The usual Disclaimers apply to this story. This story was adapted from one posted by Terry Audot

Robbie and Jeff have now to face their final ordeal the Trial, that hangs over their heads like the sword of Damocles.


Into The Light



He went back to the start of his measured run then turning stood staring straight ahead concentrating on what he had to do, letting his mind go through the motions of how he was going to perform his field event.

He wasn't aware that their were a pair of eyes focused on him from the other side of the sports field his mind and vision were set to one purpose and it was this. He took off and hurtled down the track his legs working like pistons, which in comparison to his upper body size was disproportionate for a boy of his size and weight. His legs with the power and speed they delivered were more appropriate for a boy at least four inches taller and twenty pounds heavier than he was. He approached the place that his mind was focused on his foot hit the take off board, a hop, a step and a leap with every sinew in his body straining to get the utmost from his effort, and then his feet were hitting the sand. He got up and dusted himself down and looked to see where he had come in contact with the sandpit and then down to the measurement board. "16m 50cm," he thought, "That's still quite a bit less than the under 18 world record, but at least I've got the school record, and I've still got another 20 months before I hit eighteen." He walked over to where his track suit was lying on the grass and started to get dressed his practice session ended for the day. He'd had a free period in the afternoon so knowing that a certain boy would be out in the sports field he'd decided to do a bit of practice on his own. He looked across the field and could see Mr Thoms busy with the juniors.


He sat on the grass after dressing and watched the boys on the far side of the field. Actually he watched only one boy, that was the small ash blonde who with some other boys were being lined up in a staggered start to what to him looked like a 100metre race. The boy he was watching and another were led to the 10m mark another slightly taller boy was on the 5m mark and the three others were starting from scratch. He watched the boy intently and saw him and the other boys move before he heard the report of the starting pistol.

His eyes concentrated on the blonde haired boy as he took off and was soon in the lead giving it his all. 15 metres from the finish all three of the scratch starters cruised passed him and the race was over. The blonde haired boy collapsed on to the track after the finishing fourth lying on his back his arms and legs splayed out sucking in great lungfuls of air. The triple jumper sat and watched the boy a slight smile coming to his mouth on seeing the boy collapsed on the track. Suddenly the blonde haired boy moved and slowly got to his feet their sports session finished for the day as Mr Thoms got them to collect their belongings and head back to the school and then home.


Jeffery Givens stood and started in the direction the juniors had taken he walked a bit more quickly as he saw the blonde haired boy dawdling along at the rear of the group of boys letting the rest of his classmates get ahead of him. The boy took a quick glance over his shoulder and smiled as he saw his boyfriend walking quickly to catch up. He stopped and bent down pretending to tie the laces on his trainers giving Jeff time to draw up behind him.

On reaching the younger boy Jeff Givens stopped as the blonde haired boy stood, and looked around noticing that they were alone as the other boys had disappeared into the school.

Facing Jeff with a smile on his face he said, "That was a nice jump, did you beat your record."

"Huh, you were watching."

"No I had my eyes shut and imagined it all," and Robbie took off laughing knowing that Jeff would definitely chase him down, and that's exactly what the older boy did, catching his young friend and scooping him into his arms pretending to roughhouse him but exhilarating in the sensations of having Robbie in his arms and squeezed into his body. After they'd had the satisfaction of the close contact Jeff set the younger boy on his feet saying, "Come on shrimp your brother will be waiting to take you home."

"You coming as well?"

"No Robbie, I have to get home dad phoned saying our attorney is coming over when I get home from school to discuss the case."

"I'm getting really nervous Jeff it's only another four days before the trial starts."

"Yeah me too, I have a hard time sleeping most nights."

The two boys made their way towards the school in silence their exuberance now somewhat diminished at the mention of the trial.


When they had reached Robbie's locker he gathered his things then the two of them made their way out to the car park where the rest of Robbie's siblings were waiting for him. Seeing them he turned to Jeff saying, See you tomorrow," then whispered so only the boy standing beside him could hear, "Love you," and he was running across the car park towards his brother's car. Jimmy was behind the steering wheel the others seated inside the car except for Connor who stood outside. Robbie didn't slow down as he neared his brother, he just leapt and knew that he would be caught and swung around, and it was precisely what happened.

Jeff from a distance saw what took place and was envious that Connor could do without any recriminations what he himself wanted to do every time he was in the company of Robbie. He watched as Connor after a while set Robbie down on his feet then they both turned and waved to him, they waited for him to wave back which he did then they climbed into the car and Jimmy drove off.



Saturday morning at 9.00am the doorbell of the Givens household rang

Mrs Givens who'd only been up about ten minutes and was sipping a cup of coffee ambled over to the front door and opened it.

"Robbie, how are you? Come in," and she stood to one side to let the blonde haired boy enter into the house, and as he did he said, "I'm fine Mrs Givens, how are you keeping?"

"I'm doing fine Robbie, Jeff is still sleeping go and wake him."

"Okay Mrs Givens" and the boy took off taking the stairs two at a time then opening the door to Jeff's bedroom. He looked across at the bed to see Jeff with the bed covers thrown off him lying on his back with and obvious erection showing in his night shorts.

Quietly tip toeing towards the bed where the older boy lay he giggled to himself as he envisioned what he was going to do to Jeff when he reached him. He gently lowered himself to sit on the bed when reaching it, then extended both his hands one to pinch the sleeping boys nostrils shut the other to clamp down on the boys mouth. Momentarily there was no reaction from the sleeping boy then his body jerked upright and his head shook knocking the hands from his face as he opened his mouth to take in a gulp of air. He heard the laughter from the side of the bed and looking towards the sound saw the small blonde haired boy now standing beside the bed with a huge grin on his face. His arm shot out grabbing the boy who didn't resist as he pulled him down to lie on top of him then pecked the still smiling mouth on the lips.

"Hi," he said starting into the nearly black eyes that looked back at him

"Hi to you too, don't you ever get up earlier than nine on weekends"

"Huh, I'd still be sleeping if some young brat hadn't disturbed me."

"Want me to leave and come back later."

He didn't answer straight away, but just lay staring into the face above him.

"Jeff what's wrong say something."

He cupped the side of the face that had a worried look on it, "Nothing's wrong Robbie, was just thinking about us and if I had my way you would never leave my side I'd want you here period."


"All the time."

"Yeah that's what I thought," and Robbie Anderson lowered his head to rest it on his boyfriends shoulder. He revelled in the close contact with Jeff and as he felt him stroking his back he closed his eyes in contentment and lay still letting his senses take in the aroma of the boy that lay beneath him.

Five minutes later the older boy gently rolled his young companion off his body saying, "Time to get washed and dressed otherwise my mother will be wondering what's going on up here," and reluctantly the younger boy rose from the bed and watched as his older companion made his way to the bathroom.



Half an hour later after Jeff had consumed his breakfast saw the two boys walking back to Robbie's house.

"When do you think our parents will let us sleep together Jeff?"

He looked down at his young companion and smiled saying, "They're treating you exactly the way they treat the rest of your brother's and sister. They don't allow them to have their girlfriends or boyfriend to sleep over so why should we be treated any differently."

"Yeah I suppose so, but it's a real bummer having to wait when we can be alone to do what we want."

"And what do you think the other members of your family are doing."

The young boy giggled, and as he heard the melodic sound emanating from his young companion so Jeff's insides did the usual on hearing that laugh as waves of pleasure coursed through his body. He stretched out his arm and wrapped it around Robbie's narrow shoulders drawing the boy into his side as they continued on their way to the house.


As they began to walk up the path to the front porch the door opened and exiting the house was D.C. Donald Bentley. The boys froze on seeing him, for no other reason than his appearance reminded them that the case was due to start within the next 48hours. As the detective drew up to the boys he greeted them then addressing the younger of the two said, "I've been talking to your parents Robbie about getting you to the court undetected by the public and media. You'll be picked up on Monday morning in an unmarked police car and your mother and you will be taken to a separate part of the courthouse. Your parents are waiting to discuss it with you and if you're agreeable to the arrangements they'll notify me by phone."

"Okay Detective Bentley, and thanks for your help."

"Okay good luck to you both on Monday; I won't be at court presenting the police evidence at the trial a more senior officer will be doing that."

The boys both said their goodbyes to the police officer and made their way into the house their spirits somewhat dampened by the appearance of DC Bentley reminding them of the forthcoming court case on Monday.




As we walked up the pathway to the front door my parents waited at the door for Jeff and I to enter. I was still feeling despondent after the meeting with D.C Bentley so I didn't greet my parents with the same exuberance I normally did., after greeting them dad asked Jeff and me to accompany them into the sitting room.

When we were all seated I suppose my parents couldn't help but notice our downcast looks, and dad came straight to the point.


"I'm not going to beat about the bush it's time to put things into perspective regarding Jeffery's pending court case." He stared at me for a couple of seconds and must have noticed that my eyes were watering with the thoughts going through my head about Jeff, before continuing,

"We all hope that Jeff will not be given a custodial sentence, but there is no guarantee that what we hope for will happen. If the court finds it necessary to detain Jeff then," and looking directly at me my dad said, "We need you to be strong Robbie and help Jeff get through the initial stages of his confinement. And try not to be too downcast."

Then averting his gaze to Jeff he said, "Jeffery, if you do get a custodial sentence and I'm not going to hold back, it will seem like the end of the world. Even with your family and friends to support you it cannot take away the shock that you'll experience at first. It will take time but you're strong and although it will take time you'll come to terms with your incarceration. On the other hand if all goes well you may only get probation which is what we are all hoping for.

Dad stopped talking and for a brief few seconds there was total silence till Jeff stood and walked over to my dad, "Thanks Mr Anderson I'm glad you said what you had to, everybody else has been shying away from talking about the case and what might happen other than the lawyers. Mostly people my parents include hope that by not bringing up the subject that the worst won't happen."

"You're welcome Jeff now I think the two of you should go to Robbie's room and have a serious talk about tomorrow's court case and how the two of you will handle it."


Thanking my parents Jeff and I went to my room, inside after locking the door we lay on the bed and wrapped our arms around each other with my head resting on Jeff's chest. We just lay silently each in our own thoughts thinking about what my dad had just said. With the case only 48hrs away the enormity of what might happen suddenly cast a dark shadow over me making me silently cry. Jeff must have sensed my depressed mood as he suddenly started to stroke my head. I twisted in his arms to lift myself up and face him, he saw the tears in my eyes as he cupped my face in his hands then lifted his head to kiss my tear stained eyes then he lay back down again pulling my head back onto his chest and continued to stroke my head saying, "Don't worry Robbie it will be alright."

I didn't reply but lay still knowing that if I tried to talk I'd burst into tears, instead snuggled tighter into his body.



We stayed in my room till about 1.00pm by then I had regained some of my optimism as we went down to the kitchen to grab a snack. While eating Connor returned home with Sally they were going to the shopping Mall and asked if we wanted to join them, we took them up on the offer and spent the rest of the afternoon with them till it was time for Jeff to head home.

As he was going with his parents to visit his aunt on Sunday meant that I wouldn't see him again till after the trial I again started to feel a bit down and as he gave me a quick peck on the lips saying "See you on Monday maybe," it made feel even worse.

The moment he saw the look on my face he smiled and stroked my head saying, "Don't worry Robbie it's going to be alright I was joking just now when I said that, of course I'll see you on Monday after the case then we won't have a care in the world," again he pecked me on the lips then made his way out of the front door leaving me feeling empty.


The rest of the evening I just hung around the house not doing anything much till it was time for bed. I didn't sleep well I kept thinking about the case and imagining the harshest of sentences being imposed on Jeff, At about 1.30am in the morning I got out of bed and made my way to the kitchen to make a hot chocolate in the hope it might help me get to sleep. I was in the process of pouring some milk into a mug to warm in the microwave when a voice behind me said.

"You going to make me one as well?"

I turned to see Connor standing in the doorway. Since my return home Connor had become tuned in to me to such an extent that he seemed to be able to sense any problems I was having. "Okay what do you want a cup or a mug,"

"A cup will do fine, I'm not the one having problems sleeping," and Connor walked over to join me at the microwave till the milk was warmed.

We sat drinking in silence till we had finished then standing beside me Connor said, "My bed or yours,"

"You choose."

"Okay mine, my bed is bigger," and he yanked me from the chair tucking me under his arm then picking up the used crockery with the other he dumped them in the sink. Now that his other hand was free he moved me into his arms and carried me to his bed. Laying me on the side nearest to the window he lay down beside me and pulled the covers over us. I wrapped myself around my brother and moments later was asleep and didn't wake till nearly 9.30am nearly two hours later than my normal waking time. I untangled myself from Connor and made my way to the loo to relieve myself then carry out my morning ablutions.

Dressed I went down to greet my parents who were the only ones up besides me. The rest of the day I mooched around the house my brothers and sister tried to get me involved in their activities but I declined all their offers. Later in the afternoon Jeff called me from his aunt's house and shortly after that Joey called around.

We played on my Ps3 but my heart wasn't really in it and he slaughtered me in every game. By 6.00pm Joey left to go home and I walked with him part of the way then returned home and made my way to the dining room to see the family seated at the table waiting for me. I made my apologies for being late and took my place. Maybe it was because of me that their was little or no conversation at the table as there normally was and the meal was eaten in relative silence with only the odd requests for certain foods to be passed to one another.



Jeff called me once again just when they were leaving his aunts house to return home and we talked for quite sometime. By 11.00pm I said goodnight to my mum and dad, my siblings had all gone out for the evening.

I went to my room changed into my nightwear and was about to get into bed when I changed my mind walked down the hall to Connor and Chase's room and jumped into Connor's bed. I had all sorts of thoughts running through my head about what could happen during the trial from the worst case scenario to the best and must have fallen asleep about 11.45pm. With all the thoughts that had been running through my head about the trial and also what I might be asked about the sexual assault, I awoke screaming. I felt a pair of arms grab me and then Connor's voice saying it's alright Robbie your safe it was only a dream. I heard my mother and father enquiring about me and Connor telling them he had it under control, they left putting the light out. I lay down with Connor's arms around me and soon fell asleep again, and didn't wake till 8.00am.

I gently untangled myself from Connor then went to get ready for the day ahead which would define how Jeff's and my life will be affected by the day's proceedings.



By 9.30am an unmarked police car arrived to take my mum and I to a secluded part of the Courthouse, the rest of the family would be in the courtroom in which the case would be heard. We arrived just before ten and the driver who was assigned to us led us into a room which was furnished with a couple chairs a TV set above which was mounted a video camera. My mother and I took our seats and the police officer after switching on the TV and the camera went to the back of the room and stood there in case he was required. On the TV we could only see where the Judge sat and at the moment his chair was empty.

At 10.15am he walked into our view and we heard a lot of noise which meant people standing on the judge's entrance.


The charges were read out and the defendants were asked how they pleaded which three of the accused pleaded guilty, Jeff and David Knowles pleaded guilty with extenuating circumstances. After the attorneys for the defendants had placed their case before the Judge to take into consideration their youth and the remorse they felt at what they'd done when passing sentence., the Judge then sat reading the reports by the police, social workers, and the school the boys attended.

He seemed to read very quickly but I think he must have had the reports in his possession for sometime and knew what was in them, so he must have been looking to see if anything new had been added.

It meant that I wouldn't be asked to give a statement or be questioned by any of the attorneys which was a big relief to me, and after a few more minutes the Judge looked up from the reports as the Clerk of the court asked for silence.


Looking in the direction I think where the accused were standing the Judge began.

"Richard Philips, Kevin Barton, and Brian Robertson, you three carried out a most heinous sexual assault on a minor which left the victim beaten, bleeding, traumatised, and who had to be admitted to hospital. The severity of the attack leaves me in no doubt that you were not remorseful of what you had done and if given the chance would do so again."

The Judge paused for a moment then said Richard Phillips not only did you sexually assault the victim but you also physically assaulted him resulting with your victim suffering with a concussion.

For your part in the crime I sentence you to serve Seven years," there were gasps from the courtroom, and the Judge paused to let the clerk call for silence, then he continued, "In a young offenders institute, on your eighteenth birthday which is in two months time you will be moved to an adult prison to serve the rest of your sentence. The Judge took a sip of water, and looking across the courtroom again said, Kevin Barton, and Brian Robertson, for your part in the attack you will each serve Five years in a young offenders institute till you reach the age of eighteen when at that time you will the be moved to an adult prison."

I was really nervous now and was holding onto my mum's hand as the judge was about to deal with Jeff and David Knowles.


Jeffery Givens, and David Knowles, although you did not take part in any sexual or physical attack on the victim by your presence at the scene you implicate yourselves. One of you did verbally try and stop the attack but that was all. Although the other three were older and bigger than you two, you didn't in any manner or way try to physically restrain them. It is commendable that you both submitted yourselves into police custody and gave them all the relevant information that led to the arrest of the others; however as stated you were both at the scene of the crime and must be punished accordingly.

I sentence you both to serve Two years in a young offend..... and the Judge's voice was drowned out by the relations and friends of David Knowles and Jeff yelling their disapproval.

I jumped up from my chair with tears streaming down my face and ran for the door with my mother following me trying to get me to calm down.

Outside the room I was yelling, "I want to go home mum." with the tears still pouring down my cheeks.

The police officer who was assigned to us drove us back, and all the way there my mind was in turmoil at what the judge had just said.

As soon as we arrived home I dashed out of the car to the front door opened it with my key and headed for my room and lay face down on my bed wondering

what was happening to Jeff and if this sentence would ever let us be close again as we are at the moment.

Mum came into the room to try and placate me but I just couldn't see past the present situation and asked to be left alone. When my mother left the room I got off the bed went into the bathroom and washed my face. Downstairs I told my mum that I was going out for a bit as I wanted to be alone, and knew that the family would be back from the courthouse shortly and didn't feel like facing them.

After giving mum a kiss I left the house and made my way towards Oak tree Park. Arriving at the park I headed across the expanse of grass to the tree that lent its name to the park. I made for the seat had been erected all around the trunk of the tree and sat down with my thoughts.



At the court after the Judge with his gavel and help from the clerk of the court had got the public under control the Judge addressed the courtroom.

The Judge looked sternly around the court before saying, "I have a good mind to clear this courtroom and to continue with proceedings in private and will do so if there are anymore interruptions."

Turning his attention to the two boys he said, "Jeffery Givens, and David Knowles, you are each sentenced to serve two years in a young offenders institute to be suspended and to be placed on probation for two years. If during your probation you come before a court of law for any misdemeanour you will at once be made to serve the suspended sentence." Banging his gavel on the desk the Judge brought the proceedings to an end saying, "Court dismissed."



I sat under the Oak tree in a state of deep depression. I was thinking how much more did I have to go through before all the events of the last few months could be put behind me. I was also thinking how Jeff's parents would be feeling now that he was being imprisoned for two years, and hoped they would be able to get over the shock that like me they must have felt on hearing the sentence.


I had been sitting in the park for some time with my elbows on my knees and my head in my hands trying to come to terms with what had happened to Jeff, when I sensed someone looking at me I lifted my head and looked across the grass to see Connor standing at the entrance to the park. I stood and started walking towards him thinking that my parents wanted me back home when a figure stepped out from behind him. I stopped and stared at then my mind silently screamed "Jeffrey"

I started running towards them I don't think I've ever run faster in my life and all the time my mind yelling Jeffery, Oh God Jeffery.

As I neared him he smiled and opened his arms, all the gloom and depression I had felt disappeared in a flash, and I gave voice to my thoughts and yelled "Jeffery," and leapt into his arms and into the Light.

The End.