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Damned to Hell
By S. R. Betts

Chapter 3:  Sins of the Flesh

Goosebumps! I can’t control it. His soft lips move against mine, so softly, so tentatively. My body takes control over me, empowering itself to do things that I never dreamed. Sweetness, I taste sweetness, Jack and coke:  It’s on his tongue and his breath as I slip my tongue into his mouth. Our lips press together harder while they move in sync with each other as I wrap my hand around the back of his neck pulling him even tighter into me. I can’t stop, I don’t want to stop: It feels too good!

I stop him pulling back ever so slightly. Johnny stares hungrily into my eyes. He is so beautiful. My mind is reeling, overwhelmed by my desires, fears and tainted morality.

God this is so wrong! Isn’t it? This is against the teaching of god: Against everything that I’ve ever been taught, against everything I’ve been ever told in church. Why does it feel so good, so right!

I should stop! I can’t stop, I need this, and I want this: I wanted this for so long. God, why is this so wrong, why can’t I stop feeling this way? Why can’t it be ok to be this way? I can’t deal with this anymore. I can’t help myself. I can’t be alone anymore. I’m sorry God: I am weak. Please forgive me this one time. I need him!

He questions me with his eyes. I cannot deign him and my lips seek his with my answer.  He returns the kiss momentary and pulls back himself. “Jimmy, I want this. I want you, but if you’re not ok with this, stop me. I couldn’t live with myself I if forced you:  If you didn’t want this too” The compassion in his eyes left no doubts about the decision that I had already made. I once again answer with my starving lips.

He leans his firm and now cool body against me. I feel something very hard jab into my stomach; it’s him in all his glory standing to attention. It excites me even more.  God I want to feel it against me. I want to feel him against me! My other hand reaches out and finds his silky smooth and muscular bottom. I pull him closer. God it feels so good! Soft moans escape from somewhere within side both of us. He lies now fully against me under the water our steely erections rubbing side by side as he grinds his pelvis hard against mine. I want more! I need more.

Our lips are tearing at each other, our tongues dual to be in each other’s mouths, our breaths are becoming hard and labored and our eyes never loose contact, both so lost in depths of sexual intensity.

Johnny manages to pull our bodies up and out of the heat, setting me on the edge of the tub without our bodies every loosing contact. He presses his erection even harder against mine and sucks hard on my tongue.  Then suddenly his body convulses, he moans deeply into my mouth.  I feel his cock spasm and him shoot load after load of his semen up and over my stomach and chest. It’s too much. I loose control too. My cock starts to spasm. OH, MY GOD! My body convulses and my cock explodes, shooting think torrents of cum out and all over the place, it almost painful, but it’s shear bliss.

I want more!

We break our kiss but continue our stare both speechless for a while. Finally Morgan asks every so quietly, every to affectionately,  “Jimmy you ok?”

“Johnny? I… I’ve never been better in my life. That was amazing!” I said that out loud? O’ my God! What if he doesn’t feel the same way? Concern crosses my face momentarily.

“Jimmy that was awesome!” Both relieved we tear into another passionate kiss. “Jimmy I want more?” Question or statement I was in agreement! Johnny moves his kiss from my lips to my neck then traveling every so slowly down my torso to my nipples, licking up our semen along the way. My body still overloaded from my climax, shivers from the tantalizing sensation and my breath sharp and erratic.  He takes nipple one then the other and teasing it between his teeth and tongue, my body goes back to full attention, my erection never subsiding.

He comes back up to kiss me again, this time with both our semen in his mouth. I’m unsure about the flavor but I so want his lips against mine again: I so want to taste him.
He opens his mouth to mine and a mix of saltiness and chemicals from the tub hit me. Kissing him is so good I could care less about semen. I just want him.

“ I want more!” as he breaks our kiss again, to returns his attention to my cum covered stomach. He licks across my rippling abs and into my button, swabbing every last drop of our seeds. God that feels good, God that so hot that he’s doing that…
His lips touch my cock and he swirls his tongue around its tender head. Then he goes down on it taking me fully inside his mouth my cock feeling the constriction of his throat. Fuck Wow! I moan in bliss as my head falls back lifting their gaze to the stars. I am seeing stars! His tongue swirls round as his head bobs up and down on my erection endlessly bringing me so close then stopping, sensing my nearness. My cock is now fully engorged to maximum hardness, harder than I ever felt before; even I am amazed how big it feels tonight.

“I want more!” He demands. He slides back up my body and spitting on his hand and rubbing his spit and our semen on my cock. He comes up and sits in my laps, my dick between his cock and ass. I put my hands back on the deck to stabilize us from tumbling over. He takes more spit and pulls my cock back toward his beautiful ass. He rubs his ass checks mercilessly up and down against my cock.  He takes even more spit and reaches behind again. His lips come down and open against my mouth. I taste our cum still in his mouth.

“I want more!” he says again. “I want you inside me Jimmy.” His reaches around and presses my cock again his hole and presses his body down. Nothing happens at first then he readjusts and I feel my cock slowly entering him. OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!

His lips hungrily assault my lips and he starts bucking up and down, forcing my cock deeper and deeper into his body. Finally his body gives fully away and I feel my dick slide all the way in, down to my balls. I can’t even explain the feeling it like this perfect mold made just for my cock: Hot and tight. This is heaven!

Morgan stops. He pulls from our kiss and stares deep into my eyes. “Jimmy, I’ve wanted this so long, so bad. I wanted to feel you inside me since the day we meet. I want you to cum inside me Jimmy, I want you make love to me Jimmy, cause I’m so in love with you! Please Jimmy!  Please cum inside me.

My heart explodes. My eyes open my soul up to him. He knows. He attacks my lips again and starts humping up and down on my cocks.  I pound back, and hard. Lifting my our bodies up off the edge of the tub, pushing him up so my stiff cock is barely still inside his velvety ass, then letting him slam back down full force against my scrotum almost painfully; his cock spanking my sore abs on every descent. I’m in bliss, the intensity of the raw sex overwhelming any thoughts of real pain.

“Jimmy, God! Jimmy! I knew this would feel so good. God, I can’t believe this finally really happening! This feels so goddamn god. I love you Jimmy! Awe, Jimmy I’m getting close! Fucking cum inside me Jimmy, I want to feel it! Make me yours!

Sweat pours from our hot and glistening bodies as we share in the eroticism of our union. Our athletic bodies seem to be made for this as we pound endlessly, maximizing our adrenaline and testing our endurance.

I feel his entire body begin to tense, his ass tightens around my cock. Both his hands grasp my heaving chest and his lips seek my again.  I see the raw passion explode in his eyes moments before his cock erupts untouched again shooting cum over my head across my face in my mouth and down my body, as his ass spasms hard around my cock it sends my over the edge. If his mouth wasn’t over mine I’d of screamed from the pleasure. My cock convulses for what seem forever, filling him with my love. My body continues to shake even after the eruptions subside. I feel like it’s the end of the world and I’m at the zenith my existence, I never knew it could feel this good! I didn't know that I could feel so much love.

I am in love! I know that’s wrong to be in love with another boy, but I don’t care at the moment: I’m in love.  I want to shout it out to the world, but only manage to whisper it, “ I love you too Johnny!” I wrap my arms around his beautiful body and pull him into a crushing embrace, my still very hard cock imbedded in his amazing body.

I lean back exhausted onto the decking pulling Johnny with me.

“Thank you Jimmy, I really needed to hear you say that!” Johnny whispers as we drift into sleep, ignoring our surroundings and the dropping temperature, unaware of watching eyes.

Demons terrorize my dreams as I sleep entangled in Johnny’s warm embrace. My subconscious fighting against me:  Not only by God but also by myself I am Damned to Hell for what I had just done.

My head shot up hearing, “What the FUCK!”

To be continued…

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