This story is fiction. It depicts, sometimes explicitly, sex between teenage boys, between boys and men, and between boys and females, both teenage and adult. If you find such things offensive, or reading such things is illegal where you live, please read no further.

XXIX. Charlie's Mistake

The boys' first day back in Daytona, Josh's first day ever in Florida, was indeed a total barn burner! The sky was sunny, the temperature in the mid 80's, which for late October totally blew Josh away! He did not own any shorts that fit, nor could anyone provide him with any, so he settled for a slightly too-small Speedo bathing suit, which suited his four companions just fine! For a twelve year old, he filled a Speedo very well! But the highlight of the day, as if to welcome the newcomer to Florida, their old hands home, the fish were biting with a vengeance!

In addition to the five boys, Clarke and Nancy had announced that they too wanted to fish today. Emily Fawcett said she had no interest in fishing, didn't particularly like boats, and besides, there were lots of Sunday sales, and Josh needed clothes desperately. "I was planning to take him shopping tomorrow," Nancy said. "You don't need to be using your time to take care of the boys."

"I know I don't need to," Emily answered, "but the child needs clothes, and I don't like to fish anyway. You folks just go ahead, and I'll pick up what I can for him."

"We should take both boats," Sean suggested. "Seven people fishing out of one boat is kinda iffy at best."

"No problem," Dan replied. "You've trained me to death on the handling of those boats. I think I could run one blindfolded."

"Maybe not today," Sean said with a grin.

Once they got to where they were going, all seven were back in the "big" boat again, watching Sean as he taught Josh to fish. Josh had never been fishing in his life and wasn't even sure he wanted to start, until Sean began to teach him. Sean was one of those totally self confident individuals who had the patience, the will, that he could gain the trust of a piece of granite!

When Josh began pulling in four and five pound catfish, the look on his face, the beaming smile, the astonishment, were worth all the trouble of the past three months, all the expenses, all the waiting. This, Charlie said as he gave Dan an unashamed hug, was really living!

After they had caught all the fish they could handle, they went water skiing. This, Sean explained, was what this boat was really built for! In no time at all, Sean had everyone, even Josh, Clarke and Nancy, skiing like veterans. The boat could easily pull three skiers at once, but there were only two pair of skis. "No problem," Sean said, "I don't need 'em." And then all aboard the boat were treated to an activity they hadn't even known existed: barefoot water skiing. "Man!" Jerry said proudly, tears of joy in his eyes, "is he something, or what!"

"Yeah," Dan agreed with admiration, "He certainly is!"

Sunday evening, and the Edwards home was again full of people. The Jenkins' were there, and so was the Dalzell family. The oldest of Chuck's boys was off at college, but the other two had come with Chuck and his wife. The occasion, of course, was a fish fry. Fresh catfish was the fare, and plenty for all! They all soon learned that Sean's fishing skill didn't end with getting the fish in the boat! He could prepare and cook them as well as any chef in Florida, and loved doing it!

"What a day!" Dan exclaimed as he exited the shower and plopped on the bed, still naked. "Did you see the look on Josh's face when he caught that big cat?"

"Yeah," Charlie chuckled. "It was almost as much of a surprise as the look on your face when you realized it was bigger than any you've ever caught."

"Laugh all you want! But it sure feels good to see that little guy having so much fun! And you said yourself, his first twelve years haven't been much fun."

"Yeah, you're right. He seems so totally happy here. Sometimes I wonder if all that trouble was brought to us so we could meet Josh. By the way, how come he suddenly decided to try sleeping in his own room?"

"I dunno, Charlie. I guess he was tired. He was pretty excited about having his own room. Of course I might've helped a little. I sorta promised him you'd take him to school in the Mustang in the morning, with the top down."

"Dan, he's not even registered in school yet!"

"Oh yeah, that's right. Do you suppose the little con artist knew we wanted to be alone?"

"Where would he ever get an idea like that?"

"Could be he noticed you've always got your hand on my hard on, like now."

"You got a problem with that?"

"Matter of fact, I do. I got lots of other uses for it besides just filling your hand"

Dan would have elaborated, but he couldn't. His lips were sealed against Charlie's, his mouth full of Charlie's tongue. It hadn't been that long, really, but it seemed like forever since they'd been able to just lie in bed together, kiss deeply and passionately, and let nature take its course. Tomorrow would see them back in the frantic world of high school, particularly frantic for Charlie as he worked to catch up on the six weeks he'd lost; but tonight was for two lovers. Tonight Charlie just couldn't get comfortable until he had all seven inches of Dan's ample equipment sliding down his throat. But first there was the business of the kisses that were, for some reason, sweeter tonight than they had ever been.

"We really oughta get some sleep," Dan murmured when their lips parted.

"That's all well and fine," Charlie answered. "What do we do with those flint hard things of ours that are having their own little duel down there?"

"Let me think about it. In the meantime, kiss me!"

"I love you, Danny Edwards."

"I love you too, Chah-wee Nelson Edwards"

Their bodies were on fire, and perfectly in tune. Each knew what the other would do and how to respond to the maximum. Charlie kissed Dan's neck lightly, his hot breath causing Dan to quiver and moan. Somehow Dan knew precisely what was coming, and he was powerless to control it, so he just rode the wave.

Charlie's journey down Dan's body was a little quicker than usual tonight. He stopped briefly and suckled each nipple until they were both standing erect. He kissed his way down the muscular, hairless chest, traced the faint dark line of hair to the navel where he lingered, slobbering, nuzzling, licking. Charlie's left hand was gently kneading Dan's scrotum while the fingers of his right were teasing his anal opening. But there would be no penetration tonight and they both knew it; Charlie had something far more erotic, much more intimate in mind.

Dan's hands were caressing Charlie's back, his neck, the back of his head. Charlie could tell by the touch that he was giving excruciating pleasure, and that gave him even more pleasure. He continued his journey. He was anxious now to reach his goal, but he lingered, running his tongue through the pubic hair he'd encountered. He knew Dan loved it when he took some of that hair between tightly clamped lips and pulled. As he did it, he made sure his hot breath was landing where his lips would soon be.

When Dan finally felt the hot wetness of Charlie's mouth close on his erection, he moaned loudly, then concentrated on relaxing which was not easy, considering what was coming.

Charlie lowered his head into Dan's groin until he bottomed out with his nose buried in the hair, at least two inches of Dan's instrument in his throat. He lay still for a moment, then growled a long, low, guttural growl. The vibration of Charlie's vocal chords were giving Dan sensations that were driving him almost out of control, yet he could not move for fear of disrupting the mood, the physical contact that was so special.

Charlie raised his head until only the first inch was still in his mouth. Using a combination of suction and tongue probing, he managed pull Dan's foreskin away from the tip and get his tongue under it. He encircled the end between velvety softness of the glans and the inside of the foreskin, finally coming to rest on the underside, the most sensitive area anywhere on Dan's penis. He sucked harder. He pushed the head into the roof of his mouth, then began massaging that sensitive under side with his tongue. Dan's entire body was trembling; they both knew he wouldn't last much longer.

Charlie had three ways of knowing that the thing in his mouth was about to explode. The tremors in Dan's body suddenly stopped, as if the calm before the storm; His already swollen penis expanded a little more; Dan began making a high pitched squeaking sound as if he suddenly couldn't breathe. Charlie gently but firmly drove his finger all the way into Dan's anus and began massaging his prostrate. Just as he touched it, there was a violent lurch of the body under him, and his mouth was being flooded with the thick creamy fluid he'd been expecting. There were four forceful volleys, then three or four smaller ones, leaving Charlie's mouth full to overflowing. Still more ejaculate oozed out of Dan, who was all but paralyzed.

When the storm had finally subsided, Charlie rested his head on Dan's abdomen, the thing in his mouth wilting rapidly. He wasn't quite ready to release it yet. Every time he did this it was as if it were the first time, and the last! He couldn't bear to end it, for fear it would never happen again. Finally he did release it, then slipped up and kissed Dan full on the lips, his mouth still full of Dan's emission. Another soft moan and tight embrace from Dan as he tasted and felt the mixture of his own semen and Charlie's saliva enter his mouth. They held the kiss, neither moving so much as an eyebrow, for five minutes.

"One of these days," Dan said when they were lying in each other's arms, still enjoying the euphoria that always followed their lovemaking, "you're gonna give me a stroke when you do that."

"That mean you'd rather I not do it any more?"

"I'll allow you to keep at it for another couple hundred years, to make sure I have all the facts. Then I'll decide."

"I love you, Danny!"

"Yeah, I kinda figured that. I love you too, Chah-wee!"

"Dan, when you call me that, it makes me so... so... horny for you! I dunno why, but... I just feel so close to you when you call me that!"

"Really? You mean you like it?"

"Chah-wee WUVES it!"

"Ok, Chah-wee, I just got a new pet name for you. Ok?"

"You got it, Danny! But only you, ok?"

"Ok by me, Chah-wee!"

The next three weeks were pretty intense for five boys. They got Josh enrolled in a private school, at the recommendation of Mr. Tanner. There were no junior high schools, he explained, that prepared kids properly for what he had to offer; but there was a private school with which he'd worked closely in the past. If they knew a student was destined for Jackson Memorial High, they would take appropriate steps to prepare him properly.

Josh's grades had been, at the very best, unimpressive. But everyone was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, and he didn't disappoint them. In no time at all he was performing at grade level and above, and showing none of the behavior and attitude problems that his former schools had reported.

Charlie fared no worse. The school had sent him regular assignments during his incarceration in Nova Scotia, and he had performed them faithfully as best he could. Now back in school, he had caught up within two weeks and was back in the regular stream. Mr. Tanner had added two music classes to Charlie's curriculum, reasoning that Charlie could benefit from any and all music training, given what everyone seemed to believe was his inevitable future.

"Todd?" Charlie said into the phone. It was early November: a year, almost to the day, since he and Dan had fled the little camp in the woods in Nova Scotia.

"Hi, Charlie," Todd answered. "What's up?"

"How soon can you and the guys get down here? I mean, lock, stock, barrel, instruments, everything!"

"Gee, I dunno, Charlie. We had pretty well planned on leaving right after Christmas. Is that a problem?"

"Yeah, Todd, it is. You want a recording contract, right? You want to go professional, right?"

"Charlie, you know we do."

"Then get your ass down here, NOW! We've been offered a gig in three weeks, man! I was at this shindig last year and it's BIG! Do you remember Jane Rawlings?"

"Shit, man, everyone in Truro remembers Jane Rawlings. That's that gorgeous redhead that got up in court and told the world that she and you..."

"Yeah, that's her. Well, she's managed to get me an offer to provide the music... I mean dinner music, dance music, the whole thing! I was there last year, Todd! Trust me, you never saw so many tuxedos in your freakin' life! We do this right and we're on our way!"

"Charlie, I don't know... I mean, I'm not sure..."

"I already said we'd do it, Todd! Do you want this or not?"

"I want it, Charlie. It's just..."

"Just what, Todd? You're afraid? Dammit, man! You know what Dan and I did exactly a year ago. Maybe it's some sort of sign that this happened exactly a year ago. Don't you think we were scared when we left town? Don't you think we were terrified out of our fuckin' minds? But we wanted each other, and leaving was the only way! How much do you want this, Todd? You and the band gave me so much confidence! You forced me to believe in myself! Now I find out that you don't believe in YOURSELF? What gives, Todd?"

"You... you're right, Charlie. I'll call you tomorrow to let you know when we're arriving. But we'll be there for sure within a week."

"Cool, man! We're on our way, Todd! Trust me!"

"Don't you think you were kinda hard on him?" Dan asked when Charlie hung up.

"Yeah, I probably was. But he pissed me off! He got me all cranked up on this music stuff, the band, recording. And then when he gets a break he starts waffling! I would've been perfectly content to never sing another note! But he put the desire into me! He made me see that I had something worth doing! He..."

"Hey, man, you don't have to convince me. I'm with you all the way, Chah-wee!"

"Don't get me started, Dan!"

"Give me one reason why I shouldn't!"

"Dan, you're incorrigible!"

"Nope, just in love. And right now, very very horny!"

"Seriously, Dan," Charlie said, "I think we both know what Jane has planned for that fancy party. She made it possible for me and the band to do the dinner and dance, but... Dan, she wants me to be her date!"

"I know, Chah-wee. She wants you to fuck her raw! Shit, I can relate, so do I!"

"Dan, we're not in that business any more! I was hoping..."

"Chah-wee," Dan said as he took both Charlie's hands in his, "we got into the prostitution business because we had to. I wasn't thrilled with it, but I knew we really didn't have an option. One of the many good things to come out of that business was our association with Jane. Think about it, Charlie! Look at where we are now, and where we could have been! Think about how much of what we have, what we are, is a direct result of knowing Jane! We owe her big time, Charlie! At first I thought she was just charming us so she'd have a guaranteed sex partner. I mean, the Mustang, the trips to New Orleans, California, the encounters here in Daytona... I thought it was just pure sex and she cared nothing about us other than what we could do for her and her friends in the sack. But it's far more than that, Charlie! Do you have even the vaguest concept what it cost to charter a plane to fly all those people to Truro and back? She cares about us, Charlie! So if she can get some enjoyment from a romp in the hay with you, I'm certainly not gonna stand in your way."

"So you think that all this is because Jane and I slept together?"

"No, Charlie! Shit, man, that's not it at all! There's no question that she's in love with you. You've told her over and over how it is, but she still loves you. She cares about all of us, but she LOVES YOU! So sleep with her! Make love to her! Don't you owe her at least that much? Well, let me qualify that. Don't fuck her because of what it'll get you. But if you love her, than MAKE LOVE TO HER! I can handle it, Charlie. And you've gotta agree, she's been awful good to us!"

Todd did call. He told Charlie they would all be leaving in two days. They had to service their old station wagon, then rent a trailer for all the equipment, but that Charlie should expect them in four to five days. No problem, Charlie told him, he would have a place for them to stay when they arrived. Another benefit of having a dad in the real estate business: Charlie had ready access to things like townhouses that were vacant. Two days later things changed once more.

Charlie had been out shopping for new clothes. He wasn't sure what the band would think of it, but the dinner/dance he'd arranged was formal, and the band would be expected to wear at the very least a conservative suit and tie. Charlie had decided to take the lead and show them what was expected, so he had bought himself and Josh a dark suit for the occasion. All his formal clothes had been damaged in the fire, so he was starting over with his wardrobe. When he got home he was met with a very empty house. He was beginning to think he was all alone when Sean appeared from the kitchen, wearing only a Speedo bathing suit. It was not at all uncommon for Sean to train two hours at the school pool, then come home and train two hours more. He always wore a bathing suit when training because, he said, he didn't want to get used to swimming without the extra drag. His very clear choice, he'd said repeatedly, would be to compete naked; but he doubted that he would see that happen any time soon.

Charlie was sorry he'd missed Sean's practice. He loved to sit and watch the powerful swimmer going back and forth in the pool, gliding through the water as gracefully as any dolphin. Sean was incredibly handsome; but in the water he was nothing short of beautiful. The fact is they all loved to watch him, even Josh!

"Where is everybody?" Charlie asked.

"All gone," Sean answered. Your dad had to go to Orlando quite suddenly, and he took Dan with him. Something about a big land deal that couldn't wait. Hey said they'd be back late tonight. Jerry went off to do some studying with someone at the library. Our mom's took Josh downtown to get him some more clothes. I swear they spoil that kid so bad!"

"Yeah," Charlie agreed. "He's worth it though. You gotta admit he looks pretty great in all those neat clothes."

"He's not the only one in this house that looks great," Sean said.

"If you're referring to me," Charlie answered, "I don't look half as good as you do. Man, you've got a body to kill for!"

"You don't have to kill for it," Sean said as he approached. "It's yours! Any time, any place! Actually I'm the one that was thinking of killing for your body."

"Are you kidding, man? Look at you! All muscular, tanned, strong as an ox..."

"And totally hot for you, Charlie! It wasn't enough that I have always found you really hot, but then Dan told me about that thing you do that sends him totally into orbit!"

"He told you?"

"Well, not exactly. He just said there's a thing you do. He wouldn't describe it because he said there weren't words to describe it. But he certainly got my interest."

Sean was showing signs that he was far more than just interested. The bulge in his groin was clearly evident through the Speedo he was wearing. He had made eye contact with Charlie and Charlie was having a lot of trouble breaking that contact. "Sean," he said defensively, "I'm not sure about all this. I mean, I get the feeling..."

"You get the feeling I want you? You bet I do!"

"But... what about Jerry?"

"Charlie, I really love Jerry! But you've got to understand, Jerry's had hundreds of partners! He's had so much experience, and all I've ever had is him! He's really great, but sometimes I get curious, you know?"

"Yeah, I guess. But, well... Dan and I..."

"You and Dan are the same. You guys are a legend. I don't think an earthquake could ever separate you guys. But you've had so much experience! I was just thinking, I mean, I'm not tryin' to break up with Jerry, and I know better than to try and break you and Dan. I was just thinking, I mean, I might learn some things about how to make Jerry happy. I love you, Charlie! I don't mean in any way threatening, but I do love you, and I think you love me the same way. I guess it's kinda like brothers. I'm sorry if I seemed to come on too strong. It's just..."

"I know, Sean. I've got to admit there've been times when I really wanted to get my hands on you. But I just don't know..."

"So put your hands on me, Charlie! Surely there's no harm in that! I know you admire my body. I admire yours too. It's not like, well, it's not feminine in any way, but, well, it's not all muscular like mine. You're just, like, well, more gentle I guess. I find you incredibly sexy! Surely just touching each other isn't wrong, is it?"

If Charlie had stopped to think, he would have known where this exchange was going. For that matter, so would Sean. But Sean's tanned, sculpted nature-boy type body had always been attractive to Charlie. From the first day they met, Charlie had wondered what it would be like to lie next to this young Florida adonis. Sean wasn't totally muscle bound like some body builders, but rather the picture of health and good conditioning. He had the sort of body that most, if not all, young teens aspire to, but few achieve. Perhaps it was a throwback to all that experience he'd had as a male escort; maybe he really thought he was doing Sean and Jerry a valuable service by giving Sean a little more experience. Maybe he didn't think at all, but merely acted on the urges that were strong within him.

Whatever the reason, Charlie soon found himself standing close to Sean, running his hands up Sean's arms, savoring the erotic feel of the steel hard biceps, roaming upward and confirming that the deltoids were just as firm, just as heavenly to touch. At the same time, Sean's hands were roaming over Charlie's back, up to his shoulders, down to his buttocks. Not to be outdone, Charlie allowed his hands to wander around to Sean's back, then down the rippling muscles to the two steely globes that were Sean's buttocks. Sean's body shivered slightly as Charlie manipulated those hard, round globes through the thin material of the bathing suit, utterly savoring their shape, their reaction to his touch, their beauty. When Charlie felt Sean's hot breath on his face, sensed the lips only an inch from his own, Charlie's resolve lay in tatters on the floor, along with his clothes. How and when they had fallen he didn't know, but there they were, on the floor.

"We should probably go upstairs," Charlie whispered after the first kiss. It was a kiss far sweeter than either could ever have imagined. It was a kiss that determined without question what was to come next.

Sean didn't answer. He sank to the floor where they stood and picked up Charlie's clothes. As he stood, he stopped long enough to kiss, then lick Charlie's erection. He stopped short of taking it full in his mouth, but stood straight and took Charlie's hand in his, and led him up the stairs and down the hall to his room. Charlie's last ounce of resolve vanished like hot breath on a frosty morning when Sean again wrapped his strong arms around him, kissed him deeply, then lifted him as easily as a feather duster and deposited him on his bed. He lay there looking up at Sean, still clad in his blue Speedo. He watched as Sean hooked his thumbs under the waistband and slowly pushed the bathing suit down and kicked out of it. Neither boy said a word; there was no need. They both knew what they wanted. Charlie lifted his legs as Sean fumbled in the bedside table for the bottle of petroleum jelly he kept there. He knelt on the bed, Charlie's legs on his shoulders. He lubricated himself and Charlie's waiting anus. "You sure?" he whispered hoarsely.

Charlie nodded. His eyes were closed, his heart beating like thunder. Sean slid one greased finger inside Charlie, withdrew it, then entered two, then three. Finally Charlie felt something different probing him, seeking entry. It was warmer, softer, and much thicker. He braced himself, concentrated on relaxing his sphincter. The head of Sean's ample penis popped past the ring of muscle. Charlie gasped. He felt Sean sliding in... sliding... sliding... "Ohhhh YESSSSSS!" he moaned as he felt himself being filled with Sean's flesh. He opened his eyes, looked into the angelic face that was Sean's. "Do it, man!" he whispered. Sean bent down with his supple body and kissed Charlie, then began sliding in and out, slowly, gently. Neither had ever felt anything so incredibly wonderful!

Predictably, neither participant lasted very long. This was the first time Charlie had accepted entry since before he was raped in the detention center. Dan had not pushed the issue, content to wait until he was sure Charlie was ready. Jerry had never learned to like anal sex the way Dan and Charlie did, so Sean had only experienced it twice before. Now as his orgasm built inside him, he could simply not imagine how anyone could not enjoy this! When he finally went over the edge, he shuddered violently as he emptied his load into

Charlie, which in turn send Charlie over the edge.

When Charlie could move again, he opened his eyes. He sensed, more than saw, a movement, something different, in the doorway. He looked more closely. There in the doorway, watching, was Jerry. "Welcome back to earth," he said.

"Jerry," Charlie said with a start, "I'm sorry. I mean, I didn't..."

"That's rather obvious, Charlie," Jerry answered. "Sean, I need to see you as soon as you can break free." He turned and walked down the hall.

Charlie and Sean could both hear him descending the stairs as they tried to get themselves untangled. "My God, Sean," Charlie moaned, "what have I done?"

"We, Charlie," Sean answered. "What have WE done? The answer is, I don't know." Sean hurriedly pulled on a pair of shorts and ran after Jerry.

Charlie lay on Sean's bed, still naked, thinking of what had just happened. There was no earthly way he could blame anyone but himself. But now what? Had he just been the instrument that would cause the breakup of two couples? How could he have been so stupid? So incredibly in heat? What the hell was wrong with him anyway?

Todd and the band were due to arrive tomorrow. Charlie and Josh would be completely tied up, preparing for the appearance that could well determine their future. How could Charlie sing when all he wanted to do was cry? How could he spend all his time with the band when he was going to need time to salvage whatever was left of his relationship with Dan? How could he have done such a thing? Was Charlie every bit the perverted weirdo that everyone seemed to think he was? And now, his sick perversion was going to affect Josh. Now, because Charlie couldn't control his sexual urges, his little brother Josh was going to pay. Josh loved to sing so much! And he was so incredibly talented! Charlie couldn't do that to Josh, could he?

Charlie walked as if in a daze to the room he shared with Dan. He groped around, eventually getting himself cleaned up and dressed. He wandered downstairs. Sean and Jerry were nowhere to be seen. He checked the pool. No one was there. He checked the boat house. Both boats were moored serenely. Jerry's Lincoln and Sean's beat-up Chevy were both in the driveway. What the heck? Suddenly a cold chill went down Charlie's spine. Suddenly he didn't want to know where they were. He was afraid.

Charlie ran out of the house as if it were on fire. He jumped into his Mustang... the beloved little red car he'd been given after a hot night of sex. Perhaps it was only fitting that he use it now. After all, this had been an afternoon of hot sex, hadn't it? He fired it up and drove out of the driveway.

* * *

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