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Darrien and Eliah

A Few Words

Written By: Angyl

I saw Darrien a few years back. He had finally moved on with his life. Even though he had to let go of his past, he would not let go of the good memories he had with Eliah. Everyday Darrien takes time out of his day, to go by Eliah's grave.

Darrien and I sat down as he filled me in on his life after burying Eliah.

On the day of Eliah funeral, Darrien had hid out until it came time to lay his lover to rest. Several of their friends had shown up for the funeral. Darrien could not look at any of him. He stayed distant and alone from everyone. The difficulty for Darrien was the wish for him not to mourn for Eliah, but to move on with life. After the funeral, Darrien had left before anyone could come and talk to him.

During the months following the funeral, he slowly began letting people back into his life. His first person to come back in his life was Billy. Billy had become his rock, during the torment and anguish. Billy never pushed Darrien for anything. He would stay with him at night, holding him as he cried.

Eventually he let Rick and Jassen back as part of his life. All four boys mourned the loss of their friend and loved one. They decided to make Eliah's birthday a special day, and keep the tradition going as long as they were together as friends.

Darrien told me that the boys who had hurt them had gotten out of jail. Believe it or not it was Billy's brother who came to him first and apologized for his actions, and those of his friends. They had done wrong. Billy's brother had time to learn from what he had done. He was not so sure if the others felt the guilt he did, but made a promise that he would not allow anything else to happen to Darrien or any of his friends. This was two years after burying his lover.

Darrien and Billy tried having a relationship again, but it eventually went south. Darrien could not get into the relationship. Billy moved away, but always came back on Eliah's birthday. Darrien remained single for several years after that. He could not bring himself to date.

Rick and Jassen had broke up and moved on. They also remained friends and returned every year on Eliah's birthday.

I asked Darrien about his parents, and Eliah's parents. He said he had not talked to his folks for over four years, only recently opening ties with them again. His parents felt guilt for what he had been through, and out of no intention, kept rubbing it in his face. It was too hard on him, and he eventually left. He spent a year staying in Victoria with Eliah's parents, but they were in mourning, and it had been too hard on all of them. He eventually moved back, and into a place of his own. He kept contact with Eliah's parents for a while, but eventually he only wrote them on Eliah's birthday, before stopping all together.

So Darrien's life was pretty much back to normal. He even told me he had started dating again. He would not really go into detail about the guy he was dating, only that I knew him. I did not push him for details. I knew when the time was right he would tell me.

There was not much else to tell me, so we decided to go our separate ways. As I walked away, I turned to see Darrien walking up to a guy. My eyes went wide as I realized it was Billy's Brother. Darrien took him in his arms and kissed him. I turned and walked away.

I learned later in a letter from Darrien about how and why he and Billy's brother were dating. By the way his name is Jake. Anyway, Darrien explained in the letter, that on his last date with Billy, they had invited Jake along. They had gone to a movie or something. When they had returned to Darrien's Billy had left to go home. Jake had stayed to visit. One thing lead to another and the two ended up fucking. During his time in prison, Jake had developed a taste for cock, and taking it up the ass. After his release from prison he had tried to date girls, but they did nothing for him. He eventually realized that he preferred guys, and he gave up girls all together. Darrien and Jake had dated in secret for several years, before telling anyone. Billy was distraught at first, but soon came around. Rick and Jassen, and accepted it from the get go.

So it was irony that brought Darrien and Jake together. As far as I know, or have heard, they are still together and happy.

As for the others who had hurt Darrien and his friends. They disappeared shortly after getting out. As I understand it no one has had contact with them since. I think this is a good thing for all involved. Who know what they would do if the learned Jake was gay.

This is the end of this story...