Dangerous Obsession

by Richard Hunter






Chapter Four



Robbie Bailey lay in bed, his mind running over the events of the afternoon and evening, his hand lazily stroking his erection as he recalled the phenomenal sensations produced when Christopher had suddenly started sucking him. He couldn’t remember ever having anything feel that good before.

He was completely astonished at his brazenness in going to the cove with Christopher. He thought Chris was really cute and sexy but he had not intended to ever let it get to be more than just the discreet glance at him in the showers or the playful slap on his cute little bubble-butt. But, Christopher had been teasing him for days now, giving him those looks across the locker room, wagging his soft dick at him when no one was looking, staring at Robbie’s dick in the showers when it was just the two of them and then opening his mouth wide and moving his head like he was sucking a dick. Then today, he had actually reached out as he passed by Robbie at his locker, before he had slipped on his swimsuit, and gave a little tug on Robbie’s dick. It had taken every ounce of willpower to keep it from springing up. Robbie knew if it got hard there was absolutely no way of getting it into those stupid little swimsuits.

Once in the pool, Christopher had swum up beside Robbie and whispered in his ear so that no one else could hear. “I don’t care how big of a stud you are. I can tell you’re horny as hell. You need me to suck your dick and you know it. As soon as this practice is over, I’m taking you somewhere special and I’m going to blow you - and blow your mind.”

At least, Robbie acknowledged, Christopher had kept his promise. Both of them. But now, having experienced such an orgasm, having had sex with another human being for the first time in his life, Robbie felt overcome by the need for more. Besides his blow job at the beach, Christopher had jerked him off when they came back from their swim in the ocean, and Robbie was now on his second solo jerk off session since getting home. And he could feel the heat rising so he knew that he would have no trouble reaching his fourth orgasm in the past five hours. That was a new record for him.

But, what about tomorrow. What would happen tomorrow. Would he be able to restrain his unruly monster in his pants when he saw Christopher in the halls. And what about swim practice. How could he be around Christopher while wearing that little swimsuit and yet not bone up and give himself away. It was times like this that he wished he could have a smaller dick that wouldn’t be so obvious anytime he became even partially aroused. He’d already been teased by a couple of his buds one day when he was daydreaming in class about the one guy in the whole world he was totally hot for. Then, the bell had rung and he had snapped out of his daydream and jumped to his feet. Bruce and Ted had started laughing at him and finally he realized what they were looking at. Robbie had been mortified when he looked down at the front of his denims and saw the enormous pipe shaped bulge running upwards just to the right of his zipper. If he hadn’t had a shirt on, the head would have peeked over the waistband of his denims and waved to everyone. From that time on, he stopped wearing boxers and started wearing tight briefs in the hope that they would better restrain him. Maybe, he thought, I should just wear a too-small jock strap all the time.

He kept stroking slowly, hoping that this final orgasm would allow him to go to sleep. It was after ten already and he had to get up at five-thirty in the morning so that didn’t leave a lot of time for sleep. But, he kept stroking, kept reliving the blow job, kept remembering what Christopher had looked like naked and hard, and kept chiding himself remorsefully for not having at least taken hold of Christopher’s erection to see what it felt like to have another guys hard dick in his hand. It had just all been so much, so fast, and he was still living the lie, living life in the closet. He could always claim that he was just experimenting, that he was just horny and getting his rocks off. So long as he didn’t actively participate, didn’t give anything in return, he might be able to get away with that explanation. But, it would have been so good to actually touch Christopher’s dick, to feel it, to stroke it, to play with his balls. He could kick himself for not taking advantage of the opportunity. Maybe Christopher would not be interested in him a second time. Robbie couldn’t blame him. After giving one hell of a fantastic blow job and then a hand job to boot, Robbie hadn’t even returned the favor by so much as touching his erection.

Suddenly, another face appeared in his mind. The face of that one guy that he thought he truly loved, wanted more than anyone else; the guy that had been on his mind constantly since he was ten years old; the guy he knew he could never have. It was Drew’s face he was seeing, Drew’s smile, it was always Drew, and suddenly he was shooting high in the air without warning, and his sperm fell back toward him, landing in haphazard splotches on his chest, stomach and abdomen and then finishing off by just dribbling down his hard pole and making a sticky mess in his pubic hair.

Robbie decided a quick shower was in order and maybe the hot water would relax him enough that he could get to sleep. Or, better yet, maybe he needed some cold water. If for no other reason than that the thought of a shower and warm water was once again causing that monster to stir.