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Darrien and Eliah

Summer to Remember

Written By: Angyl

Summer is a great time to be with your friends and family. Basically just hanging out, and having fun. It was for me and my friend Eliah, a time of learning, and other stuff.

My name is Darrien McDermott. I am sixteen years old, and gay. I stand about 5'9". I am in the 11th grade. I stand about 6 feet tall. I have almost black hair, almost shoulder length. My eyes are really cool. They seem to change color depending on what type of mood I am in. My skin is very fair in complexion, and I burn real easy. I am not that skinny or a twig as some friends would call it. Nor am I very muscular. I am sort of in the middle. I usually wear dark colored clothing, or dress slacks, and shirt. One of the best features I have is my cock. When hard, it's about 9 and half inches. On a normal day I usually jerk of four or five times. I was usually thinking about my best-friend Eliah.

My friend Eliah Jenkins is totally opposite of me. He is the same age as me. He is a complete jock. His body is so buff. He works out in the weight room at school. He is about the same height as me, maybe a bit taller. His hair is a sandy blonde color. He had really cool green eyes. His usual attire, is either an addidas track suit or shorts and a tanks top. He is so total sexy in anything he wears. He also has a really sexy ass. One thing I like on him is his cock. It's got a really cool shape, and it's uncut. I see it all the time in the showers after gym class. I think its 6" soft.

Anyway back to the story.....

It all began in the winter of 1987. Eliah and I had agreed to spend the summer together, as we had not spent a lot of time together during the school year. We planned what we were going to do this summer. At first we could not really decide what we were going to do, but then finally after some argument, it was decided that we would go camping. Not having been camping in a long time, it sounded like a great idea. Some people thought we were nuts, planning everything far in advance, but it was the only thing, that kept us happy and occupied. One thing that became a major argument was whether or not we should invite or friends or not. After arguing, I finally agreed that we wouldn't invite anyone else. The next thing we did was make lists of everything we needed to bring with us.

During the remainder of winter, and all of spring, we went over everything at least a thousand times. We wanted everything to be perfect.

Finally, summer arrived, and the countdown to summer break started. Time seemed to drag on endlessly. During this time we decided to go for two weeks, but agreed to take enough supplies for four, in case we decided to stay longer.

After waiting an eternity, the big day finally arrived. We had not decided on a place as yet, and when I phoned around, most of the good places were booked. After an exhaustive search, we opted to go to a small lake, three hours outside the city limits. Bear Lake sounded great, as it was quiet, and none of our friends would think of going somewhere like that.

It took us two days to get everything loaded into the trucks. We were only going to take one truck, but realized we had too much stuff for one truck.

During these two days, some of our friends invited us to go with them, but we said no. Plus we did not tell anyone where we were going, but just that we were traveling for a couple weeks. No one said shit about, or bugged us about it. Luckily the place we were going was not a camping hot spot.

Once everything was packed in the trucks, we were on our way. We decided to spot half way there, for gas, and maybe a quick bite to eat. We arrived early in the evening. We found a semi-secluded site right away. It was near the water, but not really near the other sites. It was a perfect place for things to come. We unloaded the trucks, and pitched my folks eight person tent, a big tent for two people, but it gave us more storage area. We also pitched a mesh tent over the table and the cooking gear. We decided to use the stove and barbecue, and we would use the fire pit only if we wanted to sit by a fire.

I happened to notice, when we got there, that most of the other people were older, except for a group of kids our age. I didn't care and neither did Eliah, we were just happy to be out of the city.

After a light supper, we headed down to the lake for a quick swim. Then we headed back to our sight, and warmed ourselves by the fire. Eliah made some hot chocolate, and we talked till early morning, something we had not done in a longtime.

We finally hit the sack, but I didn't sleep much, so after tossing and turning for several hours, I finally decided to get up. I looked over at Eliah, and looking so peaceful, I let him sleep and headed down to the lake. I sat by the water and wrote in my book.

I had lost track of time, and the next thing I knew Eliah was standing there. At the same time, the big group of guys came down. Eliah and I headed back to camp, as we did not want to hear all the noise. We had a quick breakfast, and then headed into town to look around for a bit.

It was late afternoon when we got back. Eliah decided to go for a swim and I stayed and made supper. I was done, and had eaten by the time he returned. He apologized, and I never said anymore about it. He looked a little upset, but I didn't push it. I had things on my mind too. We had an early night, and the next day, I woke up and decided to go for a walk. I noticed that several of the sites were now empty; I guess people had to go back to work, or got tired of the noise. I happened to walk by the other guys campsite, and although it didn't occur to me at the time, they we sleeping in pairs by the fire. I decided not to mention it to Eliah, because to my knowledge he was homophobic. It did make me depressed because I was hiding things from Eliah about myself, but we'll get to that later.

Anyway, Eliah decided to go for a walk, and when he came back he was in a good mood. I never mentioned it to him, or asked him why. That night as e sat around the fire, I noticed he was really quiet. He mentioned out of the blue, that the other groups of guys were all gay. I thought to myself, that he was going to freak. He just sat there. He had a sad and depressed look on his face. He had mentioned when we were heading out hear he had a secret to share with me. I finally figured out what it was, or I hope I had. He was gay. I wanted him to tell me, so I never said anything. That night as we lay in bed, I heard Eliah crying. I wanted to go to him, but I didn't know if I should. Then he turned to me and asked what I thought of gay people. I told him they were people like him and I. Then he blurt out that he was gay. I told him I figured it out already, but wanted to hear it from him. He said he was with one of the guys from the other group. He had wanted to spend time with his friend Aaron. He had been upset when he had seen Aaron the day we arrived, and scared, but thankfully Aaron had realized things and kept quiet. He told me he acted homophobic to fit in, but it hurt him inside. I felt bad for him, having to hide it away all this time. The relief in his voice was good to hear. I promised him that our friendship would never change.

I still had not told him my secret. I knew he had a boyfriend, or I assumed he and Aaron were going out. So how could I tell him now? How could I tell him how I felt about him? I was hurting, and confused inside.

I had a very restless sleep that night, I had wanted to tell Eliah, but I couldn't. I was angry at myself. I wanted to go home, but I wanted to stay.

The next day, I got up before him, and walked into town. I needed time to deal with the emotions going through my head. I sat in a coffee shop for a couple hours, and then went back. When I got back Eliah was gone. I figured he was with Aaron, but I found a note. He said he knew I needed time to sort through everything. I sat there, and cried, what was I to do? When I heard Eliah coming, I took off. I didn't want him to see me like this. He tried to stop me but I just ran. I ended up at the lake, and sat down crying. I didn't know what to do. I was lost in my confused thoughts that I didn't even hear anyone come up. It was one of the guys from the other group. He had come down to got away from the others. He'd seen me sitting there crying and came over. At first I didn't say much. (His name was Jesse by the way). Then I just lost it. I told him I was having trouble telling Eliah the truth, and that I was hurting our friendship in the process. Jesse made me realize that I was going to drive myself crazy if I didn't tell Eliah. He also told me Eliah called me a liar, and that I hated him. He had said that everything I had said the night before was a crock of shit. I felt like an ass for doing this to him. After all he was my best friend. I had to tell him. I went back to camp, and Jesse went and got him. He came back with Eliah, and then he left so I could talk to Eliah alone. All I did was look at him, and I broke down. I apologized over and over for being such an ass. Then I told him the truth, that I was gay. He looked at me. I told him I had been too scared and confused to tell him. Then I told him how I felt about him, but that I knew he was going out with Aaron. He started laughing. I looked at him confused. He told me that he and Aaron had not gone out for some time. Aaron and Jesse were going out. He said he was single, but that he was interested in seeing someone again. He kept looking at me, and winking. I finally clued in. He was asking him out. I said yes almost right away. We sat talking for a long time, about everything that we had kept from each other.

That night we went to bed together. We lay in bed cuddling for some time. Then Eliah started running his hand over my body, exploring every part of it. It felt so good. His hands found their way into my shorts, and he started to jerk me off. I was in heaven. He asked if I wanted him to suck it. Oh gawd did I ever. I helped him get my shorts off, and then watched as he moved down to my now fully erect cock. He licked the tip of it, and then ran his tongue down the shaft, and then back up to the tip. He was good. He soon had taken my whole cock in his mouth, and slowly moved up and down, occasionally stopping and licking my nuts.

Then he moved so he could get access to my engorged nuts. He sucked on one and then the other, then he took them both in his mouth. Then he lifted them and started licking the fleshy part underneath. I lifted my ass up to give him better access. He moved towards my waiting fuck hole, and started to lick around it. Then he started to tongue fuck my hole. I had never had this done before. I was in total bliss. It was also pushing me closer to shooting my load. I warned him, and he returned to my cock, and took it quickly to the hilt. Up and down he went, getting faster and faster. I couldn't hold out much longer, and soon I was filling his mouth with my warm juices. He swallowed every ounce that I shot. Then he came and lay beside me.

After resting for a bit, I decided it was my turn. I finally was getting the one thing I had dreamt about. I was going to suck Eliah's cock. I reached over and pulled down his shorts. His beautiful cock sprung out. I wrapped my hand around it, and started to slowly jerk him off. Then I moved so I was over his cock. I didn't tease him, like he did me; I just quickly took him to the hilt. He tasted good. I began to slowly move up and down on his manhood. I hadn't had much practice at giving head but I learned quickly. Soon I had built up a rythme. I reach my other hand up, and started to massage his nuts. Eliah moaned as I continued to suck him and massage his nuts. I started to pick up the pace, and then stopped. I wanted more. I wanted him to fuck my virgin ass. I let him know. He smiled at me. He reached in his bag and pulled out a bottle of lube. I turned over so I was on all fours. He poured a generous amount of lube in my ass crack, and then he pushes one of his fingers in. It didn't hurt much. Then he pushed in a second finger, and then a third. Once the third finger was in, it started to hurt a bit. Then he pulled his finger out, and replaced them with his cock. He gently started to push his cock in. It hurt like hell. He stopped, but I told him to keep going. He kept pushing his cock in and then he would pull it out a bit. I was soon getting use to his big cock in my hole. He kept working at it until his whole cock was in my ass. The mixture of pain and pleasure was intense. I felt myself getting hard again. Eliah kept pumping away at my ass. Every shot of pain I felt, was intensified with pleasure, as he hit my prostrate with every inward thrust. I blew my load, as he was pumping my ass. I was no longer a virgin. I felt him increase his speed, and soon I felt his warm juices explode inside my ravaged hole. He collapsed on my spent. Not long after that, we fell asleep, with him laying on me.

The next day we hung out with Aaron, Jesse, and their friends. We ended up stay for four weeks. The trip turned out to be my greatest, our greatest, time. I had a new lover, and I felt great. Soon we would have to back and face our friends and family. Eliah and I really didn't care what people thought, but they needed to know.

When we got back, we got our parents together and told them. They were shocked but supportive of us, all the same. Over the next week we told our friends. Out of all our friends, both his and mine, only three of them told us to fuck off. The rest of them were fully supportive of us. Some of our friends turn out to be gay, and a few of them were bisexual. A couple of Eliah's team mates came to us and show curiosity towards sex with another guy. We helped them out (that is another story though), and the decided they enjoyed it, but never really did anything about it.

All of this took place ten years ago. Eliah and I are still together today. Of the people who told us to fuck off, only one never really came around. The other two turned out to be gay, and got freaked. They didn't know why, but they had gotten scared, and ran.

Well that was my summer to remember. I sure won't be able to forget finding the love of my life, in an unsuspected way, and place.

The End