Hi Drew here! Firstly, thanks to everyone for the e-mails that you've written to me. It's been really encouraging. I've shown them all to Dave and he's been really surprised by the response.

Okay now for the disclaimer bit. This part of David's diary contains some sexually explicit stuff centring around people who are below the current legal age of this country (in the U.K the age of consent for men is still 18. Although the government has promised to equalise it, as of yet they have failed to deliver on that promise. So much for a New Briton Mr Blair!)

I'd like to point two things out. Firstly no matter what the ages of the people in this story, the only sex they had was consensual. No one was forced into anything that they weren't ready for or wanted to do. Secondly, I wonder how many people actually wait to attain the so-called lawful age of consent before embarking on their voyage of discovery? I for one don't know any. The act of love is not and never should be seen as a crime as long as the people involved are involved of their own free will.

Soap box bit over.


David's diary part 2

19th November 1996

My head's been reeling all day today at school. I've been thinking about Damien and my brother, I've been thinking about Damien and me. I walked into my tutor group for registration this morning and he looked up to me and said hello. I nodded back and went to my usual seat next to Paul. He asked me what Damien wanted and I just shrugged my shoulders.

Latter at break I saw Damien again; he asked me if everything was cool? Does he know that I know about him and my brother? I said that I was fine. He then mentioned about getting together again some time soon. I don't know why, but I was a bit vague. My head was screaming at me to say yes, my heart was a bit mixed up. I don't know, it just doesn't feel right that I'd be sleeping with the guy my brother was. I felt confused all day and there was no one I could talk to about it. Normally if I had a problem I'd go to Paul, he's my best friend and I'd trust him. But not this time. We might mess around but there are some things that we just don't talk about, he sets the rules, they maybe unspoken but I know what they are. It's pretty simple, I can wank him off or he can rub his cock between my arse cheeks, but we can't be gay or even talk about it.

I've come to the conclusion that life's too confusing to have to be bothered about what sex you're attracted to. I figure that right now a guy's more interesting to me than any girl, who knows, that may change in the future. Maybe it's a phase? But some how I doubt that.

I think with Paul it's different, he's having real problems coming to terms with what we do. He's not said anything but I know that it's not something that he even wants to be thinking about. I don't want to press him about it, after all as long as he wants to do stuff with me he can call it what he likes.

As for my brother, I had no idea that he was gay. Like none at all. Add to that, he's been seeing the hottest guy in our year who I've just got off with and I think we've got the makings of a tacky day time soap on our hands. I wonder if my brother is gay? I know that he's had plenty of girlfriends. If I were to look at him like any other guy and not my brother I'd have to say that he was hot. Just over six feet tall, his eyes are a kind of grey/blue. His hair, like dads' is what they call strawberry blond. Strawberry blond? Get over it, you're ginger. I used to taunt him with that. He's got a lean but muscular body and has confidence oozing from every pore. And after seeing him for the first time hard last night I'd say that his equipment was something to write home about. Now contrast that to me, his short arse, small dick crap body brother and you'd wonder if we were really brothers.

I can see what Damien sees in him and vice versa. What Damien sees in me is a mystery. I would wonder if the day before was a one off if we hadn't spoken today. I know I shouldn't put myself down but I really can't see what a guy who can have the pick of anyone boy or girl in our school would want to do with me.

Like I said dear diary, life's too complicated to worry about your sexuality. There are far more things to have me pacing at night.

I've decided to talk to Steve. Maybe he's got the answers. He should have, he's my big brother. They're supposed to know everything, it's in the job description.

20th November 1996

Damien Stafford had me off in school today. Sorry, can I say that again? Damien Stafford had me off in school today!

It was lunchtime and he should have been playing football with his mates. I was surprised when he came over to me in the dinner hall and asked if I could come with him. Paul looked at me a bit perplexed; I shrugged my shoulders and said to him that I'd be back soon. I caught up with Damien and asked him what was up. He told me that his knee was playing him up more, so he's been told to give footy a rest for awhile. He then added that he couldn't just hang around while everyone else was playing so he wondered if I wanted to do anything. Anything? I asked. He just smiled. As we were walking we approached the drama building. Normally they lock the buildings that are not in use during break but I guess that someone forgot. He opened the door, I wondered if he knew it was open before we happened to pass it. The block was empty, I followed him down stairs to the studio, a small room just used for drama classes and rehearsals. There are no windows and only one door. He opened the door and switched on the lights. "So are you up for it?" he asked. Before I'd even answered he had his hand on my trouser button and was undoing them. They fell to my knees, he saw my hard on tenting out my briefs and said that it looks like you're up for it. He got down on his knees and took my cock out of my briefs. In no time he had his lips around it and gave me my first gob job. It was then I realised what a crap job I'd done on him the other day. He was an expert, he knew just when to pull back as I got nearer to unloading myself. He teased me like that for a while until he finally let me come. As soon as I did he got up and went for a kiss. His mouth was still full of my spunk and he was intent on sharing my creamy load with me. After what seemed like forever we came up for air. I really wanted to do him, improve on my technique but he had other ideas. He looked at his watch and said that we had plenty of time. Then he went over to his school bag and took out a condom and a tube of K.Y. "Do you want to?" He asked. Did I? You bet.

I took the condom off him then undid his trousers. He was wearing his black wet look thong, I wondered if it was the one that he gave to me the other night, the one that I swapped with my brother. If it were that would mean they got together last night. Some how it didn't bother me, not then anyway.

I tore open the condom packet and unrolled it on his monster dick. He opened the tube of lube and smeared some on him. Then I turned round and he lubed me up. He inserted a finger and then another. I felt a lot more relaxed than I did the other night and it was not long before he was slipping me one. Damien Stafford's dick in my arse, again. I thought to myself. This proved that there was a god.

When we finished I couldn't help wonder if he does that with Steve. I decided to ask, after all this wasn't Paul, I felt that I could ask.

He replied that he did and the other way round. Apparently my brother is quite handy with his cock and taught Damien a thing or two. Does that bother me? He asked. I don't know, I replied. It shouldn't he added, after all I was just as hot as Steve.

Damien Stafford thought that I was as hot as my brother. Wow. I don't think my feet hit the ground for the rest of the day. I also didn't really care that I had lube up my arse for the rest of school either.

We went back to our tutor room when the bell rang for afternoon registration. Paul was sitting there looking a bit pissed off. I sat down next to him and he whispered where was I? And what did Damien Stafford want? I apologised and made up some excuse about being detained after talking with Damien. He didn't seem too happy but I think he knew that was all he was going to get out of me.

When I got home I showered then had dinner. Steve came in around nine and we watched telly with our `rents till ten. As we climbed the stairs to our bedrooms I asked Steve if we could talk.

We went into his room. He asked me if I minded if he got changed while we spoke. I didn't. He took off his jumper and jeans. He was wearing a white nylon bikini brief, pretty hot I thought just before remembering that he was my brother. He took out a pair of sweat cut offs and put them on. Then he joined me sitting on his bed.

What's up little bro' he asked. I'd made up my mind that the first thing I was going to ask was about him being gay, was he? Yes he replied. Then he asked me if I thought I was. I said that I think so. Yes, probably. I then asked him when he knew he was for sure. He told me that he kind of always knew but he also was happy going with girls until a year or so ago. Then he realised that it was just mechanical and that there was nothing there. He asked me if I'd ever been with a girl, I told him that I hadn't. Not all the way. Do you want to? He asked. I said that I'd thought a lot about it but it doesn't really do anything for me.

He said that I should go with my feelings, whatever they may be at the time. Maybe one day I'll meet a girl that might just do it for me, don't ever write it off. I said that I wouldn't but that I doubt it would happen. "Fine", he said. "That's exactly how I feel."

Then I asked him about Damien how they got together and stuff. He told me about last year when while he was doing his A' levels he helped out in the P.E department. I remembered that. He then went on saying that he took extra football practice with our years team and that's when he got to know Damien. He said that he knew Damien's older brother, Hayden, who was a couple of years above him in school.

"Hayden and I messed around a bit for a while, long before I knew Damien. Actually he was the first guy that I'd done anything beyond a quick wank with. You could say that he was my first proper shag."

"Yeah, Damien was my first real sex, looks like it's becoming a Parker boys tradition, loosing their cherries to Stafford boys."

Steve laughed and said that it was a shame that we didn't have a younger brother, then he could get together with Patrick, the youngest brother and make a night of it.

He asked me about Paul and I said I'd tell him later. I wanted him to continue with his story.

"Anyway, Hayden and I kind of petered out when he met Mike. They've been going out now for about three years and are pretty exclusive. Well, I'd met Damien in passing a few times and I guessed that he'd known what Hayden and I were up to."

Apparently one day he and Damien went to the park for a knock about game of football, next thing they were all over each other. They'd been seeing each other ever since.

"Were they boyfriends?" I asked

"Not boyfriends, as such. Not in the way you'd think about two people going out with each other. Just real close. He's a horny bugger and very hard to say no to as I'm sure you're finding out."

"Does that bother you at all?" I asked.

"No, not at all. Damien's free to do what he wants, as am I. As are you. Speaking as your older and protective brother, I'd rather you with Damien then some sleaze wanker that might try to pick you up. Damien gets about a bit as do I. He's careful and I hope you'll follow his lead."

"This a lecture?" I asked.

"Yeah, if you like. I don't want to see you doing something stupid. You're my brother and I love you. If I can be there for you any time I will. And that includes the occasional lecture. Now how about you and Paul, do you want to talk about it?"

I did and told him the whole story.

"Well it really does seem that he has issues. Sounds like he's in total denial to me. Be careful Davie, I'm sure that it will be okay, but if you push too far with Paul, you may loose a good friend. He's been your best friend most of your life, if he needs time to come to terms with himself then allow him that. Don't forget that his parents splitting up must be affecting him. It's a shame that he's an only child, it's good to have a brother to talk to, isn't it?"

It sure is and I told Steve that. I moved slightly in and kissed him, full on the lips. I left his room feeling good about the universe. I guess that I was slightly bothered about him, Damien and me. Now it seemed to be fine. I was feeling earlier that maybe I was treading on his toes, but like he says, we're all free to do what we want. I suddenly thought about a threesome between us. No, that would be too weird.

23rd November 1996

Things are not good. Paul's been acting weird at school. I thought that he may have been onto Damien and I. I think he feels threatened by what might be a new friendship. He was round last night but we didn't really do anything. I asked him a dozen times if he was all right and each time he said he was fine. We didn't go up to my room till gone eleven and when we stripped for bed he kept his shorts on. I figured that he wanted me to wank him off in them. No, when I went for his crotch he just pushed me away, saying quite angrily "Can't you leave it?"

I removed my hand and turned round. I woke up later that night, Paul had turned round and his arm was around me. I could feel his hard on digging in my back, but there was no movement. I turned round slightly to look at him and he was very asleep. I guess that whatever was bothering him, his dick still wanted some action.

I woke up this morning and Paul was already up and dressed. He was sitting on the edge of my bed. I got up, my morning hard on tenting out my briefs. I looked at Paul, but he looked away. I went to my cupboard and pulled out a jumper and a pair of sweats. Finally I couldn't take this silence any more and decided to front him.

"What's up Paul and don't tell me nothing, you've been quite since yesterday."

"Are you gay Dave?"

"Why are you asking me that?"

"Just answer the bloody question will you"

"Hey, calm it. What's up?"

"Nothing. No, not nothing. Something I heard. Someone was talking about you and Stafford."

"Who was talking and what did they say?"

"It was one of his mates, Bansley. I overheard a conversation between him and Harrison, they mentioned about you and Stafford."

"What about us, Paul" I didn't like where this was going. If Damien had blabbed about us to his mates I'm gonna freak. He has no right to.

"I over heard them wondering if he and you had got it together, or something like that. They seemed pretty sure that you had."

"And what do you think?" I asked rather nervously

"Dave, I don't know what to think."

I remembered what Steve said the other night about Paul having problems coming to terms with himself and that I should go easy. Then I thought to myself that he's my best mate and did deserve the truth, even if he couldn't handle it.

"Yes, we did get together and Paul, yes, I think I'm gay"

He was silent for ages. I just let what I said sink in. I was also preparing for the worst. It happened.

He got up and shouted "What the fuck you telling me? Fuck, fuck!". He turned round and punched the wall. Then turned back and grabbed hold of me. He dragged me onto my feet, I thought he was going to hit me. He pulled me close to him, our size difference made me feel like a rag doll in his hands. He was shaking and his face was turning red.

"Why the fuck are you queer? You're my best mate. What the fuck? You and Stafford? Fucking queering it off with Stafford. I can't fucking believe it. Fuck!"

He picked me up by my jumper and threw me onto my bed.

"I'm out of here you fucking poof. Leave you to your pretty fuck boy."

He stormed out of my room, I heard him run down the stairs and slam the front door. I just laid there on my bed, too shaken to move or even cry. Which is what I wanted to do.

After I don't know how long I heard a knock at my door. I don't remember answering. Steve opened it and looked at me. He got on the bed and picked me up in his arms. I rested my head on his shoulder and that's when the waterworks started. He just rocked me back and forth, stroking my hair and saying that it was all right. I don't know how long that went on for maybe half an hour. Eventually I parted away from him and got up to go to my dresser for a few tissues.

Steve asked me if I wanted to talk about it. I told him everything that happened. In between my breaking down a few times he listened to what I had to say without saying a word.

He eventually spoke when I asked him what he thought I should do.

"I hate to say it Davie, but I told you to go easy. Some guys have such a problem coming to terms with themselves they can't even acknowledge it. I know a guy; he's thirty now. He had major hang-ups when he was our age. He told me that he knew that he was gay but couldn't admit it to himself. He'd do things like buy a copy of `Gay Times' read it then be disgusted with himself for it. Seems stupid, that someone would do something like that but some people can take ages to see what's really inside. Some never do. Paul's reaction is that of someone so scared of himself and what he is that he can't face it. You spelt it out for him by bringing it into the real world for him. By admitting that you and Damien got together you probably set of a jealous feeling within him. Not wanting to acknowledge that it was jealousy he reacted the way he did. There's nothing that you can do. If you're lucky he'll come to his senses but I doubt that will happen any time soon. I hope I'm wrong but I think that you've lost a friend. Sorry, I wish I could sugar coat what I've just said, but like you I've got a crap sense of needing to tell the truth, even when it hurts."

Steve put his arms round me and bent forward to place a kiss on my forehead. He left my room saying that he'll give me some space to think about things, but if I want to speak then I know where he is. I thanked him then went back to bed. I didn't feel too much like seeing the rest of Saturday through.

25th November 1996

Paul ignored me all day today. I went in for registration and he wasn't sitting at our usual desk. I had a couple of classes with him that day and again he didn't sit with me. During break Damien came up to me and asked if I was okay. I told him briefly what happened. He was dumbstruck. Firstly because he hadn't figured that Paul and I were ever up to anything, I didn't actually say that we did to him, but I guess the way I was talking it was pretty obvious. Secondly he was annoyed by his friends Peter and John's careless talk. He assured me that he'd never spoke to either of them about us. Nor had he spoke to anyone else other than my brother about it. "Careless talk" he said. He asked if I wanted to meet up after school, but I said that I wasn't much feeling like doing anything. He pointed out that we could actually be together and not have sex. After all he wanted me to be a friend, not just someone he gets off with. I guess I needed to hear that. For the first time in a couple of days I smiled.

3rd December 1996

Paul's been acting really weird this past week or so. He's been in a couple of fights and got himself suspended from school for a week. He's not like that normally. In the whole time I've known him he's only been in one fight and that was when some guy a year above us was picking on me. He went up to him and told him to leave me alone, they exchanged a few punches, until the guy ended up on the floor. He never bothered me again.

I'm not sure what the fights were about but I do know that it's not like Paul. I plucked up courage to go round his house to see if he was okay. He just told me to fuck off. What more can I do? I'd give anything to turn the clock back. Why was I so stupid? I want my friend back.

16th December 1996

I've just stayed the weekend round at Damien's. I've been hanging around with him and his crowd for the past couple of weeks; I've even got into a couple of football games. Never thought that would happen. All Damien's friends have been great with me, it's like he's decided that they would like me and they have no choice in the matter. I know most of them in passing but never really to say more than a few words to. Suddenly they're hanging on my every word. Even more amazing I've had girls who normally would even bother to ask me the time of day asking me out. I'm not saying that I'm going to do anything about it, but it's nice to know that I have the option.

Paul and I are talking again. I think.

It's not the same as before but I hope that we can grow from this. I know him better than any one and I know that he's a good person, no make that a great person. We exchanged a few polite words the day he came back from his suspension. Hopefully we can eventually build back our friendship. I'm happy to take it at his pace. If he makes positive moves I'll follow. Sounds familiar doesn't it.

Being round at Damien's was great. His parents were away for the weekend and his brother Hayden came back from university to keep an eye on us. Hayden is the spitting image of Damien and their younger brother Patrick is also from the same mould. I'd seen Hayden before a couple of times, but until this weekend I'd never met Patrick. He's thirteen and the lower half of the school is on a different site. I bet their parents are proud that they've produced three totally awesome sons. I bet they're thinking that their kids are going to produce beautiful grandchildren for them. Some how I doubt that. Yes, even Patrick is gay and has got himself a good friend who he messes around with.

Patrick and I got along really well. He's a great guy for a thirteen-year-old. I guess he's strong because of his brothers. There was no way that he was growing up in their shadow.

Most of the weekend Damien and I spent in bed. Hayden wasn't about much as he was with his boyfriend Mike, who I also met. Mike's a student at Hayden's university. A totally hot guy, with a body to die for. He'd have to be, he supplements his student grant by being a male stripper. I found this out from Patrick during one of the times that Damien and I weren't in bed.

Damien got a call on Sunday from one of his mates saying that they're all meeting in the park for a game of footy. He asked if I wanted to come along, I said that I wasn't really into it. He then asked if I minded if he went for a couple of hours. I replied that I had no problem. Patrick who was in on the conversation said that he'd look after me. Damien replied with a snide remark that he was sure that he would. His kissed me goodbye and as he was leaving he warned Patrick not to wear me out as he and I weren't finished yet.

We had the house to ourselves. Patrick went to the kitchen for a couple of Cokes and we sat down and chatted for ages. I asked him if he'd always known about his brothers. He had. He told me that they were always pretty open with each other. He then went on to tell me about his friend, a guy called Lee. They'd been together for about six months and had done quite a lot of stuff together. I was amazed by how open he was; he was not embarrassed in the slightest when talking about sex and personal stuff. He asked me about my brother, he's met Steve a few times and really likes him. He asked if we'd ever done anything together. I told him that we hadn't. Then he volunteered that he and Damien had messed around a bit and that Damien and Hayden had as well. Nothing much beyond wanking each other off. As Patrick said, it beats beating off on your own.

Then the conversation went on to underwear. He asked if I liked what Damien wore, thongs and tangas and all that. I said that I did. He got up and undid the button of his jeans, they fell to the floor and he revealed that he was wearing a bright yellow silk thong. Patrick was quite tall for his age, almost the same height as me. His body as his brothers was perfect, I guess that's good genes for you. I reckoned that his dick was about the same size as mine, pretty good for a thirteen-year-old. Puberty was well and truly doing its job.

He asked me if I liked his thong. Of course I did. Then he said, "follow me". Leaving his jeans behind on the living room floor he started upstairs, with me close behind him. I watched the yellow back strap of his thong rub up and down between his perfect little hairless buns as we climbed the stairs. We went into Hayden's room and he showed me a large draw full of underwear. There mush have been every style in every colour. Mostly thongs and g-strings, but some briefs as well. Then he went off to Damien's room. He asked me if Damien had ever shown me all his underwear. I said that I was sure that I hadn't seen everything. Turned out that I hadn't. Again a draw full of amazing underwear. Some I'd recognised, but many I'd yet to see on his amazing body. Then Patrick took me off to his room and opened his underwear draw. There were mostly briefs but it seems that he also was building up a collection of thongs.

"They're mostly Damien's old ones that he's given me. I keep the briefs for school cos my mum doesn't think I should be wearing a thong to school."

I was surprised that she allowed him to wear them at all. But apparently she didn't mind what he wore when he was at home.

"Mum's cool that way. She's always been cool about clothes and let us choose what we want"

I wondered if my mum would have the same reaction. I thought back to earlier this year when I asked her to let me buy my own clothes. The first thing I bought was a few pairs of briefs. Just ordinary briefs. I remember the first night I put them in the laundry basket. Wondering if I should wash them myself. I felt kind of embarrassed, don't know why. There was no reaction from her. I found my briefs the next day, washed and in my underwear draw. She didn't mention them at all. Gradually I went from wearing boxers to only briefs. Again no comment. I'm now wondering if she found one of the thongs that Damien had given me in the laundry if she'd react. I've not taken that chance yet. The pair that I've got are currently shoved under my bed, getting hard with my dried cum. I know that Steve wears some really sexy briefs, nylon and very see through, I know that he also has a few of Damien's thongs as well. I wonder what he does? I should take a look in the laundry basket to see if he puts his in there.

It seems to me that the Stafford family are a real liberal family. I asked Patrick if his parents knew about the three of them being gay. He replied that they knew about Hayden but not about him or Damien. Hayden thinks that the best time to tell them is when we're off to university. That's when he told them. "But" he added "I think they'll work it out long before that, for old folks they're pretty cool and I don't think they'll be too freaked"

He rummaged around his underwear draw, clearly wanting to show me something.

"This one's my favourite." He said holding up a skimpy black wet look g-string. Just a pouch and a couple of bits of elastic. "This one sends Lee wild, I wear it every time he comes over. Hayden and Damien have got exactly the same ones as well. You wanna see?"

Before I could answer he went over to his wardrobe chucking things out till he found what he wanted. He brought over a photograph to show me.

"It was taken at the beginning of this year. Mike, Hayden's boyfriend knows this rich guy who owns a house with a pool. He was away for the week and asked Mike to look after it for him. We all stayed down there for the week. Mike took the photo."

The photo was amazing. Three perfect guys standing by the pool next to each other, one shorter then the other. All three wearing the same style g-string. Hayden's body was amazing, very well toned and hairless except the trail down into his pouch. And what a pouch. I was surprised that it could hold what much have been a monster. Damien, who I know to be big down there, seemed small in comparison. I wondered if this boded well for the future, let's face it few people stop growing at sixteen. Judging by the mound in his yellow pouch, Patrick had done quite a bit of growing in the past year. The pouch in the photo was clearly too big for him. Like I said, he was thirteen and probably the same size as me.

As if he read my mind he slipped his thong off and stepped into the black shiny g-string. His cock was hard and it was about the same size as mine. He had wisps of light hair around the base of his cock. He adjusted himself so that it fitted him properly then took his sweatshirt off.

"What do you think?" He asked standing there in just his g-string. "Here, try this on if you want. We're about the same size." He handed the yellow thong that he was just wearing.

I stripped down to my underwear, a red nylon thong. Patrick asked if it was Damien's. I replied that it was. I slipped his thong on. I felt his warmth as the back cord and pouch eased into place.

"That looks hot on you. Keep it, I've got plenty."

That was true. I'd say that between the three brothers they've got enough underwear to open up a large branch of Marks and Spencer. Except M&S don't sell such great underwear as these guys had.

I thanked him. He took a step closer and we were kissing. He took hold of my pouch in his hand and started to massage it. I followed his lead. I guessed that Patrick and his friend Lee had probably done much the same.

He pulled away and got down on his knees, the next thing I know is that he's got his mouth clamped over my package. His tongue was driving me wild. I felt his hand at my backside running up and down the crack. It was not long before I shot a load into his yellow thong. It felt so hot that I had to do the same to him.

We moved on to his bed lying next to each other, both spent and recovering our energy. It didn't take to long. He started kissing me, worked his mouth down from my lips along to my chest on to my nipples. He kissed each one in turn then started to take little nibbles at them. Oh my god he was hot. I wasn't prepared for sensation of his teeth on my nipples.

He looked up to me and quite seriously asked me if I'd ever fucked anyone. I said that I hadn't. He said that he hadn't either. He and Lee hadn't got into that yet. Then he asked if I wanted to make love to him? I didn't know what to say. Part of me wanted to, but I kept on thinking that he was only thirteen and that maybe we shouldn't be going that far.

Before I could answer I hear a movement at Patrick's door; we both looked up and saw Damien standing there.

"I thought I told you to go easy on him little bro."

Oh shit I thought, this could get weird. I knew by now that Damien and his brothers were very open with each other, but this? I thought that maybe Patrick had crossed over a line.

Damien looked first at me, then at Patrick. Then broke into a smile. He took his wallet out of his pocket and fished a condom out and threw it on the bed. "Well if you're going to do anything, cover up".

Patrick and I both laughed a sort of laugh of relief. Damien then said to me to go to his room and get the tube of K.Y. When I got back he was talking with Patrick.

"Are you sure that you want to do this?" Damien asked his younger brother. "Your first time is something special are you sure that you want it to be with Dave?" Then looking up at me he added "Not that Dave's not special, because he is." He waved me over to the bed to sit next to him.

"You understand Dave, I just want Patrick to be sure."

Of course I did. If I had a younger brother I'm sure that I'd be looking out for him, as much as Damien was doing for Patrick.

Patrick replied to Damien that he was sure that he wanted it. He then added that he'd have asked Damien to do it long before now. But there was no way he would have his monster cock up him without him splitting in two.

"You cheeky cunt" replied Damien. He picked Patrick up off the bed and slammed him down over his knee and gave him a couple of light slaps on his arse.

Turning round to me he asked "You sure that you want that gorgeous cock of yours up the shitty arse of this little ragamuffin?"

I just shrugged my shoulders and said that it was a dirty job and someone's got to do it. He took the tube of lube of lube from me and squirted some on his fingers. Then with his other hand he pulled the thin elastic of Patrick's g-string out of his butt. With his lubed finger he rubbed the sticky stuff on his brothers opening, then he inserted his finger. Patrick wriggled around with pleasure, giggling at his brothers' touch.

Damien looked at me and said that he thought Patrick was just about ready. Patrick got up off his brothers' lap and pulled off his g-string. Then Damien asked him quite seriously if he was sure. He looked at me then enthusiastically nodded. Damien kissed his younger brother tenderly on the lips then said with a smile that the baby's growing up. Patrick gave Damien a punch on his arm. Obviously `the baby' nickname had been used plenty of times before.

Damien looked at me and asked if I was ready, I replied that I was. He took hold of the side straps of the yellow thong that I was still wearing and pulled it down over my boner. He took the condom from the bed and unwrapped it down my shaft.

"Remember how I first did you?" He asked. I nodded. He squeezed some more lube on his hand and rubbed it round my bucking sheathed cock. "Just go slowly, let his arse get used to you being in there. You'll know when to move things up a gear."

Patrick got down on all fours on his bed and I went up behind him. I took a look over to Damien; reassuringly he nodded to me. I placed the tip of my cock on the lad's entrance and pressed in. Inch by inch I filled his bunghole. He had no problem in taking me, his arse adjusting to the intrusion with each inch in him. I felt my hairy balls touch his backside, he looked round at me and smiled. I withdrew slightly and went back in, with each thrust I quickened the pace till I was spent.

I collapsed on top of him, both of us catching our breaths. Then I felt a sticky intrusion in my arse. I looked round and Damien said smiling that did I think that he wouldn't be in on the action? I felt the familiar feel of his rubbered cock at my arse, easing its way in. My cock had been softening inside of Patrick sprung back to life as Damien pushed more of himself in me. With every time that we make love I feel more complete. I love the feel of his monster inside of me. Not before long we got a rhythm up and as he was fucking me I was again fucking Patrick, who by the sounds of it was not only enjoying my cock up him but also the feel of his brothers hand which was wrapped around his cock.

It was not long before I was shooting a second load into the rubber that I was wearing. Followed by Patrick shooting and then Damien bringing up the rear, as it were.

17th December 1996

I couldn't finish yesterday's entry. Just thinking about the weekend was enough to have me wanking myself off to sleep.

You know, aside from all the sex, what I loved about the past weekend was just being around Damien and his brothers. There's a lot of love there and they're not afraid to show it. After Damien, Patrick and I finished our threesome, Damien went up to Patrick and asked if he was okay and did he like what had just happened? Patrick replied that he did. Damien kissed his brother tenderly. There's a lot of kissing between the three brothers.

Hayden and Mike came back later that evening, Damien and I were in their living room watching telly, and both stripped to our thongs. Patrick was in his room with his friend Lee, who arrived earlier that evening. I wondered if they were going further than they'd done before. As soon as Hayden came in Damien got up from his embrace with me. At first I thought that he was embarrassed but he just went over to his brother and kissed him hello then came back to the sofa where I was. Hayden and Mike sat down on the other sofa to join us watching telly.

"What do you think you're doing?" asked Damien to his older brother. "This is a pants only room tonight."

Hayden smiled at his brother then said that if he really wanted to show himself up in front of me then he had no problem. He then looked at Mike and soon they were both stripped to their underwear. Matching red wet look thongs. The picture I saw of Hayden earlier didn't do him justice, I was amazed that he could be comfortable in something as restricting as a thong. He was huge, I have no idea how big he was, but I'd say that soft he was as big as most guys could only wish they were hard. I remembered a line from a Christian Slater film called `Pump up the volume' "Is it as big as a baby's arm?" In Hayden's case I'm sure it was. Mike was smaller in comparison, but still just as big as Damien was. Probably the same size. Suddenly I felt self-conscious; I looked down at my package only wishing I could measure up to these guys.

Hayden and Mike made a good couple. They looked so good together, relaxed and affectionate. I guess that they were in love. Steve had said that they were exclusive and seeing them together I could see why.

Not long after them sitting down we were joined by Patrick and his friend Lee. Patrick took a flying leap and landed in his big brothers lap. He kissed Hayden hello and then Mike.

Patrick was wearing the same g-string that he had on earlier, now cum sodden, with I'm sure multiple squirts. Lee, was the only one in boxers. Damien asked him if he was not joining us and he blushed.

"He doesn't like thongs," said Patrick answering for his friend.

"Not a problem kiddo." Said Hayden to Lee.

Patrick got up off his brother and sat down on the floor in between the couches and Lee joined him. He was a good-looking kid, probably four inches shorter than Patrick was. He still had some puppy fat that made him look slightly tubby, I wondered if that was why he preferred his shorts to something more revealing. Maybe he was self-conscious. I knew how he felt. But you could see once he'd grown out of that he would be a killer looking guy. Mousy brown hair that was cropped short and very dark brown eyes. His round face had a certain cherubic quality, probably something to do with a really sweet smile. As I watched Lee cross the floor to join Patrick I was looking at his boxers. I couldn't really see much, I'd guess that he hadn't developed much in that area yet. At least no where near as much as Patrick had. I was starting to believe that the Stafford family were freaks. But in a good way. After all, who could be freaked at the wondrous staff that Damien or his brothers for that matter were packing?

We spent the rest of the evening relaxing in front of the telly. I had my head lying on Damien's lap, while his hand was down the front of my thong gently playing with my dick. I looked down on the floor to Patrick and Lee who were now laying on their fronts in between the couches, Patrick had his hand resting on the insides of Lee's boxers, lightly stroking his friends arse. Lee looked round to me, obviously sensing that someone was looking at him and smiled at me. We both looked over to the other couch to Hayden and Mike. As if a carbon copy of Damien and I, Mike was relaxing against Hayden, while having his dick massaged through his thong pouch. He looked round and saw Lee and I, completing a triangle he smile knowing what the three of us were thinking. That we were the luckiest guys alive, to be lovers of the Stafford boys, non of whom was aware of the sudden bond that was unspoken, forged between the three of us.

Around eleven, Hayden got up and switched the telly off, reminding the four of us that he had school the next morning. We kissed each other goodnight and made our ways to the three bedrooms. When Damien closed his door behind us I went up to him and kissed him. I thanked him for a great weekend. He replied that he was glad that I'd had a good time and that he did as well. Then saying that it wasn't over yet he went over to his bedside table, opened the draw and took out a condom and some lube. Without a word we stripped off our thongs hardons bouncing free. He embraced me and while we were kissing he rolled a condom over my shaft. I looked at him quizzically and smiling he said that he couldn't let his younger brother have the exclusive use of my cock.

He handed me the K.Y and I applied some on my finger. We kissed as I reached round to massage his crack with it. I loved the hot feeling as I entered his crevice with one digit, shortly followed by another. He got on to his bed and I joined him. Without another word I placed the head of my cock at his entrance. He pushed back on it till he was at the hilt. He didn't even wince, I guessed that he was as good at receiving as he was giving. He didn't seem to want the same sort of tenderness that either Patrick or I needed on our maiden voyages of discovery.

Things got kind of rough as we really fucked each other, I was going in so hard, back and forth that I was worried that the condom would wear away to nothing. Our sweating bodies slamming into each other in perfect timing till the height of climax and simultaneous orgasm.

Damien turned round to where I lay, pulled my condom off and threw it in the bin to join its many used friends. Lost in my thoughts I was working out in my head how many condoms were in there. I reckoned that the tally must be around eight, not including the couple that were somewhere in Patrick's room. I hoped that he remembered to get rid of it before they're parents returned tomorrow night. No matter how cool they may be I'm sure that they'd be awkward questions.

I was also thinking that although I really enjoyed making love to Damien I preferred it the other way round. I loved the feel of his hard dick in my arse; I'd got through the pain barrier, because I knew how much pleasure there was at the other end. I loved the way my arse felt the rest of the day; it was like there was something of him still in me all day long.

I must have drifted off to sleep as the next thing I remember it was light and Damien was waking me up. I'd brought my school uniform with me so that I could go straight from Damien's, rather than go home first. I was glad that I did, cos if gave us time to shower together and a blowjob each.

Refreshed and clean we went back to Damien's room. He opened his underwear draw and asked me if I wanted to borrow a clean pair. I chose a blue nylon thong and he picked out an identical pair. I remarked to him about then amount of underwear that he had, it seemed like he could have a different clean pair on every day of the year with out wearing one twice. He replied that liked having the choice. I asked him when he got into thongs? He told me that a couple of years ago he saw his brother Hayden in one and asked him where he got it. He got it from Mike who wore them for his strip act. Hayden gave him a pair and he loved wearing them. Gradually the brothers brought more and more, trying to best each other with different designs, colours and styles.

He added that he'd have more but he's given quite a few away. He said that he started off Patrick's collection, who is into them as much as he and Hayden. Damien told me that he caught Patrick rummaging around in his underwear draw one day, so I wasn't the only one who tried to steal one of his thongs. I asked him if Peter and John, his best friends at school, had any. They did, he's given both of them a few. The next question I wasn't sure if I should ask, but what the hell I thought.

"Have you slept with them as well" I tried to ask light heartedly.

"No, and that's the truth."

"Sorry, I don't know why I had to ask that?"

"It's okay, I can't blame you. And no, I don't think you're being nosy. Truth is that although I've known Peter and John a long time, we've never had that kind of relationship. I don't suppose they'll mind me telling you this, they're together. Have been since kids. They've never so much as looked at another guy. Bloody frustrating when they stay over and you're left on the sidelines, let me tell you. But no, those two will die together, I'm sure of that."

I liked that idea, I wondered if I would meet someone who I could be with till I die? I know that, as much as I'm having fun with Damien and as much as he's seems into me at the moment that we would not be soul mates. I don't know why, but I get the feeling that Damien's for another. Not me, nor my brother, nor anyone else he's been with as of yet. Strange thought that!

I know that when he finds it he'll be just like Hayden and Mike. They're so into each other it's unbelievable. I reckon they could be in a crowded room with each other and not notice anyone there. I remembered the night before when Mike did look up at Lee and I, that seemed different, like a vibe that the three of us had to join. United in one thought. `I love my Stafford boy'.

Now dressed and breakfast eaten Hayden kissed Mike goodbye and said that he'd be back soon. Then we got into his car and he drove us all off to school. Patrick and Lee got out first at their school. Hayden hadn't parked outside the gates, so there was no one walking past. Patrick kissed both his brothers goodbye and as an after thought kissed me as well. We watched them walk across the road, Patrick seemed in a boisterous mood and was running all over the place. Lee just seemed to go along with his friend. I couldn't help wonder if Lee felt as much in the shadow of his friend as I do when I'm with Damien. As great as they all are, I think being near to that kind of perfection can be as draining as it is exhilarating.

The rest of the day at school went by almost unnoticed by me. My head was still in the clouds. I didn't see Damien the rest of the day as he and the football team were playing an away game at a school the other side of the borough. That got them off school early.

The only fly in the ointment was when I saw Paul. Although he may be talking to me, it's not often and no way like it was before our bust up. We don't sit next to each other any more and when we do speak I can tell there's emptiness there.

Anyway I saw him at lunchtime; he was in the corner of the playground with Alison Campbell. Snogging. I felt a sudden pang in my heart as I saw them so clearly into kissing each other. I guess I should be happy for him, but all I could think was `Get a Room!'.

19th December 1996

Yea, Schools finished for Christmas break. Nearly three weeks of freedom coming my way. This is GCSE year and I'm supposed to spend all my time studying. I've been doing okay in class and I got the results of my mocks the other day. Did pretty well, but I've been told that I shouldn't take anything for granted. I don't care as long as I get good enough results to get into my A's. Then on to university. Any further and I can't think about.

I saw Paul today. He and his mum are going out to Spain to meet his dad. He's hoping that they might get back together. I wished him well and hope that they do. It's the first time that I've seen him with a smile for ages. I didn't ask him about Alison Campbell, but I do know that they've spent a lot of time together these past few days.

Best news of all, Damien has talked his parents into having a party just before Christmas; a load of people from school will be there. He's invited Steve and I to stay over the night as well. Great stuff

1st January 1997

Happy New Year!

So here we are another year. Time to look forward, keeping the past in mind. Myself, I've made one resolution. To get to like myself better.

Latest stats: I've just measured myself and I'm pleased to report that I've passed the five foot six mark, nearly five seven. And there's better to come, my dick seems to have put on half an inch. That's five and a half now. Not huge, but not bad either. I guess it looks okay for my skinny frame. I wonder if it's all the exercise it's been getting lately that helped put that extra half-inch on? If so by the way things are going lately, by next year I'd be over ten inches. Well I can dream.

Damien's party was great; I got there a bit early to help set things up. He introduced me to his parents. Really nice people and I can totally see where he and his brothers get their chiselled good looks from. They are the spitting image of their father. Damien informed his parents that I and my brother, who they met before would be staying over after the party. No problems they replied. God his folks are great.

The D.J arrived and I helped set up his rig, then everyone else started to arrive. It was a really good bash.

I saw Paul there, he came with Alison Campbell, we nodded hello to each other but didn't speak. I noticed Paul and Alison sneaking upstairs a little later. I have to admit that I felt a pang of jealousy, I was thinking that it should have been Paul and I doing that. A couple of moments later Damien came over and handed me a drink, then said that I shouldn't feel sad, as we'll be heading up there after the party and that we'd be having a much better time then they could possibly ever imagine. That cheered my up no end and I spent the rest of the night getting into the party. Didn't give Paul another thought, till much later.

Steve turned up just after midnight; he'd been out with some of his friends. I was double glad to see him as when he came over, interrupting the conversation I was having with Fiona Martin, he saved me from a fate worse than a pretty bad fate. Fiona had got it into her head that she wanted to get off with me. I had no problem chatting to her, but when she wanted to go further. I was trying to think of subtle ways of putting her off. Thankfully Steve turned up before I had to scream "Look take the hint, I'm gay and not interested". Another five minutes and I'd have been there.

I had hoped that Damien may have come to my rescue, unfortunately for me he was in the centre of things, people hanging around him, listening to his every word, people just wanting to be near him or be seen to be near him. I can't say I blame them, I doubt that there was anyone more smitten by the Damien Stafford bug greater than I. You'd think that someone as popular as Damien would have an ego the size of a small country. Not Damien, he takes it in his stride.

The party on its last legs by three in the morning, Patrick had already said goodnight to his folks and everyone else, Lee following behind him. Hayden and Mike had long since disappeared, so Damien suggested that we also bid our goodnights. Only a few stragglers to chase off and the matter of a few people crashed out at various points in the house. We just left them to it.

I remember wondering when Paul had left. I hadn't seen him go, I really did want to talk to him, even for just a minute. The next day he was due to fly off to Spain with his mother. I just wanted to wish him well and tell him that I hoped his folks could work out their differences.

On entering his room Damien turned round to Steve and I and said that we were now entering an inhibition free zone. Unload any unwanted baggage at the door. That was all well and good, but here I was with my brother, who was as intimate with the same bloke as I. Now the three of us would have to confront the dynamics of our relationship.

Damien was the first with his clothes off, within seconds he got down to an amazing black Lycra all-in-one. The tight material stretching over his perfectly formed body, emphasising every contour. He turned round to give my brother and I a back view. It had a thong back, gets hotter by the second. He turned round and looked at us. Steve and I both looked at each other then gave him a round of applause. He held his hand up for us to stop, he wasn't finished. He began to strip out of his all-in-one ending up down to his silver coloured g-string. He gave his body a little shake, sending vibrations down to his package, swishing to and throw. "You like?" he asked his audience. "You bet," said Steve. I just nodded, mouth open wide. I'd wondered all night what he was wearing under his jeans, especially since he whispered to me during the party that he had a bit of a surprise waiting for later on.

Steve and I needed no further persuasion and stripped down to our undies. Both of us in nylon mesh thongs, mine blue, Steve's red. I couldn't resist any longer; I stepped up to Damien and took hold of his ample silver clad bulge in my hand. I loved the feel of the shinny soft material, massaging his cock through it gave him a hard on, big enough to burst through its confines.

All three of us sprouting wood, we moved on to his bed. The underwear came off and Damien lay down. Steve and I were kneeling either side of him to begin our Damien Stafford worshipping session. Steve took Damien's meat into his mouth, while I started at the top end by kissing his luscious lips. I started making my way down his neck, then on to his chest. I took his left nipple into my mouth and gave it tongue bathing. Then I worked my way down meeting Steve at Damien's belly button. Our eyes met and we were soon kissing, we raised ourselves back to kneeling height when our kiss became a full on snog. I felt a hand start to stroke my erect cock. Looking down I saw that it was Steve's. Running on instinct I took hold of his mighty shaft.

Damien, left alone suddenly chirped up "Hey guys, what about me?"

To which jokingly Steve replied "What about you?"

I was too busy getting off on the feel of my brothers' cock. I couldn't believe what was happening. I guess I was too wrapped up in that to notice Damien crawl out from under us.

Suddenly I felt a new sensation; something warm and moist had just entered my back passage. I looked behind me and saw Damien's face pressed up against my bum. Oh my god was this hot. The sensation sent me into a moaning crescendo.

Steve meanwhile stopped wanking me off, replacing his hand with his mouth. Wow! Can life get any better than this? My head was spinning on a tide of pure pleasure. Damien was right, we would be having much more fun up here than Paul and Alison could ever imagine having.

Suddenly we heard the door of Damien's bedroom open. Before anyone could pull apart the intruder was in the room and looking straight at us. The light still on, I looked round to see who it was. Shit, it was Paul.

"Er, shit. Sorry. Shit. Sorry I thought that this was the bathroom." Clearly shaken by what his eyes had just seen, Paul just stood there.

Damien took his face out of my arse to see what was going on and saw Paul.

"Dalton. Are you going to join us? Or are you going to fuck off?" Asked Damien.


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