Chapter 4. Finally! Sorry to take so long, but spring came around. It’s only going to get harder as summer approaches and beach season starts: Rehoboth, here I come! Hmm… makes me think… I have great tales of escapades at the beach, more stories to write.  Anyway, hope you all enjoy this next installment of Damned to Hell. 

Damned to Hell

By S.R. Betts

Chapter 4: Caught in the Act.

Aaron stood screaming just feet from where Johnny and I lay still embracing. “What the Fuck Jimmy? Morgan? How could you? No! I didn’t… I can’t believe!”

Inebriated and exhausted Johnny and I try to pull ourselves together under Aarons scrutiny. Seconds later the outside lights go on flooding the backyard with light.

Naked and covered in mostly dry cum we scramble to find clothing as Mr. Morgan steps out onto the back deck.

“What’s going on boys?”

With tears now visibly rolling down Aarons face under the glowing light, the shock still very visible on Aaron’s flush face as he screams at us. “Christa thought she saw, but I didn’t want to believe her… I… I had to prove her wrong… Jimmy you’re not a Faggot! No, No, No Fuck way!”

“JJ, Jim! What the hell is going on out here and why Aaron yelling …” Mr. Morgan’s voice cut short as he got a better understanding the view that clearly said something was definitely afoul.

“Ok, all of you. Inside. Now!”

Aaron keeps shaking his head, stepping backward away from the horrifying scene before him. “I… I, this can’t be!” He takes one more step backwards and turns and runs.

“Aaron wait!” I yell in vain, but he is already gone.  God, what have I done? What have we done? This is surely Gods punishment for our sins. This shouldn’t have happened. I shouldn’t have let this happen. Tears openly gush from my eyes as I fumble looking for my clothes. I am tempted to run too, but have not he heart or the energy.  My life is over.

Johnny passes me my jeans, it’s the first I look at him in the eye since or surprise wake up. His hurting eyes plead forgiveness. Why O’ God is it wrong to love him? Why did I have to ruin our lives?


“Dad gives us a moment; we’ll be in, we’re not going anywhere.”

“Best be getting out of the spot light.” Mr. Morgan turns and returns to the house. Johnny’s mom holds opens the door for him to go back inside.

“Jimmy, I, I love you; I love you with all my heart! Please tell me that no matter what happens that you’ll talk to me, that you talk to me after tonight: That you won’t go and do, go and do something stupid. I love you so much Jimmy! I don’t want to be with out you!”

He pulls me into an embrace.  Not sure what to do, I hesitate but give in and hug him too! Our cold chests press close enough to feel our mutually racing hearts.

My head is throbbing with merciless pain. It hurts to even think about trying to think.  I don’t however have to think to know my world is in shambles, yet I feel Johnny in my arms and I feel his love and my love for him. If only that was enough.

“Johnny I love you too, but this is so… this is too much right now.” I start to push away.

“I know Jimmy.” He searches my eyes for hope. “Lets go inside before we get our ass beat any worse then they already are going to be.”

He lets go of the embrace and wet towels both our chests and faces before we head inside.

The world moves around me. I feel nothing; I hear nothing. I am a zombie in my own existence.  Somehow I end up inside with Johnny, sitting the den on the sofa.

I am handed some orange juice and instructed to drink. I taste nothing as I slowly swallow the contents of the glass.

The light from the corner lamp casts shadows on the walls that seem to taunt me like angry demons.  They seem to ever so slowly creep closer and closer towards me.

Mr. Morgan is ranting like a mad man: Gibberish in the tongues of satin himself. 

God, please! Please forgive my sins!

The shadows leap at me and grab my arms. It is too late to be forgiven. I am going to hell.

I am smothered by the shadows and I am cold and motionless.

I am dreaming. No, this is not a dream: I am being tried for my crimes in the courts of good and evil.

Johnny’s sweet lips are again against mine. They feel divine. They are full of love and passion. I am guilty of loving him God; I am ready to accept my punishment.

The kiss comes to an end and reality comes rushing back to my head too quickly, almost winding me.

I am staring in those amazing blue eyes; they are naked hiding no secrets, harboring no shame, swelling with love. I am at peace. Once again I am saved by those beautiful eyes.

“Jimmy! Jimmy! Please answer me, Jimmy!”

“Hey” I manage to whisper out. I realize I am wrapped in a heavy blanket and drenched in sweat. I am hot, but feel the heat rapidly leaving my body again.

“Don’t scare me like that Jimmy! You where totally freaking me. You stared shaking and wouldn’t stop. You weren’t listening to a word Dad and I was saying to you, you just wouldn’t respond. He almost called an ambulance.” Johnny ramble on,  “He’ll be back in a few minutes, he had to go out for a smoke to calm his nerves.”

“What’s he going to do to us?”

“He’s not going to do anything! You didn’t hear anything did you?”

“Hear what?”

“Dad’s little speech... Being responsible adults… Being aware of our actions and prepared for the consequences… Discretion… Cleaning up our own messes?
You really didn’t hear a word did you?”

“No, I really didn’t. I thought I was being tried… Oh, never mind. I kind of just was out of it. So, like he didn’t see? He doesn’t know what we did then? He…”

“He knows Jimmy.”

“HE KNOWS!” Oh God, he KNOWS!

“Calm down Jimmy! He already knew about me. So, there’s like no big shock for him to catch me with you.”

“What do you mean, he knows about you? He knows WHAT about you? He knows what about US?”

“He knows I gay. He's known since before we moved here. Now he knows that we’re together…”

“GAY! I’m not gay!” I’m not gay. I’m not, am I?

“Jimmy! Chill man! Fine, you’re not gay, but I am though Jimmy. You have a problem with that?” Johnny getting upset himself, “I thought you said you loved me Jimmy?”

“I DO LOVE YOU! I’m just NOT GAY!”  I yell in frustration, but not wanting to hurt Johnny; I do love him.

“Well I’m glad to hear that you love my son Jimmy, but I don’t think you need to keep the entire household up to telling him so.” Mr. Morgan had come back in from his smoke unheard. God, could this night get any worse? Flames of embarrassment flashed through my whole body.  “And I take it you’re feeling better, I guess we can cancel emergency services? If so, why do you boys get some sleep, I know it’s the weekend but the rest of us are tired.”

“Oh God, he does know.”  I burry my head into Johnny’s comforting chest.

“Come on lover boy, let’s go out to the cabana, where we can have some privacy and talk.”

Lover boy? I was his lover boy now? I guess that’s not so bad. I was dead tired, but I definitely needed to talk. Johnny pulls me up from the sofa and drags me out to his bedroom in the cabana where he plunks me down on his bed and proceeds to jump on top of me.

“So you love me?”

“Yes, you crazy mother-fucker!” I guess after the hot tub, cursing didn’t worry me any more.

“But you’re not gay?” A smirk appears across his face.

“Johnny isn’t it good enough that I love you? The rest is a lot to deal with right now. I just don’t know what I am right now. And it hurts my head to think about it too much.”

“Ok, chill lover boy. I wasn’t trying to interrogate you. I just needed to make sure you weren’t bailing on me.” Johnny defended his inquisition with a huge smile plastered on his face.  Then pauses a moment as he stared into my eyes and requests, “Kiss me!”

I stop myself before I ask him why, lean my head upward to press my lips against his. Our lips part and my tongue slips eagerly into his welcoming mouth, meanwhile our arms automatically seek to wrap around each other completing our lip locked embrace. Damn this is good!

It didn’t take long for the kiss to escalate into hot and heavy make-out session. Our shirts still lost out by the hot tube our naked chests rubbing against hard muscle against hard muscle. Our jean-covered groins soon found there own motion of grinding back and forth, press our rising manhood solidly against the other; our leg entwined and our bare feet mindlessly playing footsy. Neither of us were in any rush, we both just want to express and share our love.

Eventually Johnny slows to lift his torso up slightly above mine and pulls my arms up and pins them over my head, then returns his lips to torture first my lips then works them down my neck and up to my earlobes; electric stocks pulsate with each tender nip and tease.

My mind is floating in a surreal place, with no thoughts other to enjoy and to please my lover. Soft moans escape my body signally to Johnny my tremendous pleasure at his ministrations.

I gasp as those lips travel further, biting my shoulders then leaving an evaporating trail of moisture down to my nipples, which prompts them to go erect as he sucks roughly against the small brown nubs. Back and forth he works until my back is completely arched from the bed and my moans turn to grunts of heated passion.

To my utter surprise Johnny dives into my armpits and takes a large sucking bit.  I squeal in delight of the unexpected pleasure. Pit to pit then down my ribcage across my stomach and taught abs, ending with his tongue buried in my belly button. If my body wasn’t on such a high I would probably laughed at the sensation, but instead it made me groan and bit my lips.

Over the next half hour Johnny removes my jeans and works down my body completely to my toes and back up to untouched thighs and scrotum. I am almost delirious in ecstasy by the time he starts sucking my balls into his burning mouth, and when he finally put his lips to my cock I have to fight to just not explode.

Realizing my state of closeness Johnny give me time to relax before he returning to work the length of my cock with his swirling tongue. His hands fondle my balls and ass as he slides his mouth up to the tip of the head, slurping my precum, and then back down to my pubs. He takes me close to orgasm several times before I fight back and roll him over onto his back to return the favor.

I straddle above his naked body with his arms now pinned above his head like he had me before, his jeans long gone with mine onto the floor. My eyes devourer is beautiful body as I watch him squirm beneath me as my ragging erection teasingly swings back and forth against his stomach, leaving a trail of never ending precum in its wake. I seek and loose myself in his loving blue eyes as I descend to assault is body just like he had mine.

Wow, he tastes so good: Strong, sweet and masculine. I taste everywhere I can, each place having it unique taste, scent and reaction. I drag my tongue from the pulsing vain on his neck down across his torso, making sure give equal attention to each of his perky nipples: The salt of his body and the faint taste of dry cum only heightening my enjoyment of savoring his body. I resist the temptation of going for the prize and work my tongue down his abs onto his meaty leg finding his inter-thigh. The unmistakable male scent fills my nose as I chew my way to the tender flesh just under his scrotum.

Johnny thrashes and moans uncontrollably as I feast on what appears to be our favorite new hot spot on his body and he frantically jerks his cock with his now free hand.

“Fuck, Jimmy! I’m going to cum if you don’t stop!” He stops jerking and attempts to pull me back up to his face. I cannot resist running my tongue up his manhood and licking up his precum one last time as I side back up his body for another kiss. His leg spread wide to accommodate my body. My cock slides down under him pressing up hard against his ass as we kiss.

“I want you inside me Jimmy! I want you to make love to me. I want you to fill me with your love.”

I needed no more invitation. I want to be inside his sweet tight ass again so bad it hurts.  Natural instincts take control of me again as I hike up his legs exposing his almost hairless ass before me. I rub my oozing cock against his crack, slicking it up with my precum.

Remembering him using his own spit for lube I generously spit into my hand and work my salvia into his puckering hole.  I quickly work one, two, then tree fingers into his tight wet hole. I feel his anal ring contracting around my fingers. Neither of us can wait any longer.

I slide my fingers out and place the tip of my cock against his entrance. I look dept into Johnny’s eyes for guidance; reading his desire, I push slowly into him, never breaking our unspoken communication with our eyes. I ease into him lovingly, prepared to stop at his indication but never having to before I fully buried inside him with my balls firmly squished between us.

I bend him over pinning his rigid cock between our stomachs and bury my tongue in his mouth at the same time that I am impaling his ass. God, what an incredible feeling to be so deep inside some you love.

I start to slide my cock slightly in and out of him and he responds by wrapping his muscular legs abound my back, grabbing my ass with his strong quarterback hands and sucking madly at my intruding tongue.

Sweat pours off our bodies as I build up the pace of grinding my cock into him. I feel his body tense as a deep moan sounds from deep inside his body s his body. Suddenly his body just spasms wildly, he breaks our kiss to scream out in ecstasy, “Fuck Jimmy! Fuck! Fuck me hard Jimmy. Fuck me really hard.”

I lean back and start slamming my cock into him in deep, long strides almost pulling my cock out of him on each stroke. His cock is shooting cum everywhere and his ass is cramping down hard on my cock.

As I reach orgasm I scream out in ecstasy too. Pumping half my load inside him and then pulling out to grab hold of my cock and shot the remaining cum all across his face and body.

Exhausted I fall on top of Johnny’s sweat and cum soaked body. My lips seek his to share in the post orgasmic bliss. I taste my own cum in his mouth as I probe with my tongue.
God I was never going to get enough of this!

I was happy for the moment to just be with Johnny and not think. I sleep like a baby in his arms, sticky and full of love.

Then next morning however, I awake with splitting headache and to an oblivious fight between Johnny and my best friend.

“I didn’t do anything to him Aaron!”

“The Fuck you didn’t Morgan! I known Jimmy my entire fucking life you fucking asshole. He’s MY Fucking best friend! I know he’d NEVER do anything like this! EVER! He’s got a Girlfriend! He’s not GAY! AND you are not going to make him Gay!
Go the fuck back into the hole you crawled out of and stay the fuck away from him you FAGGOT!”

I couldn’t see who swung first, but I jumped across the room as I saw blood splatter across the sliding door glass.

To be continued…