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     Rush, rush, rush. That is what I did. I was bearing down on Danny's room, my heart becoming more rapid with each step closer to the doorknob. What was there to be worried about? I was only gone for about umm...five minutes. What could possibly happen in five minutes? A roller costar ride lasts more than five minutes. I can't jack off in five minutes to save my life. 8-Minute Abs took about eight minutes! Absolutely NOTHING could have happened. If that was true, then why was my heart beating so rapidly and my neck dripping sweat?

     My mind quickly began to theorize what I should do if Zack really was in there. Ok, if he were in there, he wouldn't be expecting me to come in, right? So I should put my guard up, maybe ball up my fists, and open the door hard and quick. That way, I will surprise him and will be prepared to knock his light out. Total genius! Yeah, I had it all figured out. Nothing would stop me. I was almost at the door. I balled my fist tight, lined up my knuckles. I was storming toward the door now. I reached out with my other hand to grab the doorknob. Just a couple more steps This was it; it would have to end here. I quietly turned the doorknob. I put my weight against the door, got my fist into position, and then pushed out as fast as I could. I pushed with all my might, but it seemed that something was trying to block it. The door was only halfway open, and it was bumping against something. Against something? I quickly squeezed through the opening in the door and looked to see what was keeping the door from opening. Or should I say who was keeping the door from opening. There was a body lying on the floor. Oh my god! I hit Danny and knocked him out! I couldn't breathe or move. What have I done? I let my mind get carried away from me and look what happens. I was about to run over to his body, crying, but then I heard a sweet voice from across the room. It wasn't really words, but more like trembling and scared sounds. I entered the room completely, and then saw Danny's head peek out from behind the wall, standing on our bed. I did a double take. Then who did I just hit with the door? I walked over to the body and rolled him onto his back. Zack! God, his hair looks so much like Danny's it's not even funny. I saw that he was completely unconscious because of that very large bump on his head. I also noticed a knife on the floor next to him Thank goodness I got there just in time. Hmm, so a job well done by me indeed then. I breathed a sigh of relief; everything was ok and I deterred a terrible thing from happening to my Danny.

     I turned to see Danny still cowering in the corner, behind the wall. I quickly ran over to him, jumping on the bed with him, and took him in my arms. He wrapped his arms around me tightly, dug his face into my shoulder, and wept. When I thought he was done weeping, he started the process all over again, not once showing his eyes to me, just the back of his head. He was trembling all over; I could feel it in his hands, his face, and his chest. I let a few tears escape from my glazzies as well. I was scared, too. Not by the unconscious body lying on the ground, but by the thought of what could have happened. I mean, had I not been so aware, causing me to open the door hard and quick, or not gotten there in time, Danny would have been a grave man, come tomorrow. Lucky, that's all we were, just stupid and lucky lovers in love. Tongue twister, ouch.

     I lightly stroked his back and brought my mouth close to his ears and softly tried to calm him down. I felt a few drops of tears fall onto his shoulder and slide inside his shirt and down his back. If our positions were switched, I probably would have been the dead one, and he to take out that revenge on Zack, probably being killed by Zack as well. Then we'd be in heaven or hell together, forever. I was so glad that didn't happen, and we were here on earth now, together.

     My Danny, how could I even imagine him dead, or possibly dying. He being left to die like that Shepard guy. I'd come in the room, and Danny would be lying there with stab wounds in his chest, and shirt all bloody. I'd run over to him and he would reach his arms out to me and I would hold him in my arms, blood dripping onto my shirt and pants. The only words that would come out of my mouth would be comforting words, telling him that he'll be ok and help is arriving soon. Then his body would fall limp, and I'd know that he was lifeless now, gone forever. After that I'd probably lose my will to live and jump overboard and into the ship's propellers. Such a tragic ending for us.

     That didn't happen, I praised God countless times that it didn't happen. We were both here now, crying in and embrace, and without injuries. I kissed Danny softly on his moist neck, which prompted him to slowly bring his face up and look into my eyes. He wasn't weeping or trembling anymore. His hazel eyes were shiny, almost glowing like a vampire's would. I got lost in them and my heart melted for him. My knees buckled and I had to lean against him for support. What this boy did to me...

     "I'm sorry I left." I said, my voice squeaking as I finished my sentence. Danny brought his face closer to mine and laid a sweet kiss on my lips.

     "But I'm glad you came." He smiled and I blushed.

     "I shouldn't have left." My eyes lowered in shame. I still felt bad for what I did. Even though everything was ok, I still shouldn't have left him alone. I felt him kiss me on the forehead.

     "It's ok baby, you didn't know. You shouldn't feel bad. I mean, you're the one who saved me. My hero!" We both giggled and had a few more hugs and kisses. Then I turned around to look at Zack, still lying there, not moving. "He was majorly stoned, I'd say. If you look at his face, it's all white and sweaty. He smells like a joint, too. No doubt he was the one who..."

     "I know." I said, cutting him off. "He should be waking up at some time. I say we get him out of here so when he wakes up he won't remember what happened."

     "I agree...." Danny got himself free from our embrace and jumped off of the bed. "...but we're going to keep the knife for safe keeping, because his finger prints are on it." He took a tissue, then picked up the knife with it and put it in the closet where the bloody pillow and sheets were. Danny looked like some sort of criminal, trying to conceal a crime for his own personal gain. The awful truth was, we were trying to conceal a crime, just not committed by us, and it was for our own personal gain. If my conscience kicked in at that moment and convinced me that this was all wrong, it wouldn't matter anyhow, because the damage has been done, and trying to stop anything else evil form happening wouldn't help to atone for the rest.

     I wondered if Danny was a natural born killer, or just changed this way because of his parents. Norman Bates from Psycho killed his mother, and he did have good motive to do so. Danny didn't even kill his parents, Zack did, but he still had motive. Maybe it just made me feel weird because he didn't seem sad about it. If I brought it up, he'd just tell me how bad his parents were to him, show me his scars again, and cry some more. I didn't want him to cry anymore; I just wanted us to be happy. Happy times would come indeed. All of the mayhem and worrying would be over as soon as we got off of this forsaken cruise ship! I didn't want anymore blood, not anymore violence, anymore dead or unconscious people, and no more plans. But what else could I do? All I could do was wait it out. I'd wait it out hope, hope and pray that things would be normal after two days have gone by.

     "I'm sorry, Richie." Danny was looking at me and I didn't even notice. I hopped off of the bed and approached him.

     "Sorry for what?" I asked. He stepped closer to me and took my hands.

     "Please, I know. I can see it in your eyes. You don't approve of it, any of it." He looked in to my eyes. "It might he hard for you to believe, but it's just as hard for me as well." He sighed, then continued. "I can't stand the sight of blood, the taste of blood, or the smell of it. But I've seen my blood pour from my brother and me with my own eyes. I have smelled the taste of blood on my clothes and my hands. And, I have tasted my own blood in my mouth. I'm used to it, and it's a shame that it doesn't really bother me anymore. So, what's some blood here and there? And what about Zack lying here and hopped up on shit? It doesn't matter to me, because I've seen it all before and much, much more. The only thing that matters to me is in the room right now." He smiled, which always brought a smile to my face. Even if the world ended and he started smiling, I'd smile right back. If he died smiling, then I'd be smiling for the rest of my life. Danny brought his voice down to a whisper you could only hear from one foot away. "Please, my love." Oh, how could I say no to that? And I'm pretty sure my logical reasoning was still in tact at that point.

     "Danny, I'm with you 100% on this. Whatever it takes."

     "Thank you, Richard." He said, satisfied. He leaned in to give me a kiss, then turned back to the body of Zack. "We gotta move him before he wakes up, and that could be any moment now." I nodded and ran over to get his shoulders. Danny ran to open the door, then peeked outside. "Coast is clear, but we still need to hurry in case someone comes down the hall." He spun back around into the room and took hold of Zack's shoulders. My eyes wandered down to Zack's moving chest. He was still breathing and all. I wondered if Zack was really asleep or just faking it. I didn't want him to wake up on me, not now.

     Danny and I both quickly lifted him up on the count of three. We switched our positions so I would be walking backwards, holding Zack's shoulders, and Danny looking in front of us, holding his legs, then we quickly started out of the room. Zack was heavier than I thought he was. He and Danny had the same build and looks in my mind, Danny way cuter though, and Danny seemed light. Maybe Zack worked out by lift weights, or building muscle strength by using gay kids as punching bags.

     We walked down the corridor of rooms, me trying as hard as I could to run backwards while Danny went as fast as he could. We carried Zack through the hallway that I called a maze, going in the direction of the elevator lobby. Danny whispered to me that we were nearing the elevator. I was glad because Zack was really heavy, or maybe my arms were really weak, but to any extent, I couldn't take it for much longer. Danny didn't seem to be trying that hard from his end, of course, he just had his legs and I had his entire upper body, all pressurized on my hands. At last Danny whispered that we were there. I felt the elevators moving up and down the shaft behind me. My nerves were getting me worried because any of those could stop at this floor at any point.

     I glanced around and saw a lonely chair residing in the elevator lobby, right next to this tall, mini-palm tree, or something. My legs pivoted and turned so my back was to the chair then moved my legs backward towards the seat. Danny got my idea and moved his hands under Zack's knees so his legs bent down like when someone is sitting in an upright position. When I felt the chair bump into my leg, I lifted Zack so his butt was in the chair and his back leaning against the wall. Danny rested his legs on the ground and we both let go. The boy stayed in place and we both let out a sigh of relief and congratulations. We had our nice little, or maybe long, hugs and decided to retire back to the room. Right before we left the lobby I heard a sliding sound and a crash. I thought Zack had woke and we were done for, but I peeked my head around the corner and saw that he was not moving, but fell off of the chair. Would this boy ever stop being a nuisance, even when asleep? I cursed out loud and marched back into the lobby, Danny following close behind like I was some mean general who constantly gave out orders. I bent over to pick Zack back up and try to balance him to keep him from falling back over, but he kept toppling over as soon as I let go. I was literally loosing my mind over this fucker! It didn't help either to have my love snickering behind me and saying dirty, erotic phrases into my ear. My sanity would have broken for sure if Danny hadn't said that the elevator on this floor was moving and just went up two floors above us. Chances were that that car's destination was for our floor.

     "Come on!" Danny yelled to me, but his voice still keeping its sexy pitch, dynamics, and timbre. I rolled by eyes at him and pushed Zack hard against the wall.

     "This idiot won't stay still!" I screeched to him in my not-so-soothing voice. My rage was coming back to me. Stay still! Damn you! I wanted to ring his neck so badly, Zack's not Danny's. I felt like I was about to turn into the Hulk or something. Adrenaline was rushing though out my body, all because I couldn't get him to stay still. I was so frustrated that in a matter of seconds I would have just thrown him overboard and let him drown or get eaten by sharks or even better, piranhas.

     "We don't have much time, Richie. This isn't working." I stopped. My craziness took a coffee break. What was I doing? He was right, this wasn't solving anything. There had to be a better way. I was the smart one in the duo, I think, and surely there must be a better way. I let out a sigh and closed my eyes. I looked in the back of my mind, where all that knowledge, intellect, and logic that I used in school was stored for the summer. We only had seconds left to spare. Come on, think. Think! We already know that if I force him against the wall then he'll just slide off. If only there was a way to anchor him here. If we had a stapler or something, then we could nail his shirt to the wall, but firstly, we don't have one, and secondly, when Zack wakes up he'll know something was up, and we want him to not remember any of this. That would be too complicated anyhow; we need something quick, just something to keep him from falling. Like, like something to lean against. Ok, what can he lean against then?

     My eyes popped open, knowing what to do. I just hoped that we'd have enough time. We had to; it was the only way, and a perfect plan. I turned around quickly; Danny's eyes were fixated on the elevator numbers. I saw what he saw and knew that we really didn't have much time.

     "Danny...." I said. He spun around. His face showing that he wasn't giving up hope. He knew it. He knew I would figure it out. He depended on me and trusted me with his life. He knew it all along that I'd get us out of this jam, and I did... "The plant." He looked at me cock-eyed, then turned towards that big, misplaced, miniature palm tree. He grew a wide grin on his face, nodded excitedly to me, and ran over to it and started pushing it against the chair. Danny grunted as he pushed it and I knew he was using all of his strength, because the plant kept tipping slightly. I was holding my breath along the way, hoping he wouldn't push too hard. At last the plant was adjacent with he chair. He fell down to the floor. I chuckled at that, forgetting our plan. A ding of the elevator snapped me back into reality and in an impromptu fashion I leaned Zack against the plant, he stayed still! We both quickly stood up and comported ourselves in an ordinary "we're straight and not up to no good" fashion. The elevator doors opened and some old lady with a walker slowly stepped out. She looked at us, then at Zack leaning against the plant unconscious, then back at us again. We both smiled and I sat down next to Zack and put my arm around him like we were old chums. It actually freaked me out doing that, because he was a murderer, he smelled, and he could wake up any second and beat the shit out of us. Danny nervously leaned against the wall on the other side of me and took out a coin from his pocket, then started flipping it like some gangster. Yeah, we were so cool, even though on the inside we were more scared than ever. I could feel Danny's hands shaking with each catch of his quarter. Come on you old bag, we don't have all day here, just keep on walking, no questions asked or anything. Wouldn't life be so simple if what could go wrong didn't actually all go wrong?

     "What's wrong with your friend, lads?" She said in some sort of old, cackling tone. Danny and I both looked at each other. I heard before that it's good to give short and quick answers to these kinds of questions, just like in an interrogation or while in a courtroom on trial. I would use that strategy here so we aren't caught in a lie or give misinformation or something like that.

     "Up late watching movies again. We told him not to though." I said, trying very hard not to stumble, babble, or mumble in my phrases. She started to nod as if a pre-school child was telling her a stupid imaginary story...or something like that.

     "Toy Story." Danny blurted out, then tried to flip his coin again, but dropped it on the way down. It was cute seeing him being so clumsy, in a way. The lady smiled and nodded more.

     "Ahh, I took my grandson to see that last summer. He's a good little boy. Andrew sat through the entire movie and didn't talk once through out the entire show. What they can do with technology these days is just amazing. He lives in Topeka with his two fathers, now that's a long story right there. You're too young to understand that sort of stuff anyhow, but when you're older you will. I've met quite a few in my day; dainty as ballerinas they are, but very nice and sweet, too. Of course that was in Oklahoma. I don't know how they are in Alabama these days. That's where I grew up. It was a nice city...." A beeper started going off in her purse and she reached in and eventually, after what seemed like ages, found it and turned it off. "Oh my, I have to take my pills now for my osty persosis. I'll see you three boys later. She started on her walker again quickly and at last was out of our lives.

     Danny and I exchanged our wide-eyed glances and both let out some more sighs. "Can we go back to our room now?" He asked in this adorable, whiny voice. I smiled and took my arm from Zack's vile body, then stood up.

     "Yes, God yes! Let's go, babe." I took my last check on Zack, still same as ever, then scampered off with Danny back into our room. When Danny and I got back into the room, I noticed the door was still unlocked. "We have to remember to keep locking this thing." I locked the door behind us. "It might not be safe.

     "I agree, we will from now on. No one's gonna get into this safe with you and me. I'll blowtorch the door shut if I have to." We both fell back onto our back giggling to each other, happy that we both kept our cool, well, for the most part, through out the ordeal. One of the worst parts was over with. The next part would be getting off of this ship without needing to be accompanied by Danny's parents. We'd shoot our way out if we had to, but it would definitely be together. Everything Danny would do, I'd do right beside him. Everything that had happened in these past few hours was forgotten in our minds completely. It might sound weird or selfish to say that Danny was thinking the same things I was, but truthfully I could read him like a book now, soul mates can do that.

    We eventually stopped our laughter and silence fell between us. I was left staring across the bed at Danny while he smiled delightfully at me. It was nice to see his smile again. Small smiles had broken out on his face every so often before, but not today have I seen him really smile, smile like he did last night when we made love, or this morning before he left. I guess you could say that this was the first time today that I was smiling too, because I usually take my cue from the one I love the most. I was staring at him so deeply and was in such a trance that I didn't even notice Danny had moved about two feet closer to me from the other side of the bed. Then he got even closer to me until I could feel his irregular, heavy breathing against my nose. My heart started to beat faster, and I became aware of each and every beat, singling them all out.

    Danny continued his obvious advances on me by placing his hand flat against on my chest gently, feeling the outline of my necklace through my shirt, then looked into my eyes pleasingly as if asking permission. I licked my lips and leaned over to kiss his neck, which was the closest exposed part of his body to my head. I felt Danny throw his head back with celerity and quiver with delight. His hand began to move up and down my shirt, then quickly go lower down my chest. I nipped and sucked on my lover's neck with more and more passion. That made his hand go down on me faster. I thought it was on route to my waistband, but he surprised me by feeling under my shirt and rubbing up and down my stomach. I hummed as I kissed and sucked on his neck; I loved the taste on his neck. It was so smooth and creamy I just wanted to eat off of it. I swear he must use about a bar of soap on his entire body every morning, because I haven't seen one part of it that didn't look so incredibly nice that I'd love to just stick my tongue out and run it all over it for hours on end.

    I was about to continue on with our little sex adventure when I heard a loud ringing across the room. Danny began to take his hand from under my shirt. I tried to put his hand back but he got free eventually.

    "Don't pick it up, please." I said, taking my vacuum grip lips from his neck like a vampire who just had a Thanksgiving blood fest. He sat upright and looked down at me, the phone still ringing in the background.

    "I have to, if it's for my parents then I don't want anyone suspicious." He said, soothing me with his soft voice. I sighed and let him go and he ran over to the phone to pick it up. I laid down on the bed while he was away from me, listening to him as he talked on the phone. "Hello...Umm, let me check, just a moment please..." Danny's face was red and bothered. He covered the receiver of the phone with his palm and rapidly motioned me over to him. What was going on here? I hoped nothing was up.

    "Is it for me?" I asked Danny as I approached him.

     "No, it's your mom and dad!" He whispered to me. My parents? What did they want? Did they know I was here? If they did, then my life was over, literally. "They are looking for MY parents, listen in with me." We both shared the earpiece but his mouth was at the thing you speak into. I did my best not to breathe too hard or anything that may give me away. "No Mr. Goldstein, they went out a while ago for lunch. I'm not really sure what they are doing now, I've been kinda avoiding them for the past couple of days." Danny's voice was trembling a bit. I was pretty sure he was faking it, very well done, too I might add. I heard my dad speak from the other side.

     "Well, we were scheduled to have lunch with them a while ago. Oh well, I suppose we'll catch them on the way out of this boat tomorrow, hopefully. It would be nice if we could get your telephone number because we live in such close proximity to each other." My dad sure didn't sound as mean as he sounded to me a few days ago.

     "Umm...I'm sorry Mr. Goldstein, I can't talk for that much longer. I have to take some pain medicine for my scars." Danny said. I was holding back a smirk, because I saw that his scars were healing very rapidly. I couldn't help but pinch myself to keep from bursting out in giggles. How bad we were...

     "Oh, I'm terribly sorry Daniel, I'll let you go on your way then. Oh wait, my wife wants to speak to you. Hold on...." We both shrugged to each other then put our attention back to the phone.

     "Daniel? This is Anne Goldstein, Richie's mother." I heard my mom say.

     "Oh, yes?" Danny said into the phone.

     "I...I just wanted to tell you...that we're sorry. We're both sorry. We never meant for any of this to happen, ever." My mom started babbling uncontrollably. "It was just so sudden, and a shock, and we were unprepared for it. And we're ok with everything, in the life style sense. If you were a girl my husband and I would have been just as mad. It was the principle, that's all." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My parents actually caved! We won! Danny and I could be together now! I started jumping up and down with joy and kissed Danny on the cheek. He gave me a playful shove and started speaking again.

     "I understand Mrs. Goldstein, these things happen. I just hope you don't think me a bad person because of all this."

     "No, of course not." My mom said, now in a normal tone. "If fact, to prove it to you, you and Richie can see each other whenever you want, ok? We know he'll hate us forever if we kept being these bad people. We're really not bad people, we're not. Oh, I've started crying again. Look, can you just tell Richie to talk to us and tell him that we're sorry? Please...."

     "Mrs. Goldstein, I haven't seen your son in almost 5 days now. We were given strict orders not to see one another."

     "Sweet boy, I can see why he takes a shine to you. Look, we know he's been seeing you, but that's ok, because if that makes him happiest then we'll allow it, just don't hurt him, he's our son you know."

     "I'll be sure to give him the message ma'am, you have nothing to worry about." With that, My mother hung up the phone on the other end. Danny hung up the phone here and then turned to me and smiled. "Looks like we won!" We were both jumping up and down now, meeting each other halfway and hugging tight. I was so happy I could have exploded from joy.

     "Things are finally going our way!" I yelled happily into his ear. He clutched his ear and winced.

     "Ouch! Not so loud!" He said. I fell to the floor giggling uncontrollably like a maniac.

     "Oops, sorry." I said, trying to control my laughter. Danny got a wide grin on his face.

     "Yeah, you'll be sorry." Suddenly he was on the floor with me and tickling my sides while I was rolling around trying to avoid him. Now both of us couldn't control our chuckling and childlike giddiness. It was as if we were eleven-year-olds again and have known each other forever. I began to lose energy from his constant attacks to my sides, now moving up to my shoulders. When I was almost out of energy and thought I couldn't keep it up any longer, his hands pushed against my shoulders, pinning my body down to the floor. Then Danny's grin got wider and he straddled my legs so I was completely immobilized. I could feel his hardness poking against my crotch. Without warning there was no more blood in my head; actually it was in my other head now.

    We both stopped laughing now and were just staring at each other, not just eye to eye, but all over; fun time was over with. Danny was so exquisite, I loved every part of him, even the most insignificant things about him that he probably didn't even notice. For example, the tiny, dark freckle on the left upper cheek. It was perfectly equidistant from the middle of his cheek, left eye, forehead, and ear. It was almost strategically placed there, and oh so adorable! Another thing was the way his lips retracted nervously right before he engaged in a kiss with me, as if he was almost afraid to kiss me, need permission first. It was also cute because I knew he would kiss me right after his lips did that.

    We were so enraptured in each other that I didn't notice our involuntary and very light grinding into each other. I couldn't see it happening because it was so small and not able to be descried, but I could discern it because I could feel the slight pressure change every couple of seconds. Our eyes finally locked into each other. I peered through Danny's glorious hazel beauties while he looked into my blue sapphires. The heat in the room turned up a million degrees as my heart beat in rhythm with his and I achieved that feeling in my stomach again, the feeling that I always had gotten while around Danny.

    Danny's hands moved from my shoulders and grasped my collar. I leaned forward so he could pull my shirt all the way off. When I was showing my bear chest to him, he flung my shirt behind him, then I pulled his shirt up and over his head. He had to raise his arms up in order for it to come off all the way, allowing me to see hints of his arm pit hair. I flung his shirt behind me, causing it to land on a desk or something.

    Then Danny quickly stood up, and held out his hand for me, neither of us saying one word, just having our hearts speak to each other. I took his hand and he led me to our bed. He laid me down lovingly on the bed, like a prince, then got atop the foot of the bed and sat down on his knees, right at my feet. Never breaking eye contact, he leaned over and started kissing up my feet and legs. His lips on my body got me so turned on that I could feel precum begin to leak through my shorts. When he reached my thighs, he started kissing beneath them and rub up and down them. I could tell where this was going and proceeded to undo my shorts and boxers quickly, exposing my hard member to my lover. He smiled, then continued kissing up my thighs until he reached my crotch. Danny stopped and he got undressed himself so we were both in our birthday suits. I saw his beautiful cock, the one that belonged to me, and it was aching and in need of release. I knew what Danny wanted and I wanted it so bad, too. I spread my legs slightly and allowed him to place them on his shoulders. I was so ready for this and wanted to feel him inside me badly. He moved up so my legs were almost at a 45-degree angle, and I saw him wet two fingers and place them outside of my crack. Then I felt him enter his fingers inside of me very gently, not wanting to be too quick as to hurt me. I felt him roaming inside of my ass, I didn't know you could go that deep. His fingers left me and was replaced by something bigger, more defined. I felt his love tool begin to enter my crack. He struggled slightly to get the head in, and I could feel a bit of pain on my part from it. The pain subsided rather quickly as I felt the rest of him slide it. By the look of his face, he was enjoying my ass rather nicely. All of a sudden I got this new feeling in my body, nothing like I've ever felt before. A rush of pleasure came all over of body and I saw a burst of precum spurt from my cock. I knew what he was doing now. I knew it very well. Reading about it, talking about it, it didn't compare to the actual feeling of it. Words couldn't describe it. I couldn't even find the right words if I tried. It was so intense, and that was only the first time. Without warning Danny put a rhythm into his fucking me. He hit that same spot over and over again. I was in ecstasy form it. Not in a million years could I have thought it would be this good. We both began to moan in unison. Danny took his hand in mine as we were becoming one. His hand was sweaty with lust sweat, and so was mine. I was so hot and he was speeding up so fast on me now that I didn't know how much longer I could hold out for. We held hands tighter now. I could feel his cock swelling and pulsing inside of me; he was close too. Danny began to slow his pace a bit to hold off orgasm for a couple more seconds. Now he was thrusting into me with elegance and passion, the way a lover would. I loved Danny so much, I didn't want this moment to end. I felt time around us just stop, and we were unstuck in that moment in time, the moment in which both of us were at the top of our sexual prime. His slowing down only held back the inevitable, for I could feel myself reaching, then quickly breaching the point of no return. I crossed up line and knew I was going to blow my load no matter what in a matter of seconds. Danny began to speed up again to finish himself off as well. Our moans were growing louder and louder with each thrust of his hips. Danny pushed into me hard and fast a few more times and that was it for me. I bit my tongue to keep form screaming out loud and clutched Danny's hand hard with one hand and dig into the sheets with the other. Hot jets of creamy cum boiled out of my cock and dripped quickly onto my stomach. I noticed a small shot or two landed on my chest. Nanoseconds after I shot my load, Danny erupted in a river of cum inside of me. I felt some shots hit my prostate, giving me a couple for spasms from my tool. He stopped thrusting eventually and collapsed on top of me, both of us taking time to catch our breath.

    "That was..." I tried to say when I could speak again.

    "...I know." Danny cut me off. His soft cock left me, leaving me feeling empty sort of. Then he laid beside of me and held me tight in his arms, cooing in my ear softly. I turned around too face him and kissed him deeply on the lips over and over again. Never before had I gotten such a good post-orgasmic high like this. We pulled the sheets over our naked bodies and cuddled into each other. No where else could I feel so safe than in his arms. We continued basking in our love for one another silently, forehead to forehead, hands to arms, and feet to feet. After an indeterminate amount of time, I nodded of to sleep in my soul mate's embrace.

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