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California rest in peace
Simultaneous release
California show your teeth
She's my priestess, I'm your priest
Yeah, yeah


-Red Hot Chilli Peppers


               Think, think, THINK. No clues as to what to do next. Sure enough Alex's little drama had ended the speeches; he was bound to do so one way or another. Then it occurred to me that Alex was in no state to drive his car, as he was still sobbing in mine.

               "I definitely need to be by myself for a while, can I take you to Jeff's?"

               Alex smiled slyly before nodding. "Thank you, I don't think I'll be able to drive there."

               With that I started the engine and drove to Jeff's house. We got there by 1:30pm. And to my distaste, he was already there, waiting for Alex in the front porch.

               Great, by tomorrow we would have shagged and I would have kissed Alex good-bye according to the gossip. I got out of the car and waited for Alex to do the same, then closed the car and walked him to the door, which was open by now.

               Jeff came running and practically tore Alex apart from me. That pissed me off. Jealous already?

               Jeff almost shouted to me when he spoke, "Where were you?" Alex backed away a little bit from him. That earned him some points.

               "Well Mr. President, I'm afraid that is none of your business. And, by the way, I saw a Gucci sale in my way here, why don't you go there before they run out of stock." I said as a vicious sneer crept to my lips.

               That set him off. He threw himself at me. I docked two fists before kicking his left ankle. That, put together with his sudden move, obviously ended with him in the floor, and very shocked I must say. I mentally thanked my uncle Leigh for half-forcing me to take self defense classes two years ago. They had proven handy on several occasions up to now.

               "Are you positive about staying here Alex?" Concern almost evident in my voice, almost.

               "Yes, you need to go though," he said. I could see the effort he put into looking unphased. He almost closed his eyes when speaking.

               With one final look into his eyes I nodded almost imperceptibly before turning around and walking to my car. When I was in it, the engine on, I stepped on the gas pedal and raced all the way to my house. I needed to clear my mind and there was no better way than to concentrate for me than to do it on the road ahead. At the pace I was traveling it only took me about ten minutes to reach my house. I was pretty agitated, my driving having earned me several honks and curses from other people. I loved Venezuela.

               It wasn't till I got out of the car that I noticed Juan waiting for me in the garage. I should have known he'd be there. I dammed myself; I really didn't need his presence at the moment.

               Before he could say anything I spoke, bluntly. "I would really like to be alone now, do you mind?"

               "Of course I mind you dumbass. . . I'm your friend remember?"

               "I can't seem to remember much right now..."

               He smiled genuinely at that as he came closer to me "What did you tell him?"

               I gave him an appraising look. "I though you would be expecting a rotund `no' from me..." he just shrugged.

               I gave him a sheepish smile. "Thank you for being so... accepting." I managed before my eyes watered. He just came and held me in a brotherly hug.

               "How long have you known?" He asked quietly.

               "About two years..."

               "Then why did you hide it, of all people?"

               "Two reasons. . ." By now I had pulled myself together. "I hadn't found someone worth all the trouble, and I wasn't ready for other people's compassion, concern and all that bloody attention."

               "I'm glad you finally found someone. . ."

               "Hey! Hold your horses. I didn't say I fell for him yet... he pulled me into it remember?"

               "True. Still, it was very... romantic I must say." He said as he gave me a mocking smile.

               "Do spare me all the rosy talk will you."

               "Good, you are back to normal. Now I can leave you to yourself."

               "Thank you Juan, for all the support. . ."

               He hugged me once again and left without another word. And as much as his acceptance gave me some peace, normal was not the word to describe my state. Probably overwhelmed would have proven worthy. I went into the house, and saw that the answering machine had a message waiting. Perfect! At least my mother will not be here till tomorrow's evening.

               When the water was warm enough I went in the shower and sat immediately on the floor. I don't know what was so relaxing about it, but it helped me think clearly to sit under the water stream, feeling it wash more than just the dirt.

               The small grasp of reality that I had managed during the last two years was finally giving up. My world had just been shaken to its very foundations these last weeks. Not only had I discovered Alex's love for me. There was also the fact that I would be graduating in a couple of days. I felt like I was floating in the deepest of oceans with no clues as to where to go.

               The ocean. . . that's it, of course, I'm a bloody fool. I went into my bedroom and pulled out my surfboard, grabbed a pair of board shorts, a towel and put them all in my car. Then I mailed my mom telling her that I would be out for the day in case she wanted to know. With that I started my engine and drove to the beach.

               One good thing about living far away from the city was that I was only half an hour away from the nearest surfing court. Once I got there I was marveled to find five feet waves waiting for me and no people whatsoever in the water, as it was only Thursday. I quickly got ready and went into the water.

               The feeling I got when surfing was incredible. There where only three important things: me, my board and the wave I was on. All these elements eventually fused together and left me in peace with the rest of the world during the few instants that each ride lasted.

               When my thoughts drifted, accidentally, back to reality, it was almost noon. By now I was `flying by instruments' as I couldn't see much in the water. With one final wave I got out and went for my car. The drive back to my house was all a blur. I made it almost instinctively there.

               My messenger and inbox were crowded and the instant that I logged on everybody started asking me questions, as if they cared. Screw them. The fact that Juan didn't write to me didn't go unnoticed. I thanked him mentally once again. I proceeded to change my nickname from `Peter. I'll take you to school' to `BUGG OFF. Mind your bloody business.'

               Couldn't help being mad at Alex for his nice timing, now we would be in the spotlight for weeks. Hey, wait a minute, of course we wouldn't. School will be finished by Saturday. Actually, it did not help all that much. Damn.

               Who did he think he was? He had no right to throw me into this maelstrom merely two days before Graduation, my one and only school graduation.

               Once again I got in my car and drove to Jeff's. Thankfully the coopers where out to dinner, leaving an unwilling Alex behind. I knocked on what the maid told me was Alex's bedroom door and I got no response.

               "Alex it is me. Open the door."

               He was startled to say the least, but once again I caught a glimpse of hope in his eyes. God did he wear his emotions up his sleeves.

               "You... came."

               "Don't get me wrong Gray," I could se the hurt in his eyes. "I just wanted to get some things straight right away."

               I was as icy and unphased as ever. Then I felt that annoying sensation of guilt that crept down my spine, sending shivers all over. Fuck! Why did I care? I knew he was hot, but had I fallen to his helplessness? I quickly shook those thoughts out of my mind and stared at his eyes.

               "You had no right to pull me into this like you did!" I growled as I grabbed him by his shirt and smacked him against the wall. The fact that he did nothing made him look all the more pathetic.

               He just stood there, barely holding himself against the daggers in my gaze. "I'm really sorry," he said, bursting into tears.

               "Don't. Don't you apologize, it makes you look pathetic," I said while I moved my hands from his shirt to his wrists, only to pin them against the wall.

               Now he almost looked angry, and definitely much better. Not that pitiful mess.

               "There, much better." I said, as a smile crept to my lips.

               "Don't play with me!" he said as he pushed me hard in the chest.

               I could see tears streaming down his face once again as he tackled me harshly. I, with no little amount of strength, managed to pin him down to the floor. As I sat on his crotch I felt something hard poke my arse. Once again a vicious smile crept to my face.

               "Right where I wanted you"

               At that he tried to release himself from my grasp, causing his nails to run through my arms several times in the process. I then held him tightly before he stopped.

               "You need to attend those nails of yours you know?"

               After that I lost any weak control I had over my body and brushed my lips against his. Just the mere contact sent jolts of electricity through my body, and judging by his reaction he felt quite the same thing. We looked into each others eyes for what felt like an eternity before letting go.

               As our lips met, my tongue instinctively darted towards his. We managed to snogg for quite a while. Maybe that was the reason why we never heard the knock on the door before Jeff's small brother, Donald, came in the room, interrupting our little session.

               When the kid saw us, he blushed furiously before fleeing the room.

               "Great, now I'll have to explain to Jeff why his little brother is afraid of me." He looked astoundingly cute frowning like a kid.

               I did the only thing I could do. I kissed him in his cheek before laughing hysterically.

               "What are you laughing at? And what was that for?"

               "For being lovely," I said before kissing him furiously once again. He had no choice but to give in, not that he actually cared.

               Eventually we had to stop. When we came out of his room, we saw Donald sitting in the couch of the main living room. He glanced our way before blushing again and turning away. I motioned towards him with my head. Alex got the cue immediately and walked over to where Donald was sitting.

               "I'm sorry Donald, you were not supposed to see that." As Alex kneeled beside him, the 12 year old seemed more embarrassed, if that was even possible.

               He did not reply right away. But eventually he got over it and answered, "It's ok, I think I can manage that."

               That earned him my respect, "Donald, can you do the two of us a big favor and spare your family the story?" I asked. He thought for two seconds before nodding.

               I gave him a sincere smile this time.  "Alright then, I'm leaving now," I said as I walked towards the front door. Alex trailing right behind me. When we got to the door he spoke, giving me a longing look. At that moment I understood that I would not be able to deny anything to him.

               "Please don't leave me, stay a bit longer." I could make out his eyes watering once again as I held him for dear life

               "I don't want to be here when the rest of the coopers come, they heard your little speech remember? You could come to my house though; my mother won't be back till tomorrow evening at best."

               He smiled to me, and I realized that I had never seen him smile to anyone like that before. It carried all his trust and love. There I knew that this gesture was only reserved for me.

               "Ok, let me just pack up some stuff."

               "You do that." Then the thought crossed my mind, "Actually, why don't you just come right now? You can borrow some of my clothes for tomorrow and I believe I have a spare toothbrush," this time I had trouble keeping a straight face.

               "Ooook. . . that's set then dude."

               "Alex, one thing, you call me dude once again and you can bet your American ass for all it is worth on me kicking it." I said in mock indignation.

               "I might be interested. . . dude." He retorted with what Americans call a shit-eating grin plastered on his face.

               "Ok lad, you asked for it. I don't want to listen to your bloody complaints later. Let's get goimphg. . ."

               He interrupted me with a kiss. Well, I could live with that, two could play this game.

               "I'd really like to leave a note to the Coo. . .mmmm" he moaned as a I kissed the back of his neck, where the ivory skin met the fire-red hair.

               After snogging some more I drove us to my house in a hurry. We got out of the car and I introduced him to it, quickly showing him all the key places he could need before driving him into my bedroom. I excused myself for a bit to use the bathroom.

               When I came back to the room, wearing only my boxers, I found Alex examining the surf posters in my walls. I approached him from behind and wrapped my arms around his waist.

               "Mmmh. . . Pete. . ." Another moan. "Do you have something I can wear to sleep?"

               I gave him a grin before opening my closet and retreating the smallest piece of underwear I could find, I think they didn't even fit me. He blushed when he saw them. The grin grew wider.

               He just stared at them with wide eyes. "Quick lad, we don't have all night..."

               "Alright, but I'll get you back Peter Gallagher."

               "Good, where would the joy in life be without some thrill? Right lad?"

               "Right dude"

               He kissed me gently in the lips before going to my bead and lying down on it, opening the covers for me to join him. As I took in the sight tears flooded my eyes.

               "What's wrong Pete?"

               "Nothing, really. Just that I always had people to use the bed with, but never got to share it." When I saw his eyes I saw that he felt exactly the same.

               Alex gave me a loving look before I got in with him. We spooned, me behind him, holding him. It felt great to have someone safe to cuddle with. We both cried ourselves to sleep. Only this time they where happy tears that fell to our pillows. The last thing I remember from that night is inhaling the scent emanating from ivory skin. Intoxicating me, taking over.