Dangerous Obsession

by Richard Hunter






Chapter Twenty Three



Drew and Robbie stood around Jesse’s BMW, thanking him for all that he had done and shaking his hand repeatedly. They had enjoyed his company for the last few days but now it was time for him to return to Carlsbad and his department.

“You know you’re welcome here anytime, anytime at all.” Drew was feeling a certain sense of loss at seeing Jesse leaving. He had really gotten to like the kid during the time he was in Laguna Shores. “And, if you ever want to transfer departments, I know the boss of our department would love to have you join us.”

Jesse smiled gratefully. “I’ll keep that in mind. Just may call you someday soon and take you up on that offer.” He actually wished Drew would have made a different kind of offer but maybe that was expecting too much. “As for you, sport,” he looked at Robbie playfully, “keep that big dick in your pants until you find someone you have real feelings for and then let him - and him only - have it.”

“That all sounds fine, but where do I find this imaginary someone?”

“Do you know Dylan Zimmer?”

“Um...yes. He’s on the track and field team, right? About six three, thin and a gorgeous face?”

“That’s the one. I know for a fact that he’s got the hots big time for you. He was kind of making a play for me one day and we got to talking. He wanted to have sex with me or anyone because he’s a virgin and wanted to learn what to do and get some experience. Why, you might ask? Because he thinks he’s in love with a certain black-haired blue-eyed adonis on the swim team and he wants to be good at sex so that if he ever has a chance to make love to that young adonis he’ll be able to make him feel real good. I told him two things: one, if he really loves you and you love him, it doesn’t matter how experienced or clumsy you are - you can learn together and it will all be good; and, second, if he gets a chance with you that he shouldn’t try for anal sex right away because your telephone pole would split him apart.” Jesse laughed and ducked Robbie’s playful swing past his head. “If you’re interested, give him a chance. Just walk up to him someday and say that I told you that you should get to know each other because you have a lot in common. He’ll know what you mean and you guys can take it from there.”

“Thanks, Jesse.” Robbie’s eyes were tearing up. He didn’t want Jesse to go because it meant an end to all the good times they had been having after all the horror and sadness. Robbie knew that this was also his last night with Drew before going back home and was dreading going back to his negligent parents and hum drum existence. He was determined not to lose touch with Drew this time.

“Well, I better hit the road. You guys take care of yourselves. And, Drew, come down and visit sometime and maybe I’ll come up here for a weekend once in awhile?” It was an invitation and a hopeful request for an invitation which Drew picked up on immediately.

“Absolutely. I’ll call you in the next few weeks and we can get together. Have you ever been to Palm Springs?”


They were laying in bed, Robbie’s head on Drew’s shoulders, his chest tightly wrapped in Drew’s strong arms. They had eaten dinner and talked at some length about the events that had taken place, remembered the good times with Tyler and made a toast to his memory. Robbie had practically begged Drew to let him sleep in his bed tonight, the last night they would be together and Drew had finally succumbed to the request, albeit reluctantly and with some degree of trepidation.

They seemed to have talked themselves out for the moment and just lay quietly enjoying the closeness. Robbie was hard and could feel the straining of his cock against his briefs, the almost painful attempt by the small cotton garment to contain his raging erection. His hand was resting motionless on Drew’s chest and he started just moving his fingers ever so slightly, exploring the ridge of the muscles that separated and defined the two sides of Drew’s beautiful chest.

When Drew failed to object, Robbie moved his hand down over the washboard muscles of Drew’s stomach and abdomen until he encountered the waistband of Drew’s black briefs. Drew still failed to object so Robbie moved his hand over the top of the briefs, tracing the erection concealed within and rubbing his palm over the large organ. Growing bolder, he inserted his hand inside Drew’s briefs and wrapped his fist around the strong pole, feeling it’s heat, gently pulling on it.

Drew’s hand came over and rested atop his groin and Robbie’s fist, halting the movement. “Robbie, this is completely illegal and I’m sworn to uphold the law. And, I think you should really be looking for someone closer to your own age, like that Dylan kid.”

“But I really do love you, Drew. I’ve wanted to do this with you since I was thirteen. This is the last night I’m here. Can’t we make love just this one time? I won’t tell anyone, ever. I promise! No one will know. I would never do anything to get you in trouble.”

“I love you, too, Robbie and there’s nothing I’d like better than to make love to you. But you won’t be eighteen for another year and until then, it’s not right in the eyes of the law.”

“That’s so stupid. In twelve months I can make love to you but right now I can’t? What’s going to change in a year that I’m suddenly so grown up enough to be free to choose the person I want to love but right now I’m still too young and immature and vulnerable?”

Drew was having a real conflict within because he knew of the veracity of Robbie’s question yet was torn by the oath he had taken and his very real belief in right versus wrong. As he debated the two sides of the very difficult question, Robbie had once again begun slowly stroking him and had moved closer so that his own substantial erection was pressed against Drew’s hip. Loneliness, sadness, love and an intelligent boy’s retort combined to push him beyond the middle ground that he had been trying so faithfully to walk over the past weeks. “Just this one time and then we can never do this or speak of this again.” He paused, thinking. “At least until you’re eighteen.”

Robbie immediately threw the covers back, excited beyond any ability to contain it or play it down. He got up on his knees and began tugging at Drew’s briefs, freeing his erection, sliding them down his legs and over his feet and tossing them carelessly to the floor of the bedroom. He knelt there looking at Drew’s nakedness, anticipating the moment he had been dreaming of the past four years since he had first started growing hair on his balls and discovered the joy of his right hand.

Drew was equally staring, his eyes fixed on the enormous bulging of Robbie’s tiny white briefs and the evidence of his arousal already beginning to soak through the material and spread around the tip of the beautiful boy’s cock. He rolled on his side and reached out and grasped the waistband on each side and tugged the small briefs down. Robbie’s erection slapped back against his belly and he stood up and removed the briefs the rest of the way. Lowering himself atop Drew, their cock’s sliding together and creating the ultimate friction, Robbie started kissing Drew with a previously unknown passion as Drew’s hands caressed down Robbie’s back and over the two firm globes of his ass, running a finger along the deep crevice and teasing the small puckered entrance to his being. They continued kissing more and more deeply for long minutes until Robbie moved his ass into the air, allowing him to move his face down over Drew’s chest, licking and sucking at each nipple, tracing the ridges of muscle with his tongue, and continuing lower.

Drew lay quietly, allowing the beautiful boy to move at his own pace, to make his own choices, neither encouraging nor discouraging Robbie’s actions. When Robbie ultimately arrived at Drew’s throbbing member and took it in his hand, pulling it away from Drew’s body so that it pointed at the ceiling, Drew watched the boy’s face carefully. He knew from their discussions that Robbie had never reciprocated with a sexual partner. Christopher had blown him and jerked him off, but aside from that, Robbie remained a true virgin.

Robbie was poised over Drew’s cock, wondering if he could do it, wanting to do it, afraid of not doing it right. Finally, he took a tentative first step and licked at the head and shaft like an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. The sensations were stimulating and Drew’s hips bucked upward involuntarily. Robbie smiled to himself, pleased that he had created such a reaction and lowered his face again and took the head of Drew’s cock in his mouth.

Swirling his tongue around the entire head and the sensitive ridges and the special spot just under the head, then making as though to drill his tongue into the small slit at the tip, Robbie continued his stimulation of the man he had loved from afar for many years. He lowered his face more and more until he had managed to take half of the large tube into his mouth and began a see saw motion, looking a little like the metal woodpecker derricks that were found in Huntington Beach trying to dredge up the oil from the underground reserves.

Drew put his hands on both sides of the boy’s face and stopped his movement. “You’re doing that really well. But I want a chance at you, too, before you make me explode all over the place.”

Robbie smiled widely, pleased at the compliment as well as at the prospect of having Drew make love to him. He sat upright and waited as Drew got on his knees. Drew took Robbie by the shoulders and lay him back on the bed, then lay on his side beside him. He allowed his hands to start by simply exploring Robbie’s body. It was an exploration born of love and lust, having known and loved the boy on different levels since he was ten, and having lusted after him these past weeks, watching his naked body day in and day out, observing his tight little ass and huge erection with an increasing degree of frustration. That he was finally able to touch the smooth, soft skin, to tickle at the small, hard nipples and lick at the sparse strands of shiny black hair that adorned his underarms, brought Drew to the apex of pleasure and satisfaction.

He explored the muscle, caressed the entire body, reveled in the feel of the straight black hairs that dusted Robbie’s legs, and finally allowed his fingers to move through the small tangle of black brush that was Robbie’s pubic growth. He held up the long, fat boycock, and slowly stroked it, leaning over to kiss the tip of it’s head and taste the pre-seminal flow that was present in such abundance. He sucked on the fat balls that hung between Robbie’s smooth thighs and tested their weight with his hand. It was all an experience of exploring the boy he loved and the body he lusted after. Finally, he opened his mouth wide and took the boy’s cock deep in his throat, determined to give Robbie a mind blowing experience that would, hopefully, carry him through the next twelve months, or at least until he got together with someone he loved of his own age.

When Robbie reached his climax, it was powerful and long, leaving him exhausted and with a large puddle of his juices on his stomach, representing that portion of his release that Drew’s mouth had been unable to accommodate or swallow quickly enough. An hour later, Robbie performed the same ritual and Drew achieved the same result.

They made love five times during the night, the last at six in the morning as Robbie nervously asked Drew to introduce him to the receiving end of anal sex. “Please fuck me, Drew. I don’t know if I can wait twelve whole months if you don’t do it now.”

In the end, Drew gave in and cemented the relationship that they would enjoy throughout their lives. At eight o’clock, they arose, showered, ate breakfast, and Drew drove Robbie home and bade him goodbye with a quick kiss on the lips. Robbie watched longingly as Drew drove away.