This story is fiction. It depicts, sometimes explicitly, sex between teenage boys, between boys and men, and between boys and females, both teenage and adult. If you find such things offensive, or reading such things is illegal where you live, please read no further.

Learning the Trade

Dan and Charlie got quietly into bed without undressing. They lay there for what seemed like hours without talking. Finally Charlie said, "Well, I guess it's decision time. You want to go first?"

"Charlie, I'm awful scared. I hardly know him. What if I don't do it right?" The little boy voice was back. Charlie decided it was up to him to take the initiative. Dan had shown a lot of courage bringing it all to a head, but now it seemed the courage was all used up, at least for the moment.

"There's nothing to be afraid of," he reassured Dan. "You heard him say we don't have to do anything we don't want to, and besides, he knows we're pretty new at this."

"Why don't you go first?" Dan was pleading now.

"You sure you don't mind?" Charlie asked, a part of him hoping he'd say no, don't go.

"Of course I mind, Charlie. I don't like the thought of anyone else but me touching you; but we agreed, and this is the best way to find out if we can do it."

"You be okay here alone?" Charlie was still hoping he would ask him to stay.

"'Course I'll be okay. And Charlie, thanks for going first." Charlie kissed him briefly and got out of bed softly.

Jerry had a quick shower and got ready for bed, and now was lying with a book, his mind reeling. Once again he thought of his life and how empty it was compared to his new friends. They have so much, he thought, and they don't even realize it. He had no desire to disrupt their love, if indeed there was any chance of doing so. But he longed to share in their experience. He knew full well that even now, after only a few hours, it would be nigh impossible to part with his new friends. He knew that to lose what he'd just found would plunge him deeper than ever into the bottomless abyss of depression.

He also knew there was every chance that he would lose them. They're so young, he reflected, they could change their minds tomorrow and go home. They might get hopelessly homesick and pick up the phone at any time. The police may well be looking for them at this very moment, ready to truck them back to Canada and out of my life forever. But still he was willing to take the risk; still the thought of this personal commitment was too much for him to deny. Five years of living on his own by his wits had taught Jerry to trust no one, to rely only upon himself; yet here he was, prepared to accept whatever consequences came as a result of opening his heart, his home and his life to two runaway strangers. He was throwing all his caution to the wind and he knew it; he was setting himself up for a huge fall and he was well aware of it, but it didn't matter. All the loneliness he'd been feeling had evaporated instantly at the sight of these two, their love for each other overflowing so freely that Jerry could feel it just being in the same room with them.

Jerry thought of what he knew about his new friends' background. He knew they had a home, and at least one, Dan, had loving and devoted parents. They were well mannered and refined, not at all like the street kids that were so much a part of Jerry's life as he grew up. In fact, they were more like many of Jerry's clients: middle class, gentle, and vulnerable. Did Jerry have any right to introduce them to the life he was living? What if it went sour and they caught something, or were lured into drugs, or got in trouble with the law? Organized crime? A jealous lover? But Jerry had seen all these things, had survived, and in his mind he owed it to his new friends, housemates he hoped, to educate them. That they would soon be selling their bodies anyway was a given and Jerry knew it. The only question was, would they survive? Could they learn the ropes before they were hopelessly in trouble? Jerry doubted it. And did it matter anyway? The fact is, Jerry had fallen helplessly, irreversibly in love. They didn't know it of course, and neither did Jerry exactly, but he was completely at the mercy of these two Canadian runaways. He needed them, he wanted them, he would stop at nothing for the chance to care for them.

Jerry's door was closed, and Charlie could hear the TV playing softly inside. He lifted his shaking hand and knocked softly. Jerry's voice, muffled by the door, came back to him. "Come in." As he opened the door he could see Jerry lying on the bed. He was wearing silk Chinese pajamas and holding a drink. He motioned toward the bedside table where a drink had been poured for his guest. Charlie padded over to the bed and sat down, picked up the glass, and took a long pull.

"Hope you like Bourbon," Jerry said lightly, "It's all I've got except gin, and I don't think you need that." Charlie remembered the boys back home joking about gin being "pants remover", and now wondered if it was really true. He'd never so much as tasted bourbon before, but the smooth burning sensation warmed his insides and fortified his pounding heart. He took a second drink.

"Might as well crawl in and make yourself comfortable." Jerry said. Charlie started to fumble with the draw string that held up his pants, but Jerry's hands got there first. "You're shaking like a leaf!" he exclaimed. "Well, please relax. I'm not going to hurt you. I hope to make you glad you came, if you'll pardon the pun." Charlie tried to laugh, but he was still too shaky. "I just want to make you feel good." His hands were up inside Charlie's shirt, slowly caressing his back, his shoulders, armpits, nipples, neck... eventually arriving back to the draw string. Then the pants were around his ankles and Jerry was slowly peeling the shirt over Charlie's head.

When Jerry made no effort to take off the bikini shorts, Charlie got in bed, pretending to watch TV. As he sipped on his drink, Jerry slowly caressed and massaged his body, making comforting remarks as he did. "That's the way," he said soothingly, "just relax." And then, "I know how much courage it took to come in here, but you're here now... the bad part's over. Now it's time to loosen up and enjoy!" His gentle hand had a touch of velvet. Charlie shuddered with pleasure as that soft sensation glided over his torso, around his neck, and up into his hair. "Oh, Charlie," he whispered, "you're one gorgeous hunk! I haven't been in bed with anyone soft and firm all at the same time for a long while."

Now both hands were working... one still in his hair, the other making little circles around his navel. Charlie thought of the business card: "Massage a Specialty." Now he realized how special the touch of human hands could be when applied properly. This was not the type of massage one would expect in a locker room; it was much too soft, too gentle, too erotic. Jerry was taking his sweet time, making no move of a sexual nature, but merely caressing and massaging the nervous young body beside him. In spite of himself and the terror he'd felt just moments before, Charlie was beginning to relax. He could feel himself getting aroused and wanting to touch Jerry.

Slowly, tentatively, he put his drink, now forgotten, on the bedside table and his hands were following Jerry's lead. Up and down his torso, under his arms, down and around his firm buttocks. His body was much more mature than Dan's, different to the touch... more coarse, but still heavenly. He had hair on his legs and chest... Not a lot, but enough that it felt more comfortable thinking of him as a man and not a boy. "Why don't you tell me more about you and Dan?" Jerry suggested. "Maybe that'll help you to relax." To his own surprise, Charlie found himself relating things that he'd never vocalized before.

"I guess I'm still not sure when it all began," he said pensively, "but Dan and I have been friends for over ten years, and most of that time he's done very strange things to me.... you know, made me feel funny. I can remember being no more than ten years old and getting a hard on just thinking about Dan. He was always so... so clean and neat, and he's so damned handsome!" Charlie was still very self-conscious about expressing how he felt about Dan's looks, but Jerry was agreeing readily that he was indeed a gorgeous creature.

"Of course in our situation," Charlie went on, "even thinking things like that was unacceptable. If we hadn't got carried away in that camp and got caught, we might've gone on not knowing we both felt the same way for years... maybe forever! Dan took the time to do a lot of research, which helped us figure it all out. I guess I was trying so hard to be 'normal' that I just turned my back on the whole thing, until Dan forced me to face it. But my concept of being gay was so... so warped! I thought they... er... WE were all sick, perverted, almost obsessed with... you know..."

"I know," Jerry said softly. He knew Charlie was still having trouble saying those explicit words, so he was quick to let him off the hook. "There are guys like that," Jerry went on, "and you'll meet lots of 'em in this business. But I think many of 'em are that way because they're forced to be. There is just no acceptable way to be a homosexual in this society, and so a lot of guys start sneaking around, taking sex when and where they find it. And they quickly learn that you have to be very careful how you approach another guy, else you'll get beat up a lot. You probably don't think so right now after all that's happened, but you and Dan are very lucky that you had each other from the start. Imagine how ugly it'd got if only one of you was gay!"

Charlie had of course considered that possibility many times, because for years he'd thought that to be the case. That thought, the sudden realization that he had admitted to having homosexual desires for several years, and the feel of Jerry's talented fingers, all brought Charlie suddenly back to the here and now; and right now the here and now was a pretty good place to be.

Jerry's hands were under Charlie now, massaging his back and buttocks, and around his hips, giving him pleasures that he had never known before. And then they were rubbing the most tender area. Charlie gasped with delight as Jerry's hands did the things he was usually paid good money to do. He knew more ways to give a person pleasure than Charlie knew existed, and he used them all trying to get Charlie to relax, and at the same time trying to teach him all he could about the art of relaxation therapy. He kept repeating that he usually did this for money, but tonight it was for pleasure, his own as well as Charlie's, and there was every evidence that they were both enjoying it to the fullest.

Jerry had not had an experience equal to this one in a long time; maybe never, he thought as his hands roamed over the beautiful body beneath him. And when that body quivered, almost shuddered in response to his touch, Jerry knew they were tremors of pleasure. True, he was very skilled in what he was doing, but tonight the skills were forgotten. Tonight Jerry Wallace was running on impulse, reacting to his own intense desire to please. Without interrupting the magic his two hands were weaving, he put his lips and tongue to work - nuzzling, licking, kissing, blowing gently. After driving Charlie almost wild with excruciating pleasure their lips came together, and each experienced a sensation like never before.

Jerry had decided before his company arrived that there would be no sex tonight. He planned to do just what he'd been doing: massaging and caressing, talking, being close. What he hadn't counted on was Charlie's reaction to his loving touch. He soon discovered that Charlie had already learned, possibly without even realizing it, how to give pretty intense pleasure with his own hands. Charlie was giving no indication that he had any desire to stop.

Just as Charlie was almost totally limp he was so relaxed, he felt Jerry slowly, gently pulling down his shorts. Again Charlie was anxious. His every impulse was urging him to jump out of bed and run. He didn't know why, except maybe until three weeks ago no one, male or female, had ever laid eyes on his naked body except in very neutral surroundings. All the teenage boy talk about the importance of one's endowment came into Charlie's mind as his deepest secret was being slowly exposed. He wanted this to happen, knew it was the next step; but a large part of Charlie's self-conscious nature was expecting Jerry to start laughing at any moment. He was still embarrassed, but he need not have been. Jerry didn't say anything, but his eyes had a questioning look as if seeking approval. Charlie lay perfectly still until Jerry paused, then slowly, faintly nodded his consent.

Soon the shorts were gone and Jerry was exploring Charlie's whole body... up one leg and down the other, his hands barely brushing against those tender parts as they went by. Jerry must have known that Charlie could stand it no longer, because then he was doing the things that, until recently, Charlie had only read about: First light tender kisses, then more intense touching as Jerry appreciatively availed himself of all that Charlie had to offer. All this time Charlie was clumsily trying to follow suit, trying to give him pleasure, trying not to show his inexperience. Eventually the wonderful feelings that Jerry was giving him, the sensations from deep within his soul were so intense that Charlie was practically paralyzed.

"Just lie still," Jerry soothed as he felt Charlie struggling, "Relax and enjoy. Let your body go limp and I'll do the work. It's my treat tonight." And what a treat! There was one part of Charlie's body that wasn't about to go limp; but Jerry had the answer for that too: His lips, his tongue, even his teeth in a very gentle way, worked gently to tame that raging instrument and the two orbs that lay beneath it.

When they had finished, both having had an explosive climax, they lay under the covers embracing each other. "I'm sorry, Jerry," Charlie said after a while. Jerry was astonished at the apology.

"Sorry? What for?"

"I wanted to be more active, but I couldn't seem to move," he told him. "I wanted to do the same things to you, to give you pleasure too."

"Charlie, if you had tried I wouldn't have let you. I wanted you to enjoy that as much as I enjoyed doing it, and you couldn't have if you'd been doing anything at the same time. But if you really want to, I'm still here." So Charlie tried to follow his teacher's example, and before long he was applying some of the skills that had just sent him to paradise while Jerry moaned and groaned and writhed on the bed. He had never seen a circumcised penis before, so of course that added to the curiosity and the pleasure. In mental overload now, Charlie practically swallowed the whole thing and sucked greedily. In a surprisingly short time Jerry's entire body went stiff, he emitted a low growling moan, and Charlie's throat was being anointed with the best Jerry had to offer. That, of course, sent Charlie over the edge again and he was erupting all over the bed.

They lay there for a few minutes, each with his own thoughts, each savoring the other and the closeness of their bodies. After they were still for a while, Charlie again turned around in the bed and they lay in each other's arms, Jerry telling him how beautiful his body was, and what a great lover he was. Charlie finally answered, "I could never be as good as you... I haven't had a lot of experience, and then only with one guy, but I'll have to go a long way to beat what just happened."

"You'll make it, Charlie." Jerry chuckled, "You've already sent me into overload twice!"

They kissed each other again, then Jerry said, "You got a million dollar body there, Charlie. I've had a lot of partners, but none better than you. There's nothing like emotion and passion and sincerity to make for great lovemaking. It beats pure lust every time. Anyway it's getting late... you'd better go back to your room. Tell Dan that if he wants to come tonight I'd be glad to see him, but if he doesn't, that's okay too. I'm gonna go take a shower, so that will give him time to decide." Charlie started to leave.

"Thanks, Jerry, for everything." He was thinking of the great time he'd had for the past hour or so, but also of all that Jerry had already done for them, and still they hadn't known each other a full day yet!

"No, thank YOU!" he answered. "I'd almost forgotten how great it is to have sex just because you want it, and I never ever experienced love like y'all have brought into this house." They kissed once more and Charlie was again in the hallway.

Charlie tiptoed into their room, half expecting Dan to be asleep, but he was lying there, eyes wide open. Charlie had put on the shorts again, and now he crawled in beside Dan and gave him a hug. Dan responded with sobs. "Charlie, what have we gotten ourselves into?"

"Absolutely nothing, if we don't want it," Charlie answered.

"Does he want me now?" he quavered.

"Dan, you sound like you're at the principal's office waitin' your turn to get a licking. Really, Jerry's as kind and gentle as he can possibly be. And he knows so many ways to make you feel good. He'll show you nerves on your body you didn't know you had!"

"Do I have to do... IT with him?"

"No, you don't. But I did. I did things I never dreamed of before. I wanted to, Danny. Think of it as on the job training, and you'll never get more pleasurable education anywhere else. I can't wait to show you some of the things I learned, but I'd rather have Jerry show you."

"What did he do? Did he hurt you?"

"Do I look hurt to you? Look, Dan, he told me to tell you that if you wanted to go in that would be great, but if you didn't, he'd understand. He doesn't want to push you into anything. He'll just give you a massage if you want, and that's all. But believe me, I think I know you well enough to know that if you get a massage, you'll do a lot more. I think you should go, but it doesn't have to be tonight."

"OK, I'm going."

They heard the water in the shower stop, and Dan started to get out of bed. Just as he was standing up, he crawled back in.

"All right, Dan," Charlie said softly, "I'm gonna give you a small sample." He threw back the covers and used some of the techniques he had just learned, just to show Dan that the trip down the hall had been worth it. His lips, tongue, hands all went to work gliding up and down Dan's lithe frame in a frenzy of passion, causing Dan to gasp with surprise. He found a nipple and nibbled it gently; he kissed his way down to Dan's now fully erect member and took the head his mouth. He encircled it with his tongue and lips, ran his tongue under the foreskin the way Jerry had done to him. Then he released it and kissed him.

"You want me to go, don't you?" he said as Charlie released his hold on him.

"Well, I'd feel better if you did, because you're missing out on something really special." What Charlie didn't say was that he was feeling a little guilty for having done what he'd done with Jerry, and doubly so for having enjoyed it so much. And so Danny crawled out of bed and was gone.

Jerry was back on the bed, fresh shorts on, fresh sheets on the bed, when Dan came tiptoeing into the room. There was a fresh drink for him on the table as there had been for Charlie. Dan seized it and downed it in one gulp, the strong taste of bourbon causing a coughing spasm that at least took Dan's mind for the moment off his fright. Jerry regarded his company with a mixture of emotion and pure desire, thinking how young and vulnerable Dan looked. Dan was absolutely terrified, and Jerry knew he had to be extra gentle, extra caring, if he hoped to do anything but frighten him more. They lay on the bed for a long while before Jerry made any offer to touch Dan; talking, watching TV. Several times Jerry reminded Dan that they'd stop any time he wanted, that there was no hurry, and at the same time his gentle fingers were starting to work their magic loosening Dan's taught nerves. As he had done with Charlie, he asked Dan about their first encounter and the events that had preceded it.

"I guess I always knew that Charlie was special to me," Dan ventured, "but it wasn't till I was thirteen or so that I figured out exactly what it all meant. By that time Charlie had a girl friend, so I thought it was pretty one-sided. That confused me a lot, because I had noticed lots of times that Charlie seemed to be affected the same way I was when we touched or saw each other in some situation that seemed to be extra sexy. So I did a lot of reading and investigating.

"I tried messing around with my cousin, or more accurately I allowed him to mess around with me. We did it quite often, but it never felt right. I can't say I didn't enjoy it, but it just wasn't what I wanted. Maybe I was just too young - after all, I couldn't even have an orgasm, as hard as Kirk tried. I guess by the time we spent that night in the camp, I was pretty sure I was at least partly homosexual. But Charlie wasn't, or so I thought, so I decided it was best to just forget it. I still had the idea that I could decide not to be if I wanted to. But when I touched Charlie... there... and it started growing right in my hand, it was all over. I had no resistance at all.

"Of course I'd thought a lot about what everybody knows homosexuals do, and I thought I could never ever do that. To me my desire for Charlie was just to touch him... all over I mean, and that was about all. But when the time came and we did it... I mean... you know... when we... well, it was just so wonderful and felt so natural! Even now there are times that I think about what we've been doing and think that's so disgusting; but then we're in bed again and I can't wait! That first night in the camp, I didn't even realize that I was gonna shoot, and next thing I knew I did it right in his mouth! I thought that had to be the most disgusting, filthy thing I could ever do to him, but he told me it was great. So when my turn came I decided I would not let that happen, but it did. And it really was great!"

Jerry had never before been with anyone so nervous, consequently he took more time than ever before, caressing and massaging, all the time making soothing comments about how handsome Dan was, how honored he felt to be allowed to share in the pleasures of intimacy. As Dan began to loosen up and be aware of what was happening, he began to realize how much he was enjoying it, and how considerate Jerry was. For a long time Dan just lay still on the bed and allowed Jerry to do his thing, but then his emotion started to take over. Relief at being with one so gentle and caring soon had Dan doing things he'd never known were in him, and all too soon it was over. Dan snuggled into Jerry's arms as only Dan could do and just when Jerry thought he was going to sleep, he felt Dan's hands stirring again. This time the inhibitions, the fear, were gone. This time Dan was no longer the student, the experimenter, but one who wanted to please the other as he'd been pleased. Jerry had thought Charlie was emotional, but that had been nothing compared to this.

Now it was time for Jerry to learn again from his students. For the first time since he could remember, Jerry was himself engulfed in the passion, the emotion of the moment. The idea of giving lessons was forgotten as both participants were overcome with a deep desire to please the other. This was, Jerry realized, a first for him: he wasn't with some trick, nor just out to have a good time; he was making love.

It was as if a wildfire had been released inside Dan. The more he got, the more he wanted; the more affection Jerry showed him, the more he got in return. Jerry could not believe anyone so young and inexperienced could be so emotional, could put so much effort into his lovemaking.

When at last they were quiet Dan said softly, "Jerry, was I all right?" Jerry was astounded. Dan had had three tooth rattling orgasms, Jerry two, and he wanted to know if he was all right!

"This wasn't a test, Dan," he answered, "But for the record, if we'd had you connected to a meter you would've blown it sky high. You were fantastic!"

"I guess I kinda got carried away, but I'm so relieved to be safe again." Dan was again the little boy, cuddling up to Jerry in Dan's own special way.

"Hey, don't worry about it," Jerry answered, "I've been looking for someone to take care of for a long time, and I think I just may have found the right ones."

Then Dan started to fret. "Please understand," he said, "that was great and I hope we can do it again, but it's Charlie I love. I wouldn't do anything to hurt him, or you, if I can help it."

"No problem," Jerry assured him. "Like I said earlier, I wouldn't think of coming between y'all. I won't deny enjoying what you've shared with me, but I know how it is and I'll respect it. You'd better go back now, or Charlie will really start to wonder." In fact Jerry was feeling a bit envious of the two lovers, but at the same time he knew that what he had was so much more than he'd ever had before, he would somehow be satisfied with it.

After almost two hours Dan crept softly into the room. Charlie had been fantasizing what had been going on for so long, and beginning to wonder if he had lost Dan for good. Dan was moving very stealthily, evidently trying not to wake him. "It's okay, I'm awake," Charlie told him. "You okay?"

"Never better," he answered.

"Well, was I right, or was I right?"

"You were right. I never knew I could enjoy that so much."

"He show you anything new?"

"Yep. And it was great!"

"You try anything on him?"

"Yep. He didn't want me to, but I had to. That okay with you?" Charlie felt a tinge of pain course through his body, but he told himself that Dan had not done anything that he hadn't done first.

"Fine," he said simply.

"Look, Charlie, you said yourself we could learn a lot from Jerry. He's a great guy and he sure can make a fella feel good. But he's not you, and it's you I love." Once again Dan was showing much more maturity than his fifteen years by telling Charlie exactly what he needed to hear.

"You're right, Dan," Charlie said, "I'm sorry, it's just that until now nobody had ever touched either of us except each other, and that was special to me."

"I know," he answered, "I felt that hurt too. We just have to try to find something else to have only between us." And with that they were in each other's arms.

They hadn't planned it, hadn't even wanted it, but they were soon trying their newfound skills on each other. Dan certainly didn't have the smooth technique that Jerry had, but they were doing what they were doing because they loved each other, and Charlie decided that was just the 'special' thing they needed between them. So when it came to Charlie's turn, he tried to tell Dan that by the way he caressed and made love to him. And Dan heard him, loud and clear.

After they had finished their little 'nightcap', they fell asleep in each other's arms. They were both exhausted now, their raw nerves finally starting to relax again. They were in love, and they had their own private tutor to teach them how to fulfill that love. And they were safe again. Tomorrow they had to find a way to send word home that they were ok, but tonight it was time to relax.

In the next room, the tutor lay on his back staring at the ceiling, thinking of all that had transpired over the past twenty-four hours. Had he completely lost his mind? He had broken just about every cardinal rule in the book... the book that he himself had written for himself... the one that had kept him out of jail, out of trouble, and healthy the five years he'd been on his own and in this business.

For starters, he'd picked up, not one, but two hitchhikers, and had freely admitted who and what he was. He had told them more about himself in the first three hours they were together than he'd ever told anyone in his life! He knew as he did it that he was exposing himself to all sorts of danger: of being overpowered by the two boys; of being reported to the authorities for his indiscretions; of being exposed to the many crime elements that he knew from experience would rather he not be operating independently.

As if that weren't enough to do him in, Jerry had openly and freely invited his two passengers home! He had never, ever, had an overnight guest before, had never so much as hinted to most people where he lived. His business was almost always carried out in local hotels and motels, with an occasional visit to a client's own home if it seemed appropriate and safe. But never, ever, had he taken someone home, and certainly not a homeless street kid. But he hadn't stopped there, had he?

Jerry shuddered violently as he thought of having just finished a romp in the trousers of, not one, but two very underage minors! He told himself that it was part of the overall plan to teach the kids his business and, as they put it, to help them determine if they could be intimate with strangers. That was true, but that didn't explain why Jerry was now shivering violently and staring down at his own manhood, which had again grown to its full extent at the thought of the experience. These reactions were, Jerry knew, his body's response to the unbelievable pleasure he'd shared with his guests. It wasn't pure savage animal lust, but it wasn't totally unselfish either.

Jerry remembered some of the disgusting men he'd been with when he was no more than fifteen, and how much he'd hated them just because they had taken advantage of his age and inexperience. He knew this was different because Charlie and Danny had enjoyed their encounter as much as he had; but it was still messing around with kids, wasn't it? In fact, Jerry suddenly remembered he'd broken another of his own cardinal rules: During the whole procedure, with both boys, there had never, not even once, been a condom used or even thought of. It had been a long time since Jerry had had unprotected sex, but tonight he'd done it repeatedly without so much as a thought to the consequences, or even the fact, of his actions. But all of the above notwithstanding, perhaps the worst part of all was that Jerry had no regrets at all! The entire experience had been... indescribably delicious!

And now, his reviewing in his mind of all that had happened, was about to drive him to break one more tradition that had stood for five years: Jerry had absolutely never masturbated. Of course when one makes a living from sex, reluctantly at first, then sexual acts of any kind are hardly seen as a form of recreation. And for most of Jerry's sexually active life, his intimate behavior had been a means to an end. But now, mulling over and over in his mind the experiences he'd shared with his two new companions, Jerry found himself doing and enjoying that which he'd never needed or wanted to do before.

After his self-induced climax, Jerry drew some conclusions and made some decisions. He knew his new friends and lovers could and probably would leave at any time; but he also knew that they had the power to brighten his life like no one on earth had done for a long time. So Jerry decided to hell with caution; he would live for the moment. He would care for these two as if they were his responsibility, teaching them all he could so that if and when they left, they'd be a little more prepared for what they'd be facing. In his mind he pictured them dressed in all the beautiful clothes he intended to buy for them. He would be the envy of the Daytona gay community and he knew it; but oddly, he didn't care. It wasn't important who knew what, or who thought what. All that was important was giving these two fabulous Canadian kids pleasure; and in so doing, receiving pleasure himself.

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