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Darrien and Eliah

Dark Cloud Rising

Written By: Angyl

   God it was chilly out. Darrien was walking to school. He didn't know why the hell he was either. He had thought about what had happened, between Jassen, Rick, ELiah and Himself. He thought he had liked it, but now felt totally sick to his stomach. He knew Eliah felt the same way, after their talk last night. What was he going to do? He knew that Eliah, was okay with it, but he wasn't. He knew they had been wrong to try something. He didn't want to face Jassen and Rick. He had also found out that somehow people at school had found out about Eliah and him. This just made matters worse. He knew it was none of the people they had come out to, or so he hoped. With all this shit on his mind, it was a wonder, he wasn't going crazy. So he had decided to walk to school so he could think. He was in for a shock when he got there.

   Darrien looked up as he got close to the school. There was an ambulance there, sirens blaring. Being a teenager, it peaked his interest. He walked towards the ambulance. His eyes bulged out, as he saw who it was. It was Eliah.

"Oh fuck no!!!" He screamed.

   He ran to the ambulance. He saw Jassen and Rick standing there.

"What happened?" He asked.

"Some jerks beat the fuck out of him," Jassen replied.

"What the fuck for?" He screamed.

   Darrien started to cry. He looked toward his baby. He didn't like what he saw. Eliah had been beaten badly. Not only did he have a shit load of bruises, but he had bandages all over. Darrien could tell he had been slashed.

"Why did this happen?" He yelled.

"The guy didn't like fags in his school," Rick replied.

   Darrien went over to Eliah, and took his hand. He almost collapsed. He felt his chest tighten. He couldn't breathe. He was hyper-Ventilating. An ambulance work came over, and helped him sit down.

"Do you know the victim?" He asked.

"He's my boyfriend," Darrien said crying.

"What's your name son?"

"Darrien McDermott."

"And your boyfriend's name?"

"Eliah Jenkins."

   Darrien was so distraught. He looked at his baby, lying helpless on the gurney. He didn't know what to do. He looked at the Paramedic.

"H-How is he?" He asked.

"Pretty bad son," he replied.

"How bad?"

"He might not make it."

   The answer was so blunt. Darrien collapsed. Jassen and Rick came to his side. Darrien started to shake uncontrollably. He was going to lose the one thing that made him happy, Eliah. The paramedic tapped Jassen on the shoulder.

"We have to get him to the hospital," he said, pointing to Eliah.

"Okay," Jassen replied.

Darrien looked up.

"I-I-I w-want to go w-with him," he said.

"Sorry son, there will be no room."

"We can take you," Rick said.

   Darrien nodded. He watched as the ambulance pulled away. He felt his world falling apart. Jassen helped him to his car, and they were on their way.

   They arrived at the hospital. Darrien didn't even wait for the car to stop, and he was off like a shot. He went up to the desk, and asked where ELiah Jenkins was. They said he was in surgery, and that his family was in the waiting room. Darrien went into the waiting room. He looked at Eliah's parents and collapsed in tears.

"I'm sorry," He said repeatedly.

   Mrs. Jenkins came over and held Darrien. She and her husband assured Darrien that it was not his fault. Jassen and Rick came in, and sat down. The we scared for their friends. A police officer came in the waiting room, and one by one he took statements from Rick, Jassen, and Darrien. He also informed everyone that, the guy had been caught. He was being charged with Attempted Murder.

   There was some relief in the air, but not that much. They all sat and waited.

   Darrien's parents arrived about an hour later. Eliah's parents had called them, and informed them of what had happened, and how it was affecting Darrien. When Darrien saw his mom and dad, he ran into their arms, crying. They just held him. They got him to a chair and they all waited. It seemed like an eternity, before the doctor finally came in. He explained they had done what they could to repair the damage, but Eliah had taken a turn on the operating table. They didn't expect him to live much longer. If he did, he'd never be the same. Now everyone was crying. His parents asked to see him. They were taken to ICU. They couldn't stay long, because it hurt to see their son, all hooked up to tubes and machines. They told Darrien to go be with him. Darrien went to the ICU, and sat next to his baby.

"Eliah, I don't know if you can hear me or not. There is so much I want to tell you. I don't, I can't lose you. I love you too much. You are the only thing that keeps me going. Don't leave me!!!"

   Darrien broke down crying. He lay his head next to Eliah, and held his hand. He was tired. He fell asleep, and sometime later a nurse came and woke him up, telling him it was time to go. Darrien didn't want to leave. He refused. The doctor said it was okay. Darrien took his spot, and began a long vigil. He would not leave no matter what. He took Eliah's hand again, and started to talk to him. He talked about the fun they had during summer. About the fun they'd have when he got better. He talked till he fell asleep.

   When he awoke it was morning, the nurse informed him that they were moving Eliah to a private room. A bed was brought in so Darrien would have a place to sleep. Darrien held Eliah's hand all the way to his room. He sat in the chair, and gently stroked Eliah's hair. His baby looked so defenseless. He was talking to Eliah, when his and Eliah's parents came in. They informed him, that the school had allowed him a leave of absence, to be with Eliah. His parents had agreed to pick up his homework for him. Darrien felt relieved. He wanted to be there if and when ELiah woke up. His parents had brought stuff from the house for him. They stayed a while longer then head off to work. Eliah's parents stayed until late afternoon. Jassen and Rick came after school, dismayed that there was no change. All anyone could do was wait. That is what Darrien did, He waited. Day after day, week after week he waited. Nothing changed. He'd sit and talk to Eliah for hours, crying himself to sleep at night. It was always a restless sleep. He'd wake up screaming most nights. During the day people would be in and out to visit. They'd offer food to Darrien, but he ate very little. This was concerning everyone, his parents and Eliah's parents, as well as the doctors. Yet they could do little. He ate enough to sustain himself. By the end of the third month, everyone was giving up hope. This really upset Darrien. He refused to believe he was going to lose the man he loved.

"Baby if you don't come back, they are going to turn off the machines. Please come back to me."

   Darrien took Eliah's hand. He started to cry. He put his head down. He jumped as he felt a hand on his head. He looked up and saw that Eliah was awake.

"Oh my god," he shouted.

   A nurse passing by came running in the room. She stopped dead in her tracks. She ran and got the doctor. When he came in the room, Darrien and ELiah were talking. Eliah was awake and alert. His parents were called and showed up ten minutes later. They hugged their son, and then Darrien. They gave him praise for never giving up hope.

   Although he was awake and alert Eliah had a long road to recovery ahead of him. Darrien promised to be there for him. Darrien loved Eliah so much. He had his baby back.

   During the months that followed. Eliah made a remarkable recovery. The guy who had tried to kill him was serving time for attempted murder. The school had held an assembly on the day Eliah returned. The principal lectured the students on acceptance. When Eliah and Darrien came on the stage, the whole auditorium erupted in applause. They two boys felt grateful for the support they were getting. They didn't think that there would be any more trouble. they were wrong.

   Off in a corner of the auditorium, a kid sat glaring at Eliah and Darrien. He hated them. He would see that they paid for what they did. He snuck out of the auditorium.

"You will both pay dearly." He stated, as he left the school.

The end.