Dangerous Obsession

by Richard Hunter






Chapter Twenty



The days that followed were like a dream. Disjointed, hazy, nothing making any sense and nothing really mattering. Sterling had excused himself from work indefinitely, turning the department over to Deputy Chief Randall until further notice. Robbie remained home from school, declined to participate in the swim meets and team practices.

Many people stopped by to see Sterling and express their profound sorrow over his loss. The Mayor had been an eloquent speaker at the funeral service, extolling the virtues of Tyler and his selfless act of giving his life to save another. Schoolmates came by to see Robbie and try to give him comfort, knowing how much he held himself responsible for Tyler’s death. Nothing seemed to help, to assuage the pain that they each felt, the torment that racked their wakeful minds and their nighttime dreams.

Twice during the week, Sterling awoke suddenly, his bed wet with his perspiration, the sound of his own voice still hanging over him in the dark room, Tyler’s name still on the tip of his tongue. Robbie looked like a zombie from lack of sleep, catching a few moments here and there throughout the day and laying awake each night missing Tyler’s sense of humor, his playfulness, his words of encouragement. Like Sterling, he had so little time with Tyler yet felt he had known him so well and missed what could have been except for his murder. Robbie also feared the madman that was still on the loose, the knowledge that the unknown man was trying to kill him, not knowing why.

At the end of the week following Tyler’s death, Robbie was sitting lazily in the all purpose room, half dozing, when the doorbell rang. He moved listlessly down the tiled entry hall and pulled open the door. Standing in the frame of the doorway was Jesse. His eyebrows shot up in surprise.

“Hi, Robbie.”

“Uh...hi, Jesse.”

“Sorry I haven’t come by sooner, but....well, I know we’re not really friends - haven’t had a chance to get to know each other - but I thought since you were the only one that seemed to go out of your way to know me that I should at least stop by and see how you’re doing. The team really misses you by the way,”

“Thanks. You want to come in?”

“Sure. I figured that maybe having someone around might help. But I can leave if you don’t feel like having company.”

“No, please. Stay awhile. I would enjoy having someone to talk to. Let’s go out back by the pool.”

The two boys walked through the doors and sat down on a couple of lounge chairs at the edge of the water. Sterling was sitting quietly with a book in an upright chair under an umbrella several feet away and acknowledged their presence with a look and a sad smile. Chatting quietly for several minutes, Robbie shared his thoughts and Jesse filled Robbie in on how things were going at school, what the topics of conversation were about and how they had lost the meet two days earlier.

When conversation seemed to have run out and both boys began to be fidgety, Robbie stood up and started to take off his shirt. “C’mon. It’s warm today, let’s take a swim. I haven’t been in the pool for almost a week. It always reminds me that is where I was when Tyler was shot. Safe in the pool.”

“I don’t have my swimsuit with me.”

“S’okay. We always swim naked around here anyway.”

Jesse looked undecided, not knowing what to do or say and looked at Sterling as though he could get direction from him. Sterling just looked at him blankly for a moment and then gave a barely perceptible nod of his head. Jesse accepted that as permission and started peeling off his shirt.

Robbie was dropping his underwear in the lounge chair as Jesse tugged open the fly of his denims and pushed them down his legs. He was wearing no underwear and seemed slightly embarrassed at what Robbie or Sterling might think that meant. He quickly headed for the edge of the pool and dove smoothly into the cool water, gliding halfway across the pool underwater before surfacing. Robbie was close by and ducked under the water as Jesse surfaced.

Sterling sat peacefully watching the boys. Jesse was a beautiful kid, less muscular than Tyler had been, leaner, but very athletic, solid definition and an amazing face. He was taller than Tyler, lanky and long-legged who seemed to be struggling with himself. His blonde hair was longish, his mouth a little too wide with very full lips; it gave him a very unique look that actually added to his physical beauty. He had seen Jesse naked in the locker room from a distance but seeing him up close, seeing the firm mounds of his ass and the swing of his genitals caused thoughts to stir deep within the recesses of his memory. He had felt these kind of stirring’s when he had first met Tyler, but had assumed that Tyler was a frivolous boy looking to be kept and so had ignored his sometimes subtle and oft times obvious attempts to get better acquainted. He hoped that if ever he had a chance to meet someone special again, that he would not waste so much time.

A wrestling match seemed to be breaking out in the pool and Sterling looked over the top of his book at the two boys, each attempting to best the other by climbing on one another’s backs and forcing each other’s heads below the water’s surface. Robbie was enjoying himself, feeling lightened by the lifting of the dark pall that had fallen over the house over the past week plus. It felt good to be with someone whose company lifted his spirits.

As the boys wrestled, Robbie’s hand grasped for a hold to get control over Jesse but slipped, traveling up Jesse’s thigh and encountering his erection. Pretending not to have noticed, which was a consummate acting performance, Robbie continued struggling for control. Unfortunately, he had now sprung wood and he was poking Jesse in the side, the stomach and the butt with each movement he attempted to make, giving himself away. But, he didn’t mind. Jesse was the first to grow wood and it was only natural that he should, too, upon finding Jesse in that condition.

Jesse seemed embarrassed, and extricated himself from the tangle of arms and legs and moved to the edge of the pool, resting his arms on the deck, keeping his private parts toward the side of the pool. Robbie wondered if it had been too much. He had felt that Jesse was struggling with something. Maybe he wasn’t yet out of the closet or accepting of himself and who he was. He moved alongside Jesse.

“You want to get out and get a Coke or something?”

Jesse nodded and followed Robbie up the pool steps. Sterling was watching the boys from behind his mirrored sunglasses. Robbie led the way and his powerful erection was out in front. He was happy that Robbie had become so comfortable with himself, his body and his sexuality from the rather nervous, closeted boy that had been so shaken by Detective Abbott’s interrogation not many weeks before.

Behind Robbie was Jesse. He seemed to be slumped over slightly, attempting to hide his own erection from Sterling’s eyes. His efforts were unsuccessful and Sterling gazed steadily at the almost seven inch cock and heavy balls crowned by the nest of dark blonde hair. The boy was certainly a looker. He just hoped that Jesse didn’t let things go too far so that Robbie wound up getting hurt.

Inside, Robbie grabbed two towels which the boys wrapped around their hips, the fronts still poking out obscenely and they both laughed nervously for a moment and then started making jokes at the other’s expense. Jesse had been astounded at the size of Robbie’s hard cock and had a wistful, passing emotion, realizing he could never enjoy touching it, playing with it or doing any of the many things he would like to do with Robbie’s cock - or his whole body for that matter. Robbie was too beautiful and yet too out of reach.

“Ya wanna watch a movie. We have a home theatre with a big screen and about a gazillion different movies to choose from. Including all the latest comic book super-heroes.”

“Sure. Should we get dressed first?”

“Can if you want. I like being this way and I haven’t felt this free and relaxed in a while now.”

“Okay, I....uh....I think I’ll get my clothes on. I’m not used to running around naked.”

“Suit yourself.” Robbie acted indifferent but inside was supremely disappointed. He had planned to choose a movie that might get their juices going and thought maybe something could happen with Jesse in the theatre if they were both naked, except for their towels, and where Jesse wouldn’t feel that Drew was watching them. Robbie didn’t care if Drew watched or not. In fact he kind of liked the idea of having Drew watch him having sex with Jesse. Maybe it would get him out of his funk and just maybe it would make him look at Robbie differently and think of Robbie in a sexual way.

Jesse went out on the patio to retrieve his clothes, tossing the towel aside, no longer acting shyly. He carried his denims and shirt over next to Sterling where he slowly dressed, standing right in front of the man that Robbie assumed he felt shy around.

“He really wants to have sex with me. He’s doing everything he can to arouse me and I’m no ice carving. Maybe this isn’t a good idea.”

Sterling looked up at him, his face reflecting his sadness and exhaustion but his eyes sparkling as he looked at the naked body of the beautiful boy standing in front of him. “It’s the only idea we’ve got.”