Dangerous Obsession

by Richard Hunter






Chapter Seven



Duke was pumped up, pacing back and forth in his room, pounding one fist into the palm of his other hand, clearly agitated. He had come in just a few moments ago, had ripped off his shirt and thrown it into the trash basket beside his bed. It was splattered with blood and he knew he would have to burn it or somehow destroy it.

He was breathing hard through his nostrils, like a raging bull at an arena being prodded in preparation for a fight. He was still immensely angry but he was also feeling a certain sense of satisfaction at what he had done.

He had been driving about and had spotted that blonde kid that he’d seen having sex at the beach a week earlier. He was still worked up about that and wanted to express his disgust in a physical way. But, worse was the fact that he’d seen what happened with his little brother behind the school gymnasium. As much as having his little brother be a fag was disgusting to him, he was furious that the blonde kid had treated his kid brother so rudely, so unfairly. Billy was merely trying to find out what it was like, what it was all about, and this blonde kid had utterly destroyed him. His kid brother didn’t deserve that. And, Duke knew, a kid like this blonde would probably be shooting off his mouth about the sophomore that tried to put the make on him and Billy would be humiliated. Duke couldn’t have that.

Duke sat down in the chair beside his bed, his breathing slowing, his bare chest rising and falling in a steady pattern, as he thought back over the events of the past hour. He closed his eyes and remembered, moment by moment, the events as they had occurred.

The blonde kid had been standing along the edge of the highway, near that fag bar, with his thumb out. He was probably hoping to get picked up by some fag that could help him get his rocks off before he went home. So Duke had pulled over and the kid had opened the door and climbed in. Once he was in the car, he had started to panic but Duke put an end to that real quick by backhanding him to the face a couple of times until the kids nose was spurting blood like a faucet.

“You’re a faggot willing to suck cock but you’re too good for my little brother. Is that it? You think you’re too good for him? You figure you’re so special you’re too good to suck his dick?” Duke was yelling at the kid who was curling his body against the door trying to get as far away from this apparent madman as possible. His face had an expression of fear coupled with confusion as he cringed and retreated from every movement of Duke’s hand.

“You want me to suck your dick? Is that what you want. I’ll do it just don’t hit me anymore.” The blonde kid had started crying and trying to stop the blood that was continuing to stream down over his lips and chin.

“I don’t want no faggot punk kid sucking my dick or even touching me, shithead. I’ll really pound you if you ever suggest such a fucking thing again! And you better not even think of ever telling anyone about my little brother and you behind the gym!”

“Wha....oomph!” The look of confusion on the kids face intensified as he started to ask a question but was cut short by Duke’s meaty fist landing squarely in the boys soft belly, expelling all air and causing the kid to gasp as though he was choking.

“Don’t play cute with me, faggot. Just sit there and shut up while I decide what I’m gonna do with you.”

They drove for almost thirty minutes while a plan developed in Duke’s mind. It was the perfect plan, or so he thought. Finally, he pulled over at a deserted stretch of beach where he knew there to be a place that was secluded enough for his plan. This section of the beach was only frequented by fags anyway, because it was a nude beach, and fags didn’t go on the beach at night because they knew that Duke and guys like him would be around to pound their fairy asses if they did.

Duke dragged the kid down to the secluded spot, bringing along the backpack he always carried with him in the back seat. “Okay, kid. Strip! Naked! Get ‘em off!”

The blonde boy stood still, scared and unsure, until Duke made a threatening move toward him. He quickly started peeling off layers of clothing, shivering in the cool night air, as Duke bent down over his pack and pulled out an instant camera.

“Here’s what we’re going to do, kid. You’re gonna be naked as a jaybird and I’m gonna take as many pics of you as I’ve got film. Since you didn’t play nice with my little brother, I’ll give him the pics so he can look at them at night when he wants to jerk off. And he can keep them around to blackmail you if you ever decide to try and rat on him.”

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about. What little brother? Why are you acting so weird? What did I do wrong?”

“Shut up faggot! If you say another word, I’m gonna start pounding on you big time. Just get the underwear off and start posing for the camera. Smile and say cheese!”

Duke spent the next sixty minutes taking pictures with his instant camera of the blonde kid, making him pose with his dick hard, jerking off, sticking his finger up his butt, trying to bend over to suck his own dick, bent over showing his boy pussy and many closeups that Duke was sure would make Billy drool. He never thought he would not only condone Billy’s being a fag but actually be helping him, but this was a special case. No one but no one treated his little brother with disrespect. No one but him, that is.

“Okay, kid. We got over eighty pics here. That should be enough to keep Billy happy for a while.”

“Who’s Billy? Why do you keep talking about Billy?”

Duke moved in on the kid, fists flying, screaming hysterically, spittle flying from his mouth like a mad dog. “I told you to shut up. Don’t you dare pretend that you don’t know who my little brother is after what you did to him!” He kept swinging, landing punch after punch, even after the kid collapsed to the beach, Duke continued to pummel him about the face and neck and stomach.

When Duke finally stopped, what had once been a beautiful blonde boy of fourteen years of age was little more than a pile of bloody flesh. His rage was sated but now he was feeling invigorated.

Jumping to his feet from his chair and emerging from the trance-like state having recalled the brutal murder he had just committed, Duke pulled off the remainder of his clothes and headed into the bathroom to shower. He had finally done what he had always said he would do some day. He had killed a fag. He could hardly wait to do it again.