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The First part of this story A Darker Shade of Grey was adapted from one by Terry Audet which is published in the Nifty Archives in the High School section as Dark Side of the Moon.

After so many requests for the story to be continued finally I'm able to present the next episode of Robbie's life.

From a Darker Shade of Grey Robbie is now about to take the next step in his recovery from his previous ordeals and is able to see light at the end of the tunnel.

If you are new to the story I suggest you read A Darker Shade of Grey first before continuing with this episode as you may not quite understand what's happening.

A Lighter Shade of Gray.


Part 1

After the last meeting with my counsellor he agreed that it was time for me to move on and to rejoin my family to emerge from the darkness so I could re-establish the relationship with my brothers that the assault in school had so disrupted.

On Friday the 2nd of May at 6.00pm I was in my usual place at the sitting room window at Uncle Mike's house looking out on the street waiting for the arrival of my parents. And as usual for an impatient thirteen-year-old (not forgetting the three months, that's very important to someone of my age. Three months is like ages for us its like forever) they were late. I was just beginning to get a bit apprehensive when looking up the street I saw the car.

"Unc's they're here," I yelled, and ran out the house as if my backside was on fire. As soon as my mum exited the car I had my arms around her and kissed her saying, "Hi mum good to see you again," then it was around the other side of the car and jumping into my fathers arms. He lifts me like I was a feather and at once my legs and arms encircle his body as I hugged and pressed myself into him.

"Oh my word I'll have to put you down Robbie you're getting so big and heavy."

I kissed him saying, "Don't be sarky dad," he laughs setting me down so he can get their bags out of the car. Once he's done that we all head to the house Uncle Mike is at the door to welcome them.

I'm a bit sad that Jeff hasn't come with them but he told me on the phone that he and his parents had an appointment to see his attorney on Friday evening to go over the case notes, but he'd be around to see me when I reached back home on Saturday or Sunday.

The last evening of my stay in Bourneville is spent with my parents telling me all the news and what's been happening at home, seems like my sister and brothers have decorated my room as a welcome home prezzy. That evening I packed all my clothes away into a case that my parents had brought with them and my belongings into cardboard boxes.

When I'd finished I looked around and felt a bit remorseful. The room that I'd spent the last two months, and where Jeff and I had partaken of our first kiss and sealed our love for one another, looked bare and void of human habitation.

The next day after lunch we loaded the car and made ready to leave. I went to my Uncle Mike to say goodbye and held my hand out for him to shake it. Instead he grabbed me under the armpits and lifted me so that he could plant a kiss on my cheek. I wrapped my arms around his neck and squeezed really hard saying,

"Love you Unc's."

"Love you too Robbie take care and don't forget to give your Uncle a call from time to time."

"I'll do better than that Unc's I'll come and stay weekends if you'll have me."

"Have you, I'd kidnap you if you didn't come over."

The putting my mouth to his ear I whispered, "Can I bring Jeff with me."

He laughed saying, "Of course you can." He put me down and I walked to the car and climbed in the back.

Mum and dad after saying their goodbyes followed me and shortly we were heading home. I looked out the rear window to see Uncle Mike waving as he watched us drive out of sight.

I chatted incessantly on the way home asking my parents question after question and wanting to know all the latest news. With my being so absorbed in the conversation I was suddenly surprised to see familiar landmarks as we drove by, the first being the school where I'd had the most horrendous experience of my life.

Surprisingly seeing the school again for the first time since the assault it didn't have the frightening effect on me as I had expected.

Next dad was turning the car into Park Avenue the road we lived on, and was pulling up outside the house instead of driving into the garage.

As I exited the car I was grabbed by Karen who lifted me into her arms and began crushing me into her body then planting kisses all over my face. Before I knew it I was pulled out of her grasp and without my feet touching the ground I was in Jimmy's arms with him planting a kiss on my cheek saying "Good to have you back Robbie."

"My turn," said Chase, and I was pulled from Jimmy's arms by him, he hugged me then looking into my eyes said, "I've missed you something wicked Robbie," then pecked me on the lips. He set me down on the drive and I walked towards Connor who was standing by the porch. As I drew near I saw him smile as I lifted my arms for him to carry me. He placed his hands under my armpits and lifts me as effortlessly as dad does, I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him and while doing so he's whispering in my ear, "Oh God Robbie I never thought that this day would ever come, when I could be holding you in my arms and have my baby brother who I hurt so badly hugging me in return."

I leaned back looking into his eyes and with a smile on my said, "Yeah well I'm going to make you pay, you're going to have to carry me at least once a day for the next month."

"Well if that's the way you're going to behave I won't tell you the surprise we have for you inside the house."

"Oh please Connor tell me, and I'll let you off having to carry me."

"Okay but I'll still stick to carrying you once a day for a month and even longer if you want."

"Okay what's the surprise?"

"He put his mouth to my ear saying, "There is a certain boy inside the front door waiting to meet you," he hardly had time to finish when I'd jumped down from his arms and was running to the front door that was open and barged inside to see Jeff standing in the hallway. I didn't hesitate but ran to him, and he knowing what to expect opened his arms for me to jump into. I gave him a quick kiss before anyone else came into the house then he lowered me to the floor as the rest of the family entered.

"Do you want to see what we've done to your room Robbie" my sister said grabbing my hand and pulling me to towards the stairs. I followed her up and my brothers followed behind me, it seems that I was the centre of their attention and they couldn't get enough of my company, but I knew that it would all change when the novelty of my being back home wore off, and I would be that irksome little brother always getting under their feet and asking too many questions.

We came to my room and with a flourish and a "Ta dum," my sister pushed the door to my bedroom open. I walked in and looked around and couldn't believe my eyes. They'd painted the walls white with a hint of Lilac and the ceiling the palest blue, they'd taken my old curtains down and replaced them with a pair of pale yellow curtains with maroon trimmings around the edges. The table that I'd had my pc monitor on was gone along with the chair and in its place was a proper desk with a pull out panel to rest my keyboard on, and brilliant adjustable swivel chair. I looked around soaking in the changes to my room absolutely dumbstruck till I turned and ran to my sister wrapping my arms around her and thanking her. I looked at my three brothers and smiled saying, "Thanks bro's, its Wicked"

Just then we heard dad yelling from downstairs to come and give a hand to unload the car, within seconds the room emptied, and I was left standing looking at Jeff.

I walked over and wrapped my arms around him and felt his envelope me and squeeze me into his body.

If my life could continue like this it would be ideal, but I knew it wouldn't last there was school to face on Monday, and there was bound to be some smart arse there who would make what he thought some droll remark pertaining to the humiliation I suffered at the beginning of term. Then the most important issue that the two of us would have to face Jeff's trial. No matter what the police or attorneys said there was no way of determining what sentence the judge would inflict upon Jeff, and although we've both discussed it and are prepared for the worst one can never overcome the fear that is ever present till judgement is finally passed.

Suddenly I felt Jeff's arms release me and hearing footsteps approaching the room stepped away from Jeff just in time to see Connor walking into the room carrying my pc tower and three in one printer, followed by Chase carrying the flat screen and keyboard. They put them on the new desk leaving it for me to sort out how I wanted it and for me to set up. The rest of my things were brought up by Jimmy as I went downstairs to get my case with my clothes where it had been left by the front door. Mum and Karen were in the kitchen and dad was out front locking the car I went over to my case and picked it up, it was a bit of a struggle but I was managing. I'd got half way up the stairs when I seemed to lose my balance and fell backwards, I went crashing down the stairs and let out a loud yell as I landed at the bottom with the case on top of me. I heard both my mother and Karen scream as they heard my yell and feet pounding down the stairs as my brothers and Jeff responded to the noise of me falling. Mum was first on the scene and lifted the case off me then told me to lie still.

"Alright," she said, "Does anything hurt anywhere?"

"Yes, I said more indignant than hurt, "My arse is sore where I landed on it."

"Robbie Anderson you might have just fallen over but that does not excuse your use of bad language in front of your mother."

"Sorry mum."

"She smiled and grabbed hold of me pulled me off the ground and hugged me to her, "

Dad came in and saw mum hugging me on the ground and asked what was happening?"

"Its okay dad," Jimmy responded, "It's only Robbie giving us all heart attacks again." Then proceeded to explain what had happened.

After the little incident of me falling down the stairs and getting my dignity hurt more than my body I was in my room putting my things away with Jeff helping me. We'd got about half way through when mum called up for us to come down and grab something to eat. Jeff looked at his watch and saw it was after 4.00pm and blurted out, "Shit I'm going to be late if I don't get home right now, I'm going out with my parents this evening," he gave me a quick peck on the lips and hurried downstairs apologising to my mother that he couldn't stay then left the house. I followed Jeff down and went into the kitchen and grabbed something to eat and a drink. When I'd finished I went back to my room to finish putting it in order.

I'd just started when there was a knock on the door and Connor walked in.

"Need a hand."

I sensed my brother needed to be near me, and in a way I also needed to be in his company so we could mend the rift that had come between us when he'd insulted me in a fit of rage after I'd returned home from hospital. "Sure, you can set up my computer while I finish putting my clothes away."

We worked in silence and as I was putting the last of my clothes in my wardrobe I was lifted off my feet then swivelled and was facing Connor. I wrapped my legs around his waist saying, "What."

He looked into my eyes and I could see that his were becoming a bit moist.

"No matter what you say Robbie I still feel a real lowlife for saying the things that I did. I squirm every time I think about it and what it must have done to you, to hear words like that from your own brother."

I put a finger on his lips saying, "Shush, then leaned forward and pecked him on the lips, "You have to learn to forget it Connor the same as I have to put my rape and what you said behind me. That's why I'm back here again, Doctor Griffiths thought it was time for me to move on, and from what I've heard you've made more than enough amends for what you did to the boys at school."

He smiled, "Yeah well it's good to have them liking me instead of getting scared at the sight of Connor Anderson walking towards them."

"I know dad told me all about how the kids seem to have taken a shine to you, what does Sally have to say about the new Connor?"

"Oh she's totally in favour of the change to her boyfriend."

"Okay I've finished putting my clothes away have you done the computer."

"Yep and ready for your use."

"Well what do we do now?"

"Now we hop into Jimmy's car with Chase and Karen and the five of us can go out for a drive."

"I'm not sitting in front the way Jimmy drives I'll poop myself "

Connor laughed setting me on the floor "Come on you'll see that your biggest brother has started to drive in a more sensible way after he had a row with his girlfriend when he nearly crashed into a tree."

My first night home was like living a dream we were seated around the table in our usual places for our evening meal and I just sat for a few moments looking at the faces that surrounded me feeling a lump in my throat before continuing with my meal.

Later when the dishes were done and put away we went to the sitting room to watch the box. Before we entered the room I knew that my sister and brothers would be waiting to jump in the seat next to me so to stop any arguments I jumped onto my dads lap and sat with him watching a comedy film. I'm sure they chose that particular movie knowing how nervous I was about horror movies.

At one stage I burst out giggling and they all stared at me, I looked around at them and was wondering what I had done till dad who had his arms wrapped around me whispered in my ear.

"They haven't heard that laugh for two months Robbie and have missed it."

That night by eleven I was felling tired and said goodnight to the family and made my way to bed. After attending to my ablutions and changing I crawled into bed and within minutes was fast asleep.

Maybe it might have been the thoughts I'd had earlier in the day about returning to school or just being back in my own bed, but around two in the morning I awoke screaming as I again felt the pain of Philips the second boy entering me. My mother was first into my room and had her arms around me comforting me as I sat up shivering.

The rest of the family were soon in my room but seeing that I was now awake and with mum comforting me made their way back to bed except dad.

Who asked, "Do you want me to sleep with you for the rest of the night Robbie?"

"No its okay dad I don't think I'll be having anymore bad dreams tonight."

Mum and dad kissed me and made their way back to their bedroom. I lay awake for a while and was just beginning to drift off to sleep when the bed covers were lifted and a body slid in beside me. I turned and as my eyes had been accustomed to the darkness of the room I could just make out the outline of Connors face.

I wrapped my self around him and within minutes was sound asleep.

I woke up at about seven; I carefully untangled myself from Connor then went to the loo to relieve myself then down to the kitchen to get a drink. I was just making a cup of tea when dad walked in and asked, "You going to make me one as well?"

"Sure dad," and I got another cup and made him a cup. We sat down at the breakfast bar sipping our tea.

"Do you have any problems with going to school tomorrow Robbie?"

"Truthfully yes dad, but I have to go back sooner or later so it better be sooner."

"Robbie your brothers and Jeff can't be with you all the time you're at school so if you get any hassle from any of the boys let them know and they'll sort it out for you. I don't want you trying to tough it out."

"Okay dad I'll do what you say."

We finished our tea and I asked dad after I got washed and dressed if I could go over to see Jeff.

"Alright, do you want me to drop you there or do you want to walk?"

"I'll walk dad it'll be good for me to see the neighbourhood again."

I washed and dressed then jumped on top of Connor who was still sleeping in my bed to wake him up. He grabbed hold of me and mussed up my hair and threatened to flush me down the loo if I didn't let him get back to sleep. I didn't fancy pushing my luck against someone who's most probably three times my size so left him alone. I combed my hair again and saying goodbye to my mum and dad I left to visit Jeff.

After a ten minute walk through the neighbourhood I reached Jeff's house. I'd never been to his place, or met his parents before so with some trepidation I went to their front door and rang the bell.

A few seconds later the door opened a really nice looking woman who seemed a bit younger than my mum opened the door.

"Yes can I help you?" she enquired.

"Uh I've come to see Jeffery."

She stared at me for a few seconds and I could se her frowning as she started to figure out why a half-pint sized boy would want to be seeing her son, then her mouth changed from grim to grin that split her face and she was saying, "You must be Robbie?"

"Yes ma'am."

She took my hand saying, "Come in, I'm afraid Jeffery is still sleeping he was up quite late last night finishing his school project."

"Oh I'm sorry Mrs Givens I'll come back later," and made for the front door.

"No Robbie, I didn't mean it that way, I just wanted you to know why he wasn't available at the moment, but if you want you could go to his room and wake him."

"Can I," I asked enquiringly "He won't get mad or anything will he?"

Mrs Givens laughed and it made her look even more beautiful, now I knew where Jeff got his good looks from. "No he won't be mad Robbie He'll most probably be glad to see you. Go to the top of the stairs then turn right and the door at the end of the passage is the entrance to his room.

"Okay Mrs Givens see you later," and I made my way to Jeff's room.

When I was standing outside his door I turned the door handle gently and pushed, the door swung inwards and I was looking across the room to a bed by the window at a form lying sprawled on the bed with the covers thrown off. I closed the door behind me then crossed the room and stood for a moment looking down at the boy I was in love with. Even with his hair all mussed up he still looked attractive, I gently lowered myself and sat on the bed beside him still gazing at his form.

My mind suddenly returned to the task at hand to wake Jeff. I stretched my hand out to grasp his shoulder to shake it then retracted it; instead I lowered my head and brought our lips together. At the contact of our lips his eyes opened his arms encircled me and pulled me down on top of him, as he squeezed me into his body our tongues united once more. When he broke the kiss my face was only inches from his, he smiled saying "Hi ."

"Hi to you too, have a good sleep?"

"Yep and guess what Robbie no nightmare."

I hung my head and at once Jeff sensed something asking me, "What's wrong."

"Nothing it's just I had my nightmare again last night."

Jeff pecked me on the lips again asking me, "You okay now."

"Sure can't be better with someone kissing me all the time."

He laughed moving me off his body and getting out of bed and showing his morning erection. He wasn't at all embarrassed knowing that we'd made love at my Uncle's house and had seen each other naked there was nothing new for me to see.

"I'm going to get washed and dressed, do you want to stay here or wait in the bathroom with me."

"I'll wait here just in case one of your parents comes up."

I tidied Jeff's bed then sat on it waiting for him to reappear, while I was waiting I quickly bent over and inhaled the aroma that was emanating from his pillows it was a musty kind of smell but it was Jeff and made my insides go all funny. I sat back up again and shortly Jeff appeared with his robe around him, he closed the bedroom door and once inside the room removed the robe to get dressed. He was stark naked under the robe I stood up and went to him and he smiled as he opened his arms for me to walk into. The moment I was in he wrapped them around me, my dick was so hard it was painful and I could now feel Jeff's erection

as I pressed against him. I lowered my right hand between us and grasped his cock and started to gently rub it he moaned with pleasure then getting hold of my hand lifted it away from his manhood and placed it around his waist.

Pecking me on the lips he said, "Not now Robbie wait till later when my parents go to visit my aunt, they normally leave around eleven on a Sunday, then we'll have the house to ourselves.

Reluctantly I let go of him so that he could dress, his dick still rampant as he pulled his underwear on, and creating a big bulge when he had it tucked inside. He finished dressing thanked me for tidying his bed then we went down to be with his parents.

His mum and dad talked about everything and did their best to avoid any subjects that would have any connection to the rape as Jeff was implicated in the incident. Just before eleven they said they had to get going and that they'd see me at a later date.

The moment they were gone Jeff said, "God I hate this Robbie. I just wish the bloody case was over and done with. The waiting is worse than the actual sentencing; it makes your mind go haywire thinking about it. And with my parents trying so hard to talk about everything else other than the case doesn't help matters."

I hung my head and mumbled, "I'm sorry Jeff, maybe they may not charge you for assault."

He lifted my head so that he could look into my eyes, "I'm the one who should be sorry not you. Tomorrow you have to return to school and then you also have to appear in court when the case comes up, maybe because of your age and if you have to make a statement they'll do it in camera, but it's still no walk in the park"

"What's in camera?"

"Oh that's when your statement is done behind closed doors or via a video link you'll be in another room you'll be able to see the court but no one can see you but your voice can be heard."

"Okay I can live with that if that does happen now all I have to worry about is school tomorrow."

"I'm sure that it won't be too bad I'll try and get to see you as much as possible but we'll have to act real cool towards each other."

"No problem there and at least I'll have Joey to keep me company during classes."

He was scanning my face then said, "You're one really cool looking boy Robbie, I think once you start getting noticed in school you're going to be very popular with both sexes, I might get some serious competition."

I jumped on top of him laughing, at the same time knocking him full length on the settee, "Any more sarky remarks and you'll be in trouble."

Jeff's face became serious, "I'm not being sarcastic Robbie Anderson, you're really beautiful and with those black eyes you make my insides do all sorts of weird things and you'll most probably have the same effect on some of the other students."

I looked down at his face then pecked him on the lips, "There's nobody in the whole world Jeff who can do to me what you do. >From the very first time you came to our house with Connor I was hooked and will always be, but how come you fell for a little wimp like me?"

"You're not a wimp just small in stature but big in character. The first time you spoke to me asking me for refreshments I was lost I just couldn't speak and then when you did that little giggle it was like an arrow going through my heart. You wouldn't believe it after that when I used to visit I would wait to hear you talk or give that giggle of yours. Sometimes you'd be wrapped up in your book and would lift your eyes and give me a look and a brief smile then you'd have your head back in your book. When that happened I used to be really down and Connor would notice and ask, what's wrong? I'd just shrug my shoulders and then he would grab me and take me out of the house to meet up with our dates and you would be still sitting there. But the best times were when you did speak to me and if you giggled I'd be in Heaven, I'd lie on my bed at night and fantasize about us just because I heard your voice."

I absorbed every word Jeff said and squeezed him really hard when he'd finished talking, then put my lips to his as I felt his arms around me crushing me into his body, as we kissed I drifted in my world of love and happiness then I felt his arms release me. He rolled off the settee lifting me at the same time then carried me to his bedroom.

Inside he laid me on the bed and started to undo my clothing, I smiled and said, "So that was why you made all those compliments about me, you wanted to get inside my pants."

He laughed and stopped undressing me and hugged me to his body, "God how I love you Robbie, I need to make love to you and before we go any further you have to say yes you want it too."

"Jeff Givens if you don't stop talking and continue undressing me I'm going to, to, to, Oh Bloody Hell Jeff, just make love to me please."

Without saying a word he had my clothes off as quickly as possible then just as quickly he was standing by the bedside as naked as I was his dick hard and pointing skywards the same as mine.

He lay down beside me then putting an arm under my body he lifted me and with my help I finished up lying on top him staring into his eyes are cocks throbbing as they lay alongside each other. His hands now started to caress my back as I lowered my face and brought are lips together. Then are hips came into play as they gyrated at first then started to pump against each other at the same time he was now squeezing me into his body. I broke the kiss and buried my face into the crook of his neck as I neared my orgasm.

Jeff was now pumping his hips harder and faster as he too neared his goal, and then I was there I felt that tingle in my balls and that feeling at the base of my scrotum then it started to shoot up my cock. I buried my teeth into Jeff's shoulder as the spunk flew from my cock and my hips pumped uncontrollably as I gave a long drawn out "Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh."

Jeff grabbed the cheeks of my arse and squeezed them, then squashed me hard against his cock as he blasted his semen to mix with mine, as he yelled.

"Oh God Robbie I love you," at the same time rolling me over so he was lying on top of me as his hips continued to pump against me till he was spent and lay still.

Shortly Jeff moved rolling of me onto his back again, pulling me on top of him and wrapping his arms around me. We lay still regaining our strength as our loins squeezed the last remaining drops of semen onto Jeff's body.

I lay on top of Jeff my head resting on his shoulder, he stroking my back and in seconds I was asleep. I was awakened by Jeff gently shaking me till I opened my eyes turned my head to stare at his face.

"What," I asked grumpily having been awakened from my sleep at the same time grinding my erection into his loins."

"We have to cleanup Robbie also you were dribbling all over my shoulder."

I lifted my head and looked at where I had rested my head while I slept and saw all the wetness on Jeff's shoulder, "Sorry," I mumbled.

"He laughed and squeezed me into his body, "Don't be I love it wouldn't have it any other way, come on lets go clean up."

I rolled off Jeff ands stood beside the bed, the moment I was off him he got up and stood beside me then taking my hand he led me to the bathroom. We'd gone a couple of steps when I stopped jerking on his hand causing him to stop and turn asking, "Now what."

"Carry me to the shower."

He smiled put one arm just below my bum the other around my shoulders and scooped me into his arms. I swivelled in his arms from being on my back to my side so that I could press myself and my hard dick against him as he carried me to the shower.

Under the shower I stood with my arms around Jeff's waist my head resting on his chest with his arms encircling me, and the water spraying down around us. At this moment I couldn't have been happier my dick was rock hard again but, I wasn't thinking about sex it was just the sheer pleasure of being naked in his arms that was sending these exquisite sensations hurtling throughout my body. I felt his chin nudge the top of my head; I looked up and through the spray saw him smiling as our eyes met he lowered his head and pecked me on the lips saying.

"Time to get cleaned and dressed Robbie."

Reluctantly I released my hold on his body and let him soap me all over. He was so gentle when he came to my loins and especially my rear, and then it was my turn to soap him.

Twenty minutes later we were dressed and Jeff was phoning his parents telling them that he was locking up the house and taking me back home, and that he would see them later in the evening.

Monday morning I kissed my parents goodbye and jumped into Jimmy's car with the rest of my siblings. When we arrived at the school Jimmy parked the car and as we alighted from the car Joey was standing there with a big grin on his face saying, "Robbie, it's brilliant to have you back," then he greeted the rest of my family. My brother's and sister said they'd see me later at lunch break and moved off except for Connor, who stayed with us and accompanied Joey and me to our locker room.

This being the first time I was actually meeting the other boys in my year was a bit nerve racking but I need not have worried. The moment we entered the locker room I was totally ignored as the boys all yelled out greetings to Connor and some actually coming over to him with huge grins on their faces to have their hair mussed by him. After saying he'd see me at lunch break with the rest of my siblings he left and with the boys "See you Connor," ringing in his ears, leaving me with Joey to get acquainted with the other boys.

I suppose my family hadn't mentioned it to me not wanting to bring up the subject of the assault so it was Joey who informed me when I questioned him why there were no smart arse remarks or demeaning looks from the other pupils.

He said, "That after my parents had informed the Principal that I would be returning to school the following week he called an assembly of the whole school, and laid down the law that if any derogatory remarks or suggestions pertaining to the assault were made and it came to his attention that boy or girl would be expelled immediately."

So my return to school didn't hold the fear that I thought it would. I settled in well and after the first week I was beginning to relax and get on with my studies the only distraction being Jeff when I saw him during the breaks, and had to restrain my emotions and treat him like he was nothing special to me, but was only in our presence during the breaks because of his friendship with Connor which of course was partially true.

Connor also knowing of our feelings for each other had come to accept it. This quite surprised me after his outburst on the day of my release from hospital. It was Jeff who told me that he'd felt so ashamed that his verbal abuse had been instrumental in driving me out of the house that he'd taken counselling to overcome his homophobia.


I'm afraid that the next instalment might be some time before I post it as I'll be returning home to visit family and friends. I will however be able to answer your emails. Hopefully I'll continue the story when I return in April, and in case you're all wondering where home is, its Sri Lanka.