This story is fiction. It depicts, sometimes explicitly, sex between teenage boys, between boys and men, and between boys and females, both teenage and adult. If you find such things offensive, or reading such things is illegal where you live, please read no further.

V. The First Date

The boys awoke next morning about eleven, the bright Florida sun streaming through the window. They could hear Jerry on the phone downstairs. They felt rested, clean and comfortable for the first time in weeks, so they just lay there in each other's arms for a while, enjoying the comfort and protection Jerry had provided them. "You sorry we left home?" Dan suddenly asked.

"In a way," Charlie answered. "I wish we hadn't had to. I mean it really doesn't matter for me, but I hate you havin' to leave. But this is going great. To be honest I was worried a little how we were going to live, but that all seems to be working out."

"Yeah," Dan agreed, "I still think we did what we had to do, but it's going to be rough with Christmas coming on."

They lay in bed and reflected on the upcoming holiday season awhile, then Dan started caressing Charlie's body, lingering around the sensitive areas a little longer. "We better get up, before I rape you," Charlie said as his desire, and his manhood, started growing again.

"Tired of me already," Dan returned with mock hurt.

"It's not that," Charlie answered sheepishly, "Truth is, I'm sore."

Dan grinned. "Me too," he countered, "But it was sure fun making me that way."

When they came out of the shower the boys discovered clean undershorts, cut-offs, and shirts laid out on the bed for them. They quickly put them on and headed downstairs where Jerry was cooking breakfast. "Morning, my little sweetmeats," he said cheerfully, "And how did you sleep last night?"

Dan was blushing. Charlie couldn't help saying, "Jerry, you're the greatest!" He came over and gave both boys a hug, which they accepted gratefully but self-consciously.

"First thing we have to do is get you some clothes," he said as they ate the bacon and eggs he had prepared, "Then we have to work on 'legalizing' you."

"Legalizing us?" queried Dan.

"Yeah," Jerry answered, "You're Canadians, and this is the U.S.A. That means that you're illegal aliens, and under age at that. We have to get you Social Security cards, birth certificates, and all that sort of stuff. You need some proof that you belong here. Remember, what we do is against the law, so we need papers to prove we are who we say we are, in case we get busted."

"You ever been busted?" Dan asked.

"Sure, four times when I was in Atlanta. But that's when I was on the street. We're pretty safe the way we operate, but just the same, there's always the chance." The prospect of spending time in jail had not occurred to Dan and Charlie, and they were silent while they pondered the idea.

"I have to work tonight," Jerry said then, "You can too if you want to." The boys sat silently with panic on their faces. "That's okay... there's lots of time. It's probably better if I give you some more coaching first anyway. This can be a dangerous game if you're not prepared."

They finished up their breakfast, cleaned up the kitchen, and headed for a shopping center. Jerry said he had different friends around the country who would be glad to relay messages home for Dan without betraying their whereabouts, So Dan and Charlie both wrote postcards which they put in envelopes, which Jerry then addressed, inserted a note, and mailed. Jerry phoned a friend in New York who promised to phone a message right away, then they went shopping.

"By the way," Jerry asked as they drove, "How was last night? Any regrets?" Dan and Charlie both blushed. "C'mon, guys," he said impatiently, "I've been pretty open with you, and you have to learn to trust me."

"You're right, Jerry," Charlie answered, "and we do trust you. it's just that..."

"I know, things are happening pretty fast for you two. Well, if it'll make you feel any better, you both were great! You are obviously inexperienced, but you're sincere and affectionate. Clients love that, and so do I! Question is, do you think you can do it with strangers?" Then the two trainees remembered for the first time that one of the purposes of going to Jerry's room last night was to see if they could perform sex acts with somebody besides each other.

"Jerry," Charlie blurted out, "you were great too. In fact, I'd like to work tonight, if you don't mind." He really didn't want to, but he felt he owed Jerry, and he didn't want to get too comfortable. He sort of had the idea that it would never get any easier. Charlie shot a quick look at Dan and was relieved to see the look in his eyes was one of admiration.

"How about you, Danny boy?" Jerry asked.

"Can I think about it a while?" Dan stammered.

"No problem. In fact, why don't you forget it? Will you be all right home alone?"

"No problem. I'll just watch TV or read. You got any books?"

"Not many," Jerry answered, "but we'll get you some while we're out."

Jerry slid the Lincoln into a parking space near some of Jerry's favorite stores, and the three went in and spent the rest of Dan and Charlie's money, and a hefty portion of Jerry's. He helped them pick out a variety of exotic underwear, a selection of pants, shorts, shirts, and a three piece suit for each of them.

"A suit?" Charlie questioned.

"That's right. Sometimes you'll be expected to go to a formal party and you need to fit in. There's a lot of money here and some folks live pretty high. They like to have us pose as their sons, brothers, friends, and what have you. They get a bang out of fantasizing that we're a full part of their lives. In fact, sometimes they'll buy you clothes that you get to keep, and you have to remember to wear what they buy you when you see them."

They bought two pair of dress shoes each, and a pair of new sneakers, various socks, and some expensive colognes. Then Jerry took them to get their hair styled. Neither boy had ever had that done before... they never had the money to spend on things like that, and they didn't see the need anyway. When they came out, they looked and felt like millionaires. Jerry got completely carried away, dressing and decorating his two prizes like human Christmas trees. Being a proud father, he thought, couldn't possibly be better than this.

Soon the three boys were on their way home again, the back seat of the Lincoln loaded with boxes and bags. Dan and Charlie felt like pampered rich kids, the sons of some wealthy tycoon. "I got a call from a young man about twenty-three, I think would be right for you," Jerry said to Charlie. "He's got lots of money, not into anything kinky, and very much in the closet. All he wants is a few hours with you in a hotel room, and for that he'll give you 150 bucks." Charlie's eyes popped.

"Excuse me," he said, I thought you said a hundred and fifty?"

"That's exactly what I said. I told you, this can be a very good business. He likes to fuck," Jerry went on, "but just tell him no and he'll back off. Just do what you did with me and you'll be fine."

"Fuck?" Dan queried. "You mean up the...?"

"Yeah," Jerry answered. He explained the details of how it was done, noting with amusement the look of amazement on the faces of the other two. "Lots of guys do it," he went on, "in fact that's mostly the way disease is spread. Sometime you might try it with each other if you want, but for the time being you shouldn't do it with anyone else. I don't do it very often, unless I'm pretty sure the guy's clean and pays really well."

"Don't worry," Charlie said with revulsion. At that they pulled into the driveway and the three unloaded the Lincoln.

They puttered around the house, putting away their clothes, all the while Jerry coaching them on how to ply their new profession without getting beat up, or arrested, or coming down with some disease. Dan and Charlie were astonished at how much there was to what seemed simple, but Jerry explained, "It can be simple, and it is for most street kids. That's how they get murdered or die of VD. Guess it's like anything else... it can be rewarding and fun, but you have to know the rules and play by them." Jerry made some calls to set up their dates, then they all went out to eat in a nearby restaurant. When they returned home Jerry helped Charlie pick out some clothes that Jim, his date, would like. Charlie cleaned up and put on a small amount of cologne and he was ready to go. "How do I look, Danny?" he questioned.

"Does this answer your question?" Dan answered, pointing to a bulge in his groin. "Hope you don't come home too tired, 'cause that needs taking care of."

Jerry had disappeared in his room. When he came out, he was wearing a long party dress, panty hose, makeup, and a blonde wig! Dan and Charlie were so shocked they were speechless. Charlie started remembering the times years ago as a small boy when he had stolen his sister's clothes and tried them on. Then there were always the Halloween outings when he had found something female to wear. Now he wondered if that meant he'd been gay all the time but just never realized it. There was so much, he was beginning to realize, that he didn't know about his chosen lifestyle! And perhaps the most important thing he was slowly beginning to understand was that he had not chosen this lifestyle at all: It had chosen him!

"Hey, give me a break, guys," Jerry was saying. "This is not the kind of thing I like, but my date does. I'm going to a party, and this group gets a kick out of appearing straight, though everyone there knows better." The boys didn't know whether to laugh or admire him, so they did neither. They did have to admit, though, that the transformation was amazing.

"Do all Gay's dress like that?" Dan asked.

"God, no!" Jerry replied. "There's a whole different sub culture that likes to cross dress. Some are gay, some aren't. Some of 'em actually wish they were female, some just like to dress that way. Me, I just do it 'cause it's part of my job. I actually don't do it very often, and that's fine with me. But you gotta admit I make a pretty girl, don't I?"

"If you say so," Charlie said with a grin.

"I'll drop you at the hotel," Jerry instructed Charlie, "And you can take a taxi home. You'll probably be three or four hours. He'll want you to stay all night, but just tell him you have a sick brother or something. He's a bit of a spoiled brat, but he'll go along with what you say... he doesn't want to piss you off for fear that you'll let his secret out. That's one weapon we always have going for us. And remember, don't tell him anything about yourself, and what you do tell him, make it a lie. I'm pretty sure he's clean, but just in case, use a condom." And with that he handed Charlie a box of Trojans.

"Ever use these things?" he queried.

"Nope," was the embarrassed reply.

"Okay, back upstairs and drop the pants." Charlie was astonished at how relaxed he felt, how self-assured, as he exposed all and allowed Jerry to manipulate his genitals, skillfully applying the rubber protection, showing him in the process how to invoke some pretty pleasurable feelings. "That's so you can make the idea more attractive for clients," he explained. 'Sometimes they don't want to wear one, but if you put it on for them you're sure it's on right, and they get a thrill out of it." He had Charlie put one on himself, then on Jerry, explaining that he shouldn't trust his clients to do it properly. Dan, who had been watching with amusement, was assured he would get the same practice before he went on a date. "Just remember," Jerry lectured, "This might be all there is between you and some disease. And like all the other details of this business, there's a right way and a wrong way."

The pair gave Dan one last hug and were on their way downtown. Charlie was shaking, both with anticipation and nervousness. "You've got a lot of guts," Jerry was saying as they got off the freeway. "I don't think I could have done this, until I had to."

"You make it sound easy," Charlie lied. In fact, he was scared to death. Then he was out of the car standing in front of the Ambassador Hotel. He went inside as Jerry had instructed, found a house phone, and rang room 226.

"Hello?" A neutral voice answered on the second ring. Charlie swallowed hard, and made his voice sound as mature and confident as he could, considering that his knees were buckling under him. "Sir, that special service you ordered is here." Jerry's coaching had taught him that line.

"Okay, come on up," the voice said flatly, and he hung up.

Charlie replaced the receiver and headed for the washroom. He relieved himself, washed his hands, and gave himself one last check in the mirror. "Well," he said to the image in the glass, "take a good look. The next time you see this person, he'll be a hooker." He found that thought oddly arousing, but at the same time sobering. For a brief moment he thought of calling the whole thing off; but what else could he do? They owed Jerry now, and there seemed no other way to repay him.

Charlie had never thought of himself as sexually desirable to boys or girls, but now as he regarded himself in the mirror objectively, he saw a clean, handsome young teenager wearing the loose fitting white cotton pants, light blue muscle shirt and white nylon jacket that Jerry had suggested. He found himself getting aroused by the sight of his own body. He was wearing no underwear for the first time in public in his life. "Another touch that Jim likes," Jerry had said. It felt a bit strange, but nice. Charlie went to the elevator and pushed 2.

"Be right there," the soft voice came back in answer to Charlie's knock. Shortly the door opened to reveal a tall, blond young man who looked not much older than Danny. He looked Charlie up and down appreciatively. "Room service?" he asked tentatively.

"That's right," Charlie said, trying not to show his nervousness. Jim motioned him in with a low bow, then closed and chained the door behind him.

"Jerry said he had something special for me, but you're more than special!" he exclaimed, as he gave Charlie's butt a quick pat.

Charlie was enjoying Jim's obvious admiration and answered as pleasantly as he could, "We aim to please." He was thinking that Jim could probably get all the sex he wanted without paying, but Jerry had explained that he preferred it this way because outwardly, he was completely straight. He even had a girl friend, Charlie found out later as they talked.

Jim wanted to finish the TV program he'd been watching, so they both lay on top of the bed and watched the last half hour. Within minutes Jim was groping Charlie's body, and Charlie had to force himself not to recoil from Jim's rough touch. After the program Jim started undressing him, very slowly, enjoying each step in the process. Charlie started to retaliate, but Jim quickly brushed his hand away, saying simply "later." When Charlie was completely nude, Jim's hands were all over him. He wasn't abusive, but not as gentle as Dan or Jerry either. Soon afterwards, Jim hopped off the bed, and in a flash he was naked too, revealing the largest piece of equipment Charlie had ever seen.

"Like that, do you?" he said when he observed Charlie's astonished expression. "That's good, 'cause it's going to be in your back door in about five minutes." Charlie had never heard that expression before, but the meaning was obvious.

"I'm sorry," Charlie answered nervously, "I don't do that. I gotta take care of myself for you guys." Jim seemed satisfied with that, and there was no more talk of anal sex.

After over three hours of fairly pleasant sex, Charlie started getting dressed to leave. He was surprised to discover that, after the initial nervousness, he had actually enjoyed himself. Jim wasn't the least abusive, was even considerate in his own way. And he gave every impression that he was very appreciative of Charlie's efforts to please. Charlie had given him a massage, which had turned into a very hot necking session; they had sucked each other to orgasm twice, then Jim had had a third climax as Charlie lay on top of him and slid his body up and down on his client, Jim's swollen member squeezed between his legs. Charlie wanted to stay longer but Dan was home alone, and Dan was still unquestionably number one in Charlie's mind.

"Going so soon?" Jim said, disappointed.

"Have to tonight. Maybe next time I'll have the whole night for you," Charlie answered, pulling on his muscle shirt. He was tempted to stay another hour but he resisted and continued getting dressed.

"Well, you did good," Jim said appreciatively, "and you can bet there will be a next time!" He handed Charlie a wad of bills.

"$250?" Charlie questioned with surprise.

"Consider it a retainer," Jim answered. "Buy yourself something nice, and remember me. Next time maybe you'll stay till I throw you out, and that'll be a long time."

Soon Charlie was in a taxi heading across town. They passed through a neighborhood where there were a lot of teenage boys just standing, most of them alone. They were on street corners, in doorways, and leaning against light poles. "Hustlers," the cabby explained, as if sensing Charlie's curiosity. "They sell their bodies to queers, drugs to anybody, and their souls to anyone who will buy them, but then a nice kid like you wouldn't know anything about seedy lives like that. Most of them are runaways, and this is the only way they can make a living. Next year there'll be a whole new crop of 'em... these will be dead from VD, or so strung out on drugs that they won't know who they are."

"They don't all wind up that way, do they?" Charlie asked.

"I dunno about all, but certainly most of 'em do. Problem is most of 'em are on drugs, which is why they're on the streets in the first place. You get that shit in your system, and you can't do nothin' right! Most of 'em probably started out with a good home like you, but their folks throw them out when they can't handle them, or they just leave 'cause they get tired of being told they can't do this, must do that."

"How much do they make?" Charlie inquired.

"Usually twenty to fifty dollars," the cabby answered, "Depending on how desperate they are, and how horny their tricks are." Charlie smiled to himself, fingering the 250 dollars in his pocket with one hand, and the source of his newfound wealth in the other. Nice kid like you, the cabby had said. He was aching to tell the cabby where he'd been the last three hours, but he knew that wasn't the least bit wise. He was beginning to realize just how lucky they'd been to meet Jerry when they did. Thanks to him, they had leap-frogged all the unpleasant parts of their trade to a point where they were, at least outwardly, completely respectable. And Jerry had made it perfectly clear that he was working towards the day that his business would be a true escort service, with no sex for sale. Then he would be completely legitimate. There would probably always be sex, Jerry had acknowledged, but it would be incidental, not the primary purpose of the business.

Charlie got out of the cab and let himself in, being careful to lock the door behind him. "How'd it go?" Dan asked anxiously as he bounded down the stairs to meet him. He was wearing nothing but a pair of rather brief shorts, and the sight of him filled Charlie with joy at being home and desire for the almost naked creature that had become so much a part of his life. The two sat on the sofa and Dan pumped Charlie on every detail of the expedition.

"He give you any trouble?" With concern.

"Nope," Charlie answered. "He tried, but just as Jerry said, all I had to do was say no."

"Got any left for me?" With genuine concern.

"You know it. He was nice, and clean, and I enjoyed it. But that was business. You're pleasure, with a capital P!" Charlie told him with true sincerity. He felt he was walking a fine line. On the one hand, he had to reassure Dan that the experience was not altogether unpleasant, but at the same time Dan needed to know that their relationship was still special.

"You... uhh... did you... you know..." Dan still was having trouble saying the words that described what they both did and liked. Feeling more confident after his successful date, Charlie decided it was time to face things fully.

"Are you trying to ask if I gave him a blow job?" he said with amusement as he watched Dan recoil to the explicit expression.

"Yeah, did ya?" he asked, starting to get genuinely interested.

"I did, through a rubber."

"How'd it taste?"

"Wadda you expect? Rubbery! It really seemed to turn him on, and I really didn't mind." As Jerry had said, they had to keep business and pleasure separate, and that's one of the ways they did it.

Charlie continued telling Dan all about the experience, all the time trying to convince him that it was not great, but not bad. He seemed to be taking it much better than Charlie had expected so he let it all hang out, telling him about every little detail. He even told Dan that like Jerry, Jim had been circumcised at birth and found Charlie's uncut weapon absolutely fascinating. Jerry had already told them that their foreskin would be a big hit with their clients, and Jim confirmed that promise. Talking about the evening started to get both boys aroused, and soon they were caressing and fondling each other on the couch.

Charlie remembered another one of Jerry's rules and went up for a shower, after which he powdered and cologned himself, fixed his hair, and they went to bed. Any fears they might have had that the whole thing might change their relationship were unfounded. Dan was more affectionate than ever, and Charlie was so filled with desire that he couldn't get enough. After they were both worn out, they fell into a peaceful sleep in each other's arms, each with the taste of the other's seed in his mouth.

About six a.m. Jerry woke the boys as he turned his key in the lock. Minutes later he appeared in the open doorway. "Boy, must have been some party!" Charlie exclaimed as he observed Jerry's mussed hair, splotched makeup, and torn stockings.

"It was... got a little rougher than I like, but no big deal," he answered. "But now, I'm longing for some REAL love, with two gorgeous hunks that I happen to know." Neither Dan nor Charlie had been the least bit interested until he said that, but by the time Jerry had showered, shaved, and changed into a pair of loose, sexy white sweat pants, all three were hot as fire crackers. And then another new experience.

When Jerry re-appeared in the doorway in his sweats and nothing else save for a gold chain around his neck, the odor of fresh cologne on his body, they motioned him into their bed, and then they both attacked him, at first roughhousing, which quickly turned into lovemaking. Truth is, neither of them wanted to wait for the other, neither wanted leftovers; so all three of them tangled, writhed, fondled, fingered, kissed, and nuzzled at the same time. It was if they were one, all wanting the same thing, all desiring each other. When it was over, all three settled down and fell asleep, and slept until two p.m. They didn't know it then, but another tradition had been born. Each time one got home from a date, he made love with whomever was home. They were very quickly becoming totally comfortable with each other. The horror of the two weeks on the road were forgotten, and life seemed good again.

Two days after Charlie's 'first date', Jerry got a call from a regular who he said would be perfect for Danny. He was not unlike Jim... clean, quiet, very afraid of his secret getting out, and most important, not pushy. Danny had by now been anxious to go out but Jerry had held him back, waiting for 'just the right one'.

Jerry had become very protective of his two charges, especially after Charlie told him of their experience in Boston, his experience in the cab, and what the cabby had said. "He's absolutely right," Jerry had said. "Most of those guys on the street never get off the street. I was lucky because I met the right people, and I want to pass it on to you guys. I couldn't stand seeing y'all going down the toilet."

Danny came down the stairs, primped for his date, looking like a school boy about twelve years old. "Wow!" Charlie whistled, "You look good enough to eat!"

"Not now," Jerry grinned. "We can't be eating all the profits." Dan was dressed in pastel blue shorts, white knee length gym socks and his white sneakers, a colorful broadcloth shirt with the tail out, and a white nylon shell. His full head of long blonde hair, styled to perfection, was almost on his shoulders, cascading over his long slender neck in gentle waves. Dan was one of those fortunate people who turned dark whenever the sun touched his skin, so even the short time he'd been in the South had turned him a light brown.

He was very nervous, but Charlie and Jerry both assured him that he had no problems, that he was by far the best looking faggot in Daytona. The three piled in the Lincoln, dropped Dan at a large parking lot where his date was to pick him up, then they went off to their own dates.

Dan was just thinking of forgetting the whole thing and hiding somewhere when a white Chrysler pulled over to the curb and a young man, very handsome, about twenty-five, motioned him to get in. "You must be Danny," he said, offering his hand. "I'm John, and I must say, I'm very glad to meet you!"

Dan sat in the car, huddled against the door, as John talked and chattered about nothing in particular. "We could go to a restaurant if you'd like," he was saying, "But I doubt if you could get anything to drink, so why don't we go right to the hotel? I have some beer on ice and we can pick up a snack on the way." Dan agreed that would be fine, so they were soon pulling into a small motel on the outskirts of Daytona.

In the room, John passed Dan a Coors and opened one for himself, then turned on the TV, more for something to do than anything. "You're new at this, aren't you?" he more stated than asked.

Dan stammered, "Well, sorta..."

John looked at him squarely. "In fact," he said, "unless I miss my guess, this may be your very first time." Dan wondered how he knew, but he tried to keep up a good front.

"Don't worry, John," he said with a lot more confidence than he was feeling, "I'll give you your money's worth."

John laughed heartily. "Don't YOU worry," he said, "you've already done that, just by being here. But look, just relax. I don't want to hurt you, you're far too beautiful for that."

John sat on the bed next to Dan and started moving his hand up and down Dan's bare legs. Dan was pleasantly surprised at John's gentle touch, and he gritted his teeth and thought to himself, This guy's all right, and I gotta show him a good time. I said I would, and by God I'm gonna! At that he moved his hand toward John's groin. He closed his eyes and groped around until his hand found its target, causing both of them to gasp. They groped and fondled each other until both felt more at ease, then they got undressed and got into bed.

John was gentle and he was kind, but he was intense. He kept telling Dan how outrageously beautiful he was; how he could never do anything to hurt such beauty. Dan was truly enjoying himself, so much that he began to feel guilty. No one knew it, not even Dan himself until just then, but he responded almost uncontrollably to compliments and appreciation with an honest desire to please and be pleased.

What would he tell Charlie, he thought. This was really great, and he was getting paid in the bargain! He became so involved in their lovemaking he almost forgot Jerry's instructions to always use a condom; but at the last moment he finally hesitated, became mildly frightened at what he was about to do, so he reached for his pants to dig out the prescribed protector. John didn't mind in the least as long as Dan did the putting on and taking off, which was fine with Dan.

The two got on famously, making passionate love over and over until they were both exhausted. They stopped and snacked on the burgers they'd brought with them, then after another beer they were at it again. Dan was obviously giving John a great deal of pleasure, and that thought pushed Dan to new heights of ecstasy, which in turn gave John even more pleasure. This chain reaction continued until neither had the energy to move.

It was five a.m. when Dan and John finally left the motel, John agreeing to drop him at a taxi stand close to home. They had been extremely passionate; they had cuddled for a while; Dan had ended up feeling so content that he had fallen asleep in John's arms, only to be awakened again by John's gentle caressing as he again felt desire for his handsome find. If this is what it's like to be a queer, Dan thought, I wish I'd done it years ago.

In the car John said to him, "I'm not going to ask how old you are, 'cause if I knew, I think I'd feel guilty." John handed Dan three one hundred dollar bills, to which Dan responded "John, that's too much."

John patted Dan's knee and said, "No, it's not enough, but it's all I have. You can consider the extra an incentive if you like, cause I'll be wanting to see you again." Dan agreed readily as they arrived at the taxi stand. He kissed John lightly and got out.

Back home, Dan found Charlie and Jerry wild with worry. Dan was regarded as the baby of the trio, and the other two mothered and smothered him to the point, sometimes, of irritation. "I don't know what you were worried about," Dan said indignantly, "John was great!" He then went into every detail of their night, ending by saying enthusiastically he couldn't wait to go out again.

"Well," said Jerry seriously, "I'm glad it went so well, but don't get the idea they're all like that, cause they're not. Just bear in mind that some of those guys think they own you, and they'll give you a real hard time." Jerry was obviously very concerned, not wanting Dan to think things would always be that easy.

"Don't be silly," Dan said, "I can take care of myself, can't I Charlie?" Charlie had to admit that, from what he'd seen in Boston, Dan was quite capable of handling himself.

"Dan," Charlie said after they were in bed, "I can't believe how good you looked tonight. I know beautiful is not a word you usually use to describe guys, but I can't think of any other. Just thinking about you all evening made me excited." Then Charlie made the same discovery Dan had made earlier: that Dan responded almost out of control to his words of praise and admiration. Both boys had worked hard at their trade earlier, but now it was as if they had been celibate for a month. They were two very young men, alone, who felt very good about themselves for the first time in their young lives. They were safe; they were doing well; they had a good friend who evidently adored them both, and they were in love.

Both boys had dates almost every night after that. They found themselves feeling a fair bit of guilt, but most of their clients were hand picked by Jerry and consequently their first few experiences were pleasant; at least until Charlie met Glen. But that's getting ahead of the story.

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