Authors note: This is my first attempt at writing a story like this, so please keep that in mind while reading the pages to follow. My grammar is poor by most standards, and I really don't care either. I'm not writing this to impress you with my grammar and syntax. I am writing this however to give you a window into my life and the people I have shared my life with.

Now the legal stuff:

1. You are supposed to be 18 to read this.

2. If it is illegal where you are too read this type of story, it is entirely your responsibility to stop right now.

3. This story is not all-gratuitous sex but there is sex involving consenting males under the age of 18. Mainly because this story involves the details of my life and I have had my share of sex when I was a teen.

4. If this type of reading material offends you, do not continue!

That being said I have no way of knowing who will read this so enjoy if you will at your own risk

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David's Story



Chapter 7

I stayed pretty quiet for there rest of the day. Our shopping trip was just as quiet. Brad and Aaron tried to get me to open up. I was back in my shell. Mrs. Welsh let me buy her dinner. I barely touched mine. They didn't push the matter. I got dropped off at my house and went in. I brought all my purchases up to my room and put it away. I was home for about an hour when the phone rang. It was dad.


"Hi Dave"

"HI Dad"

"How was shopping?"

"Mrs. Welsh got upset when I paid for gas for her. Apparently she really likes doing the mom thing."

"Oh...I'll call her and apologize for that."

"Um dad, if you do, I want you to know about something before she tells you."

"What did you do?"

"Nothing bad dad. Honest. A couple of older kids tried to beat me up. The keyword here is tried. I just kept knocking them on their butts till they gave up."

"Are you ok? Did they hurt you?"

"Dad, haha. They never even landed a punch. After it was over, I bought them a drink and offered a handshake."

"So everything turned out ok?"

"For the most part. Where are you at?"

" I'm in London for the night. I'm sending you a shirt. It's a rugby shirt with a 'union jack' design."

"Cool. Oh, one of the guys from your work brought the laptop over. I guess he had to deliver a part near here, so he personally delivered it."

"I heard. I called in and they told me. Are you ready for school? Do you have everything you need?"

"I guess I'm ready. I bought all the stuff I need. I might still have to buy some stuff for gym class maybe."

"Well, just get what you need. That's what you have the card for. Oh, get Brad a birthday gift for me."

"What do you want to give him?"

"There is an ad on my desk for a cd player. There is a card already signed for him too. Just have it wrapped at the mall. Dave, I've got to run. I'll send you some stuff from India when I get a chance."

"OK dad. I'll see ya"



I hung up and went around locking up the house before I went to bed. After turning the alarm on, I went to bed. I fell asleep before my head hit the pillow. I woke up to the sound of a vacuum cleaner outside of my door. I forgot all about the maid coming today. (Using a maid service is something I highly recommend. It's cheap, and perfect for the hopelessly lazy.) I took a few minutes to wake up. I pulled on a pair of shorts and a shirt. The vacuum stopped by then. I walked down to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. When I walked into the kitchen, she was wearing a Walkman dancing while loading the dishwasher. She turned around as I got the milk out of the fridge. She let out a scream that Janet Lee would be proud of. She turned her music off. I said " Good morning. You must be from the service. I'm David."

She said, " You scared the hell out of me. I thought I was alone."

I said "Really. I thought you screamed like that all the time" I shot her a killer smile and took a sip of my coffee. I said, " Um, I have to get ready for my day. Would you mind working down here for a few minutes?"

She said, "Did I wake you up? I'm so sorry. They told me that nobody would be home. Please don't be mad. This is my first stop of the day."

I said " I'm normally awake by now. I just slept in. It's ok, I should be getting up early with school starting soon and all." I smiled and excused myself to go get my shower. I dressed and hung out in my room for most of the day. Brad and Aaron called several times. I just let the machine take it. I didn't feel up to hanging out with anyone. I didn't even answer the door. I watched TV in my room all dad, and well into the night. I fell asleep in bed on top of my blankets.

I woke up in the morning to someone jumping on my bed. It was Aaron. He said, "Hey, get your ass up. I made you coffee, and Brad is trying to make you breakfast. Your maid let us in on her way out." I said, " Haven't you ever heard of a phone?"

Aaron said, "Yeah, but it only works when someone answers it. You spent the day in your room being a dick. I don't care if you don't want to hang out, just say so. I get pissed when my friends ignore me. Now get the fuck up and cut the self pity bullshit." His look was hard as he spoke, but softened when he finished. He was right though.

I said, "I just needed some time to...." He cut me off. "To crawl back into your shell. Not a chance. If you do that, you hurt Brad. I already told you, if you hurt him, I'll fuck you up." I sat up, and got out of bed. I walked over to my dresser and started to get dressed. I said "You know, I really hate it when you're right. I felt really bad for getting you yelled at. It seemed like I really made a bad impression on your mom too. The first time I meet her socially, I go off and get into a fight. She must think I'm some kind of asshole that goes off getting into fights."

Aaron said, "Dude, you couldn't be more wrong. She said that you showed real compassion for helping those guys out. They tried to beat the shit out of you, and you still treated them with kindness. She felt bad when you shut down yesterday. She still does, but don't go thinking that she doesn't like you."

I was feeling better knowing that she wasn't pissed with me. I really do try to make a good impression. It can be hard when you are shy. Sometimes, it comes of looking like smugness. I said, " I just don't want anybody feeling sorry for me. I do enough of that for all of us." Wrong thing to say. Aaron gave me a pretty good smack upside of the head. He said, "That's just the thing dude, you have no reason to. I'm going to smack you like that every time you do. You might beat the hell out of me, but I won't give up. You are too good of a person to hide away from the world." He got up and said "Enough of this deep conversation. We should probably make sure he isn't burning down your house."

I followed Aaron downstairs. Brad was busy cooking. What ever he was making smelled wonderful. I walked up to him and tapped him on the shoulder from behind. He turned and looked at me. I said "I'm sorry I didn't answer your calls yesterday. I was being kind of dumb yesterday." Brad said, "I'll let it slide this time. Next time I'll have to take you over my knee and spank you."

I grinned and said "Really?" Brad wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me. He said, " Your maid let us in. I told her we were going to make you breakfast. By the way, you need to go shopping. I used up all of your eggs, and you're running low on milk."

I picked up my order sheet for the grocery service and showed it to him. I looked at me and said, " My mother does her weekly shopping tomorrow. You'll go with her. I'll even go with you if you want." I said "What's wrong with these people?" Brad said "Nothing. You will probably pay twice the normal price is all. I know you guys have money, but don't waste it. Just go shopping with her. I think you'll like her." I smiled and said "OK, I'll do it for you." He smiled and kissed me again.

I said, " What's for breakfast babe?" He said "Oh, nothing all that special. Eggs benedict, fresh home fries, and fresh blueberry muffins." I said "Wow, you guys didn't have to do all of this just for me." Aaron said, "We didn't. We've been having breakfast together every Saturday for the last five years. We switch houses each week. We just decided it was your turn to have your kitchen wrecked by our cooking." I smiled and said, "I do a little cooking. I don't get many chances to show off. How about you guys come over for dinner tonight?" Brad said, "Actually, you already have plans. Your dad talked to Aaron's mom last night. Your presence is requested for a day at one of the states best landmarks. We are going to sliding rock for the required last party of the summer." I said, " Since it's required, how can I refuse." Aaron said, "Now that it's settled that you are coming, lets eat." We sat down at the table and had a great breakfast. I was surprised Brad could cook this well. We talked a little bit, but the food more than kept our attention. I've eaten in some pretty nice places, but Brad's hollandaise sauce was outstanding. The eggs were poached properly and formed. He even baked the blueberry muffins from scratch. I noticed the blueberries for my cereal were gone. My boyfriend is a good cook. After we finished eating, we cleaned up the kitchen. Not that there was much to clean. Brad cooked a huge breakfast and cleaned up as he cooked. Aaron and I dismissed Brad from the kitchen and did the cleaning.

When we finished, we went into the living room and sat down. I sat next to Brad and put my arm around him. Brad snuggled up next to me. We sat there talking and watching MTV. It felt so natural sitting their holding Brad. Aaron smiled at us, and said, "You two look so cute together." I blushed and said, "I never thought I could feel this happy. I'm hanging out with my boyfriend and one our good friends. Brad has given me my life back. He brought me out of my shell and held my hand till I could stand on my own." I leaned over and kissed Brad. Brad was blushing at my words. He suddenly looked sad. He said, "Before you moved here, I was in a fog. Aaron just barely put up with me. I was really depressing to be around. When I saw you that first time, you were so cute. You reminded me of a little boy, but you were so damn hot. I walked over to meet you. You stammered out a hello, and then you were gone. When you moved in, I came up to you and tried to say hi. You got through part of it and ran off. I thought you didn't like me. Your dad told me that you were really shy and had trouble with strangers. He told me not to worry you would come around. I thought you didn't like me. I was so hurt, I ran home and cried. I really liked you and wanted to know you so bad. When you came over, I didn't look at you, because I had to wipe the tears out of my eyes first. I acted like a total asshole towards you. I had to act like I was mad at you for taking off. When you spoke. You were stuttering so badly, it was hard to understand you. You kept fighting to get the words out. My heart was breaking when I saw the tears in your eyes. You stopped and sat down to calm down. I wanted to run over and hold you forever. When you finally spoke again, I heard the most beautiful voice. You spoke with poise and grace. It seemed as if every word you said flowed from your heart." I was looking at Brad while he spoke. I heard Aaron blow his nose, and looked over at him. He was wiping tears away from his eyes. Brad continued " I fell in love with you right then. I was being torn apart inside. I wanted to tell you how I felt, but I was afraid. I thought that if I told you, you would beat me up and tell everyone. I decided that friendship was more important. I bugged the hell out of Aaron, telling him all about this new kid that moved down the street from me."

Aaron laughed and said, "The way he was talking, and you would have thought you were one of the 'Back Street Boys' or something. He just wouldn't shut up about you. I should have known something was up. I just figured you guys really clicked as friends. Brad and I hung out and stuff, but we weren't close till you moved here. All of a sudden, he's coming over telling me about you. He said I just had to meet you. When you came over, I was playing Tomb Raider, and smoking a bowl. I didn't know anything about you. I hid my bowl and sprayed some air freshener. You walked in, and I knew you smelled it. I was scared shitless. Brad told me you were really shy, so I figured you were going to be one of those uptight preppies. When you told me I ought to hide my bowl a little better, I almost shit my pants dude. I thought you were going to like tell your dad or something. You saw that I was sitting there scared to death. You just let me sweat for a few minutes. Then you pulled out that one hitter. I knew right then we were going to get along just fine. Not because you smoked pot or anything. It was because you kept me hangin' for a minute there. Well, that and you got Brad back to the way he used to be. The goofy fucker that he is." We all had a good laugh at that.

I said, " I hate to deepen the mood here, but should I bring anything?" Brad said, "You might want to ask Mr. Welsh babe. He usually puts these things together. He get's a kick out of doing this stuff. He likes a good party." I said, "Will he get pissed if I try to pay for stuff?" Aaron said "My dad will debate with you about it. You will have to out maneuver him to do it. My advice is if you do, just beat him to the punch and say that I warned you about him. I'll just talk to him later. He's pretty cool though." I said, "Cool. I was brought up to always bring something to a party. Its just good manners." Just then the phone rang.




"It's Mr. Welsh, Aaron's dad."

"Oh hi Mr. Welsh. I was hoping to speak with you."

"Really. What about?"

"I was wondering what I should bring?"

"We usually do the typical bbq thing. I have a couple of last minute things to get on the way up. If you would like to add something, you boys can ride up with me."

"Um, hang on I'll ask."

"Aaron, Brad...You wanna ride up with your dad?"

"Sure Dave"

"Mr. Welsh, They said ok."

"Alright then I'll pick you up in about 40 minutes."

"Cool we'll see you then."

I hung up with Aaron's dad and went back to rejoin Aaron and Brad in the living room. We talked till Mr. Welsh showed up. I bought a case of soda, and chips when we stopped to get a few last minute things. We had a blast. I even managed to spend some time alone with Brad. It was just Brad and Aaron's families, and I. I felt bad because my dad wasn't there. Brad picked up on it and tried his best to keep my mind off of it. I got to meet his mom. Brad was right. She is so June Cleaver. We talked for a while. I found out she went to college with Brad's dad. That's where they met. I got the impression they knew something was up with Brad and me. I just pushed it to the back of my mind. I managed to get some time alone with Brad's mom. I said "What are you getting Brad for his birthday?"

She said, "I will tell you only if you promise not to tell him." I said, "Only if you promise to do the same."

She said, "We bought him one of those computers with the dvd/gamedeck. His old computer is getting pretty outdated. What did you gat him?" I said, "I bought him a laptop for school. My dad got me a really good deal on a used one through work." She said, "That is a really expensive gift, are you sure?" I said, "Brad was the first friend I made here. He has become my best friend. I found out he has wanted on for a wile, so I got him one. It was only a couple hundred bucks. It's a small price to pay to see him happy." She hugged me and said, "You're a good friend David. I'm sure he'll love it." Just then Brad walked back over to us. He said, "So, what are you guys talking about?" I said "Your mom was telling me about all the trouble you got into as a child" We both had a good laugh. I walked away with Brad, and went to get something to eat. We ate and hung out with Aaron till it was time to go. I managed to convince Aaron and Brad's parents to let them sleep over. We stayed up and partied till 2 a.m.

Brad slept in my bed with me, and Aaron slept on my futon. I held Brad in my arms as he slept. He looked so peaceful. So innocent. I thought about the past few months. I moved to a new city and met some really nice people. I met the most wonderful boy in the world, and he loves me. He really loves me. God knows, I love him too. He makes me feel special. Everything seems so much better since I met him. Food tastes better, flowers smell sweeter, even the birds chirp a happier tune. God it sounds corny, but that's the way I feel. I have been on a high that no drug could ever touch. I fell asleep comforted in that knowledge. I slept better than I ever have. Not even one nightmare.

I woke in the morning to see Brad staring at me He kissed me lightly on the lips, and said "Good morning beautiful." I said "Good morning yourself. You uh..wanna go take a shower with me." I raised my eyebrows. He shot me that killer smile of his. We looked over at Aaron, and laughed at the same time. His head was hanging off the edge of the futon, and was drooling onto the floor. It was really funny; it was something you have to see to appreciate. We went to the bathroom and undressed. I turned on the shower and adjusted the water. We stepped in, and kissed passionately as the water fell over us. We didn't have sex, but it was an extremely erotic shower. There were gentle kisses and loving touches. We took our time getting clean. We were in no hurry. When the water finally ran cold, we got out.

Brad and I went through our morning routines. We walked back into my room to get dressed. Aaron was just getting up when we came in. I said " Good morning sleepyhead. Did you sleep well?" Aaron muttered something and went to the bathroom. I looked at Brad and smiled. I heard the water turn on. I looked at my watch and counted ten. Them we heard Aaron swearing. He came out a few minutes later dripping wet and shivering. I handed him a bathrobe to wear till he warmed up. He said, " You might have told me there wasn't any hot water left." I smiled and said "Sorry dude, we tried to save you some. We even conserved by taking a shower together." Aaron said " No wonder there's no hot water. You guys fooled around in the shower." I said, "Actually, we just got lost looking into each others eyes." Aaron said, " I really didn't need that much information."

I said, " Let's get dressed and have something to eat. We can figure out what we'll do with our days then." We got dressed and I cooked breakfast for us. We talked for a while, and Aaron had to go. He and his dad were helping a friend move. He left shortly after breakfast. Brad called home to check in. His mom wanted to know if I was still going shopping with her. I thought about it and decided I would. With school starting in a few days, I didn't want to have to make time. Brad and I went over to his house for a while. We hung out in his room watching MTV.

Around noon, Brad's mom came up and said it was time to go. Brad came with us. He was surprised at the kind of thing I eat. We never really talked about it. I very rarely eat red meat. I bought a lot of chicken, and fish. I met up with Brad's mom in the produce isle. She was surprised at what I got. There wasn't any junk food in my cart. She said "I'm impressed David. You actually did well."

I said, "I'm used to doing the grocery shopping for us. Dad usually drops me off while he runs other errands. Besides, I don't do the whole junk food thing. I eat a rather healthy diet. My dad had a heart attack a few years ago. We adjusted our diets to a healthier one. We both gave up red meat. We also gave up junk food. If we want something sweet, we usually make a desert for after dinner. I bake a cake every week for a snack. I put it in the fridge. Sometimes we eat it, sometimes we throw it out." She had this look of wonder on her face. She said, "I just figured you would try to buy all kinds of junk food, and anything that goes in a microwave." I said " We have owned a microware for years, but I think I have used it maybe a half dozen times. I just don't see any need to use it, besides I like my food to actually have a taste to it." She said "Well, I guess I don't have to worry about Brad having a decent meal when he eats at you house while your dad is away." I said "I had a simple choice when I was growing up it was either learn to cook or order pizza. I got tired of pizza after about a month. I had dad buy me a bunch of cookbooks, and I watched the cooking shows on PBS for a while. I eventually learned how to take care of myself."

She said, "Why doesn't your dad cook well?"

I said, " He knows how to cook, but he works alot. He's been busting his butt trying to give us a good life. Learning to cook and take care of myself is the only way I can lessen the burden on him. He feels bad that I have to know how to begin with. He compensates by including me in his social life. We do a lot of sports together, and we volunteer for a few organizations. It works well for us."

She said "It must be rough for you though. What do you do when you just plain need a parent to be with you?" I said, "We have an understanding. I can go wherever he is, when he is out of town. I have access to his amex, and I can just hop on a plane. I haven't needed to yet. Don't go feeling bad for me. I have two really good friends here. That's two more than I had back home. I'm happy and wouldn't trade this life for anything." She smiled and talked some more about food. We shared some recipes for our favorite foods. I promised to bake something for her sometime. When we finished shopping She dropped Brad and me off at my house. Brad helped me put my groceries away. We spent the rest of the day together. Brad had to go home, so I went to bed alone.

We spent the last few days before school started, together. We went to orientation together. Brad and I had three classes together. I was glad we would be able to see each other during school. The first day of school started all too soon. Dad called me the night before. He wanted to wish me luck. He told me he sent me a piece of art. I thanked him. We walked for a while, before he had to go. I went to bed hopeful for a good day tomorrow. I woke up to the sound of a ringing phone. It was Brad calling to wake me up. He told me his dad was going to drop us off. I got ready and headed down to have breakfast. I put my school supplies, and my laptop in my bag. I drank a couple cups of coffee while waiting for Brad. All too soon it was time to go. I was nervous. I was afraid of saying the wrong thing, or even worse, stuttering. The entire ride there, I was a wreck.

When we got to the school, Brad pulled me aside. He said, "If you have any trouble, just go down to the cafeteria and page me." He wrote his pager number on my hand and we parted. Our lockers were on the opposite side of the school. I walked to my locker and got it open easily enough. I put my stuff away, and closed my locker. I walked to homeroom. We got the usual stupid lectures. They should just record it. If people don't know how to behave in a school by now, they should be removed from society. It's certainly not rocket science. Any way, I made it through two of the most boring hours of my life. Then, came English class. It was one of the classes I shared with Brad. When we got settled in, the teach said she wanted us to come up front and introduce ourselves, and tell a little about ourselves. I panicked. I looked next to me to find Brad staring at me. He passed me a note. It said:


You can do this. Just look at me and block the rest of the room out. Just remember, I love you.


When my turn came, I felt like a condemned man heading to the gallows. I stood in front of the class and surveyed the room. I looked over at the teacher, she urged me on. I said "Hi, m-my..n-name is ..David." I looked over at Brad. He looked like he was sharing my pain. I glared over at the teacher, and she immediately got the message. She started to get up. I glared at her again and held my hand out to tell her to sit the hell back down. I continued "I m-m-moved here f-from N-new York th-this summer. As you n-notice, I st-stammer. I only d-d-do it w-when....." I heard a few people snickering in the classroom. "I-I'm n-nervous. It p-p-passes w-when I g-g-get c-comfortable wi-with you." I walked over to the teacher, and picked up a pad and pen off of her desk and jotted a note to her. I added a side note when I noticed her class register made mention of my speech problem

Ms. Conklin,

You just had to pick the first day of school to do this. Thank you so very fucking much for giving me a major social stumbling block my first day at a new school. The worst part of it you stupid bitch, is that you knew about it. You made me get up there and open myself up to a full year of taunting from these people. I could have said this in front of the entire class, but I will have respect for your illusion of superiority and maturity. Your actions prove that this school system must be desperate for teachers. If they weren't, I seriously doubt you would be here.

I folded the note several times and handed it to her. UI walked back to my desk and grabbed my bag. I walked out just as she got to the first line. She called after me, but I wouldn't turn around. She caught up to me and tried to grab my shoulder. I shrugged her off and walked towards my locker. I put my bag in my locker and made my way to the door. I walked out as a few teachers tried to stop me. I just kept walking. I was pissed off. I couldn't believe she could be that tactless. She purposely put me in a position to have that happen. I started walking toward home I stopped along the way to buy a sports drink. I was only 10:00 and already 110. I made my way home. The guards at the gatehouse gave me a hassle for not being in school. I reminded them of their duty, and was admitted. I walked into my house, and went into the kitchen to get another drink. The phone rang. I decided to let the machine take it. It was some guy saying he was the vice principal of my school. He left a message for my dad saying I walked out of school for no reason at all. That kind of pissed me off. I called the school and asked to speak to the principal.


"Hi this is David O'Leary."

"Oh yes, you're in some trouble young man. You walked out of a class and left school grounds before dismissal. That isn't exactly the best thing to do on the first day of school."

"I had my reasons. Maybe you should ask Mrs. Conklin, or perhaps the other students in the class"

"I spoke with her already. She said you were pretty rude to her."

"I was quite a bit more tactful than she. At least I had the decency to chastise her for her actions discretely."

"What do you think she did that was so wrong?"

"She knew I stutter when confronted with a stressful situation. She made me get up in front of a group of strangers and talk about myself. I was really having a tough time, and she just let me go on through it. There was a note in her class roster stating as much."

"And you think she was wrong in doing that?"

"You can't tell me you don't see anything wrong in her actions. She opened me up to a full year of taunting by those kids. Most of which were already laughing at me while I was forced to stand up there and endure that."

"I still think it was wrong for you to walk out of her class"

"(Angry) Oh pull your head out of your ass man. Wake up to what's going on in the real world for a change. Kids can be really cruel. Take a look at my transcripts. You will find I am an outstanding student and athlete. I endured countless years of that crap. I just took it. No more. I will no longer allow myself to be put into situations I want to lean, but not if this is the environment you deem acceptable. If that is the type of administrator you are, I'm sure my father would agree another school would certainly want me. I'm Olympic material. I have 4 state championships, and a national record. I even have an AP course under my belt. I have held a 4.0 GPA my entire scholastic career. I'm the kind of student that any school would be proud to have. You think about that. When all is said and done, who is going to be made out to be the bad guy here? I will await your decision. Good day sir."

I hung up.

I went up to my room. I smoked a bowl and went back to bed. I woke up a few hours later to the sound of the doorbell. I got up and walked down to see who it was. It was Brad. I let him in and went back up to my room. He followed me up. Brad sat next to me on my bed. He looked at me for a few minutes trying to collect his thoughts. He said, "What happened to you. I looked for you at school. They said you just took off."

I said, "She pissed me off. She knew I had a speech problem and made me get up there anyway. I had to struggle through it. There were kids laughing at me. I had to get out of there."

"What happened to paging me?"

"Sorry. I was so upset, I just had to get out of there"

"Dave, I know you were upset, but that's what friends are there for. I'm just a little hurt that you didn't wait for me."

I hugged Brad "I'm sorry hon., it was just like all the years before. I don't want you mad at me. You need to understand that I have some strong feelings about how and when I talk to people. It was hard enough to get to a point where I could just be myself with you."

"What are you going to do about school?"

"I guess I'll go back, but not into her class. If they don't, I'll just skip it till my dad gets back. Then I'll have him take care of it."

"I bet you're in trouble at school though."

"I doubt it. I talked to the principal when I got home. I called him and told him what happened. He was a little pissy until I told him to pull his head out of his ass and wake up to what goes on in the real world. I also told him to look at my transcripts."

"You actually said that to him?"

"Yeah. I put up with that crap for years. I'm just tired of being picked on, and I'm not about to let it happen again. I'll kick some serious ass if I have to. I want to get into a good school. I won't be able to do that with a bunch of morons hassling me about my speech when I get nervous."

"You know as well as I do, you will be ok once you get comfortable with the kids in your classes. They'll see that it's just a nervous thing. You're a cool guy Dave. Just give it some time, you'll see."

"I guess you're right. I was trying to avoid getting hassled about it. I wanted my first day to be perfect. I think that's why I got so mad. I wanted a perfect first day, and she took it away from me. The worst part is I'll never get it back."

Brad hugged me, and we went don to watch TV. I decided to check to messages on the house phone's machine. Two were from dad's work, and one was from the school. My dad's secretary wanted me to fax some stuff to the office. I guess they needed specs on a part to machine it for him. The call from the school was from the principal. He wanted me to see him in the morning during homeroom. I faxed the documents to my father's secretary, while Brad made us a snack. When I finished up, we watched a couple movies. It was Brad's turn to hold me this time. I liked the way I felt in his arms. I felt safe and secure. We kissed more than we watched the movies. When the last movie ended, Brad had to go home. I shared a long passionate kiss at the door. I went to bed afterward.

I went to school the next day. I met with the principal during homeroom. He tried to defend the teacher. I politely explained the situation again, and produced a card for our family's attorney. I explained that there was a note in the roster that she was to avoid putting me in a public speaking situation. She chose to ignore instructions. As the professional, and the adult, it was her duty to follow the instruction. Therefore she failed to do her job. He tried to find fault with my argument, but I reminded him of our conversation. I also told him I wouldn't hesitate to just plain skip her class until my father returned. At which point he would del with the situation. He asked me what would make me happy. I told him all he had to do was get me out of her class and make sure I wasn't forced into another situation like that. He agreed, and we dropped the matter. We discussed the nature of my stuttering problem. He seemed to figure out, that once I became comfortable with a person, it stopped. When I first walked in there I was stuttering badly. We talked about sports, and I really opened up. Our conversation became more animated. He seemed to be excited about having me join the swim team. We talked about the other sports programs, and he wanted me to meet the athletics director during gym. He sent me off to see a guidance counselor to get my class changed.

The rest of the day breezed by. Brad, Aaron, and I stayed after school to sign up for the sports we wanted to go out for. I brought a manila folder with my sports accomplishments at my last school. I showed it to the coaches for the sports I wanted to go out for. The swim coach knew who I was before I even introduced myself. He read an article about me that was in a national paper. He told me I would have to try out for the team in order to be fair to the other kids. I don't want to sound conceited, but that definitely wouldn't be a problem. I looked at the kids that were signing up. Most didn't look like they had the build for it. I met a couple of the varsity swimmers from the previous year. They had football builds. I also looked at the stat for the previous year. The team sucked. Most of them didn't spend enough time in the pool. In order to be a good swimmer, you have to be willing to practically live in the water. You have to want to better yourself. You can't just go out there and try to beat the other guy in the next lane. You only compete against yourself. Winning is the icing.

(I'm going to get off my soapbox now)

We decided to go out for the same sports. We kept our list narrow. It would be easier to keep our grades up if we didn't spend all our time training for competitions. Aaron was surprised that I was that involved with swimming. He was on his Jr. High team. He said he was ok, but not great. I offered to help him get better. I made the same offer to Brad. We hung around talking to a few of the coaches and found that the school used to have a pretty fierce athletic program. It seemed that nobody wanted to try. They thought that status was more important. You know the type. The ones that only want to be seen yet seem to be the first ones to blame others for their losses on the field. We met a few of them there. I wasn't impressed or amused by their false bravado. It is a transparent ideal. (Sorry. I started getting back on the soapbox)

After we got home, we worked on what limited homework we had and hung out by the pool. It was a beautiful day. We spent much of the next week the same way. I was having trouble getting into my Spanish class. Aaron said it was almost a requirement to live in the southwest. Brad was taking French. I helped brad with his French. I was making a few acquaintances, but no new friends. Most of the kids at school were kind of shallow. I met a couple of sophomores who were cool. Some of the seniors tried the usual intimidation crap. They found out I don't back down easily. A couple of the kids from my old English class made a few wisecracks, but Brad decided to shut them up. We stuck close to each other the first week. Things seemed to be going well.

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I have been working on an outline for a fictional piece. I will probably post it in a couple weeks.