Dangerous Obsession

by Richard Hunter






Chapter Seventeen



Robbie climbed out of the pool behind the new guy, admiring his firm rear end encased in the tight Speedo swimwear, wondering why he was so aloof. Several times Robbie had made a point of talking to him and had even tried to give some subtle little signs that he found him attractive. But the guy was nothing more than polite while remaining cool and distant. The only consolation was that he seemed to be that way with everyone, including the jocks, so Robbie felt reasonably certain that it wasn’t just him or that it wasn’t because he had picked up on the signs and was homophobic or something.

Even though the school year was nearing an end and the new guy had just transferred in from San Diego recently, Coach Brown had allowed him to join the swim team for the remainder of the year. His name was Jesse McAdams and he seemed to be a really good swimmer. Rumor was that he was also a very good surfer. But, being a senior he wouldn’t be back next year so allowing him to join the team was obviously just Coach’s way of allowing him to participate in a sport that he enjoyed.

Looking to his left as he walked past the bleachers, he saw Drew sitting, watching him, and a shiver ran up and down his spine. For some reason, he felt that Drew was looking at him differently today than before. In fact, he thought he caught a flash of Drew’s eyes looking toward his crotch and, momentarily panicking, thinking that maybe watching Jesse had gotten him aroused or something, he surreptitiously looked down to find that everything seemed reasonably normal. But, what if Drew was looking. Did that mean...?

Glancing back over his shoulder as he went through the doors into the locker room, Robbie saw Drew get up from the bleachers and follow. He felt very protected what with Officer Martin no more than fifteen feet away from him all day long and then Drew dropping him off at school, picking him up, and sitting through every practice and meet since the protection had begun. He especially liked having Drew around but it was also a little frustrating. He wanted Drew. He had wanted Drew since he was thirteen. But he couldn’t have Drew. There was something going on between Drew and Tyler. They seemed more than just good friends yet less than lovers. Other than a friendly kiss or a hug, they didn’t seem to be doing anything. But there always seemed to be an awful lot of sexual tension between them whenever they were together, especially out around the pool where Tyler never wore any trunks.

The closeness of the security was also making it very difficult for Robbie to try and scope out anyone that might be like him and might be interested. Not having gotten together with anyone since that time with Christopher, and wanting to do something with a guy even more than before after having discovered the joy of it, he felt horny and nervous all the time and had gotten in the habit of jerking off two or three times a night in order to sate his lust and make it possible to go to sleep.

There was always Tyler. As much as he wanted to resent him for being close to Drew, it was impossible. Tyler was so genuinely likeable, and so extremely hot, that Robbie just couldn’t help but like him. But, more than that, he loved watching Tyler run around stark naked because he had such a fantastic body. The fact that Tyler was very attentive and treated him like his little brother, made the desires seem a little strange and perverse at first, but Robbie got past it pretty quickly and just enjoyed the sight whenever possible. He had even made it a point to stay home all last weekend hoping that Tyler would take advantage of the warm day to use the pool.

He had tried to give Tyler a chance, to see if he was at all interested in messing around, but nothing had come of it. It had taken him almost an hour to work up the nerve before being able to test the waters, so to speak. He had stroked himself until he was hard as granite and then walked right past Drew’s bedroom door, out to the all purpose room. After waiting for a few minutes to see if Tyler would come out, maybe pretending to go to the kitchen for a glass of water or something, Robbie had gone back down the hall to Drew’s room and climbed into his bed. The smell of Drew surrounded him and he became so horny he had just had to jerk off. He was just glad that he had managed to not mess up Drew’s sheets when he came. But, that little experience proved Tyler was not interested because he knew for a fact Tyler was awake and had seen him, and he had even turned on the light in the hallway to make sure he had a good view.

Right now, however, Robbie was more focused on the new guy. By pure luck, Jesse had been assigned to a locker just one over from him and that meant he would have another opportunity to talk to him or something, not to mention seeing him when he changed and showered.

Sitting down on the bench, Robbie watched as Jesse slid his Speedo’s down over his hips and down his long legs. He was instantly surprised by the lack of a tan line and aroused by how strong, firm and dimpled his ass cheeks were, and smooth to a fault. Although the crevice between those cheeks was of a slightly darker color than the rest of his golden brown body, there was no evidence of any hair - not even peach fuzz - sprouting in that deep crease. Robbie wondered silently if Jesse shaved his butt in order to eliminate hair. A lot of competitive swimmers shaved their entire bodies, some even shaved their heads, theorizing that the hair increased drag in the water as they swam. Robbie had no idea if that was really true but he found the thought sexy.

Jesse threw his wet Speedo’s in the bottom of his locker and turned toward the shower, facing Robbie and having to walk right past him. Robbie kept his head down slightly to conceal the fact that his eyes were literally glued to the vertex of Jesse’s two long, strong legs and the very low hanging orbs and soft, average sized penis that hung there and swayed with each step. How he longed to just reach out and gently grab what was before his eyes. Instead, he just spoke quickly, almost choking from the way his throat was nervously closing up.

“You’re a great swimmer. For a new guy, you swam circles around the rest of us today.”

Jesse glanced down at Robbie and offered a bland, appreciative smile. “Thanks. You’re pretty good yourself.”

It wasn’t much but Robbie was especially excited by the fact that Jessie had clearly been watching him today. How else could Jesse think he was a good swimmer.

As Robbie dropped his own swim suit to his ankles and stepped out of them, he looked to his left and noticed that Drew was watching him. He had that shiver run up his spine again and turned to face Drew brazenly. If Drew was getting interested in his body, he certainly wasn’t going to try hiding it from him. On the contrary, he’d give Drew as long a look as he wanted and maybe that would motivate him to make a move. If only wishes came true.

Finally, after standing facing Drew for as long as he could without making his intentions too obvious, Robbie turned around and headed toward the showers. This was actually his favorite time of the day, when all the guys soaped up their bodies, everyone naked, the water glistening on their skin. It was the best time to get a good look at the guys he found really attractive because everyone was horsing around and cracking jokes which made it very natural to look at someone.

Jesse was in a far corner, seemingly isolated from the other guys, so Robbie walked over and took the showerhead next to Jesse. He kept his eyes averted for the first couple of minutes so as not to make it obvious to Jesse that he had chosen this showerhead in order to be near him. Before long, however, the need to look became overwhelming and he quickly turned toward Jesse. The big surprise was that he caught Jesse unprepared. Caught him looking. It was so apparent that Jesse was checking him out. What a fantastic turn of events!

Robbie decided that if Jesse was going to check him out, why should he be worried about Jesse seeing him return the favor. He all but glared at Jesse’s private parts as his shower neighbor carefully soaped and cleansed his soft manhood and the low hanging family jewels. It seemed that Jesse was taking extra care, going very slow, in cleaning himself, and making no attempt to conceal his movements by turning his back to Robbie. Robbie decided to do likewise.

After a few minutes of the two boys virtually facing each other and soaping and stroking their privates, it became obvious to each that they were both beginning to show signs of growing wood. Jesse was first to quickly turn away and rinse off and then rush out of the showers. Robbie rinsed off as well, but lingered under the hot spray for a few more moments in order to give his cock time to lose that slight fullness that had begun. He had been teased by his teammates before for getting aroused in the showers and preferred to avoid a second incident.

By the time Robbie returned to his locker, Jesse had pulled on his briefs but Robbie noted, with some satisfaction, that he was at least approaching half-hard within his tight red Calvins. Robbie was in no rush to cover up, displaying his body openly to see if he could get a further reaction from Jesse that would signal a change in the chilly attitude he got from him. He surprised even himself at going from being so shy and afraid of being outed, to being a tease, but he was horny, dammit! He needed to find someone to share himself with, and soon.


Sterling stood quietly, motionless, against a wall near the coach’s office, a place that gave him an unfettered view of the entire locker room and, especially, Robbie. As much as he tried to be discreet about looking the boy over, he knew he had been unsuccessful when Robbie shed his swim trunks and turned to face him, standing there, posing, for almost three minutes while pretending to read something on the label of his Speedo’s. But, curiosity had overtaken him.

Tyler’s words hung in his mind. ‘He’s hung like a prize bull.’ Sterling didn’t usually care about size or put much importance on it, but Tyler had certainly aroused his curiosity and he wanted to see for himself. Since he had started this protection routine, he had looked at Robbie, along with the other boys in the locker room but he hadn’t really been focusing on it that much. It had been more of a passing look for lack of somewhere else to direct his eyes. But now, he was memorizing and calculating inches and, from the looks of it, Robbie was certainly bigger than average for a sixteen year old.

Sterling noted that Robbie was showing a definite interest in the new kid, Jesse McAdams. He could certainly understand that interest because Jesse was an exceptionally attractive your man. But he hoped nothing further developed that would get Robbie too interested. Looking was fine, more than that was not.

When Jesse returned from the showers, it was obvious that he was fighting the signs of arousal. When Robbie also returned a few minutes later and did his posing routine for Jesse, Sterling worried that something had happened in the showers that had planted the seed of interest for both of them. He wondered if he should take steps to stop this growing attraction in its tracks before it progressed and got out of control.

The drive home was quiet and uneventful. As Sterling pulled up to the iron gated entrance to his property and depressed the button to open the gates, Robbie looked over at him. He had been thinking all the way home about how horny he was and suddenly decided that he had to ask Drew the question that kept coming back to him.

“Is Tyler your boyfriend?”

Although startled by the suddenness of the question, coming completely from left field, Sterling tried to clear the rather large bullfrog in his throat and answer. He felt this was an opportune time to let Robbie know what had finally happened and, if as Tyler suspected, Robbie had a crush on him, it might help to cool things off. In spite of society’s moral doctrine about men and boys or what the law that he was sworn to uphold dictated on the subject, Sterling knew that men stronger than him had succumbed to the temptations of a lithe, cute, attractive teenager. It was nature. And, Sterling was thankful that he now had Tyler to help him stay on the straight and narrow path - straight being a poor choice of a phrase, of course.

“Why don’t we discuss this inside. It would be unfair of me to say anything that involves a question about Tyler without Tyler being there to defend himself.”

As they entered the house, an obviously anxious Robbie ran toward the kitchen where he knew Tyler would be preparing dinner. “C’mon in here and sit down, Tyler. Drew wants us all to talk about something.” It was a fair misrepresentation of the facts but it accomplished its objective as Tyler wiped his hands and walked into the all purpose room and plopped down onto the leather sofa next to Drew. Representing their earlier discovery, Tyler’s hand immediately rested on Sterling’s thigh and he leaned in for a kiss.

Sterling cleared his throat again. Why was this so difficult? “Uh...Robbie asked me a question as we were pulling in that I thought should be discussed by all of us.”

“What did he ask?”

Robbie jumped in quickly, anxious to keep this moving. “Are you Drew’s boyfriend?”

Tyler’s face reflected the same surprise that Sterling’s had moments earlier. “Well...” he looked at Sterling, “...I would say, yes?” The up-tilt in his tone of voice was an obvious signal to Sterling that he was seeking confirmation of his answer.

“The answer to that is...yes!” Sterling was more emphatic. “We’ve only really been roommates, kind of feeling our way through a growing attraction for each other but we have found that we care a lot for one another - and I mean a lot! So, yes, Tyler is my boyfriend and hopefully one day he’ll accept my offer and we can formalize it with a ceremony.”

Tyler spun his head toward Sterling, the ecstasy reflected in his smile clearly giving his answer, and he practically jumped into Drew’s lap, throwing his arms around Sterling’s neck and pressed their faces together.

Robbie looked at the two of them, watching them practically making out in front of him, killing off his dreams for a relationship with either one of them while renewing his hope, his need, for a relationship like theirs sometime soon. He got to his feet, still watching them. “Get a room!” he said drily as he walked past them.

Drew and Tyler broke apart, looking at Robbie in surprise and matching his grin with their own, the three of them breaking out in laughter.

Recognizing the seriousness of their relationship didn’t deter Robbie from looking and lusting later, however, when the three of them went out to swim. This time, however, Sterling shed all his clothes, no longer feeling he had to remain modest in front of Tyler and not worried about Robbie now that he knew, without doubt, the status of things. For his part, Robbie decided to go naked as well, not wanting to be the odd man out. Within ten minutes, their usual horseplay, accompanied by their nudity, had all three sporting erections and Drew was finally able to view the prodigious organ that Tyler had told him about as it bobbed and swayed with Robbie’s every move. Robbie, meanwhile, was busy looking and fantasizing as he looked Drew’s naked body over for the first time.

That night, when they went to bed, Tyler was welcomed into Drew’s bed and into Drew’s arms for the first time as his official companion. They had, earlier that day, welcomed each other into their respective hearts.