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Damned to Hell
By S. R. Betts

Chapter 2: Celebrations

Six of us pile into Ungler’s Jeep Cherokee; Aaron’s driving and Brut jumps the passenger side being too big to fit in the back. Morgan being the last climbs in across and lays over Ungler, Chris Dawson, our kicker, and me. “Go boys, go! Lets party!” Morgan shouts as he settles himself in on top of us. Somehow he ends up mostly on me with his ass grinding into my groin and his arm around my shoulder. Thank the lord it’s only five minutes to Ungler’s.

The party is in full swing by the time we get there. The team is the last to arrive because of post-game payers. Mr. Ungler is like the super school football enthusiast.  He was captain of the team when he was a kid and now he owns the local Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep dealership, hence Brian’s third new Jeep and Aaron doing the driving. Anyway, when we win there’s always a party at the Ungler’s and everyone knows it. Everyone’s parents are here also, well for the first hour or so. Things won't get too crazy till later.

Sheriff Blecker, Aaron’s dad, is sitting out on the hood of his patrol car with his stooges, they’re chatting with my dad, Mr. Dawson, that's Councilman Dawson, and Mr. Ungler. Our moms are surly in the kitchen making snacks for all and swapping the latest gossip.  

“Great games boys!” Mr. Ungler shouts and is joined by the rest of the crowd in congratulations. Hugs and hi-fives are shoot around. Dad hugs me and the rest of the crew as usually being his loving and supporting father that he is, well at least when we win. We start to make our way through the crowd to find the rest of our family, friends, girlfriends and most importantly the rest of the team.

I find mom, who is all hugs and kisses along with Mrs. Ungler, Mrs. Blecker, Mrs. Dawson and Mrs. Darling, Brut’s step-mom. The girlfriends: Katie, Gwen, Christa, Becky, Linda, Jamie, Lisa and Amber are all chatting in the living room. Ok, Christa wasn’t quiet with Aaron yet, but everyone knew that it would be long. Our teammates David Weston, Donny Flavin and Jeremy DeNoto joined us there to spend a little quality time with the girls. Dave is dating Becky, Donny is with Amber, Chris and Lisa have been together since like seventh grade, and Jeremy and Linda have this love hate thing that I never know when there together or not. Jamie isn’t dating anyone right now, but she still one of the pack. Brut just hangs out, no one will date Brut.

We are all just drinking punch and snacks, The Reverend is here and too many parents, but they start leaving after a bit. That means Katie and Gwen will have to go soon too, they’re inseparable. We do manage to spend a little time down the basement for a hot and heavy making-out session, but that’s just about all that ever happens, we are both saving it till we’re ready to get married. Although sometimes I really want to have sex, we never let it get out of control. I don’t know, I know its weird, hell, I’ve actually only gotten close once; Becky and I fooled around a bit years ago, but it just didn’t feel right. It wouldn’t have be the right thing to do let alone a sin. This was all well before I was with Katie and Becky and Dave were together, I mean that really would have been a major sin.

With the majority of the parents and especially Reverend Daily finally leaving: It was time for the boys to party! The basement is now officially open and the keg of beer rolls out of the closet. I’m sure the Reverend knew and didn’t approve but he also knew when to curb his preaching: Since Lord come first, football clearing second and you just didn’t mess with that either.

Ungler throws a few more logs into the basement woodstove to get a nice roaring fire going, not that it’s really cold out or anything; it’s just something we do when we were drinking.  

The more we continue drinking the rowdier we were getting. Stories of the game have started blending into epic tales, and once the last of the girls leave, layers of clothing begin disappearing as the basement become a sweat box of drunk boys; most of us strip down to our boxers or brief to stay comfortable.  Dave and Donny are wrestling on the floor in their usual never-ending competition. Ungler, Aaron and myself are half passed out on the one sofa. Morgan and Jeremy are on the floor leaning against our couch, with Morgan basically between my spread legs and Jeremy slouching half on Morgan. Chris is laying flat on the floor in front the woodstove. Brut is nearly passed out on of the small sofas by himself as his sweat pours off him like a river.  

Poor Brut, he’s always the first to go down.  Which means the rest would soon follow if we don’t leave. Dave and Donny live here on the same street, so when they get up to walk home, Morgan does too, shaking my shoulder to rouse me up to get me to go back to his place. I would have gladly stayed put for the rest of the night if it were up to me.

I helplessly stare at him as he dresses himself quickly then rummages through the spewed clothing to find my shirt, jeans, socks and sneakers.  He gets me to stand with me balancing myself on his broad shoulders as he bends down to make me step into my pants. His fingers graze up my leg as he pulls them up. I nearly thrust my pelvis into his face in reaction to sensation of his touch and the stirring in my groin. Morgan, my good friend doesn’t even flinch however and buttons just the top before forcing my arms up and over my head to get my shirt on, which isn’t easy with my tight shirt and a very moist torso.

“Fuck if I’m going to try and put these on ya, Jimmy.” As he stuffs my socks deep down into the front of my jean pockets, surely he had to feel my stirring erection that now not only is half hard but with the socks makes it look like I’ve got a beer can in my pants.

Aaron, of course notices and has to joke, “What’s the problem there Railings? Morgan got you all excited for some one on one.”

“Cut your jealousy Blecker, I told you I don’t feel that way towards ya. Morgan's so much cuter anyway, but don’t worry you’re still my best friend,” I might be slurring but I still had my whit. Although slipping my feet into my Nikes is both mentally and physically challenging.

“Yeah, Yeah, Railings, but you know I have a much bigger dick!” as he grabs his package and lewdly haunches it in my direction. “Take got care of my bud Morgan, he going to be sore in the morning.”

I have to admit we are pretty drunk. Well, I’m drunk I can feel my head swimming as Morgan coaxes me up the stairs and out into the cool nights air. It is actually a beautiful night out. The stars are so intense. I try to point them out to Morgan, but he’s much more focused on making us walk. He throws his arm over his shoulder allowing mine to slide under his arm and around his back.  It feels good, the heat coming off Morgan body keeping me warm from the night’s dampness. The smell the industrial shower soap, deodorant and body sweat are mixing with the odor of beer coming through our pours. It smelled really good for some reason: Very comforting. Very…. I lean my head against his shoulder putting my nose close to the crook of his neck: God, he smells good.

I lift my head thinking, “Woo dude!” But I tilt my head and look at Morgan and he’s smiling with his beautiful blue eyes. I rest my head back against his shoulder, enjoying just our closeness and letting my mind wonder aimlessly for the few blocks to his house.

As we approach the house that have become so comfortable in recently I smile inwardly. Morgan’s family has awesome home. It’s a small federal style mansion-ish house with a big pool and cabana out back. Morgan basically lives in the cabana as he spends so much time there. His parent are really cool and pretty much let him do as he wants, as long as he stays clean, out of trouble and maintains his grades. They’re not very religious people, but they got good hearts and the do attend Sunday Service.

Morgan dumps me in one of the pool lounge chairs and goes to preps the hot tub. I fade in and out as he disappears and comes back stripped to his boxers, carrying towels and shot glasses.

“Here drink this.” He orders and I promptly comply taking the shot of Yeager mister down the back of my throat.  

“Woof! Damn Morgan you trying to kill me with that stuff!”

“No, I ‘m just trying to get you naked and into the hot tub, silly!” as he proceeds to take the shot glass from me and sets it down to the table, turns back and yanks my shirt then my sneakers back off with little resistance from me. “Ok. Now this is the hard part. Lift your ass up so I can get these off!” indicating my jeans as he unbuttons the only done button. “Ass up Jimmy!” I can’t help but giggle as he yanks down the jeans over my ass, but stop suddenly as his fingers come once again in contact with my skin.

“Woo! God I must be blitzed, this can’t be happening again” I think.  Morgan’s fingers feel like their electric, sending charges up my leg into my groin. I don’t have any control of my reactions. He reaches for the boxers. I feel blood rushing to where it shouldn’t be a rushing. Oops, damn, too late. Morgan yanks down and out I pop to somewhat of attention. Oh well, we’ve all had hardons in front of each other at some time or another.

Morgan jokes, “Well look who’s awake too!” To which I look over at him as he drops his boxers also. He’s sporting wood too! We both start laughing hysterically. Though, this doesn’t help, it only makes me harder. “Ok, you get in the tub and take junior with you too! Well, then again a little too big to be calling it junior isn’t it.” Morgan Jokes.

At this point its eight and a half inches are fully erect. Not that there anything wrong with Morgan’s smaller but thick, what I guess would be, 7 inches. Anyway, between laughs Morgan and I roll the tub with one big splash.

Morgan indicates for me to take the lounge seat and he settles in across, putting his feet up near mine. He tries to tickle the bottom of my feet with his own, but I way to comfortable and distracted to respond. We sit there a few minute just getting used to the water temperature while watching the stars through the rapidly rising steam. Did I mention how incredible the stars looked tonight?

“Damn, I forgot our drinks!” Morgan sits up and starts getting out of the tub. I watch but don’t move, too lost in the warmth of the tub and the beauty of Morgan athletic body. The water dripping down following light trail of hair of his body, his broad powerful shoulders that taper down his tight muscular frame, the well-defined six-pack on his trim but not skinny body. He turns and exposes the tight mounds of his bubble butt; they scream to be smacked if only I had the energy.  He runs his fingers through his damp hair: I love how his light-brown hair musses up when wet.  I don’t remember Morgan being so hot, well I mean like he’s always been attractive; I mean that he’s a good-looking guy.  Why am I doing this? It’s the alcohol. Right?

He’s back in a flash. My eyes are now closed, afraid to look, afraid of all the strange things that my mind keeps thinking. God, what if he knew what I was thinking? He’d think I was a freak. God no, worst a faggot. I’m not gay! Stop it Jimmy you’re just drunk and horny! God forgive me for my impure thoughts.

“Here’s your drink bud.” I feel him closes to me, setting down the drink, too close. “Jimmy you ok?” He quietly and caringly asks. I open my eyes and he’s leaning over me, looking down at me with those eyes. I can’t do anything but stare into them. I’m lost in his eyes. My mouth opens but nothing comes out.

He's so close. I can’t escape. Closer. I feel his breath on my face. I see things in his eyes I shouldn’t see: I see my desire. I absently lick my lips.  His lips touch mine! Oh my God! He’s kissing me: Johnny Morgan is kissing me!

God help us!

To be continued…

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