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Without you I was broken

But I rather be broke down with you by my side

-Jack Johnson


               Alexander woke up feeling like the hole in his soul had been healed, filled with true love. Not that thing he forced himself to call love before. It didn't take him long to understand why. As the past day's events came to his mind he gave a sigh. That caused the raven haired boy laying all over him to stir in his sleep.

               Somehow they had managed to end up with Peter's head on his chest and one of the lad's legs over his, while both arms were wrapped around him.

               Alex seriously considered the possibility of turning off Peter's alarm before it started and staying like that. Tangled with the one he had loved for over a year now. The blissful feeling overcoming his self-control. He dozed off to sleep again.

               "Mmmmhh..." Peter had woken up and was softly kissing and licking that weak spot of his again. Right where his red hair met the skin in the back side of his neck. Peter seemed to know where to hit to make him useless; right know he would comply with anything his lover requested, anything. His hands roamed Peter's exposed back. Some of the muscles tensing as he met ticklish spots.

               Both boys seemed to know exactly how to take care of the other, where to touch, where to kiss, where to lick. They just let each other's moans and movements guide them.


               "Alex. . . hhhmm" I whispered as he slowly ran his tongue around my right flank. "We need to be in that rehearsal at nine thirty... baby... st... op..." Damn did he know hot to shut me up.

               At some moment he let me alone long enough for me to take a glance at the clock on the wall. "YOU GIT!!! IT IS BLOODY NINE ALRIGHT! Did you turn off the alarm?"

               He gave me a grin. I was once again immersed in his lovely blue eyes.

               "Now they will say that I'm spoiling you. Don't give me that look, they'll blame me, and you bloody know it."

               He chuckled.

               "What am I going to do with you Mr. Vice President? We have to get up; it will take us at least forty five minutes to get to school."

               Fuck, we didn't even have time for a shower. I got up, went to my closet, grabbed some jeans, a t-shirt and my sandals and changed there, right in front of him.

               "Nice ass."

               "You won't be touching it any soon if you're not out of there and ready to go in five minutes."

               "Yes sir!"

               "Good. Discipline is what you need."

               As I went to the bathroom I told him to grab any clothes that may fit him from my closet. After a couple minutes he came, wearing yesterday's outfit.

               "Didn't you find anything?"

               "Either too long jeans or the tight Levi's I assume have more time in that closet than anything else."

               "Good point, I'd fancy the Levi's on you though."

               He was so easy to embarrass. He blushed because of that right after having slept with me, short of naked and tangled together.

               After we had enough cereal for the whole neighborhood we got in my car and I started the engine. I grabbed a particular CD with very hard rock on it and stepped on the gas pedal. "God, don't tell me you are the morning type," he groaned. I simply smiled lightly.

               Alex took about five minutes to accept that I knew what I was doing, driving like a madman. He looked completely altered as I saw a small gap between two cars in different lanes in the highway and went right through, at full throttle.

               "Can... SHIT... you slow down for a sec dude?"

               "I seem to remember one particular individual messing around with my alarm this very morning. This shall show you not to mess with an Englishman's clock any more." I said with an evil grin creeping to my lips as I accelerated.

               When the boys got to school Alexander was... exhausted. Sure enough Peter was a great driver, however, that didn't stop him from freaking out every time the raven haired driver went by cars just millimeters away. Had they been in the sates they would have been both arrested and fined into the next decade.

               "Alright, moving," Peter said.

               Alexander once again fell to the powerful gaze of the dark green eyes of his love. Peter could have him on his knees, or in heavens with a single look. He, as well, only had to look into peters eyes to communicate with him; it was like some sort of connection.


               It took Peter a single look at his love's eyes to understand. He leaned in and kissed Alex lightly on his lips before looking directly into his eyes, into his soul.

               "It'll be alright baby. Don't pay attention to any of them as we enter. Yes we will go together and face this together. I have some ideas."

               Alex could only nod his consentment and thanked Peter for his support. They both got out of the car and walked to the auditorium, where a very angry looking teacher was already waiting for them, they where late, very late.

               As he saw both boy's appearances, plus the fact that they came together, Juan had to suppress the smirk that came to his face.

               Alexander instantly noted the change in his black haired love when they entered the theater. He became cold, icy in a matter of seconds. He easily stared down a couple of Alex's friends as they entered the room and walked to their respective seats, previously assigned.

               "You two are late," the angry teacher said, clearly expecting some sort of explanation.

               "I'm sorry sir. We were... delayed," Peter fired back without the slightest trace of guilt or regret, looking into Alexander's eyes. He actually had a rather amused expression on his face.

               The teacher looked to Peter, then to Alex, then to Peter again before a shocked expression took over his face. By now Alex was blushing furiously. Peter, on the other side, appeared pleased. He knew that the move would spare them from false stories and speculation from their peers. It also served as a blunt public acceptance that should slow down potential bullies.

               "Smooth one bro." Juan whispered to Peter's ear.

               Peter just shrugged. He was good at public relations, and he knew it. He even had a chance to see Alex blushing, priceless.

               Some students had horrified or disgusted looks on their faces, some girls even had their eyes out of their eyeballs metaphorically speaking, others had expressions that gave away their little understanding abilities.

               It was ironic, using a euphemism, to see some of those students. Some were even graduating with high honors, yet they didn't get that one, even after yesterday's public drama. One way or another, Peter enjoyed awkward situations. And he loved every bit of this one; he loved looking at the startled people with no idea as to what to do or say. It was one of his favorite hobbies to create such occasions.

               Peter even had trouble keeping a straight face during the whole graduation rehearsal.

               `Well, maybe this won't be a bad graduation after all, it may prove entertaining indeed,' I thought to myself as we went time and again over the ceremony that would take place on Saturday. I even glanced at my red hair a couple times and was delighted to see that his friends, or so they called themselves, seemed to be afraid of him. I was sure that they would accept him after a while: now they could truly say that they had everything, even a gay friend.

               "Follow me, discretely" read Alex's phone screen as I went to the bathroom. When I heard him I turned around and raised mi right eyebrow, as if examining him.

               "So, picking up bad habits already are we?" Alex gave me a lovely puzzled look.

               "You are enjoying all of this aren't you?"

               "Every bit of it..." The grin on my face going wider. "Still I wasn't referring to that. I meant the fact that you liked teasing your friends, didn't you?"

               "You crazy?"

               "Absolutely not. I didn't miss the look in your face when Kevin almost jumped after you wiggled your eyebrows at him."

               "Oh, that. Well, maybe you are somewhat right..." he said as a grin crept to his lips and came closer to me.

               We kissed quickly but intensely before parting. We both groaned our dissatisfaction when the contact was broken. Still, Alex had enough self-control to leave and go to the theater before me; I would have fucked it up. Then Juan entered the bathroom.

               "I take it you two where enjoying yourselves in here. Remind me not to use this bathroom ever again." He said casually.

               I laughed shamelessly at that. "Well, I must say, that may be a wise decision."

               "I see you made up your mind about all this."

               "Indeed. I love him."


               "Did you tell him that?"

               "No need to. Although that didn't stop me from showing it to him."

               "Disgusting. Really disgusting."

               "Hey! We're talking about snogging sessions here, nothing more."

               "That does not improve it. Really?" The look in his face was incredulous to say the least.

               "Yes, not that I care what you think about it anyway," I said with no little amount of superiority. Obviously, he got the joke and laughed with me.

               "Ok. Take care though; I won't have him hurt my little brother's heart."

               "Yes daddy." He rolled his eyes and went into one of the stalls.

               "Remember not to use this bathroom again." I said as I reached for the door. I could make out something like `euwwgh' coming from inside as I walked to the theater.

               I had to force my face into normal appearance after a rather annoying smile had nestled in it. It proved quite difficult to suppress at times. But with time I just let it go, I didn't want to fight the happy feeling that was slowly taking over my senses anyway.

               "If I didn't know you better I would be scared you know?" Nico commented as I sat next to him.


               "Because of the shit-eating grin you are wearing today. I've even heard people say that you are planning on blowing the whole school before Saturday as your own senior prank."

               "Who knows, it could prove entertaining," I said as I widened my eyes and made use of my famous vicious smile, the one that earned me screams from the little kids in school. "Am I really that obvious?"

               "Not really, but anything other that a sneer in your face is."

               "Damn, he's making me soft alright."

               "That is quite an accomplishment"



               "I love you Nico."

               "Me too. I'm really happy for you, without including surprised that is."

               "Thanks, I knew I could count on you."

               The feeling of wellness taking over told me that finally all of the pieces of the puzzle in my life were finally fitting together, finding their place. An infinite sadness invaded me when I though about all the time Alex and I had wasted being too proud or insecure to come together.

               Now I understood why I resented his friends so much. They had put Alex away from me all this time, and my unconscious response had been to hate them with passion, using any excuse to insult them.

               When the rehearsal was over, I waited for everybody to leave the theater, as did Alex. We walked to the exit together, my arm over his shoulders. When we finally got out of the theater, I wasn't too shocked to see Jose and his group of friends waiting for us, blocking our way out.

               Jose was the bully wannabe in the school. He was pathetic though. I mean, what kind of bully dresses with Lacoste shirts and wears Puma shoes anyway? He was big, Mexican and ugly though. So maybe he could get away with the bullying thing sometimes. As of the rest of his group, they were his friends because of their fear for him. None of them actually knew how to fight, and I knew for a fact that Alex was very good at it. Maybe that was why I was completely calm when I spoke.

               "How very coward of you all to come and face us with five people Jose."

               "Who told the fag he could call me by my name?" he said, trying his best to be intimidating. The circle closed around us.

               I had to do something, because clearly Alex was, shall we say, altered. In that moment, one of Jose's friends pushed my red hair square in the chest. That was all it took for me. The poor kid didn't even notice me until my elbow landed square on his nose. He fell to the ground. As I turned around I saw Alex sending another one of them to the floor. That one had blood coming from the inside of his mouth.

               Meanwhile, Jose, looking at the backlash his attack was creating, hesitated for a bit. It was long enough for me to grab his arm from behind and twist it harshly while my left hand took a hold of his throat, iron fingers clamping his airways. When I had subdued him, I saw the other two kids holding Alex, and a third one kicking him in his side.

               "STOP," I yelled, "OR HE'LL BE DEAD BEFORE HE HITS THE FLOOR."


               My murderous look speaking volumes. I would not have hesitated if I needed to carry on with my ultimatum. I knew that if I forced his throat hard enough Jose would die waiting for an ambulance. Apparently they also thought that way because they let Alex go in an instant.

               "Alex, go get the principal." I said as I saw that the boy I had hit before was still laying on the floor, his nose resting in an awkward position, tilted abnormally to the left, "And you, don't even think about fleeing."

               The other three boys looked scared to death. It took Alex a full minute to be back with the high school principal. When I saw them coming I released my grip and let Jose go. He erupted in a coughing fit. I had used a liberal amount of force the whole time.

               "Jose, care to explain to me why you and your group attacked these two?" the principal said, way too altered to wait for an answer. "You are in big trouble young man! I daresay you won't be getting your diploma when the superintendent hears about this, neither will your friends!" then he turned to Alex and me, "you two, come to my office. Jose head to the infirmary, and make sure you all stay there until I come."

               Five minutes later we were in the principal's office, waiting for him to be finished on the phone. When he finally hung up, he stared at us both for a while. We had to give him a detailed explanation of the incident. Then he stood and turned around, looking trough his window.

               "Given the circumstances..." he finally said, "I understand why you did what you did. I take it they were attacking you because of your sexual preferences."

               "Yes," Alex said

               "In any other case gentlemen, rest assured that badly breaking a guy's nose and other one's tooth would result in a one way ticket to your homes, without your diplomas."

               When we didn't answer, he continued, "I'm afraid they will be expelled. Never have I seen such a shameful display in this school before, nor shall we tolerate it. You two can go; graduation will still be held on Saturday. Can I ask you two for a final favor?"

               "Of course," I said

               "Could you two keep this whole thing quiet till then? I will announce the reason for their absence on the ceremony itself."

               "You can count on us both," Alex said.

               We walked to my car in utter silence. Something was exasperating me. I was terrified to think about it. When we were both in my car Alex looked intently into my eyes for a while. He noticed that something was wrong right away.

               But, instead of bugging me with it he let it slip for the moment. I turned on the radio and, as if on purpose, Queen's Bohemian Rapshody was playing on my CD. I smashed the stereo off.

               "Pete, love, please tell me what's wrong."

               "I would have killed him," I said as the phrases in the aforementioned song came to my mind; `Mama, just killed a man. Put a gun against his head. Pulled my trigger now he's dead.'

               "It's OK, you were defending both of us," he whispered into my ear while he hugged me.

               I pulled away and our eyes connected. "You don't understand. I mean literally kill him. I would have torn his throat away without hesitation if they didn't let you go."

               My eyes must have shown him all the terror I felt. Killing a man was not something I wanted to do. I would not forgive myself. Alex looked very concerned now.

               "I would have done the same thing in your place Peter. I love you more than anything."

               "It can't be good to love someone so madly as to kill for his relative safety. I knew they were not going to kill you, yet I would have killed Jose if they hit you once again."

               Neither of us was able to speak any more. I drove to my house, Alex willing to stay with me once again. As soon as we were in my living room I poured myself a scotch, and offered Alex one. He accepted right away.

               As both boys took small sips from their glasses their minds eventually drifted to the one thing nagging them both.

               Peter was the first one to break the silence, "Would you really have done the same in my place?"

               "I'm afraid so"

               "Then we have to stop, I'm afraid."

               "That would be the wise thing to do..."

               "But, I'm also afraid that I can't fight the love I have for you. And for all I care, the whole world could burn before I gave up on you. Fuck I love you. I've never felt better than this morning, awakening from more than just a good night's sleep there, wrapped in your arms."

               Alex had an amused expression in his face after listening to me intently.

               "Bad words in your mouth Peter Gallagher?"

               It was Alex who moved towards his lover first, with an amused expression. As they locked their lips in a wild, passionate kiss, they gave up thinking, unable to form coherent thoughts, and let lust take over. Then Peter turned Alex so that the red haired boy was lying down underneath him. Green eyes finding green eyes as they read each other's soul.

               Peter got up, earning a grunt from Alex. He proceeded to lift the red hair and carry him to his room. The next minute found them both kissing deeply, tasting each other like they never had before.

               As I started to kiss Alex's chin, and then further down, he threw his head up, granting me full access to his neck and the sensitive skin between it and the collarbone. I can't remember how was it exactly that we ended up in my bed, and definitely didn't care about that at the moment. I had to remove his shirt before I could continue my labor. When I started to strip him off it he groaned in pain, covering his left side, where the kid had kicked him earlier.

               When I managed to remove the shirt I saw a medium sized bruise where Alex had been hurt.

               "Baby you alright there? Why didn't you tell me before?"

               "I hadn't felt anything until now. I'm fine," when he saw the look in my eyes he reassured me, "really."

               "Alright, where were we?"

               "I think you where on a trip to my lower regi... mmgph." I loved shutting him up with a kiss.

               "Don't be a smart ass with me red," I said playfully, lust plainly evident

               His assertion didn't stop me from paying special attention to that sullied spot in his skin. I caressed it softly with my fingertips, kissed every inch of bruised skin before moving further down. Eventually I reached his navel. I didn't miss the fact that his body was about the smoothest one I had ever seen, or laid my hands on. Not a single hair to be found.

               I kissed his navel thoroughly before I moved up, back to his dime sized, rosy nipples. By now he was some place where pleasure and reality fused into one single dimension. Every new move I made tore a slightly different moan from his throat. I felt as if playing an instrument. I just had to lick the right spot, nib the correct location or kiss a particular part to get a different tone from Alex.

               As I looked up I saw his face. The fact that he was biting his lower lip sent me over the edge.

               I was so aroused that I had to remove my inopportune clothing before continuing, lust had log since taken over. Then I proceeded to get rid of the offensive garments still covering my red hair. I was delighted to see that he was a red hair in all his right.

               I felt rather than actually seeing Alex's hesitation. "Are you alright with this baby?" I asked him. Even though he was as aroused as me I could feel his nervousness. I was a little nervous too, even though I seemed to know exactly what to do with Alex.

               "You can't imagine how many times I fantasized about this moment. I can see that my imagination helplessly failed to match the real thing though."

               "You look lovely when you blush," I said before kissing him, my hands exploring every inch of ivory skin, tender and warm to the touch.

               "How did you know in the dark?"

               "Well, you always do." I kissed him furiously.

               Before he had time to react to my kiss I went down and slowly ran my tongue through the length of his shaft. He was uncut, average size, slightly smaller than me, and just perfect. Then, after a teasing lick that sent him to wonderland again, I worked my way down to his balls. Gently sucking one, then the other, licking all over.

               By now Alex was trashing under my ministrations. I licked my way up to his shaft, precum oozing out of it, and slowly took half of it in. The taste and scent where driving me wild. As I lay there, with half of his dick in my mouth I looked up and saw nowhere beyond his chin. My hands lying on his smooth six-pack, I started bobbing up and down the length of his shaft, sucking gently, swirling my tongue around his head. Every move I did rewarded me with a moan, a groan, a squeeze on my shoulder.


               I could feel him coming closer to his climax as his hands started exploring my head, caressing my neck. I increased my pace and kept it like that for a little more before he lost it. Three generous shots erupted from him and landed on my throat, followed by three smaller ones. The taste was... intoxicating, there was no better way to describe it other than Alex brand. When he had gone limp I licked him clean, immediately moving up to meet his lips.

               Alex eagerly parted his lips and let me share his unique taste with him. It was addicting to say the least. I already wanted more of it. He rolled us so that he was lying on top and my hands instinctively went for his arse, his firm globes warm to the touch. I was so immersed in them that I only noticed his absence from my lips when he started working on my nipples. It was my time to moan now. Then he gave my navel a similar treatment before kissing his way over my sides. In no time I was feeling his warm breath over my crotch.

               Then it was all a blur. I could feel his lips closing around my hardness and roaming up and down. When he sucked for the first time I gasped. Meanwhile his hands were caressing the sides of my torso, sending shivers through my skin. My own hands started to caress his head, running through the vivid red that covered his head. I was really close now, and when he took me in completely I lost it. I exploded in his mouth like I had never done before. It took me a lot of time to catch my breath.

               In no time he was back in front of me, requesting access to my mouth. I was pleasantly surprised to find some of my own produce in his mouth, not just the taste. He had saved some for me.

               We kissed passionately for a while before Alex turned around and nestled in my arms, my soft member coming to rest peacefully between his cheeks. I pulled the comforter over the two of us before snuggling in tightly. I was tracing patterns in his belly as I fell asleep, too exhausted to care about the open door.