Hi, Drew here. The story that you're about to read is mostly true. It is not from my own experience but those of a very good friend of mine. We got chatting one evening about early sexual goings on and the next thing I know I'm writing this story. David has read it through and approved it. The names and dates have been changed and there is a little artistic licence here and there. Any comments? E-mail me: dandevdrew@hotmail.com

David's Diary

Hi my names David Parker. I'm 18 years old from the U.K and am now in the final run of my A' levels at school. I was going through my diaries the other day, true I should have been studying but you've got to take a break every now and then, don't you?

I thought I might share some excerpts here on Nifty. I've gone back three years to when I was 15, anything before that's not really worth reading. Before I begin I should point out that if you know that you shouldn't be reading this, don't. Otherwise let me know what you think of my mixed up life.

23rd Feb 1996

Paul's coming over to stay for the night. I'm really looking forward to it. It's the first time that we've done a sleepover and it was our parents' idea. His mum and dad split up a few months ago so he's been in a bit of a strange mood. I can't blame him; it must be like being piggy in the middle. His dad has just moved to Spain on a building contract so it's just him and his mum now. My parents offered to let him stay over at ours on Friday nights so Sandra can have some time to do what she wants.

We've been friends since as long as I can remember and I don't know why but I love being around him. Maybe it's because he's such a laugh. Thing is he's not been right since the break up, I hope I can cheer him up.

24th Feb 1996

Paul's just gone home. We had a good night last night. After dinner and homework, mum made us do the crap stuff before we had any fun, we went up to my bedroom to play with my SNES. We stayed up till 10.30. When we got undressed for bed I was relieved to see that he wore boxers to sleep in. I was a bit worried that it may have been a problem that I don't wear P.J's, but it was cool. I've seen Paul in his shorts loads of times at school when we change for P.E, he's got a great body and the girls are always after him. I wish I were as good-looking as he was. I also wish that I would grow some more. I'm 15 and only five foot two; I'm so skinny it's painful to look at in the mirror. My mum says that I've got nothing to worry about as I'll be taller than dad by the time I'm 16. Paul is the same age as me and he's nearly as tall as my dad, five foot nine. His body is like a mans body, muscles showing through, hair on his legs and arms. I've got no body hair except around my dick. I've seen him change in school loads of times and I'd say that he has a huge cock and set of balls. I'd say that his cock is as big soft as mine is hard. Maybe I'm a late developer or maybe Paul's just a freak. I wonder what his cock looks like hard?

We shared my bed, which was a bit weird for me as I've never had anyone else in my bed. We slept at opposite ends. I think anything else would have been a bit homo.

I'm glad Paul's coming over next weekend. We do have a good time together. I just hope he can get over his parent's break up.

15th April 1996

I was in P.E changing rooms today. I've been noticing lately that quite a few boys have been changing from boxers to briefs. I'd say that there was a good fifty-fifty mix now. Last year everyone was in boxers. I've been wanting to try briefs for myself but I can't seem to ask my mum to get them for me, it's kind of embarrassing. I wonder if she'll ever let me buy my own clothes?

Anyway, there was a bit of a scene in the changing room this afternoon. Damien Stafford was changing out of his uniform when someone shouted out for people to come over for a look. Damien is the most popular boy in our year, probably in the school. He is the in crowd. The guy's got everything going for him; he's top of the class, really good at sports and a bit of a hunk, so the girls say. I like him but we're not friends, don't know why but whenever he nods hello to me I just go shy. I'm surprised that he nods hello to me, I'm surprised that he even knows that I exist. But he's a nice guy, not mean to anyone.

Anyway, some of the crowd flocked over to see what the noise was about, I was curious so went for a look as well. The fuss was that Damien was wearing one of the smallest pairs of pants that I've ever seen. Probably that anyone has ever seen. They were like briefs but only had a pouch at the front and back, on the sides was just about half an inch of elastic all the way round. Some of the guys (his friends) were taking the piss out of him, but he took it all in good fun. One of his friends Peter Bansley took a hold of one of the elastic sides and snapped it back on Damien's skin. I think the noise echoed all round the changing room. Damien threw a couple of play punches at Peter. The next thing they were wrestling on the floor. A couple of the other guys joined in, all three of them managed to hold Damien down and give him a wedgie. He got up and shrugged them off. The back of his pants were dragged right up the crack of his arse. I didn't see what happened next, I walked back to my clothes peg and continued to get changed. I had to; I was standing there looking at what was going on, in only my boxers. I suddenly became aware that I was sprouting wood. I wish my dick wouldn't do that all the time. It's like it's got a mind of it's own, I only have to sit on a bus and I'm hard. I don't think anyone noticed though. Thank god.

16th April 1996

Had a weird dream last night. I was in the P.E locker room with everyone and we were all wearing the same briefs that Damien wore yesterday. Everyone had the same style and colour on as he had. I wonder if it was a sign? I think it was Damien who first started wearing briefs last year, now half the guys wear them. I wonder if I should go out and buy some just to get ahead? No, I don't think so. I know Damien can get away with it, but if it were a pipsqueak like me I'd get done over for sure.

Still, I wonder what they feel like? It must be a bit uncomfortable having your dick packaged up like that.

11th May 1996

Paul's just gone home after another Friday night. We have such a good time when he comes over. We sit up all night talking about girls and everything. But last night was a bit different. I'm not sure I know what to make of it. I think I enjoyed it at the time, butů

What happened was that Paul and I got into a play fight, I think it was over some girl who I said would be more his type of bird. Natalie Hemperman, or Humperman as we call her. She's okay but not someone I'd like to date. I said to Paul that I thought she was right up his street. She's got a reputation of being dirty and no guy in our school would be seen dead with her. That started the fight. We wrestled for a while besting each other, when Paul ended up on top of me. We were both in our boxers so I could feel that he was hard, I was quite relieved that he was, as I was sprouting as well. I was feeling a bit embarrassed that I couldn't keep it under control. Anyway, Paul started grinding his hips into me. His hard dick rubbing up to mine. He took a few thrusts, then said that if I had a pussy it would be me he'd be fucking. I summoned up all my strength and pushed him off me. I think he looked a bit shocked or something, looking back I think he had just realised what he'd said. I jumped on top of him and held him down. He struggled to get up but at first couldn't. I taunted him by tickling him. I don't know how long it was but I started to get tired, I knew I couldn't hold him down any longer. As if he'd read my mind he pushed me off him and at the same time managed to turn me over on my stomach. He then climbed on top of me; I could feel his hard on through the material of both of our boxers. He started to rub himself up and down my crack until he shot his load.

When he finished he rolled off of me and curled up in bed. We didn't speak a word to each other. I just laid there, the sticky dampness seeping through my shorts to my arse. I didn't sleep too well that night; I kept on playing that scene round and round in my mind. I knew I was turned on by it but I didn't know why. I'm not gay or anything.

I tried to bring it up the next morning but Paul didn't want to know, it was like he blanked it out of his mind or something. We went down for breakfast and the he said that he had to go. Funny that as we'd planned to go out for the afternoon.

15th May 1996

I haven't seen Paul at school for the past couple of days, I tried calling his house but his mother said that he wasn't well. Then today he came back; I asked him if he was all right. He cut me down straight away. He told me to fuck off and not to speak to him. What the fuck is his problem I thought to myself.

18th May 1996

I didn't expect Paul to come over last night. We hadn't spoke all week and he was avoiding me. So when he turned up at my doorstep I was a bit shocked to see him. We went into the living room and watched some telly until dinner was ready. Then went into my room to play with the SNES. We hardly spoke and I was wondering why he came over, I figured that maybe his mother made him come over, like he didn't have any option.

At eleven my mother called up that it was lights out time. We switched off the SNES and undressed to our shorts. I got into m bed and expected Paul to take up the other side, he didn't. He got in and laid next to me. I switched off the bed light.

After awhile he asked if I was still awake, I said I was. He then started a conversation about being horny. Neither of us had ever got very far with the girls, just a bit of kissing and a feel if we were lucky. We spoke about how good it would be to go further and what it might feel like. I was so hard, just the thought of doing it was sending me crazy. I started rubbing myself through my shorts when I noticed that Paul was doing the same. He asked me if I was turned on and I said that I was. I think he took that as a cue as he moved closer to me, he told me to roll over if I wanted to and we'd play around. He did what he did last week, his boner rubbing up and down my arse through the material of our shorts. He kept going for some time; his hard on was like steel, I was sure he was going to burst through his shorts at any minute. We both shot our loads and went to sleep not long after. I remember thinking just before drifting off, if this meant that I was gay. I really enjoyed what Paul did and I knew that I wanted him to do it again.

We spent the bast part of today in bed; my parents and my brother were going to be out all day so we would get any bother. We didn't talk much although I wanted to. I wanted to know what all this meant. But it just didn't seem like the time. I lost count the amount of times that he rubbed himself off on me, each time we both blew a wad. I said that I wanted to have a go on him, at first Paul wasn't too keen, he said that it was better this way round. I asked him why and all he could say was that it was. He finally relented and I got on top of him. I pressed my boxer covered hard on between his butt cheeks and started rubbing. Oh my god did it feel good. I know that Paul also thought so as I heard him blow his top before I came.

We were lying on my bed next to each other facing the ceiling, our heads resting on our hands. We didn't speak for some time. I finally broke the silence when I wondered out loud if what we were doing would feel better without our shorts on. Paul suddenly got up off the bed and asked me what I was thinking off. He said really angrily that doing it as we were was okay but if we took our shorts off we'd be gay. I didn't follow. I mean there we were, hard ons still tenting out our sodden shorts for the hundredth time that day and he was worried about being gay. I asked him if it mattered and he replied that of course it mattered, loads of kids mess about but aren't gay. It was cool if we were like that but if I were to be getting any gay feelings it would have to stop. Sounded a bit fucked to me.

I realised that today I really didn't care if I was gay or not. I'm not so stupid not to know that if you're getting off with your mate doing stuff to you, then there's got to be something up.

After Paul left I went back to bed; I took my cock out of my shorts and started to stroke myself off. I tried to fill my head with pictures of girls but only Paul would stay there. I thought about some of the other guys at school as well, wondering what they look like naked and hard.

Okay, so I'm gay. Is that a big deal?

20th June 1996

Mum finally gave in and has now given me a clothing allowance. I went down the high street today after school and bought six pairs of briefs. They're really skimpy, probably only two inches at the sides. The pack said that they were called bikini briefs, if it weren't for the picture of the guy wearing them on the front I'd have thought that they were girls' knickers. Well that's what I thought they called them, bikinis. I got home and went up to my room to try them on. I was hard as soon as I pulled the soft cotton briefs on. There didn't seem to be a lot of room, but I figured that it would be okay as I'm sure I wouldn't be hard all the time in them.

I saw some of the same briefs that Damien Stafford wore as well. They were called tanga briefs. My prediction has sort of come true, now several of the guys have been seen wearing them. I don't think I'll join in though, not right now anyway.

It wasn't until today that I realised how many types of underwear there are. Boxers, briefs, bikinis, tangas, thongs. It goes on. I looked at a thong when I was in the shop. It looked interesting but I didn't get one.

22nd June 1996

Paul was over again last night. We've stopped playing with the SNES, there always seems to be more fun to be had elsewhere. He wont talk about what we do, not before, during or after, I think that he thinks if we acknowledge it then some how it makes him gay. I don't care if I'm gay or not to be honest. Over the past month I've had plenty of wanks and not one with me thinking of a girl in it got me going.

We got undressed and I gave him a bit of a shock when he saw my new briefs. My cock was almost bursting out of the top of the waistband but I felt good, kind of sexy. I think that maybe Paul thought so as well, I saw his wood buck up even harder as I pulled my jeans off. I laid face down on my bed and as like he's done every Friday for the past month he climbed on top of me. I really love the feeling of his cock rubbing in between the cheeks of my arse. I'd really like to try it without the shorts but I don't think Paul would be into that. It came into my mind that we'd been doing this same thing for what seemed like ages now but hadn't moved on any further. Sure occasionally he lets me rub myself off on him but I think he only does that to be fair to me. I don't think he likes it much.

Well last night I decided to try something different. I really wanted to feel his dick in my hand maybe even wank him off. We were laying on my bed after we'd shot our third loads and getting our breath back. He pulled the covers over him and said goodnight. Maybe he figured that we were done for this evening, I had other ideas. I climbed under the duvet and snuggled up quite close to him, we'd worked out that this was also okay to do and not at all gay. My hard on packed tightly against my body in my briefs I had to get quite close to him to start rubbing up in between him. I knew that he was okay about that as he was making quiet murmuring sounds of pleasure. That's when I made my move. I drew my arm over his body and my hand found its way into his boxers. For just a couple of seconds my hand was wrapped around his dick, in that time I worked out how big it really was. I knew it was big, but I never knew that I couldn't get my thumb and forefinger to touch when my hand was around the shaft.

As if he was hit by an electric shock he jumped. `What the fuck are you doing?' he angrily whispered. I said that I was sorry and that I thought it would be cool to try something different. He told me to fuck off and leave him alone. Well I blew that one, I thought to myself. Obviously not as about ten minutes later he rolled back onto his side, facing me. He asked if I was still awake, I said that I was. He said that he was sorry for freaking. At the same time he took hold of my hand and placed it on his hard bulge. His hardness was tenting out his shorts; I rubbed my hand over and over the moist shorts. I didn't attempt to free his tool, I figured that he probably thought to do so was to be gay. I remembered what he said about that it was okay as long as the shorts were on.

24th July 1996

Today is a happy and sad day. Happy because we just broke up for summer holidays and sad because Paul is going to spend the whole summer out in Spain with his father I wont be seeing him for six weeks. Last night he stayed round and we had our final session of the summer. Still the same stuff, I would really like to try something new but he's just got used to me wanking him off through his shorts. Actually we did do something sort of new; he asked me if he could try on a pair of my briefs. I've now totally ditched the shorts, briefs are much better. Before we started to do anything he stripped out of his shorts, as he did I realised that this was the first time I'd actually seen him naked and hard. Normally it's dark when we do anything. My dick when hard sticks straight out, where as Paul's is almost vertical. It's thick shaft reaches up past his belly button. I love the way it bobbed up and down when he moved about as he put the briefs on. I don't think he's going to be into briefs, he could hardly keep himself in them. Mind you I'm about a waist size down from him, maybe a pair in his size would fit better. The briefs were having a real hard time trying to keep his huge balls and enormous meat under wraps.

As if to prove it when he was rubbing himself up and down me, his cock worked its way out of the briefs. His bare flesh rubbing on the cotton of my briefs. I didn't realise this until he shot his load. It squirted half way up my back; his hot jizz felt like it was going to burn threw me. I loved this new sensation as when he normally blew it ended up mostly in his shorts, seeping out onto me. This time it was all over.

Paul was so embarrassed. He kept on apologising for squirting on me. I said that it was no big deal. He seemed happy that I wasn't bothered as when he got back on me again after awhile to catch his breath he asked if he could keep his dick out of the briefs. He said that he wanted to wear them but he couldn't fit in properly. He added that it actually felt much better without them, the sensation to his cock was so much more intense. I said that I had no problem. He was really glad, as he didn't want me to think that just because he was doing something without his briefs on that it made him gay. I said that it didn't matter to me and he could do what he wants.

12th September 1996

We've been back at school for a week now. During the holidays both Paul and I had our birthdays we're now sixteen. Sixteen and I still don't seem to be growing much. I think I've grown about one inch in height in a year. Surely that's not normal? Mind you I noticed some more hairs growing on my arms and legs and I've now got a trail of hair from my navel to my pubes. And most importantly I measured my dick the other night and it's grown another inch when hard. Five inches not bad I guess, but no where near Paul. I reckon he's got be about eight. It's a fucking massive monster.

Paul came back from Spain so tanned it's unbelievable. I saw him change for P.E a couple of days ago, it seems that he must have been wearing Speedo's a lot out there. His tan lines were very brief. Yesterday when he came round I asked him about it he told me that his dad bought them for him and that he didn't have any problem in wearing them as that they were his right size and that there wasn't much to get him hard out there.

I don't know what happened but his holiday has done him the world of good as far as I can see. Without speaking he stepped up close to me, the next moment we were kissing. Full on, tongues and all. As we were kissing his hand moved to the button of my jeans and he snapped it open. He slipped his hand down and massaged my cock through the material of my briefs. Was this the same guy who went away a few weeks ago? I asked my self. We drew apart and he started to get undressed. I couldn't wait to see that tent that I knew would be in his boxers. I went back up to him and this time I made the move, we were kissing again and I was feeling him up through his shorts. We fell on to the bed and the broke apart. I rolled over onto my front, waiting for him to start rubbing himself on me. I looked around at him as he took his shorts off, his huge hard on bouncing free. I swear that it's bigger than I remember. He laid on top of me and started to rub himself up and down my brief covered crack until he exploded.

When we'd caught our breaths back I said that I wanted to do the same to him. He got out of bed and put his shorts back on. He asked if I minded. I was a little disappointed because I wanted to feel what it was like between his bare buttocks even if I had to wear my briefs at the time. Never mind, I still got off big time. We only did it once each before we said good night. But during the night I wrapped my hand round his cock, still covered by his shorts and jacked him off several times. I know he likes it, I just wish he'd loose the shorts.

02nd October 1996

I've done something really bad. Actually two things. First I got a detention from the games teacher. I forgot that we were playing football today so didn't have my proper kit. I had the stuff for gym. This isn't the first time I've done that and to be honest I don't much like football any way.

After school I had to go back to the P.E department for my punishment. I was handed a mop and bucket and told to clean up the boys changing rooms. They were empty except a few pegs of clothes hanging and sports bags under the benches. Probably team practice I thought. My detention was for one hour but I finished long before that. Not wanting to have another job found I just sat around for a while. That's when the second and much worse bad thing happened, I saw among the bags was Damien Stafford's. I don't know what possessed me but I took a look inside. I found two pairs of pants among all the other stuff in there. One a tanga string bikini he'd obviously been wearing all day, it was screwed up and dumped next to his socks. I pulled it out and instinctively held it to my nose and took a few deep breaths. The smell of Damien Stafford was amazing. The thought of this material covering his perfect arse and equipment all day was too much for me to handle. I started to imagine what he looked like with a hard on. I figured that he was as big as Paul, if not bigger. I'd sneaked plenty of looks his way when changing. Like Paul he's got a mans body, more muscular than Paul and more hairy. I reckon he'll hit six-foot before Christmas. If you were to ever think of beauty then you'd be thinking of Damien Stafford, his bleach blond hair looked even whiter along side the tan he got during the summer holidays. It's fading now but you can still see the skimpy tan lines on his arse cheeks. He has these amazing deep blue eyes and there's always kindness in them. He's popular and he knows it, people either want to know him or even be him. But he doesn't seem to let that go to his head. He's got a good word for everyone.

I doubt he'd have a kind word for me after what I did today. After I'd cum in my trousers from sniffing his pants I felt the urge to stuff them in my pocket and run. Then I looked into his back and found an even greater prize. I guess he had it in there to change into after finishing his practice. It had not been worn and was neatly folded in his bag. A white cotton thong. I dumped the tangas back into his bag and shoved the thong into my jacket pocket. I picked up my bag and left the changing room. I went to the P.E office but Mr Ramsey wasn't there. One of the other teachers said it was all right for me to go.

I got home as fast as I could and went straight to my bedroom. I hurriedly undressed and took the thong out from my jacket pocket. It may not have been worn that day but it was obvious that it's had a lot of wear. Some of the cotton was coming away from the seam and there were a couple of tiny holes, just slightly bigger then pinpricks in the pouch.

I looked at the label and it was a size 30", I'm only a 26. I slipped it on and pulled the strap in between my arse. I'd never felt something so good before. True it was a little too big for me even with my hard on tenting out from it. I guess it's used to much bigger equipment. I rubbed the material through the pouch until I came.

Now I feel guilty that I've stolen somebody's underwear. Am I going to put them back? No, you're kidding aren't you.


8th October 1996

I love Damien's thong. I wear it quite a lot. I've even worn it to school on days when I don't have PE It feels kind of hot seeing him sitting at a desk just a few rows from me knowing that I'm wearing his pants.

12th October 1996

Last night was amazing. Paul stayed round as usual. I decided to wear Damien's thong and see what happens. Of course I didn't tell him that it wasn't mine. We went straight to my room and as usual locked the door. We started to undress but I was slower than Paul to get my kit off. I love seeing him undress. Also it gives me a clue as to what he wants us to do. I know that if he takes his boxers off, he wants to rub himself off on me. If he leaves them on then I know that he wants me to wank him off through them.

Tonight he took them off. By the time he was striped I had just take off my jumper. He ribbed me for being a slow coach and grabbed hold of the waistband of my jeans. He undid the buttons and slipped the jeans down my legs. I stepped out of them and stood there in just the white cotton thong.

He asked me what the fuck I was wearing and I told him. He seemed a bit angry, had I over stepped the mark? He said that he couldn't do anything with me wen I was wearing that and that I should put on a pair of briefs like usual. I don't know why but I said that I wouldn't. Fine he said and picked up his boxers and put them back on. I really thought I'd fucked it up, his boner tenting out his shorts obviously spoke louder to him as he pushed me down on my bed and said fine, he'll do it the old way.

I was so relieved, I'd really thought he was going to stop. Thank god he was horny. I rolled over onto my front and he climbed onto me. I love the feel of his weight on my small body. I may be small but I am quite strong and Paul laying on top of me has never hurt me. Even though he's much bigger than I am.

He rubbed himself up and down my arse for a while but I could tell that he wasn't into it as much as usual. He rolled off me with out coming; again I thought the worst. Looks like I'm not the only one who can surprise. He took off his shorts again and got back on me. He said that he it didn't feel right having his shorts on any more and as I was being so stubborn it was my fault that his dick had to touch my arse. I could tell that he was still having issues with the whole gay thing. I on the other hand just get off on what we do, who cares if it's gay or not. That's not what he wants to hear though.

His hardness finally on my skin. He was so hot. His dick really rubbing up and down my crack. It felt so good. I know he felt the same as it wasn't long before he shot his load all over my back. I didn't care, I'd shot my load not long before that.

As usual he got off me and rolled to the other side of the bed. Once we'd caught our breaths he spoke. He asked me if I'd got another thong as he wanted to try one on. I said that it was my only one but if he didn't mind that I'd shot in it he was welcome to try it. He thought for a few minutes then said that he would. I slipped the thong off and handed it to him. He made a little screwed up face as his knob settled into the cum filled pouch. He didn't seem to mind for long as he started rubbing himself in it. Being too big for me the thong fitted him perfectly; it had no problem in containing his massive poll and huge balls.

I was so hard at seeing Paul in the thong. He looked over to me and asked if I wanted to get on top of him. That was the first time that he'd ever asked that. Normally I have to ask him. I asked if he wanted me to put on a pair of pants first. He thought about it for a few seconds and said that if I didn't want to then it would be all right. He said that it felt so good to him not wearing any and that as he has something on he didn't mind that I didn't. I guess it made sense.

He rolled over and I climbed on him, my legs kneeling on either side of him. I looked down at his arse. It was covered in a fine down of hair. I put my hands on his globes and started massaging them. I think he was about to protest that this wasn't what we were supposed to be doing, but again I think pleasure got in the way. I rubbed my hands on his arse, up and down. He was moaning like a good'un. I let my fingers slip in between the crack, touching the cord of the thong as they moved. I'd never heard Paul moan like he did then. I think we went to a whole new level. I took hold of my dick and started to rub it in between his cheeks. Oh my god it felt so good. The hairs in his crack served to increase the sensation. Well if this is what being gay is all about you can sign me up here and now.

Not long after I came we were lying next to each other. He was still wearing the thong, man he looked so hot in it. As things usually went when the night wore on I reached over to him and put my hand on his package. I started to rub him up. He got hard again instantly. I guess I got carried away and wasn't thinking at the time. Maybe if I had I wouldn't have done what I did. I put my hand down the front of the pouch and took a hold of his dick. Yeah it freaked him a bit but no where near as last time it happened. I think he was just as caught up in the moment too and forgot about his macho crap. I confirmed in my mind what I thought before; I couldn't get my thumb and forefinger to meet when I took hold of his shaft.

I felt the still warm stickiness of both our loads in his pouch, sloshing all over my hand giving me further lubrication. It was not long before a third joined it.

Tiredness set in and we both fell asleep. When I awoke I saw Paul sitting at the end of the bed. He was staring out the window. I joined him and asked if he was okay. He just sat there for a while before answering. It was the first time that we ever really spoke about what we do when he stays around. He asked if I liked what we did together. Of course I told him that I did, otherwise I wouldn't do it. Then he asked if I was gay. Loaded question I thought. If I told him the truth maybe all this would stop. I lied. I told him that we were just a couple of guys who mess around a bit. I looked sad as I said that it didn't mean anything. What did he want me to say?

After a few minutes of silence he then asked me if I liked wanking him off last night. I said that I did and then asked him what he thought about it. He replied that at first he didn't like it, after all another guy had hold of his dick. But then he said that he thought about it and it's really no different than doing it yourself, only much more fun. At this point we both realised that we were sitting naked next to each other. Naked except that he was still wearing the thong. It seems that our dicks never stay soft for long. And now for my next surprise. He asked me if he could touch my dick. Sure I said. Cautiously he started to play with my cock. First light touches, then he wrapped his hand round the shaft and started jerking me. Not long and there was spunk flying everywhere.

Again we spent most of the day in my room. We were only bothered once when I heard my brother run up the stairs. I thought he was going to knock on my door. Luckily he went to his room.

16th November 1996

Paul and I are going great. We're really into wanking each other off and doing a few other things. We still rub our selves up and down each others arses mostly without underwear, though we still do every now and then, cos if feels good. The thing is that I've progressed to another level, not entirely by choice, although looking back I'm glad it happened.

Last week, I couldn't help myself. I was at school late; I had some artwork that I wanted to finish off. The art building joins the Gym block of the school, there's a connecting door. The art teacher was busying himself elsewhere and I needed to use the toilet. The one in the boys changing room is much nearer than the one downstairs so I figured what the hell.

As I walked out of the loo I noticed Damien Stafford's bag along with his clothes. I couldn't resist a look. Again I found a worn pair of tangas and a clean thong. I wondered if the rest of the football team knew that Damien was into thongs. I had noticed in the past month or so that a lot guys in my gym class have switched to briefs and tangas. I'd say that boxer wearers are now very much in the minority. I guess everyone wants to be Damien.

I had a look in some other sports bags. Out of the ten that I checked only one had a clean pair of boxers, with the underpants worn today being a brief. Six had two pairs of tangas in each. Leaving the other three, each having a pair of tangas and a thong in. I recognised the bags of the other three and realised that they were the guys that Damien hung around with most. All four thong wearers. I wondered if there was a story there. I went back to Damien's bag as his thong was of special interest, not just because it was his, but because it wasn't a normal cotton material. It was a shiny silky material, wet look and cold to the touch. I screwed it up and shoved it in my trouser pocket. As I did that I hear the changing room door slam. I looked round and it was Damien.

My heart must have stopped. He walked up to me with a slight limp, I guess he much have got injured, so left the pitch early. The bit that I was dreading came; he asked me what I was doing. What could I say? Just before I could answer his knee gave way and he collapsed in agony. I helped him up and sat him down on the bench. He told me that there was a bandage in his bag. I got it and started to wind round his knee. He told me that it was an old injury that keeps on coming back. Once the bandage was on he stood up, he leant his weight on me and we walked around for a bit. He thanked me for my help, then reminded me that I hadn't answered his question. Just as I was about to the door opened and the rest of the team came in. He said that we weren't done yet and that I had to wait outside for him.

I waited outside the gym block and saw everyone leave. I was in panic about what Damien would do or say, but not panicked enough to look at his three friends who I knew were wearing thongs leave. I wondered if the knew that someone else knew what they had on?

Damien was the last to leave and asked me to walk with him. He didn't ask why I took his underwear, but he did ask if I took a pair from him a month or so ago. I replied sheepishly that I did. He took the pair that I was going to take from out of his bag and asked me if I wanted these. I looked at him. He said that he'd be happy to give them to me but I had to earn them. I asked him how?

We got to his house and he let himself in. He told me not to worry, as his parents wouldn't be home for a couple of hours. He led me up to his bedroom and closed the door. He has a much bigger bedroom than I do. In one corner he has a desk with a computer and a chair next to it. On the back of the chair there was a jumper draped over it. I don't know why but I recognised it from somewhere. I knew it wasn't from school as it wasn't uniform.

My attention snapped back to Damien when he next spoke. He told me to get undressed. I couldn't refuse even if I wanted to. I stripped down to my briefs and looked at him, he said those too. I stood there naked in front of him; I started to get hard. He then told me to get into his thong. The cold wet look material felt so good next to my shaft, I was now fully hard. He started to take his clothes off and in no time was naked. He told me to get down on my knees, as it was time that I earned the pants that I was wearing. He stepped towards me and told me to suck him off.

I looked down at his cock; it was slightly longer than Paul's and also thicker. Surrounded by a thick patch of very blond pubic hair. I knelt down in front of him and took his meat in my hands. I licked the head and tasted the salty pre cum. Gradually I swallowed his length until I could fit no more. Gently he started to fuck my face until my throat was full of hot juice.

He asked me if I'd ever done that before, I told him that I hadn't. But you've been with a guy before? He asked. I replied that I'd messed around with someone but never done that much. He seemed happy to hear that and even happier when I answered his next question. Had I ever been fucked before? I told him no. He asked me if I wanted him to. I didn't even have to think about it. Damien Stafford wanted my arse. I must have been very good in a previous life. I was nervous but I also felt right. Damien had a way with him that put me at ease. Before I'd never been able to speak to him much. I'd always shied away. But now I didn't feel at all shy.

He told me to lay down and relax. He explained what he was going to do and said that if it was ever too much for me then he would stop. He said that it would hurt at first but I should just fight through that and stay as relaxed as possible.

He got on the bed and took hold of both of the sides of his thong that I was wearing; I lifted myself up slightly so that he could take it down. Next he reached over to his bedside table and next I felt a cold sensation to my arse as he smeared some sticky stuff on me. He slipped a finger in me and then another. All the while he whispered that I was a natural. He withdrew his fingers and then went back to the bedside table. I looked over at what he was doing. He was opening a packet of condoms and started to roll on down his huge shaft. I looked at him and he smiled, then said it was better to be safe than sorry. I guess he was right. I may never have gone this far before but it was obvious that Damien was an expert.

I felt the head of his shaft touching my arse. Slowly he entered me. Yes, the pain was bad. I felt like my arse was on fire. He pushed a little more into me; it was like I was going to split in two. After every inch that he inserted he waited a while for me to get used to it. Gradually he had his whole weapon inside of me. He kept on asking if I was all right. He withdrew himself slightly and then went back in again. The pain had turned into ecstasy. He quickened the pace, in and out. Until he finally shot his load. He collapsed breathless on top of me and his dick fell out as it softened. I couldn't believe the sensations that I was feeling. I knew that it was what was right for me.

As if he read my mind Damien said, "You enjoyed that, didn't you?" I replied that I did. He rolled off me and lay next to me, face to face. His lips met mine and I was soon letting his tongue explore my mouth. The next thing I knew he got up from the bed and picked up his thong. He slipped it back on me and returned to start kissing me at the same time his hand reached down the inside of the pouch for my dick and he jacked me off to climax.

I left his place not long after I shot my load. He asked me if I'd really enjoyed what we did back then and I replied that I did. He said that maybe we could get together again sometime. I told him that I'd like that. He picked up the damp silky thong that had been wearing and said that he'd changed his mind and that he would be keeping it. My face fell.

I broke into a smile again when he went to his draw and fished out an identical one. He was about to hand it to me then snatched it back. He said that he would give it to me but since I had already taken one of his thongs I should leave my briefs that I'd been wearing for full payment. I quickly agreed but I couldn't see why he'd want my briefs.

18th November 1996

I went to school walking on air today. I didn't have games so I wore Damien's black silky thong. We bumped into each other in between classes. We were both alone and he pulled me into an empty classroom. He closed the door and then said he wondered what underwear I was wearing. Before I could answer he pulled my trouser zip down and copped a feel. "Thought so," he said. He then undid his trousers to show me his. They were amazing. Red, see-thru nylon. He turned round to show me his arse, the red cord slipping in between his perfect buns. I thought you'd be into them he said. He placed my hand on his expanding bulge. I groped around until we heard voices. We both did ourselves up and walked casually out of the classroom. Unfinished business he said, I'll be in the park after school. I'm meeting some friends for a game of footy, come along if you want. I said that I'd try and we went our separate ways.

After school I headed down to the park. Damien was there as were a load of others. I stayed out of sight, as I didn't want to be asked to play, I'm crap at football. I noticed some of the other guys playing. They weren't from our year at school, they were older. Then I got a bit of a shock, I saw my brother. They all stopped playing and went over to where they'd left their bags. Most got out drinks or cigarettes, must have been break time. Then I noticed Damien and my brother get into a play fight. Steve walked up to him and poured the contents of his water bottle over him. Damien replied with a flying tackle. Laughing away the wrestled. Someone must have decided to continue the game as the next thing I knew the fun was over and they were back playing.

I didn't bother hanging round, I figured that they'd be playing for some time and I wasn't too keen to be there with my brother. He might have thought it odd that I showed up, given my dislike of football.

I didn't see how Steve could have known Damien that well. He's two years older then us and left school last year. My brother and I couldn't be more like chalk and cheese if we tried. He's the sporty one of the family, quite well built not skinny like his younger brother. That said we've always got on well. Never really got in each other's hair.

I wondered if he and Damien were friends, I guess the football thing was a good binder for friendship. I got home and went straight to my room, I was thinking about yesterday around at Damien's. That's when I remembered the jumper I'd seen there on the back of the chair. My brother had one just like it. No, I thought to myself. But curiosity got the better of me. I went into Steve's room and looked in his cupboard. It wasn't there, I checked through his draws and nothing. No, I was just being paranoid I thought to myself.

I went downstairs when dad called me for dinner then watched telly with my folks. About eleven Steve got home. He came into the living room to say hi to us. He was wearing that jumper. Were he and Damien? No, surely not. My brothers as straight as anything.

Steve went upstairs and about ten minutes later I followed. I didn't know what to ask him but I had to speak to him none the less. I knocked at his door and he called out for me to come in. He'd already changed for bed and was under the covers. We're unlike each other in many ways but there are some traits that we share, one being that when we get out of our clothes for bed we leave them where they fall. Our mum's always on at us to put dirty washing in the laundry basket, but we don't always remember. I saw his jumper on the floor and next to them his sweat pants. On top of them I saw something that I'd seen earlier today. A bright red nylon see-thru thong.

"What's up bro?" he asked. I sat down on his bed not knowing what to say. How do you ask your brother if he's gay and sleeping with a guy you know? He asked me if I was okay and I replied that I was and asked him the same question.

"Okay, so what's on your mind?" He asked.

"I saw you in the park today, playing football."

"Yeah, I was there. So why didn't you come over? You could have joined in. It wont hurt you to kick a ball around once in a while you know."

"Do you know Damien Stafford?" I bit the bullet.

He clearly blushed and asked why I was asking. I told him that I saw them messing around together and wondered if I knew him.

"Where's this leading David?" he asked, there was a commanding tone to his voice.

"No, I just wondered, that's all."

"Okay, I guess it's time for THAT conversation. Damien and me are like you and your friend Paul. Don't think I don't know what you two get up to. The walls are not that thick."

I was clearly shocked at both his revelation and the knowledge that he passed on to me.

"Don't be surprised and don't worry my room and the bathroom are between yours and mum and dad's. They haven't got a clue, if they did do you think they'd let Paul stay on Fridays? As for Damien and me, we've been seeing each other for about a year now. We got together when I was helping coach the football team in your year before I left school. He's one hot guy as I know you're aware"

"What do you mean?" I asked, not really sure that I wanted to know the answer.

"Well, from what I gather you both had a session yesterday. Don't worry I'm not angry. A little surprised that my pip squeak of a brother managed to bag such a hottie, but not angry."

"Why did he tell you? I mean he could have caused a lot of trouble"

"I worked it out for myself. When I was round at his place tonight I saw a pair of briefs that I recognised. I asked him a few choice questions and next thing I had the full story. Seems we're more alike then we both ever thought. We've both got a thing for guys and we're both partial to helping ourselves to other people's underwear. Yes, I've taken a few pairs in my time. I recognised yours as I was only wearing them myself last week. They're the pair with the grass stain on the back that wont shift."

He was right, they were. But now my head was reeling. There were only so many revelations that I could take in one day.

"Tell you what, I'm shattered, so we'll call it a night. Now if you want we can speak about any of this again, it's up to you. Meanwhile, I've noticed that your eyes keep going back to Damien's thong."

I blushed.

"Don't be embarrassed. Take it, I'm sure it will get back to its rightful owner sooner or later. And if you want to leave me what you're wearing in the meantime, you're more than welcome."

I couldn't believe it; my brother wanted the pants that I was wearing. All right so they were Damien's, but my brother wanted my pants. I don't know why, maybe I should have been feeling guilty, but I felt really turned on to the idea. My brother's gay and he's also got a thing about underwear. I undid the button of my trousers and pulled them down, my cock awakened and grew hard as I slipped Damien's thong off. I passed them to Steve, who then pulled back his duvet cover and revealed his total hardness. It was the first time I ever saw him hard and I was impressed. He was bigger than Damien and Paul, I only hoped that I would catch up. He slipped the thong on and replaced the bed cover. I went over to where the red thong lay and picked it up. It was virtually weightless, gossamer thin. I stepped into it and turned to face my brother.

"Hey kiddo, you're catching up in size. Before long you'll be as big as me."

I smiled. Nice thought.

"Just before you go Dave, let's make an agreement. We may be brothers; we may be gay but let's stop at swapping underwear. Anything else would be too weird."

"I'm with you on that one. My life's too complicated as it is."

We both laughed. I walked over to Steve's bed and leant down to him. In a silly voice I said, "I love you big bro" then kissed him goodnight on the lips. As I turned round to leave his room he slapped me on my bare buttocks. I picked up my trousers and left to my room. Fortunately mum and dad weren't about. Might have been some explaining to do. When I got to my room I walked over to my mirror, there was a large red mark on my arse, that would explain the stinging. This has all just happened and I've been hard all the way through writing this diary entry. There's pre cum oozing through the material of this red nylon thong. So I'll close here and wank myself to sleep.

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