Dangerous Obsession

by Richard Hunter










Chapter One





Billy Bowman stood rigid and silent amongst the charcoal gray shadows cast by the trees and large rocks at the uppermost edge of the cove, his pulse racing and heart pounding furiously in his chest, his eyes fixed and unblinking. The sound of the crashing waves shortly distant resonated in his ears yet still he heard the thumping of his own heart and the raggedness of his breath. He was glad for the cool breeze coming off the ocean, which cooled the perspiration on his face.

He had followed the two boys upon seeing them leave, acting suspiciously as though they were sneaking away, and he had crept quietly into position, unnoticed. He had removed his shoes and socks in order to allow his bare feet to detect any twigs or dry leaves underfoot before putting his weight down on each step. He was certain this was the chance he had been waiting for, dreaming of, and he was loathe to give himself away because of some crackling sound created by a misstep.

From the edge of the bluff above, Billy had noticed this secluded spot, to the right of the old wooden steps which led from the top of the bluff down to the beach, and as the two boys took that easier route down to the sand, Billy quietly lowered himself, little by little, down the face of the fifteen foot cliff, to the mouth of the cove and then moved quickly into the recesses and shadows, out of sight. As he had hoped, the two boys found the cove equally appealing and found their way to it.

Beyond was the open beach, but this small cove provided cover on three sides and sufficient warning if someone approached from the front. The boys moved in just beyond the mouth, sufficient to provide seclusion from any eyes that might look down from above yet still there was enough light that they could see one another. They felt reasonably secure here, the day was dying and there had been no one around within sight as they had walked along the beach.

Billy’s frame shook, his mind awash in emotions that ran the gamut from lust and desire to jealousy and betrayal. He forced his breathing to a more steady rate, breathing through his nose for fear that he might give himself away with even the very slightest of sound. Everything seemed so loud to him, yet he strained to hear what was being said.

He heard their unintelligible whispers, their heavy breathing, the gasps as they attempted to suck in enough air to satisfy their bodies’ demand for oxygen caused by the accelerated beating of their hearts. Billy listened to their nervous laughter as they stood facing one another, their hands shaking and fingers fumbling, trying to quickly unbutton each other’s shirt. As the shirts came off, Billy suppressed a moan of anticipation and felt a flash of heat course through his body.

“Are you sure no one will come along and see us?” The black-haired boy, in his nervousness, had spoken above a whisper and Billy had heard the question clearly, his anticipation heightened by an understanding of what the question implied. It was this black-haired boy, Robbie Bailey, for whom he had secretly nurtured an all-consuming crush for almost the past two years.

Billy, a sophomore at Laguna Shores High School, and fifteen years of age, had first noticed Robbie on his second day of school last year. He had been immediately struck by Robbie’s looks and the athleticism that he conveyed in his ease and grace of movement. It had taken Billy almost the first half of his freshman year just to find out who this black-haired boy was yet, even now, almost a year and a half later, he still had never gotten up the nerve to speak to Robbie although his mind screamed at him with encouragement every time they passed in the halls.

Having hoped that Robbie was like him, having fantasized about seeing Robbie naked, Billy was now half way to fainting at the realization that his dreams were coming true. If Robbie truly was attracted to guys, then Billy knew his chances were much improved. It was only a matter of gathering up the courage to speak to him, to have a conversation, to become acquainted, and then somehow find an opportunity to be together.

As Billy watched the two boys come together, tentatively, nervously, allowing their lips to touch ever so briefly, then again, and yet again, his mind flashed over the occasions of the past year and a half on which he had encountered Robbie.

The first time he had seen Robbie, he was stopped dead in his tracks, left breathless as though someone had sucker-punched him in the stomach. He had quickly looked away so as not to be caught staring and branded a fag. But the pull was stronger and he had soon returned his eyes to look at the black haired boy.

Robbie stood about five feet and ten inches in height. He was very slender without being skinny, his arms appearing to be tightly muscled but not bulging. He had a long neck and his chest filled out his T-shirt and tapered to an infinitely small waist. He was long legged but nothing more could be discerned because of the loose fitting denims that he wore, cinched at the waist by a black belt.

He had the most beautiful face Billy could ever remember having seen on either boy or girl. He had those perfect high cheekbones, an angular face, straight nose, creamy complexion with a light tan, and lips that simply begged to be kissed. He wore his short hair in the fashion of so many others, combed forward and laying flat on his head then turned up at the forehead. But, when Robbie had turned to acknowledge another friend, looking in the same direction as which Billy stood gaping, Billy had seen Robbie’s most amazing feature - his crystal blue eyes that seemed like beacons shining from his tanned face, accented by the thin black eyebrows and straight, gleaming white of his teeth, as he flashed a smile.

After watching for Robbie each time he moved from class to class, at lunch hour each day, and both before and after school, just hoping to satisfy his yearning for another look at this adonis that had instantly captured his heart and his fantasies, he had settled into a daily routine of standing at the east entrance to the quad, that area at the center of the school where students congregated briefly between classes, at lunch time, and before and after school, and he watched the hallway that he knew Robbie would emerge from, laughing with his friends, stopping to slap hands and trade a few comments before moving on to his next class. It became Billy’s normal routine between almost every class, having memorized Robbie’s pattern.

Billy’s luck had changed when spring arrived last year and he had found himself sitting in the bleachers of the pool dome just as swim practice was about to start. He didn’t recall coming there nor remember how he had gotten there. Such memory lapses seemed to be occurring from time to time lately and he always felt a slight sense of panic.

As a spur of the moment decision, Billy had decided to take a look at the practice, confident he would not seem out of place since many other students were also there to watch, and perhaps he might be able to enjoy seeing some attractive guys in their tiny little swimsuits. He had been watching for about fifteen minutes when he thought he recognized one of the boys in the water. As he looked closer, he realized it was Robbie Bailey and he was immediately transfixed, watching with a deer-in-the-headlights type of gaze, not wanting to lose track of him in the pack of swimmers.

Billy noted that swimmers were coming and going from the double doors at the southwest corner of the pool, doors that apparently led to the locker rooms. Those doors were at the opposite end of the pool from where Billy sat and he tried to be inconspicuous as he got up and slowly moved around the pool to the bleachers at the opposite end. He took a bench right on the floor level, as close to the doors as he dared, and sat watching the team practice.

The practice went on for over an hour and Billy was becoming anxious, knowing that his mother would be wondering where he was, and thinking he would soon have to leave. But in all this time, Robbie had yet to emerge from the water and Billy had only seen a flash of his chest once when he had bobbed up in the water near to the edge of the pool.

Just as Billy was about to give up and leave, one of the assistant coaches had blown the whistle and the boys had begun to emerge from the pool. As they congregated in the water, moving toward the chromed ladders, Billy temporarily lost Robbie in the pack. As his eyes scanned frantically the faces of the boys in the water, a pair of crystal blue eyes appeared directly in front of him as Robbie pulled himself up and out of the water.

The scene almost seemed to go in slow motion. Billy sighed with enormous contentment at seeing the face of the boy who occupied his every waking thought and every dream. As Robbie rose from the water, his chest glistening, Billy observed his strong shoulders and arms, the definition of muscle running from his armpits and across his chest, making his squared pectorals stand out just enough to be obvious without appearing to be too muscular. His nipples were small dots on his chest, a slightly darker hue than the tan on the rest of his body, and stood out hard and pointed as the cool air swept over them.

Rising further, Billy drank in the sight of the flat belly, hard, lightly rippled, completely smooth without the faintest hint of a treasure trail beneath his navel. His hips were small, his legs slender yet muscled. Then, Billy’s eyes fell on the well-packed mound that changed shape as Robbie lifted one leg out of the water to the pool deck and then the other. Billy memorized everything. The soft penis outlined in the thin fabric of the swimsuit, laying toward Robbie’s right hip, two testes, also clearly outlined, at the lowest point of the swimsuit between Robbie’s legs. Robbie stood still as though graciously granting Billy extra time to stare at his body, then slowly raised his arms overhead to stretch out his muscles.

Billy’s eyes darted upward, briefly, taking in the thin, two inch line of hair, that adorned Robbie’s armpits. Another question resolved, another fantasy stirred. But his eyes quickly returned to Robbie’s crotch just as Robbie adjusted himself and the outline of his penis and testes became less noticeable. As Robbie moved toward the exit doors, Billy’s gaze fell on the undulating globes of Robbie’s ass, the swimsuit plastered against his body like a second skin, the material trapped in the crevice between the two halves of his ass. It was almost like seeing him naked. It was the most perfect ass Billy could imagine. Not having seen anyone other than himself naked, he couldn’t compare Robbie’s ass with anyone else but in Billy’s mind it was absolutely perfect. The cheeks were high on his hips, perfectly rounded as if a volleyball and been sliced in half and each half mounted side by side on his body. They were firm, barely changing shape as Robbie walked. Indeed, they were the definition of perfection.

As soon as Robbie had passed through the doors, Billy was on his feet, moving toward the opposite exit that would lead to the front of the school and the path home. Then, another memory lapse and he hadn’t been able to recall anything until finding himself watching the swim practice again the following day.

A loud moan brought Billy out of his reverie and back to the present. It had been Robbie who had moaned and Billy immediately saw why. The other boy, a boy Billy only knew as Christopher and who was just a freshman this year but was on one of the swim teams, had started licking Robbie’s chest and was arousing Robbie by dragging his tongue across the hard little nipples. At the same time, Christopher was caressing Robbie’s chest, sides and stomach with his palms and fingers and tickling his navel playfully. It was obvious that Christopher, though younger, had a great deal more experience with sex than sixteen year old Robbie.

Billy felt his own member stiffen as he watched Christopher’s fingers pull on Robbie’s belt, unsnap the loose denims front and reveal the snowy white briefs beneath. From his vantage point, Billy could see the evidence of Robbie’s erection outlined in the bikini style briefs, the head straining against the waistband. He almost gasped audibly as Christopher’s thumb and forefinger squeezed at the shaft of Robbie’s erection through the white cotton briefs and then pulled the waistband out allowing the plump, arrow tipped head of Robbie’s erection to pop free of the confining material. Christopher pushed his hand inside the briefs and enclosed the strong, pulsing erection in his grasp and began to slowly stroke. Without realizing it, Billy had been kneading his own crotch, stroking his own erection through his corduroy pants, as he watched.

Just when Billy didn’t think he could be aroused any more than he was at this moment, Christopher rose to his feet and pulled Robbie up. In one swift movement, he yanked Robbie’s denims and briefs to his ankles and stood staring for several moments at what was presented to his gaze.

Robbie stood sideways to Billy but at a quarter turn toward him offering Billy an enormously attractive angle of view. Billy’s eyes drank in the sight of the small, shiny, coal-black tangle of hairs that embellished the base of Robbie’s erect member. The small bush grew above and out to the side of the erection, not reaching his legs or encircling the erection. Robbie’s testes were full, plump and hanging low, completely smooth, the leftt orb hanging just a little lower than the right. But it was Robbie’s erection that got the most attention. It was not what Billy had expected. Billy had been expecting that Robbie would be average, or a little more, in the dick department so he was unprepared for what he saw. Robbie’s erection jutted forth completely straight, without any curve or twist, from pubic hair to the tip of the purplish overheated glans, what must have been a little over eight inches. While it appeared slender, as was the rest of Robbie, Billy knew that the appearance was deceiving because of the length of that magnificent organ, and was probably the same thickness as the average sixteen year old. Billy could only imagine the length and thickness that member would achieve by the time Robbie stopped growing.

Apparently, Christopher was equally in awe, equally unprepared for what had been presented to him. As he stared at Robbie’s erection, Christopher was furiously tearing off his own clothes until he stood naked and hard before Robbie. Then, without pause, he dropped quickly to his knees in front of Robbie and engulfed the massive member in his mouth, acting as though he had discovered the most delicious all-day sucker on the planet. His head bobbed furiously as Christopher repeatedly impaled his face upon Robbie’s erection, stopping occasionally to suck on Robbie’s testes and to lick seductively at the engorged head as he looked up at the expression on Robbie’s face.

Before long, Christopher’s experienced ministrations produced the desired effect and Robbie was rocking back and forth on his feet, his hands grasping at Christopher’s head to steady himself, his face contorted in alternating expressions of pleasure and pain, finally dissolving into an expression of immense relief as he achieved release.

Billy watched in awe as Robbie obviously fired his first volley into Christopher’s mouth, causing Christopher to gag slightly. The second hit Christopher on the cheek as he pulled back from the oversized maleness as it was firing in staccato bursts. The third volley, shot over Christopher’s shoulder, hitting the dirt wall four or five feet behind him. The remaining shots began to lessen in strength, landing in the sand, on Christopher’s shoulder and running down his back, hitting his chest.

Robbie was just coming down from his immense high as Billy turned his gaze to Christopher. Previously unnoticed, Christopher had been masturbating himself as he sucked on Robbie and was achieving the throes of his own release. Billy had paid little attention to Christopher but was now surprised at how attractive and sexy he found this younger boy to be. His body was lean and taut, like Robbie’s, his face cute - almost pretty - and his erection strong. Just as Billy stared at the five and one half inches of freshman erection, Christopher achieved release and fired several strong shots into the sand between Robbie’s feet, barely missing the denims and briefs that were there on Robbie’s ankles.

Both boys fell back in exhaustion, too tired to bother putting anything on for the moment. They lay back in the sand and Billy enjoyed watching their bodies as their erections subsided and returned to their flaccid state. After several long minutes, both boys decided they needed to clean up and Robbie pulled his shoes from his feet and the garments from around his ankles and the two boys ran naked toward the water to freshen their bodies and clean away the traces of sex.

The light was getting dim and as the two boys frolicked in the salty waters of the Pacific, laughing loudly, Billy snuck from the deep recesses of the cove. The smell of sex was strong nearer the mouth of the cove and Billy was struck with an overwhelming desire to have something to remember this occasion. He quickly grabbed Robbie’s briefs, pressing them to his face and breathing deeply, savoring the aroma, then stuffing the briefs in his right pocket. Looking to his left, he saw Christopher’s briefs where they had been so quickly discarded, reached over and retrieved them, again pressing them to his face and noting the difference in the smell, then stuffed them in his left pocket.

Fearing being caught in the cove by Robbie and Christopher or having to hide again in the dark at the back of the cove when they returned, Billy crept out and along the base of the cliff and silently mounted the old wooden steps to the top of the bluff, crouching low so as not to present an image against the skyline, and headed toward home. He had many fantasies to consider tonight and he was desperately in need of his own release.