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Darrien and Eliah

Teammate Frolic

Written By: Angyl

   Man summer was over and we were back in school. What a drag. I knew I'd get to see less of Eliah now. Well for the most part anyway. We started to hang around, with all the people that we had told, and accepted the fact that we were gay. I also had to contend with the fact that football season started soon. I hated football, but I promise Eliah that I would attend the games for him. I had to accept the thing he did, just like he supported me in what I did.

   Anyway, it was Monday, and Eliah picked me up as usual. He had practice, and I would go watch my baby practice. He loved to show off with his teammates. This brings us to two of Eliah's team mates, Rick Holloway and Jassen Martin They were like Eliah's best friends forever. Well at least since grade 4 anyway. Rick and Jassen were so cool. They didn't care that Eliah was gay, or that he was dating me. Actually they would ask questions all the time. They thought it was cool.

   Well let me tell you about Rick first. He is a total joker. always playing a practical joke on someone. Well Rick is fairly tall, standing almost 6'5". He is all muscle too. He dresses similarly to Eliah, during the football season. In contrast, the rest of the time however, Rick also likes to wear black fatigues. He has jet black hair with blonde roots. He is always dying his hair. His hair is usually kept long, but during football season, he shaves it down to nothing. I think he is really hot. I wonder what his cock is like?

   Jassen is nothing like the other two, except for being as hot as them. Jassen is about 5'10". He is a total cowboy. He has a black hat, which he never takes off, even in class. The teachers have given up trying to get him to take the hat off in class. He wears really tight jeans that show off a little too much, for some peoples taste. I don't mind. I may be dating, but I am not dead. His hair is blonde, and is long, about to his shoulders. He has blue eyes. I have gym with him as well, so I have seen his cock. It's cut like mine, and about the same length as Eliah's, but thicker around. Another thing I have noticed about Jassen is the fact that his entire body has no hair on it, including his cock. I asked him once if he shaved it, and he said that he did.

Let's get back to the story...

   I sat and watched Eliah practice. Rick and Jassen were not practicing today, but they had come anyway. They didn't see me at first, but it didn't take long before they did. Soon I was barraged with questions. Something I am used to by now. Today however I didn't feel up to answering them. I told the two of them if they were so curious why not try it out. They didn't say anything after that and I thought they were mad at me. However soon they were acting like I hadn't said anything. We sat and talked waiting for Eliah to finish.

   It didn't take long for Eliah to shower at meet us in the rotunda. We sat and talked for a bit, and then I headed off to hang with my friends for a while. As I looked back, I noticed Eliah looking and smiling at me as the three of them were talking. I wondered what they were talking about. Has Rick told him what I had said this morning? Who knows. I would find out at lunch time, I guess.

   All during morning classes, I couldn't concentrate. I kept daydreaming about getting into Rick and Jassen's pants. Then I'd start to feel guilty for doing this to Eliah. I was so messed up. I needed time to think, so I ditched the rest of my morning classes and head across to the mall.

Darrien's Journal Entry

September 12, 1988

   Oh man what am I going to do? I keep dreaming about fucking Rick and Jassen. I know that will never happen, because I am pretty sure they are straight. I would love to bent Jassen over and pound that cute ass of his, while I suck on Rick's cock. I am so turned on thinking about it. Even if I had the chance to do something, I would never do anything to hurt Eliah. I love him so much. Yet I guess a harmless dream doesn't hurt anyone.


   Darrien looked at his watch. Lunch was starting soon, so he went back to the school to meet Eliah. He didn't wait long before Eliah, Rick and Jassen showed up. Darrien couldn't even look at Rick or Jassen without feeling some sort of quilt. Eliah noticed and asked him what was wrong. Darrien said he'd tell him later. The four boys headed back to the mall for lunch. Darrien was quiet the whole time.

   After lunch, Eliah and his friends decided to go and hang out at Rick's place. His folks were not home so they would not get in shit. Darrien tagged along. Eliah pulled him off to the side, and mentioned Rick and Jassen had something they wanted to ask him. Darrien wondered what they wanted. He figured they would wait until they were at Rick's place. Darrien was curious as to what the other boys were going to ask him.

   They arrived at Rick's and headed inside. They went down to the basement, and sat around. Darrien and Eliah sat together on the loveseat, while Rick and Jassen sat in the chairs opposite them. They made some small talk, and then came the real questions.

"Hey Darrien were you serious about what you said this morning?"

"Umm kinda, I guess," he replied.

"We talked to Eliah about it," Jassen put in.

   Oh man Darrien thought, I am in shit now. A look of panic came over his face. Jassen caught the look right away.

"Hey don't worry," He said.

"Yeah babe it's okay," said Eliah.

"Besides you were right," said Rick.

"I was...umm...right?" I stated.

"Yeah that's why they wanted to talk to you," Eliah replied.

   He went on to tell Darrien what Rick and Jassen had asked him. Eliah had told them to talk to Darrien about it. So He listened intently as Rick and Jassen explained what they had been thinking about for some time now. It seems like since even before Darrien and Eliah had come out the two boys had been curious about doing it with another guy. They were to scared to do anything about it. That is why they were continually asked the same questions. When Darrien had suggested that they find someone to show them, they had thought hard about what he had said. They talked to Eliah first. Eliah wasn't sure if it was a good idea, but told them to Talk to Darrien, and see what he had to say on the subject.

"So what you are asking is for us to help you?" Darrien asked.

"That's it in a nut shell," Jassen replied.

"We will understand if you say no," Rick said.

"What do you have to say about it?" Darrien asked Eliah.

"I don't mind, but I wanted you to be involved," He replied.

"I have to think about it," Darrien said.

"We understand," Jassen and Rick replied.

   The two boys seem right upset, but Darrien was not about to screw up what he had with Eliah. He knew Eliah wanted to do it, but he was not sure if he could. He sat and thought for the next hour, while the other three played a game on Rick's Nintendo 64. Darrien didn't know what to do. He wanted to, but he was scared Eliah would leave him. Finally after sometime he made his decision.

"If we do this, we do it on my terms," Darrien said.

The other boys looked up from the game.

"We agree," Jassen and Rick replied.

   Darrien laid down the ground rules. Eliah sat next to him and held his hand. All Darrien really wanted to do was please Eliah. If this was what he wanted then Darrien would go for it.

   Darrien explained that they would pair off. Eliah would go with Rick, and he would go with Jassen. They could switch off once in a while, so the two would get the benefit of both him and Eliah. The other three boys agreed. Darrien was already hard with the thought of having fun with Rick and Jassen.

"One thing," He said.

"Yes," The other three replied.

"If you feel uncomfortable with this then we will stop."

"And if we don't?" Jassen asked.

"Then we will go as far as you want," Eliah replied.

   The three boys agreed, and then they all got undressed. All four of the boys were sporting raging hard-ons. Jassen came over to Darrien, and Rick went over to Eliah.

   Darrien took Jassen's cock in his hand and started to jerk him off. Then he moved his mouth toward it. He licked the tip of it, and then ran his tongue down the shaft. He help lower Jassen to the floor, and continued with what he was doing. Jassen moaned. Darrien took his cock to the hilt, and slowly started going up and down on it. Then he moved and started to suck Jassen's balls. He sucked on one and then on the other. Then he took both of them in his mouth, and worked on them.

   He lifted them out of the way, as he licked the fleshy part underneath. Jassen lifted his bottom, so Darrien had perfect access to his fuck hole. Darrien paused for a bit. He thought that Jassen knew too much for supposedly being just curious. He returned to what he was doing. He ran his tongue around Jassen's pucker, and then he pushed it in as far as he could. He darted his tongue in and out. Jassen squirmed with each movement.

"Man I am gonna cum," he said.

   Darrien returned to his cock, and quickly resumed moving up and down. Jassen erupted. His huge load filled Darrien's mouth. He swallowed every drop. He let Jassen's cock fall from his mouth, and turned to watch the action on the other side of the room.

   Eliah had Rick's cock in his mouth. He was moving up and down on it. Occasionally, he'd stop and lick the shaft of his cock. Then he moved to suck on Rick's balls. It didn't take Eliah long to find his way to Rick's fuckhole. Rick did exactly what Jassen had done. The caused Eliah to pause, and them continue licking his friend's ass. Eliah didn't take long before he was back working on his cock. He knew Rick was close, so he picked up the pace.

"I'm gonna shoot bud," yell Rick.

   He shot his load deep in Eliah's mouth, and he swallowed it all. When he was done taking the load, he looked over at Darrien, and then at his two friends.

"You guys figured it out didn't you?" Jassen asked.

"Yeah we did," replied Eliah.

   Darrien had moved to be with Eliah, as Rick explained why they had done what they did.

"We are both gay." he said.

"And we are seeing each other," Jassen added.

"We never knew," Eliah said.

"That's why we did it this way," Rick said.

"We wanted so bad to do something with you," Jassen put in.

"Why didn't you ask straight out?" Darrien asked.

"We were scared."

"Scared that you'd be rejected?"

   Jassen and Rick both nodded. They explained that they had wanted to ask flat out, but then came up with this idea. They felt stupid for what they did. They would understand if Darrien and Eliah left. Eliah looked at Darrien, and then they looked at the other two.

"I guess no harm was done," Eliah said, and Darrien agreed.

"You're not pissed at us?" Rick asked.

"No, besides, it was fun," said both Eliah and Darrien.

"Would you guys do more with us?" Jassen asked.

"Sure, why not," Darrien replied, looking at Eliah, who just nodded in agreement.

   Jassen and Rick were happy. Darrien and Eliah, were as well. The boys were doing things that they had wanted to for a long time. They sat in a circle and started to jerk each other off. Darrien was jacking off Eliah. Eliah was doing it to Jassen. Jassen was doing Rick, and Rick was doing Eliah. Then Rick decided to go down on Darrien. Darrien followed suit and went down on Eliah. Eliah went down on Jassen, and him on Rick. They were in a circle sucking session. This was something new for all of them. They were so intent on what they were doing. That no one knew who blew first, but it started a chain reaction, and soon all four boys had blown their loads. They lay in a circle, spent. Rick and Jassen started kissing each other. Darrien and Eliah watched as the two boys got hard for the third time. They were tired and wanted to go home. Jassen and Rick said okay. Darrien and Eliah got dressed and headed home.

   On the way they talked about what had happened. They both agreed that they may have to do it again, but not in the near future. They were happy with each other.

The end