Dangerous Obsession

by Richard Hunter






Chapter Eighteen



Duke had been scoping out Robbie’s routine for a week now, writing down times and places to get an idea of those times when Robbie would be home alone. It appeared that some other guy a couple of years older than Robbie was living at the house also, and was usually there when Robbie was otherwise alone. But that had suddenly changed yesterday.

As Duke watched, the older boy had gotten on a motorbike, and had taken off. Duke followed and discovered that the older boy apparently now had a job in the evenings. That meant that if that cop had to leave the house, Robbie would be there alone. The only thing to worry about now was what appeared to be some kind of laser security system that detected someone climbing over the walls. That would take some planning.

But Robbie was no longer Duke’s only target. His little brother, Billy, was now fascinated by some new kid named Jesse and was doing his tongue-hanging-out routine. Duke had decided that he should probably eliminate Jesse, as well. If he kept getting rid of Billy’s objects of lust, maybe Billy would get a clue and start chasing girls for a change.

He continued to watch, make notes, and plan his actions. He dutifully recorded in his notebook: Cop and RB arrive home 6:30pm. A short time later, he made another entry. Older boy left for work 7:15 pm. Everything was now ready for his plan to go into effect.

Using the cell phone he had stolen this afternoon from a person at the Big Burger who left it unattended for a few minutes, he placed a call.

Nine Eleven Emergency Services. What is your emergency?”

“There’s a dead body of a boy down here on the beach. He looks to be about thirteen or fourteen years old. He’s really messed up bad.”

What is your exact location, sir.

“About halfway along the beach between Seventeenth and Eighteenth streets. Under the big shrubs.”

Please stay right where you are, sir. An officer will be there very soon. If anyone else comes around, please keep them away from the body so as not to affect the surrounding area and any evidence that may have been left.

It was only a minute later when the big iron gates opened and Sterling’s vehicle emerged slowly, then took off in a burst of speed, lightbar flashing and lighting up the neighborhood with sweeps of red and blue hues in the dimming light of the day.

Duke emerged from behind a big juniper bush and ran quickly across the street. He was risking being seen if the cop happened to look in his rear view mirror but he had to get over there before the gates had a chance to close. He managed to rush through at just the last second and stopped to look back and see if the cop was continuing to drive away or was coming back. It appeared he hadn’t been seen.

Walking slowly up the long driveway, he got as close to the house as he dared, staying in the evening shadows so he was not visible. The lights were on inside and before long Duke saw Robbie walking about, wearing only his briefs. Now he knew he was doing the right thing. Only a slut would walk around the house in his underwear in front of an open window.

As he moved closer to the house, Duke saw Robbie go out the rear doors, dropping his underwear as he went. He tried the front door but it was locked and the doors were extremely solid. The best choice would be to get over the internal wall at the side of the house into the rear yard and surprise that Robbie kid while he was whoring around with himself. He slipped his hand into his pocket, assuring himself that the gun was still there, and moved toward the wall.

It was too tall to get over but Duke was able to climb a nearby tree, venture out along a branch and then step down onto the top of the wall and jump quietly to the ground. He had checked to make certain their were none of those laser sensors atop the internal wall. That was a lucky break. But it had taken almost ten minutes and he knew it wouldn’t be too long before they would discover the call was a hoax and that cop would be coming back, probably figuring it was a false call as a diversion. He needed to hurry now.

Creeping around the side of the house, he could see that Robbie was floating on his back in the water, his cock bobbing in the wake of his slowly moving arms. Duke crouched low and crept slowly closer and closer. He raised the gun, pointing directly at Robbie as the boy started climbing the steps out of the water. Just as he began to squeeze the trigger, concentrating on holding the gun steady, a blur seemed to streak from the house.

“Look out Robbie!”

It was too late. He had already pulled the trigger and the gun’s report echoed off the walls of the house and the brick patio, seeming to go on forever. Even with his ears ringing and his adrenaline pumping, Duke could hear the approaching siren and knew the cop was coming home and he was in a hurry. There was no time to waste. Duke ran for the beach stairs and hurried down, hitting the release bar at the bottom to open the security gate, and escaped up the beach just as he could hear the siren arriving at the house.

Duke’s exhilaration was immense. All this planning. All this watching and following. It had all paid off. Oh, how he wished there had been time to walk right up to Robbie and see the results of his effort, to spit in the little queer’s face. But he saw the kid fall back into the pool so he knew he had hit him. He just hoped that it had been a good enough hit that he wouldn’t be able to cheat his due a second time.