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Come down and waste away with me, down with me 
Slow how, you wanted it to be, 
I'm over my head, out of her head she sang 
And I wonder when I sing along with you 
If everything could ever feel this real forever 

If anything could ever be this good again

-Foo Fighters


            Sun, in my face, what the bloody hell is wrong with my curtains? I opened one eye and saw they were open. Right, today's my graduation ceremony. And where the fuck is Alex?

            Those were some of the thoughts going through my mind when someone came into my room. It was Alex, followed shortly by my mother herself.

            "Good morning Peter, any reasons you are not out of bed yet? It's 10:30 already"

            "It's all his fault" came the reply, as I motioned towards the red mess now very near to me.

            "Hey! You can't blame it on me this time, I was outta here an hour ago"

            I was now able to open both eyes and think at the same time. Well, so much for my sleep. I sat in my bed, my back resting against he cold wall. Suddenly, a bed breakfast table was put over my legs. I looked questioningly at my mother, then at Alex, and finally the breakfast, which, by the way, included pancakes, bacon, orange juice for a whole army and toasted bread with marmalade.

            "First, Alex gets up earlier than me, then my mother comes into my bedroom with a full breakfast... what's next? A meteorite??"

            "Hmmm, probably, although `thanks' would have done it too." Answered my mother.

            "To what do we owe the pleasure then?"

            "Well, we just wanted to make you breakfast so shut up and start eating already," barked Alex.

            "You two are well acquainted you know?"

            "Shut up will you, he's right, limit yourself to eating."

            "Well, I'm expecting the meteorite any time now, my mother finally getting along with one of my partners." With that I started eating, I swear it tasted like glory

            "Well, this time you brought a nice person home, plus he's very handsome."

            I was not paying attention to any of that, as my eating, mixed with Alex's hand that, shielded by the table, was slowly going through a raging part of my anatomy. Can you believe the brat?

            I don't know how I managed to eat the whole thing and get my mother out of the room before coming, but as soon as she was out, taking the breakfast paraphernalia with her, I was all over him, ravaging his mouth, then his nipples (When did his shirt come off?), then I found myself right above his waistband. I looked up to him and pulled back. As nonchalantly as ever I walked to my bathroom and closed the door, my trademark smile somehow creeping to my lips again.

            "What was all that for?" said Alex through the closed door.

            "Look who's talking!"

            "Alright, alright, I deserve it, but did you have to be so cruel?"


            "Fuck you" it was a sweetness-filled one though.

            "You are most welcome."

            "Brat, come out here so I can make up for my misbehaviour today."

            "Hmmm, sounds like a plan... but we have to get going though, I still have to pick my suit at the drycleaner and we have to be at school at one o'clock"


            "Right on."

            After I managed to get myself clean I dressed up, I wonder what was going on with me; I was usually the morning person around my house. Now, about today.



            "We still have a little time, about 2 hours before the ceremony thing, you think that we can go for a ride in that flashy car of yours?"

            "My pleasure" I said, holding out my hand to him. We walked out of my room and to the front door, where we met my mother once again.

            "Peter, why didn't you tell me before buying the car? I thought we had a deal."

            "Before you go on you might want to know it was Leigh who bought it."


            "Yup, he said he felt guilty for not having remembered about my birthday."

            "Well he certainly put up with it."

            "True. We're off mother. See you at the ceremony."

            "Ok, are we going to drive directly to the party afterwards?"

            "I don't think so, the ceremony will be 3 hours at most, and the party starts at 9 o'clock."

            "Ok, remember to talk to your dad before he gets to the other parents."

            "Right. Bye." Suddenly I felt uneasy. Having to face my dad was not on my wish list for the time being.

We finally got out of the house and in my car when Alex turned to me and said, "So... what are your plans for me today?"

            "Well, I thought that since we will be deprived of adrenaline for quite a while we might as well go to the circuit and run a few laps. What do you say?"

            "I didn't even know there's a circuit around, I'd be honoured."

            "Ok." I ran my fingers through his eyebrows, looking into his blue soul. Then I felt his hand gently stroking my left flank. I saw some sort of doubt in his eyes, like he was hesitating; finally when he bit his lower lip I knew something was bothering him.

            "What is it?"

            "... Why did you tell your mom your uncle had forgotten about your birthday? And why did you not tell me you could afford this car on your own for a start?"

"Hmm, you really don't miss a thing do you?" `Shit, I better tell him now' I thought to myself, but did I really want to? He surely saw my iron gaze fail me for a second because his intensity grew.

"Well, where can I start? What I'm about to tell you, can you keep it as a secret?"

"You can trust me Pete." But the words were nothing compared to what his eyes told me, I leaned in and kissed him.

"Ok then," Nervous, me, Peter Gallagher... Never, "there's a certain number of things about me that only a few people know, until know they were just Juan and Leigh."

"Go on."

"Well, resuming... the three of us started, and run, the illegal street racing competitions here in Caracas." He did nothing, besides looking surprised that is, so I just kept on going, "and before you ask, yes we bet a lot of money and have earned most of our money, without counting Leigh of course, that way, and reselling cars we earn in the legal races organized by the tuning shows."

"Wow, but how did you earn so much money? I mean, if you can afford a Ferrari without your mother getting overly upset, how much do you make?"

"It depends on the night, the most we have made is ten thousand dollars in one night, and that was a record, normally it ascends to one thousand for each of us. Of course you have to go through a lot because usually bets are set in Bolivars, so we loose about 5% to the banks just or commission."

"Fuck, that's a huge amount of money, how many nights a week?"

"Between two and four, it all depends"

"But, how can you earn that much? I've heard about the races, and usually the winner never gets over 500 bucks."

"It's a sophisticated system of ours you see. My uncle started the street racing culture around here, so naturally he became the one who runs the bets. And so he earns any money put into a burnt car, which is the last one to finish every race. Then there's probability, like for example, a faster car has more chances to win a race, so if you put your money on that car you can't expect too much in return, but, if you go for the car with the less probability and that car wins, you win a bunch of money because you beat the odds."

"Shit, you have it all sorted out don't you?"

"Wait, you still haven't heard most of it. Now, what I told you is just the normal structure of the races, what we do usually is beating the odds, and how we do it is where this becomes interesting,"

"Usually Juan takes a Porsche Carrera, one of the cars in the slow range of the spectrum at our level (yes there are levels, usually designated by engine size) and I use the fastest car, then we get into the same race and fool around some before I let him take the first place and shield him or other times we trick the cars with undetectable mods like switchable chips, that way my uncle, who always bets for the one with the slow car wins an amount of money that we later split in three equal parts. Every once in a while we get someone to bet for us to keep things quite and people from wondering. There is also another way to earn a bunch of money but you we can't use it too much: since both Juan and I have a very good reputation, people are likely to put their money on us, more so when we have a fast car, like a blue chip you know? and so we eventually loose some races when that happens, and Leigh gets the money put on the `burnt' car."

"And when exactly were you planning to tell me all of this?" I could feel the hurt tone in his voice.

"I'm sorry baby, in fact I didn't want you to know about this because it's getting more risky by the day, after a year of fixed races we think people are starting to wonder. And since we are leaving in a month or so we are going to pull back, tonight."

"As much as I would like to be mad at you I think I understand, in that twisted way of yours..."

Ok, at least he didn't want to jump out of the car.

"Pete, one more thing, how did you find cars to race with before, because your Volkswagen doesn't seem like the kind of car you would use to beat a Porsche."

"Well usually Leigh provides the cars, of course, none knows Leigh is my uncle. And Juan and I pretend to hate each other when in the race."

"Hmm smart." He said with a smile, one that told me everything would be fine with him.

We arrived to the track and Alex surprised me once again by grabbing my hand and giving me a sweet squeeze. I allowed a smile to form in my lips.

"How come you want to race now when you will be racing tonight?"

"Well, I want to feel the car in the track, tonight I'll be racing Juan and Leigh and haven't been able to check the car out yet."

"How come?"

"Well we decided to finish everything with a good show, tonight Leigh won't be running the bets; the only money we will earn will be what we bet among ourselves."

"And how much would that be?"

I chuckled, "A lot, in capitals. Twenty five grand each, which adds to one hundred total."

"You are kidding me!"


"Fuck you."

"My pleasure." A grin forming in my lips.

"Who's the fourth? "

"A guy that was around when Leigh started this whole thing five years ago. He's pretty good too."


"I know. Can you hand me the black box in the compartment?"

He got it and looked at it before handing it to me. "What's in there?"

"A racing chip and a gun."

"You need the gun?" He asked surprised. Frowning.

"Never used it and hope to stay that way. It's just in case we come across any situation."

"I wonder what you'll be doing when you turn forty..."

"I'd like to be in the World Rally Championship by then."

"Wouldn't be too surprised."

"While I install the chip why don't you get us a couple of helmets from the guy over there, tell him it's for me."



When he came back I had already linked the chip to the computer and was closing the Compartment under the wheel.

"Pete how fast will it go with the chip?"

"Let me think... Its original power is 490 Hp, up to 550 with the chip... around 335 Km/h"


"It's only a guesstimate, we'll see now, come on lad we only have half an hour."

"Just don't get us killed alright?"

"I'll try..." with that I kissed him and started the car, turning the manettino to sports position and the traction control off.

I loved the sound of the engine. And I swear that the car was devouring the track a way I never felt, even with my uncle's Aston martin V12 Vanquish. After 15mins of `warm-up' I stopped the car in the start line and looked at Alex.

"You ready to turn the chip on?"

"Excuse me? You mean it wasn't on all this time?"

"That's exactly what it means Sherlock."

"Oh god, I can get to love this you know?"

"You will."

The next fifteen minutes were pure bliss; the chip really gave an edge to the car. At the end we were both exhausted and decided to call it a day. We went to the drycleaners to collect my suit. Then headed for a dreadful graduation ceremony that would take at least two hours of my time with Alex.

Alex was already getting out of the car and I grabbed his arm. He fell to the seat again and jut looked at me. "Thanks for understanding, you don't know how much that means to me." A soft kiss followed suit.

"Pete, when I first saw you, you looked like the kind of guy who led an `interesting life', and that's only one of the things I like about you." Another interruption.

"Really, so what else do you like about me lad?" Good Lord, we're being corny already.

I could see his eyes sparkle as he answered. "Dude, there are tons, like, your dark green eyes, your strength, god! Your awesome body just to name a few."

"Hmm, I like the sound of that."

"We have to get g... mph!!"

Eventually we managed to get out of the car only to find Alexandra and Rachel Looking at us with `oh that's so sweet' faces.

"Ok girls you can say it..." I managed before Alex got any redder.


"THAT'S SO SWEET GUYS!!!" Ale yelled.

"Shall we?" I motioned towards the back entrance of the auditorium where the rest of the class was gathering.

The ceremony began with speeches from the high school principal and the superintendent, followed by Jeff. I looked around and spotted Jeff's father in the crowd, perhaps they had already solved their problems. The room was getting warmer by the hour and I was starting to get drowsy when I heard the closing speech by Alex himself.

He was into his second paragraph or so when a whole family came into he room, I recognized them right away: hey were Alex's family. They sat on one of the last rows. I saw the red-haired woman talk to Patrick, Alex's brother, who then looked towards where we were standing and discreetly point at me. Then I found her looking at me right in the eyes. I gave her an acknowledging nod, which she returned with a smile.

After the whole thing was over, and that is a lot to say, I was wondering whether I should have told Alex about the races. I knew that I could trust him. But could I trust him to keep out of harm's way, being as stubborn as he was? I was so immersed in thought that when I realized what was going on I was the only one left in the changing room, naked, and my suit was still in it's bag.

Alex came into the room smiling. Cute.

"There you are! I've been looking for you... Hey, cheer up sexy! What's wrong Pete?"

"Look at me in the eyes."

I was confronted with those beautiful blue pools.

"Promise that you won't put yourself in danger because of me, ever."

He was silent for a while, then his expression changed, "There is more to it."


"...Yes, but you know way too much as it is. I'm sorry, I really am."

            "I'm going with you tonight."

            "Not one chance."

            "Hey, I understand you want to protect me, but if you think I will wait and see if you come back tonight, you don't know me. And that's not open to discussion either."

            "You don't understand it do you? Of course not, you're not the one who's been tricking results for a year."

            "So what?"

            "I don't want you to be seen with me tonight. We know of someone who already knows more than he should, and that if he hasn't told anyone yet. It would be stupid for you to come; there is nothing you can do for me with being there anyway. Alexander, please?"

            "We are both in the same train here remember?"

            "Do you even know how fast this one is going?"

            "I have now. If I'm right you are expecting this someone to act tonight. Am I right?"


            "Well, then why are you all going to go in the first place?"

            I actually chuckled at that, "are you kidding me?"

            "If he has played his cards right, not showing would be an open admittance."


            "I see, I'm still coming, and you are not racing after tonight. At least not in the streets."

            I remained silent. Alex took the drycleaner's bag and opened it.

            "Would you look at this? This could be very handy should I ever need to blackmail you."

            "I beg you pardon?"

            "A Canali suit, with dinner jacket and everything..."

            "I'm afraid I can't see how that could be considered blackmail material."

            "Are you kidding me? You have spent two years of your life criticizing people who buy designer clothing only to wear this tailor made suit on your graduation party?"

            "Oh god, Alex baby, I swear you can be thick sometimes. Did you ever hear me or were you too mesmerized by my very presence every time we met?"

            "Funny funny."

            "No really, my problem with them was that they actually thought they were better because of their clothes and money. I never said good clothing was something to be ashamed of."

            "I guess you are right, they do think they are better."

            "Thank you. Now get that suit of mine out of there."

            I took about ten minutes to get myself inside the thing, but after I looked at myself in the mirror I saw it was worth every second. The result was, astounding.

            "Peter, I swear I could rape you right now. You look like fucking James Bond in that suit."

            "You wish. Come here."

            As his lips brushed mine I felt like I could melt into the kiss, and forget about everything else. Nevertheless there was a dark cloud forming in that blue sky that lingered in my mind. I still thought that he shouldn't come with me tonight, but I knew there was no point in arguing; he was coming, and that was a given.

            When we both got dressed we could not stop staring at the other. Alex, so sexy in his suit, I couldn't help it. On the other side neither could he, just as taken with my look tonight. Eventually time came around and we got going to the party, a little earlier than usual because my father wanted me to meet him at his house before the party.

            "Don't worry Alex, trust me, he's a nice guy, he'll be alright, that if he even notices any change."

            "Ok. I'll have to introduce you to my parents tonight too." He looked rather nervous there, but I knew everything would be all right. I came close to him and traced the outline of his pink lips with my finger... he was so kissable. He closed his eyes, a moan betraying his pride. I came closer and he pressed his lips against mine. Bliss, followed by an urgent need, enticing me to go deep inside his mouth, into his soul. His warm wetness, silky yet rough.

            After what felt like eternity, he pulled back, and shot me his intense blue gaze, inevitably opening his soul to me as well. All I saw there was love and truth.

            "I'm so glad you were crazy enough to bring us together Alexandre."

            "Why did you just call me Alexandre?"

            "It was Alexander the Great's name, besides that plus your British surname makes you all the more appealing."

            "I like the way it sounds."

            We arrived at my father's at eight o'clock. Apparently he was just arriving himself, as luggage was still laying in the front door. We got out of the car and found him.

            "Hey boys! How's everything going?"


            I just stared at my dad, certainly him dressed in a suit was some surprise.

            "What? Do I have something on my face or something?"

            "Not exactly, but a tux? I thought you didn't even have one..."

            "Nonsense... anyway, help me out here so that we can go to that graduation party of yours."

            "Oh, about that..."


            "Well, I think you should know something before we go."

            "As long as you don't tell me you are taking that girlfriend of yours, everything should be fine."

            "Dad, how long has it been since the last time you saw her?"

            "Actually, right before I went to Peru, why?"

            "You do realize you went to Peru three months ago..."

            "Oh right, so then who's the lucky one now?"

            I actually chuckled at that. `In for a penny' I thought to myself. "Dad I want you to meet Alexander Gray. Alex, this is my father, James Gallagher."

            "...Oh Hi Alexander, I actually thought you were one of my sons friends, I apologize. It is a pleasure to meet you." He said offering a hand to Alex, who readily shook it.

            Easier than I thought, apparently my father was more interested in Alexander's interest for photography than in my being with him. After an hour or so I decided to head for the party.

            We were both out of my father's domain before I had time to even remind him to please wear his suit.

            As soon as we reached my car Alex was on top of me, his tongue ravaging my mouth, hungry for some love.

            We were interrupted however, by a very flaming version of my father, tie and everything. "Erhmm, boys, can you tell me at what time do I have to be there?"


            "What? Am I not allowed?"

            "Bugger, it's just you didn't complain, neither did I tell you to"

            "Well, it's your only school graduation, so I thought you might appreciate it."

            "I don't really care, although it fits you well."

            "Leigh helped..."

            "I knew it! Anyway, at ten should do."

            "Alright, see you two then, have a good time."