This story is fiction. It depicts, sometimes explicitly, sex between teenage boys, between boys and men, and between boys and females, both teenage and adult. If you find such things offensive, or reading such things is illegal where you live, please read no further.

XXX. Dan's Return

Charlie drove around Daytona endlessly for two hours. He did what he absolutely loved to do. He stopped at a red light, the little Mustang idling peacefully. The light turned green. Foot almost to the floor. Not all the way down because that would burn rubber, and Charlie didn't want to burn rubber. He merely wanted to hear those dual headers growl, to speak to him! And speak to him they did, in that heart-throbbing, adrenaline-pumping, undeniable throaty throb that was a Ford V-8 with a high performance exhaust system. Charlie loved this little car! Sometimes he thought he loved his Mustang more than he loved any human being! This was one of those times. The car made no demands on him, save for periodic maintenance and gasoline in the tank. When he wanted it, it was there. When he didn't, it was content to sit in the garage until he called upon it. Could that be all bad? People were so complicated! One had to be constantly analyzing, second guessing, Will he be pissed of if I do this? Will I hurt his feelings if I do that?

On the other hand, this beautiful red thing with the throaty exhaust that could get the heart pumping twice its normal rate wasn't much of a companion when one needed some intimate comfort. When it came to cuddling up in bed, a Mustang didn't have much to offer. But right now, it wasn't obvious to Charlie that he had any other options either.

He thought about getting drunk. Not really an option when you're seventeen. Oh, he could go to the club, but almost everyone there knew him! And Charlie knew without any doubt that as soon as he started to get a little tipsy, there were dozens of friends in that club; good friends who would make sure that he got home safely, that he didn't drive, that those who loved him knew where he was. Right now, Charlie wasn't sure anyone loved him, and he definitely didn't love himself. He also didn't want anyone who knew him to know where he was. So he stayed sober and stayed away from the club. Instead, he pointed the Mustang to a gas station. For what he had in mind, he needed a full tank.

After filling up, Charlie headed the little car southward along the beach. He wasn't sure where he was going, but he was going to get there in record time. The little car literally flew along the almost deserted highway, giving every indication that it was pleased to be released and doing what it does best: going very fast, leaving a deep throaty exclamation to the world as it went. He glanced at his watch. Six PM, suppertime at the Edwards home. Charlie knew he'd be in trouble for missing mealtime with no explanation, but he reasoned that there had probably been an explanation by now, and one that he wouldn't be too proud of. Charlie had never, with all the things he had done, felt more ashamed, more stupid than he did now. He shoved the accelerator down some more. The speedometer needle crept past 90, the first time in Charlie's life he'd ever driven this fast.

Ok, he thought as the speedometer continued to climb, now I know what it's like to drive over a hundred miles per hour. Big fuckin' deal! So what's that got to do with the current price of tea in China? Or the cost of a good fuck in Daytona?

Charlie lifted his foot off the accelerator as the speedometer topped 110. This was so stupid, he thought. He had never been that much of a speed demon, in fact had always been a very good, very responsible driver. As the little red car he loved so much slowed down to 80, 70, 60, Charlie thought for the first time in his life, Dammit, I AM a good driver! And I owe that to my father! I never took drivers ed, didn't have to! I had my father! If I could satisfy him, I could satisfy any driver examiner in the country! So why the hell am I acting so stupid now? I know what I have to do, and as much as it's gonna hurt, I've gotta do it!

Dinner time was very interesting in the Edwards home. Josh was so excited over all the new clothes he'd got, plus the dark suit Charlie had left for him, plus the prospect of the band arriving tomorrow, he could be considered hyper. Sean and Jerry were very quiet, almost mute. Sean's eyes were read and bloodshot as if he'd been crying. Dan and his father were still not back from Orlando, and Charlie was simply among the missing. The two mothers, Nancy and Emily, had questioned Sean and Jerry, but had learned nothing. Being mothers, they knew there was more to all this than they knew; but being mothers, they also knew there was no way they would learn any more until their sons were good and ready to tell them.

"Where in the world could he have gone?" Clarke Edwards asked at 11 PM when he and Dan got home.

"He was pretty upset," Jerry answered. "I really don't have a clue where he might be. We were kinda hanging around the house, hoping we'd hear from him."

"But, what upset him?"

"Nerves, I think," Jerry answered before Sean had a chance to say anything. "The band's coming in tomorrow, and he wants this to work so bad, but I think he's afraid he'll ruin it for himself and Josh too." Jerry had directed Sean in no uncertain terms that the rest of the family needn't know what had happened, at least until they knew where Charlie had gone.

"Well," Dan said emphatically, "I'm not about to sit around here and just wait for him to show up. I've got a few ideas where he might be and I'm gonna check them out. Can I use your car, Jerry?"

"I'll drive you, Jerry replied. "That way you can do more looking while I keep the car on the road."

"I'm comin' too!" Josh proclaimed.

"You're stayin' here with me," Sean answered. He had already surmised that Jerry would not want him along. He wasn't sure precisely what Jerry was going to tell Dan, but whatever it was, he'd just have to deal with it. "You've got homework," he reminded Josh.

"But it's Friday night!"

"The night before the band gets here. You're doin' your homework, little brother!"

Charlie discovered it took a lot longer to get back to Daytona than he'd expected. He had been driving over an hour and a half, at around one hundred miles per hour! Now, returning at a more sane speed, he found it took over two hours to get back to town. Once there, he headed directly to the club.

"Hi, Charlie," Roger the bartender said jovially when Charlie sat down on a stool. "You're alone?"

"Yeah," Charlie answered, "I'm alone."

"Damn!" Roger said, "I don't think I can remember you ever coming in here alone before."

"Well, I'm alone now," Charlie said gloomily. "Give me a Bud, please Roger."

"Where are all those gorgeous brothers of yours? Man, you and Jer and Dan have to be the luckiest queers on the planet!"

"Yeah," Charlie said blankly, "lucky. Real lucky! So lucky it's all not enough. I had to go fuck it all up! Keyword here is 'WERE,' Roger. We WERE lucky, 'til I fucked it." He drained the beer he'd been given.

Roger had discovered months ago, actually about the time Charlie and Dan had made their first appearance at the club, that he was no bartender. Her had taken the job because he was more or less desperate. He was gay, had been pretty well run out of the small town he called home in Michigan, and had stumbled on this club in Daytona. He'd had a little experience tending bar and had allowed himself to be convinced that he'd pick up what he needed to know. Indeed he did pick up the mechanics of mixing and serving drinks. But the part he could never get used to, always felt totally inadequate, was when one of the regulars, like Charlie was doing now, came in totally devastated by some incident in their lives. More often than not, it was someone's rejection at home because he was gay. But Charlie had got over all that, was rebuilding his life with his adopted family. So now what in the world had happened? "Charlie," Roger said as Charlie slid the mug toward him, a signal that he wanted a refill, "I think you need a friend much more than you need that mug filled. Man, you drained that thing in one gulp!"

Charlie didn't argue. Roger signaled a co-worker to take over, then came out from behind the bar and took Charlie by the hand. "C'mon, my friend," he said, "you and I have a date in the back room."

"Long as there's something to drink there," Charlie replied.

Once in the Lincoln, Jerry told Dan what had happened. "I didn't want to get the others involved," he explained. "I thought if we could work it all out amongst ourselves, it would be better for everyone."

"Yeah," Dan replied, "makes sense, Jer. Thanks. But where in the world could he be? It's getting real late, and I don't have the vaguest idea where to look."

"I was kinda hoping you and he might have some secret place you used to go, you know, when you wanted to be alone, when you wanted to talk or just be by yourselves."

"There were a couple places like that," Dan answered. "I wouldn't say they were really special, but..."

"Let's go," Jerry said. "Knowing his love for the ocean, I assume they were all somewhere near the water. Just tell me where, and you watch for the Mustang."

It was almost three AM when they finally spotted the little red convertible, top still down, apparently unoccupied. It was not parked near the ocean at all, but on a bluff overlooking a smallish lake about twenty miles from Daytona. Dan had remembered one night when Charlie had taken him here after one of Charlie's tricks had shown him the place. On a night like tonight: not too warm, clear sky, almost full moon, they had both been impressed by its beauty; and few people ever came here. Even when someone else did appear, they were very definitely here with love on their minds, so no one bothered anyone else. Jerry pulled the Lincoln to within fifty feet or so of the Mustang, then stopped and killed the engine and the lights. Dan got out of the care quietly and walked up to the Mustang, terrified of what he might find there.

Jerry sat in his Lincoln, lights out, engine dead, and watched Dan as he walked slowly, almost stealthily toward the little red Mustang. He shuddered as he thought what must be going through Dan's mind. What would he find in that car? And if, as he suspected could possibly be the case, Charlie had done something drastic, how would they all handle it? Obviously Dan would be devastated. But so would Josh! Jerry! And Sean! Jerry and Sean had made their peace, but Jerry knew Sean wasn't even close to being at peace with himself. He wouldn't be either, until he knew Charlie was all right. Jerry would know the answer to that question any second now. Dan was getting close enough to the car to see inside. Still, he hadn't given any signal.

When Dan had got close enough to the car to see who, if anyone, was in it, he paused briefly to gather his nerves, then he looked inside. Charlie was there, behind the wheel. His head was down, chin on chest. Dan knew by its angle that Charlie was asleep, or unconscious, or... Dan's entire body shuddered as he thought of the D- word. No, Charlie wasn't the kind to take his own life... was he?

Dan wasn't sure how to proceed. Should he just call Charlie's name? Perhaps shake him gently? Well, he did neither. He gently opened the passenger door and slid into the seat, then as quietly as possible he closed the door. Now he could hear Charlie's breathing. Relief number one.

He looked around the car for signs that Charlie had taken something. There were no pill bottles, empty liquor bottles, nothing to suggest an act of self destruction. Now Dan was starting to feel better, and much braver. Now he felt he could handle whatever the situation was, so he gently placed his hand on Charlie's shoulder. He felt the shoulder lurch slightly. Charlie raised his head slowly and opened his eyes. "D-dan?" he said sleepily. "What in the world..."

"Are you ok, Charlie?" Dan asked.

"Yeah," Charlie answered. "I guess I musta fallen asleep. I came up here 'cause I had a lot of thinking to do. It's always so peaceful here. But how did you... I mean..."

"We've been here together, Charlie. I know about what happened. I kinda figured you'd come to a place like this." Dan raised his hand to signal Jerry that all was ok. He heard the door of the Lincoln open and footsteps as Jerry approached. "I'm gonna stay here with Charlie a while, Jer," Dan said. "Thanks for helping me find him."

"Jerry?" Charlie said with a start. "Jerry, I'm so sorry..."

"Not now, Charlie," Jerry answered. "You and Dan have some talking to do. I'll go home and cover for you guys. Take as much time as you need."

"You scared the crap outa us!" Dan scolded after Jerry was gone. "Don't you ever take off like that again! Please?"

"Dan, I guess I just sorta panicked. I mean, first Sean and I... well, we kinda got carried away, then Jerry showed up, then they both disappeared. I've made such a mess, Dan! I'm sorry, man! I had to get away to think things through. I mean, I just don't know... can we all be brothers and friends, after what I did?"

"Charlie," Dan interrupted, "please shut up and listen."

"Dan, you're always telling me to shut up! Please listen before I lose the courage to say what I have to say."

"There's nothing you've got to say, you crazy horny fag! Shut the fuck up and listen! You're talking as if it's over between you and me. Is that what you want, Charlie?"

"No, Dan! God, no! But... you said you know what I did..."

"Yeah, Charlie, I know. I'm not gonna lie and tell you I'm all that thrilled about it, but I understand."

"You... you do?"

"Of course I do, Charlie! Damn, you think I'm blind? We have all wanted in Sean's pants at one time or another. I'm kinda jealous that you decided you were over that rape thing when he was there and not me, but... well shit, Charlie, Sean's almost like our brother. And it's not as if I didn't do the same thing to you first. Are you forgetting my trip to Atlanta already?"

"No, Dan, I'm not forgetting. But that was different. That was business. We were all doing some pretty crazy things. And you said..."

"I know what I said. I said I didn't want you roaming around like some alley cat, jumping into the sack with every good looking dude that comes along. I mean it too, Charlie! But Sean is not just some great looking guy off the streets. Sean is Sean! He's practically family!"

"But what about Jerry? He seemed like he was really pissed!"

"Not really, Charlie. He was kinda excited about Munich. He actually told me that if we do that anal stuff with Sean it'll take the pressure off him to do it. He doesn't mind, Charlie."

"Munich? You mean Munich Germany? What's Munich got to do with anything?"

"Yeah, that's right! You had no way of knowing! Damn, Charlie! Sean has been picked to try out for the Olympic team. If he makes the team he'll be going to the Olympics in Munich in '68. When you went looking for them this afternoon, they were in Dad's office on the phone. Jerry had just heard about it and they were calling Sean's coach."

"The Olympics? Sean? That's totally awesome!"

"Yeah, it is kinda neat. But we better get home, Charlie. As it is you're gonna have a lot of explaining to do. You feel ok to drive, or do you want me to?"

"I'm fine, Dan. But before we go... could you... would you make love to me? Please?"

"Here? In the car?"

"Outside on the grass. There's no one else around. Please?"

Dan did not have to be coaxed. They spread a blanket on the grass, then slowly undressed each other. The process took quite a while because they were interrupted several times by long, passionate kisses. Eventually they were naked, then they lay down on the blanket. They had no lubrication, so they used saliva. Charlie lifted his legs as high as they would go, giving Dan access to his anus. As Dan approached his objective, he could still smell the remnants of Sean's emissions. That got Dan's engines running really well! He drove his tongue in as far as he could, then covered the area inside and out with his saliva, as Charlie moaned loudly. "That's enough!" he murmured. "Do it, Danny! Do it now!"

Dan got up on his knees. Charlie sat up and took Dan's ready rod in his mouth. He tongued it, spit and slobbered on it, then loved it with his lips. "Easy, baby!" Dan exclaimed. "You're gonna make me cum before we even get started."

Charlie lay back down on his back, lifted his legs to Dan's shoulders and spread them as wide as he could. Dan began to enter. He discovered that he could enter quite easily. Sean had stretched the opening and it had not yet recovered. He slid in two inches, then all the way out. "You ok?" he asked.

"No, Dan, I'm not! Why did you take it out?"

"So I could do this!" Dan exclaimed as he entered, then drove himself all the way in with one forceful thrust. Charlie gasped, then screamed. He thought he was going to swallow his tongue as he felt himself being filled faster than he'd ever been before. "How'd ya like that?" Dan said with a grin.

"Awesome!" Charlie replied breathlessly. "Do it again!"

"Nope. It wouldn't be as good without the element of surprise. But I can still do this..." Dan again slid all the way in, then bent forward until his lips were touching Charlie's. They kissed, and as their tongues did a ballet, Dan began sliding in and out, gyrating sideways, sucking on Charlie's tongue almost to the point of pain.

"You're gonna make me cum," Charlie warned when their lips parted for a brief moment.

"Good. Now kiss me again, Chah-wee!" This time Charlie got his lips around Dan's tongue and sucked as hard as he could. This sent Dan over the edge. He bucked violently and drove himself in as deeply as he could. Charlie could feel the jism filling his gut, which started his orgasm. He squealed loudly without releasing Dan's tongue, as volley after volley of thick seventeen year old cream filled every cavity between the two gyrating bodies.

"Damn, you're good!" Charlie whispered when Dan, completely spent, collapsed with his full weight on Charlie. They were still coupled, but that wouldn't last log at the rate Dan was wilting.

"You're not so bad yourself, Chah-wee," he whispered back. "Now can we go home?"

"Nope. I gotta get you clean before you put your pants on."

"Charlie, you're not gonna..."

"Uh-huh, that's exactly what I'm gonna do. It just slipped outa me, so if you'll be so kind as to roll over, I'll do my thing... well, actually I guess I'm gonna do YOUR thing."

"Did you do that to Sean?"

"No, man! That's reserved just for you!"

There was no more talk. Charlie gently pushed Dan off him, then rolled him over on his back and attacked what was left of his now completely flaccid penis. Charlie loved to feel it grow in his mouth, which it started to do immediately, probably in anticipation of the excruciating pleasure it was about to be subjected to. Charlie's nose was facing Dan's testicles so he could get more in his mouth. He stayed there, moaning softly, breathing his hot breath between Dan's legs as he felt Dan grow in his mouth. As the growth continued it slipped down Charlie's throat. He held his position, continued to moan softly. He knew this was driving Dan totally wild.

Fully erect now, Dan felt his pole slide from Charlie's throat, then the suction and tongue work began in earnest. The suction stopped. Again Dan was going down Charlie's throat. More moans and growls, the vibration rattling every nerve in Dan's quivering body. Lift off again; more suction; tongue sliding round and round between the foreskin and the sensitive glans underneath. "Oh MAN, CHARLIE!" Dan moaned loudly. He had fully intended to make this a 69, but he couldn't move. He was so totally into sensual overload he could simply not move! But there was no need.

Just when Dan began to think he had experienced that absolute utmost pleasure, Charlie swung one leg over his body and began lowering himself.... directly into Dan's mouth. Delivery service, Dan thought as he welcomed the throbbing member into his mouth. Seconds later they were both having another earth shattering orgasm, and neither was willing to waste a drop.

They lay there motionless while they wilted in each other's mouth. Neither could bear to release the thing he was holding. On the other hand, they both wanted a kiss, so they eventually untangled themselves, then embraced and kissed: long, deep, passionate. "You're the greatest, Danny," Charlie whispered. "I dunno what I ever did to deserve you, but it musta been pretty wonderful!"

"Oh yeah? I wonder if you'll still be sayin' that when I'm a poor underpaid cop and you're makin' millions singing, and you have to support me."

"Not a problem, man! I hope it does work out that way so I can pay back the Edwards family for all y'all have done for me."

"That same Edwards family is gonna tear up your tail if we don't get home pretty soon. It's almost 4 AM, Charlie!"

"Yeah, I guess we'd better go. I love you, Danny!"

"I love you too, Chah-wee!"

On the way home, they discussed what they would tell their dad. "Jerry already told him you were just nervous about the band arriving," Dan said. "I don't think he needs to know any more than that."

They should have known that Clarke was far too perceptive to buy a story so simplistic. "In my office, you two!" he ordered as soon as they walked in the door.

"It's ok, Dad," Dan said. "We've got it all worked out."

"Not yet you don't. You still haven't explained why the whole house is in an uproar, it's almost daylight and you're just coming in, and no one got any sleep here last night. I'd say there are a few loose ends, and it's time they got cleaned up. Now what's going on?"

"Charlie and I had a disagreement. We're ok now."

"Not gonna fly, Dan. You were in Orlando with me when this all started. Charlie? Do you have anything to add?"

"Yes, sir. You're right, Dan had nothing to do with it, other than to get it straightened out. I did something pretty stupid, and I guess I underestimated Dan's ability to deal with it."

"Like what, Charlie?"

"Dad," Dan said as he tried to defend Charlie, "some things are pretty personal. But I promise you, it won't happen again. We've got it worked out."

"I didn't ask you, Dan! Like what, Charlie?"

"I fooled around... with Sean. It wasn't his fault, Dad! Honest!"

"I'm sorry," Clarke said, "I'm confused. I thought you and Dan were totally committed to each other. You even used terms like 'marriage' to describe your relationship. Then the first time you're alone with someone you think is attractive..."

"That's not fair, Dad," Dan said. "It's not the same, and you know it! I wish it was the same, but it's not. In the first place, we spent nine months jumping in and out of bed with everyone who had the money to pay. Then there were the three of us, practicing pretty free sex. I don't expect you to understand it, but... well, that's the way it was. So in a way, it was kinda normal, for us."

"Dan, are you telling me you don't mind? That you don't have a problem with such goings on?"

"Yes, Dad, I am. Jerry feels the same. I don't think any of us would be real happy if one of us messed around with anyone else, but as long as we keep it in the family..."

"So you're saying that Sean is family?"

"Of course he is, Dad!"

"Ok then, if he's family, then I don't need to see him out sweating gumdrops mowing the lawn, cleaning the pool, taking care of the boats, while you three just take it easy. If he's family, then he's family! You all share in the chores equally! Fair?"

"Uhh Dad, I don't think we've been exactly loafing around here."

"Sean has every bit as much responsibility as you three, plus the added training he does in the pool, both here and at school. Sean was not fortunate enough to be born into a family that has money or come into money. But have you two forgotten already what it was like back in Truro? If you're telling me you want to treat Sean as an equal, I have no problem with that! But if he's an equal, then he's an equal! Now he's got a shot at the Olympics, which is going to add to the strain! So it's equal chores right down the line! And if one of you can't do your share for legitimate reasons, then the rest of you pick up the slack. Is that ok?"

"Of course it is, Dad," Charlie put in. "Thanks for understanding. C'mon, Dan, while we're ahead! G'night, Dad. Love you."

"For the record, son, I don't understand at all! But I think I know better than to fight it. You guys will just have to work it all out among yourselves. But whatever you decide, you're all brothers now, and that's for life! That's not negotiable! I love you guys too."

They both gave Clarke a warm hug, which he returned gratefully. As the boys climbed the stairs, holding hands all the way, they heard the birds singing outside. They knew their mom would let them sleep until Todd and the rest of the band arrived. But as tired as they were, they discovered that they were too excited to sleep, or so they thought. So they just stripped and crawled into bed, hugged each other tightly and, and yes, they fell asleep, after Charlie whispered softly "God, Dan, no wonder you're such an incredible person! Your... uhhh OUR dad is totally awesome!

They were still sleeping soundly, neither having moved a muscle, when a beat up Ford station wagon with Nova Scotia tags, pulling a huge trailer, pulled into the driveway. It was eleven AM Saturday morning.

When they awoke at three, their lives took another abrupt turn. Charlie and Josh had music to learn, stage presence to study, routines to practice. Sean was spending more and more of his waking hours in the pool or the weight room; his time trials would be in March. That left Dan and Jerry to do most of the chores that had been Sean's; not that they minded, but they would have preferred to sit and watch Sean in the water, Charlie and Josh practicing with the band.

* * *

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