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I picture your face in the back of my eyes,

A fire in the attic a proof of the prize.



I was unconsciously tracing patterns in Alex's back when I heard the knock on the door. My body straightened itself.

            I heard the undistinguishable sound of Alex muttering something unintelligible. Then his mother warned us and let herself in.

            She had a smile on her face, one that faltered a bit when she saw our pyjamas lying unattended in the floor. I must say I had some trouble holding my smile in place when she locked eyes with me. But then she was back to normal. I think I can understand the poor woman. It must be hard to learn about your son being gay and all, but actually seeing the real thing is, I'm sure, much more than just awkward.

            "Erhm, boys! ...How did you sleep last night?"

            I was about to blurt out `sleep?' but I just couldn't. Instead I heard Alex produce another sound of sorts. "Well, apparently he is still sleeping, I slept just fine, thank you for asking," my grin ever so exquisite.

            She stumbled across her next words. "Well, you cancomehavebreakfast, we'll be down waiting for you two. She left after that and I could not help but chuckle.

            "You mother fucker!"

            "Quite literally, what I didn't know was that you where not asleep. Fuckwit."

            He turned and kissed me in the cheek moaning `I love you' into it.

            "I can definitely get used to that phrase you know?"

            Smiling lips met mine. Not parting of course.

            "We do need to get up Alex." I rose from the bed, fighting the urge to groan when our contact was no more.

            As I stood up I could feel his eyes devouring in the sight. Not holding back the smile I commented, just casually, "Easy, or you might get stuck."

            "I can't wait any longer. God Peter you look so hot like that, with your hair all over."

            "Thanks, I too love your morning torch of hair."

            "Thanks Pete. But seriously though I fucking want you."

            I fell back into the bed, only this time on top of him, my mind going into overdrive when I felt the hardness pressing on my lap, my own starting to build. Grinding motion took over. Softly drawn moans so sensual time itself stumbled, slowly regaining its millenary composure.

            "Alex baby, I don't want our first time to be a quickie. However intoxicating it might be."

            "Me too, but I want to do something before we go out into the open. Just don't scream."

            My eyes went wide open, when in one single motion he had me on my back and both hands pinned over my head, my feet resting on the floor. My mouth followed suit after I was immersed in the darkest feeling of wetness, a groan dancing in the tip of my tongue, restless and unsure.

            "Ohh fffffuck!" was all I could hiss to stop it from emerging. The well of feelings was about to break free, and he seemed to notice as he shifted, his hand covering the now aching flesh, his lips mashed into mine. As I dangled on the razor's edge teeth drove into bare flesh. Claiming my neck as theirs and I stumbled over the borderline.

The free fall left me... sticky. A hand still working me ever so slowly and lovingly.

We went into the shower together, this time unabashed. I took a minute to examine the blatant presence of Alex's teeth, still blemishing the skin in my neck, right under the jaw line.

I touched the spot, still sensitive from the previous abuse. Somehow I cherished it. Deeming everything real, everything between Alex and I could be exalted in that single mark lingering in my neck, not willing to go away.

The shower itself had nothing special to it. Any special treatment outshone by our earlier communion. It made me feel wide-awake though.

So finally we where on our way down, both perked up in Alex's clothes, which consisted in a white t-shirt, it fit rather tightly, but he insisted, and a pair of worn out jeans with a small hole in my left buttock.

Chatter was interrupted as we approached the table. I met eyes with Alex's dad, who promptly smiled at me, if only shortly before getting up and crushing Alex in a bear embrace.

"Congratulations son! I'm really proud of you." We all heard. I noticed how Ronald's eyes lit up after his father's statement; I suppressed a smirk.

"Well, why don't we all have breakfast now?" asked Mrs. Grey sounding a bit annoyed, clearly at her husband. The `why' came to me seconds after when we all sat in the table, she was sitting in the only end with a plate on it. She then instructed us all to hold hands together. After carefully looking at every one of us she started praying. Thanking the lord for the food and the wellbeing of all the present. So she was a bit on the radical side of the coin then, that was why she had some trouble accepting the whole deal. I made a promise to myself not to torment her ever again. Only to break it after Mr. Grey asked us about last night, since he hadn't been able to go to the party. Apparently not satisfied by the amount of info he got from us, he asked us how we'd slept.

Taking my chances I answered. "Soundly." He had the nerve to laugh it off, perhaps not getting the pun. Mrs. Grey did though. I could tell by the way her eyebrows where about to fuse themselves with her hairline. At that moment Alex kicked my foot harshly and I almost yelped. But in the end I managed to shut up throughout the meal, leaving Alex to deal with the endless river of questions thrown at us. Finally we were over the countless pancakes made for us men as Mrs. Grey was having fruit instead.

She invited Alex, Mr. Grey and I to the room next door, which was furnished with a big sofa and a couple matching chairs. Alex and I sat on the couch, and across from us sat them both, each in a chair.

"So, where to start." Started Mr. Grey. "Alice and I wanted to have a little talk with you two ever since Mr. Cooper let us know about your little scene back a the school's auditorium."

I had to really concentrate in order to prevent my lips from curling up after I saw Mrs. Grey's mouth turn into what I could best describe as a clenched anus.

He didn't notice though, so he kept going after a short pause. "So, I think it is beyond stupidity to ask this but yet I must," he turned his gaze towards us both instead of its fixed place in the ground. "Have you two thought about all the implications of your choice? If it can be called that." He said. I was pleased to see Mrs. Grey shift uneasily in her seat. So it was basically a talk to calm her. I knew that much now, probably Mr. Grey's idea too.

Alex broke the uncomfortable silence after a while. "So what do you want to talk about? Mum?"

"Oh baby, there's so much I want to tell you, specially after I knew about this. It's been so hard for me to understand it, but you must understand as well, and Peter excuse me if I've been a bit awkward towards you, but being catholic I was raised to believe that things like... like this were a bad thing. But seeing how you two are happy together I've come to terms with it. I can only wish you two all the best."

"Aww mum, I'm sorry I couldn't tell you before, I just couldn't."

By now they were both crying openly, Alex moved in and hugged her.

Meanwhile Mr. Gray looked at me with a helpless expression, which I sincerely returned. Not knowing exactly what to do. I don't know why I did it but, the next thing I knew I was joining the group hug, with Alex in between of course, still shocked about the outcome of our abbreviated `talk'. After a while we all managed to calm down, or rather she managed to calm down, as we parted.


It was Mr Grey who broke the silence again, depriving me of the fun another awkward moment in which she would shift uncomfortably on her seat. "Well, since we've gotten any misunderstanding out of the way, we can move on to some rather pleasurable business. Son, Peter," he nodded in my direction. I don't think my amusement could be concealed any more, he was just brilliant, I loved him right away, "and we are going to Los Roques for a week. And you are both welcome to join us at the Cooper's boat."

Alex looked at me, clearly expecting a negative answer, but I just shrugged it. I believe I can handle a week with the Coopers. Besides, we could always use Leigh's boat. "Sounds great to me, thank you Mr and Mrs Grey"

"Peter I believe we are past the formal antics now. You can call us by our names already. I mean, after all you slept with my son last night." He concluded chuckling.

"Quite true." I allowed a smile for his joke. I really liked him, or at least his sense of humour. "So when exactly is this?"

"Today is Monday, which leaves us three days, so on Friday morning we will be departing from La Guaira."

"Ohh, I have to be here in Caracas on Saturday, but let me see if Leigh's boat is free during the week so I can catch up with you all there."

"Sounds great. You can use the phone there." He said pointing to a phone on the wall. I declined the offer because calling Leigh from an unknown number was like knocking on the wall near to the door.

After he assured me the boat was clear I hung up and turned to them. "Apparently the boat is available."

"Cool, what kind of boat is it?"

"A Donzi"

"Wow, so your uncle likes speedboats."

"Well he has something for speed."

"Well then that's all set. Well meet there on Sunday. I'll cal you tomorrow to set a common frequency."

"Sure. I've got to go by the way." I said standing up.

"So soon?" I was surprised to hear from Alice.

"Yes, I have to go with my mother to a vernissage near school, a good friend of hers is inaugurating tomorrow, you should go take a look, it's at the `Galer'a de Arte Ascaso'."


"Nice we'll be there."

Then we all said good-bye and Alex came with me to the door.

"I didn't know you hung out with your mother."


"Is that jealousy I hear?"

"Aww come on, get off that cloud please."

"Hey Hey, You you, get out of my clooooooud!"


"Nice to know you can sing. Now go away!"

"Bugger. Now you throw me out! See you later you wanker."

"Jejejeje. Love ya!"



The kiss sealed everything, leaving me in a blissful state throughout the drive to my house, which I covered in no little amount of time due to the traffic at peak hours. But after just an hour I was back at home; apparently my mother had some people in the house, so I tried to rearrange what Alex thought best for me so it didn't make me look so well shagged. With my clothes now substantially subdued I came into the house and into the living room. There was a bunch of my mother's friends there having breakfast... at eleven o'clock, and wine was starting to make its way to the table. I stayed there a while, even had a cup of red whine that left me with a tingly sensation all over.

Fuck, I haven't eaten yet! Shite. I went to the kitchen and got myself three English muffins with ham and cheese. Delicious. Then I was off to my room. Turned on the computer and my messenger was on fire. What I noticed was Jeff cooper had added me. As I sat there, wondering what had happened to the world he spoke to me. And, in short, told me that he was thinking that since he was my boyfriend's best friend we should try to be friends. Which was probably a good idea. We spoke a bit longer, mostly about the trip to Los Roques, and then he had to leave. I took the moment to talk to Juan, whom I had on hold with the promise of juicy news.

[hey negro, guess who just added me in msn...]

[hmmm let me see, would it be Jeff?]


[how did you fucking know?]

[because he just added me too you dumbass...]

[the wanker!]


[yeah he's peace and love all over now..]

[well i don't mind going to Los Roques with mr peace and love...]

[oh, and he invited me too

J !!]

[i love your enthusiasm, the only good thing is i'm going with Leigh's boat, apparently it will be crowded in there.]

[great maybe I'll take my wakeboard then]

[nice, you do that, by the way, would you like to come surfing with me today?]

[Sure! Got wax?]

[as always... I'll be there in half an hour]


I stood and put the computer to sleep. Then changed into formal beachwear (sandals, trunks, T-shirt) and grabbed my surf equipment, went into the Volkswagen, thinking a Ferrari wasn't the appropriate vehicle for a surfing escapade. I was in Juan's house at two.  He put his gears in and we where off. I phoned Alex to let him know I was going to the beach.

(Hey golden boy!)


(Look, I'm about to head for the beach with Juan.) then I thought I should probably invite him, clever isn't it? (want to come?)


(nice, then get your ass ready and trunked quickly because I'm at Juan's.)

Since Juan lived very close to Alex it only took us a couple of minutes to be there. He got in the back of the car and we were off. We talked along the way, mainly about music, good music at that. As we spoke a Jack Johnson song slid through the shuffle in my iPod and Alex started singing it cleanly, Questions. I felt it directed at me. The emotion he put into it, the feeling, watered my eyes a bit, nothing I couldn't hide looking straight up the road. After the song we all fell in silence, and shortly after we were at the beach. Juan and I were both a bit disappointed with the waves, or rather their size. He decided to go in anyway; I stayed on the shore with Alex.

When I was sure no one was around, as it was Monday after all, I held him tight. Not willing to ever let go. I felt it was all too good to be true, that if I my faith faltered for a second it would all fade away to the nothingness it was before.

"Hey what's up with the sad look Pete?" He wasn't even looking at my face; maybe we could actually feel each other.

"It's just I really liked your singing. And all you made me feel with it."

All I got for an answer was increased pressure between our bodies.

"And I'd really like to see you surfing Pete."

"Well, I can see to it, but I think the day would be perfect to teach you instead."

"You sure?"

"Oh come on! You are a swimmer for fuck's sake. I bet you are on that board by noon."


"Well, let's do it then."

We parted and I got my board out of the case, then waxed it. I guided Alex through the basic stretching session before going in the water, much like a swimmer's stretch out. Alex was startled with the cold water and I had to hold him in my arms in the water for him to acclimatise. After we were done horsing around some Juan skimmed past us in his board. He chuckled when he saw us and paddled back in, which was about ten meters from us given the wave size of about one foot. Well, it was still surfable so I just told Alex to get a hold of the board and to try and lay on it. He had a little trouble so I told him to try and find the centre of the board and then just put his weight on that spot.

After five minutes he could even sit half properly on the board so I told him to paddle up to Juan, my command reinforced with a playful slap across his butt to which he didn't reply. Once he was besides Juan I told him to try and catch a wave paddling into it. And so he waited until Juan told him to go on one of the set; it was funny how his face looked right before the nose of the board caught water an threw him over.

"Right. Try to keep your shoulders in the air, arch your back so you rest on your ribs instead of your chest., and you have to stand up before that happens again."

He just smiled at me and blew his nose to evacuate the water nestling in it. I erupted in laughter. After a while another set arrived and Juan got the first one and landed right next to me. Then I saw Alex right at the peak of the next wave. He paddled and stood on the board too soon so it went on without him.

"Ok. At least this one didn't shake you. Try to wait until you feel the board sliding on the water, then you stand up."

"Kay!" Well, at least he was having fun.


By the end of the day he had managed to stand up properly on a couple waves, even turned and almost surfed one of them. We were all pretty pleased with his performance but lights were going out for the day and the noon chill was making its way into our bones. We all got out and I noticed Alex trembling because of the cold, I wrapped a towel around him and then held him tight. He looked up at me and just smiled; it was too much, the way his blue lips curled, his hair all wet and messed up. I melted under his love. Everything disappeared all around us. I had to warm those inviting lips... but they looked so ethereal like that. Direct contact was even better, as I felt the ice burn into my soul like no flame could ever.

We were however interrupted by Juan.

"Erhmm! Hey lovers! Hello!"


"I would, believe me, but it's not the best of places here, we have to move."

He had a point. At last we were all in the car. I turned the iPod on and we drove silently all the way to my house. Juan was driving since I was too tired to do it myself. So I took the time to rest my mind for a while, even if it hadn't been a good day for surfing it had the desired effect in me, I was tired enough not to think for at least a while so I dozed off to sleep when Alex started to caress the back of my neck, I don't know why but it has always been that way. Every time someone strokes the skin there I just fall asleep, and Alex doing it as more my neurones could handle.

I was startled when I felt the hand on my crotch, then I was somewhat pleased with silken lips delicately brushing my own, finally I was on fire when I heard the moan pulling me out of my dream world. I was about to open my eyes to let him know I was awake but the increased sensitivity without sight was intoxicating, and the mix of salt water and tangy scent emanating from that skin I had come to map in my mind, with freckles engraved in inextricable patterns had me on overload.

Words as luring as hardened flesh only took me deeper into the shadows of that ocean that was my bed. Well how did I get here was a mystery, and for all I cared it could remain that way forever. Right know an ember of red hair was consuming me. Burning every cell of my body into oblivion. I opened my eyes for an instant, just long enough to register it was around midnight; the door in my room closed and Alex stark naked on top of me. I decided I wanted some control too so I claimed the top with a swift movement involving some key spot on his anatomy, in the division line between hair and neck.

"Pete I've got your jacuzzi going, wan to join me"

"What about my mother?"

"She's out with some friends I think, she said she'd be back late"

"My pleasure." I said, standing up, I noticed or reckoned that my garments had been removed at some point.

"Admiring my handy job?"

"Quite. Let's go."

We went in the jacuzzi, and it was quite warm, but not uncomfortably so. I had Alex sit on the first step, only a couple centimetres deep and I dove into his crotch for all I was worth. I payed particular attention to the head, pausing a bit to kiss him fully on the lips. Then I was back down on him. His moans driving me painfully hard. I could feel he was getting close to de edge when he stopped me, only to kiss me madly. That was when he looked at my very eyes. They had a lot of things to say.

I, not one to disobey in such a situation just kissed him back. He shifted and turned until he was standing in the second step, just as me. I was finding the increased friction more than appealing. I was on my knees once again, only this time I was facing the most perfect ass I could ask for and it parted towards me invitingly. It was instinctive; I don't even know why I did it. Not even considering it my tongue darted towards the puckered flesh offered to me. The taste was nothing intriguing, mostly chorine on the outside, and clean flesh on the inside.


Alex's moans only confirmed what I already knew. He was having a ball. I had a faint idea of what I was supposed to do so I got him lo lick my middle finger, which he did readily. I then replaced my mouth and tongue with the tip of my finger that pushed its way in, into my Alex. He turned his head to look at me. Those blue wells were full of emotions, but love was just obliterating anything else.

"Come on, let's go to my room."

He just let himself be guided towards the door, which proved to be challenging given the amount of attention we were paying each other. Somehow we ended in my bead, Alex lying flat on his stomach. I closed the door and when I turned he was eagle spread. He gave me a longing look and I slowly made my way to the bead. Taking in every second.

The pale moonlight coming in through the window gave his skin an ethereal quality. He looked almost ghost like lying there. So beautiful in his wanton I couldn't reach him; every step costing me more than the last one, every breath was one less breath for him. I held my breath, trying to stop time in its never ending race. `This should last forever' was all I could think. I finally reached him. I laid on top of him, bodies assembling together in one single demonstration of reciprocity. His warm skin contrasted with the icy tone the light gave it. My own skin was burning in those exquisite pressure points located all over. I lifted mi weight off him and took my time to run a probing finger down his spine. I had better not, as it caused him to arch his back, inevitably adding some welcome pressure at certain spots. Spots that were starting to take over. I finally went for it and this time tried to push two fingers in. he groaned in pain, biting the pillow I the process.

Fuck, if I only had some lube. I saw some after sun lotion laying in my nightstand and decided it would have to do for tonight. I coated both fingers and this time they went in rather easily. I was rewarded with a soft moan. How fucking tight. I shifted a bit and lay on Alex's left. I liked his neck lightly and he shuddered, clearly on overload. Good, I wanted him to remember this for his entire life. All the while my fingers were doing their job. He turned his head and gave me the most powerful look he could produce. The distance between us disappeared as our lips met this time there was no room for decorum, no second thoughts, just our need, desire and the stars adding their surreal quality to the whole scene in front of my five senses. The kiss suddenly ended, both of us having deemed it enough for the time being. Then he turned and, resting his legs on his torso offered his entire self to me. I positioned myself and looked into his eyes as the intrusion started. He tensed some ad I saw the undistinguishable look in his face but it lingered there just an instant, only to be replaced with a contortion that spoke more about pain than it did about pleasure. I stopped dead in my tracks, lowered my face until I was breathing his every exhalation. He just smiled some and liked my chin, allowing me to go further.

The following instants, or were they hours? I was way to confused to think straight, bending the rules and everything you know. Well, whatever they were, they were all a blur, sculpted out of my imagination and having nothing common with the real world. Every feel, sensation, sound, look and even breath was one to remember. Then came the free fall and that wonderful feeling that left me spent, on top of Alex, who was panting after the... intrusion.

I was only awakened by the needy voice of my love. I could not understand it, but I reckoned it could only have been a couple of minutes since... since, well you know (bugger why can't I say it?). Then he repeated himself.

"Peter please?" oh what an animal, I'd forgotten about him. Fuck.

I was in overdrive in an instant and down on his crotch for the second, third time today? Who cared, I'd do it every minute for fucks sake. It didn't take long for him to reach the highlands moaning like crazy. With one last look up to his eyes, which met mine then, I threw him over as well. His taste struck me. This was his essence, and I was a convert now.

The look he gave me before we rearranged ourselves for sleep deemed any word unnecessary. It had a faint smile to it I could not really describe in words, maybe Alex was the only fitting one. I fell asleep on top of him his legs entwined with mine.