to you!” She said. Zack turned to her in surprise.

    “Stay out of this Amber, this is between the three of us.” Zack said in return. They were face to face now, Danny and I now forgotten.

    “No it isn’t, because Richie is my friend, Danny is my friend, too. So be nice to them or you can wank your own tonight!” Zack blushed, but anger soon returned.

    “Forget this,” he said to Amber, then turned to Danny and pointed at his chest. “You’ll get yours you fruit!” I got so angry that I balled my fists up and prepared to knock his goddamn lights out. Amber saw this and held my fist down.

    “Richie! Don’t!” She said to me. I was about to called her out for being on Zack’s side all along, but she spoke first once again. “Allow me!” Zack had no time to react before a girl socked him in the stomach. Danny and I eyed each other, then exchanged shocked glances.

    “You b…bitch!” Zack said while clutching his stomach. “Th…this isn’t over Danny.” Zack stumbled backwards and fell on his back. I noticed that something fell out of his pocket towards me. It was a clear pouch with a whitish powder in it. I picked it up, but Zack quickly took it from me before I could inspect it any more. “Give me that! You wouldn’t know the first thing to do with it probably, dweeb.” Then he stumbled out of the room.

    “Nice shot.” Danny said to Amber, smiling once again.

    “No problem. He was a jerk anyway, so glad to have done it.” She replied. I gave her a hug.

    “I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for us, which has been lots.” I said to her.

    “Yeah, I know. Well I’m happy to do it, because you two are such nice boys. Oh, and by the way, here’s just one more thing I’m doing for you.” She handed me a folded piece of paper. I opened it and read what it said out loud without thinking about it beforehand.

    “Jfriers at Netscape dot com. Whose e-mail address is this?” I asked her.

    “Justin Frier’s e-mail address. You know, my ex-boyfriend. The gay one.”

    “Ahh yes, thanks a bunch, again. I guess we should get going now before you do anything else for us.” We all had a chuckle, then Amber ran off to let us be alone again.

    Danny and I had our hugs and kisses, then decided that our misadventures for the days were over now, so we headed back to my room. As we walked the halls, I felt Zack’s presence still with us, as if he were watching us, and waiting to strike at the perfect opportunity. Needless to say, I was getting the chills by just being out in the open. “I’d like to get to know this kid, he seems interesting.” I said while slipping the e-mail address into my dresser.

    “Yeah me, too.” Danny said while lying down, shirtless on my bed. Oh man, he looked like a freaking model or something. His smooth chest, dark nipples, white, tan-like skin. It was something you’d be honored to eat your dinner on. In fact, I was just then having getting this fantasy of eating dinner off of it. Maybe whipped cream swirled around his nipples and chocolate fudge in his little cute bellybutton. I didn’t know whether to be horny or hungry, but I guess a compromise could be arranged. Danny saw me staring at him and got this wide grin on his face, then picked up that flower next to him and slipped it behind his ear. He looked like the male incarnation of Aphrodite; it was definitely something I’d worship! I was impervious to the fact that he was even hornier than I was, but I was still really hungry. Hey, gaming and yelling takes a lot out of a fifteen-year-old.

    “Hey, I’m kinda hungry, you wanna order something to nip on? Of course, since we are recreating our first night together, it’s only necessary that we have our ‘dinner’ after we are through with the arcade. Then, I think it’s wise to skip the pool at this point in time and just skip right to the first kiss and love scene.” I grinned wider than he was and nodded to my idea. I quickly picked up the phone and dialed room service.

    “Turkey with mayo, lots of mayo.” Danny said to me right before the guy picked up. I ordered our food after about five minutes of clarifying it to the non-English speaking foreign guy working there. As soon as I got off of the phone I jumped onto the bed with Danny. We both giggled as the bed squeaked and we bounced around on it.

    Danny bounced on top of me suddenly and his grin returned. A small piece of hair fell in front of his face and I lightly brushed it away with my hand so I could look into his eyes. His eyes put me under his control and my heart leapt out of my chest I was so transfixed on them. I was stuck in a dreamy gaze and forgot how to move my muscles. I could his hard on against my leg, but he wasn’t grinding into it like a crazed horn dog, was acting more like a sweet flower, sweeter than the one behind his ear. Danny gave me the sweetest smile, then lowered his head slowly to mine and gently nuzzled into my cheek while giving me soft angel kisses. I closed my eyes to just feel his kisses and hot breath on my skin. I wrapped my arms around his back and rubbed his skin with my hands. Then I felt his mouth move over to my ear and his tongue lick and taste my ear lobe. I was in complete heaven. I brought his body closer to mine and reached my lips out to kiss him a few times on the cheek. I heard Danny moan slightly as I kissed him and breathed harder. My pants were becoming so tight around me. I was going to get undressed, but before I could we heard a knock on the door. At first I thought it was my parents, but then I remembered our food. We both groaned, then I got up and opened to door to take in our food. I set it down on the dresser carefully, then poured the hot chocolate and brought our plates of food to the bed. I then went back and got the hot drinks and quickly set them on the nightstand right next to the bed.

    “Dinner is served, my sweet.” I said while getting back on the bed. Danny opened his sandwich to check to see if he got what he asked for.

    “They got it right this time, wow.” Danny said, smiling.

    “Yeah, must be our lucky day, huh?” I chuckled.

    “Uh huh.” Danny mumbled while stuffing his face. I flipped the tv on to see what movies were playing then. Eraser was playing on one channel, and Ace Ventura was playing on the other.

    “Arnold or Carrey?” I asked Danny, who was now lying on my chest.

    “Do I have to chose?” He paused for a second. “Carrey, but keep the volume really low.” I turned the volume down and started wolfing down my sandwich. Needless to say, we were both really horny and wanted to eat quickly. I didn’t really pay attention to the screen all that much, but mostly on Danny’s body. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it, even if I tried. Something about it just drew me. Maybe it was the fact that it was mine and I wasn’t to savior it for all it was worth in case one day I wouldn’t be able to have it. When we finished our food and drink, we were both left in silence with the television sound low. I wanted to talk to him.

    “Danny?” I said softly.

    “Hmm?” He replied.

    “I uhh…I really thought it was sweet how you stuck up for me before.”

    “Oh, it was nothing, you know.”

    “I know, but I love you for it, lots.”

    “Me too Richie, I’d never let any harm come to you, you know.”


    “Yeah, of course.” Danny turned his head to look up at me. “I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone, and I don’t ever want you to be hurt.” Danny crept up to me and gave me a short snog on the lips. I flipped the tv off and put the remote on the night stand. “How much longer until your parents are back you think?"

    “Oh, about an hour at least, plenty of time for fun and games.” I said, giggling. We quickly removed all of our clothes and in an instant, we were all over each other. We French kissed like mad, our tongues tasting and swirling around each other with urgency. Our arms were wrapped around each other, bringing our hot bodies into more contact. Our hard cocks gently grinded into each other as we rolled around on the bed, creating small spurts of precum all over our cocks and stomachs. Our liplock ended and I mouth quickly found his neck and stared sucking and licking it for all it was worth. Danny started moaning and whimpering loudly into my ear, which only got me hotter and caused me to work faster.

    “Richie, suck me.” Danny pleaded with me.

    “No, wait. Danny?”


    “I want to make love to you.” I said, catching my breath.

    “You mean…anal?”

    “Well, yes. I thought we could, you know? I’ve been waiting for you for so long, and I want to make love to you, but only if you want it, too.”

    “Well of course I want to, my love. I you to make love to me, please. Be one with me Richie.” Danny said, smiling widely at me.

    “Ok, now how should we go about this?” I asked. Danny thought for a moment.

    “Ok, get on your back for a second.” I got on my back, and then Danny loomed over my hard cock with his mouth and then engulfed my entire shaft fully, sending waves of pleasure through my body. His tongue licked all around my cock, wetting it. It felt so damn good to have his lips wrapped around my dick, I thought I would cum right on the spot in his mouth! Danny lifted his head up and off my cock, then laying back down on the bed, now with his stomach down and back up. I kneeled up right behind Danny, my hard pole just inches away from his hole. I spread his legs wide enough so I could see the beginnings of his asshole. Danny was begging me to go in, so I finally used me hands to spread his ass cheeks slightly, then positioned my cock into a straight line, and moved on into it. My cock head went inside first, then with a bit oh a push, the rest of my shaft just slid in, it kept going in and I thought I’d never see my dick ever again, until it stopped suddenly and Danny let out a groin.

    “No, did I hurt you? I’m sorry, Danny!” I said worriedly, truly thinking that I had hurt Danny.

    “No Richie, it was good, really good. Whatever you just did, do it again and again please.” Danny moaned, putting my mind at ease. I slowly started pumping in and how of his ass, Danny moaning louder and for longer each time. My cock felt so good inside his ass, the contractions of his ass muscles massaged my cock and built up the orgasm in my cock pretty quick, but I wanted this to last just as long as Danny did. While still keeping inside of Danny, I leaned forward and rested on top of him, wrapping my arms around his chest and holding onto him tightly. I started kissing the bed of his neck and cheeks as I sped up the pace on him. We both whimpered in pleasure and moaned out loud with each thrust of my hips. I felt my orgasm building up faster now and I felt that Danny was close to because his ass muscles were contracting more rapidly around by shaft and cock head. I kissed and licked every inch of Danny’s body that I could see. I was almost there; I couldn’t go back now. Danny’s hot ass turned me on so much, everything about him, his hair, eyes, face, legs, hands, smile, wit, charm, sweetness, love for me, dick, hands, chest, walking style; they all came crashing together in my mind into that one perfect boy, my boy, my Danny. Suddenly everything went blank in my mind, I felt dizzy, my body was spasming and trembling, and my cock was becoming extra sensitive around Danny’s ass. I felt loads of cum pumping up into Danny’s ass. He let out one last moan before I felt his entire ass and body spasm and milk my cock without me even doing anything else more.

    I collapsed and rolled off of and next to Danny. His head turned to mine and smiled as we both tried to catch our breaths. He maneuvered himself so his head was resting firmly on my chest. I stroked his cheek as our eyes silently spoke to each other, speaking kind and sweet words that were too intense to even try to say or think about saying. Our arms and legs were intertwined around each other as we both gave each other short kisses here and there every minute or so. We didn’t speak one more word to each other, just happy knowing that we knew each other’s thoughts without verbal speech. In time, without even thinking of the consequences, we both cuddled into each other, blanket pulled over our naked bodies, and drifted off to sleep.

Nice ending? Sad Ending? Oh heck, at least it was an ending for crying out loud eh? HEHEHE! A new CFL with be coming your way next week! As always, I love your comments and suggestions and all that crap!


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