Dangerous Obsession

by Richard Hunter






Chapter Eleven



He was absolutely livid! Duke couldn’t remember the last time he had been so angry. That stupid bitch had to choose that moment to come out of her shop and look across the street. Just a few more minutes and he could have finished the job. He could have finished off that second little faggot!

Boy! Wouldn’t that have been something. The town might finally wake up and see what was happening, all these poofers running around town acting like they’re Mr. Big and Mighty, like their shit doesn’t stink, just because there are so many of them. Well, Duke planned on showing them what’s what and he was determined to get that second little queer even if just to stick it to his little brother.

It was sick the way Billy was pining after that kid. Really sick! That kid needed to do some muff diving and grow some real man’s balls before the world ran right over the top of him. But, he wouldn’t. He’d just go along, trailing after that Bailey kid with his tongue hanging out, willing to quench his thirst from the sweat on the kids balls if that was all he could get.

He needed a plan. It had to be thought out carefully so there weren’t any chances of fucking it up again. Problem was, Duke knew he wasn’t the shiniest apple in the cart and planning - actually anything that required a lot of thinking - was not his strong suit. But he would have to try his hardest because it was obvious it would require thinking things out and making his move according to a plan.

A knife! He’d get a big knife. That should make his attack real quick. But where could he attack him. By now the kid was probably aware that he’d off’ed his little fag buddy and, after the attack tonight, he would be really careful about his surroundings. Wouldn’t be so easy to catch him off guard again. A knife would mean having to get close to him.

A gun! That was it. But where could he get one. His dad had a gun, he remembered seeing it when he was about nine years old. Maybe it was still around the house, up in the attic in one of those trunks or something. Yea, a gun was the ticket because he could be a ways away and still take the kid out.

Okay, it was decided. He would do it with a gun. But where? No matter where that kid went from now on he would probably be looking around or hanging around in a crowd or something. But, not if he was at home. At home he would feel safe. He would probably be alone. Duke decided he would have to scout the kid’s house out and see what the kid did after school, who was around, what the neighborhood was like.

This was a plan. This thinking thing was definitely overrated because he was definitely coming up with a great plan. In fact, he had another great idea. He could wait until it was dark and sneak up to the house and just shoot that Bailey kid through a window. There would be no warning. The punk wouldn’t have a chance. And Duke wouldn’t even have to worry about whether the kid’s parents were home or not.

This was great. All he had to do now was to find that gun or get his hands on a gun from somewhere.

Duke fell back on his bed, his mind racing, jumping from thought to thought without pause. He had to do this soon, just in case that kid had seen his face or something and was able to set the cops on him. He didn’t care about getting caught as long as he got to take a few of ‘them’ out first. Then it would all be worthwhile.

For now, a shower was in order and then some sleep. He was really exhausted from this day and he needed to be sharp tomorrow to put his plan in motion. First thing tomorrow morning he’d find that gun and the plan would be in motion.