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     Danny and I pranced around on the magnificent, Californian beach. Seagulls were flying everywhere, morning mist was in the air, and the waves were crashing along the shoreline. Not one person could be seen for miles in every direction; the sand under our feet was all ours. Danny and I held each other's hands and whirled around in a tight circle until we were both too dizzy to stand. Both of us then stumbled to the ground, laughing and giggling the whole way down. I landed on my back on the soft sand and looked straight up into the sky. I saw the birds flying overhead, looking as if they were coming straight at me. All of a sudden Danny appeared above me, smiling and mouthing out the words `I love you' to me. I smiled, and then he lowered his head until I no longer saw the sky and just saw Danny's angelic grin on his face. His sweet lips met mine and I wrapped my arms around his neck to bring him in for a French kiss. Our mouths opened, our tongues let loose, feeling and tasting each other with such happiness, as if touching for the very first time. Suddenly both of our clothes were off and he was sucking the life out of my hard cock. It was so powerful, so intense. His sucking was like a vacuum cleaner, and our eyes were locked the entire time, showing their love for each other. I wanted to hold out but couldn't, Danny's hands were working wonders on every single body part that he touched, from my nipples to my balls. Every part of him that made contact with every part of me was pure heaven, sending shock waves of love and passion into me. I couldn't hold out any longer, I let out a moaning wail and dug my fingernails deep into the soft sand as my body was spasming and sending loads and loads of sweet cum into my lover's hungry mouth. Danny lapped up every single drop of semen, then kissed me on the lips, allowing me to taste his saliva and my cum, mixed together. I broke our kiss and whispered into his ear how much I loved him.

     Suddenly, the universe turned black and I was left in a bittersweet silence. I heard snoring around me, on the other side of the room. I looked to down see that I had a wet dream, something I've never had. I quickly found my boxers and slipped them back on.  I cursed myself, for it was all a dream, but what a dream! The nice thing was that, in my dream, Danny's mouth around my cock felt the exact same way it did in real life. That meant that the experience could be recreated to every last detail. I realized then that Danny wasn't in my bed. I figured that he must have crept out of the room in order to avoid us getting caught by my parents. I laid back down on the bed, feeling alone now, not being able to cuddle up with Danny for the rest of the night. I thought that I wouldn't be able to get back to sleep, but I guess I dozed off because my eyes flickered and I felt Danny's arms around me once again. I spun around in the bed quickly to face him, like I had felt the presence of a ghost or something in the room. Danny was staring back at me, his green eyes glowing like a cat's, with immediately eased my worries.

     "Where were you?" I whispered to Danny, keeping low so my parents wouldn't be woken up.

     "I was in the bathroom, getting dressed so I could sneak out in the morning before either of our parents woke up." He whispered back to, hold me close. I could feel his warm breath on my face.

     "Oh g...good, I'd thought you'd l...left me here for the night." My voice trembled. I could tell I might cry at any moment because of the fact of not wanting Danny to have left me, so I bit my lower lip to restrain my tears.

     "Of course not, baby. I'd never leave you like that. You were so incredibly amazing to me earlier, and I love you lots; I just want to be with you for as long as possible. I'll sneak out at like seven or something. I just wish I could pay you back somehow for how you've made me feel."

     "Oh, don't worry, you've done so much for me already. I felt like I was paying YOU back." We smiled at each other and our eyes met. Danny rested his body on top on mine and kissed me with the sweetest kiss he's ever given me. I was left speechless, but since we could already read each other's thoughts, he answered my exact question without any speech on my part. "That was for loving me, in every way possible." Danny and I silently made love with our eyes and faces for a time period that I could never know. In my mind it was for eternity, even though eternity wasn't nearly long enough for Danny and I to be together for. When we finally nodded off, I remembered that there was a tiny bit of light shining through the window. We might have been up for one or fours hours, for all I knew, it didn't matter. I believe that, that night made my list as one of the best nights of my entire life. It was the start of out journey, and nothing would ever stop us.

     I woke up again when it was really bright in my room. My parents were still asleep snoring. Danny was still asleep in my arms, too. I backtracked my mind. Danny was still asleep in my bed! I gave him a slight nudge and shake. He groaned and I quickly covered his mouth so he wouldn't wake my damn parents up. I whispered his name into his ear and his eyes flickered open cutely.

     "Time for you to go I guess." I said with a sigh.

     "Aww, don't be sad baby, I'll see you real soon ok?" Danny said. There was something in the pitch of his voice that put my mind at ease. Danny got up off of me sat at the edge of the bed, trying to wake up more.

     "Alright." I whispered, then got up and wrapped my arms around him from behind. "Can I go with you? Please? I kissed the back of his neck and he moaned softly.

     "No, I don't think you should." He turned around and laid me back down on the bed, then covered me up with the blanket. "I want you to stay here and rest, where it's safe, understand?" I nodded in compliance. "Some bad things might happen today, but just remember it's because I love you, ok?" I nodded again. Danny kissed me on the forehead. "I love you Richie. Sleep well, my love." Danny gave me a tight, brotherly hug, then quietly slipped out of the door. Without any second thought, I did just as Danny told me to do and fell back to sleep in a peaceful slumber.

     When I woke up, for the third time, my parents were long gone. I was so relieved that they didn't catch Danny and I in bed last night, possibly from being too damn drunk. I wished that I had another dream about Danny, but I didn't. Oh well, I thought, at least I could have the real thing whenever I wanted, within reason that is.

    I eventually got myself out of bed, got some really nice clothes that I thought would make Danny drool over me, and went into the shower. I turned on the shower and waited for the water to heat up. My mind flashed back to last night, when Danny was kissing me from behind as we were waiting for the water to heat up. I instantly got hard thinking about it, and also about how fun it would be to be in the shower with Danny. I caught myself in a dreamy gaze and noticed that the water was ready to be felt with my naked body. I undressed, carefully because it can hurt to get naked when with a boner, and then stepped in. I welcomed the water with a nice, giant `Ahh'. I did my usual shampoo and soap routine, but after that I was still horny. Even after one night of sex, accompanied by a wet dream, I was still hot for Danny. If he were there right then, he would have had to slap a restraining order on me in order to keep me off of him. Alas, he wasn't there, so I did the next best thing. I lathered of my hands and dick real well, making sure none of it gets into that infernal slit that stings you. Then I closed my eyes, started stroking myself slowly, trying to imitate the feelings I had when Danny had his mouth around my cock, and imagined Danny in the shower with me. In my fantasy that I was creating, our arms were wrapped around each other's bodies tightly, and Danny was kissing and licking everything on me except my mouth. His lips would start at my shoulder, and work their way across to my chest and nipples, then back up to my neck and chin, and then to my cheeks, eyelids, forehead, and staying at my ear lobes, licking and sucking on them like a baby does to a pacifier. All the while I would just be moaning as he pleasured me with his lips. Also, he would be slowly grinding our crotches together with just the right force and pressure, not too much that I would get close to cumming, and not so light that I would be striving for more. It would be just perfect. Next, he would whisper sweet nothings into my ear while backing me against the shower wall, the water gently hitting our sides now. Danny holds me against his hot body even closer than it already is and starts to push into me a little harder now. His lips finally find mine, and then my tongue shoots down his throat with great urgency. Danny moans and grunts with pleasure and leans into me, our tongues still wrapped around each other, and speeds up his humping even more. We're both moaning now and our eyes never lose sight of the other's. Danny rams me with full force now; I feel our hard cocks crashing together, and our wet balls slapping against each other, making the most erotic sound ever. Danny then lets out the loudest moan ever as he cums in my crotch, all over my cock, pubic hairs, and balls. I eyes shot open and I was stroking myself with everything I had. Within moments I couldn't hold out any longer and actually shot a stream of cum out of my horny tool, followed by short spurts and dribbles. I collapsed against the wall, trying to catch my breath and keep myself from falling.

    When I regained my strength and eyesight, I licked the cum on my hand off and washed the rest away. I got out of the shower, got dressed, put my hair in a sexy position, put a dab of cologne on, and left the bathroom. I wanted to see Danny more than anything, but I felt it wisest to have breakfast with my parents and Amber so no one would be suspicious. I knew that my parents would think that I was with Danny whenever they weren't looking. That was very true, but I didn't want them thinking that.

     I walked up to the dining room and joined my family and Amber's. I really thought it stupid to have to have breakfast in the dining room. Aside from the fact that it was in the DINING room of the ship, I thought breakfast was just kind of not really formal. You could just pick up what you wanted and ate, but no, you have to order something and also have guys with trays offering you croissants and bagels. I really loathed the idea of it all. I just wanted to sit in some open area, have some cereal and a banana, and enjoy myself without needing to be proper. I took some more looks around me. No signs of Danny, or his parents. I never figured out where his new table was. If he got a new table at all, it was probably as far from his table as possibly, all the way on the other side of the room. I gave up after searching for long enough. When the time came, I ordered bacon, eggs, and toast. It seemed like something you'd eat after an entire night of passion. I giggled at the thought of it, the thought of Danny and I making love, cuddling all night, staring into each other's eyes for an extended period of time, him tucking me into bed and kissing me on the forehe...

     "Richie!" Amber's voice yelled in my ear.

     "WHAT! I mean, yes Amber?" I said, trying not to get to mad from her interrupting my pondering.

     "I was telling you how sorry I was for Zack's behavior last night?" She took small bites of her bagel with fat free cream cheese on it.

     "Oh, that? No, don't be sorry. I mean, we..." I had to watch my words in front of my parents. "I mean, I have you to thank for what happened. You stuck up for me, and you gave me that e-mail address, and you've done lots of things. That flower even, you know?" I started on my breakfast. Wow that's good bacon and eggs! Maybe there's an upside to this whole fiasco after all.

     "The flower, that was nothing, really. I mean, I gave one to Zack also. It's weird really. Ya'll know..." Amber's voice drowned into the ocean of blahs; my mind was wondering towards other things. I silently finished my breakfast, pretending to listen to her. I continued my thoughts from where I left off previously. Now, where was I. Oh that's right. I loved the way Danny kissed me on the forehead, as if he was taking care of me, wanting me to be safe. To be safe from whatever bad things might happen today. Wait a second, bad things? What bad things? I had to think for a moment. My heart stopped suddenly at one dreadful thought, what if he meant that he was going to kill his parents? That could explain for me not seeing him or his parents in the dining room. What if he killed his parents after he left, and at the moment is hiding the evidence, and he wanted me to stay in bed incase there were police or something like that. It didn't seem possible and I should've just let it be, but I had to find out if it he did that or not. I told everyone that I was full and excused myself. My parents exchanged these
"Yeah, I know where he's going!" glances as I got up. I never acknowledged them because I was in a hurry and I didn't care if my parents hated how I lived my life. In fact I had been wearing my necklace outside of my shirt just to show them that I wasn't afraid anymore.

    I composed myself in an ordinary fashion until I was out of there, then ran to the elevator to Danny's floor. If I remembered correctly, it was the floor under mine, and his room number was 101. I crept around the maze of rooms when I arrived on his level until I eventually found room 101. I walked slowly and silently, not wanting anybody to hear me, then stood right at the door. I noticed that it wasn't shut all the way. I put my ear up to the door carefully in order to hear if anyone was inside. I didn't hear any sounds from inside. I opted to go further, no matter how afraid I was, because I needed to know the truth. I pushed on the door to let it open all the way by itself. I saw the entire inside of the room, empty. I stepped inside the cabin and looked around, totally empty. No one was in there, but there were some strange things going on here. Firstly, I smelled this foul odor, not of rotting corpses or something, but like something you'd smell at a rock & roll concert or something like that. Secondly, there was a mess on the ground. Clothes and bed sheets strewed around the floor and beds. Right at my feet were many colored, tiny objects. I bent over to examine them.  Some, green and cylindrical, others flat and white, or purple. I held them in my hands. Soft texture, delicate. I didn't want to say it, I didn't want to believe it, but it was. I was holding remnants of a flower, the same kind of flower Danny had with him the entire night, right in my hand. That didn't mean anything, did it? I had to hold back tears welling up in my eyes. It just couldn't be. I pocketed the flower pieces. I needed to snoop some more. It smelled like a college dorm in there; I was getting nauseous, but I still felt it needed in me to look some more. One of the beds looked like a tiger was set loose on it. I walked over to it and inspected it. Something just wasn't right; I needed to find out what it was. I turned over the sheets, nothing. I looked under the bed, nada. I overlooked something, the pillows. They weren't in the right positions that they would normally be in. I turned over one of the pillows and almost fainted at what I saw: a nice, large, circular, smidgen of blood. And oh, it was definitely blood. Thicker than wine and darker than sauce, that's what they say.

    In moments I was out of that infernal tomb and back into the elevator, headed towards my floor. I waited a couple seconds, but hours it seemed. The doors flung open and I raced back to my room. I got the keycard out of my pocket and tried to slip it through. My hands were trembling; I was in a panic. Blood was everywhere, all over my hands! I finally got it to go through correctly, didn't work. Wrong side moron! Ok, turned it around, slip it through the same way you just did it. Oh it's so slippery; it's hard to hold onto it. Got it! The door unlocked and I ran inside and slammed the door behind me. I went into the bathroom and washed my hands and the keycard.

    "Oh my god! This is not happening, this is absolutely not happening to me!" I repeated to myself over and over again. I got my hands and the keycard clean, then went back into the room. I couldn't hold back the tears any longer now. I saw it, it was all true. Danny murdered his parents so he could be happy with me. I had no time to be extra flattered; I was in love with a killer. What if I am next? What if Danny is arrested and I'll never see him again? What if I'm blamed, too? There was so evidence that I could be a murderer too, could there? I had a tiny motive, but an alibi, too. Wait a second! I had blood on my hands! What did I touch from when I left the room to when I washed my hands? I backtracked my steps. The door on the outside was clean; the bathroom door was clean. Now for the elevator. I raced to the elevator and got inside. Crap! The button I pressed for my floor had a finger print in blood on it. I wiped it off with my finger and smudged it in my pocket, because I already had blood in my pants from getting the keycard out. I got back to my room and quickly and changed my pants. I stuffed my old pants into the far reaches of my suitcase, to be dealt with when I arrived back home.

    Just as I tightened my clean pair of pants I heard the door open. I forgot to lock it! I was relieved to see that it was only Danny. Wait, I should be scared of Danny!

    "Hey baby! Good thing we're alone, I've been missing you all day." Danny said. He walked up to me and embraced me in a hug, but I backed out of it and pushed him away. "What? What did I do?"

    "You know what you fucking did!" I yelled at him. Danny was in shock, like a deer caught in someone's headlights.

    "What? No! I didn't do anything Richie! Not yet anyway." Danny said in a panic. He must be lying; he just has to be. I pulled the flower pieces out of my pocket and showed them to him. He shook his head in disbelief.

    "Yes, I found these in your room not five minutes again. This is the flower that I gave you! This proves that you killed your parents!" I didn't mean to raise my voice so high at Danny, but it sure caused him to break out in tears.

    "I told you I wasn't going to kill them, I swore to you I wouldn't." Danny has tears streaming down his face. He wiped some away then dug into his pockets and delicately took out the flower that I gave him, perfectly fine. "Here's your proof right here!" Danny threw the flower at my face and it landed on the floor in front of me. I picked it back up, letting the confetti in my hand to fall all over the floor. I had no time to think because Danny stormed out of the cabin. I kept the flower into my hand and chased after him, at least making sure the door was closed behind me. Danny ran into the elevator and I slipped in just before the doors closed. I blocked the buttons so he couldn't go anywhere. Danny looked more disappointed at me than sad that his parents might be dead. He wiped more tears from his eyes and looked away from me.

    "Your parents are dead, Danny." I whispered to him. He stopped crying and composed himself.

    "So what if they are? I hated them! It doesn't matter anyhow, they never showed me any love, nor to my brother. I wished they died a long time ago, but it doesn't matter now, does it? What matters is that you thought I did it..."

    "It was substantial evidence, or whatever you call it. The flower in your room that I gave you, the blood on the pillows everywhere, last night you telling me how you wanted them dead, and this morning when you told me how some bad things might happen today."

    "Well firstly." He took the flower from my hand and spoke softly to me. "This flower never left my side since last night. I was ranting last night. I don't know about any blood on anyone's pillows because I didn't return to my room at all today. Last, the bad thing I was planning was to settle things with Zack one way or another, and if a fight broke out, I didn't want you to there in danger, because I love you so much." This time I was crying, because I couldn't believe I thought my Danny would do something like that. I broke down in tears; maybe I was just happy that Danny didn't do it. He came up to me and put his arms around me, quietly shushing me with his oh so soothing voice.

    "I d...didn't want to believe it was true and I'm h...happy that it's not true at...t all." I eventually got my entire sentence out of my mouth. Danny put his finger up to my lips and gently rocked me like a baby. It didn't seem infantile to me, the way he calmed me down, because he was just loving me in his arms.

    "It's ok baby, I forgive you. It seemed logical to you, at the time, I understand that. The important thing is that you're safe and out of danger from whoever actually did it. You don't need to worry about me because I hated my parents so much. I mean, look at what they did to me." I looked up at Danny's face, which hadn't changed much since yesterday, except that he seemed happy now. I understood then and there, that he truly hated his parents. Maybe he might have gotten the nerve to kill them one day, or maybe he would have gone to the police, but the fact was that he was happy that they were gone. It just seemed immoral to me, to be glad someone is dead, and that forced me not to share his happiness so much. Our hug broke and Danny looked into my eyes for understanding, and I gave it to him. How could I not? He needed me.

    "I'm just scared." I whispered to him. "If you didn't do it, then who did? There's a murderer on the ship, and we have 2 days left, what if we're next?" Danny held me close. Something about his aura around me, the comfort he gave to me, it made me almost think that we were perfectly safe as long as we were together. That was wrong for sure.

    "We're not next, if there is a next." Danny whispered back to me.  "Who knows why someone would have done this? Maybe my parents pissed off some more people at the party last night, like they always do, maybe my dad got drunk again and fought my idiot mother to the death, then threw himself overboard. Of course, it is possible it was a homicidal maniac, and if it was," Danny held my hands tight. "I'm not going to let them get to who I hold closest to my heart." I absolutely melted at Danny's words. Just ordinary words that I go completely gaga over.

    Danny and I lurched forward as the elevator suddenly sprung to life. Danny quickly reached behind me and pressed his floor just as we were approaching it. The doors opened and Danny walked at a fast pace towards his room, me running behind because he was still holding one of my hands.

    "What are we doing here?" I asked him as we approached his cabin.

    "We have to sort this mess out first of all. We gotta clean up my room..."

    "Clean up your room? But there's evidence in there."

    "I know that, we can save it for the next two days and then report it. It won't make any difference accept that now we have an entire room to ourselves for two days. I know it's not right, but I think it's safe to assume that God hasn't given me many things in life, except for you. And now it's hard enough to even have you. This is the ticket Richie; all of our bases are covered. I have plane tickets back to California in my suitcase. I have lots of family there. Hey, they even hate my parents' guts, too. Richie, nothing bad has come of this. Now, even though I want to do this, you have to want it, too." Danny squeezed my hand and gave me this cute innocent look. "We can clean up that mess and redisplay it when the time comes for the police, giving us two more wonderful nights together just like last night. Or, we can tell someone now, have lots of confusion and chaos all around us, never get one moment of peace, and maybe never even see each other the duration of the cruise. Now, I don't want to force you into anything you can't handle, so it's your call, baby." Did I mention that I absolutely loved it when he called me pet names? Just another thing Danny could do in order to get me to do what he wanted. Aside from that, I thought the idea was pretty solid. It didn't make any difference or produce any extra dangers from my understanding of it, because we simply didn't do it. Yes, my decision was made.

     "Danny...let's do it." I said. Danny smiled happily and hugged me so tight, then kissed me on the cheek.

     "Thank you, I love you!" We both smiled at each other then broke away before we got even hornier. We then faced the door, ready to enter and deal with the situation. Danny slowly slipped his keycard in and opened the door. It was just as I had left it, minus the flower confetti. We both entered the room and I could tell Danny smelled what I had smelled before. "Oh man, it smells like my brother's room in here, or at least while he was doing drugs."

     "What? Do your parents do drugs?" I asked him, searching around the rest of the room looking for any evidence.

     "Lord no, but it sure as hell smells like someone was in here." Danny moved closer to the bed where I found the blood. "It seems to be stronger over here." He looked under the bed. "Oh man! Look at this!" I ran over and got on my knees. It was hard to see, but there was something like a cigarette beneath the bed.

     "Get a tissue to pick it up. Not one finger print on any evidence ok?" I said. Danny nodded and reached for a tissue from the box on the nightstand. Then he reached as far as he could under the bed until he finally got it. When Danny pulled it out, he put it up to his nose and quickly pushed it away. "Well?"

     "Marijuana." Danny whispered. "I think it's been recently used because it has a really strong scent. That's how you tell, isn't it?"

     "Yeah, I suppose so." I said, having no previous experience in narcotics.  "Ok now put it back the way you found it, we'll leave it for the authorities." Danny put the dooby back where he found it and threw away the tissue. We both stood up and I showed him the bloodstain on the pillow. Some of it was dried up now, but there was some leaking off onto the bed. Danny and I both winced in disgust, trying not to hurl.

     "That, must have hurt, real bad." Danny said, humoring the situation. He gave me a playful punch to the arm. I, of course, being the weenie I was, expressed my pain verbally with an `ow!' "That didn't hurt." He giggled at my expense, even though I really didn't hurt all that much.

     "Yeah it did, you have big strong arms." I stopped right there because I needed to get to the point. "You really don't care about your parents do you?

     "I'm sorry, Richie. They just never gave me any love, never gave me things, made me work to get any money at all. They were terrible people. Oh, I don't expect you to understand babe, you'd have to live with them for fifteen years to fully understand." At that point I understood it all. I could fully understand without needing to live with them for fifteen years why they could be hated so much. It was because I believed every word Danny told me and I saw it in his face, all those scars, hits, and beatings. I knew it all then so clearly. And yes, I could see why he could not mourn over it, why he just wanted to use it as a rare opportunity for us, for me, something so special to him. I gave Danny a deep kiss on the lips. He wrapped his arms around me and I was about to fall back on the bed making out with him, when I remembered where we were suddenly. I pulled my lips off of his, but still held his body close to mine.

     "Blood, what do we do about it?" I asked him. Danny thought for a moment, then a light bulb appeared over his head and his face lit up.

     "I know! We put the bloody things in the closet, and lay out the spare pair. When the day comes, we just put it back the way it was. Simple enough?" He gave me this delicious grin and I blushed, causing him to giggle. We finally got our composer back and I could speak again.

     "Yeah, it's perfect, almost too perfect."

     "Right, that covers everything then?"

     " Those flower pieces are still in my room. I gotta go get em before my parents see them. Ok?"

     "Ok, you dispose of them and I'll take care of the dirty work here." Danny said, reluctantly letting me from his grasp finally. I nodded and began to walk towards the door. Before I could reach the door I felt Danny wrap his arms around me from behind and give me a sweet peck on the cheek. "Hurry back, please." He whispered into my ear. I promised him and then he let me get on my way for real.

    I walked at a fast paced towards the elevator. I got on one with a couple people on it. I pressed my floor and the doors closed around us. All of a sudden I felt this insecurity inside of me, as if I was a fugitive, hiding from people who might recognize me from America's Most Wanted. Did they know what was going on? Were they onto me? Were police going to be on the other side of those doors? My floor was reached and the doors opened. I was relieved to find no one on the other side except a couple boys. I exited that vile shaft and headed towards my room. My keycard slipped though and I was inside, the flower parts just as they were when I left. I quickly picked up every last piece, making sure after that every piece was in my hand. Sweet flowers, what a waste. I wondered who would do such a thing to a flower they had of that kind, smoke some pot, and killed two people. Funny how he has the exact same flower as I had, what a coincidence. Where did this person get the exact same flower from that Danny had? Wait a second here. Didn't Amber give one of those flowers to Zack? Yes, she did! I almost dropped everything when I remembered the other tidbit. Zack DID have drugs! In that bag that fell out of his pocket last night. My had widened to their fullest. I quickly dropped the flower pieces in the trash and sped off, back to Danny's room. How could I leave him alone for so long? How did I not see this earlier? God, I was so stupid! I got in and out of the elevator quickly and rushed towards Danny's room. I wasn't gone for long, not long at all. Everything would be perfectly fine when I got back, wouldn't it?

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