Cutler House

Chapter One

By John Yager

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I had been working hard for a month with the start of school and football practice every afternoon.  It wasn't until the end of September when we had two days off for teachers meetings that I could arrange to see Dave and Monty Cutler.  As soon as I saw the break on our schedule I call Dave.  He had invited me to spend a weekend with him and his brother Monty in Winona and it turned out to be the perfect time for all three of us.  I had Thursday and Friday off, no football practices and no game that weekend and it turned out their school had the same days off as well.

I did have football practice Wednesday afternoon after school and I spent the rest of that evening doing homework assignments which would be due the following Monday.  That way I could go over to the Cutlers on Thursday and really enjoy the time with them.  As it turned out, Dave had done the same thing, getting all his assignments done.   My mom agreed to let me take her car, a major breakthrough, so I got to Winona early Thursday afternoon.

It was the last weekend the swimming pool at their country club was going to be open, so we went out to take advantage of it. With schools closed, there were a lot of kids there and it turned out to be a really nice day, sunny and warm and sort of like a little bonus of summer.  We hung around the pool for about two hours and had a great time.  All the kids knew Dave and Monty and I was really surprised and flattered that most of them knew me, too. I guess being on the football team in Greenwood and having my name in the sports pages of the newspaper once in a while gives you a sort of reputation.

It didn't hurt that Dave and Monty and I all look a lot alike.  We are all three blond and after spending a lot of time over the summer working for their grandmother, helping with her huge rose garden, we all still had great tans.  Several of the kids at the pool asked if we were cousins or something.  We're not related at all, but Dave and Monty sort of made as if we were.  Dave and I are about the same height, almost six feet.  I'm sixteen now and a junior at Greenwood High.  Dave is a year younger and Monty is two years younger than him.  From being on the football team I'm in pretty good shape.  I'm light for a football player, about 160 pounds, but I play quarterback and receiver and the big guys sort of look out for me.

Dave and Monty both go to a private school which doesn't play football but it does have a great soccer team which they both play, as well as being on their swimming team.  They also play tennis so they are in about as good a shape as me.  Dave, especially, has one of the best looking bodies of any guy I know.  Monty will probably be in as good shape when he's Dave's age, but he still kind of looks like a kid.

Since I had my mom's car I drove us out to the country club and afterwards we went over to Montgomery Hall, their grandmother's home, to see her and have a look at the rose gardens.  Mrs. Cutler, the older Mrs. Cutler, their grandmother, is great.  Not that their mom isn't great too. Their grandmother welcomed us as if we were long lost relatives and insisted on us coming in the kitchen for lemonade and cookies.  We were still in our bathing suits and they weren't completely dry yet so we were trying to be careful not to sit on the furniture or anything.  I was really glad she asked us in because I wanted to see Ben, the black man who works for her and sort of runs the place.

We all took our lemonade and walked down to the rose beds and stood around talking for a while.  It was sort of funny, really. I don't know any other teenage guys who'd really enjoy looking at roses, seeing how they were doing and getting really possessive about the plants and the condition of the beds and how the mulch was needing to be increased before really cold weather.  But the three of us had spent a lot of time working on the beds during the summer and we'd learned a lot about them in the process.  I guess we sort of think of them as our own.

On the walk back  up to the house I sort of fell behind with Ben and Dave and Monty walked on a little ahead with their grandmother.  Ben used the chance to ask how I was doing and said if I ever needed to talk or anything, just let him know.   I really love Ben.  I guess he's almost like a kind of guardian angel to me.  I told him I intended to call, whether I had a problem or not, and he said he really hoped I would.  I asked him to come to one of our football games and he said he'd try. One of our best players, a senior at Greenwood High, it turns out is the son of one of Ben's cousins, so he really has good reason to come. Afterward we drove on back to Dave and Monty's house.  Their mom told us we had about an hour before dinner so we went up to shower and get dressed.

Dave and Monty have this great room on the third floor of the house.  It's really the attic but it has been done over as one huge room with their own bath and lots of space.  It's the kind of room teenage boys dream about.  Dave has his own space at one end and Monty has his area at the other.  Their sleeping areas are sort of screened off from the center space by closets which stick out into the room.  In the center is another big area which is sort of like their own living room.  There's a sofa bed, which was were I was expected to sleep and some big old chairs.  Also off the center space is their own bathroom which is just totally awesome.  It has a  glassed in shower which must be about six by eight feet.

One thing I had learned about Dave and Monty when I spend a night with them in July is that they are totally cool about being naked around each other.  I'm an only child, so getting used to being nude in the dressing rooms and showers at school was a real hurdle for me when I got into high school and then started going out for track and then football.  I guess if you just grew up together the way Dave and Monty did, it would be no big deal.

So anyway, we got up to their room and off came their swimming suits.  I had already figured I would just do what they did, so I did the same.  We hung our still damp suites up in this sort of drying closet they have.  It's where their water heater is located, so it's always warm.  But once out of our swimming suits, the guys made no move to get into the shower.  They just went around getting the clothes together they intended to put on later.  I put my duffle bag by the sofa bed and pulled out some stuff.  Eventually they finished and we all three got in the big shower together.

There are three heads in the shower, one at each end and one on the back wall.  We each got under a shower of warm water, lathered up and then just stood there, talking, kind of looking each other over, and enjoying ourselves.  Dave was at one end, Monty at either end and I was in the middle.

When I was with them in July I noticed that as they got a little hard, the way you tend to do standing under a hot shower, let alone under a hot shower and watching at a couple of great looking guys at the same time, they were just completely relaxed with it.  They made no effort to hide their semi-erections.  Again,  I felt a little ill at ease with it, but tried to stay as relaxed as they were.  We must have been there about twenty minutes when all of a sudden Steve, their younger brother who is ten, came charging in.  He just stood there in the bathroom yelling at us through the glass front of the shower, saying that their dad was home and dinner was almost ready and their mom said for us to get going or they'd start eating without us.  I guess he'd seen his older brothers naked a lot because he seemed perfectly natural with it and they didn't seem to mind either.  So they stood there yelling back at him and I just stood taking it all in.  I kind of wish I'd had brothers or sisters.  It would be so cool to have that kind of relationship, especially with a brother.

So we turned off the showers, dried off and pulled on clean cargo shorts and T-shirts.  I noticed they didn't put on any underwear, so I didn't either.  Downstairs we settled into a great meal around the big round table in their family room.  Afterward Mr. and Mrs. Cutler were heading off to a party and left it for Dave and Monty to get their little brother and sister to bed.  We played a game with them for about an hour and then Dave told Steve and Patty it was time for them to get to bed.  I was really surprised how well the younger kids took directions from their older brother.  They didn't argue at all, just went up and got ready for bed.

Once Steve and Patty were tucked in,  Dave, Monty and I popped some corn, grabbed some soft drinks and headed up to their big attic bedroom.   They had a TV  and VCR in the center area where I was going to sleep, so we pulled out the sofa bed, put on a video of the latest James Bond movie and settled in to watch the film.  Shoes, socks and T-shirts came off and I ended up in the middle on the sofa bed with a super cute Cutler guy on either side.  There was plenty of room for all three of us but I was glad to see Dave and Monty were comfortable with their legs touching mine and after just a few minutes, their shoulders leaning against mine.

Dave and I had both seen the movie so we began talking a little about school, my football and his soccer.   Monty sort of hushed us up every once in a while.  He hadn't seen the film and wanted to watch it without us talking all the time.  After a few more minutes Monty sort of slid down on the bed and curled up at our feet, lying on his side.  Dave and I continued our conversation in low voices, almost whispers.  It wasn't long before he brought our conversation around to his Uncle Martin.  I'd expected that and was more or less ready for it.  He asked me if I was still planning to going to New York over our mid-term break.  I said I was but just left it at that.  We talked a little more about football and then he brought it back to Martin again.

"I guess you and he kind of, well, you know, got sort of close, right?"

"Yeah, he and I became good friends,"  I said, knowing he wouldn't let me off so easy.

"Sure, Tim,  but more than friends."

"Look, Dave,"  I said, "I've learned it just isn't cool to talk about that kind of stuff,  okay?"

"Sure, but Monty and I were sort of rooting for you."

I just smiled and he left it alone.

"Tell me about this house, Dave,"  I said.  I was interested but I also wanted to change the subject.

"Well, the Cutlers, my grandfather's family, built it about eight years ago."

"Man,  it's a great house."

"Yeah, it is.  It's not a big as Montgomery Hall and, of course, it doesn't have nearly as much land, just a sort of really big lot, but it's a neat house all right."

"Montgomery Hall has been in your family like for ever, right?"  I asked.

"Yeah, since sometime late in the eighteenth century but most of the house was built about 1830.  It's been in Grandma's family since before Mississippi was a state."

"So I guess someday it will be yours."

"Probably.  Officially it will go to Uncle Martin but he told Dad he intends to sign it over to me so long as he can retain use of the White Room for when he comes back from New York."

"Man, it must be worth a fortune."

"Well, the house and about forty acres around it belong to Grandma and will pass to her heirs, but with a lot of restrictions because of its historic and architectural importance.  The rest of the land officially belongs to Montgomery - Cutler Enterprises.  That's the company Dad heads."

It was at about that point that we realized that Monty was asleep.

"You remember the routine?"  Dave grinned, reminding me of the last time I'd spent the night with them and we'd more or less carry Monty back to his own bed.

"Yeah, I remember,"  I said.  "You take his right side and I'll take the left."

"Or we could just leave him here and you could sleep in his bed."

"Sure, that would work."

We sort of rolled Monty around so his head was on the pillows.  "Should we just leave him in his shorts?"  I asked.

"We usually sleep nude.  Let's pull them off, okay?"

"Sure. I remembered you guys sleep nude because I do too.   I'll hold him up and you pull."

Dave unbuttoned Monty's shorts and pulled down the zipper.  I sort of rolled him from one side to the other and Dave worked the shorts down and off Monty's legs.  He had a major erection.

"That's normal," Dave grinned as he whispered, "the kid is hard all the time." We pulled a sheet over him and turned off the VCR and TV, leaving Monty alone with his dreams.

"Do you want to turn in or maybe talk a little more?"

"Talk,"  I said, and followed Dave off to his end of the big converted attic.

Dave and I curled up on his bed and continued our conversation.

"Look, Tim,"  Dave said after a little, "I understand you aren't going to talk about you and Uncle Martin, but could we sort of talk about what it's like to be with another guy, you know, without talking about you and any specific guy?"

"Like me being with you, Dave," I teased, "like lying here on your bed together?"

"Ha, ha,"  Dave grinned.  "You know what I mean."

"So what makes you think I know anything about all that?"

"Oh, gee, Tim!  I wasn't trying to suggest you were..., well, you know."



"Look, Dave, the labels don't make any difference to me any more.  Let's just stop sparing, okay?"


"I'll tell you anything you want to know, okay?"

"Thanks, Tim."

"It's okay.  But I want to ask you a couple of questions, too?"

"Sure, Tim, anything."

"Okay, for starters,  gave you had sex with anyone, girl or guy?"

Dave was silent for a moment, then said, "yeah, Tim, I have."

"A girl, right?"

"Yeah, a girl."

"Did you enjoy it?"

"Well, sort of."

"Sort of?  What does that mean?"

Dave was silent again and I was sure he was deciding how much he wanted to say.

"Look, Tim, I want to tell you about it but it's really kind of embarrassing.  Monty doesn't even know so I want you to promise me you won't say anything about this to anyone, okay?"


"Well, last spring I sort of confided to one of the guys on the football team that I had never.... well, you know, never had sex with anybody.  He kidded me a little but then he offered to set me up with his cousin, who is nineteen and works in Greenville.  She comes home most weekends and he said she was more or less a sure thing.  I guess he told her I was a virgin because when we met at this party about a month later she just  sort of took charge.  She had a car and we left the party for a couple of hours and had sex at her folks house. Nobody else was at her folks house so we had it to our selves. Then she just took me back to the party and left me there.  I'd never seen her before that night and I've never seen her since."

"And you liked it, having sex with her, I mean?"

"I guess.  I don't know."  He looked sort of like he might be going to cry.  "The truth is, I just didn't feel anything."

I reached out and put my hand on his shoulder.  "It's okay, Dave, really.  It would've been different if it had been somebody you knew, somebody you  really cared about."

"Yeah, that's what Bill Logan, our soccer captain, said."

"You told him what happened?"

"No, I didn't say anything.  The guy who sat me up with her was sort of kidding about it after soccer practice the next Monday.  Bill stayed back 'till the other guys left and then really let me have it."


"He said I should have talked to him first.  He said the girl was a real whore and almost all the guys on the team had been with her.  He told me to find a nice girl, a girl I could go out with in the right way, not some tramp who'd just use me."  He looked a little sheepish and then went on.  "I told Bill it seemed to me that I'd sort of used her, but he said girls like that really just use guys, young guys they could play around with and then just drop."

"He was probably right."

"Yeah, I guess."

"So now you're wondering what it would be like to have sex with another guy."

"Well, not the same way.  I don't ever want to have sex again with someone I don't know, someone I don't really like a lot."

"Well, maybe you did learn something from that first experience after all."

"Yeah, I guess so."  He waited a moment and then went on.  "Look, Tim, I guess eventually I'll find a girl, a nice girl I can date and get to know and maybe really fall in love with and marry.  I know my family sort of expects that."

"To carry on the Cutler and Montgomery names."


"Are you okay with that?"

"I don't know.  Yeah, I guess so.  I really love kids and know I'll want a family of my own."

"But you want to know about the guy stuff, too."

"I know I love Uncle Martin and he's gay.  I guess I want to know what it's like."  He waited a moment and I knew he was thinking.  "Look, Tim, I know you aren't going to talk about you and Uncle Martin, and I respect that, but I know you and Martin were having sex while he was here in July and I guess that's a big part of why you're going to see him in New York."

"What makes you think that?"

"Well, one of those mornings you were staying at Montgomery Hall, we got there early and I went up to the room you were supposed to be sleeping.  You weren't there and the bed hadn't been slept in.  We waited in the kitchen while Ben made pancakes and in a little while you and Martin came in together, from the White Room end of the house."

"What makes you think I hadn't just gotten up and made the bed before you got there?"

"Because the note I'd left under the coverlet on the pillow the night before was still just where I'd put it.  It said I'd be in early the next morning."


"I guess that means I was right."

"Look, Dave...."

"It's okay.  We won't talk about Martin any more."

"Okay, except I think I should tell you one thing."

"I think I can guess,"  Dave said.


"You really care for him, a lot."

"Yeah, I do, Dave.  I think I really love him."

"Cool.  I hope you guys make it."  He smiled and then grabbed me around the neck and pulled me to him.  "Gee, man, that would be so cool.  It would be like us being brothers in law."

I laughed as I struggled against him.  "Hay, fellow, I'd be more like your uncle, I guess."

"No way, man, but anyway, I sure don't want to get in the way of that."

"Thanks, Dave."

"But I still want to ask some questions, okay?"

"Sure, man, anything."

"I guess you don't want to even consider being with any other guy if you feel that way about Uncle Martin."

"I'm not sure it works that way with guys, Dave."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I know Martin has friends in New York, guys he's had sex with before.  I think he will go on having sex with them when he and I aren't together and he more or less said he expected me to do the same."

"So it's not like you're going steady or something?"

"It's just different for guys.  Martin used the term 'reproductive fidelity,'  you know, like a man and woman getting serious about each other or even getting married. Marriage more or less means they'd agree to only have kids with each other."

"But they might mess around with other people if they were careful to avoid pregnancy?"

"Yeah, I guess.  At least that's sort of the way it was for men until the last hundred years or so.  Lots of married men at least, had affairs or even long term relationships with a mistress and society more or less accepted it as normal."

"Isn't that kind of a double standard, though?"

"Yeah, sure it was.  But after the pill came along a lot of women sort of did the same thing."

"Well my folks sure didn't."

"No, mine either, but it does happen now a lot and I guess in a lot of marriages it works and doesn't mean the husband and wife

don't really love each other."

"But what does that have to do with guys?  Gay guys, I mean.  It isn't like they were going to have kids anyway."

"That's the point.  They can have relationships more than one guy and not have to worry so much about it.  They would have to agree to be careful so far as the health issues were concerned and to be honest with each other.  I guess if their relationship really got serious they might want to just stick together in a monogamous relationship.  Those are the guys who are having the commitment services or going off someplace where gay marriages are legal."

"But you aren't in that kind of a relationship with Uncle Martin."

"No, not yet anyway."

Again Dave was very quite, just thinking, and I just waited, letting him have the time he needed.  I was still snuggled against him, my head on his shoulder and our bodies pressed together.  We were still wearing our shorts, nothing else, though.  I was hard from just being against him like that and I could see from the bulge in his short that he was erect  too.  My left hand was sort of trapped between us but I used my free right hand to sort of stroke his chest, loving the feel of his muscular body.  After about five minutes Dave spoke again. "Can you tell me what it's like to kiss another guy?"

"We did kiss once, remember, Dave?"

"Yeah, I remember.  I've thought about it a lot, and it was really nice.  But I mean really serious kissing, the long, deep kind guys are always talking about doing with girls."

"You want me to show you?"


I rolled over a little so I was really lying on him, our chests pressed together and my lips hovered just above his.  I sort of supported myself on my elbows so he didn't have all my weight on him and my hands were up beside his face so I could sort of stroke his cheeks a little.  I just stayed like that for several minutes, stroking his face, smiling down at him and him smiling up at me.  I could feel that we were both really hard now and even getting a little damp in our shorts.

I stroked his hair, blond like mine, about the same texture and length.  It felt so nice just lying with him like that and Dave seemed to be enjoying it, too.  Neither of us said anything but after a little, I just lowered my lips to his and kissed him softly, not pushing too hard, not trying to force my way in.  I wanted him to be comfortable with what we were doing and I wanted him to sort of set the pace.

Dave moaned a little and I felt his lips open just a little to me. His arms come up to hug me to him and his legs just spread open a little so I could settle in between them.   I guess it's just natural to do that.  I opened my lips just a crack and ran just the very tip of my tongue over his lips.  He moaned again and  his lips opened a little more.  I slipped my tongue into the crack between his lips and slowly moved it from side to side.  Dave bent his knees and brought his legs up over my legs. His body was feeling really hot now.  I felt the tip of his tongue moving against the tip of his tongue and figured it was more or less an invitation to move in further. As I gradually pushed my tongue into his mouth he moaned again and I felt his tongue welcome mine, moving over and around it.

Saliva was running down my tongue now from my mouth into Dave's and he seemed to be fine with it.  I felt his tongue move up along mine, using it for a path from his mouth into my mouth and then start on its own round of exploration as I ran my tongue over his teeth, down around the insides of his cheeks and then deeper, almost to the opening to his throat.  I knew from experience how easy it is to gag, so I took it real slow, letting him take the lead.

Dave's tongue moved further into my mouth, almost into my throat, then backed off a little.  I wanted to let him know it was okay to go that far, so I withdrew my own tongue from his mouth and closed my lips tight around his tongue, sucking it a little, letting it slip into my throat.  Dave's eyes had closed but they came open with a look of surprise and wonder and I sort of stared into them, trying to convey all the feelings I held for him.  Dave withdrew his tongue rather quickly and I took it as a signal to end the kiss.  I pulled back a little and smiled at him.

"Wow!"  Dave whispered. His eyes were wide open with wonder now.

I rolled off him and lay on my back nest to him.  We were both regaining our breath and I knew Dave was doing another bit of serious thinking.  I didn't want to scare him and I didn't want to rush him either.  "Would you be okay with us getting out of our shorts?"  I said after a few minutes.

"Oh, yeah,"  he said and reached down to loosen his fly.  We both slid our shorts off and let them fall off the bed.  We were both fully erect and very wet.

"Any more questions?"  I grinned.

"You want to tell me about oral sex?"

I rose up on one arm, looked down at him and grinned.  "You asking for a blow job?"

"You offering?"


Dave was silent again.  I waited.  "Tell me about it first, will you, Tim?"

"What's to tell?  I suck your dick.  I can show you a lot easier than I can tell you."

"Do you really like doing that to another guy?"

"I've only done it to one other guy and you more or less know who that is."

"But you liked doing it?"

"Yeah, a lot.  I wasn't sure if I would or not but I wanted to try it and once I started it seemed so natural I couldn't believe it. And I couldn't believe how much I liked doing it."

"But you like having it done to you, too.  Right?"

"Sure, it's wonderful."

"And you'd do it to me?"


"Well, before you do that, will you tell me a couple of things first?"

"Sure, Dave.  What do you want to know?"

"Well, you took my tongue down your throat, didn't you?"


"Can you do that with a guy's dick?"

"Yeah.  I did it with Martin and he's bigger than either of us."

"You didn't gag?  Doing it I mean?"

"Yeah, a little at first, but I learned how to relax with it and then it worked fine."

"You'd do that with me?"


"What about when I come?"

"What about it?"

"Well, should I let you know when I get close so you can back off?"

"No, just let it happen."

"You'd take my stuff in your mouth?"


"Would you swallow it?"

"Probably, most of it, anyway."  Dave was again silent for a moment or so.  "Does that sound weird to you?"

"Yeah, it does, Tim."

"Can you tell me why?"

"Gees. Tim!"

"Okay, Dave, let me ask you something."


"Did you ever taste your own cum?"  Dave noticeably blushed and I knew I'd hit the bull's eye.  "It's cool, Dave, really.  I kind of think most guys do that at least once."  Dave nodded.  "So you tasted it, right?"  Dave nodded again.  "Just a little?  Like you stuck your tongue in it and just got a little taste?"

"Well, no, not exactly."

"So you came in the palm of your hand and then just sort of dove it, took it all in your mouth at once and really got a good feel for what it was like."

Dave nodded again.

"I did that, too, Dave.  I had to know."

"But it's different, Tim.  That was my own stuff.  You say you'd swallow mine."

"Most of it, probably."

"What do you mean, Tim, 'most of it?'  You'd spit some of it out and swallow the rest?"

I just grinned at him.  "Look, Dave, think of it like this.  If I give you a blow job and you come in my mouth, it's sort of like you gave me your load, right?"

"I guess."

"So you could think of it as a kind of gift, a gift of yourself you give me, a part of yourself."

"Okay, I guess."

"So did you like it when we were kissing?"

"Yeah, a lot."

"You were okay that some of my saliva was flowing from my mouth into yours?"

"Yeah.  When you say it, it sounds weird, but doing it was really hot."

"So how would it be if you came in my mouth and I sort of worked my way back up and started kissing you again and I had all that load of you stuff in my mouth and I sort of let some of it slide down my tongue from my mouth into yours?"

"Now that really sounds weird!"  Despite what he said, I noticed that his dick jumped with excitement.

"But doing it might be even hotter than just trading spit."

"Yeah,  I guess."

"Well, Davie, I think it's time to move from theory to the real thing."

I didn't give him time to think about it any more, but just slid down in the bed and pulled his legs apart so there was room for me to kneel between them.  I ran my hands down over his chest and then leaned forward and kissed his stomach.  It jumped under my lips and the muscles hardened into neat rows of  ridges and valleys.

The kid is in truly great shape!   With my right hand I grasped the pulsing shaft of his lovely cock and steadied it for my approach.  I heard Dave gasp as I kissed its wet head, opening my lips a little and ran my tongue over it.

"Oh, Tim!"  he moaned.

After expressing such confidence, I didn't want to start off by gagging, so I took it slow and easy as I gradually slipped down his shaft, my lips wet, my tongue working around it, my progress accompanied by Dave's constant moans.  I reached the bottom of his shaft, it's head planted securely and deeply in my throat, my lips nuzzling his cute bush of blond pubic hair.  I rested there a moment so my throat could adjust and then raised up again.  This time my descent was quicker, the first of many return trips up and back down the length of his lovely shaft.

Dave tensed and his balls drew up.  I knew he was close and I wasn't ready for this to be over yet.  I moved up again until just the sweet head of his cock was held between my lips.  I waited, looking up at his faced until I saw him relax a little and I knew the moment of near climax had passed.  I slid back down again, slower this time, taking his full length gently, not letting him slip over the edge quite yet.   Dave groaned and his hands flitted through my hair.  I backed up and slid down again, reestablishing an easy rhythm.   Five, six passes along the length of his proud manhood, still only fifteen, but long and thick enough to make a grown man happy.  I felt his body tense again, backed off and let him regain control.  When the moment of crisis had passed, I started again, this time knowing I could not hold him back much longer and moving into the fast pace which I knew would bring him over the top in moments.

His body tensed again and I showed no mercy.  I kept the pace and felt his muscles lock.  His legs froze and his pelvis rose off the bed.  I heard the beginning of a groan start deep in his chest and then freeze, not able to make it out of his throat before the climax hit him.  I felt the first wave move up the length of his shaft, swelling the passage and then bursting into my mouth.  I held as I told Dave I would do, letting jolt after jolt shoot over my tongue, felt it accumulate, felt its heat, tasted its strange mix of sweet and bitter, stringent, reminiscent of the sea.

Dave slumped onto the bed, his body exhausted by its ordeal.  I rose over him, saw his eyes flicker.  A sweet smile spread across his face and his hands moved up behind my head.  His fingers combed through my hair, so like his own, and he pulled my mouth to his.  As our lips met, his parted and his tongue moved eagerly into my mouth, moving with eager lust to take my offering of his seed.

Our kiss was long and deep, full of Dave's wonder and all I felt for him.   I pressed my body to his, giving him my weight.  His hands slipped down over my shoulders and then crept down to grasp my back.  His legs came up again, wrapping over mine, holding me to him.  Without realizing what I was doing, I moved against him, pressed my hard cock into his hard belly, feeling his just spent penis pulse to full hardness against mine.  Dave's body responded to my pressure against him, moving, instinctively, establishing the natural rhythm of sex.

Dave broke from our kiss, moving his lips away from mine just far enough to allow him to speak.  His voice was no more than a whisper.  He looked into my eyes and seemed to show some concern.  "Are you getting ready to fuck me, Tim?"

"No, buddy, just moving against you.  Martin called it 'frontage,'  you okay with it?"

"Oh, yeah, it feels great.  If we keep it up, I'm gona come again."

"That's kind of the idea,"  I smiled and leaned in to kiss him again.

"I was just kind of afraid you were intending to go further than I'm sure I want to go."

"It's okay, Dave, I'm not going to push you to go were you don't want to go."

"Well, not go yet, anyway."

I did find that statement interesting.

We continued to move in unison, me against him, he against me.  I was already so aroused I knew it wouldn't take long and it didn't.  Dave felt me tense and knew I was reaching climax.  He tightened his hold on me and I felt my cock pulse out my seed into the tight space between us.  As if triggered by my climax,  Dave's body tensed and he also shot a second load, which mixed and flowed with mine.

When it ended I slipped onto my side, still holding him to me, he holding me to him.    Dave smiled at me and moved his lips to mine.  We kissed briefly and as he moved away, he reached down to run a finger through the warm puddles of our mingled seed.  He brought it to his lips and licked it away, reached down for more and brought it to my lips.  I smiled at his new boldness and took his offering.  We slept, waking now and then to smile at one another, kiss again, feel our arousal rise and ebb, to marvel at the warmth our bodies made when pressed together in a sweet embrace neither was willing to end.  As the soft light of Friday morning crept into the room, I rolled onto my back and felt Dave's head nestle on my chest.  I think he was asleep but his hand moved down my body to gently claim my cock, squeezing it a little, stroking it to hardness.

Later, about eight o'clock, I think, I felt the bed move as Monty suddenly sat on its edge.  Dave and I were suddenly awake, I trying to reach for the sheet to cover our naked bodies.  I realized Monty was still naked too, and very erect.

"I knew it!"  the cute kid said, his voice harsh and a little too loud.  "You guys did it and I slept through the whole thing."  He reached out to pummel his brother's shoulder.  "Damn it, Dave.  I just knew you guys were gona to do it and I went and fell asleep."

"Watch your language, Monty,"  Dave said to his younger brother, his own voice little more than a whisper as he came more fully awake..

"Well, shoot!"

"That's better."

"Shucks, Dave,"  Monty began again,  "I wanted to watch!"

To be continued.