Dangerous Obsession

by Richard Hunter






Chapter Twenty Two



Drew, Jesse and Robbie were sitting comfortably around the pool nursing cold drinks and enjoying the afternoon sun. As was customary for Robbie, he was lounging in the nude having finally gotten past the embarrassing fact that he had been trying to seduce a cop not many days earlier.

“I met Drew at a police convention about nine months ago. I was impressed that a gay man could be so accepted by a community and politicians that they would make him the police chief, even in a small community with a heavy gay population. When Drew started worrying about your safety and came up with his idea, he called me and asked if I was willing to help. Of course, I said yes and my department allowed me to be placed on loan. I actually wanted the chance to work in this community for awhile and see what it was like. I’m only out to a few people in my department that I can trust. If the brass down there suspected I was gay they would be discreetly hassling me in an effort to drive me out without any open hostilities that would allow me to counter with legal action.”

“But, I don’t understand why you guys didn’t just tell me?”

Drew looked at the innocent face of his young friend, happy that the boy could now feel a degree of safety. “It was for your own protection. You might have slipped and said something, or treated Jesse a little differently and given him away. It could have been dangerous for him as well as you if the wrong person found out he was a cop.”

“But you guys let me make a fool of myself. I was trying to get in his pants.”

“That was just an extra perk of the assignment,” Jesse smiled. “I didn’t mind it one bit except when I thought I was teetering on the brink of giving in.”

Sterling laughed heartily looking back and forth at the two. “You should have seen how embarrassed Jesse was that day when he got out of the pool behind you, hard as a rock, and having to walk past his boss while in the company of an underage boy.”

“Yea, that wasn’t exactly pleasant. Except for the view directly in front of me.”

“If you keep saying things like that, Jesse, I might just get the idea you’re interested in violating the law. And I would have to report you to the Chief of Police.” Robbie smiled wickedly even while reaching down and giving a tug on his expanding maleness.

Jesse stood up. “If you’re going to keep that up, I may just have to give you a dose of your own medicine.” He pushed his shorts down and let his half-hard penis fall out into the open air, then sat back down on the lounge chair. Both Robbie and Drew’s eyes were drawn immediately to his body.

“That’s not fair. You guys realize how long it’s been since I had sex? I’m at my sexual peak and I have no one but you show me that...” Robbie motioned toward Jesse’s cock, “...and expect me to just look but not touch?”

“Isn’t that what you were doing to Jesse?” Sterling asked.

“Yeah, but it’s okay for me to be a tease! I’m just a horny teenager!” Everyone laughed at the ridiculousness of Robbie’s statement.

“Don’t feel bad, Robbie. It’s working on me, too.” As soon as Sterling said it, he wanted to take it back. The look of surprise on both boys faces caused him to flush a bright red.

Jesse cleared his throat, nervously. “Maybe we should all go for a swim. Some cold water might be just the thing we all need. He stood up, his hard cock flopping forward to stand parallel to the ground.

Robbie got to his feet also, in the same condition except that his prodigious member had a longer reach. Drew remained seated, his eyes dancing over the two boys beautiful bodies and wishing he could be marooned on a tropical island with both of them, far from civilization and antiquated laws that kept people apart until reaching an arbitrarily chosen age.

Jesse moved toward Drew. “C’mon Chief. Up and in the pool or we’ll have to help you.” He looked over his shoulder at Robbie, who picked up on Jesse’s expression, and moved toward Drew as well.

When Drew hesitated, they each grabbed an arm and a leg and carried him toward the edge of the water. At a nod from Jesse, they put his feet down, still holding onto his arms, moving slightly behind him. In a swift move, Jesse yanked down Drew’s swim trunks to his ankles and gave him a shove causing him to dive headlong into the deep end of the pool. The two boys followed him in, quickly grabbing at his feet and removing the trunks and tossing them up on the deck out of reach.

When Drew came up for air, he was confronted with two devilishly smiling faces. He felt a hand wrap around his cock and Jesse looked at Robbie. “Yep, I thought so. He’s hard as a rock. He was sitting there all that time looking our bodies over and growing wood. It’s a real oak tree!”

The three musketeers, as they started calling themselves, spent the rest of the afternoon swimming, sunning and enjoying the sight of each other’s naked bodies, ate steaks and potatoes that Drew prepared on the outdoor barbeque and talked well into the night.