Dangerous Obsession

by Richard Hunter








Chapter Two




Duke Bowman sat at the little table outside of the hamburger joint on the coast highway, sneering as he consumed the burger and fries before him. He was disgusted by what he had just witnessed and knew he would exact some form of punishment as soon as possible, when no one was around to witness it.

At twenty two years of age, having dropped out of school at a young age, he was a thoroughly footloose character having no regard for anyone or their needs and hating most people just as a matter of principle. But what he detested more than anything else was a fag. They were the most despicable creatures on the planet and deserved the same treatment that Hitler had bestowed on his enemies during that long ago war. They had no reason to live and shouldn’t be allowed to.

It irritated him that his own little brother, Billy, was a fag. Had it not been for the fact that Billy was his brother and that their mother would rip Duke a new one if he ever harmed a hair on her precious little angels head, Duke would have certainly used Billy as a punching bag by now, on many occasions.

Duke didn’t know why he hated fags. He just did. And that was enough reason for him. He remembered when he had found out that Billy was a fag. It was when Billy was twelve, just three years ago, and Duke had been rummaging through Billy’s room and come across a gay porno magazine and a gay newspaper in which fags advertised to meet each other. He had seen several ads which Billy had circled. When he confronted Billy, the kid had denied it at first and then finally, sheepishly, confessed in a burst of tears. How typical! Fags always caved in and they always cried like little girls.

Oh, how he had wanted to smack that kid around right then, and almost had. If their mom hadn’t called for them to come to dinner at just that moment, he would certainly have given Billy a few bruises to think about.

But right now he was just overwhelmed with disgust. He had hidden in that cove, unknown to his little brother, and had watched the disgusting scene that had played out before his eyes. Those two fags kissing each other and having sex. How disgusting was that. He couldn’t imagine some guy taking another guys cock in his mouth let alone letting that guy shoot his spunk in your mouth. That little blonde kid was obviously about as sick and demented as they came. And the black-haired boy was almost as bad. He could be forgiven for letting the blonde kid relieve his tension - after all he hadn’t done anything in return for the blonde kid other than kissing him a few times before it all got hot and heavy - but the blonde kid had made all the moves, had sucked the black-haired kids cock and had taken his spunk in his mouth. And then he jacked off into the sand as if it was the hottest thing that had ever happened to him. Yessiree, the blonde kid was one hundred percent fag and his day of reckoning needed to come soon.

It hurt, though, he had to admit to himself, that his own little brother had found that scene to be so exciting and arousing that he actually stole both of those fags’ underwear as he left, and even sniffed their shitty drawers. How sick! Of course, Duke had immediately looked for, found, and trashed those mementos, not wanting evidence of such perversion to be anywhere in the house.

Duke finished his burger, washing it down with the last of his Coke, and threw the wrappers and cup in the trash. He was anxious to get as far away from the beach as possible, as if the distance would help him to forget the nauseating tapestry of depravity he had witnessed.

He got into his car and drove south on the highway. Home was in the other direction but he wasn’t prepared to go home just yet. He needed time before going home and facing Billy. For now, he would just drive around for awhile with the cool wind of the evening in his face to try and cool the fires of anger that were raging within.

And then he would go home and plan his next move.