Dangerous Obsession

by Richard Hunter






Chapter Sixteen



Sterling had come home for a late lunch, something that was becoming a habit of late as he juggled an enormous number of tasks at the office and frequently forgot to eat when he should. It seemed to work well, though, since by the time he finished it was usually about the time for him to head over to the school and relieve Dale Martin from watching over Robbie.

Tyler had a bowl of soup and a sandwich prepared for Sterling and had popped the soup into the microwave to reheat as soon as he heard the chimes indicating the front gates had opened. Everything was on the table waiting as Sterling entered the house, the steam rising off the soup.

“You know, Tyler, you’re really spoiling me.”

“Well don’t get too used to it because I got a job today and start next week. But, I’ll make something for you the night before and I’ll still be here to make sure you get a good dinner. You’re starting to look a little run down.”

“You’re amazing, you know that?” He kissed Tyler affectionately on the mouth and held him for several long moments in a tight embrace. “You’re so completely different from what I initially expected from seeing you at the restaurant.”

“Thank goodness you gave me a chance to correct your misconceptions.”

Sterling sat down and wolfed down the sandwich and gingerly spooned the hot soup into his mouth. When he had finished, he started to take the dishes to the sink but Tyler stopped him.

“You look totally exhausted. Go sit down and I’ll put the dishes in the machine. It’s about full anyway.”

Sterling walked over to the large sofa and collapsed into the soft leather. He heard Tyler rinse and put the dishes in the dishwasher and then heard the sound of the machine starting its cycle. Tyler appeared beside him and sat down close, their bodies touching from shoulder to knee.

“I’m glad you have a little time because I think it’s important that we talk, Drew.”

Sterling’s senses were alerted. He wondered if Tyler was about to announce his plans to move out now that he had a job. He tried breathing slowly wondering how he would feel if Tyler did actually move out. “Sure. What’s on your mind, Ty?”

“There are some things you need to be aware of. Things about which I don’t think you have a clue.”

“I’m all ears.”

“Robbie has a major crush on you. Did you know that?”

“You’re kidding. You sure? I mean...I was under the impression that he had a crush on you, or at least had the hots for you.”

“You’re so old fashioned, Drew. Just because he watches me like a hawk when I’m running around naked doesn’t mean a thing. You look at a picture of a naked man in a magazine in order to arouse you so you can jerk off. Does that mean you love him? He sees me as just an object to look at. I’m flattered that he thinks I’m good looking enough to arouse him for a jerk session but that’s all it is. It’s you he’s in love with and I gather he’s felt this way for quite sometime - probably since he first discovered masturbation and his interest in guys.”

“How do you know this - and why am I the last to find out?”

“Well, you’re oblivious mostly because you’ve got so many other more important issues and problems on your mind. I’ve been free to observe the signs.”


“Well, let’s see. The other night when you were out until after midnight, I saw him sneak into your room and climb naked into your bed. And, by the way, have you ever seen him naked? He’s one gorgeous kid and probably has a whole entourage of prospective lovers just begging for a chance at him. And he’s hung like a prize bull.”

“You saw him naked?”

“He was hard as a rock and walked right past my room and into yours. I couldn’t help but seem him. I think he may have wanted me to see him to test me or something and see if I would make a move.”

“And did you?” Sterling held his breath.

“Of course not, dummy.” Tyler punched Sterling in the arm. “He’s too young for one thing and I’m not looking for a trick. I want love and a relationship and all the wonderful things that go with that.”

“I’ve seen him naked in the school locker room each afternoon when I go to the school, along with about ten other really cute boys, but I’ve never seen him hard. But, surely there could be another explanation for his action.”

“Uh huh. And I’ve got some prime beachfront property in the Florida Everglades that I’ll sell you cheap. But I also came home unexpectedly last Saturday. And because I came in through the walk-in gate rather than the driveway, there was no chime to warn him. The place seemed empty so I didn’t call out or anything. But I walked down the hall and there he was lying on his bed, jerking off with his right hand while sniffing your used boxer shorts.”

“What did he say?”

“He doesn’t know. The shorts were over his face so he didn’t see me and I snuck back outside and opened the driveway gates and then came back in. The chimes got him up and going and he had pulled on some shorts when I came in again. He rushed past me out to the pool but he was still hard in those shorts. He’s got it bad for you.”

“This isn’t good. He should be wanting guys his own age, not guys twice his age. You would be a much better choice for him than me.”

“Well that’s the second thing we need to talk about.”

“What? It’s not bad is it?”

“I guess that would depend on how you look at it.” Tyler paused, visibly nervous about the topic. “Drew, if you haven’t guessed by now, I’m totally in love with you. I was really attracted to you the first time I saw you at Mark’s so it was easy to do my job and flirt with you. But I figured there was nothing possible because I was certain you were already in a relationship or just not interested. But then you gave me those tips and you made those comments at the beach and I knew you were a lot more special than most guys. And when I moved in here, I found out how special and generous you really are. I can’t help it. I’m totally gone over you. I just had to tell you this before I explode and I’m hoping you might have some feelings in return.”

Sterling sat up straight. He had very strong feelings for Tyler but had been afraid to voice them or to assume anything. His insides were screaming with joy and, controlled as he was, he was having trouble keeping himself from jumping up and down.

“Well, what do you think?” Tyler appeared very nervous and self conscious. He seemed to expect rejection and it made Sterling’s heart cry for him.

“Let me put it this way, Ty.” He paused for a good half a minute while the nervous tension in the room became increasingly palpable. Then, putting his hand behind Tyler’s head, he pulled Tyler’s face toward him and pressed their lips together, hard. Their mouths opened and their tongues did a little sword fight for a few moments until finding their place to explore one another’s mouths.

Sterling ran his hand under Tyler’s shirt. It was the first time he had touched Tyler’s body, that beautiful body that he had been lusting after for so many months, and it was as though electricity was shooting through him from the contact. He felt the six pack, the ridges of Tyler’s pectoral muscles, the hard nipples. His hand explored Tyler’s sides, the small tufts of hair under his arms, and the infinitely smooth texture of his skin.

His breathing was ragged, as was Tyler’s, and Sterling moved his hand slowly down over Tyler’s stomach, taking such pleasure from simply touching him, feeling the warmth emanating from his skin. He moved his hand down over the front of Tyler’s slacks, feeling the hard tube that was reaching down his pants leg, and he traced the shape with his fingers, feeling the ridge of the bulbous head, swollen, throbbing and jumping with excitement from the touch.

As out of control as he felt, Sterling moved quickly to Tyler’s waist and opened the fly of his slacks, reaching inside his boxers and attempting to extract the magnificent organ that he had seen several times expanded to its capacity. Tyler raised his hips so that Sterling could push his slacks down and free the throbbing organ and then settled back on the sofa as Sterling slowly stroked the tall pole. Unable to hold back any longer, unable to deny himself what he had dreamed about so frequently, Sterling bent over and took Tyler’s cock in his mouth and surrendered himself to this wonderful moment.

It took only seconds for Tyler to become frantic and, not wanting what he had craved for so long to end so quickly, he pulled Sterling off his member and quickly stood, shedding the remainder of his clothing. Then, pulling Sterling to his feet, he quickly undressed this man he was so totally smitten with.

This was the first time Tyler had seen Drew naked. Drew had always worn swimming trunks at the pool or beach, closed his bedroom door when he was dressing or undressing, and never provided any opportunity for anyone to see him in the nude. Tyler felt like he was drunk with happiness and finally being able to see all of Drew. His well muscled arms and chest, tight waist and strong legs were beautiful, but he had seen them before. What he had not seen was Drew’s exquisite cock, his large egg-sized balls and the neatly trimmed pelt of soft pubic hair that acted like a crown resting atop the pulsing manhood.

Tyler quickly took the pulsing tool in his mouth, laving it with his tongue like a lollipop, tickling the head with the tip of his tongue while slowly stroking the large organ with his hand. When he stopped, Drew looked at him questioningly.

“Let’s go to the bedroom, okay. I don’t want this to seem like it’s just sex. I want this to be love. And the bedroom, in a bed, is the most appropriate place for making love our first time so that we don’t cheapen it.”

“I never would have believed it, Ty. You’re a true romantic.”

“And don’t you forget it. I expect flowers once in awhile.”

The two men, finally opening their hearts to each other and allowing themselves the opportunity to seek the kind of genuine and all-consuming happiness that can only be achieved through true love and commitment, headed for Drew’s bedroom laughing like schoolboys, their hands continuing to roam over one another, and coming together for a passionate kiss with each step down the long hall.