This story is fiction and contains sexual situations between men. It shouldn’t be read if this type of thing is illegal in your part of the world, or if you are underage. Some of the places mentioned are real. None of the people are, with the exception of an occasional celebrity. I don’t know any of these celebrities and their involvement in this story is strictly fiction and not an indication of his actual sexual orientation.  While everyone should practice safe sex out there in the real world, the characters in this story will not. It’s a fantasy, boys. Just keep that in mind!
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by Geoff Chassen
This story is a spin-off of one of my previous stories published on, JOHNNY BREEZE AND ME in the “Beginnings” section. If you've not yet read that story, I urge you to read it as it will introduce you to many of the characters you will find in this story, as well as the events that led Daniel to where his is in this story. Enjoy! 
Prologue – Daniel Christopher Breeze-Richardson
Daniel Hayes knew he was different from the other boys in school at an early age. While he loved his girl friends, he always knew they would never be girlfriends. He found it more difficult to be friends with the boys in his class. They always seemed to be interested in things that just didn't interest him... especially as they approached middle and high school and those interests turned to girls and their breasts.
Daniel also knew that his innermost feelings would have to remain a secret for a very long time. While he felt his mother would, eventually, accept him and his terrible secret, he knew that his father would not. However, his freshman year was a year to remember. He tried out for and made the swim team.
On the night before the first meet of the season, Daniel experienced his first shave party. By the time the party was done, every boy was as smooth as a baby's behind and they all shot heavy loads on a sheet laid across the bed. It was during the group j/o session that Daniel caught the eye of Casey Martin, the senior captain of the swim team. Casey and Daniel hit it off immediately and soon became high school lovers. Casey taught Daniel everything he knew about boy/boy love... except for anal sex. He wanted Daniel to save that for the man he would fall in love with and be with for the rest of his life. Sadly, the school year ended and the two spent the summer as counselors at the Rosemont Theatre Company before Casey moved on and went to college in North Carolina.
Daniel was once again a horny, gay, teenage boy with no outlet other than internet porn and his right hand. It was a fateful afternoon when the internet porn would change his life forever. Daniel was in his room on his favorite site and getting close to spilling his nut all over his bare chest and abs when he heard his parents come home earlier than expected. Daniel frantically dressed and raced downstairs, forgetting to log off the computer.
Daniel was helping his mother put up the groceries when his father came storming down the stairs screaming “Faggot! My son is a god-damned faggot!” He grabbed Daniel by the arm and drug him into the living room. As Eddie Hayes was screaming obscenities at his son, his wife came into the living room to try to calm the situation down. In his rage, Eddie ended up shooting and killing his wife and brutally beating his only son within an inch of his life.
Daniel ended up in the hospital for several weeks and it was during this time that Jason Richardson, his boss at the Rosemont Theatre Company, came into his life in a way he never dreamed possible. Jason would come and visit Daniel every day... sometimes twice a day. Eventually, is was decided that Jason and Johnny Breeze, his partner, along with their son Cade would welcome Daniel into their home as a foster son. It was on Daniel's first day in his new home, that he met the love of his life, Alex. It was love at first sight, just like in the movies. It didn't take long for the entire family to fall in love with Daniel (and Alex) and for his sixteenth birthday, he was surprised with a full and legal adoption... AND a new car!
Nick Jonas came into Daniel's life when the family was heading to New York for his dads' wedding. Nick was the guest of another guest star at the Rosemont, Kenny Wormald. Nick was one of Daniel's idols and a MAJOR jack-off fantasy. Little did he know, fantasies just might come true when you least expect it... and it's all a part of Daniel's extraordinary life.
Chapter One - “On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!”
Daniel didn't really hear the cheers as he and seven other swimmers entered the pool area and stood behind their starting blocks. He was in his warm-up suit and had his ear buds in (as did all of the other swimmers) listening to his new favorite Broadway musical Newsies. King of New York” always got him pumped up and ready to go right before a match. He smiled to himself knowing that the other guys would be listening to Coldplay or JayZee. He did hear the loudspeakers announce his race and joined the others as they removed their earbuds and warm-up suits and placing everything in the bin to the side of the starting block.And now ladies and gentlemen, the Texas UIL state championship 400 meter individual medley. In lane one, Derek Hampton from Kady High School in Kady. In lane two, Jaime Gonzales from King High School in Corpus Christi. In lane three, Jaxon Hobbs from Reagan High School in San Antonio. In lane four, the new U.S. national high school record-holder, Daniel Breeze-Richardson from McCallum High School in Austin. In lane five...”  Daniel didn't hear the rest of the announcement. He knew the guys he was swimming against. 
After he was announced, Daniel stood up on his starting block, turned toward the crowd and waved with both hands in the air. He quickly glanced to the third row in the center of the stands and saw his extended family standing and cheering. As he did before every race, his eyes locked with his boyfriend's. Alex smiled at him and gave him a thumbs up. Next to him his little brother Cade was jumping up and down in excitement. Daniel turned away and began his final preparations for the race. He began swinging his arms in broad circles to get the blood flowing.  Standing next to Daniel in lane five is Evan Franklin from Austin High School. 
Evan has always been Daniel's closest competition with Daniel winning about 60% of their races. Whenever they were in a race together, everyone pretty much knew one of them would take first place. While fierce competitors, outside the pool they were great friends. As the announcer was finishing with the introductions, Daniel began to plot out his strategy. He knew he was the strongest in the butterfly and weakest in the backstroke. He knew that if he was at least a length ahead after butterfly, he could hold his own in the backstroke. He knew he was stronger than Evan in the breaststroke and could more than handle himself in the freestyle. As he was strategizing, he placed his goggles over his eyes.   On your mark, get set....BANG!” Daniel had a perfect launch and was soon racing down his lane. Halfway into his first leg, he knew he was doing well as he could see no other swimmers... not even their hands as he butterflied his way to the wall. As he turned around to begin the second leg of the butterfly, he saw Evan approaching the wall in the next lane. He  figured to be a good two seconds ahead of him and he poured it on for the second half of the first stroke. 
As he touched the wall and did his signature front- flip he could hear the creaming crowd has his head briefly went above the water line. He knew he was doing well. He felt like he was on fire. What Daniel didn't see was that he was 1.2 seconds ahead of his record pace he set earlier in the day.   
Daniel was a quarter of the way down his lane when he caught a glimpse of Evan beginning his backstroke.  He heard “King of New York” in his mind as he pushed himself harder than he ever had in his most difficult leg of the medley. He touched the wall and turned for the second half of the second leg and he realized he was at least three lengths ahead of Evan. He figured his friend must have had some kind f trouble in the first leg.  
He touched the wall and flipped into the breaststroke, passing everyone as they were finishing their backstroke lap.  The noise of the crowd as he cleared the water on each stroke only motivated him to push himself even harder. He knew he was probably going to break his own record now and that idea motivated him even more.  Before he knew it he had completed the third leg of the medley and was into the final leg, the freestyle.  He was nearly a half-length ahead of Evan and that was the final motivation to give his all.
Daniel made his final turn and from out of nowhere found a burst of strengthto push himself even harder to the finish. As he saw the wall in front him he gave one last push and turned around. Evan was a good seven seconds behind him. He looked up at the scoreboard and saw USHSR by his name.  “Holy shit!” he though to himself, 4:09:37!”
Daniel had set yet another high school US record and just as it began to sink in he saw Evan finishing his race and coming in second place. Once Evan finished, he dipped under the lane divider and stood up next to Daniel, wrapping his arms around him. “You know you're going to Rio, dude! That was fucking awesome!” “Dude, I don't know where that came from!” I do! Alex must have fucked you twice last night. You always do better after he loves you hard!” Daniel blushed as he whispered into Evan's ear, “And again this morning!”
The boys continued hugging each other as the crowd went completely wild. They were standing and cheering at the top of their lungs. Evan broke away from Daniel and pointed to the crowd. “Dude, that's for you! You're totally hot shit, man!” The boys got out of the pool and Daniel was immediately surrounded by the other swimmers, all of them giving him congratulatory hugs. “I'll be right back, guys!”   .
Daniel broke away from the crowd and ran past the reporters heading his way. He went up to the crowd and stood at the railing as his dads, uncles, brother and lover ran down to him. There were hugs and high-fives from all. Cade wouldn't let go of his big brother and Alex, Daniel's boyfriend couldn't wait any longer. He just hugged Daniel along with Cade and said, “I love you champion!”  
The boys finally let go of him and Daniel felt strong arms turning him around. It was his coach, beaming with tears in his eyes. Behind his coach was the rest of the McCallum swim team. The hoisted Daniel up on their shoulders, chanting “Knights! Knights!  Knights!” as they carried him to the podium for the medal ceremony. He quickly put his warm-up suit back on just as they announced him as the gold medal winner. Evan was second and Derek Hampton was the bronze medal winner. At the end of the ceremony Daniel pulled the other two medalists to the top podium with him and the three boys wrapped their arms around each other and posed as cameras flashed from the press and the fans in the stands.
Soon the swimmers were in the locker room and shedding their clothes as they prepared for the shower. As Evan was standing next to Daniel as he shed his maroon Speedos. He leaned into his friend and whispered, Screw the records, this is why you joined the swim team, isn't it?” Fuck yeah, dude!  Hot, smooth, wet boys showering in the same room... who wouldn't like that?” With their arms around each others shoulders, the two boys joined the rest of the guys in the shower room. Daniel was greeted with whoops and hollars from the other swimmers and he stood at the entrance to the room and gazed at his admirers.
The thing Daniel loved about swimmers was they were completely uninhibited. You get over any kind of shyness after a couple of races when you are wearing a skimpy Speedo in front of the general public. Almost every team has a traditional shave party before meets so everyone is used to seeing and touching each others hard junk. Daniel and Evan checked out the boys in the shower and smiled when they realized most were hard or at least semi-hard. Evan and Daniel found shower heads next to each other and began cleaning up. Erick asked his bud what his plans were for the night and Daniel reminded him that he had to be at the school in less than an hour. He designed and was running lights for “The Producers” and his family was going to be there for what was going to be the final performance.Maybe Robbie and I will come too, if there are any seats left.” “They say it's sold out, but there are always a few seats held for emergencies. I'll try to get some for you.” “Cool, maybe we can celebrate together after the show?” “We'll see. I don't know if the dads have any plans but you know Alex and I are always up for some fun with our besties!” The thought made the boys' cocks jump in anticipation as they rinsed off and grabbed their towels. 
After dressing and packing their bags, Daniel and Evan made their way out to the parking lot of the UT Swim Center. Robbie, Evan's parents, and Daniel's family were all waiting for them with big smiles. Cade immediately ran and jumped into Daniel's arms. “Dude! You rocked that pool!” Jason and Johnny, Daniel's dads moved in and added their hugs.
Jason was beaming as he and Johnny hugged their eldest son. “I'm so proud of you, Daniel. Not just for the amazing swim you had, but more for all you've been able to accomplish since you've come into our lives!” Johnny added, “Nick really wanted to be here this afternoon, but he had rehearsal and couldn't make it. But he did leave this for you.” Johnny handed an envelope to Daniel just as Alex got one of his mischevious grins that were becoming easier and easier to spot by his boyfriend. 
Nick Jonas was the guest artist for the Rosemont Theatre's upcoming production of Stephen Sondheim's Assassins. Daniel's dad Jason is the managing artistic director for the theatre while Johnny, his other dad is the lighting designer. Nick became especially close to the family on the trip to New York for Johnny and Jason's wedding. Daniel was already a big fan but as he got to know the new family friend, he found them all becoming quite close. He had no idea how close Nick got to his dads, in fact he had no idea if Nick was even gay... or bi. All he knew is that next to his amazing lover, Nick Jonas was the hottest man Daniel had ever laid eyes on. There were many jack-off sessions filled with the image of Nick filling Daniel's mind.

Alex was completely aware of Daniel's infatuation with Nick and admitted to having his own fantasies that included the hot celebrity. Nick himself found the boys pretty hot, too. He knew he couldn't do anything though. After all, Daniel was the son of his boss! Nick really wanted to be at the meet and spend time with his new “family.” He had an important music rehearsal and just couldn't get away. Nick had asked Jason and Johnny if he could get the boys a room at the W Hotel as a congratulations gift if Daniel won the gold medal. After discussing it, they thought it would be good for the boys to get away from the family for a night. Of course they also sent Cade over to Conner's for a sleepover, leaving the house to themselves for a rare night alone!

Daniel made his way up to the booth so he could run his pre-show test of the lights. Bruce Cole, his freshman assistant was already there. “Dude, we saw you on the news before they brought me to the theatre. My dad couldn't stop talking about how you were such a good role model for me. He keeps making me think I'm just not good enough.” “Bruce, don't even think that! You and I are both basically kids still. I don't want to be a role model. Of course, he wouldn't want me to be a role model if he knew I had a boyfriend, right?”

Bruce smiled as he answered, “You're probably right there. Of course, that's the one thing I definitely look up to you as a role model. I mean, how do you even find a boyfriend? I mean, what's it like, really?” Daniel smiled as he thought of the wisest words his dad Jason ever told him. Then he looked at the young boy sitting beside him at the lighting console. “Bruce? You? You like dick?” Bruce turned twenty shades of red and looked down. “I don't know, I've never been with anyone... boy or girl. But all I think about are the hot boys around the theatre... and P.E. is pure hell!” “Oh I remember that all too well! But to answer your question, I'll tell you something I was told not so long ago. Don't ever go out and LOOK for a boyfriend. When you do, you almost always try to make someone who just isn't quite right for you into something they're not. But one day... when you least expect it, someone will walk into your life and in an instant you'll know. You'll know that there is someone in the world that makes your entire life complete. You know that there is someone that instantly fills the empty places in your heart you didn't even know exist. It's the most beautiful and amazing and exciting thing in the world. Be patient, Bruce. He... or she... will just walk into your life and you'll be the happiest person in the world. It happened with me and Alex... and it also happened with my dads.”

That's another thing, it must be really different having two dads, huh?” “Not really. I guess the only thing that's different is that I have two parents who love me no matter what. It's really no different than if one of them was a woman. Well, I guess there is a difference in one respect.” “What's that?” “When it's just us guys at the house, we swim naked in the pool.”

You know Daniel, I just hope I can be half as cool as you are someday.” “Bruce, don't try to be something you're not!” “Hey!” Daniel leaned over and gave Bruce a hug just as the stage manager called the cast to the stage for warm-ups.

While the cast was onstage, Daniel remembered the envelope from Nick Jonas in his pocket. He pulled it out and began reading:


Congrats on winning your race today. I'm still amazed at the man you've become through all the trials and tribulations you had to endure. I hate that I missed your birthday before we met. So I have a special birthday/congrats on the win present for you. All you have to do is follow Alex's lead after your show tonight. Don't try asking him what is going on, he has been sworn to secrecy. Besides, he doesn't know everything!

I'm so proud of you! Even more importantly, I'm proud that you are a wonderful part of my life!



Before long, the house was opened and it quickly began filling with the friends and families of the students involved with the show. In a couple of minutes Daniel smiled broadly as his family made their way into the theatre. Cade immediately looked up to the booth and waved at his big brother. Bruce looked at the group and commented, “Damn, Daniel, you have the hottest family in Texas. And now all I can do is picture them all naked and in the pool!” Daniel lovingly punched his friend on the shoulder. “Perv! That's my family you're talking about!”

The performance was flawless. The audience was rolling in the aisles with laughter and the standing ovation began as soon as the first of the chorus made their way onto the stage. Before long, Daniel was sitting in his car as Alex drove them out of the parking lot and began heading towards downtown. “Where are we going, babe?” “All I'm allowed to tell you is that Nick got us a room at the W Hotel for the night.” “Sweet! A night away from home with you! I need to win more swim meets!”

It only took about ten minutes for Alex to pull the red Fiat up to the front of the hotel. Alex reached into the trunk and grabbed the overnight bag he had packed and soon the boys were checked in and heading up to the eleventh floor. While they were checking in, Alex sent a quick text to Nick to let him know they were in the lobby. Daniel was filling out his registration card and didn't notice. So far the plan was working perfectly!

When the boys opened the door Daniel was blown away with the size of the suite they had. He noticed a massage table in the middle of the living room with a note:

Welcome to your special night, Daniel. The first order of business is to let Alex remove all your clothes so you can lie on the table and get a full massage since you must be a little sore after all the work you did in the pool. Alex will be assisting the massage therapist and both of them will be working your tired and aching muscles. Please lie face-down on the table. Your massage will begin shortly.

Alex took Daniel in his arms and kissed him deeply. “I'm so proud of you, Daniel. I'm proud of the athlete you are, the man you've become, and the beautiful life I get to share with you.” As he spoke he began to lovingly remove his lover's clothing, kissing his exposed skin as it was revealed. He gently squeezed Daniel's erection as he guided his lover to the massage table. As Daniel lowered his face into the head rest, he asked Alex, “When will the therapi....” “Shhhh. No talking baby, just relax and soak in the atmosphere.”

Daniel settled in to the table with a long and relaxing sigh. He noticed the soft, etherial music playing in the background and a light aroma of lavender in the air. The next thing he noticed with the presence of another person standing next to him. He didn't hear anyone come in the door, and before he could figure out how the second person got into the room he felt both sets of hands gently moving up and down his back and down his legs. Daniel just emptied his mind of though and concern and focused on the wonderful feeling of the hands on his smooth and muscular body.

Daniel then felt warm oil being poured onto his back. It also smelled of lavender and helped him to relax even more. The two men worked in perfect unison, mirroring each others movements as they rubbed and kneaded the muscles in Daniel's back. After ten minutes of work on his back, they moved down and worked on his legs, again in perfect unison and achieving total relaxation.

Daniel felt more oil being poured onto his glutes and soon felt four hands working deep into the tissue to bring total relaxation. As the pair worked the firm muscles of his ass, occasionally a finger or two would find its way into the crack of his ass and gently glide across his tight, hairless rosebud. That would bring a deep, gutteral moan from Daniel and send blood rushing to already hard cock. He then felt Alex bend over to his ear. “We're going to ask you to turn over now. When you do you'll see the next part of your surprise. Stay calm, baby. This is part of your very special gift. Okay, you can turn over now, but keep your eyes closed until I tell you open them.”

A very relaxed Daniel lifted himself up and turned over. Alex guided him down towards the foot of the table and removed the head rest. As Daniel settled into the table he felt Alex's lips touch his. He parted his lips and let his lover's tongue into his mouth. Just as he was settling into the passionate kiss, Daniel gasped as he felt a warm mouth sliding down his throbbing cock. “Okay baby, you can open your eyes now, but remember to stay calm.”

Daniel opened his eyes as the mouth left his cock. “Nick? Oh wow! Nick Jonas sucking my cock?” Nick moved up to Daniel's face and whispered, “Alex tells me that I might be a part of some fantasy you have. I think that's one of the nicest things I've ever heard. When he asked me if we could somehow make your fantasy come true, we began planning this night!”

Nick!?! I don't know what to say!” Alex gently caressed Daniel's face. “You don't have to say anything, baby. This night is all about you.” Nick began caressing Daniel's face and whispered, “All I ask is that we keep this to ourselves. It would be a little awkward if you dads found out what is about to happen here tonight.” “Of course, Nick. I won't say a word!” With that, Nick and Alex helped Daniel off the table and led him to the bedroom.

The first thing Daniel noticed as the three of them were walking into the bedroom was the size of Nick's cock. He'd never seen one that big in his life! When they got to the foot of the bed, they all engaged in a long, deep, and passionate three-way kiss... their throbbing cocks battling for the space between them. Daniel was the first to break away from the kiss. “I can't believe I'm kissing Nick Jonas!” “Stud boy, you're going to get a lot more of me than just a sexy kiss!” “Lay down on the bed, Nick.”

Nick positioned himself in the center of the bed and began to slowly stroke his massive cock. “Holy shit, Nick! That's the most amazing cock I've ever seen! Alex, let's get that monster nice and wet so I can sit on it!” Alex and Daniel laid down on either side of Nick and began slathering their tongues up and down the massive ten inch column. Nick asked Daniel to move above him so he could enjoy some of that sweet swimmer ass. Daniel grinned as he looked into Alex's eye and mouthed, “Thank you!” to his lover. He shifted so his ass was pointing directly at his pop star idol.

Nick moaned with pleasure as he pulled Daniel's muscular cheeks apart and saw the twitching, smooth rosebud. Just the sight of Daniel's hole caused Nick to release a load of precum that the two boys greedily lapped up with their tongues. Daniel had Nick's cock deep in his throat just as Nick plunged his tongue into the boy's near-virgin hole, causing a deep moan to surround his cock, causing yet another load of precum to make its way down Daniel's throat.

After about five minutes of deep tongue-fucking, Daniel lifted his head and shouted, “Fuck me, Nick! I need you inside me!” He turned around and kissed Nick deeply as Alex took the bottle of lube and slathered a good amount on the ten inch column of throbbing flesh in front of him. He then worked some into his boyfriend's ready ass. Alex then grabbed Daniel's hips and eased him off the kiss and lined his ready ass over the leaking purple head of Nick's cock. As Daniel slowly lowered himself on the monster cock, he threw his head back in ecstasy. “Oooooh fuck, that's big!” Alex was mesmerized watching Nick's cock disappear into Daniel's tight hole. He moved in and began to lick Daniel's hole and Nick's cock, helping Daniel to relax and causing louder moans from the boy.

With about two inches of Nick's cock left to go, Daniel felt the undeniable pleasure of his prostate being attacked by the invading cock. “Oooooooooooh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!! Ooooh! Ooooh!” And with that, Daniel found his cock pulsing and exploding hot boy juice all over the man he has fantasized over for the last three years. Alex moved over and began licking Daniel's load off of Nick's chest and abs. Whenever he had a tongue full of cum, he would slide up and kiss Nick and share his lover's load.

Daniel recovered in no time and looked down at Alex and Nick. “Glad we got that out of the way, I was horny as fuck! Now we can get down to business!” And down to business he got. In no time at all, Daniel was riding Nick's cock like a pro. Every time he would raise himself up he would clench his muscular ass and milk a moan out of Nick, which were now buried deep in Alex's smooth, tanned ass. Alex was expertly sucking and licking Daniel's still-hard cock as his boyfriend was pistoning up and down on Nick's cock.

Daniel couldn't believe he was experiencing his first three-way with his lover and idol. Nick couldn't believe he was in bed with two of the hottest boys he's met since his Les Miz days in London. Alex was amazed that he was actually able to set up his lover's fantasy and was totally into giving Daniel as much pleasure as he could. The room was filled with a chorus of moans and groans as Daniel thrilled in the feeling of Nick's gigantic cock filling him like he'd never been filled before. Nick was moaning into Alex's ass every time Daniel squeezed his ass around his cock. Alex was moaning every time Daniel spilled a load of precum down his throat.

After a while, Alex noticed Daniel's moans getting louder and more intense. He knew we was close to cumming again and increased the pressure on his lover's cock. Nick had already raised Alex up a bit and was sucking the Latino cock from behind while deeply fingering his hole and massaging his magic spot. In no time at all Alex was savoring the taste of Daniel's second load of the night washing down his throat and as Daniel's ass milked Nick's cock with each blast of teen cum, Nick unleashed torrents of pop star cum deep in Daniel's ass. Hearing the other two moan and shout in orgasmic bliss was all it too for Alex to shoot nine jets of scalding cum down into Nick's eager mouth.

The bedroom was heavy with the aroma of sex and boy sweat as three extremely satisfied boys found their way into a hot three-way kiss as they enjoyed the remnants of the boys' baby-makers on their tongues. After several minutes of kissing, the three ended up in a triple spoon with Alex holding on to Daniel, who was holding on to Nick. The exhausted boys all slept through the night... snuggling, caressing, dream-humping, and definitely smiling.

At 8:00 on Sunday morning, there was a light know on the suite door. Nick heard it and eased out from Daniel's arms and grabbed a bathrobe. He made his way to the door and just as he had ordered the night before, room service was waiting with three carts. Three hot boys rolled them in... two of them were pure business while the third (Nick remembered his name was Jackson) glanced into the bedroom and saw the two boys lying in bed. Jackson gave Nick a knowing wink and lingered behind as the other two left the room. He handed the check to Nick and as he signed the paper, he whispered to the pop star, “I'm off at 4:00 and have a free night, if you'd like another go-round... I know I would!” Nick changed the tip from $50 to $200 and kissed the hot boy. “I'll be waiting for you, sexy boy!”

Nick poured himself a cup of coffee and turned on the local morning news. After about five minutes, there was a story on the previous day's swim meet and he got to see Daniel's shining moment! He was grinning from ear to ear as the boys came out from the bedroom. Daniel smiled at Nick. “Bacon! It's the best alarm clock!”

Breakfast was also being served at the Travis State Prison a few miles east of Austin. Eddie Hayes was hungrily devouring his luke-warm, lumpy oatmeal as he noticed a familiar face on the television up in the corner. He softly mumbled to himself, “God-damned faggot kid! Thought he could change his name and keep me away, did he? That little fucker's dead!”

Well, there's the end of the first chapter! Yeah, a little cliff-hanger to start things off. Hope you enjoyed the beginning of the JOHNNY BREEZE & ME spin-off! You know the drill, it's the emails and facebook posts that keep the stories going! Let me hear from you at