Ok, more of your questions answered in this chapter of Cruising. No cliffhanger this time, I swear it!

    There are many things that I don't like, such as drugs, violence, crime, rape, abuse, torture, war, hate, and neglect. Those are general things that I don't like, nothing personal, and hopefully things that never would be personal. Now, I'm not saying that those things don't haunt me in my dreams and overpower me in the dusk of a millenium to end at the end of next year. No, I'm not saying any of that. What I am saying, is that there are more personal things that worry me; all humans have their ghosts from time to time, and last time I checked I was human.

    Now, what bothers me? What strikes me the hardest in my most vulnerable spot? Under what circumstances could I be exposed to a Catch 22 or blackmail? What is the bargaining chip that could one day possibly be used to end my life? Danny and intelligence. They could ruin my whole entire life forever, yet I rely and depend on them for survival, without them I would be nothing but a regular person. And who in this day and age what's to be just a regular Joe, minding his own business while going through each day as if tomorrow would be another, looking for love and try desperately to get ahead in life while attempting to cut off everyone else's problems? It seems like a pretty boring and selfish life to me, and that is why I chose to keep my two major flaws.

    When I say intelligence, I don't mean how smart others are and their abilities to use my weaknesses against me. I'm talking about my intelligence, Mr. 115 IQ and imagination and logistic skills off the charts. Yes, that is I, but sometimes I do not feel so smart. People say that your sexual realizations are all natural and when you are ready to find them out you'll know, but the fact still remains. The fact is that I've been a slave to my own hormones that I thought I had for girls for four long years. Four long years there had been this blossoming, homosexual teen trying desperately to tear its way out of some sleazy, heterosexual's body. I couldn't believe how I was back then, so mean, crude, and unkind. I thought I was smart enough to know not to be mean to people, smart enough to realize my own damn nature. And now that my nature has been released, then my mind shall be released with it, a mind that can be exploited, used, and abused by evil.

    I fear for Danny because he is my one true weakness that everyone will know about, my Achilles Heal of sorts. People who knew about either me, him, or us together could use that information to ruin our lives and make it sheer terror for us to live in, but I wouldn't give up that risk for the world. My biggest fear for Danny is I; I'm his biggest danger of all. Not that I'm his weak point, but because if I could have lots of danger in my life, then Danny would certainly be exposed to what I would receive as well. Whatever happens to me, whatever emotions run through my body, Danny will have them, too, and that is why I must always be in check about what goes on in my life, that is I why I need to settle down and stop all the nonsense. I vow to it.

    I sat down on my computer desk the morning after the remembrance of my memory, checking my e-mail and hour before noontime. I logged onto the Internet and opened up my mailbox. Lucky me I got a reply back from that Justin kid in Texas, he was pretty cool. He told me more about himself, random things I'd say that were irrelevant to me, but what stood out in his e-mail was how gosh darn nice he was to me, speaking as if he valued our friendship above everything else in his life. The interesting thing was that he really didn't have much in his life. If you thought about it, you'd see that my friendship to him probably was very high on his list of things he cared about, because he had no father, no friends, a stressed out mother, and now moving to a new state in two weeks. He filled my heart with glee and the only thing I could do in return was send an e-mail just as excellent, nice, heartfelt, and filled with just as much miscellaneous information about myself as he had written. I typed it all out, making sure the words were just right, then sent it out. I sat there in peaceful reflection for a minute or so after that, feeling good about myself, kind, considerate, and smart.

    I looked at my clock, forty-five minutes until judgement day, or at least until I had to do whatever it was I my mother expected me to do. A bit of improvisation on my part would do just nicely, no more, no less. I'd get through it, endure it for all it was worth, and make my parents happy. No, I couldn't happen that way, not the making my parents happy part. My life turned into what was good for me, and not what pleased them, a long time ago. If I was going to get it done, I would get it done right, which meant that I would decide what to do based on what was better for me, and possibly for Danny, too.

    I sighed ever so slightly and started looking for clothes to wear for the rest of the afternoon. I needed something dull, dark, but mild, too. I didn't want something that was too flashy, showy, or ostentatious, nothing that would attract attention to me, but not make me look like a homeless person at the same time. I must have something had to wear that was formal but not like I was going to a wedding, funeral, or Bar Mitzvah. To sum it all up, as my parents would have put it, just something nice. I dug around in my dresser and eventually found something that would fit my description: a blue, 3-button turtleneck shirt, and white Docker-style shorts.

    After I had gotten my clothes, I went into the bathroom and shower really quickly. I promised myself while in there that I wouldn't touch myself, no matter how hard the urge was, and I do mean hard! With every brush of my hand against my body, I wanted to go just a couple inches lower down and feel my hardness slip between my fingers. I had the strong need to grab my rock hard dick tightly and pound it to death while in the heat of the water drenching my entire body from head to toe. I couldn't though, I wouldn't let myself. Pleasuring yourself while in a relationship is nice to do once in a blue moon, but doing it consistently isn't so good. I wanted to save myself for Danny and build up sexual frustration inside of me. It would be frustration for him, and when I'd have him again, then we would both get to feel what all of the waiting was all about; a large payoff indeed.

    I ended my shower; all washed up and clean with a major hard on. I dried off, being real careful as to not get the friction of the towel between my legs, causing either pain or an accident. I put on my clothes when I finished toweling off, then brushed my hair the way I liked it. I went into my room after. Not ten seconds later, my mother knocked on my door. Was it noontime already? No, that couldn't be right, I was only in the bathroom for twenty minutes at most.

    I opened the door. She was standing there with a smile on her face and a plate with a sandwich on it in one hand and a mug in her other hand. She walked on in, not saying a word to me, just keeping her contented smile on her face. Nothing good could be coming from this, at least in my eyes. There was a slim chance she was so happy because my boyfriend would be home soon and that we would make love all night long, every night, for the rest of the summer. My mother set the plate and mug on top of my dresser, then turned around with a glint in her eye and hugged my lovingly. She reluctantly broke the hug, then kissed me on the cheek in a motherly fashion. I really hated kisses from my mother. I wish I could get kisses from Danny though, that'd be perfection.

    "Are we still on for today, honey?" My mother asked. She had so much hope in her voice, so many aspirations for me. How could I turn back now?

    "Umm, you betcha!" I said, exaggerating my affected enthusiasm. My sick and overworked mind had just gotten the idea that it might have to form an Oedipus complex in the next twenty-five minutes, but that's just what it was, sick. Her smile grew wider and hugged me again.

    "Great!" Too much coffee I hoped. "So, because you are willing to do this, I have prepared you favorite dish: a bologna sandwich and hot cocoa!"

    "Wow, thanks mom!" I said sincerely. Then something occurred to me. "How can I drink hot chocolate at this time of day, in the summer, and when it's over a hundred degrees outside?" She thought for a moment with a perplexed face. I absolutely loved toiling with my parents. It gave me a sense of responsibility and power. I felt smart when I did it.

    "Well, why don't you wait a couple minutes and drink it like chocolate milk?" She suggested, almost half-pleading that I'd consider it. I acted like I was thinking for a moment.

    "But I don't like chocolate milk." I answered.

    "And that is why I it is warm." She snapped back at me, her smile fading slightly, but not completely.

    "Well, why didn't you say so, mom?" I said in a smart allec sort of tone. She rolled her eyes at me and left the room with a small spring in her step. She was still as happy as she had been a couple seconds ago. No good would come of this at all; I had a premonition of it. Pictures flashed and faded through my mind like a camera. I saw images of love, lust, and betrayal. Way in the back, mixed up in crossfire, was Danny, being hurt by me, emotionally and physically. Dreams were just dreams, and the future was mine to mold, mine to make right, the way it should be.

    I walked over to my lunch, picked it up, and set it on my nightstand, then laid down on my bed. I noticed that my tenting had gone away unnoticed, maybe this would be easier to accomplish than I had originally planned. With that newfound knowledge, I wolfed down my most favorite type of meal in one minute flat, exerting a burp or two after. Hey, I'm gay, but I'm still a guy. Plus, I can do things I would never have imagined after eating a sandwich of that kind and my drink, such as belching. I felt so at ease with myself and relaxed that I felt I would have needed a cigarette had I smoked them. That meal was like sleeping pills for me, I had almost no worries whatsoever.

    I rested on my bed for some minutes, waiting for the time to come, waiting for something to happen. Eventually, something did happen, the doorbell rang. I sat up and heard my mother open the door, greet someone, and tell him or her that I was upstairs in my room. Was it Danny? No, it wouldn't be like this, unless he was surprising me. Even if he was, my mom wouldn't have been so happy like that, she must have been planning on someone else. Then it hit me like I was Hiroshima, a girl's voice I came from downstairs, not of my mother's. No, she wouldn't, she couldn't. Oh, yes she would! She did it once before with Amber. Who was it this time? Why was she doing this? Hadn't I made it blatantly clear that I was gay, in love with my boyfriend, and that was that? Fuck, I had done it again! I agreed to this, I told my mother that I would give it one last try.

    What am I supposed to do then? She was coming up to my room and going to be here any minute. Maybe I should just play it cool, but what would that accomplish? If I told her, whoever she was, that I was gay straight-out, yes it's swimming with irony, then the whole situation could be averted. Then rest of the afternoon could be spent to doing more important things, like thinking about Danny, dreaming about Danny, and trying not to touch myself because of Danny. Well, maybe it was best if my mind was occupied of something else other than Danny, but it would still be good if I came out to this girl as soon as possible. She would be here soon, how should I prepare myself? Should I open the door for her? Tell her the door was open and lay on my bed? No, that would downright insane, because then she would get the idea that I was horny and wanted her right here, right now. Well, I WAS horny, but not for her one bit. I didn't even know whom she was, maybe she would be ugly and I could blow her off as soon as I see her. I heard footsteps coming towards my door, then three knocks. I got up from my bed and walked over to the door. Reaching for the knob, I sucked up my courage and brevity, then opened the door. When I saw blew me away entirely!

    "Hi Richie, what's up?" The girl said, the one, the beautiful Brenda Myers, Brenda fucking Myers! A legend for being the hottest, sluttiest, and most manipulative chick in our school, and she was right here in my doorway. She was standing voluptuously in front of me with her too short skirt and tight white shirt with no bra on, her black purse hanging off of her right shoulder, home of a dozen credit cards and make-up supplies. My jaw hung wide open, what could I say to her? All guys, including me, had a crush on her at one point. Who wouldn't? She was smart, sexy, irresistible, caring. I'm heard rumors that she was a sadomasochist or something like that, with whips and leather and anal probes. Anal probes would be fun, not from her though. It would be fun from `what's his name', starts with a `D', and I'm in love with him. Oh well, I'll remember it later, because right now it was time for Brenda Myers. I just kept staring at her. I wondered what it would be like to hold those large breasts of hers. All I did was wonder, not dream of it. In fact, when I tried dreaming of it I felt sick. Suddenly I snapped back into submission. I would be betraying Danny firstly, and secondly I was gay! I couldn't be doing this; I didn't even want to. Wait, I had to tell her I was gay. That's right, I would start off our day with me telling her right away about myself.

    "Brenda, I'm...I'm..." I tried forming the words in my head, but I couldn't. Something was holding me back, a realization. She was undoubtedly the most popular girl in school and had plenty of gossipy friends. Anything secret that she knew about me, she'd tell to her friends first, then her friends would tell other friends, and so on. I was tampering with a live bomb here, I just couldn't come out and tell her, it was downright stupid. I had to deter from that and think of something else to say, and especially make her believe that I was straight. "I'm...I'm so glad we could finally meet socially, outside of school."

    "Really? Me too! Everyone thinks you are a nerd, but not me. In fact, I was planning on asking you out a while ago, but I never got a chance to." She said, with those effeminate hand motions that many valley girls used when they talked on and on wildly. "Then out of no where I get a call from your mom saying that you just got out of a bad relationship with some really slutty whore and you might need some comfort. Yada, yada, yada, here I am for you!" She finished with her killer smile. Her face held not too much lipstick or make-up, which is why everyone liked her so much. She was a role model for our school. Heck, for all of California!

    She stepped into my room and closed the door behind her. No, this wasn't good at all. I had my computer on, which contained incriminating e-mails, and there was also a bed in my room, which she could try to seduce me on.

    "So, do you want to talk things over here?" She asked me, her voice alluding to sex.

    "Well, why don't we have lunch and discuss things there? I'm famished!" I lied, but it worked really well. We walked to this pizza place in town that was only a half-hour from my house. Believe me, that if you live in Fresno, a half-hour walk to somewhere is a dream. When we got to the pizza join we got seated at a booth because it wasn't so crowded in there. I would have rather been seated at an open table instead of a booth because things can happen in a booth, but I didn't expect things to in a public place, and she hadn't tried to make on move on me during the walk to the place. Still, I had to be cautious.

    While we were seated and waiting for our food, Brenda questioned me about my relationship and how it ended and all that. Well, I did a good job of making up a story about some girl named Rosalita who I made out with behind a 7-11 and then went back to my place where she gave me the best blow job I had ever had. I then went onto say how whenever I would see her we would have to retreat to a private place where she would rip my pants off give blow me even harder than last time. I think I was impressing her with my fable and maybe even raising my ego a little bit. I continued to tell her how I found out that Rosalita had about five boyfriends that she all gave blowjobs to whenever she saw them and she was a crazed maniac because she couldn't stop giving head even if she tried to. I said that she told me that she once gave thirty blowjobs in a single day.

    As I said this, it seemed to be getting Brenda worked up a bit, almost choking on her sixth piece of pizza that she had eaten. Her breathing was becoming irregular and she had to take out her little pocket fan to cool off, and I don't think it was due to the humidity. I must've been telling a whopper of a story to her, because next thing I know she gulped down her entire diet soda and I felt her foot rubbing up against my shin. I swallowed nervously and found that I was getting a bit uncomfortable. I looked up at her and her eyes were looking at me seductively, her mouth giving off this girly grin.

    "Umm." My voice squeaked as I spoke. "I think I should go home now." Her grin grew wider.

     "That sounds like a splendid idea." Her outburst left nothing to the imagination, I knew what she wanted all right, and I would just have to try my hardest not to give it to her. "Let me just freshen up and we'll be on our way." She ran off to the bathroom to do whatever girls do in there, but this being California and that she just devoured six pizzas, I was pretty sure she was vomiting. When she came back she was putting some breath spray and a mini bottle of Scope into her purse, then fished about twenty bucks from her wallet and slammed it on the table and we left, not even waiting for the check to arrive. I think her dad was a plastic surgeon and her mom was a lawyer or something, raking in major big bucks from both ends.

     I tried walking at a slow pace back to my house, but Brenda was walking at such quick pace that I had to do a slight jog every now and then. I guess popularity really is all ego, because I was know as kind of a nerd or smarty pants at school and no girls ever talked to me, and now the one girl everybody wants, wants ME! I needed to stall somehow, maybe if I took up enough of her time, then she would have to go home. I mean, she has to be home sometime right? I couldn't let her know that I didn't want her.

     First, I tried to go into an arcade. I only had five dollars on me, and I couldn't Brenda for more because she obviously didn't want to be there. Of course, she couldn't just tell me she wanted to go and have sex with me in order to get me to leave; mostly she just sighed annoyingly. That didn't bother me one bit, because I couldn't care less how much me would loathe me after this day. My quarters eventually ran out though, and we got to continue back home.

     My other plan was to trip and fall down, then pretend to have hurt my ankle, forcing us to slow down our pace. When no one was around and we were on sidewalk, I made sure Brenda was in front of me so she couldn't see me, then I fell down onto the cement. It didn't seem to work very well though, not because she didn't believe me when I wailed out in pain, but that I really was in pain! There must have been one of those uneven sidewalk panels in which the end of one is about 3 inches off of the ground. I hated those things, especially if you're on a bicycle. And now I just fake tripped right over one and banged it right into my angel. Brenda turned around quickly and helped me up with a concerned look on her face. There was a small drop of blood sliding down my leg and she took out a wet nap from her purse and wiped it up before it reached my socks. The blood seemed to be stationary on my ankle, so it shouldn't start running down my leg again until I get home. I dusted myself off, then tried to walk and found that I had to limp in order to move without any unbearable pain. Brenda offered her shoulder as a support for me, but I declined and told her that I'd just limp the rest of the way home using my own strength.

     So, I limped home for fifteen minutes with Brenda in pain. It wasn't any really bad pain, but it was more like that dirty, unsterilized kind of pain. I could feel the dirt and germs from the ground just paining to get inside that cut. Doesn't that girl keep any hydrogen peroxide in her purse? Well, I guess she left that in her black purse. It didn't matter though, because we were almost home. Just a few more blocks and we were there, I hoped it wouldn't get infected. On the plus side though, you can't have sex with a busted up ankle, can you?

     We finally arrived at my house to find my parents gone. Great, the one time I my parents conveniently aren't home and I could be having sex, it's not with the person I want it to be with. When we went inside I hopped up the stairs on one leg and ran into my bathroom to get the hydrogen peroxide. When I found it, Amber appeared behind me and snatched the bottle from my hands with a smile on her face, then disappeared down the hall into my room. Damn bitch, what was she up to? I went into my room to find her opening the bottle and blotting a tissue.

     "Sit on the bed." She said. I didn't hear any lust in her voice; maybe she didn't want to have sex with me all along? Stupid thinking, very stupid thinking. I kicked off my shoes and sat down on the bed, then some blood started dripping down my ankle again. "Maybe you should lay back on the bed so the blood doesn't start doing that." It seemed like a good idea to me, and if she tried to get on top of me to seduce me, then I could roll off of her, I still had lots of strength in me. I got my whole body on my bed and laid back with my head on the pillow. Brenda got on the foot of the bed. I thought she was going to start kissing my toes or something and take advantage of this situation, but instead she dabbed my wound with the tissue and it started to fizz up, meaning that it was working. Once it clotted well and the excess blood was wiped up, she threw the tissue and left the room to put the bottle back. I closed my eyes and relaxed, letting the extra pain that the solution caused on my cut heal me, it was good pain. Within minutes I was hardly feeling any pain at all. My muscles eased up in tension, and I almost forgot about Brenda, almost.

     All of a sudden I heard this metal clinking noise behind me. My eyes popped open and I saw Brenda towering over my head, her breasts inches from my face. Any straight guy would have given his life for something like this, but I wanted out, and now. I tried to get up, but all of a sudden she grabbed my arms and handcuffed me to the bed. I was handcuffed to my fucking bed!

     "Get me out of these things!" I screamed at her while struggling to get free, but to no avail. She covered my mouth and shooshed me.

     "Calm down, Richie." She giggled, letting some strands of hair fall over her face. "You have nothing to worry about, this is fun, and enjoyable." She was not getting a rise out of me at all, not in any way possible. Still covering my mouth with one hand, she started to unbutton the three buttons on my shirt, luckily she didn't notice my necklace. After she did that, her hand roamed to the button on my shorts. I tried to stop her by twisting my body around, but she just took her hand from my mouth and got on top of my legs. Even though she was skinny and light, her tremendous pressure on my thighs immobilized me. Even though a girl was on top of me and desperately wanting to unbutton my shorts, I still wasn't getting an erection. Maybe I was 100% gay, cool. I didn't think that screaming out for help would help and obviously clanking my cuffs against the bars on my bed frame wouldn't do shit either.

     "Brenda, look, you're a really nice girl and all, but I'm just not ready for something like this." I pleaded with her, but her fingers were still poised over my shorts' buttons.

     "Come on, everybody is ready for something like this."

     "Not me. If you do this then it's rape, and you can go to jail for a long time." I thought I had talked my way out of it, but she just laughed.

     "With my mom as the biggest lawyer in Fresno? I don't think so, buddy!" She said, with this evil grin on her face.

     "My god! You ARE raping me! You bitch!" I was about to threaten her, them remembered that if this went to court she'd say that and it wouldn't look too good on me. While I was trying to think of something to say to stop her, I heard the front door open and close quietly. I knew the sound of it; she didn't, I could tell because she didn't seem to hear it. Someone was home all right. I had to let whoever it was, whether it be my mom, dad, or both, that I was trapped up here without letting her know someone was in the house. Think Richie, think. Great, another ploy that I'd have to think up. Come on, hurry! Her fingers were just itching their way to get to my button.

     "You know uhh, baby...there's some...umm...honey on the kitchen counter. Maybe you could go get it. Wouldn't it make things much more fun?" I suggested. Come on, take the bait, you whore. Damn, she wasn't budging!

     "No, I don't like honey. How about some whipped cream? You got any of that?" She asked with a lustrous tone. I heard someone coming up the stairs. Yes! She wouldn't need to go all the way downstairs. I could make her just go into the bathroom that's across the hall, then my parents would see her, perfect!

     "Well, there might see some on the bathroom cabinet. That's where I keep all sorts of naughty things that I hide from my parents." Without saying another word she got off of me, making sure not to touch my cut, which she was so close to, and ran off to the bathroom. Come on; let's hear the gasp or scream. I waited, nothing happened. I was confused; didn't she go to the bathroom? And wasn't there somebody coming up the stairs and probably going into my parents' bedroom, which would pass by the bathroom? Then I thought, maybe they were coming into MY room and Brenda got into the bathroom before my parents got to the top of the stairs. They WOULD do something like that! I heard footsteps coming towards my room. No, no, don't come in, this is so embarrassing! The knob started to turn. I wanted to shout out for them not to come in, but then Brenda would hear me. Oh, fuck Brenda! I'm gonna yell if I damn well want to.

     "Who is it?" I yelled before the door would start opening. Suddenly the door swung open and what appeared behind it was like a gift from the heavens.

     "Guess who!" Danny giggled gleefully at me. Yes, Danny, my Danny, my boyfriend, my love, my heart, my soul, my passion, my happiness. He was here in my house, now, and looking very fine I might add. I didn't believe my eyes; he was here, now, surprising me! I didn't know whether to be happy, sad, or worried. The smile on his face faded. He was confused, but I was happy. Of course it was that way! I was awkwardly in handcuffs on my bed and he was saving my ass, but he wasn't moving, he was shocked, paralyzed.

     "Danny! God I'm so glad to see you, you have to get me out of here...." Suddenly Brenda popped in with a bottle of whipped cream.

     "I found the whipped cream baby, it was in you parents' bathroom, not..." She caught sight of Danny, who was frozen with fear, looking at me, then at her. Don't get the wrong idea Danny, please. I love you so much, I would never do anything like this, and you'd have to know me better than that. Say something anything, just don't leave.

     "Oh, I see I've interrupted something." He said, his voice trembling. Before I could say anything he turned and left. Shit, shit, shit, that's all I could think at the moment. Why now? Why this moment?

     "Well, now that that's been taken care of..." Brenda started to say, but I cut her off mid-way.

     "Brenda, shut your slutty hole and get me out of these fucking handcuffs!" I was getting in a rage; my adrenaline was pumping fast.

     "Fine!" She yelled at me as she went over to her purse to get the key, then stormed back over to me. "Whatever you wish, you freak!" She screamed as she undid the handcuffs. I know you now, oh I know you well now Richard. You know why? I'll tell you why! The only guys who have ever resisted me are fags! Full blown, tight shirted queers! And you are one of them, don't deny it, you are one of them!" I had no time to argue with her, she could tell everyone for all I cared. Heck, everyone in California was gay already. I leapt out of the bed and dashed for the exit of my room.

     "Oh, and by the way, no one in this state, not even a hotshot lawyer like you mom, could win a trial against claiming defamation, rape, and hate crimes against a homosexual." I said right before I left. "Think twice before doing anything rash, sugar." Then I raced down the hall and stopped at the top of the stairs. Danny was sitting at the bottom of the steps, crying his eyes out. My heart sank down low. What could I do, comfort him for something he thought I did wrong? But I didn't do anything wrong, it was just a big misunderstanding. I had to say something, anything. Just something to make him stop crying. The love of my life was sad, and all because of me. "Danny." I said softly. He turned around slowly to look at me. His sad green eyes pierced my heart a million times. I slowly descended the stairs, but he immediately stood up and ran out of the front door. I flew down the stairs and hobbled out the door behind him, my leg still hurt me.

     Even though my leg hurt, I still ran as fast as I could. I didn't care anymore; they could amputate my leg if they had to. I called out to him, and he started to run without turning back. Unfortunately I couldn't engage in running, or even jogging. I called out to him again while wiping tears from my eyes, pleaded with Danny to come back, to just stop for one second. Finally my words got through to him and he stopped, but did not turn around. When I eventually caught up to him, I put my hand on his shoulder, but he just shrugged it off.

     "Danny, please let me explain." I said, my words jittery from crying.

     "There's nothing to explain, nothing at all to explain." He said softly. God I missed his voice, I missed everything about him. I didn't want him to shut me out; not now, we have so much to live for, so many more things to be said to each other, so many more wonderful feelings to be expressed to one another. "You were in bed, handcuffed, home alone, with a pretty girl, who had whipped cream." He started stuttering and talking rapidly. "No, no, nothing to explain there. You're happy, right? You didn't need me. You can get your kicks however you want it." I spun him around to make him face me. Tears were running down his face like an ocean. He avoided eye contact with me and looked down at the ground.

     "Danny, you have it all wrong...." I said, trying to explain myself again, but he just wouldn't stop babbling. He was getting hyper and I feared that he's faint any second.

     "I sure did! I thought you weren't straight, but all along you were. I used you, that's what I did. Just to selfishly vent out my anger and lust out boys." He was babbling like a madman in denial. "Well if you don't like the fact that I like boys, then screw you because I'm not changing the fact that I'm in love with you. I hope we can still be friends, some day."

     "Danny...Danny...listen..." He cut me off again, not calming down for a second.

     "No...no...NO! Get away from me!" I tried to hold him in place but he broke out in tantrum. "Stop it! Stop it, Richie! PLEASE STOP IT!" Wham! Involuntarily, by accident, without even thinking it over, I raised my hand and slapped him across the face. Danny looked at me in sheer terror with a large red mark on his face and ran away crying like never before.

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