This story is fiction. It depicts, sometimes explicitly, sex between teenage boys, between boys and men, and between boys and females, both teenage and adult. If you find such things offensive, or reading such things is illegal where you live, please read no further.

IX. New Orleans

"Of course you should go," Jerry was saying. Charlie had just received a note from Jane inviting him to New Orleans for a week. He would be paid, including air fare, but he was to come alone and be prepared to live a week of luxury, posing as Jane's cousin from California. "But Dan," he protested. "How will he..."

"I'll be fine," Dan interrupted. "You'll have a lot of fun and make lots of money doing it. I'll miss you, but that's the business we're in so you gotta go for it. Besides," he concluded, "she gave you that car, I think you owe her something." Charlie had to admit the idea sounded inviting, and he did feel sort of guilty taking the car for doing something that most guys would gladly have done for nothing.

A week later, on a Friday morning, Charlie was on a plane bound for New Orleans. As he sat on the plane sipping his Coke, which was the strongest drink they'd give him, he reflected on all that had happened in the short time since Dan and he had left home. Life had been good to them, and he was thankful for their good fortune. Both boys had pretty good looks, he thought objectively, and they were completely happy with each other. Charlie was still uncomfortable with what they had become, thinking that, when you take away all the frills, they were really nothing but a couple of whores, and gay ones at that. But then, being whores was not at all what he had pictured it to be. And at sixteen, to be bedding some of the most gorgeous and rich babes in America, paid or not, was something Charlie knew most of his friends would sell their souls to do. He thought of their lives together, these three youths, and how much laughter there was. With the possible exception of Dan, who'd come from a loving and giving family, they'd never laughed much. Now it seemed there was always something to cause them all to go into hysterics. No, Charlie could just not believe that a life so full of fun and love could be all wrong. So he sat back and enjoyed the flight, his first ever, thinking one minute of the life he had in Daytona, the next of the week that lay before him.

The boys all had the odd unpleasant encounter like Charlie's with Glen, but their experiences, along with Jerry's coaching, were making them street-wise in a hurry. Jerry showed them a few simple but effective defensive moves that served them well until they had time to learn more formal fighting techniques. These they learned eagerly, both because it was necessary, and because they enjoyed the feeling they got from knowing they could handle themselves. They were, after all, still teenage boys; and like all teens everywhere, their self esteem grew as their proficiency grew, no matter what the endeavor.

Charlie was met at the airport, not by Jane, but by her chauffeur, the same one that had driven them in Daytona. "My name is John," he said affably as he offered his hand. "We might as well get to know each other," he continued, "I think we'll be seeing quite a bit of each other."

He whisked Charlie to the limo after retrieving his bags, and they were off downtown. "You'll find some clothes in a bag on the floor," he instructed. "I've been told you should put them on.... all of them, and nothing else." Charlie opened the bag to find a pair of dark loose fitting pants, a white knit polo shirt, a pair of new hi-top sneakers, no socks, and no underwear. He quickly put them on, getting more excited by what he knew was in store for him. He was a bit concerned about not wearing shorts because the expectation in his mind had also been elsewhere ever since he got on the plane, so he made a mental note to keep at least one hand in a pocket to conceal his constantly swollen member.

The limo arrived, not at Jane's home, but at a large, very fancy country club. As John escorted Charlie inside he whispered, "You look great! But don't try to hide that lump. We've all got one and it won't be long before she'll take care of it for you anyway."

Charlie liked John, and John certainly didn't miss much. He could feel himself blushing, but he obediently took his hand out of his pocket. Now it felt to him like he had a tool about two feet long, and the whole world was looking and saying "Charlie's got a hard on, again!"

They met Jane in the bar where she was surrounded by about ten men and women, all about her age. "Oh," she said with obvious pride, "Here's my little prize now. Gimme a hug, Baby Meat." She was kissing Charlie, deeply and shamelessly, moving her crotch in to rub his aching thing. "Mmmmm...that's what I like," she said louder than he would have liked, "Ready for action."

They sat around the bar for about two hours, drinking and talking, having the odd dance. This was a private club and Jane seemed to have a fair bit of influence here, so Charlie's being under age posed no problem in getting whatever he wanted to drink. In 1966 there wasn't the paranoia about teenage drinking that there is today, and private clubs were just that: private. They had a late lunch at the club, and by the time it came Charlie was starting to get a bit drunk, and really starting to enjoy himself. It was obvious to everyone what he was and why he was there but no one seemed to mind, and as he got more and more drunk his embarrassment turned to making fun of himself.

As they left the club and curled up inside the limo, Jane was all over him again, telling him how much she liked him, how pleased she was that not only was he a good lay, but a lot of fun to be with. John, very formal now, said over the intercom, "Would you like me to drive around a bit, ma'am, or go right home?"

Jane looked up at him, an evil grin on her face. "What do you think, John? You saw this beautiful little hunk." And without another word she closed the privacy window and turned her attention to Charlie. Her hands were all over him, not violent and intense, but almost motherly - very gentle, very appreciative. Charlie sat there reveling in her attention thinking This is the life! He had much more confidence now, having had a lot of experience in the past few weeks, so he put his hands to work too, exploring, feeling, caressing. Never, in his wildest teenage fantasies, had he even come close to what was now reality for him.

Jane lived in a large, very private mansion on the edge of town. As far as Charlie could tell she lived alone except for two or three servants who, at least outwardly, left them very much alone except when summoned. She was nice to them, which for some reason surprised Charlie. He guessed he'd watched too many movies where the rich bitch treated her servants like dirt. They made him feel really welcome, showing him to his room which was like a palace in itself, then leaving him to himself after instructing him to join Jane at the pool after he had freshened up.

Dan had been nervous and irritable from the moment Charlie left. It was their first time apart for more than an hour or two since their flight in November and Charlie was, in Dan's mind, pretty young and inexperienced to be flying hundreds of miles away by himself. Jerry understood and he missed Charlie too, but at the same time he was glad to have one of the two alone for a few days. Perhaps he wanted to test their relationship, or maybe he just wanted to get to know them better as individuals. "Relax," he told Dan, "Charlie will be fine, and he'll have more fun than he ever dreamed of."

"I know," Dan answered, "But we've grown so close, I can hardly stand to be apart."

"It's just that closeness that'll keep us together even when we're apart," Jerry said. "Besides, think of the homecoming."

The pair started to concentrate on getting used to each other, and eventually Dan found himself enjoying being alone with Jerry. Both marveled at how quickly they had learned to feel easy and relaxed in each other's company. They ate out together, went shopping, spent a day at the beach, and of course they worked. Jerry had been somewhat apprehensive about how Dan would react to being left alone with him, but now he knew without question that they truly had a bond that would not easily be broken.

Jane was lying on a deck chair at the pool, completely nude when Charlie got there. He had found a very luxurious satin robe in his room but no bathing suit, so he had put on a pair of bikini under shorts, thinking that they looked no different than a brief bathing suit. Then he had donned the robe. He sat on a deck chaise beside Jane and took off the robe. She looked her prize up and down, smiled pleasantly, and poured him a drink. "Of course you realize," she said as he took a pull on the Vodka, "that underwear is not allowed in this house. I'll tolerate it on you for a while because you're gorgeous with or without, but eventually it's got to go." Charlie said nothing but slipped out of the shorts, which got a smile of appreciation from Jane and from a maid who had appeared from nowhere to freshen their drinks. He blushed profusely, which of course Jane found sexy. Jane found everything sexy. But even in his embarrassment, Charlie felt an odd rush, a thrill really, at what he'd just done.

They swam and drank. They talked and drank. She asked Charlie more about himself, and he told her everything, and drank. Soon he was quite drunk again, and of course Jane found that sexy. Then she jumped up suddenly and announced "You've teased me long enough. Ever get screwed on the grass?" Of course he hadn't, but Jane informed him that he had come to the right place. He protested, worrying about the servants. She dismissed it, saying that they did it too. Of course Charlie hadn't brought any condoms from his room, and she dismissed that too. "I'm pure as the driven snow," she said matter-of-factly. "Remember, no one else has ever violated this body but you, and I don't want any barriers between us." Charlie tried to tell her that it was as much to protect her as himself, but she didn't hear him. He tried to tell her of the dangers of pregnancy, as if she didn't already know, but she ignored him. She was very busy just then giving Charlie a little more pleasure than one normally expects on the grass next to a swimming pool.

They screwed on the grass. Twice. Then they went in to clean up for dinner, after which the servants left them alone, and they screwed in the dining room. Jane said she'd been teasing herself purposely to work into a frenzy, and she certainly was in a frenzy. Charlie doubted, though, that she needed any teasing; with her it just came naturally. Each time they finished they would go shower, Charlie would put on some very expensive cologne she had provided, and within an hour they were fucking again.

About 10:30 she announced flatly that she had liked the first time in the limo the best, and without another word summoned John. The memory of that night brought Charlie's equipment instantly to life, and in no time they were in downtown New Orleans, stark naked, doing a repeat performance in the back of the limo. They finally went to bed about four a.m. By that time Charlie realized that his room was there only to provide him with a private place to change, because he never disturbed the covers. That was fine with him. By now his inhibitions were mostly gone, and he really liked Jane. She expected, demanded, all that he could give of his body, but she understood that his heart was elsewhere. For the time he was with her he was her love slave, and that's where the problem began.

"Jane," Charlie said nervously when they were in bed, "We... I... I'm afraid this isn't gonna work." Jane had been working at getting Charlie aroused again and assumed he was referring to her failure to do so.

"It'll come," she assured him, "I have faith in you."

"That's not what I mean, Jane," Charlie almost pleaded as he pulled her hand away from him.

"What else matters?" she demanded in a good-natured way. Unfortunately her attempt at humor had the opposite effect on Charlie.

"I matter!" Charlie said loudly. "I know what I am, but I don't need to be reminded every minute of the day!"

Jane propped herself up on one elbow and looked at Charlie's reddening face. "I don't understand," she said as she tried to kiss him and met with resistance. "What's wrong? I thought things were going really well." To her absolute amazement, Charlie started to cry!

She tried to embrace him, but he refused to allow it. She tried to kiss him again, but he wouldn't accept. Finally in total bewilderment she pleaded. "Charlie," she said between his sobs, "perhaps I'm insensitive, but I haven't the foggiest idea what is wrong. If it's something I've done, I'm sorry. If you're homesick..."

"I'm not homesick!" Charlie replied defiantly, "And I'm not one of your possessions either. I'm sorry, Jane, but I can't go on this way. It's enough that I have to do the things I do every day, but I still have some pride, and I can't..."

"Charlie," Jane interrupted, "Why don't you just tell me specifically what's bothering you?"

"You, Jane!" Charlie answered in a fresh volley of sobs. "It's you that's bothering me. I wish I'd never accepted that goddamned car. It was nice of you and I love it, but if it means I have to submit to all these indignities and whims of yours, it's not worth it. I'm sorry, Jane, but you'll just have to take it back. Naturally I don't expect payment for this week, and I promise I'll pay you back for the plane tickets as soon as I get the money."

"Charlie, you don't have to do all that. That car was a gift, not a bribery. And what indignities are you talking about?"

"Jane, you just can't treat people like you own them. Slavery has been abolished for a long time. People have feelings, and principles; you can't just walk all over people as if they were nothing, and ignore how they feel or what they think. At least I can't live that way, not even for a week. It's bad enough that I'm selling my body to any and all, but I'm not gonna sell my soul too."

Jane was still perplexed at Charlie's outburst. She had concluded from what he'd already said that he'd had some trouble reconciling what he'd become, but evidently she'd missed the real point. "Charlie," she consoled, "if it's the fact that you have a male lover, I understand that. I thought we were clear on that."

"It has nothing to do with Dan," he replied angrily, "at least not directly. It's the whole idea that you own me. I just can't accept that."

"But... Charlie I never said..."

"Yes you did, Jane. Not in so many words, but you said it all the same."

"How, Charlie? How did I say it?"

Charlie was sitting up in bed now, reaching for his pants. "You go too far, Jane!" he said vehemently. "You demand the moment I arrive that I discard all my clothes and wear the ones you provided. You TELL me I can't wear underwear. You demand that I parade around here naked, no matter who's here. We fuck right in front of everyone, and you announce to all your friends that I'm your little faggot love slave. I'm sorry, Jane, but I'm having a lot of trouble as it is remembering that I'm a human being, and I just don't need someone de-humanizing me any more than I've already done to myself."

Charlie was out of bed now with his pants on, and was groping on the floor for his shirt. Jane sat watching him as if in some sort of trance. Finally she spoke, and Charlie noticed what may well have been a tear. "I'm sorry, Charlie. Please don't go."

"I have to, Jane. I'll stay in my own room till morning, then I'll be outa your hair, if that's all right."

"Well, it's not all right, Charlie. You've made some pretty serious accusations, and I think you have an obligation to hear my response. Please?"

Charlie froze where he stood, shirt half on and half off. Jane had no way of knowing, but it was her last word that stopped him. She had said "please!" He stood looking at the beautiful woman in the bed, realizing suddenly that she was even more beautiful than he'd remembered. "That's fair," he murmured weakly.

"Charlie, I guess I'm kinda spoiled, so you're probably right in everything you said. But I've never had a lover before, and certainly not one as young as you. I tend to be a bit... well, wild! And you bring out that wildness. My parents died when I was a baby. I was brought up in this very house by my grandparents, and I never wanted for anything! Anything except love, that is. They died five years ago when I was still in College, but I hadn't lived in this house since I was six. They had always sent me away to school, not to get rid of me, but they really didn't know how to deal with me. When they died it was like an acquaintance dying, not my grandparents.

"I inherited a lot of money, and all I've done ever since is make more. You might not believe it, but I work hard! I mean, what else is there for me to do? I don't have any close relationships, nothing else to occupy my time, and I am certainly not going to waste everything away by being the rich playgirl that you think I am. I own two investment firms, and various pieces of real estate all over the country. But I take time off too. And since you've come along, that time off is becoming more important to me. I like spending time with you, Charlie! I think I could love you, if you'd let me.

"I never thought of you as a plaything, really. I can see how you'd think that, especially because of the way we met. But I never meant to humiliate you. Charlie, I think you're one of the most wonderful people I've ever met! So why would I do anything to hurt you or belittle you? I need you, Charlie. I thought that acting wild, romping around in the nude, doing outrageous things, you being sixteen and all... well, I guess I misjudged you. I'm sorry. If you'll give me another chance, I'll try and prove I don't have to act that way."

Charlie stood looking at Jane, her beautiful red hair cascading over her bare shoulders. He remembered that first night, and how he had instantly wanted her. Now his groin was screaming at him, telling him what he must do now. But he knew he mustn't listen. He knew he must make a decision based on other things. If he allowed himself to be led by the pecker back to her bed now, he'd never have any self respect.

"Tell ya what," he said finally. "I can't leave till morning anyway, so I'll stay if you don't mind. But I have certain... er... principles that I've denied too long. I don't like to be told what to wear, but I love to hear things like 'this looks good on you,' or 'I don't like this on you as well as that.' I don't think anyone has the right to tell me whether to wear underwear or not. If anyone has that right it'd be Danny, and he doesn't even try. I'm still old fashioned enough to believe that human intimacy should be special, and it can't be special if it's done in public. In other words, if you want to entertain your staff by screwing for them, you'll have to get another partner. I don't appreciate your telling all your friends that I'm your paid stud for the week. If you can't think of something else to say about be, then I'd rather not be there.

"Oh, and one other small point: You'd be surprised at how many of the things you want are within your grasp if they're requested and not demanded, complete with a 'please.'"

Jane sat on the bed listening to Charlie outline his demands. In all that he said, she had no defense and she knew it. But it didn't matter. She didn't want a good defense; she wanted Charlie. When it appeared he was through, she smiled ever so slightly. "Anyone ever tell you," she said as she reached out and took his hand in hers, "that you're awful sexy when you get riled?"

Charlie was melting fast, but he held his position. When it was obvious he wasn't going to answer, Jane went on. "You're right," she admitted. "And I think I can be different. So, for starters, would you please get back in bed? That is, after you've gone into your room and got a pair of those sexy satin shorts you like to wear? Please?" Charlie did; but not until he'd kissed her and thanked her for understanding.

"It's hard to believe," Charlie reflected dreamily as they lay together, "that you were a virgin till..."

"Till you sent me to Heaven?"

"It wasn't too bad for me either, But why...?"

"Because I never wanted to, Charlie. At least till I met you. You have to understand, the circles I usually travel in, the spoiled brat self-centered Momma's boys I usually date - they turn me off, not on. They're so phoney, so... well, so full of themselves. I've dreamed about someone like you for years, but I never found anyone. Then you showed up: so real, so honest, so... modest! It was as if you didn't even know how outrageously handsome you are."

"Outrageously handsome?"

"My God, you really don't know, do you Charlie?"

"All I know for sure is, I'm a faggot, and you say I'm real?"

"Of course you're real! You never denied what you are, and I think in a way you're even proud of it."

"Not exactly, but I'm gettin' there."

"Well, Charlie," Jane lectured as she again began to attack him, "I know men twice your age who aren't half as mature. They don't look nearly as good, but their opinion of themselves is... well, let's just say you were so refreshing, I just had to have you. Now, baby meat, suppose I could persuade you to take off those satin bikinis you like so much?"

"Jane," Charlie grinned, "Let's not carry this courtesy thing too far. I'm afraid if you want my pants off, you're just gonna have to take 'em off yourself."

There was no sex that night. Jane, young, incredibly rich, beautiful, and up till now very selfish, found what most women, if not all, have built in: her mother instinct. She spent the night holding and comforting Charlie, who was now crying uncontrollably. "What have I done?" he moaned, "And what have I done to Dan?"

"You loved him," Jane soothed, "What's wrong with that?"

"I've turned him into a common prostitute!"

"Not really, Charlie," she said. "Neither you nor Dan is even close to being common anything! You did what you had to do, that's all. And you did it with more dignity than most can even imagine. I'll make no secret that I wish you weren't gay, weren't spoken for, but I respect it. Damn, Charlie, I can FEEL your love for him, even in our most intimate moments! And still you manage to give me something that no man has been able to approach! Now go to sleep, baby meat. Tomorrow you'll feel better, I promise. Tomorrow my handsome young escort is gonna take me driving in our new Mustang."

"New Mustang?"

"I told you I had one here, identical to yours. And I would very much like to be taken driving with the top down, if you would."

Charlie did go to sleep, mere seconds later. Jane lay on her back, this beautiful naked teen cuddled in her arms, and thought about her life. She longed for a man like this; she longed for Charlie, but he was taken. And she knew that all her wealth, her beauty, her clothes, were no match for the love that Charlie had for Dan. That love, she realized, was a large part of their beauty! She had never seen two people so deeply in love, no matter what their gender!

Next morning they awoke about ten, but didn't get out of bed until noon. After they finally got dressed Jane was intensely pleased to note that Charlie still had a lump in his pants. It went well, she thought, with the constant grin on his face. He did indeed feel a lot better. They spent the afternoon in the club again, after a long ride in the country in the Mustang. Jane made it very clear that this was Charlie's car whenever he came to visit, which she hoped would be often. In the evening they were romping about the pool in the nude again. Charlie discovered that swimming and lounging in the nude wasn't half bad - enjoyable, really, when he knew he had a choice. He also knew it pleased Jane, and he loved pleasing Jane, when it was his choice.

Sunday it was raining, so they just stayed in bed. Jane's appetite just would not be satisfied, but that was no problem. When Charlie regarded her beautiful body and realized why she had him here, he was instantly ready for more too. This was truly a teenager's dream. They went to sleep Sunday night without bothering to separate. Charlie had just had an explosive orgasm, and he just collapsed from exhaustion. Four hours later he was awakened by a stirring under him. He was ready to go again, so they just resumed where they'd finished. That became their method of sleeping; sometimes Charlie on top, sometimes Jane. Sort of convenient, Charlie thought, and with Jane it was important to save time.

"You could get to be a real habit with me, Charlie," she said as they embraced. "I know you're only here for the money, but you hide it really well." That comment hurt. It reminded Charlie painfully once more of what he was.

"Jane," he protested, "I can't change what I am or how I make my living but you need to know, when I'm with you..."

"Yeah, I know," she interrupted, "You can't fake that look in your eyes, that glow on your face when your gorgeous young body is deep inside mine." Hearing those words of course brought Charlie instantly to attention.

"Jane," he panted, "Please believe me..."

"Charlie wanna play nookie with Janie again?" she teased.

"Jane, please! It means more than that. You're... you're..."

"Horny!" she exclaimed as she guided Charlie's aching tool home again. It was simply no use, Jane would not be serious.

"Wake up, Danny, you're gonna be late for church!" Dan opened his eyes slowly as Mom's voice, accompanied by the aroma of breakfast cooking, drifted up from downstairs. He snuggled further into the bed contentedly, savoring the warmth and comfort as the snow flew outside. He had been out late Saturday night, with Charlie as usual, roaming around town as teenagers like to do; playing pinball games, going to a movie, and just hanging around. He yawned dreamily and started to close his eyes again as Mom's face appeared in his open doorway. Seeing him still in bed, she came over to him, kissed him softly on the forehead and said, "Hey, sleepy head, you gonna sleep your life away?"

"I'm comin', Mom." Her hands were in his hair again, reveling in the softness as she regarded the beauty of her only living child.

Dan had had a brother and sister, but the brother had died of polio in his third year, and the sister had been born dead. Those tragedies, and the fact they would never have any more, made Dan even more precious to his mom. She knew that Dan was often lonesome for a sibling, and now as she sat on the bed of her son she was thankful that he and Charlie were such good friends. "So what mischief did you and Charlie get into last night?" she asked good-naturedly.

"Nothin' much, Mom. We went to a movie, then just sorta hung around with some of our friends." Dan was a bit self conscious about the fact that Charlie was really his only friend, and even his parents didn't know that the two of them were almost always alone.

"Is Charlie coming with is?" Mom asked, referring to their regular church outing. The Edwards' were not what you'd call religious people, by Baptist standards, but preferred to practice their faith by the way they lived. But they always went to church, and they had always read Bible stories to Dan when he was younger.

"I don't think so, Mom. I think it reminds him of his mother too much. Last time we went I saw tears in his eyes when we were singing."

"He misses her a lot, doesn't he?"

"Yeah. Sometimes I think he hangs around here so much because of you, not me." Dan knew that wasn't true, but he also knew that Charlie did enjoy the closeness and love that abounded in the Edwards home.

"Well," Mom said as she gave her son a loving hug, "get your tail outa there or we won't make it either. And you tell Charlie for me that we enjoy having him around. He's a sweet boy, and sensitive like you. And make no mistake, honey, he's a good friend... better than most you'll have in your life."

After Church, as was their custom, the trio went out to lunch. They knew that Charlie enjoyed this part of the outings, but Dan also knew that he'd started to feel badly that Dan's parents usually had to pay for Charlie too. Dan had tried to tell him they didn't mind, but Charlie was becoming fiercely independent. So he declined when Dad offered to drop by and pick him up. "He's probably still in bed," he answered, "Besides, we have hockey practice this afternoon, and Charlie doesn't like to eat before hockey." When they arrived home, about one-thirty, Charlie was already there. They didn't have to be on the ice till three, but this was one activity that Charlie never missed, always allowing more than enough time to get ready.

On the ice, the two friends played as a unit. They each knew where the other was at all times, and had developed passing combinations that were flawless. Unfortunately, these combinations that always worked so well as they raced from one end of the ice to the other seldom ended up with a goal, but their coach had begun working with them hoping to develop their shooting skills to the level of their passing. They'd been fortunate in their hockey career, always having had coaches who valued having fun more than winning. They knew full well this wasn't always the case, and they knew it was the tolerance of their coach that allowed them to constantly be on the same line. They would have liked to be stars, and in fact they were in their fantasies, but they had long since realized that they weren't great, so they just concentrated on what they did do well. Consequently they had become known as the team that could clear the puck, get it to the other end, then at the last moment they passed to someone else who got the goal, and of course the glory.

Sunday evening found the friends in Dan's bedroom, working on a model plane. They'd both been saving for a radio control, hoping by the time the plane was finished that they could afford the radio to install. Charlie, Dan suspected, was losing interest in this activity; but it was an excuse to spend time in the Edwards home, and that was important to Charlie. They hadn't spoken much all day, but they didn't have to. There was a communication between the two boys without words. Just as they were finishing up what they'd been doing, Mom appeared with a snack. "You boys have been up here all evening," she said, "Time for a break."

"Thanks, Mrs. Edwards," Charlie said gratefully. He didn't really like her cookies, but he sure liked the attention.

"You and your dad have another fight?" Dan asked as they munched on the goodies.

"Naw, I didn't even see him. He was gone when I got up." In Dan's mind, Charlie's father had left for good, or died, or somehow had exited the picture and the Edwards' had adopted Charlie. He'd always wanted a brother and he knew that Charlie wanted a family, a real family. He had known Charlie's mother, and knew her to be the same loving, tender lady that his own mother was. And he knew that Charlie, though he tried to hide it, was just as tender, just as sensitive. But those were not desirable characteristics for a growing boy, so they were appreciated by Dan and his family and no one else. Soon it was bed time and Charlie left for home, agreeing to see Dan at school in the morning. As Dan crawled into bed, Mom and Dad both came in to say good-night. He knew that he was a bit old to be tucked in, but neither he nor his parents could bear to break the habit, so good was the feeling. And knowing Charlie, and the emptiness he felt at home, made Dan appreciate all the more the affection that his folks showered on him.

When Dan awoke, the sun was high in the sky. "Holy shit!" he exclaimed, "I overslept. I'm gonna be late for school."

But something was wrong.

There was no smell of bacon and coffee; no model where he and Charlie had left it on the desk last night; no desk! Then he realized he wasn't in Truro at all, he was in Daytona, and he was alone. Charlie was in New Orleans, Jerry had worked last night and still wasn't home. It was still Sunday, and Dan had to face the day alone. Sundays were the worst for Dan, because they had always been a time for family, for togetherness, for quiet reflection. He hadn't realized it at the time, but they had been special to Dan, and now they were gone forever.

When Jerry came a few minutes later, he found Dan, still in bed, weeping hysterically.

"Dan," Jerry said with alarm, "What the hell..."

"Sorry, Jer," Dan sobbed, I guess just sorta didn't expect to wake up alone." After considerable nagging, Jerry extracted the story of the dream from Dan. When it finally came, it came in every finite detail. Being a dream, the details, the affection, the things that Dan missed, were all exaggerated; but the theme, the sequence of events, were accurate. They reflected accurately Dan's home life, a life he had left so suddenly. Jerry sat listening, realizing that Dan's had been the kind of life that Jerry had always wanted from a family but had never had.

"I'm sorry, Jerry," Dan said again, "I love you and Charlie so much, but I love my family too, and I miss them so much. And I can't stand the hurt I've caused them by running away like that."

"I know, Danny," Jerry soothed as he held his new friend and lover. "But look at it this way: You had fifteen years of love and security, and somehow I just know you'll have more. I just can't believe if they love you that much that they'll turn you away now."

"Now I know," Dan rambled on, "how Charlie felt after his mom died. Only with him, he had nothing to do with it. He didn't reject them, his mom was ripped away from him by fate." Jerry wanted to know more, so Dan related again the story of how Charlie's mother had taken ill and died, after which his relationship with his dad had deteriorated rapidly. As he listened, Jerry felt some of the bitterness he'd always known ebbing away. He'd had a vague concept of what a family should look like, but these two had both experienced it first hand, then lost it. And he began to understand just how delicate their feelings were. He had been trying so hard to protect them from all the dangers he'd experienced he had overlooked the real danger, so he resolved to begin anew and help them get over their homesickness. As he held Dan in his arms it was almost like holding a four year old, so vulnerable were the emotions of this tender creature. Never again, he resolved, would he allow these two to be alone for any length of time. And never, ever on Sunday.

Monday, when they finally got out of bed, Charlie and Jane again went to the club. Jane wanted to teach Charlie to play golf, so of course she had bought him all the appropriate clothes and a set of clubs. He did all right, he thought, and of course they found a few places on the course to take a break and have a little nip from a bottle of gin Jane had brought along.

About Thursday the couple woke up in a dreamy mood, so instead of immediately resuming their play as was their custom, they talked. She told him what a fabulous lover he was, and Charlie responded that it was easy, with a classy lady like her... pretty, a good body, fun to be with.

"Does that mean you think this might become permanent?" she asked. So that was it! She had been trying to "cure" him, he thought to himself. He was filled with desire again, but he had to set her straight.

"Jane," he said as gently as he could, considering all they'd done in the past few days, "I wish I could tell you differently, but I have to tell you the truth. I've had a fabulous time and you've been great to me; but I'm in love with Dan, not because he's a guy, but he's the person I'm in love with. You can count on me any time for sex, companionship, maybe even love of sorts, but please understand that it has to be temporary, because he's the one I love."

Jane's eyes were getting misty. "That's beautiful," she said softly. "I just hope I can find someone as special as you. I never thought I'd be told I wasn't the one, while getting screwed." She broke into a smile, and that gorgeous body started to move under him. Again.

Charlie didn't see much of New Orleans, but he sure learned a lot of different ways to copulate. They did it in the pool; they did it standing up; she sat on him; He entered from the rear; the side; They even managed to do it fully clothed while dancing, and still Charlie's eager thing was always ready. "I've never known anyone to have a lover so young," she told him. "Are all you teeny boppers ready all the time?" Charlie said that he didn't know, but that from his personal experience Dan was. "Great," she said, "because I have friends that would like him to come with you next time. Suppose he'd be interested?" Charlie said he was sure he would, and the thought of another visit had him hard again, and rich as she was, Jane never wasted anything, at least anything that was attached to Charlie.

Friday morning Charlie awoke alone in bed. He felt something fondling his crotch, then he felt something a little more intimate than fondling. Without opening his eyes he had assumed it was Jane, but it was somehow different. When he looked there was John, still in his uniform, sampling the treasure Jane valued so much. He must have sensed Charlie watching him, because he interrupted what he was doing. "Hope you don't mind," he said sheepishly, "Miss Jane had to go out for a few hours, and said I might borrow you if you were willing." Charlie didn't mind, really. He didn't like it too much, but he decided to let John go ahead, and he proceeded, not asking anything of Charlie but to lie there and provide the body, which Charlie could do with no problem. Within a few minutes he said a quick thank you and was gone. Charlie thought about what had just happened, remembering for the first time in a while what John had said as he'd driven Charlie home that first night. Too bad you're not gay, he'd said, but Charlie had cut him off by closing the window.

Charlie accused himself of being disgusting, allowing such indignities. But then he thought of John, and what an existence he must lead. He had made no secret from their very first meeting that he found Charlie attractive, but what chance did he have? Indeed, what chance did he have with anyone? Being a chauffeur carried with it pretty big demands one one's time; and even if he did have the time, there was a certain code of conduct. On top of that, there was John's age, which Charlie estimated to be at least sixty. No, Charlie decided, it would do no harm at all to allow John a few liberties. In fact, that very night Charlie left Jane's bed after she was asleep and went downstairs. He knocked softly on John's door.

"Just a moment," came a muffled voice from inside. Charlie waited until the door opened and John's face appeared. "Do you need the car, sir?" he asked as he swung the door open wider.

"No," Charlie answered. "M-may I come in?" John didn't answer, but opened the door still wider.

"What is it, sir?" the old man asked respectfully, "are you all right?"

Charlie looked John in the eyes, and was surprised at the gentleness he saw there. "I was hoping you could tell me," Charlie answered.

"Tell you, sir? Tell you what?"

"If I'm all right. And please, for tonight I'm Charlie, not Sir, okay?"

"If you say so, Charlie. Would... would you like to sit down?"

"No thanks, John," Charlie replied. He was standing face to face with John, who was wearing a robe over his pajamas. Charlie ran his hands inside the opening in the robe and around John's waist. "But I would like to lie down."

Charlie lay dreamily in John the chauffeur's bed, thinking how wrong Jane had been. Fuck the driver, she'd said, then no, trust me, you wouldn't like it. Well, he hadn't fucked John, literally, but he had certainly been intimate with him, and it had been wonderful! Charlie's original motive for being here was to give the old man 'a treat,' which is what he'd tell Jane if she ever found out. But now that it was over he was wondering who'd had more of a treat!

Sunday morning came shockingly quickly. Charlie's personal parts were so sore from the constant abuse he wondered if they would ever get better, but they were happy parts. He wanted to stay another week, but he knew for a number of reasons that was not a good idea. Jane saw him to the airport, and once again expressed her appreciation in the back of the limo, not with sex, but with words so tender and loving that Charlie felt guilty taking her money. She told him, among other things, that she understood his situation with Dan, but that she was not interested in any other men and would call him from now on whenever she wanted company. "Unless," she went on, "unless we can make other arrangements."

"Arrangements?" Charlie quizzed.

"Charlie, you've told me at least five times that you're not comfortable with what you do for a living. Well, I'm not comfortable with it either. There are so many dangers and pitfalls; the world can be a pretty ugly place, Charlie. You and Dan, and for that matter Jerry too, should be in school, fighting over homework assignments, going to dances, playing football. I've already told you, I have more money than I can ever spend, and... well, I'd like to support you three. I'd like to make it possible for you all to go back to school, before you get into some serious trouble."

"Jane," Charlie said as he felt a panic grip his whole being, "I already told you, Dan and I..."

"I understand that, Charlie. I'm not trying to buy you away from Dan. I'm not trying to do anything other than something useful. I'm trying to help three pretty great guys from getting in over their heads. I'm trying to give you back your life! Your childhood in a way. It wouldn't be as if I'm doing it for nothing, I have business interests in Daytona you could watch for me. I own three large apartment buildings, and I could use a manager. I mean a business manager, not just a janitor. You'd be helping me too."

"I... I can't, Jane," Charlie stammered. "I just can't. I doubt that Dan would go for it, and I know Jerry wouldn't. I appreciate it and I know you mean well, but I just don't think it would work."

"You're too independent for your own good, Charlie. Don't you know you can't do this all your life? Assuming nothing bad happens to you, at the very least you're gonna grow old, and once that happens..."

"I realize that, Jane. That's why we're working to build a business that isn't all about sex. It's gonna take time, and lots of money. But we're all going back to school, you'll see. We've got to, because we've already promised Dan's mom and dad. If we don't, they'll haul his ass back to Canada soon as they find out where we are. Believe me, Jane, I'll try to figure a way to take you up on your offer. I'd really like to do something like that, but I just don't see any way."

"Maybe I do," Jane said pensively. "I might be able to figure something out. So don't do anything drastic till you check with me, ok? I was pretty sure what your answer would be, but I had to ask. I'll give it some more thought, and you do the same, ok?"

On the flight home he again got aroused, first thinking of all that had happened, then thinking of Dan waiting for him. He was still wearing no underwear and thought that he might continue the custom, especially in warm weather. After Charlie's outburst about being told what to wear, how to act, etc., Jane had changed her attitude completely. She had treated him with the utmost respect, making it clear to him that she APPRECIATED certain modes of dress, certain types of behavior. After that he had continued most of the things she liked, drawing the line, however, at parading about the house in the nude.

From Charlie's personal journal:

Well, here I am on the plane, going back home. It still seems funny calling Daytona Beach home, but it's a nice 'funny.' That was quite a week I had. I learned a lot about myself, learned something about others in general, something in particular about Jane and John, and hopefully taught them something about me. I know I respect the two of them more than I did a week ago! And in a big way, I respect myself more too!

I never thought when Dan convinced me to keep a journal like he does that I'd be thankful for it so soon. But what just happened to me is surely something that needs to be documented and discussed, but I'm not sure I can discuss it with anyone else. Perhaps I really don't know what the hell happened, but I'm gonna write it down anyway, because I think I'll remember it for a long time to come. At least I hope I'll remember the lessons I've learned.

First and foremost I learned that Jane is a very classy lady. When I arrived I felt somewhat like a new toy for the rich bitch, and her ordering me around, telling me when to dress and undress, what to wear and not to wear, and when and where to screw her, grew thin real fast. I found I was constantly thinking of what I've become; that my body wasn't my own, and that all I had left was my soul and it was going fast. When I could stand it no longer I let her have it. Of course I took it for granted that Jane wouldn't take that kind of treatment, but I was mistaken. When she found out how I felt, she bent over backwards to make sure I didn't feel that way. She apologized, explaining that she had assumed that I would know how she really felt about me. "How could I know?" I asked. Well, she got the message, asked me to stay, and killed herself to show that she really wanted me there. And so, to my surprise, I learned that it was possible to be rich and still be very human. And then I responded by doing a little extra-curricular messing about, and at the same time, learning yet another lesson.

It all started with John paying me a short visit Friday afternoon while Jane was out. I had been dozing, quite tired after our hectic week. The purpose of John's visit had not been to socialize, but to, well, avail himself of my... well, me! He fondled and nuzzled for a little while, then thanked me self-consciously and left. I liked John from the very first. I guess I'd never thought of him as a lover, but as a friend, maybe even as a confidante, sort of a grandfather figure. After his little visit, I decided I'd be real nice to him and give him a little treat the first time the opportunity presented itself. At first the idea made me feel a little guilty, but he had told me Jane said he could 'borrow' me, so I presumed she wouldn't really mind.

After Jane was asleep, without really thinking about it, I found myself knocking on John's door. I thought he looked really strange in his night clothes, still trying to be the formal chauffeur; but without the uniform he looked like some sorta little old munchkin or something. After I was in his room I discovered I was extremely nervous. I guess maybe I was still thinking of John as my grandfather, and thoughts of having sex with one's grandfather seemed a bit, well, weird!

When I slipped my hands into his robe and around his waist, I was extremely surprised. Why, I'm not sure; but what I felt as I wrapped my arms around John's body wasn't what I'd been expecting at all. I guess I'd been expecting to be able to sense age and frailness with my hands; but instead my hands found themselves wrapping around a pretty solid man - more solid than many half his age! And when his body came closer to me, it was very obvious that he was responding more quickly than I'd have expected.

I'm real thankful I didn't say anything to indicate how I felt when I first went to John's room. God, I'm embarrassed even thinking the way I did! I realized that I'd been condescending, was thinking of myself as a real nice guy for lowering myself to John's level by giving him his treat. The treat, of course, was me! Well, now I'm not sure who got more of a treat. I guess I really haven't been in this business a long time, but it seems to me that I've had an awful lot of different men, most of them at least twice my age; but never have I been with anyone who even comes close to John as a lover! I was a whole lot noisier than I've ever been before, but I couldn't help it! The first time John brought me to the 'magic moment,' if I'd been in different surroundings, I think I would have literally screamed! As it is I bit one of his fingers half off. I can't even put into words what he did that was different, but he certainly made my trip down the stairs worthwhile!

When we were through, John and I talked as long as we dared, then I went back to Jane's room. He told me that he'd been celibate for quite a few years, but that he had found me quite attractive when I'd come barging in to their lives. I lay in his arms, listening to him tell me things about himself and Jane, perfectly content to lie there all night long. I still thought of him as my grandfather, but now there was a real difference. Now I knew he had something to offer that one seldom looks to one's grandfather to provide!

When I left, I hope I gave John some indication that I'd learned my lesson. As we embraced at his door, I asked if I could visit him again. "Would you like to?" he asked in a whisper. I didn't answer, but simply looked into his eyes and nodded. Instantly the fire was re-kindled within the both of us, so John hastily returned the nod, then kissed me deeply and passionately, opened the door and pushed me gently outside.

I wanted desperately to thank him for a lovely time; I wanted to kiss him one more time; I wanted to... to... Hell, I wanted to run back inside his room and make love again! But before I could do any of those things, the door was gently closed. As I climbed the stairs to Jane's room, I was already planning my next encounter with John. I had one more night before I left for home, and I wouldn't waste it.

The two nights I spent with John, or at least parts of them, taught me more about intimacies and how to please a partner, and oneself, than any other single thing I have ever done! He wasn't patronizing or impatient, but just honestly concerned that I benefit from his many years of experience. And boy, did I benefit! I can't wait to share what I learned. And it's all so easy, so obvious! And yet John said that most people never learn those simple, basic principles. Boy, I sure wish we lived closer to John!

Dan was indeed waiting for him, and he had to hear all about the experience. Of course as soon as they got home they went to bed, and Charlie related the story as he lay almost lifeless as Dan massaged his back and shoulders. "Be careful," he told Dan as his hands brushed more tender places, "I'm sore." So of course Dan tried to kiss it better. Neither Dan nor Charlie had showered for a few hours. They weren't dirty, but enough time had passed that there was more than the usual clean smell of soap and cologne... just sort of masculine and musky, and terribly sexy. They had both learned to appreciate natural body odor; not dirty and sweaty, but clean and honest. To Charlie this was indeed home; in many ways more of a home than he'd had for a long time, and he found himself wondering anew how anyone could call what he and his companions had perverted or sick. He told Dan that there would be a repeat, only this time he expected Jane would have someone lined up for Dan too. Dan was pleased about that, enough so to set him off again with a new barrage of questions.

At the first opportunity, Jerry got Charlie alone and related the tale of the dream. "He was so homesick," Jerry concluded, "It was pitiful."

"I was afraid of that," Charlie answered. "I know his mom and dad really well, and you have to know them to appreciate how special they are." He told Jerry of the two dead babies the Edwards' had had, and how that made Dan even more precious to his folks. They talked at length about the situation, concluding that there was little they could do except try and keep Dan busy, making sure he was never alone, never without an ample supply of affection. Both Jerry and Charlie were equally affectionate, but for them the situation they found themselves in now was filling that need for the first time. For Dan, ample affection was something he had always had, so now they appreciated even more the sacrifice he'd made. And it made them love him even more, if that's possible.

They tried to come up with a compromise, but there was none; so they had to be content with preparing themselves for the possibility that Dan would decide to go home. They loved him so much, they agreed to let him go if that's what he decided.

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