Dangerous Obsession

by Richard Hunter






Chapter Fifteen



The boy’s name was Jesse. Jesse McAdams and Billy decided he was more beautiful than even Robbie Bailey. His deep tan, his sunbleached sandy blonde hair and his tall lanky frame all combined to make him look incredible. He was seventeen but looked as though he could have been a year or two older, and he seemed to be a pleasant albeit shy guy.

Jesse was a surfer and carried himself with that relaxed ease that comes from those who are at peace with themselves, who love the outdoors and nature in general without feeling they have something to prove or the need to convince anyone else of their position.

Having just transferred in a week earlier from a school down in San Diego, Jesse had created a stir among the girls and had attained instant popularity. The sophomore dance was coming up, as was the Junior/Senior Prom, and girls from all three classes had immediately descended on him with invitations. He had politely declined all such overtures, explaining that he didn’t dance and would rather avoid such social events until he was more settled in his new area and home.

Billy thought it seemed like a weak excuse to hide some other reason. He wondered if Jesse might be gay and just didn’t want to announce it to the world during his first week in his new school. Hope sprang in Billy’s mind that he could make a new friend.


Billy sat at the Big Burger, having lunch on a beautiful, warm Saturday afternoon. As he looked up, he saw Jesse walk past the outdoor patio, carrying a surfboard under his arm, headed down to the beach. Almost choking on his french fries, his eyes followed this new object of his affections until Jesse started down the steps to the sand. Billy hurriedly stuffed the remains of his burger in his mouth, grabbed his Root Beer and followed after Jesse.

His mind was working overtime. Jesse had been dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, carrying a bag. Maybe he planned to change into his swim trunks at the beach. Lots of surfers did that. They seemed singularly unconcerned about public nudity as if it was the most natural thing in the world. If Jesse was going to change, Billy was determined that he was going to be nearby to watch.

Hurrying down the steps, he saw Jesse putting his board down next to a large shrub about forty feet south of the steps and bending over to take something out of his bag. As Billy sat down a little way from the steps, trying to look as though he were watching some other surfers out on the waves, his eyes kept glancing to his left, darting back and forth so has not to seem like he was actually watching.

Jesse had moved around behind the shrub, which shielded him from people down on the beach but not from Billy. He had taken off his shirt, making Billy swoon, and was unbuttoning the button-fly of his denims and spreading the flaps. Jesse was wearing no underwear and Billy saw that his pubic hair was a dark blonde as he twisted himself to kick off his sandals. Billy watched, completely enthralled, as Jesse pushed the denims down his strong legs and stepped out of them. He was golden brown all over, no tan line, so it was obvious that he sunbathed in the nude and this further increased Billy’s anxiousness and desire to get to know him.

Jesse was stepping into his board shorts, his soft penis hanging over the open fly until he stuffed it inside and pulled up the zipper and snapped the waist closed. Stuffing his shirt and denims into his bag and stepping back into his sandals for the trek across the hot sand, Jesse grabbed his bag and board and headed for the water. Billy stared for a few minutes until he saw Jesse paddling out beyond the breakers and then moved down close to the water so he could watch this new boy of his dreams ride the waves.