Cutler House
Chapter Six

By John Yager

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The morning after Monty and I became lovers, I woke very early. I spent about half an hour just lying there next to him on my bed, my head propped up on one arm, looking at him. We were both still naked. We'd just curled into each other the night before, exhausted by our love making, and fallen asleep. The room was warm and very little of our bodies was covered by the sheet.

Monty is so beautiful I could look at him for hours. His face is the face of angel, in that brief moment between childhood and maturity. One moment he could still be a kid, the next he was a teenage god. I marveled at his body. It seems as if it was only a few weeks ago that he was just a skinny kid, but even then he was beautiful and even then I loved him. Now, not much more than a year after he started seriously working out, he has a body like some Greek statue of an idealized athlete.

I slowly worked the sheet off our bodies and found that he was hard. He was lying on his side and his penis thrust out at right angles from his hard belly. I wanted to touch him but didn't want to wake him. I just lay there with one arm over his chest and studied his face and form.

Eventually he woke and rolled over just a little and looked up into my eyes. He smiled, a peaceful, contented smile. I knew he was where he wanted to be, there in my arms.

"Morning, Bro," I whispered as I leaned down to kiss his lips. I wondered if my breath was stale, but his was sweet, like fresh cut grass.

"I guess we don't have time...?" he murmured.


"What time is it?"

"Not quite seven."

"We could do it if we hurried."

"Let's not," I said. "I'd rather think about you all day and look forward to tonight." It was Monday morning, our first day back in school after our long weekend break, and I was not looking forward to my classes.

"I'll think about you and be hard all day."

"Wear a jockstrap," I grinned, "I intend to."

"Yeah, I'd better."

With that we kissed again and rolled out of bed.

"Is that umbrella still blocking the door?" Monty asked as we waited for the water to get warm in the shower.

"Oh, shit. I meant to move it last night."

"Well leave it for now. I'm not in the mood for Steve to come bounding up here making comments on our hard dicks."

"His day will come," I grinned as we stepped under the warm spray.

"Yeah, and I can hardly wait."

At breakfast that day I asked Mom if I could buy a dead bolt on our door.

"I'm not sure your father would like that. He always worries about you two up there in case of an emergency."

"But with a dead bolt, we could have keys and give you and Dad one, too, so you could come up if you really needed to."

"What prompted this, Dave?" Mom asked, "you aren't worried about Steve or Patty getting into your things, are you?"

"Oh, no, Mom. At least I don't think they'd do that, unless they were just messing around and being curious. The real problem is that Monty and I need some privacy, you know, as we get older."

"Well, I guess I understand that. You know your father and I would never come up without calling up the stairs or knocking. We'd certainly not get into your things." She paused and then added. "You've never given us any reason to worry, David. I do know some parents who have had to go through their children's rooms because they were fearful of them having drugs or alcohol, but I know you and Monty would never get into anything like that."

"Sure, Mom," I said, feeling a little embarrassed about the direction the conversation was taking.

"Your father is going to call later today. Let me talk with him about it. If he agrees I'll let you put the lock on your door." Our father had left early that morning for business meetings in Jackson, Mississippi, and wouldn't be home until the end of the week.

"Thanks, Mom," I said as I put my breakfast dishes by the sink. "Monty and I will buy it and we can install it, too."

"Well, we'll see about that. Your father may want to have it done by someone who knows a little more about old houses and old doors than either of you."

Later as we were walking from mom's van to the school, I gave Monty an playful jab in the ribs and said, "You were sure a big help."

"What do you mean," he responded in his most innocent tones.

"When I was asking Mom if we could put a lock on the door. You could have agreed or something."

"I figured you were handling it. If I'd have jumped in it would have looked like a plot and for sure Steve would have had his say."

"Yeah, maybe." We were forced to separate once in the school, me to my locker in the north wing and Monty to his in the south. I turned to look back at him and saw him also looking for me in the sea of kids. He waved and I felt a sudden pang of loneliness. On a typical day I didn't see him again until we got to the locker room to change for soccer practice after our sixth hour classes.

That day, even in the locker room and out on the field, I hardly saw him. He was always surrounded by a crowd of admirers. Then he was off at one end of the playing fields with the junior high team while my level was off at the other end of the fields.

When Mom picked us up just before five o'clock, she said, "well, I have a little surprise waiting for you when we get home."

"Did Dad agreed to the lock?" Monty and I said at once.

"You'll see," she replied, looking very pleased with herself.

When we got home Monty and I ran up to the second floor to see what was going on. In the second floor hall there is a door to the stairs which go on up to our room, the huge and rather rambling converted attic of the old house.

There, kneeling behind the door, was Ben! He had finished installing a brass dead bolt and was just cleaning up the shavings from the drill.

"So you boys keeping some valuable treasures up there?" he smiled as he nodded over his shoulder.

"We just want to keep our little brother and sister out," Monty volunteered.

"Well, I guess I can understand that," he said as he swept the last of the debris into a dust pan. "Mind if I come up and look around? You remember I helped finish out the attic when your mama and daddy was doing it over for you four or five years ago?"

"I remember, Ben," I said. "Come on up."

The three of us mounted the stairs together and Ben took a quick turn around our private world.

"Mighty nice," he said. "A teenage boy's dream room, I'd say."

"Yeah, Ben," Monty agreed, "we really are lucky."

"So you sleep down at this end, Monty," Ben said, not as a question but as an obvious fact. "And you have your own room down at the other end," he continued, turning to me.

"Well, not my own room, exactly. It's really just one big open space. I have my area and Monty has his."

"But the way those partitions and storage units were built, you both have as much privacy as you want."

Both Monty and I were silent. It was awkward!

Several seconds went by. "Well, maybe privacy ain't such a big thing between you to," Ben finally said in response to our tongue tied hush.

"No," Monty almost blurted out, "as long as it's just Dave and me."

"Well, with that new lock, you should have the place to yourselves."

It was at that point that both Monty and I realized that Ben had guessed the real reason for us wanting the lock. As he started toward the stairs he handed us two keys. "Your mama said to have three made so you could each have one and she and your daddy could have one put back in case they need to come up here."

We walked Ben down to the kitchen and thanked him and our mother for what they'd done. "I was a little surprised your father agreed," Mom said. "Be sure to thank him as well, when he comes home."

"We will," both Monty and I assured her.

"Well, now I guess you have homework to do," she said. "You have at least an hour till dinner."

As she sat about making tea for herself and Ben, Monty and I climbed the stairs at triple speed, heading back up to our own private realm.

At the top of the final flight of stairs, with the door securely locked behind us, Monty and I just stood looking at one another. Then he stepped over to me and threw his arms around me, resting his head on my shoulder.

"So, do you have homework?" He asked.

"French, but I know all the verbs on the list already. What about you?"

"Half a dozen math problems."

"Should we get it done so we can do other stuff later?"

He raised his head and smiled at me. "I don't know if I can wait much longer. I really was hard all day just thinking about being alone with you this afternoon."

"Me, too," I assured him. "I think we should get our homework done and then come up right after dinner. We can tell Mom we still have some things to finish."

"That wouldn't be lying," he grinned as he gently pressed his lips to mine.

"We'd better not do that now," I said as we moved our lips apart. "A few more kisses and I will be trying to get you naked."

"I was sort of hoping," my cute brother grinned.

"Be strong, young man," I said with mock seriousness. "It really will be better if we wait. We'll have more time and not have to worry about our homework."

"Yes, Mighty Task Master," he teased. "I'll go to my corner and do my math."

One of the things you need to learn, when you are fourteen or almost sixteen and your lover is your brother and you share the same room, is that you have to develop really strong will power. If Monty and I hadn't been able to do that, we would have probably been making love all the time. Our grades would have gone to hell and we would have had our folks and our teachers on our backs all the time. As it was, we were able to make some rules and stand by them, at least most of the time.

Since I was the older brother, I really felt like it was sort of my responsibility to keep us on track. Believe me, it wasn't easy.

Our first rule was that we wouldn't have sex until all our homework was done. That rule really got hard toward the end of the term when I was getting ready for exams and could have studied every hour of every day and still not felt ready. But by and large, we held to it.

Our second rule, which developed over the next few weeks, was that we would keep our clothes on until our homework was done and we were ready to relax together. That one was odd because we were sort of used to getting out of our school clothes as soon as we hit our room, even before we had the lock on the door. We'd at least get into cargo shorts and T-shirts, which had more or less been our uniform all summer. We soon learned that no longer worked. The sight of Monty with no shirt on, or even in a T-shirt which showed off his sexy body to full advantage was enough to get me hard. Concentrating on homework was not easy when my hunky brother was hanging around.  In fact, it was a real challenge. If he was hanging around half naked it was plain impossible. He said he had the same problem when I was less than fully dressed, so we quickly agreed that we had to go easy on each other and not put too many obstacles in our paths. But believe me, it wasn't easy.

But that Monday evening, we were still just learning. We were learning what it was like to have a lover, and to have him right there within touching distance all the time. I was learning what it was like to know that I could have sex more or less any time I wanted with a willing, loving, ready, horny, boy, brother, lover, whom I loved in return with all my heart. After thinking for so long that sex was something I would never have with another person, it was a mind boggling change. I suspect that for Monty, who was, after all, almost two years younger, it was an even bigger shift in the old universal space-time continuum!

So I finished reviewing my list of irregular French verbs and peaked around the corner to see how Monty was doing.

"I got my math problems done," he said. "I was checking some web-sites while I waited for you."

I walked over to see what he had on his screen and confronted the image of a couple of the hottest guys I'd ever seen.  They were hot and what they were doing was even hotter.  "Wow, Bro," I gasped, "where'd you find that?"

"Just surfing."

He was sitting in front of his computer wearing only his shorts. "No shoes, no shirt, no service." Only I would have been very happy to have serviced him. That was before we'd come up with the "Stay Dressed" rule, of course, and I was immediately hard looking at the image on the screen and the obviously hard cock tenting my little brother's shorts.

"Can we do that?" He asked, looking from the screen to me.

The guys in the photo were fucking.

"Do you think we're ready for that stuff, Mont?"

"Oh, yeah," he leered.

"Wow!" I said, not thinking too quickly. Most of my active brain cells were working overtime just processing the image on Monty's screen.

It was at precisely that moment that someone knocked very loudly on the locked door at the bottom of our stairs. It had to be Steve, I thought. Mom had probably sent him to call us to dinner and he was venting his frustrations at our new lock.

"You'd better get a shirt on and try to harness that cock," I said, coming out of my daze. With that I turned and started for the stairs.

"Harness your own pony, Dave," Monty called as he grabbed his T-shirt and started after me. He was right, of course. My shorts were showing a bigger bulge than his and I wondered if I could think enough bland thoughts to get it down before we reached the kitchen. Neither of us was exactly under control when we joined Mom, Steve and Patty, but we had calmed down enough to avoid raised eyebrows from our observant younger brother.

"We're eating on the porch, boys," our mother informed us. "Pour yourselves milk and come on out."

We did as we were told and found the table set with an appealing array of salads. It was a perfect supper for a warm evening. Mississippi can stay warm late into the autumn and had been proving it the last few days. I was glad that I was not called on to make much conversation as we ate. Steve and Patty were telling us about a field trip the elementary school was taking the following Saturday and by the time they were finished Mom was serving dessert.

"You boys are very quiet this evening," she said to us as we were helping her carry the dishes back into the kitchen. "I hope you didn't wear yourselves out over the weekend."

"No, Mom, we're fine," I said. "We just have a lot to catch up on after the four day break."

"Well, if you still have things to do, go on and finish them so you can get to bed at a reasonable time. I thought you acted like a couple of zombies this morning."

"We will, Mom," Monty said as he and I headed back to our room. We mounted the stairs to the second floor, unlocked the door to our attic sanctuary and then shut it securely behind us. Within seconds of reaching our room we were both naked, a trail of T-shirts, shoes and shorts which we'd have to pick up in the morning.

"Shower?" Monty said as we headed for the bathroom.

"Definitely," I said, reaching for the controls.

Within seconds the water was warm and we had both stepped into our oversized shower stall and taken our usual places under the two end shower heads. I watched my brother run his hands over his hard, muscular body, spreading the gel we both loved to use. I was hard again within seconds, just watching him and I saw that he was equally aroused.

"Come here," I said to him and realized my voice was husky with lust.

"What?" he asked as he moved across eight feet of slick tile to stand before me.

"I want to do that," I said.

"Do what?"

"I want to wash you."

"Oh," he responded. Was there a note of disappointment in his voice?

I squeezed a generous portion of gel into the palm of my right hand and began to spread it over his shoulders and chest. His muscular body felt unnaturally hot under my hands and I felt my own passion for him shoot up a few degrees as well.

"Um," he moaned. "That feels so good."

"Yeah," I responded. "Turn around." By some sort of telepathic signal we both moved at once so he was facing the wall and I was behind him. He spread his arms and leaned against the wall of the shower stall as he moved his cute butt back toward me, spreading his legs. "Yeah," I repeated, "yeah."

I worked my hands down over his back, then over his hips and legs. Coming back up, I let my fingers slide momentarily into his crack, feeling the change in texture as they slid over the puckered rosebud of his ass.

He moaned and I took it as a sign of his approval and did it again.

"Yeah," he moaned and pushed back a little more.

"Like that?"

"Oh yeah."

I stroked his ass with my fingers, spreading a thick coating of the shower gel over him and then brought my index finger to his tight hole. I pushed in a little, not knowing what to expect, and felt my finger easily slip in.

"Yeah," Monty moaned again.

I pushed in deeper, rotating my finger so that the gel was spread over the walls of his ass. I felt a tremor as his ring muscles adjusted to the stretching my finger was giving it, and then it relaxed a little and I could slip in deeper with no resistance at all.

"Oh God, Dave, that feels so good," Monty moaned. "Do you think that's what it's like to get fucked?"

"Maybe, Bro, a little anyway. But I just have one finger in you and my cock's a lot bigger than my finger. I really don't think we're ready for this stuff."

"I am, Dave, I want it."

"Oh, man, I don't want to hurt you. This scares me, Monty, it scares me a lot."

"Guys do it all the time, you've seen all those pictures on the net."

"But we don't know what we're doing, Mont, I could tear you or something."

"Work another finger in. See if you can open me up to something like the thickness of your cock."

"Oh, man."

"Please, Bro, please."

I slowly removed my index finger and spread a fresh supply of the shower gel over it and the adjacent finger. Then, using a sort of rotating action, I pressed them against my brother's virgin ass and felt him pressing back against me. With no effort on my part and no discomfort on his, my two fingers slipped into him.

I felt that tremor in his muscles again and then he sighed. "Yeah, Dave, yeah." I stayed put for a while, not knowing what he wanted me to do. Then he pressed back against my hand again. "Finger fuck me, Dave, move your fingers in as deep as they can go and then pull them out. Not all the way out, but, you know, in and out, slow."

I began to do what he said, moving my fingers slowly out until just the points were in him, then slowly pushing back in again. His ass felt tight and hot, loosening a little and then squeezing tightly on my fingers. I began to get into it and realized my cock was rock hard, pulsing as I fucked my little brother with my fingers, as if my cock wanted to be in on the action, wanted to be where my fingers were.

"Yeah," Monty moaned again. "Now make it three."

He didn't have to tell me what he meant. I withdrew my two fingers and noticed that while the rosebud of his ass closed without them in it, the area around the bud was swollen and red. I spread gel over the two fingers which had been doing the work and then over a third finger, pressed the combined wedge of my fingers against his flared ass. It took some effort on both our parts, but my three fingers slid in, spreading his ass more and more as the wedge they formed moved into him. I rotated my fingers as they spread and stretched his ring muscles, and again felt a tremor pass through it and then it again relaxed. I rotated my fingers, spreading the gel over the muscle, and moved in deeper to the sound of his now almost constant moans.

When I was in as far as my fingers would reach, I stopped and let him rest. After a few moments he was moving again, pressing back, moving forward, impaling his ass on my fingers. I just held my position behind him and let him run the show.

"Oh, yeah," he said after a while. "I know I can take your cock."

"Let's get out of here," I said, withdrawing my fingers from his ass and rinsing the accumulation of gel off them. Monty was still leaning against the shower stall wall, supporting himself with his outstretched hands, his legs still spread and his cute ass pushed back as if he wanted me to fuck him then and there.

"Come on, Bro," I said, "let's rinse off.

He moved forward, letting the shower spread over his muscled shoulders and then trickle down his back. When it reached his butt it was channeled into his crack and over his now red and swollen ass. I rinsed off and reached for towels. I dried myself as Monty continued to rinse his gel-filled ass, and then, when he was satisfied that he had it all out and turned off the shower, I began to dry him as well.

"Come on," I said when we were both dry, and headed for my bed. Monty held back a moment and when I turned to see if he was coming, saw that he was bringing along another dry bath towel and a bottle of hand and body lotion.

When we reached my bed he stopped me, spread the towel over the center of the bed and then lay down on it on his back. I stood by, feeling very uncertain, even a little scared. He held both of his hands out to me and when I took them, he pulled me down onto him, spreading his legs so I could lie between them on his chest. I supported myself with one hand on each side of his chest and lowered my lips to his.

"Yeah," he moaned just before my lips closed over his.

We kissed for a long time, gently at first, then with growing passion as my tongue moved into his sweet mouth and his tongue darted and flitted into mine. Monty's legs came up around me, lifting his buttocks off the bed and spreading his ass.

I remembered the image Monty had on his computer screen when I came around the corner into his area earlier that evening. It was of two cute guys fucking in just the position my brother and I had now assumed.

Monty pulled away from me and said, "Kneel there between my legs."

I did as he said as he reached for the bottle of lotion he'd put on the table by my bed. He squeezed a generous portion into the palm of his right hand and proceeded to rub it over the length of my hard cock.

"Work some of it into my ass," he said, handing me the bottle.

"I don't know about this, Monty," I said, but took the bottle and began to do as he had asked.

"It's going to be okay, Bro," he said, his voice low and assured, "it's going to be great. I want you in me, I want you to fuck me." His words took on the repetitive cadence of a chant and I fell under their power. "Now, do it, Bro," he said. "Just put the head of your cock against my ass and push it in."

I did as he said, feeling as if I could easily injure him, and felt him push up against me as he had done in the shower. The head of my cock moved in a little and stopped. I looked down into his eyes and saw that tears had formed at the outside corners of each.

"We can't do this, Bro," I said, "I'm going to hurt you."

"We can," he moaned and pushed up against me again. This time I felt the head of my cock slip past the ring of his ass and suddenly I was in.

"Are you okay, Bro," I said when I was the look of pain and surprise on his face.

"Yeah, okay. Just let me rest," he said.

I held very still.

It was amazing to watch his face as his body slowly adjusted to the presence of my cock in his ass. As I learned later when he fucked me for the first time, the pain doesn't last long, and as it fades, there is such a wonderful feeling of fullness, of completion, of complete union with your lover. That's what Monty was feeling then, but of course, I couldn't understand that yet because I hadn't felt it myself.

"Yeah, Dave," Monty said in just a few minutes, "now it feels so good."

"Do you want me to move?"

"Slowly, just a little."

I pushed in a little more and saw his eyes widen.

"Yeah," he moaned.

I pushed in more, slowly moving it, a fraction of an inch at a time. Monty was moaning constantly now, a steady drone of sound from deep in his chest. At the same time I could not believe how wonderful it felt as my cock moved into his hot body. It was unlike anything I'd ever felt before. I wanted it to last for ever and knew it wouldn't. In fact, I realized, I was going to be lucky if it lasted more than a few more minutes before I came.

I felt my body collide with Monty's and knew I was in, really in, all the way in.

"Oh, yeah, Dave," Monty was moaning. "It feels so good, so right. Can you move a little now, slow. Yeah, pull out real slow. Stop! Not all the way, don't leave me. Yeah, oh, yeah. Now back in, Bro. Yeah, slow, all the way, oh, Dave. I can't believe this. I can't believe how great this is. Oh, Bro, I love you so much!"

"I love you, too." I said it and meant it, but had no idea of the full meaning of those simple words.

"Now speed up a little. Yeah, like that, oh, yeah, Dave. faster now, faster, fuck me, Dave, fuck me hard."

I tried to comply but knew I couldn't hold out long. The climax was building in my body, filling me, moving up my spine, jolting through my cock.

"Gona come, Bro, gona shoot my load in your gut."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," my beautiful brother moaned again and again as his cock erupted, shooting ribbons of his white seed across his stomach and up onto his chest.

His spasms set me off and I exploded deep in him, filling him, bonding him to me, making us so much more one, one being, one body, one soul. In that moment we became united in a way we'd never been before.

It was then, in the brief moment of our ecstasy, that I raised up a little and looked down at his beautiful face. His eyes were wide with wonder. His mouth gaped in a silent moan. It was then, seeing my beautiful brother, my beautiful lover in the throws of such ecstasy that I had my first glimpse of what our love really meant, what it meant for me to love Monty and want him and need him, what it meant for him to love me so completely, to give himself to me as he'd just done. It was as if some window had been thrown open on a view, really on an entire world, that I'd never seen before. I hadn't even known that world existed. Then suddenly I was looking out at that long vista of our life together. I knew then that the love I felt for Monty was not some passing thing, some childish infatuation that we'd both outgrow. I knew then, in that moment, that I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life, to live with him and love him and no other.

To be continued.