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So pardon me while I burst into flames.
I've had enough of the world and it's people's mindless games.
So pardon me while I burn and rise above the flame.
Pardon me, pardon me.... I'll never be the same.


               `These must have been the longest two hours of my life' I thought to myself as I walked to my car. Sitting there with the coopers certainly got the best of me. By the time we had finished I was drained. Alex wanted to come over to my house again for the night but apparently Mrs. Cooper thought otherwise, and for the sake of it we both let that one slip. In the end, Alex would stay there for the night, and they would take him to school for the ceremony to be held tomorrow.

               According to the woman, that way they could solve things between Alex and Mr. Cooper. I was a little hesitant at first, but when Alex himself assured me that he would not turn violent, I accepted.

               It was 2 o'clock in the afternoon already. I drove to Juan's house and parked the car just a little far away from the entrance. I then proceeded to ring the bell in his front door. It was his father who opened the door; he didn't look all too pleased to find me there. Fine if he wanted it that way...

               I walked all the way up to him wearing a perfect smile on my lips, as if nothing was wrong. "Hello Mr. Vel‡zquez, how are you doing?" he was a little startled, I could tell.

               He instead gave me a cold "Hola," as a response. With that I went past him and right up to Juan's bedroom.

               I knocked on the door and wasn't surprised to see Daniela opening the door. She had been Juan's girlfriend for the last five months, which was a remarkable time to hold that position. Juan usually got tired of his girlfriends after two weeks, but they seemed to have hit it off pretty good from the start, I still was shocked when, one month later they still where together, maybe we were all finally getting soft. I had fallen in love with Alex, and I could tell the same thing was about to happen to them.

               "Am I interrupting something?"

               "Well, since you just did you might as well come in," shouted Juan from inside his room. We all laughed soundly.

               "Well, do excuse me guys. I just wanted to know if you were in for the movies tonight."

               They looked at each other, Juan shrugged his shoulders and Dani nodded.

               "Alright, that's set," she said, "and, by the way, Juan told me you finally found someone suitable for you, is that right? He told me she was pretty."

               "She?" I gave Juan a puzzled look that he returned with a devilish grin. "I'm afraid, Dani, that your boyfriend here might have omitted some details, or rather altered some facts." It was her time to be confused. I could almost hear the gears in her brain functioning.

               She turned to Juan looking for an explanation but he started laughing hysterically, "Ok, what's going on here?" she looked almost irritated.

               "I was referring to the fact that Juan, purposefully I believe, failed to mention the fact it is not a girl I'm in love with."

               I swear I thought her eyes were going to fall from their sockets for a minute. I couldn't help it and I started laughing as well. Eventually she started laughing as well.

               "Ok, ok, you two got me..."

               "Pardon me?"

               "Peter! Stop it, it was a good joke but you need to stop it already."

               "I wasn't joking Dani..."

               She erased any un-serious look still lingering in her face and looked at me, without knowing what to do. I smiled at her and she gave me a sheepish smile in return.

               "Then I am really happy for you." I knew she felt embarrassed having laughed at my seriousness.

               "Thank you, and no need to feel guilty about earlier. If anyone, you should blame your boyfriend here who seems to be having fun at our expense."

               In matter of seconds, she turned to Juan and smacked him in the head, lightly. Of course he faked a scowl, which he then turned to me too.

               "Hey don't be mad at me, you put it all on you by yourself remember? That should show you who to mess with the next time." With that we all started laughing again. At least we could still joke about it, and that took a lot of pressure off my shoulders.

               "So... will you tell me who the lucky guy is?" poor dear, she couldn't help her need to know.

               "I would, but since I can feel your `little patience' from here I might as well have you suffer for a while."

               "THAT'S NOT FAIR!" she turned to Juan, and putting her hands on either side of her hips she said "Well, aren't you going to do anything about it? You are supposed to protect your girlfriend from such fiends."

               "I can see no harm being done there, plus you just smacked me in the head, why would I want to help you now?" he was having a hard time containing the laughter inside, and his face showed it.

               "Aww! BOYS! Grow up will you!" That had us both laughing again. Lately we had been so busy that we ended up tired and unwilling to do anything and I missed spending time with my friends. I wish Alex could be here with us now, but I'd have to wait till tomorrow to see him.

               I was already feeling the need for his touch, for his lips, for him. I was definitely addicted. "Alex"

               "WHAT? Of all the... men in your school he's the one I did not expect."

               "Me neither," I replied.

               "Well he is good looking though, I like your taste."

               "Thank You ma'am"

               "There you go again, Peter, seriously you need to grow up"

               "Where would the fun be if I were a stuck up grown up?"

               "Ok, ok I surrender"


               Juan looked like he was about to fall asleep so I left it there. "Ok let's get going," he interrupted.


               "Pete, one thing, did you bring your car?"

               "Maybe, why?"

               "My car is broken... and what's `maybe' supposed to mean?"

               "Come take a look."

               They both followed me to the entrance of their house, and since I had parked the car up the street neither of them noticed it.

               "Ok, where is it? Don't tell me you got robbed."

               "Wait here, I parked it a little far up the street." And so I walked round the corner and to the car, turned it on and drove to where they where, Juan's mouth dropped to his knees and Dani's eyes looked as if they were going to escape their orbits once again.

               "So, are you guys coming or what?"

               "Fuck you," Juan said in utter disbelief.

               "Where did you steal it?" Dani said casually.

               I gave them my uncle's note and motioned for them to come in, after they had adjusted in the single seat left, Juan continued.

               "Seriously bro, fuck you."

               "You wish..."

               "Aaaaaalright, too much graphics here, stop it you two." Dani blurted, her face turning light red.

               "What? You think I'm interested in your boyfriend?" I gave Juan a sign with my finger and flashed Dani an evil grin.

               "Hmmm, it sounds fun, to have my best friend and my girlfriend fighting for my heart, definitely soap opera material."

               "Eugh. Shut up you two."

               "Maybe we could switch for a day, you know, Alex and you go out and Peter and I go out, what do you think?"

               "Juan honey, I swear you make me wonder sometimes."

               "Really?" Juan said while a smile made its way  up to his lips, "that wasn't exactly what you told me last night..." he just let that one hang out there, and I saw, out of the corner of my eye, how Dani turned different shades of red and purple in seconds. He then kissed her.

               Finally after a serious endorphin therapy we somehow made it to the movies. Nothing remarkable happened while in the theater, besides some mother fuckers throwing popcorn from behind.

               When we came out of the theater we accidentally tripped with Alex's group of friends on their way to a nearby bar in the same mall. There was only a part of the group there. They saw us and I noticed how they would steal quick glances at me every now and then. I took the opportunity to have some fun. I stared directly into Jorge's eyes, he was a known homophobe, and licked my lips while cocking my eyebrow at him. The look in his face was... priceless.

               Peter never noticed that Alejandro had witnessed the whole thing and wasn't too pleased to see his friend Jorge being teased like that. He walked all the way up to Peter and told him,

               "Hey! Gallagher! Why don't you save that to the faggot of your boyfriend?"

               Peter turned to Alejandro, looking more irate than he ever had.

               "Excuse me? Did you, by chance, happen to call Alex a faggot?" somehow he managed to keep it cool. But the look in his face was murderous, and Juan got as close as he could to him before it was too late.

               "I think you heard you damn brit."

               He had gone too far, and Peter made sure he understood that with his very good blow, directly in the nose. Not even Juan managed to stop him before Alejandro was in the floor other two punches having landed square on his face. When Juan managed to stop him, the mall's security had already gotten there and where striding directly in their direction.

               They said something in Spanish and then proceeded to escort Peter to his car, to make sure he didn't `attack' anyone on his way down, Juan and Dani hot on their back. But before they left, Peter turned and shouted, "How does it feel Alejandro, to have your ass kicked by a faggot?"

               As they left Juan looked at the rest of Alejandro's group, they looked shocked to say the least. But none of them seemed to be angry.

               I left Juan in his house, after previously having dropped Dani in her house.

               He must have felt my state of irritation because he didn't say a thing during the drive. Just when Juan got into his house my mobile rang. It was Alex. A million things crossed my mind before I was able to answer.

               "Tell me baby"

               (Can you come here, quickly?)

               "Of course, what happened?" I think I turned pale just when I heard his voice, I could tell he was about to break down.

               (I'll tell you when you get here, ok?)

               "Ok, I won't be long" I hung up and literally kicked the gas pedal.

               Damn, something must be very wrong. I bet Mr. Cooper has something to do with it all. He'll see.

               With the Ferrari it only took me about three minutes to get to Jeff's house. I almost raced to the door only to find Alex, Mrs. Cooper and Jeff all standing in the front porch while Mr. Cooper yelled at them. I barely noticed the bags lying in the floor next to the door.


               Ok now he'll really see. I felt as every drop of blood turned to flames within me.

               Peter spoke calmly, but his tone had an energy that made a surprised Mrs. Cooper to flinch. "Don't you ever yell to me again you big prick."

               "OR WHAT?"

               "I told you NOT to yell to me again like that, I won't be so nice the next time."

               "What? Are you going to beat me?"

               "Well sir, you sure have a keen grasp of the obvious, although that would be only a good start. I see you no longer want Alex in your house, well you don't have to worry for that"

               "And I suppose you'll want money to run with his expenses." At that Peter looked really insulted. He was so pissed that his face turned completely white with fury.

               "You can shove your petty money up your rear end. You fucker."

               At that Mr. Cooper turned red in anger and turned around, then walked to the door and closed it behind him, leaving everybody out of the house.

               "Oh dear, I'm so sorry, I apologize for my husband's behavior..." then she broke down to tears. Jeff gave me a sorry look and then hugged her.

               "Peter do you have room for Alex in your house?" he was trembling with anger

               "Of course, I'll take care of him," he turned and was surprised with the calm expression Alex was sporting.

               "Ok, that's set then. I can't believe what he did. I'll be at Kevin's."

               Peter didn't speak, he just nodded and walked to the car, his right arm around his red hair's hip. When they reached the car he brushed his lips against his lover's and then got in, Alex getting in the passenger's seat. The drive to Peter's house was quiet.

               "You weren't too surprised," he said, questioningly.

               "Not really, after his earlier show I was expecting even something more"

               "You are handling this better than I thought, Alex baby, I love you."

               "I love you too Pete," he answered, then added, "I heard about your fight with Alejandro. Did you really have to do that?"

               Peter gave his love a sharp look before returning his attention to the road ahead, he didn't reply. He was so angry, why, of all people, did Alex question him? He was hurt, but also overly annoyed.

               Alex felt his stomach do flip flops the rest of the way to the house not daring to say another word. He had enough with Mr. Cooper throwing him out of the house to have to deal with Peter being mad at him. How stupid could he be? Knowing Alejandro, he probably deserved every bit he got.

               "I'm sorry Pete, I shouldn't have done that."

               Peter parked the car in the usual place and then got out of it, followed by Alex.

               "What did I tell you? Don't you ever be sorry, you look pathetic." With that he turned around and walked in the house. Alex, devastated from the coldness in Peter's voice, just followed suit and walked in as well. He noticed that Peter's mother wasn't there. They finally got to Peter's room.

               He watched Peter brush his teeth, then get down to his boxers and finally fall on the bed, the raven haired covered himself without even looking at his boyfriend. Alex felt empty; Peter ignoring him was more than he could take. He felt as the tears ran down his face

               "Stop whining and come here already!"

               Alex didn't think twice before stripping down to only boxers and got to bed. Peter had his eyes opened and was staring at the ceiling above. The red haired got near him and rested his head on his loves chest, still crying softly.

               Peter slowly caressed the mess of red hair resting on his chest, no matter how much he wanted to be angry, he just couldn't. He didn't like the idea of not being able to control himself, but decided that he would call it a day. Cursing himself he pulled the red haired mess into a full embrace and didn't fight against his will anymore. They kissed slowly, knowing that they had all the time they wanted to explore their bodies, their tongues, their mouths.

               They both fell asleep relishing their company, knowing that they needed each other to be complete and happy.