Dangerous Obsession

by Richard Hunter






Chapter Twenty Five



Four months had passed and the cooler temperatures of October were starting to blow in off the ocean. It was still pleasantly warm during the day and comfortable around the pool. Drew had kept himself pretty much in seclusion aside from his work and had made an effort to avoid social entanglements that might create opportunities for relationships and the hurtful results.

He was sitting on the patio, quietly reading when the portable phone gave two short bursts, signaling that someone was calling on the intercom from the front gate. He picked up the phone and punched the talk button. “Yes?”

“Hi, Drew. It’s me.”

“Who’s me?” The voice sounded very familiar but Drew couldn’t immediately place it

“What? I help you solve a major crime and you don’t even remember me?”

Drew’s heart skipped a beat. “Jesse?”

“Who else?”

Drew quickly pushed the number nine on the phone, signaling the front gates to open, hung up the phone and ran through the house to the front, watching as Jesse came slowly up the long driveway in his BMW convertible. Drew felt as anxious as a virgin schoolboy at the excitement of seeing Jesse again.

As the Mustang pulled to a stop, Jesse smiled with his slightly too-wide smile, and climbed out of his car, walking much too slowly toward Drew.

“What are you doing here, Jesse. Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?”

“I needed a couple of days away from home and I thought there was no place I would rather be than Laguna Shores. With you. As for not calling, I didn’t want you to have the chance to say no. I’ve been warned that you have been kind of a loner lately so I thought you might not want company - but if I just dropped in you’d be too good a host to turn me away.”

“I’d never turn you away. I’m so happy to see you.”

“I was hoping you would say that. I’m actually hoping you want to see all of me.” The mischievous glint in Jesse’s eyes made Drew’s heart beat even faster and harder. And something else had also begun to respond. “Because I know I want to see all of you.”

“How long can you stay?”

“As long as you want me. I quit the department last week after announcing to everyone that I was gay. I thought I might be able to find a job with another police department that had a more hospitable attitude toward gay men, and be closer to someone I’ve been sorely missing.”

Drew grabbed Jesse’s shoulders and pulled him in close, pressing his lips against Jesse’s plump, pillowy soft lips that he had dreamed of so often in the past months. He held the kiss for a long time and then opened his mouth, only to find that Jesse had done so as well, and they kissed deeply for several long minutes, allowing their pent up passion to flow freely. Drew allowed his hands to roam down Jesse’s back, to the firm cheeks encased in the loose cotton washpants Jesse wore, and move slowly around his hips to caress the hard flesh hidden within the confines of the soft material.

Jesse flinched and Drew rubbed slowly along the hard pole and squeezed it between his thumb and finger. Not having been with anyone for a long time, just the touch of another human hand sent immense pleasure through his body. He responded by moving his hips forward, hard, pressing his body tightly against Drew from nipple to knee, and grasped Drew by the butt, pulling him in.

When the kiss broke, they stood looking at each other, momentarily dazed. It was Jesse who was first to speak.

“I liked you from the moment I met you but there was no time for anything personal with everything that was going on. I had a job to do and so did you.”

Drew started to say something but Jesse hushed him with a finger on Drew’s lips.

“Toward the end, when you had me getting chummy with Robbie at your house and all, it was torture. I’d see you in a non-professional setting, in swim trunks, and naked, and I knew I wanted you. I waited four months to see if you would call, to see if you felt the same way. I just about gave up all hope until Robbie called me two weeks ago.”

“You and Robbie keep in touch?”

“Okay, let’s set the record straight. He was a big temptation. He’s a gorgeous kid and if he were of legal age, I’d hit the sheets with him in a micro-second. But to answer your question, no we haven’t kept in touch. But I did give Robbie my number in case anything ever happened. And I confided to him that I thought I was falling in love with you. So, he saw how you were kind of becoming a hermit, heard how you mope around, and he called me. He said he thought you were in love but afraid to allow yourself to fall for someone a second time. He thought you were very lonely. So, I took a chance.”

“I am so glad you did!”

Drew scooped Jesse’s lanky frame up in his arms and carried him inside and through to the patio. Depositing him on the concrete, he quickly grabbed the hem of Jesse’s shirt and lifted it up and over Jesse’s head, revealing the beautiful body that had intrigued him months ago and captured his nighttime fantasies. Grabbing the drawstrings at the front of Jesse’s washpants and pulling, the loose pants dropped to Jesse’s ankles, revealing the boy’s nakedness and his pulsing cock. Drew took hold of the warm flesh and stroked it, living the dream that had tortured him for months, then dropped to his knees and took the hard flesh deep into his mouth.

It was a feeling of coming home. It felt completely right and so wonderful to have beautiful Jesse naked in front of his eyes and his hard cock in his throat. He felt somewhat possessed by the need to show his true feelings to Jesse by giving him the most wonderful orgasm possible. It only took a minute before Jesse was leaning forward over Drew’s head, his legs shaking and weak, and he was filling Drew’s mouth with his seed.

They went inside, straight to Drew’s bedroom, where the made love, passionately and completely for several hours. Finally, sated and exhausted, they lay in each other’s arms.

Jesse looked at Drew with a pool of moisture filming his eyes. “So, how long would you like me to stay?”


“Where will I work?”

“What are your qualifications?”

“I thought I just demonstrated them.”

“You’re hired.”

During the weekend, they showered twice, ate three times but otherwise never left the bed or each other’s arms. Drew had found the soulmate he had longed for and Jesse had found that true love can exist if you take a chance on it.


The following summer, Jesse and Drew formalized their relationship with a civil union ceremony by the pool, the sound of the waves crashing below and with the setting sun reflecting off of the blue waters of the Pacific. Robbie served as best man to Jesse while the Mayor was selected as Drew’s best man.

When the ceremony was over and all of the guests except for Robbie had gone home, they sat in the fading light around the pool, telling each of the things that had happened to them during the past year since the three of them were last together.

Jesse talked about his job as an assistant to the chief. Drew would not allow him to be a patrolman or work in a position that might endanger his life. Drew had long contemplated a sworn officer that could assist him, be his driver, and handle various tasks in the same manner that such things were handled by assistant’s to police chiefs throughout the country. The arrangement had been an enormous success both professionally and personally for each of them.

Drew spoke only of the joy that he now experienced from life since Jesse had come buzzing at the gates eight months earlier. He was animated in his descriptions of the things they enjoyed together, the places they had been and in his profound appreciation to Robbie for making it all possible by calling Jesse.

Robbie had enjoyed his senior year in high school and graduated with excellent grades. He was unsure of the career path that he wanted to follow. He had finally approached Dylan Zimmer and they had enjoyed a passionate relationship until Dylan had left for college. Robbie only admitted that he cared for Dylan but did not feel him to be the one true love that he was seeking.

In the end, so many things were unimportant. When Robbie went home that night, it was only to pack up his belongings and move into the house in Laguna Shores, overlooking the beach. He never returned home again and never left the house for more than a day unless in the company of the two men he loved beyond words.

As he unpacked his belongings that night and looked up to see Drew and Jesse standing in the doorway, hand in hand, watching him, he smiled that crooked, wickedly mischievous smile that had become his trademark. “So, which one of you is mom and which one of you is dad? And how do you feel about incest?”