This story is fiction. It depicts, sometimes explicitly, sex between teenage boys, between boys and men, and between boys and females, both teenage and adult. If you find such things offensive, or reading such things is illegal where you live, please read no further.

VI. The Silver Bullets

So Dan had been initiated. His first date had gone extremely well. He had enjoyed himself immensely, though he was quick to point out that it was 'different' than with Jerry and Charlie. Of course both the other two understood what he meant because they lived it every day. "It's sort of like having a great meal, or going to a super movie," Jerry offered as an explanation, "It's a fantastic experience, but it isn't reality. It doesn't take the place of doing exactly the same thing with someone you love when you get home." They agreed that this was a good explanation, and that they all felt that way.

From then on all three boys had one or two dates every night. They were making money by the bagful and having a good time doing it. Occasionally a date was completely unattractive, sometimes rough and disgusting, sometimes dirty. Those times Dan and Charlie were thankful for Jerry's insistence that they use protection if they had any doubts at all. So they grit their teeth and put on as good an act as they could, and the less desirable types seemed most appreciative. They usually paid very well too, especially if their hired lovers promised to see them again.

Jerry was constantly coaching the two boys on how to dress and groom; how to take maximum advantage of their natural good looks. The two, who up till then had given little thought to their appearance other than being clean, were surprised to learn how good it felt to know they looked good, so a lot of their newfound wealth went to building a wardrobe to rival Jerry's. They were working sixteen hours a day during those first few weeks: As soon as they were up in the morning, Jerry was teaching them dance steps or some new aspect of behavior or grooming. They almost always ate out, often in the most ritzy restaurants so they would get totally comfortable in the formal environment of public dining. And then of course there were the dates. The three were riding high thinking nothing could stop them now; but Christmas was looming, Dan and Charlie's first Christmas away from home.

In spite of himself, Jerry had come to really care about his two housemates. Up till now, everyone in Jerry's life had an angle; everything they said had a double meaning, and Jerry was constantly on his guard to determine what had not been said. But these two, to Jerry's amazement, were absolutely straight, in a manner of speaking. They meant every word they said, and the words they said were things like 'thank you,' and 'I care about you;' things Jerry had never heard before with such sincerity. He discovered that he himself was just as soft-hearted as they, but he'd never before felt free to show it. He was completely at their mercy now, but he knew that was all right. He knew that his heart was in good hands, as were theirs.

"What are your plans for the holiday?" Jerry asked on Dec. 17. Neither Dan nor Charlie had even thought of it, nor had they done any shopping.

"Er, what do you mean?" stammered Dan, "I sort of assumed that we'd all be staying here."

"Yeah, but what about your folks? Do you plan on sending them a card or note, or phoning them or anything?"

The three discussed that at length, and only then did they learn that Jerry's parents were dead and that he had no family that he knew of, or at least cared about. Jerry said that, no matter what, they should let their families know they were all right, otherwise it would be a pretty bleak Christmas for them. They had sent several cards via some of Jerry's friends, had arranged for two phone calls, but that wasn't the same. So it was agreed that they would call Sunday night, two days before Christmas. Neither Dan nor Charlie was looking forward to it, but it seemed important to Jerry, and they had to agree that they were curious about how their parents had taken the news. Dan was quite worried about his folks and how hurt they must be, and he finally admitted that he was anxious to let them know first hand that he was all right. Of course now they could honestly say they were happy, well, and successful, and Dan was pleased about that.

In the meantime, Jerry had arranged for birth certificates, drivers licenses, and Social Security cards for his mates. "From a friend who owes me one", as he put it. He didn't seem anxious to elaborate, but they were pretty sure the false id was courtesy of a client of Jerry's, someone in a high government office.

So now the boys were Dan and Charlie McKnight, brothers, ages seventeen and eighteen, born in Portland, Oregon. Jerry aged them a couple of years so that at least one was legal age, and because they were brothers Charlie had some legal right to assume custody of Dan, or at least so he believed. In actual fact, the full legal age in 1965 was 21; but eighteen still carried with it some authority.

Dan was excited about his driver's license, but they assured him that he still wouldn't be driving until he'd had some experience. He had almost never driven up to this point, but his friends promised to start giving him lessons. Jerry told them they would have to get another car sooner or later, but for now they could all share the Lincoln. That made Charlie wish the guys at home could see him now, flashing around in a Lincoln, wearing the best clothes money could buy, and having more sex than he could handle. But the thing that would have impressed them the most, he reasoned, was the car.

On the afternoon of the 22nd the inevitable happened. Jerry got a call from a girl he had met at a party. She knew he was gay, but she also knew what business he was in. She was in town for a few days and wanted escorts for herself and a friend. They were going to a dinner-dance, semi-formal, and she would make it very worthwhile, 'monetarily and otherwise', as she said.

"I can't make it," the boys heard him say, "but I think I can help you. How'd you like to take a couple silver bullets tonight? Young and handsome, and anxious as hell to please any way they can. I'll call you back in less than an hour." He took down her number and hung up.

"How'd you guys like to earn big bucks tonight, and screw a couple gorgeous girls in the bargain?" They were about twenty-five, he said, very pretty, filthy rich, and hot as firecrackers.

"But we've never had a woman, either one of us, and they've probably had plenty of men," Dan protested.

"Exactly," Jerry countered. "Nothing turns a woman like that on more than the idea that she's taking someone's virginity. And with y'all, you don't even have to lie or fake it... just act naturally, enjoy, and roll in the dough. I've been out with one of 'em a couple times and she's really nice. I'm pretty sure she wants more than I've given her, so it should work out well for all of you." It sounded good to the two rookies, so Jerry called back and made the arrangements. They were to pick the girls up at their hotel at eight.

"What's a silver bullet?" Dan asked as Jerry was getting the pair dressed.

"C'mon, Dan," Jerry laughed, "use your imagination. Just remember, you only got one, and you're gonna lose it tonight."

"How am I supposed to know?" Dan pouted. Moments later he joined in the laughter when he figured it out. "Guess I can add that to my education," he giggled.

By seven Jerry had his two prizes showered, fixed their hair, sprinkled them with some very expensive cologne that made them hot smelling themselves, and was getting them dressed for the occasion. They chose the conservative approach: standard Hanes white cotton briefs, gold chain on the necks, white Oxford weave shirt with gold cufflinks, black socks and shoes, dark suit with plain striped tie. Then he stood back and admired his creations. He was enjoying pampering them as much as they were enjoying being pampered. "You guys look good enough to take home to Mother!" he crooned. "I just hope someone doesn't rape you on the dance floor."

At the appointed hour two outrageously handsome but nervous young teens were standing at the doors of two adjoining hotel rooms, corsages in hand, like two junior high students going to a prom. They had to remind themselves that, if they had stayed home, they might well be doing something like this for real. They were, after all, two years younger than their id indicated.

The door in front of Charlie opened and a gorgeous redhead was standing there. She was wearing a light blue formal dress, open at the top, revealing tanned shoulders and a large portion of her ample breasts. The dress was full at the bottom, one of those kind from the eighteenth century that rustled when they walked. She had to be the most beautiful creature he had ever seen.

"J-j-jane?" Charlie stammered, trying desperately to regain his composure.

"That's right. And you're..?"

"Ch-Ch-Charlie," he gasped, sticking out his hand. She took it, but instead of shaking it she pulled him inside, laughing heartily. "Well, Ch-Charlie, I'm very glad to meet you. Jerry told me you were a tad less experienced than I'm used to, but he didn't tell me that you'd never even seen a girl before. Or do you stutter like that all the time? No matter, with a bod like that, who cares whether you can talk at all or not?"

"I'm sorry," He was recovering now. "I just wasn't expecting anyone so beautiful." He was truly in awe of the beauty before him, and he wanted her more than he had ever wanted anything in his life. They had a quick drink while they waited for Dan's date, Marie, to finish getting ready. Charlie wanted desperately to ask why they were paying for dates, but he knew that was not a question one should ask.

Dan, in the meantime, was doing no worse. Marie was dark, with long black hair going halfway down her back. Like Jane, she was wearing a formal gown with almost no top from the nipples up. She looked younger than Jane, and was of course very taken with Dan's long blonde hair and his baby face.

As soon as they were in the room Marie was in his arms. "M-mmm!" she whispered, "you're even sweeter that I'd imagined." They both felt Dan's weapon snap to attention which caused Marie to say without shame, "Well, I was afraid with that baby face that you might not have one of those things, but I guess I don't need to worry." She thrust her hips into Dan's and ground them suggestively, driving him almost insane.

Before long they were at ease, and the boys were enjoying being with these lovely ladies. As they walked out into the street in front of the hotel Charlie started to hail a cab, but Jane said, "The car's already here," as a big white stretch limo pulled up and stopped in front of them. As the four settled inside Charlie thought to himself, Who the heck is this, anyway... some sort of queen? Neither he nor Dan had ever even seen the inside of a limousine before, but the luxury was easy to get used to.

They arrived at the dinner just as people were sitting down to eat. Jane and Charlie purposely sat apart from Dan and Marie because, as Jane said, that way they could show off their little prizes to more people at the same time. Neither Dan nor Charlie had been to an affair like this before and despite Jerry's coaching, they were very nervous, terrified that they'd pull some social fubar that would screw up the evening for all of them. But they managed to get through it, all the time wondering why these lovely creatures were PAYING for dates when any male past puberty would kill to do what they were going to do, for free!

They were introduced around to the various guests, mostly women old enough to be their mothers, all very rich. They all billed and cooed over the boys like so many distant aunts, and any time Charlie expected to hear, "My, Charles, how you've grown, and how handsome you've become!" Later, on the dance floor, he shared this thought with Jane. She had an answer for that one, too: "There's not a woman here wouldn't give a million to bed you tonight. Take my word, you stay in this business long enough and you'll see them all again, in much less formal circumstances." And she turned out to be absolutely right!

Jane was obviously enjoying the looks of envy from the other women, and she showed it by every once in a while slipping her hand down to 'those gorgeous buns', as she had started to call them. "Cut it out, Jane," Charlie scolded. "How am I supposed to help you make a good impression if you keep on acting out like that?" Truth is, he was enjoying the attention, also the looks of envy of all the guys in the room because Dan and Charlie were obviously the youngest there, and they had the loveliest girls by far. Charlie's dancing definitely left something to be desired, and Jane's constant molesting didn't help.

"Ch-Charlie," she teased, "you're helping make an impression just by being with me. Hasn't anybody ever told you how dreamy you are, with your deep brown eyes, that beautiful black hair, and that dark sexy skin? Now lets get out of here, before I tear your clothes off right here on the dance floor."

Charlie really thought she meant it, so they gathered up Dan and Marie, said a few hasty good-byes, and were walking out when a stately voice from behind them said "Leaving so soon? The party's just getting started." As they looked around, Charlie immediately recognized the man. He was about fifty-five or sixty, very well preserved, obviously a man of some importance, and a man Charlie had serviced, not once, but twice!

Jane answered the man, who either didn't recognize Charlie, or more likely, hid it well. "Just look at these tender young things. It's 'way past their bed times, so we have to see to it that they're tucked in for the night." The boys were both beet red. The twelve or so people within earshot smiled knowingly, the envy showing all over their faces. Charlie had already decided that bedding his fantastic date was unnecessary; just holding her in his arms, dancing with her, smelling her perfume, were a fantasy fulfilled in themselves.

Before anyone else had a chance to protest, the two teens were being whisked out of the ballroom and into the waiting limo. No sooner were they in the back seat than Jane's hands went into action. She was pawing her shocked escort all over. She was kissing him... sweet, gentle, urgent, wet, suggestive kisses that were driving Charlie wild! She was blowing in his ears; nibbling his ear lobes and nose; running her hands through his hair; and often, yes very often, grabbing his exploding pleasure probe like a stick shift and whispering, "I don't know where they've been hiding you, virgin, but kiss your silver bullet good-bye. Tonight you join the ranks of the fucked! On second thought, perhaps I'd better kiss it good-bye."

Charlie took a glance at Dan, and he was having no better time of it. Marie and Dan were necking urgently, their hands exploring the so-called forbidden places, but it seemed there were no forbidden places tonight. Dan had found Marie's breasts, which virtually popped out from under the dress that had held them captive all evening. He discovered immediately that they were rather nice playthings, which only added to Marie's already uncontrollable passion. She, of course, had found a plaything of her own and had let the poor thing out for air, it having been confined in Dan's pants all evening.

"Jane, please!" Charlie pleaded. His shirt tail was out, the shirt open all the way up; His fly was open, and the shorts underneath ripped out of the way.

"What's the matter, virgin, don't like me?"

"It's not that... what about Dan and Marie?"

"So let them watch... they might learn something."

"What about the driver?" She was groping desperately at Charlie's belt as she smothered the word 'driver' with another urgent kiss.

"Fuck the driver! No, on second thought, I thought of that, and trust me, you wouldn't like it. Fuck me!" she practically screamed. His pants were on their way to his knees. She had her hand on his thing which was pounding so hard he thought it really would explode.

"Here? Now?" Charlie panted. "Should I put on a rubber?"

"I don't care if you put on a whole fucking rain suit, just so long as you get on with the job. You're driving me nuts!"

Charlie fumbled with a Trojan, dropped it, took another one, and eventually got it in place. He rolled over on top of her, and then before he even had time to worry about it, he was inside her, her long full dress gathered up around her waist, panty hose ripped off. There were no panties to contend with, but Charlie doubted they would have been much of a problem anyway.

This was hardly the way he figured his first intimacy with a woman would be. All evening, in fact for two or three years, he had fantasized long tender moments in a bedroom embracing, kissing, engaging in all the foreplay he'd read about and believed necessary. In Charlie's mind it was absolutely impossible to engage in intercourse without all the preamble that was called foreplay. Now here he was, in the back of a stretch limousine, pants around his ankles, but it was great! She wiggled and moaned; she panted and gurgled. She wrapped her legs around him and squeezed the breath out of him. Charlie had been so afraid that, at the right time, he wouldn't know what to do; that he'd stumble and bumble and, the worst fate of all, be laughed at. But when the time came he knew exactly what to do, and each of Jane's movements, each of her responses, seemed to drive Charlie to new heights of passion, new pinnacles of lust, higher levels of enjoyment.

Before long he was coming. And coming. And coming. Jane had already had three or four orgasms, but all added up they would not have equaled Charlie's one. He never told Dan, but that orgasm made all the others he'd ever had seem like nothing. Then they were both still, their bodies still one, but both of them exhausted. Charlie felt as if his whole consciousness had drained out of him and into the condom.

Becoming suddenly very tender, Jane whispered "No need to support yourself like that, baby. Just let all your weight rest on me." Charlie obeyed. Jane groaned softly. As quickly as it had come, the feeling of Charlie the great lover was gone, replaced by Charlie the very little boy being cuddled.

And then they heard it. The applause. The car had stopped and Dan, Marie, and the driver were clapping and shouting "Bravo! Jane! Charlie!"

The two lovers were stunned, but quickly Jane recovered and wrapped her hands around Charlie's neck so that she could join in the applause. His face was burning. He looked at the driver with one of those wounded animal faces of Dan's and pleaded, "Get us out of here!" As they separated, there was a loud s-s-l-l-ur-ur-ur-p-p-p, starting a new round of applause and hoots. As they were getting dressed, Jane looked at Charlie quite seriously and said, "Charlie, I just bought a new Mustang last week. You do me like that again, and I'll give you the fucking car." Charlie smiled shyly, not knowing just how to participate in this joke, so he just kept on trying to put himself back together.

By the time they got back to the hotel they were more or less presentable, albeit rumpled. They went inside and up to Jane's room. Dan and Marie came in for a few minutes, had a quick drink of champagne, then left for Marie's room. The boys had previously agreed to get home on their own, so Charlie called after him, "see ya tomorrow, Dan."

"Don't break anything," Dan called back over his shoulder, and the three of them roared with laughter while Charlie tried to figure out what he'd done that was so great.

"Now, my great big hunk of baby meat," Jane said with murder in her eyes, "let's see what you can do when you don't have an audience to cheer you on!" She was on him again, only this time Charlie remembered Jerry's words:

"Never lose control, and if you do, do anything you have to do to get it back." Charlie was right into this escort thing now and he wanted to get it right, so now he knew that, whatever the cost, he had to get control. He didn't know why it was important, but Jerry said it was, so it was. So he did what he thought faggots do best. He pushed her gently onto the bed and drove his head under her dress, burying it in her crotch, and gave her the tongue lashing of her life. Now it was Charlie's turn to drive Jane wild. The sight of that handsome young man still fully dressed, buried from the waist up under the voluminous folds of her own clothing, and the sensations his tongue, lips, hands, all busy, were giving her, were more than she could stand. But it worked.

Soon Charlie was calling the shots. Me, he thought. Experienced me. After all, he had already been screwed a whole once in his life. Truth is, this time he wanted it as badly as she did. So they rolled and sucked and fucked most of the night. Charlie had no idea how many times he got his rocks off that night, but he knew it was more than six. And probably more like ten. Oh, for the staying power of a sixteen year old again!

Dan and Marie were having an equally good time, though far less frantic. Marie was the mothering type which suited Dan just fine. Initially Dan had wanted to get the duds off and get on with it as he had witnessed in the limo, but Marie wanted to caress, fondle, neck, and just be tender. Dan quickly adjusted his pace to match hers. The clothes came off gradually, each item discarded driving Dan to a new level of ecstasy. Now this was living, he thought.

It seemed to take hours, but eventually Marie was unrolling a condom on Dan's aching member, then she was guiding Dan into the promised land. The sensation, to Dan, was indescribable. Like Charlie, he had worried for months about knowing what to do when the time came. Both boys had studied books on female anatomy until they could draw the important parts from memory. They had read serious books and pornographic works, hoping to learn all there was to know about technique. But now the books were all forgotten, the anatomical illustrations never crossed his mind. He was completely preoccupied with giving and receiving those forbidden pleasures. When the climax came, only seconds later it seemed, Dan thought his whole butt was on fire. He shuddered violently as they both moaned and groaned.

"I take it from your reaction," Marie said when they were still for a while, "that you approve of me as a lover?" Dan didn't answer, at least not verbally. They had not separated, and Marie's question, and the thoughts it invoked in Dan's mind, stimulated his spent member back to life; so they just continued where they had left off. Dan had never known such pleasure was possible. He understood now why bucks fought to the death, if necessary, for the favors of a doe. At this moment, he would have gladly died rather than give up what he had discovered.

When Charlie was getting ready to leave, at about ten a.m., Jane started talking about his coming home with her to New Orleans for Christmas. It seemed to Charlie that she was falling in love, or at least she thought she was.

"I can't, Jane, he said as gently as he could.

"Is it money? Because if it is, I can handle any of those problems you might have."

"No, it isn't money."

"A steady girl?" she demanded. He felt himself being sucked into a relationship that he didn't want. The sex had been great, no, outstanding. Even the company was super, but he was in love with Dan, and that made him a homosexual, and he had to face that.

"No, not a girl." He sat down on the edge of the bed and fondled her bare breast. "Look, Jane, I really had a hell of a good time, and I hope you did too. I don't want to spoil that for you, but I don't want you to get the wrong idea. You see, I'm gay."

No reaction.

"I really was a virgin tonight, but only as far as women are concerned. I've had sex with plenty of men, but that really didn't bother me. Being with you, having sex with you was great, in fact the best fun I ever had, and you can be sure that it's not the last time for me. But that's all it was... fun! When Dan and I are together, we make love. And it's different. Am I making sense at all?" Now she was shocked.

"You're in love with your brother?" she questioned. And Charlie was getting in deeper.

"No, he's really not my brother, but there are good reasons for us to say we are. I really would rather not tell you any more, and believe me, you're better off not knowing." Charlie had come to like Jane, more than he wanted to. True, she was the horniest thing he'd ever seen, but she had class too. And she had a genuine concern for Charlie.

"One more question, please?"


"How old are you two?"

"Dan's fifteen and I'm sixteen. Bye Jane, call me anytime." And with that he kissed her and was out the door, leaving Jane on the bed with her chin hanging somewhere on her left boob.

When Charlie got outside the limo was still there, and the driver was insistent upon taking him home. He protested at first, but given his appearance, he finally gave in and accepted the ride. "The envelope on the seat is for you and your partner," the chauffeur said without emotion. "And might I also say, sir, that was the best performance I have ever seen. It's too bad you weren't gay, I'd be calling you myself."

"I am," Charlie said mischievously, then he closed the privacy window. He had suddenly realized at the mention of his fee that he had totally forgotten that this was a business venture. When he opened the envelope, there were eight crisp one hundred dollar bills inside. He tried to hide his surprise, and calmly put the envelope in his lapel pocket.

The limo dropped Charlie at the door to the townhouse. He let himself in quietly, thinking that Dan and Jerry, if they were home, would be asleep. When he walked into the living room there they both were, and they both started laughing. "Had a bit of a rough night, did we?" Jerry managed to get out as he howled with laughter. Then Charlie started to look at himself. His tie was crooked; his shirt was ripped; his beautiful suit was rumpled; his fly was open, and his shirt tail was hanging out of it like some bleached pecker. His under shorts, having been ripped to shreds, had been discarded. At first he was annoyed by their mirth, but soon he started to see the humor in it, and Charlie too started laughing. "Dan tells me you stopped the show, and the car," Jerry roared.

Dan! he suddenly thought. How did he make out, I wonder? Charlie certainly couldn't tell by looking at him because he'd been home and had a shower, and now was looking very fresh and desirable in a clean sweat suit. But he certainly didn't seem upset as he rolled on the floor, screaming with laughter.

"If you coulda seen them," Dan gasped, "Jane's dress was everywhere, Charlie's suit coat still on, his white ass bobbing in and out from under it, Jane's legs sprouting from the billows of blue material, both of them whooping and gasping as if they were being tortured."

"Well, laugh if you like," Charlie said gleefully, "but maybe this'll sober you up." And with that he pulled the envelope out of his pocket and threw the contents in the air. The boys gaped as the bills came fluttering to the floor.

They had their usual review over a bottle of beer then. Dan had done just fine, thank you very much. He had banged Marie until he was too sore to go any more, then she had tried to kiss him better again, but to no avail. He had been finished, but very, very happy. Jerry had fared well... he never revealed too much about his adventures, but then it was probably old hat to him now. The three started laughing again when Charlie told them about losing control, then regaining it again. Then Jerry and Dan both sobered when Charlie related the conversation he'd had with Jane just before he left.

"You think she's in love with you?" Jerry was obviously concerned.

"Only one part of me," he answered, holding his crotch. "I'm not fooling myself, she saw me as a toy... one with enough staying power to keep her satisfied, at least for a while."

The three got into a serious discussion about Dan's and Charlie's reaction to their first heterosexual experience. Both boys agreed that they liked it, no, loved it, a lot! The gleam in their eyes told Jerry all he needed to know. They were really confused now. How could they be gay, yet love so much what had happened? They were still dedicated to each other and neither had any reservations about that, but it seemed that they had developed an appreciation for beauty, regardless of sex, and that didn't fit into their concept of what gays were like at all. Of course they had seen the graffiti on public washroom walls, inviting any and all to do all sorts of things, and had assumed that all homosexuals were that way. "But we're not," Charlie said earnestly, so what does that make us?"

Jerry, who was much more comfortable with what and who he was, tried to reassure them. "Forget about labels," he said, "And forget about how you think you should act. I told you the day we met that I didn't think y'all were like me, and I think you've just proved it. Truth is, I think you're very lucky, cause y'all can get enjoyment out of either sex, so why not just relax and enjoy it?" They felt better then. They had left home because they were different, but that difference had taken a twist that they hadn't expected; but it was for the better, according to Jerry.

"But," Charlie protested, "Maybe we were wrong. Maybe we were too quick to decide to be gay. Maybe we just..." Jerry shook his head in exasperation.

"Charlie," he sighed, "Your sexuality is not something you choose. It's what you are. Why you are or are not a certain way is something I doubt if anyone knows; but I believe I was born a homosexual, and so were you. We didn't choose or decide to be gay, we were chosen!"

"But," Dan argued, "There are those guys that live a straight life, get married, have kids. They chose not to be gay."

"Nope, they chose not to ACT gay. But we're making a pretty good living off a lot of men like that. And a lot of them have told me they wish they weren't that way; but they are, and they can't seem to do anything about it, and neither can we. Besides, why get so uptight about it? We're happy together, we're having a lot of fun, so who cares how it happened? I repeat, I think y'all are pretty lucky if you can enjoy women and men. And," he said with a wink, "It's good for business too! I don't think I could get it up at all in your place last night. I find the whole idea kina repulsive."

"You mean, you've never done it with a girl?" Dan asked.


"But Jane..." Charlie protested.

"I know, Jane thinks I'm the best dancer in the world. I've taken her dancing three or four times, but that's all we do. We dance, sometimes eat out, but that's all."

The boys did decide though, that they would continue to service the girls when the opportunity presented itself. They thought at that moment they had lost their desire completely for guys except, of course, for each other and Jerry. Charlie was privately worried a bit that he might be disappointed the next time he and Dan made love, but he needn't have been concerned. When they finally decided to go to bed Charlie had a shower, put on a clean pair of shorts, and crawled in with Dan. It felt genuinely good and safe, being next to him. They held each other tight, two little boys again depending on each other against the world.

"So you really had a great time?" Dan asked presently.

"Yes, I really did. But like I told her, it was FUN, not LOVE."

"Danny?" It was Charlie's turn to put on the little boy voice. "You too tired to make love?"

"Never, with you!" he answered quickly. "Should we see if Jerry's awake?" Without another word, they both got silently out of bed and padded down the hall to Jerry's room. His door was open, a small light was on, and he was awake, reading.

"I was afraid you wouldn't come," he said when he saw them standing in the doorway in their shorts.

"We might not, considering the last few hours," Charlie answered, "But it'd be nice to try." The pair started across the floor, pushing their shorts down as they walked, stepping out of them as they reached the bed. And they did. Come, that is.

Christmas Eve morning the boys awoke at about eleven o'clock to the insistent ringing of the phone. They had gotten home late again after another profitable evening. "Hello," Jerry said into the receiver sleepily. "Just a minute." He handed the phone to Charlie. "It's for you."

Charlie took the receiver anxiously, expecting it to be the police or something. "Hello?" With as much authority as he could muster.

"Hello, baby meat."

It was Jane!

"Been outside yet?"

"No, we're still in bed."

"Don't remind me. Every time I think of you in a bed, I hate Danny a little more. But you'd better get up now and check out your Christmas present before something happens to it. And remember, next time I'm in town, I'll be wanting another ride. Merry Christmas, Baby Meat." And she hung up.

"Wonder what that was all about," Dan said. He'd had his ear so close to Charlie's, he had heard every word.

"I don't have any idea," Charlie mused, "but I'm just curious enough to try and find out. So the three of them pulled on their sweat pants and headed down the stairs to the front door. There in the driveway was a gleaming red Mustang convertible! They ran down the stairs to get a closer look, and saw an envelope on the seat. No, two envelopes, one marked "Charlie", the other marked "Dan".

Charlie opened the one addressed to him, and a set of keys fell to the ground. The Vehicle Registration was there, with Charlie's name on it! And then the note:

You may be gay, and you may be only sixteen, and you may be a runaway; but to me, you'll always be the only man alive that gave me all I wanted, with dignity, and with passion like I've never known before. You probably won't believe this Charlie, but it's the truth: You are the first man ever to make love to me, and you might well be the last because after you, it's doubtful that anyone could measure up. Thanks Charlie, for giving me the best time I ever had! Enjoy your new car... it's beautiful, just like you. I decided not to give you mine because you'll be needing it when you come to New Orleans. Hope this one's okay... It's from a local dealership.

And say hello to the folks in Nova Scotia.

Love always,


Charlie was totally speechless. "Well," Dan reminded him, "She promised in the limo, remember?" And then he did remember her promise, for the first time since he'd heard it.

"She was a virgin!" Charlie repeated, "But she knew so much... She was so... so... so experienced!"

"I don't think so," Jerry mused, "I think maybe it was all an act." Then Dan opened his note:

Dear Dan,

I don't know what you've got that attracts Charlie to you, but whatever it is, it must be pretty special. And whatever it is, don't ever let it go, cause you've got one helluva guy there. And he loves you very much. But if you ever get tired of him let me know, because I know what to do with him. Thanks for lending him to me.


The tears were welling up in Dan's eyes as he looked at Charlie. "You mean you told her about us?"

"Had to. She was getting serious." At that he threw his arms around Charlie and kissed him. Then they were all laughing, hugging, and dancing about the driveway. And Charlie had a pretty nice trinket to replace the silver bullet he had lost.

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