Dangerous Obsession

by Richard Hunter






Chapter Fourteen



Walking up to the swim dome at Laguna Shores High, Sterling spotted officer Martin hanging around in front, awaiting his arrival. He led Robbie up to him and performed the introductions.

“Robbie, this is Dale Martin. He’s one of my officers and has been assigned as a bodyguard of sorts for you while we sort this trouble out. He’ll be here at school each morning when I drop you off and will stay with you until I arrive at three to take over. He’ll be staying in the background and trying to be as inconspicuous as possible but he’ll always be close by ready to handle any situation that comes up. Okay?”

Robbie nodded agreement, not really all that pleased to have a police officer constantly watching him. If he saw a cute guy and happened to look at him a little too long, the cop was sure to notice. He would have to be on guard.

Sterling said a few words privately to Martin and then the officer headed home, to prepare himself for the start of his new assignment the following morning.

Noticing the unsettled look on Robbie’s face, Sterling whispered softly to him. “Don’t worry about Martin intruding on your life. He’s very gay friendly. He has a little brother a year younger than you who is gay and Martin is completely accepting of it. That’s why I chose him for this assignment.”

Robbie grinned sheepishly. Was he really that obvious, that easy to read?

Inside the pool dome, Robbie headed into the locker room to change and Sterling strolled up alongside Coach Brown. He knew who Brown was because of the publicity that had surround his hiring, the coup of landing an Olympic medalist in swimming to head the swim program, even though he had never met him before.

“Coach?” Brown turned around in response. “We haven’t met. I’m Chief Drew Sterling of the Laguna Shores Police Department.”

“What can I do for you, Chief?” Brown extended his hand, a genuine smile on his face and Sterling immediately knew why the students thought so highly of him. He was immediately friendly and welcoming and his hand shake was firm.

“You’re going to be seeing a lot of me around here for awhile. You’re aware of what is going on with Robbie Bailey and what happened to Christopher Reynolds?”

“Yes. If you find that guy, I’d like to have just ten minutes alone with him. Chris was a great kid - so is Robbie - and I really want a piece of the bastard that did this.”

“So do we all. Anyway, Robbie will have a police officer trailing him each day so that he can continue school yet be protected. I’ll be taking over every afternoon at three and fill out the rest of Robbie’s day. I’ll be staying very close for obvious reasons. I would really appreciate your help in keeping any eye open for anything that doesn’t look right or any situation that could be potentially dangerous for Robbie, and let me know.” Sterling went on to outline the chain of events that had occurred and what was being done or planned so that the Coach would understand the seriousness of the situation more fully.

“Absolutely, Chief. Maybe...” He was interrupted by the loud banging of doors and whooping call from a group of boys entering the pool dome from the locker rooms. “Well, I guess you’ll have to excuse me. Looks like the guys are ready to start their practice.”

Sterling took a seat in the bleachers, watching as one after another of the roughly two dozen teen boys dove into the water and did a few short laps to warm up, then congregated at the edge of the pool where Brown was giving instructions.

For the next hour and a half, Brown put the boys through their paces, evaluating their strokes, building endurance, giving guidance on form. Sterling was impressed with the mastery these kids had over the water, almost like a group of dolphins. He was so caught up in his observations that he was startled when Brown blew the whistle and called an end to the practice.

The boys all climbed out of the pool and headed for the lockers, Brown following close behind. Sterling sat quietly for a few moments until the Brown came back into the pool dome and called him over.

“If you’re really going to be protecting Robbie, you’ll need to be in the locker room. There are three outdoor exits from the lockers and someone who was really motivated or crazy could conceivably get into the locker room and hurt Robbie before anyone knew what was happening. I’ll try to get the school to secure the doors a little better as soon as I can but it would still be a good idea if you’re in there.”

Sterling hadn’t been aware of those exits and kicked himself for not having checked things out better. He followed Brown through the doors and into the locker room and was immediately confronted by the almost two dozen teenaged boys running around the room in their small swimsuits, or with towels wrapped around their waists, or naked. The commotion was like an assault on his ears with raucous laughter, feigned insults and snapping towels.

Brown called for quiet and the attention of the swimmers. They all moved obediently toward him, demonstrating the remarkable control he had over the team. He waited until all of the boys were close in.

“Boys, this is Chief Sterling of the Police Department. For those of you who are not aware, one of your teammates had an attempt made on his life two nights ago. Someone took a shot at him through the window of his house and actually wounded his mother. That teammate is Robbie Bailey. This is actually the second attempt made to do serious harm to Robbie as you all know he was attacked a short time ago and banged up pretty badly. What is more frightening, however, is that the police suspect that the person carrying out these attacks on Robbie is the same person who murdered your other teammate, Chris Reynolds.”

Brown paused to allow that to sink in. The boys were all wide-eyed, some looking over at Robbie in surprise and shock, others that were likely close friends moving in closer to him as though rallying around him to protect him.

“The Chief will be acting as a sort of bodyguard to Robbie each afternoon so you need to know who he is and why he is here. I want to ask each of you to help the Chief, and to help me, assure that Robbie is well protected by immediately reporting anything that seems suspicious or out of the ordinary. We don’t want any more tragedies on this team or at this school.”

The assembled boys all gave their best macho responses, claiming nothing would happen to Robbie as long as they were around and clapping Robbie on the back as they returned to their lockers and to the showers.

Sterling nodded his thanks to Brown and then turned to look around the room, locating the three exits that the Coach had mentioned and sizing up the room and any security precautions he may need to make. His attention was suddenly drawn to one boy’s shout across the room and he looked in that direction, mentally preparing himself for what it might portend.

A small blonde boy, probably a freshman, had been snapped on his naked ass with a towel by one of the other boys and was chasing the other boy around the room trying to get him back. Sterling smiled at the apparent camaraderie that they boys had and looked from boy to boy, remembering how much he had enjoyed his own team sports relationships in high school. He had made some life long friends and still kept in touch on a frequent basis with many of them.

What Sterling had not planned on was that the majority of these boys, ranging in ages from fourteen to eighteen, were extremely good looking and, as an outcome of their swimming had amazingly well defined bodies. It was hard not to look them over, given how attractive they were, as they moved about the room in the buff. There was the really cute Mexican boy with the straight, porcupine looking pubic bush that could easily have been a model; the little blonde that had been towel-snapped that had an adorable face and almost no pubic hair at all; the chocolate skinned boy with the big toothy grin and round butt that lived up to the stereotype that black men were enormously endowed; and....Robbie.

This was definitely something Sterling had not counted on or prepared for. Robbie had just emerged from the showers and was standing in the tiled area where the boys dried off, rubbing the towel briskly through his hair. Sterling’s eyes swept over Robbie’s frame from neck to toe admiring the physical beauty and perfection, a view Sterling had never had before. The closest he had come was seeing Robbie in his briefs at the hospital, but now....he stood there completely exposed and unaware of what his naked body was doing to Sterling. And, Sterling couldn’t take his eyes of Robbie no matter how hard he tried. He was practically trance like.

Robbie finally finished drying his hair and started to towel the water off his arms and chest, turning and drying his rear end - which threatened to send Sterling back into another trance - and then dried his privates, causing his soft dick and pendulous balls to bounce enticingly. When Robbie flipped the towel behind him and arched his back, dragging the towel from side to side, Robbie’s dick waved from side to side and blood rushed to Sterling’s head making him feel slightly lightheaded.

“I can’t feel this way,” Sterling muttered to himself. Robbie was like his son, he loved the boy in a paternal way, would do anything for him, yet he couldn’t shake the desire that was attacking his senses as he looked at Robbie. How could he desire a sixteen year old boy, anyway? How could he desire Robbie sexually when he had such strong emotional ties to him and feelings for him derived from their father and son type of relationship going back to when Robbie was eleven or twelve. How could these two opposites converge and why now?

Robbie had walked up to Sterling, his towel wrapped around his waist, his face questioning. “Is everything alright, Drew. You looked like you had a stomach ache or something.”

Startled, Sterling looked at Robbie’s sweet face, the expression of genuine concern, the piercing blue eyes that seemed to look right into his mind. “No, I’m alright. Just deep in thought, I guess. Lots on my mind.”

“Really? Sure it’s your mind?” Robbie glanced down obviously at Sterling’s crotch, drawing Sterling’s gaze in that direction. A fairly obvious bulge had formed there which was noticeable to anyone who might take the time to look directly at it. Sterling blushed, panicked at the thought of anyone seeing this display and wondering what Robbie was thinking about it.

“Here, Drew. Hang onto this for me. Keep it in front of you until you...uh...calm down.” Robbie handed Sterling the towel from around his waist and headed toward his locker. The sight of the perfect little bubble butt walking away from him did nothing to quell the fire that was burning in Sterling’s mid-section but fearful of being discovered for his lustful thoughts, Sterling succeeded in focusing his eyes on anything other than the boys while his tumescent cock slowly subsided.

In spite of his embarrassing predicament, Sterling reconciled his feelings, telling himself it was only natural to be attracted to beauty and there was nothing wrong with that. At least, nothing wrong so long as he did not act on those feelings. Looking at a beautiful naked boy was something to treasure so long as he did not make himself so obvious as to make the boys uncomfortable or aware of his lustful thoughts. That settled, Sterling looked forward to the opportunity to see all of these beautiful boys each afternoon and wondered why he hadn’t discovered the joys of the high school swim team a lot earlier.