Dangerous Obsession

by Richard Hunter






Chapter Six



Billy had been watching Christopher from afar today. His interest in the younger blonde boy had been piqued by what he had seen at the beach two days earlier. Since then, he had watched Christopher relentlessly trying to fathom what he was all about. He had even made a point of sitting during lunch near a group of freshman boys whom he had seen talking with Christopher earlier in the day. One of the boys had remarked that Christopher had seemed a little odd.

The freshman had looked at the other strangely. “Don’t you know?”

“Know what?” The second freshman had inquired.

The first freshman curled his thumb and forefinger together forming an ‘O’ and showed it to the second boy. “What’s this?”

The second boy looked at the freshman’s sign in confusion and shrugged. “I dunno. What is it?”

The freshman smiled. “Beats me!” Then he chuckled as an expression of realization dawned on the second boy’s face who smiled in return.

“That’s a Christopher Reynolds joke. He’s gay. Everyone knows it. Word is that he’s tried to hit on just about every good looking guy in school in the past six months.”

One of the other boys chimed in. “He hasn’t tried to hit on me!”

“You’re not good looking!” the first boy laughed in reply.

“So, is it really true? He has sex with other guys.... and he likes it?”

“The way I hear it is that he was kicked out of his last school because he was caught in the boys bathroom having sex with a senior at that school. He’s some kind of cockhound and just can’t get enough. I heard that while he has only hit on the good looking guys, anyone regardless of their looks that hits on him and can show that they have a big enough dick can get action from him.”

“Ewww!” Squealed one of the smaller freshmen. “That’s dirty.”

“Maybe so, but I’ll tell you right now. I’ve heard that he can give a blow job that will shake you to your toes. And, since I’ve never had a blow job and am not likely to find a girl who will give me one anytime soon, if he ever offers, I’m going for it. As long as I don’t have to return the favor. A mouth is a mouth and I would love to have my dick sucked and I don’t care who does it.”

“Me, too” echoed three of the other boys sitting around the table.

Billy had heard enough to satisfy his curiosity and a new idea was forming in his mind. He had discovered yesterday, from watching Christopher, that he went out behind the gymnasium after swim practice was over to jerk off. Probably because seeing all his teammates, and especially Robbie, running around naked in the locker room and showers got him all worked up. Billy decided he would keep watching Christopher each day and the very next time he went out behind the gymnasium alone and hauled out his dick, he would make a point of just ‘accidentally’ passing by and would stare at Christopher until the younger boy offered to have sex with him. If he didn’t offer, then Billy knew he would have to summon up his courage and make the offer himself. One way or another, Billy was determined that he was going to have sex with Christopher and find out what it felt like to be with another boy. He was going to make some more fantasies come true. It might not he Robbie but Christopher was very cute and sexy and could supply some happy dreams for months to come. More importantly, Billy could get the experience he needed in order to try to seduce Robbie, or at least know what he was doing if he ever had a chance with him.


It was a frustrating three days before it finally happened. Billy sat through yet another swim practice, enjoying the sights of the swimmers in their little swimsuits parading about, feeling much like a kid in a candystore, not knowing what to choose (or look at) first. But he kept his eyes mostly on Robbie and Christopher. It seemed they were avoiding each other but still seemed friendly. He noticed that Robbie looked over at Christopher frequently but the other boy was not acting the part of the tease as he had before.

Finally, practice was over and the boys went to their lockers. Billy remained in the bleachers, quietly thinking, waiting for the boys to start trickling out. Before long, several boys emerged from the doors and walked across the pool dome to the exits leading to the parking lot. Then a few more. Then Robbie with a group of his friends. Then several more. Just as Billy began to think that Christopher had exited through another door and was about to head around to the back of the gymnasium, Christopher emerged from the locker room and walked across the pool dome, directly past Billy, and out the door that Billy knew would lead to the back of the gymnasium. Billy sat nervously, waiting, giving Christopher time to get in place, to get his pants down, to get himself worked up, and then rose and headed for the door.

Opening and closing the metal doors as carefully and quietly as he could, Billy moved along the edge of the building toward the rear where weeds were pretty much the order of the day. No one, or at least almost no one, ever came back here so this was not an area that the janitors or groundskeepers paid much attention to.

At the corner, Billy peeked carefully around. Halfway along toward the trees at the far end, Christopher sat on his bookbag. His pants and briefs were pulled down below his knees and his dick was rock hard and pointing at the sky. Christopher was diddling his erection but not yet stroking it.

Billy pulled back and took a deep breath. It was now or never. This was the day he would finally find out what it was like to be with another boy, to feel his body, to handle his dick. Taking another deep breath and closing his eyes as he counted to three, he suddenly moved around the corner of the building and headed toward Christopher.

At first the blonde freshman didn’t see him coming. He had his eyes closed as he played with his erection and clearly had no expectation of anyone appearing in his secret place. When he heard the snap of a twig and looked up, Billy was standing looking down at him, his eyes ablaze with lust as he saw, closeup, the boys sandy colored pubic hair, the hard dick and the smooth balls between his smooth thighs.

The freshman leapt to his feet, blushing furiously, stumbling forward as he bent over to pull up his pants, falling into Billy’s arms. Billy helped him straighten up and reached out and grasped the boys hard dick in his hand and began to stroke. Christopher froze momentarily, not sure what was happening, then backed away suddenly as if he’d been burned.

“What...wha...what are you doing?”

Billy was nervous now. What if everything he had heard was a lie. But, he had seen Christopher suck off Robbie so that much had to be true. But what if Christopher was not the whore that he had been made out to be. He looked really lonely a few moments ago, and right now he just looked really scared.

“I....uh....saw you here alone and thought you might like some company.” Billy was stammering, embarrassed. This wasn’t going at all like he had imagined in his fantasy. In his fantasy version, Christopher had smiled and started kissing him while loosening his pants and then had dropped to his knees and started sucking him. Then, Billy would have started sinking to the ground and getting into a sixty-nine position like he had seen in his magazine so he could look closely at Christopher’s dick while he was being sucked, and maybe play with it or stroke it, or maybe even suck it. But Christopher wasn’t reacting at all like he was supposed to.

Christopher was still tugging up his pants, trying to stuff his hard but deflating dick into his pants, still stammering in a panic wanting to know what he was up to, what he wanted, why was he here. Finally, he had snapped the fly of his pants closed and was running off toward the trees and escape from Billy.

Billy was crushed. He had put so much stock in his plan, had been so certain it would work, had imagined each and every miniscule little detail over and over in his mind to make certain that nothing went wrong. Then, he made his move and it all fell apart. He had only the very small satisfaction of having seen Christopher up close and holding his hard dick in his hand, stroking it, for a few seconds. He only hoped that Christopher wouldn’t rat him out and tell others he was gay. Maybe Christopher had just been reacting to the unexpected surprise and after he had time to think about it would see that Billy was someone he could be friends with after all, and would approach him and invite him to the beach cove.

With the slimmest of hope coursing through his brain, Billy moved around the building, dejected, shoulders drooping, and headed for home.