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Darrien and Eliah

In The End

Written By: Angyl

   Things settled down. There was no more trouble ahead for the boys. Darrien and Eliah finally decided they would be able to get on with their lives. What they not know at the time, was that Eliah's father was promoted and had to move to Victoria. Eliah got the news when he got home. He was not happy, at all. He would be forced to move. He needed to go and tell Darrien the bad news. It would not be easy on either of them.

   Eliah headed over to Darrien's. Thus was the hardest thing he had to do. There was so much more he wanted to do with his lover. Now that would not happen. He played over in his mind how he would tell Darrien. There was no easy way.

   Darrien was happy to see Eliah, until he saw how depressed he was.

"Babe what's wrong?" He asked, concernedly.

"Everything that can be is."

   For the next two hours Eliah laid it all out. Darrien was distraught over losing his best friend, and lover. They tried to figure out a way to keep Eliah in the city. He could not stay with Darrien. Darrien's mother did not like her only son being gay. He could not stay at Billy's. That was definitely out of the question. There was no way around it. Eliah was going to have to go with his parents. The boy's decided that that would stay together even though they were going to be in different cities. Eliah, also made Darrien, promise that he would not stay celibate. Darrien did not like the idea, but knew in his heart that, it would be worse if he did. They promised to tell each other everything that happened no matter what.

   The boys spent all their free time together, and on the day Eliah left, Darrien was at the airport to see him off. Life had again changed for the boys.

   Over the next two years, Darrien and Eliah kept in contact. Eliah was able to come for the summer, and be with Darrien. As for Darrien, he had difficulty at first. He felt unfaithful to Eliah.

   Eventually he overcame it, and had a relationship of sorts, with Billy. Eliah was elated, and during his visits, it was the three of them, or the two of them. It all depended.

   During his second last visit, Darrien noticed a small change in Eliah. He seemed distant, not the same guy Darrien had fallen in love with. Maybe if he had known, things would be different. Darrien did not know that Eliah had started using drugs again, and had hid it from Darrien. Something that Darrien had helped him overcome, when they first met. So the visit was went as normal.

Darrien noticed when they had sex; it was rough, almost violent in nature. It was hard for Darrien to say no to the guy he would always love. He would walk away from their encounters, bruised and battered. He never let on to Eliah how it hurt him the way things were going.

It was during the final time Darrien saw Eliah he finally said something to him. He put his foot down. It was a mistake Darrien would regret later. Eliah had left Darrien's home and returned to Victoria. Darrien did not know that it would be the last time he saw Eliah.

Darrien resumed his life as before. Two weeks later, he got a call from Eliah's parents. Eliah was dead. He had killed himself. They did not know the circumstances, but would let him know, as soon as they knew something. Darrien was beside himself. Darrien cut off all ties with anyone. He could not fathom the loss of Eliah. He pushed everyone who cared about him away. All he could think about was the last visit from Eliah. He had shaken him off. Darrien remembered the stream of obscenities that had come from Eliah as he had walked out of his life. He had blamed himself for everything.

   It was during this time that Darrien received a letter from, Eliah's parents. It contained a letter to Darrien. It told everything. Eliah had been diagnosed with HIV. He had not been sexually active, and when he was, he used protection. Then he had put down the truth he had been hiding from Darrien. He had been doing drugs, and had shared a needle with a guy, who he did not know at the time, was HIV+. Not wanting to burden anyone, and not wanting to live with the virus, Eliah did what he thought was best, and ended his life. Darrien burst into tears. He was hurt, because Eliah did not come to him. Plus there was the drug thing. It was Eliah's wish to be buried near Darrien. Darrien made all the arrangements, and sent out the notices, a very hard thing to do. He got through it though. It was also Eliah's wish that Darrien not mourn his loss, but to move on with his life. It was hard for Darrien to do. His friends and family helped him through. With their support, Darrien was able to move on. He would never forget his one true love....Eliah. Even today, Darrien is still trying to find someone to fill that void.

The End

***I just want to put a note in here. This is the last installment of Darrien and Eliah. It is too hard for me to continue this story.