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No more will my green sea go turn a deeper blue
I could not foresee this thing happening to you
If I look hard enough into the setting sun
My love will laugh with me before the morning comes

-The Rolling Stones


            Loud music was starting to make its way into my nerves. Dancing bodies all around me. That distinguished buzzing of cheap whiskey running through my veins all but willing to go away.

            A certain red hair made his way back to me. "It's only twelve. At what time do we have to go?"



            "?Like at one."


            "I need to go to the bathroom, wait for me here."


            `It can't be this easy' I thought to myself as I made my way into the men's bathroom. I found myself looking into the mirror. The faint presence of whiskey now subsidizing steadily. A pair of green eyes smiled back at me.

            "This is it, the last one, time to push as hard as ever." I told myself.

            I got a bottle of water and looked at Alex, still dancing with Rachel. I turned around and headed for the door. Sure enough there was Juan, already waiting for me.

            "Did you manage to shake him off?"

"Yes. Let's get going."

            When we arrived at the hotel's parking lot I wasn't too surprised to find Alexander waiting for me besides my car.

            "You thought the bathroom trick was enough? Besides you said `like at one', not much like you really."

            "Just get in."

            Juan and Alex had to squeeze together in the only available seat. Good it was only a quick ride from the hotel to Leigh's. They both remained silent the whole way. When we arrived Juan just hopped out of the car and went to the garage, in time with the door being opened form behind. A lead grey Aston Martin Vantage came out greeting us with its low growl. Down came the driver's window, curiously positioned on the right side of the car, revealing my uncle, wearing a racing suit and a helmet. He just waved before taking off the driveway with a roar and no little amount of dust.

            Juan just looked at the rear of the car trailing away through the snaky entry road. He walked to the garage and shortly after a Carrera 4 Turbo was hauling past us. We were the only ones left so I drove into the garage where we both got out. I went into a shelf and took a pair of racing suits and two helmets, offered a set to Alex, and then wore one myself. Alex remained silent all the drive to the rendezvous, which I covered in a short time to warm the tyres up for the race.


            The four of us where positioned in front of a traffic light, people all around. Engines were turned on one by one, first Juan, who was at the far right, then Leigh's friend, Ricardo, with his Lamborghini Gallardo. Leigh's tricked-out engine roar sent chills down my spine. My turn to show off; I pressed the ignition button. My engine's growl ran through my senses. Alex squeezed my right hand. I turned the suspension and traction switch to racing position. The traffic light started blinking yellow. I turned the chip on. The last of three yellow flashes and my right foot stood one third of the way through the throttle while the left went for the brake the car already in first gear.

            A flash of green formally started the race: four cars sped through the deserted street. Tyres squealing, the guttural sounds of four engines systematically interrupted by gears shifting. The yellow Gallardo had the lead. Followed mere centimetres away by a raging Ferrari. Closing the rear came a black Porsche, followed by a grey Aston.


            The straight smooth section was about to finish, I looked at the speed dial: 280 K/hr. I knew I could overtake the car in front of me through the inside of the curve so I went for it, lifting my foot off the gas. A flash of grey in my left mirror showed me better. Apparently Leigh was also overtaking us. Well then. I set my course ready for the next curve, which was to the right, and a slow one at that. I saw the Lamborghini's stop lights flash red. I turned right of the car and just as I started to overtake it I slammed the brakes, lowering my speed to 120 Km/hr. I felt Alex tense and grip the hand bar in the door. It worked: next thing I knew I was right behind Leigh, and I was pleased to find that Juan was right behind me in hot pursuit. So here we were, the three of us. Now all I had to do was to find a way around Leigh. The next curve shaped itself before my eyes. No way through my uncle though, so I concentrated on getting as close to the car in front of me as I could.

            After three curves Leigh was starting to give, just a bit, and not nearly enough for me to overtake him. The only thing that I had to my favour was a slightly faster car. On the next curve, instead of downshifting one gear I went for 2nd. Which gave Leigh a mere second in front of me. I managed to take advantage of the increased torque and launched my car out of the curve, coming out of it a bit faster than my uncle, however the manoeuvre cost me a spot, now Juan managed to gain the front leaving me in third, behind of Leigh. Next was a straight section, about five hundred meters long. As I shifted up I approached Leigh form behind and tried with the right, he positively blocked me. So I did a double fake and went completely to the left, just to switch swiftly to the right, and back on the left side again.

That did it. I was in front of Leigh and travelling towards Juan. All I had to do now was to overtake Juan in the next curve, or I would not stand a chance with the Porsche in the adjoining turns. And that's exactly what I intended to do.

I went for the inside and did a late brake. I overdid it a bit so my tail drifted a bit out of course, which proved to be a blessing since Juan had to slam his brakes to avoid me. He'd be quite pissed. Now all that separated me from one hundred thousand dollars was a couple of turns, and Leigh was back on my tail. First to the left, then to the right in a sort of long chicane. Before I knew it I was crossing the finish line and somehow Juan had managed to overtake Leigh once again.

And so finally everyone arrived after a few seconds. The four cars were now parked in line right beside the park. A crowd was slowly building all around.

"Alex, stay in the car, and do not remove that helmet of your thick head ok?"


I got out of the car and met My uncle and his friend who were talking happily, as if loosing that much money was not a big deal. Wait, it wasn't a big deal for the both of them anyway?

"OK, OK. Drivers please come here." Came the voice of the guy in charge of the money for tonight.

"The Ferrari clearly won, anyone disagreeing with that?"

"No" replied the three of them at once.

The guy then gave me the money, which consisted of two cheques and twenty-five in cash. We all drove our separate ways away from the crowd but we all met in the freeway leading to Leigh's house. We were on our way, me closing the line as I saw a car I'd raced a couple of times before, a corvette, following us from the distance.

Fuck. I clicked the stereo, which folded itself back, and out came an LCD screen. I typed `Got company' on it and sent the message to Leigh. In a few seconds the three cars in front of me sped through the freeway. I followed suit. Leigh took the closest exit and Juan and I kept going till the next one. We managed to loose him and arrived at Leigh's quite quickly indeed. We all came out of the cars.

The first thing I did was go to Juan and apologize.

"Don't worry bro, it was a good one, and you didn't even touch me so it's fine."

I smiled back at him and some one put a hand on my shoulder. It was Leigh.

"Well my boy, I must say I'm flabbergasted. You really earned every penny of that prize tonight. Congratulations."

"Thanks Leigh."

We stayed at Leigh's for a while ad then went back to my car. After all, we had a party to attend. Neither of us said anything. We sat there in companionable silence while I drove back to the hotel.

We got to the party, which was of course, far from over. Nobody seemed to miss us so I guessed they where all too drunk to care about the class's last acquaintance. Nico met us just In the entrance of the ballroom.

"There you are, been looking for you two for hours."

"Nico." I produced.

He escorted us to the central dance floor. Everybody seemed to be having a great time. And eventually we too were absorbed once again into the music and alcohol.

I believe I was starting to see the sunlight through some of the curtains in the room when I managed to get Alex out of the circle of girls who apparently thought he'd be willing to switch teams.

"Hey you!" I could almost count the number of drinks he had from the tone in his voice.

"Drunk are we?"

"Maybe a little tipsy."

"Right? I assume you were not having much fun back there."

"Yyyyyyess? what did you have in mind?"

"Well, some serious snogging for starters, and then, if you are still conscious that is, I was hoping you'd be willing to engage in sexual intercourse with me."

That sent him laughing to the floor, in his back, and a very sexy version of him appeared in my eyes. I looked quickly around before plunging into that red-haired pool with blue eyes that I had come to cherish beyond reason in three days.

Every touch was delicately transformed into a moan, for every kiss a soft exhalation, for every graze a new sound. It was so intoxicating, so new, so very genuine, so fucking hot. We had to stop, however, because we heard that most insulting sound produced by the soil of leather shoes in the wooden floor. We managed to fin a settee away from intruders and continued our systematic exploration of each other.

At some point Alex had enough presence of mind to interrupt our? exchange. "Pete?"


"I can't stay much longer, my mother will certainly be expecting me at home, we haven't talked since she arrived. We haven't even seen each other properly."

"Ok, would you like me to take you to your house?"

"I think that would be hard to achieve given our actual state."

"Perhaps you are right."

"I love it when you speak."

"And why would that be?"

"Because of your British accent."

"Is that so?" no little amount of amusement running through my voice.

All I got as a reply was a moan.

"I'd be glad to do it more often then."

"I love you."

`I love you' I liked the sound of it, still strange and new and exciting. All I could do was cling to him for dear life. My left hand found it's way to his neck, and started slowly caressing, just with my fingertips, that sensitive skin there.

In the end we managed to part. And just in time it seems, as his mother herself walked in the room shortly after. I wondered what would have happened had she showed up two minutes earlier. She sat besides Alex, smiling at me in the process.

"Hello dear. Hi Peter, nice to meet you again, and under such circumstances if I'm allowed."

I could only smile, feeling nothing reproachful in her voice.

Then she spoke again, "I believe a conversation is long overdue."

            I saw Alex straighten himself.

            "But not here, and definitely not now honey." She said casually to her son.

            "OK." I felt him stressed, but I couldn't quite understand why.

            "Peter, you are welcome to spend the night at our house, and tomorrow we are going to have a brunch. Then we can talk, your father, your boyfriend you and me. If that's ok with your parents of course."

            "That would be fine with me Ms. Gray. Let me tell my mother and we can go."

            "Ok. I'll see you two at the house. Be careful when driving."

            "Sure Ms. Gray."

            "Peter honey, it's Alice from now on ok?"

            I nodded my acknowledgment. With that she was off.

            "That's not very like her, I think you are the first one she ever likes." Alex said with a rather amused tone to it.

            "Well, she has a delicious taste then."

            "Very humble of you."


            Two hours later I found myself in Alex's bed, which had a curious smell to it, like it hadn't been used for quite a while. It was good that I always kept a clean set of clothes in my car, so after having separate showers, correctly hanging our respective suits, and changing into? well nothing really, we were both laying there in companionable silence. Alex was slowly and ever so lightly caressing my chest and lower belly. We did not need any words to communicate. We jus went to sleep entangled as one. It was so easy to fall asleep like that. So different from my usual tossing and turning: finding a fairly decent position and uncomfortably drifting off to a restless sleep. No, with him everything was different.

            I was thinking about all that had changed in my life in four days worth of time. At that moment I heard the doorknob being turned so I feigned sleep changing my breathing pattern. I didn't know who it was, but I assumed it was Alice since the remains of her perfume were lingering in her hair, which I could smell since she was leaning over me and kissing Alex goodnight. Well so much for privacy. Then I remembered our supposed pyjamas lying on the floor, however my train of though was suddenly interrupted when I felt her lips brush my forehead. Then she was off.

            It was uncomfortable to say the least. But I managed to fall asleep nonetheless. If she did notice the discarded clothing in the floor, she had the touch to never mention it to either one of us.

            In the morning, I woke up early as usual (at least some things remained the same after the turmoil), I pleasantly discovered that my boyfriend's morning arousal was comfortably pressed against my thigh. The only thing that proved stronger than my desire to stay like that until he woke was my ever present need for the toilet. So after a rather biased debate I ended up disentangling myself from him. And headed for the bathroom. Wearing just my boxers and a white t-shirt I strolled down the hallway to find the door leading to the toilet closed, I knocked on the door. The answer did surprise me. Instead of a customary `occupied', all I heard was a muffled cry.

            As I wasn't entirely sure of what I heard I just knocked again, and again the same response. I quickly thought about the possibilities, and after making sure noone else was up and about I tried to turn the doorknob. Closed. I had an idea though. I carefully made my way back into Alex's bedroom and I found him sound asleep. I quickly retrieved a victorinox knife and back to the bathroom. I used the flat screwdriver and opened the door with a click. I had to suppress a chuckle at what I found in there. I quietly turned and closed the door locked again as I evaluated the situation with a grin on my face.

            In front of my very eyes was Ronald, Alex's 15-year-old brother, laying butt naked in the floor on his back, knees and legs up, apparently pleasuring himself, or rather his prostate for that matter, as he had a couple of fingers up his bum. He could not believe hi eyes. Not that I was doing any better myself. His face turned as crimson as it could get. I just kept on looking; not being able to block the view of is lean, muscular body. I have to say that he looked very sexy indeed. I was turning to go but I heard him whisper my name.

            I turned around once again and was confronted with his freckle-face, now having turned a nice shade of pink.

            "Wait," he said panting.

            "Yes?" he hesitated a bit before answering.

            "Can I ask you not to tell Alex about this?"

            "Ronnie," I allowed, enjoying the power he had just given me over him. "What you do with your ass, or who you do it with is your business, and yours only. Is that clear?"

            "?I guess" poor kid, perhaps calling him `Ronnie' really put him down.

            "well, I'll leave you to yourself then." I turned around and was about to open the door when he stopped me once again, this time holding my shoulder with his hand.

            "What is it Ronald?"

            "?I was? wondering. What does it feel like?" he paused for an instant "You know? kissing another boy."

            "Hmm, and exactly why would you want to know that?"

            "Having just had a couple of fingers up my? um."


            "Yes that. Does it no tell you something about me?"

            "Of course, it tells me you are one horny prick looking for a way out of routine."

            "Doesn't that make me gay?"

            "Unless you were thinking of something else while doing it I don't see how it would." His response came in the form of a blush. A really big one. "in that case, I'm afraid it would. So going back to your original question, I guess you should try it yourself; it's never the same."

            "Coul you? I mean? could we? eem." Well that got my eyebrows up. He really took me by surprise with that one.

            I observed him, not missing the fact that he was still stark naked, neither his persistent hard-on. He must have realized just what he said because he hurriedly added. "Alex won't ever know a word of this. I swear."

            "I'm afraid Ronald, that as endearing as your offer may be, I'd have to decline. I can't hide anything from your brother nor do I want to."

            "I? I understand. I'm sorry Peter, it was a terrible bad idea." I felt him tense up just as tears menaced to drip down his cheeks.

            I covered the distance between us and held him in what you could call a brotherly embrace. Then I told him to calm down. But he inevitably broke down to tears.

            "Its just that I am so alone." He managed between sobs.

My goodness. I felt like someone had just sucked my guts out. I felt terrible for the kid so not knowing what to do I just started to rub my hands up and down his back. Soothing him. I had to do something for him, and he it occurred to me that I better dealt this with Alex. So I got him to put his boxers back and escorted him into Alex's bedroom. He was already up and was wearing his boxers too. When he saw us he immediately gave me a questioning look, which I replied with an `act now ask questions later' glare. I gently lay Ronald on the bed and then had Alex wrap his arm over him. I placed myself at the other side of the heap that was the poor kid and cuddled up to him. He just lay there sobbing and sniffing every now and then, but the storm was over now. After a while I noticed his breathing had changed into a normal pattern so I ventured to speak.

"Feeling any better now?"


"Want to talk about it?" he shook his head no so I left it at that.

"Would you like to take a shower?" I asked him.

"Yes." And so he simply stood up and left the room. Not daring to turn back.

"What the fuck was all that about?!?" asked Alex in a muffled voice.

"Let me think? I went into the bathroom and found your brother in a rather compromising state."


"Not quite. Shoud I tell you?"

"Well of course you shit head, it's my brother we're talking about here."

"He was massaging his prostate so to speak." The look in Alex's face was priceless to say the least.


"Yes. I wanted to leave at the moment but he held me, and asked me not to mention anything of it to you."

I told him the rest of the story and he couldn't believe it. I was glad he wasn't mad at the boy.

"Wow, that was unexpected." He finally let out.

I could not resist it, "Aren't you mad at him?"

"For what?"

"Because he asked me to kiss him perhaps?"

He thought for a moment, "I don't think I could, he's shattered. Look what I did? when I?"

All of a sudden I felt like shit again, seeing him so vulnerable. Tears came to his eyes. I took a while to react. I slowly ran my fingertips across his lips, positioning myself on top of his anatomy.

My lips brushed against his, then running over his cheek, under his chin, back up, over his forehead. Then I kissed him square on the lips. He allowed me in. I bit his lower lip, careful but firmly as I pulled.

Then he pulled back. He was well by now, the traces of tears still in my mouth. When I opened my eyes I was pleased to find a smile lingering in his lips.

"You have such an ability to manipulate people's feelings."

"I? I'm sorry. I thought you would feel better."

"I do feel much better you wanker. I was only noting it. I appreciated every bit."

His expression changed to a more serious one, "I have an idea." The almost evil glint in his eyes almost managed to scare me. "Let's do that to him."

"Alex, baby, I beg your pardon?"

"Yeah, we should go and kiss him all over and snuggle with him and everything."

"Are you out of your mind?"


"Hmm, it does sound fun. But, are you sure you could do that? I mean... he's your bloody brother."

"I think I could. And if not I'm fucking sure you can carry on by yourself."

"What makes you think I'd do this with anybody besides you."

"You are pretty much like me. Besides? I now you love me, so having anything with my brother would not mean much would it?"

"Yyyyess. I suppose." I nodded, not sure where was this all going to lead me.

"Well, actually it would be a bit sick for me to do that. But I want you to do it, for me if you must, although I think you, being the horny fuck you are, won't have much trouble complying with me."

"You know me too well Alex, too well. I'm still worried about what ill he make of all this though, what if he starts to attach himself to me?"

"Don't make it too special."

"You are one bloody sick bastard. Love you."

"More like fuck me you mean."

"Quite. One thing though, I want to have you, and you to have me, before we do any of it understood?"

"Yes Mr. Bond."


"I love your French accent."

"Thank you."

"So what do we do now?"

"We wait for your mother to wake us up of course." With that I rolled over and off him, nicely placing my left leg over his midsection and snuggling up to him.

"You are one sick beauty."

"It's only to let her know how very mine you are. Now fall asleep."

We actually fell asleep there, lying like that. Apparently having him attached to me somehow helped me in falling asleep anywhere.